Danganronpa 3

How retarded will today's Despair episode be?

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I wonder what Junko will make Chisa do. Apart from Izuru she'd be of great use to her.

Junko levels of retarded.

What is the worst yet still plausible thing that could happen tonight

well, heres HOPEfully it will be good enough to be a stepping stone to the true finale later on

Well, actually I think we will maybe see the remnants fucking shit up, and something with Izuru. A montage of all their misdeeds and shit, and culminating with Nagito and Izuru in the boat ride with Jabberwock Island shown in the distance.

How big are Chisa's chisas?

Hey man, that's just not cool.

I get the whole "Hahaha despair!" but a lot of people actually died during that day.

What happens if you eat Junko's mushrooms?

In Japan? That's gotta be like... a J cup at least

Reposting request

You're filled with sadness AND despair

She deserves those breasts after trying to best to dye the world in despair

Different colors must cause different effects, that's for sure

Aren't you all looking forward to my episode today?


A full episode of the RoD taking turns fucking Junko's mutilated, partially liquefied, corpse.


>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Despair inducing, my friend!

That is the only cute thing Mikan has ever done.

Sonia doesn't die

The episode airs without any natural disasters stopping it and it fucking sucks

>the mushrooms are real
I still can't believe it

Are you guys hyped for HOPE side? I sure am~

Bigger than Junko's 90cm junkos?

You know why I didn't cut my arm off to save my life? Because amputation is for gays!

She's too best to die.

Bust measurement is not tit size

Komaru's Komarus are just as big but her bust is only 83cm


All of them will die

I replied to you in the old thread, my friend.

Drop it in the name of HOPE!

I can dodge bullets, memer

Theyre rubber

What's his fate Cred Forums?

It was Mukuro all along

Contacting my backup, time to spring the trap

What will you do now?

No, they are organically grown Enoshroomas.

So... since Komaeda's actually voiced by a woman it's not gay to get slightly aroused by his insane laugh, right?


Th-This cannot be. It's impossible for me to die

If I roll a 6, I won't die.

Wasn't me, but thanks again.

Confesses his love to Asahina before the entire building caves in, leaving Mitarai as the only survivor, who conceives the Super Future Foundation alongside Togami and Weedman


TWO Junkos (Damaged)

Keep telling yourself, trap thread lurker

Ruruka isnt very well liked but I think she was a very well done character.

This is the last despair episode right?

So what the fuck could they possibly show?

It's going to be an episode where Junko gets the Takano treatment and we see whatever fucked up shit Tengan did to make her the Ultimate Despair.

My money is on her being a failed Kamakura attempt that was covered up. They're going to make Enoshima a dindu through COMPLEX MOTIVES.

She was well done in the sense of getting absolutely EVERYone to hate her immensely except the staunchest of waifufags

The statues look kind of shitty. The chibi toys and charms seem like the better option.

Did Chisa just have that photo with her all the time?

She really should have survived. I really feel like she was intended to, but they ran out of time and had too many survivors as of episode 9, so they had to kill her off.

>tfw Chisa got shafted and probably won't get a figurine

It's not fair dammit

Post hope


Will we see best girl this episode?

I thought it was rolling rather slowly. If it was an actual slope it would have accelerated.

Here, have an Ultimate one

Yes. Probably part of a COMPLEX plan to cause Munakata to Despair.

Depends. Can they afford HanaKana one more time?

The ultimate despairs destroying the world, the creation of the FF, Naegi and Junko's school days at Hope Peak, the ultimate despairs being saved by Naegi, the start of the new world project...

Yeah we will, but in one piece still assuming tengan hasn't stolen the body yet

There'll be a flashforward showing UD killing and looting during the tragedy after a brief intro showing them fully embracing Despair at the start of the episode.

It'll end with the FF beginning their mission to capture them, and the reveal that Chiaki is now Izuru 2.0

There'll be no references to DR0

>betrays her best friend because she wont eat her candy
>best friend tells her all the time she can die if she eats sweets
>pushes it on her all the time anyway
>tries to kill her best friend by completeing her NG action
>kills her one true love beacuse "I'm afraid you might betray me, my one true love"

Fuck her and her character. Can't believe I got on the candyslut train when the character list was first released.

