Hey, Re:Zero faggots

There will never be a second season. White Fox are a bunch of hired mercenaries that serve to merely advertise something and then move on to the next new fad. Pic related is proof of that. It sold really well and yet we've been waiting for a second season for over three years now.

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Jormungand, Stein's Gate. Utawarerumono: was long since dead and they gave it a new season.

You just HAD to fucking remind me, didn't you?

Don't forget about gochiusa

>They wasted their time animating GochiUsa, Akame ga Kill and more fucking Steins Gate bullshit instead of ever continuing this

Erm, i love Chiho.

Gochuumon says hello.

>more Devils is a part timer over Gochuumon.
Nice joke.

I'm sure they're working on second seasons of Hataraku and Re:Zero as we speak. We'll have the announcement soon.

This will always be a mystery to me. The show sold so well and there was so much more content to adapt. They never even bothered with an OVA. The fuck happened?

Thanks for the warning OP
I guess I should just go read the LN whenever that gets translated, then

>Want to read LNs
>Links are protected by some gibberish I need to solve
Damn it all

Maou-sama sold well and was a good show, but didn't make the community splash that Re:Zero did. That's not saying they will ever make a S2 of either, but the situation doesn't really boil down to 'this sold well and didn't get a S2, so this other thing that sold well also won't get one'

Because LN adaptions are glorified advertisements so if the LN is still selling like hot cakes they don't need another season.

That's an even worse sign for Re:Zero, then, because the Light Novels are selling really well now. Season 2 never ever.

They'd need a year or more to even have enough content to adapt in the first place. No, they won't adapt straight from the WN unless the anime itself was doing like 50K+ per volume.

Even the most hopeful estimate would put the earliest S2 in 2018. I'm more interested in any OVAs or movies for side/backstory chapters.

eat shit pedo

>Maou-sama sold well and was a good show, but didn't make the community splash that Re:Zero did
Source? What makes you think this?

>Steins Gate bullshit
Using a Guts pick is kind of ironic for making a point about wasted time.

I can help you for that if you need so

Pixiv art, forum discussion, conventions, doujins. Re:zero is fucking all over the place, Maou-sama was a lot more contained.

I'd really appreciate it.

They're not the latest edits but they're better than the ones you normally find on the internet

White Fox has the weirdest coalition of fans because none of their shows are really remotely alike.

This makes me worried, I would be happy just to get some OVA's but Maou got nothing.

Was threre some ova material (like short stories) in the first place?

Did the series end with 11 volumes?
And much appreciated.

They're still being translated, i'll be helping the uploader once a new volume is out

As it should be. Instead of just making the same show over and over again with a slightly different coat of paint.

Quite a few both slice of life and backstory.
Rem and Subaru AU and mansion SoL from arc 2.
Then Ex 1 for Wilhelm and Thearesia's backstory and another for Fourier, Crusch and Felix.

It's on nyaa. Also vol 12 when?

I meant Maou, I read the 3 Re:0 short stories, shit was fantastic. Hope someone will translate the EX material of Crusch.

I don't know, that series really dropped off the face of the earth after it finish airing. There's always people waiting for a S2 but I almost never hear anything else.

Maou doesn't exactly have a lot of side stories, but it's ten volumes ahead of the anime and there's still no peep about a second season. Also, White Fox has never animated an OVA before, only big movies.

>I don't know, that series really dropped off the face of the earth after it finish airing
Only in the west.
The LNs still sells incredibly well in Japan.

Advertising complete.

You see this, Re:Zero? This is your future.

I know that, I see it on the LN charts and stuff, just seems weird for it to have dropped off, only getting slow translations and such.

Although if its only 10 volumes ahead of the Anime I guess the LN isn't exactly coming out super fast either.

yea obviously it will, westabos are filled with contrarians and you guys just suck all e-celeb contrarians dick anyways (hint hint digibro)

The problem with LN is that if I'm going to sit down and read a book I have a much higher quality of selection to choose from. Anime and manga fill a different niche with a much lower bar for competition and is primo fap bait unlike a LN.

I don't want that to happen to Re:Zero too.

