Maids have jobs to do. There is never time for sexual favors

Maids have jobs to do. There is never time for sexual favors.

A maid's job primarily consists of sexual favors.

I mean, the favor doesn't always have to be sexual.

Best maid

If a main can't make time, she's not a maid worth having.

Words to think by.

I want to hire maids that can also be my personal bodyguards and assassins.

Of course not. Maid aren't you sex slaves. How stupid do have to be to think otherwise?

I have photographic proof they are.

Just hire more maids.

How about catgirl maids?


But Sella is the one for sexual favors.

thats why you have enough maids for both

Why is she crying

Is this Maou Yuusha

What happened to the translations to Maou Yuusha?

cute maids!

Isn't their job to make sexual favors to begin with?

Its like saying that butlers have not time to train martial arts and commando tactics.


She's just really happy, user.

No, that's Leys.

Sella is for matrimony and missionary while procreating.

Stella has no breasts and that makes he really unappealing to most males.


Maids are a miracle of the universe.

Tohsaka Rin has a great ass.


>you will never have a childhood friend neighbor sneaking into your room, wearing a maid outfit


Yeah, if you're a raging faggot.

And she doesn't?

Speaking of Rin

I'm pretty sure Illya has a fatter ass and shes like 12.

... she good for ANYTHING?

but what if they want to bear my children?

Not a single thing

Why does Luvia bully Rin so much

[ ] Twirl the meido?

She deserves it


Furious lesbolust.

Does Rin have breast envy


Maybe her but hurts