What did Junko even do with her corpse? inb4 zombie Junko in Chiaki's body.


I'd shaft Chisa.

If I get a 0 or dubs then this is true

RIP in pieces user-kun

> Tfw weebs don't even know what peko in pekoya name means


>very well done character.
I would have to disagree with that one


Reminder that this scene used the same camera effect as Izuru slapping Mukuro.

Absolute fucking madman


>There'll be no references to DR0

I knew that shitty novel wasn't going to be relevant.


There's the hope we needed


>Chisa's fist is clenched



I'm sad she and Seiko died in unfathomable despair. They probably hallucinated each other.

>kills her one true love beacuse "I'm afraid you might betray me, my one true love"
What is she, nega-Juzo?

It's because u r one of those faggots, who judge ppl by appearance. Suffer.

too bad about your six Hopeman

Canon when?

My favourite kind of hope

The only thing DR games lacks is dating sim

i hate this robo faggot

Chiaki was too good for this world

Foreshadowing what?


Are you playing with en dub?

Her turning out to be a despair slut.


If they show the Ultimate Despair, it won't be for long, since the second game it has been very clear that they will be redeemed. It's going to be Tengan or Mitarai's flashback, and the final hint on who the mastermind is.

>dindu nuffin

That'd be pretty fucking great actually. The entire series would be a subtle metaphor to victims of rape.

Not very, I believe. All that's left at this point is Reserve Course's mass suicide and class 77 leaving the academy to fuck shit up in the outside world. Wonder how Izuru will tag along, though, it's the only part that doesn't make sense to me for now.

You're like a little baby. Watch this.

What's the problem?

Give me the six now and nobody gets hurt.

Do tell


Isn't the free time and the monokuma building a dating sim?

>I'm cumming soon

Fuck me, I think I fell for the despair meme

I'm on the rooftop of a shopping center right now, save me Juzo

Naegi getting hyped again

Are Twilight Syndrome games any good? Are they in English?

ALRIGHT, let's fucking do this
1 and I HOPE
2 and I HOPE
3 and I HOPE
4 and I HOPE
5 and I HOPE
6 and I HOPE
7 and I HOPE
8 and I HOPE
0 or 9 and I DESPAIR

What is true hope? Is it absolute talent or unwavering optimism?

Who's got the better ass?

Don't jump, user! No one's filming yet! Make a scene first! You have to spread the despair!

Although, you won't be able to see the series end spectacularly stupidly if you jump now.


I want to see an alternate unfolding of the events where he lives and Munakata dies instead. Though he would probably go insane, kill all the remaining survivors with bare hands because NG code wouldn't mean anything to him anymore and then die.

I'll take either one, but i confess i'm more of a mikan butt type of guy

Mikan was portrayed like a fucking slut in the anime. She wasn't that way in SDR2.
Her three sizes are off the chart.


I want Dosugon (artist in question) to draw Mikan under that waterfall shower


She probably did plastic surgery on herself using Junko's boob-fat.

I'm calling it:

Tengan was despaired. He's the bad guy of the future arc but he's not the big bad guy of them all.

Junko will be redeemed and all will be forgiven after Naegi and friends discover that she was tained by the newly discovered big bad.

All the blame will go to the newly revealed mastermind who Tengan only mentions but isn't revealed.

The anime ends, opening the door to the new game.

These repeating digits or number 4 will solidify my theory.


If you were Munakata, who would you choose between Chisa and Juzo?



You're wrong.

This was stupid
>ultimate hope
>can get despair


>If you were Munakata
And get sandwiched by Juzo and Chisa's juzos and chisas.

Naegi is Junko confirmed

>These repeating digits or number 4 will solidify my theory.

His hope title wasn't official.


Come down user, I'll catch you.

He's a normal human being, Ultimate Hope is just a title.