I think its less likely to happen to Re:Zero, despite what some of the anally-pained contrarians on Cred Forums like spouting in every god damn thread.

I hope you're right, but what makes you think that?

That's has always been the one of the most hypocritical execuse ever, you have a "much a much higher quality of selection to choose from" even for visual medium.

>and is primo fap bait

Well, that explains everything. No idea how Re:zero can work as fap bait in general, though, it's not DanMachi.

A few things. One, it seems to have captured the imagination of a larger total number of people, and more fanworks and such have been made for it, which helps with visibility and continuing relevance.

Second, compared the Maou, the darker subject material probably helps it. For better or worse, people tends to like things they can claim are really edgy, and Re: Zero hits this better than Maou.

Finally, it has ongoing questions and the mystery around it helps keep up interest. Maou was fun, and I loved the shit out of it, but it wrapped up most of the major questions I had for it, and it wasn't presenting new questions every week. Its just the nature of Re: Zero's story that has more people intrigued, even if they might consider Maou a more fun show overall.

Not him, but let's be honest, Maou is a simpler work than Re:Zero. You can subjectively find Maou more pleasant, but Re:Zero has a objectively a higher number of reasons to keep reading.

Most of Maou's side stories takes place when Alas=Ramus was available, so adapting them wouldn't fit.

Well he is trying to be edgy. For me literature is entertainment so as long as it makes people happy then it's all good.

it literally sold better than r9K:Zero.

That's not true, Hataraku is the exception sadly

I love how WF has no distinct style and just comes up with whatever suits each anime, like compare Katana to Re:zero

We don't have the numbers for the last volume yet, but you're right. So far it sold better on average.

TV movies and comics have only been around for a century (one of the stupidest centuries to boot, lol modernity) while books have multiple millenniums. Added that TV and comics are by nature pushed exclusively for the masses while "elite" cinema is done by the same people who think hanging a toilet seat lid on a string is high art. I like anime and manga for the lightness in conjunction with the fanservice, it's comfy. Most of my reading is non-fiction and hard scify.

Really how it works is that I fap to doujin first and if there are characters I think look good I watch the anime because my boner loves context. If the anime is enjoyable I'll continue with the manga while going back to the doujins. There are only a small handful of anime that standup on their own well enough that their doujins don't interest me.


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Why do people keep posting these studio-centric theories? White Fox doesn't make the decisions at all. Kadokawa does. If Kadokawa wants a S2, there will be a S2, even if White Fox has to be replaced. Kadokawa owns the rights, White Fox can't do anything on their own.

I'm really bad at remembering publishers. Have there been examples of successful series that didn't get continued by Kadokawa?

Overlord is a good recent example of a series that Kadokawa pushed and then didn't continue.

>If Kadokawa wants a S2
Here's the problem: They almost never do.

Didn't continue as in not making more anime? Because the LN is certainly still going.

Yeah, I'm talking about the anime. If I recall correctly, it sold well but there's no second season in sight.

It's just a seasonal fad, like Danmachi. Half a year later nobody would care about this forgettable show. All these LN adaptations are interchangeable and disposable.

It sold pretty good, I think it did what they needed it to do. Aren't there OVA things coming out for it though?

The only recent second season Kadokawa was responsible for is Chaika

And that was planned 2 cour from the start right? Not exactly a S2

But Re: Zero isn't trash like Danmachi. It's obvious it faded out.

It's the Evangelion of our time though

>There will never be a second season.
Good. That show was garbage and the threads a huge eyesore filled with crossboarders.

>But Re: Zero isn't trash like Danmachi.
It's even worse, it actually pretends to be something that it isn't.

Re:Zero is even worse trash than Danmachi.

He probably didn't even watch Re:Zero, not liking the series one thing, but saying that it's interchangeable with DanMachi is simple retardation.

Oh, well, you are an idiot but at least you can understand that they are different. Good for you.

Split-cours show with one season inbetween. Ran concurrently with the end of the manga.
>Stein's Gate
S;G 0 is a new game they're adapting. We don't know yet whether the anime will be a series or a movie. Or which studio will do it.
New game as well.

