Never watch anything twice

>never watch anything twice
>watch samurai champloo yearly

Why is this Cred Forums?

>Why is this Cred Forums?
Is this some sort of philosophical question?
Do you go to Cred Forums and ask them why it's Cred Forums?

We're Cred Forums because somebody has to be, and we're the only ones who withstand the unlimited loli power.

It's episodic and it has nice music and nice swordplay, it's actually pretty re-watchable.

>Do you go to Cred Forums
Why would anyone do that?

Because you like it.

>never watch anything twice

what the fuck? why are there so many people who do this? do you really expect to pick up everything on the first or second watch ?

>never watch anything twice
I wish I could watch things twice, as a result, I don't even waste my money on DVDs.

good god how were you able to watch it completely

>We're Cred Forums because somebody has to be
This is actually pretty fucking deep. Could this be the answer that humankind has been searching for all along? "Why do we live?" Because somebody has to be, in this fucking empty universe. Someone has to fucking live here. Otherwise it would be meaningless. We live because we live and therefore give the meaning to ourself. Maybe death actually is the goal and some crazy shit happens after that, but the meaning of life is fucking living it. Who else would do it if not we? We are (Cred Forums) because somebody has to be. I've got shivers down my spine, man.

The answer of life, found out by a faggot on Cred Forums. Holy shit. Thanks, user.

What the fuck?

I watch JoJo yearly.I feel myself getting gayer and gayer as the years pass by.
Other things like Mononoke are also a favorite

I end up watching Gundam 0079 every year
I just like it a lot.

If you cant pickup everything the first time you watch you are either retarded or the show is bad

I strongly disagree.

No, retard.

Because you are retarded.
A show cant get better if you watch it 6 Million times.
It can get better FOR YOU, tho

>A show cant get better if you watch it 6 Million times.
>It can get better FOR YOU, tho
What does "better" mean, in this context?
Can I replace it with "more enjoyable"?

Literally retarded. It's the fucking opposite, a good show should be so detailed that you can pick up something new everytime you rewatch it. I can't believe I share this board with such dumbfucks like you.

Most shows aren't worth that kind of commitment. Maybe I missed some stuff on the first watch, but if you were a 7/10 I don't really care to rewatch. Not op by the way.

What the fuck? There's people that watch Samurai Champloo yearly? That wasn't even that good.

I just finished my annual rewatch of Aiura though.

>that webm
It's like a Hibiki that isn't powered by FIST.

I think I've seen FLCL about a dozen times.

Never gets old.

Except thicker.

I rewatch isekai/ tenchi every year.

I rewatched that recently too.

Thank you for your insight.

I need your dealer's number

It's time.

Time is precious and there ware way too many new anime, films and games to play and watch instead

I envy you, I can only watch each piece of pornography once. After that it just doesn't give me a boner anymore.

>What the fuck? There's people that watch Samurai Champloo yearly? That wasn't even that good

you dont even realize how bad of a mindset this is sometimes

most of this new stuff isnt as good or inspired as the old stuff

I like that poster, never rewatched anything twice. I watch and anime, go to MAL (ya make the joke) then record the score.

The problem I have with this is that I go back to my score and have a problem with it. I watch an anime that I think deserves that score and go back to notice I gave another show the same score even though I know it wasn't as good. Maybe it was the time of my life or how good the last episode was but sometimes we overestimate how good a show is on our first watch.

So ya I recently started rewatching shit and guess what, anons were scores were overinflated.

>the old stuff
The *good* old stuff, obviously.

Anime is best treated as a relaxing hobby for fun and not for elitist purposes. Get something skill based for those needs.

yes, actually. and they had better stories.

example? Snk is a poor mans Berserk

not being elitist, but there is always going to be differences in quality, that WILL MAKE YOU not like one thing, or another

also, notice i said "most", not "all", so i dont see your point

>We live because we live


I do the same with Cowboy Bebop and Dragon Ball Z and

Ya Bebop is one of the rare shows I can watch over and over again enjoying even better.