No, that's wrong! Kodaka wouldn't axe off his waifu by making her a true baddie. Kodaka WILL save his waifu.

She should really get some sun

She really should lose some weight


He isn't SHSL Hope. He was the SHSL lucky student because he won the drawing.

Hope is boring, this world needs despair.

She should change her clothes

Hahaha time for tenganronpa

Why are Danganronpa characters so hot and make you wanna thrust your hips into the air help

I've noticed that her backpack is giving her a "Hestia boob ribbon" effect.

Is there any SATAN, GUIDE MY COCK of Naegi/Komaru? Asking for a friend.

Chisa corpse was crying when it died.
Despair Chisa wouldn't cry if she died.
Asahina dressed as Chisa died because of the brainwash in EP1

Well she is in a prison
shes just right user.

Why does she even have a backpack anyways?

How many times did he feel despair in DR1? At least once after every class trial. There's no contradiction.
Besides, hope isn't about being immune to despair, it's about overcoming despair.

The line between hope and despair is extremely thin. Junko was able to hope for despair, after all.
Anyone can become tainted by despair. Even Izuru.

If Chisa wasn't dead? Juzo. I'd want a bro who could be at my side in a fight and understand the stress of killing.

Furthermore, after coming to terms she was a brainwashed despair who played me like a fiddle, it might be a bit too hard to continue to actively love her.

I'll pretend I didn't hear it.


Munakata is not gay, after all
However if I was him and was aware of Sakakura's feelings I'd at least try to make it easier for him by being more personal, hugs and all.

For the optical illusion. Kaede knows exactly what it's making her look like.

Kaede = Pure

Yeah right

still feel like shes not the mc even HOPE BOT is centered in the middle of the game cover

>Not liking pale chub
what shit taste is this

Why would you want to play as dumb toaster

why would you want to play as a dumb whale

Ahoges are stupid

So why was the parallel between Naegi and Nagito never addressed explicitly?


Why is everyone pining hard for her not to be the MC? She's cute and looks plenty like the previous MCs of the games.


Nagito has like 20inches on him.

Because girls are icky

She doesnt have that MC vibe

Are we sure

So far the anagram thing is still just a coincidence

All the SDRv3 models suck

I'm talking about the fact that they're both the Ultimate Lucky Student and are working for the sake of hope. They also have similar names, clothes, and they have the same VA.

What does she lack that Hajime and Naegi have?

Just a coincidence

a penis

Becoming the ultimate Hope is all about overcoming despair.

t. not hopeman

It's obviously intentional.

The developers did that on purpose. Not because it has secret meaning but they thought it was neat.

>Expect a bunch of Hopemen to give me HOPE
>get nothing



He's too pure and innocent for reproductive organs. He's like a Barbie doll down there.

Speaking as a bi, "partner" is the word I use when my parents ask if I've got any plans for a future s/o because while I don't want to lie to them, I don't see any reason to come out to them if I'm not dating a man.

Sorry, meant to spoiler the pic

user, just don't do it

Do it already, hopefag

would that even kill?

No way should you jump from there, user, the risk of being crippled rather than killed is WAY too high.

You shouldn't jump anyway. Every Cred Forumsnon is special here.

Do a flip faggot

I'll take both

Do japanese have they/them thing for person which gender you do not want to specify in conversation? Asking because in some languages there is no such thing.

Well user, just consider that fall probably isn't high enough to kill you and will just give you a lot of pain.

If he lands on his head I don't think that'll just paralyze him

Hope you get a nice wheelchair

It doesn't really look like it, but it's pretty high up

Hey now man, lets not jump ahead, wait till the end of the series now ...

big enough to be seen in the size of an ant

You don't have to specify at all. It can just be completely left out.