>no season 2 for Re:Shit
Good, I don't want to watch an entire season without Rem anyway.

She'd be there at the beginning, and she'd be a great prop in a number of scenes.

It's very interchangable though. No matter how much Cred Forums obsesses over something at the time, in the end both were only ever popular for the girls. That's not enough to sustain prolonged interest.

And didn't first Utawarerumono was done by a different studio?

If all anime is there to promote source material, how come Shaft keeps pumping out monogatari seasons?

>It's very interchangable though.

Just admit that you didn't watch it, even the other shitposter admitted that they are different.

>in the end both were only ever popular for the girls

In the end tons of people who disliked DanMachi liked RE:zero and vice versa.
Yes, almost every fanbases has a sea of waifutards, great news. So almost every series is interchangable, greatest news ever.

Biyori is miles better anyway.

>in the end both were only ever popular for the girls.
And that's where'd you'd be right about DanMachi, but wrong about Re:Zero.

>you have a "much a much higher quality of selection to choose from" even for visual medium

Kind of retarded argument, I watch anime and read manga because I like the drawing style. Also I can't stand American cape comics and cartoons. French-Belgian comics are much better, but there aren't many cartoons based on those (Tin Tin and Asterix maybe?). So we're kind of stuck with anime. But we could probably find better comics than Japanese comics.

If I want to read a novel, I'd read real novels and not second rate Japanese picture books aimed at easy to please teenagers. You've got to be mentally retarded if you choose to read Japanese light novels instead of real literature.

>You've got to be mentally retarded if you choose to read Japanese light novels instead of real literature.

You've got to be mentally retarded if you choose to watch shitty chinese cartoons instead of real Kino only because "mah draws, I need it so much that I will ate shit! mmm this shit is so delicious because it has shitty art, so I will waste my time on it and I will also comment it on an image board!"

That's how fucking retarded and arrogant you sound.
But the funny thing is that you are totally oblivious of your horrible hypocrisy.
Do you want to know which is the funniest thing? People like you are usually the worst and the dumbest kind of readers.

>But the funny thing is that you are totally oblivious of your horrible hypocrisy.

But it isn't hypocrisy. Anime is the most interesting kind of cartoons we get, except for a few Disney movies now and then. There's no other who make interesting cartoons. But there's lot of novels out there that's better than light novels.

I watch movies and tv-series too, but I've always liked cartoons. When I was young I was certain that cartoons had to be more expensive to make than ordinary movies and tv-series. It baffled me that that wasn't the truth. It kinda still does tbqh.

>He's trying again

You are wasting time and energy on something on par or usually worse than the LN you trashed only because you like fucking drawing. Are you 12?
Get some standars and watch real Kino to enrich your soul and and your life, have some self-respect and don't let chinese drawing mortifies your mind. You must be better than that!

If you still don't understand it and you need something more explicit: "b-b-but i like drawing!" isn't an excuse when you are trying to sound so elitist. The fact that you like drawing shouldn't compensate at all if you really have such obnoxious crazy elitist standards. You don't have them. You are simply using books to make you believe that.
It's ok though, liking works of entertainment isn't a bad thing, and you aren't the only one who stupidly use books to delude himself, it's actually sadly common.

We're not getting a 2nd season and it's time we accept it

Protip: WF put more effort to Re:Zero than they ever did to Hataraku. Also, Tappei said he's doing his best to get the entire series adapted.

I feel like I'm the only one who doesn't like this show. The only enjoyable thing about it was that one black haired girl

Use the goddess, newfag.

that makes no sense though, if it sold amazingly well above profitability, they should make more of it

Why do other shows get season 2? because they sell bad? no thats fucking retarded

>retarded newfags expecting a second season on shitty LN
honestly the anime is only used for 1 thing, publicity, so that the shitty LN or manga get a sales boost.
just look at that shitty anime of shingeki no kyojin one of the most overhyped pieces of shit to have ever invaded this shithole

Kore Wa Zombie S3 when?

>Tappei said he's doing his best to get the entire series adapted
This doesn't mean anything, mate.