I watch 5 cm/s every year.

I've watched Attack on Titan 5 times, what are you gonna do about it?

He asks while posting on one of the top 3 worst boards

people on this board probably get laughed off of Cred Forums because they think anime OSTs are actually good

Because its better than bebop

The only Anime I keep rewatching the episodes

Because Conan is the one thing that lacks in content.

Go to bed

I can't tell you how many times I've seen Bogus Booty over.

>what the fuck? why are there so many people who do this? do you really expect to pick up everything on the first or second watch ?

I gained a lot more appreciation from rewatching over the episode where Fuu met a pickpocket. I don't know how the weight of the atmosphere blew past me.

I rewatch Disappearance every year. Sometimes twice.

I can probably quote it verbatim

Dubs faggot. U never miss anything and get full meaning first time everytime. Fuck off

This. Seriously.

Because you're a AS fag from lebbit

>Cred Forums
>Cred Forums
>Cred Forums

Some people have funny ideas about what makes quality. Crossboarders think we're a shit board because we're comparatively no-fun-allowed* and on-topic.

* TL note: Fun means memes.

>Tfw always re-watch Bebop through October and the movie on Halloween
It's become tradition

memes are actually pretty fun but the problem with them is that it attracts 9gag-class retards to this board like flies to a turd.

It's like with the sadfrog and /r9k/. It's fun if its once in a while but not if its every.single.thread.

Is this fucking bait

Because if so, it's working

I havn't watched this so currently downloading, thanks.

I've lurked Cred Forums a few times over the years. They regularly have anime OST threads.

I rewatch almost anything I think is good because I always end up showing it to one of my other weeb friends

It's always stressful as fuck though, I'm always worried if they like it, and they ask questions about the plot that I can't answer without spoiling shit so I just clam up.

Memes are a natural part of human communication. It's not memes in general that Cred Forums is opposed to. It's zombie memes, that are only kept up because the term "memes" is now something like a badge of honor to the new crowd flooding the internet, and Cred Forums is allergic to that crowd.

Sorry no, Cred Forums is tied with Cred Forums for third. At least /r9k/ doesn't feel proud about how pathetic they are.


People on Cred Forums and people on Cred Forums have a lot in common; they're the third and first most hipster/contrarian boards, respectively.

/lit/ is #2

Everyone forgets about /soc/

It's better this way.

That's exactly what I'm talking about

>Cred Forums is tied with Cred Forums for third.
The mods on Cred Forums does not have to ban hate threads, the mods on Cred Forums do

>At least /r9k/ doesn't feel proud about how pathetic they are
Have you ever been there and seen all of the "wagecuck" threads?

That also implies that Cred Forums looks down on those who... Does not enjoy anime? Please elaborate because I'd like to know more.

/soc/ is actually pretty o.k.

they're basically the snapchat of Cred Forums

I fail to see how that's a good thing

/soc/ is a trash heap who's only merits are functioning as a containment board for the sort of trash that would go there--overwhelmingly the younger section of Cred Forums--and occasionally producing images of hot sluts in legwear.

>he thinks mods are board based

At least they're not obvious about their leaking to the rest of Cred Forums like some other boards are.
I am not aware of a single /soc/ meme being spammed on Cred Forums.

I just watched Toradora for the second time, and now I'm rewatching Ore Monogatari. Anime featuring well made romance, main focus or not are a pretty rare commodity to me.

The hate is board based.

>produced images of hot sluts in legwear
>doesn't really do anything else

and i fail to see how that's a bad thing

What is the shit you smoke?

Anyways people have already think that, some belive we exist because someone or something has to be able to persive and observer the universe in order for this one to keep existing.

What show? This looks amazing.

Google "meta data".
Then research how to extrapolate that from a webm.
Or install 4chanX and get a handy "title" option.

Either way, stop being a saucefag.