>>implying they could suicide by twisting own necks


So, you know how Nagito called himself "Servant" in DR:AE? Wouldn't it be cool if the Remnants of Despair all had code names or epitaphs to be feared by?
>Izuru - God
>Nagito - Servant
>Souda - Machine
>Kuzuryuu - Dragon
>Peko - Blade
>Sonia - Empress
>Mikan - Succubus
>Akane - Tiger
>Nidai - Lightning
>Saionji - Youkai
>Mahiru - The Eye
>Teruteru - Cannibal
>Gundham - Beastman
>Ibuki - Oni
>Imposter is Imposter

>vidya had it all figured out from the beginning
Is vidya actually Kodaka?

Technically their talents can be considered code names, Nagito's one is just being good at cleaning.

I don't really get what evil things you could do with traditional dance that absolutely no one liked you for anyway

No, user. You are stupid. You and so many others desperately search for shit to hate. Learn to love, learn to HOPE. Don't be full of hate.

Well it was a question if that translation is accurate

You could bore people to death

She'll do to people what she did to the crabs on the beach in DR2

Oh, not sure without looking at the original. I've seen it of course but don't have it saved.

Like Ibuki and Mahiru, propaganda, and enhancing the brainwashing devices they use to acquire armies.

If anything, I consider the artistic members of UD as more useful than, say, Akane, who can only pummel innocents, instead of enabling greater slaughters and expanding their despair worldwide.

Creators essentially wanted to create an alternative darker version of Naegi.

Just gonna take this opportunity once again to thank DR3 for creating (canonically, anyway) the 'lol suicide' and 'loldespair' brainwashing videos bullshit, completely eliminating the need for any manipulation or thought in the process, rendering said artistic members completely useless beyond the level of cinema projectionists

You mean, Anti-Naegi?
Shadow Naegi?

Monaca admitted he killed them retard

Ultra Despair Girls proved that Kodaka was perfectly capable of writing manipulative villains, like Monaka, Kurokuma, and Shirokuma. What the fuck happened?


Did he really admit that?

Munakata used the word 相手 didn't he? That word than can mean anything from "opponent," to "client," depending on the context. It's just whomever is being interacted with at the time. Since this was a "date" scenario he was imagining, "partner," with its somewhat romantic nuance in English, may not be too far off.

Pretty sure other forms of media are useful too. You people are so fucking out of it. It's at best a lazy solution, but it's at least logical.
No reason why photos and music and performances can't further add despair.

The Despair anime is clearly imperfect as a brainwash method as shown by how Chisa needed to have her brain prodded with needles to make it work.

The opening scenes of Future show Ibuki and hiyoko doing some kind of Despair stage performance. It's plausible that they needed to use multiple methods to induce Despair in those who were not susceptible to the anime.

I don't like Despair anime either but the use of Chiaki's death to cause the 77th class to Despair was more believable.

hold your autism

>Today's intro
>Everyone is replaced with Tengan
>Tengan with twintails

It's pretty fucking obvious that Togami is working with the mastermind

>My Japanese is terrible but if I'm reading this correctly he doesn't specify the gender which is weird considering his manner of speech and the way he worded the entire answer.
Was this on purpose? Is Kodaka purposely baiting fujos with the possibility of him being bi?

How very Munakata.

Also kind of gay. Or in this case, bi.

Well, Ultra despair girls actually included brainwashing helmets with the kids, and from the looks of it, Fuyuhiko's goons also wore them too.

But yeah, consider my thoughts about propaganda and logistics of evil as wishful thinking, in any case, I give those three at least some purpose.

>wake up
>open up only danganronpa thread
>thread is full of posts of chiaki getting tortured
Why won't you faggots like her rest in peace?

>mfw it is literally dangitgrandpa now


That article came from Otomedia, a fujoshi magazine.

At least the brainwashing helmets were more, y'know, directly interfacing, "possible" in a sci-fi kind of way, but 'lolvideo now evil' is just pure fantasy


I just checked the scene. Monaka admitted that he killed wheelchair, but he didn't say anything about the security guards.

I have trouble seeing Munakata as 100% straight when I remember how he walked on the table in episode 1

Well damn that explains it. I was hoping Munakata was bi.

I want to stuff my face in Sonia's butt.

Fucking meme magic.

I'm telling you guys it's dangerous shit yore messing with.

Why are we memeing Monaca as a "he"

Chiaki is retarded and deserved everything she got
Chiakifags must suffer along for liking this piece of a cheap shitty waifubait

He uses 相手, which literally means partner, but not necessarily in the romantic sense. It's like "the other person" or "the person joining (me)". There's nothing specified about gender in what he said, but again that's nothing unusual since Japanese doesn't require it.

Was having a building dropped on him part of the plan?

> The word Munakata uses to describe his would-be date is 相手 (aite), which is completely gender-neutral and means things closer to “companion/partner” or just “the other person.”

Junkofags, Nagitofags, and despairfags are usually the ones that post late night

It's the same person that was in the helicopter shooting at weedman.

ok u

does explain why his status is being kept hidden for now even with this episode when they're taking away injured ff members togami isn't among them.

>togami was the one who got the signal that naegi and co. sent to ff as a whole
>togami has his own military power as he says he'll send some to deal with munakata's fleet and has his own spy
>said the very cryptic remark about "as long as HE'S alive, the ff would never fall" one would think it's just him being his usual arrogant self but it could have meant something else
>his words when trying to get his men to blow an opening inside the building was "stay alive until I get inside". one would assume he's talking about his classmates but he could be talking about the person he's working with behind the scenes
>togami gets inside at last and when one of the men touches trap lady, nothing happens. togami pushes him away and then touches the lady herself only for her eyes to glow red activating the trap that had the building collapse when in reality togami could have known about said trap from the getco and activated it to use it as a distraction to get away and meet up with his accomplice


Calm down user

This is the most retarded theory I've read.
I'd even rather Kirijunko



Togami was turned into Tengan's backup vessel during his captivity with Monaca.
Tengami will be the final villain.
He will try to make Naegi into Izuru 2.0.

user, stop posting the shit quality pic.
I already made one for you guys that isn't pixelated as hell.

>Togami was kidnapped by Monaca
>Monaca, the second coming of Junko Enoshima, who used brainwashing helmets
>Implying, Togami wasn't brainwashed with a despair video to make him a sleeper agent

Well we don't know what happened to him yet his location should still be inside the building somewhere and it seems the latest episode doesn't have them recovering his body.

So where could he be inside the building if he's not dead which I highly doubt he is? Could bust in to help Naegi but that would be a pretty lame twist at this point. Maybe try to take on the person who's using Tengen's phone if it's not Tengen himself.

It's actually starting to sound like a possibility of sorts though I would want to know why Togami would betray the others and be working with the person who set up this game?


Everyone seems to think Tengan actually WAS despair. We actually don't know for certain. Naegi wasn't Despair either: Tengan just realized they were turned temporarily into it by the monitor.

Munakata said: Only Tengan, Chisa, and Juzo could have set up this building. but he also says: The idea of having recordings, having the people commit suicide... it allows the possibility for all this to be set up in advance.

My guess: The mastermind isn't part of the game technically. Possibly the 16th participant, but I think it's really someone we know who could benefit:
Togami, Weedman, etc?

MGSV was shit. ZTD was shit. DR3 still has a chance to be decent.

Please, don't be shit.


It's only retarded to those retarded enough not to see it

I haven't seen the Hopemobile since the DR1 anime.

If it's a date, it kind of has to be romantic in this instance. Otherwise why go on it in the first place?

Hey, that's not very nice!

>those game spheres


Wants power and to revive his family's name. He's like Munakata. Wouldn't be surprised if like Munakata and Ruruka, Togami was also going for a power play and taking over the FF once the FF leaders were dead.

As he said as long as he survives, FF will survive. The current leaders aren't needed.

I wouldn't be surprised if this comes true in some fashion. Where the fuck would he be at this point? We know Weedman got out safe. Some of the men even got rescued. Togami is nowhere to be seen and I doubt that trap explosion was just a coincidence.

it's less retarded than all these autistic kirijunko and chizuru theories that are based on nothing

Komaeda is just a tool.

Yeah this is basically what I'm getting out of this too.

I'm expecting some crazy dumb twist with the mastermind and possibly a DR1 survivor betrayal which I wouldn't be surprised if it's Togami.

Well yeah, what I meant by that is 相手 is not the same kind of "partner" that some people were understanding it to be from the translation. It's not the same-sex significant other "partner." Basically it doesn't imply anything either way about his sexuality.

Here comes the best OTP.

>Tengami more likely than Kirijunko and Chiakizuru

Kirigirifags and Chiakifags once again BTFO

considering how sadistic kodaka is, problably re-cap of chiaki death for 70% of the show

Sleeping with daddy.

Oh, I don't interpret it as a same-sex specific thing. It comes off to me as someone who just doesn't want to say either way without lying about it. Kind of "closeted bi".

Now that's what i want to see

Mommy needs time alone with daddy. Go away

Fuck off.

Yeah feels good.
>Togami/Tengen smut when

At least they have a cute daughter together through that slut Mikan.

post 10/10 danganwaifus

It has to be a DR1/2 character.

You can't make some fuck who's had 20 minutes of screentime be the mastermind behind the conclusion of two 40 hour long games. (Unless you're Kodaka)

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

You first



So togami got mind hacced?

I want to make Kaede with Sonia!

>It has to be a DR1/2 character.

Exactly. Having it be some newbie wouldn't be that dramatic. So if it's not Junko again which it probably will be, then it's either Togami or Komaeda.

>UD scum wearing FF outfits

Delete this


She's so cute

Yeah it's not that kind of thing. It's probably the most generic way to refer to someone in Japanese.

>implying FF isn't a nest of UD scum.
Tell me something I don't know.

or both

Obviously SOMETHING happened to him to warrant him being absent since the end of Episode 8. With this bullshit mindhacc garbage I won't be surprised if the mastermind is controlling Togami.

Assuming Togami isn't willingly working with mastermind.

>that feel when vidya's Nuttshell series is genuinely more hype than the show itself
Jesus christ

Episode when? My hopeposting folder can't wait.



they'll find a way to get junko somehow as the mastermind

we're talking about kodaka, i wouldnt be surprised if it's still junko in V3

Rest in piss frying pan Picachu

togami and komaeda could be working together you know.

komaeda using togami to see hopes clash among each other to produce a bigger hope and togami using komaeda as someone to help get shit rolling and info on RoD personally since komaeda is one of himself.

tengen is/was clearly in on it as well along with maybe chisa. mitarai was an unwilling pawn

The guy that killed her wasn't even zetsubou mindhacced. What an asshole.


Get ready for Chisa to promote mass suicide.

Though, I'll laugh if she is not the Monokuma Maid.

Erase garbage


Wait wait..
Togami=White Hair DR1
Komaeda =White Hair DR2
Tengan=White Hair DR3

Something's up

If my post ends in a 5 then Chiakizuru isn't a virgin and brags about how many men she's fucked into despair

What even they got to show in this episode? We already seen all important shit.

>Having it be some newbie wouldn't be that dramatic
Unless the final scene is "To be continued, in the movie!", then this is what it's leading up to.



I kinda wish that dubs were good. It's sad we live in the reality where it's tradition to use bottom of the barrel VAs and piss poor direction on anything from Japan. Imagine dubs having the good VAs you hear in professional Western works. As is, there's no reason to listen to a dub almost ever.

Old man's complex motives.

>Nagito using Togami for FF info and interests while expecting Naegi to do something
>Togami using Nagito for UD info and interests while expecting Hajizuru to do something
>all the pieces are gathering

I can see it


I like the dub in the games
But I do agree that the anime dub is just pure ass

>What even they got to show in this episode?
Apparently something relating to Chisa, it apparently shocked Ogata.

Probably gonna relate to the grin we got at the start of the episode.

>implying it wont be just 'heh despair'

good memes though

>side: hope

Damn, finally caught up with everything today, first and second game and both shows. Gotta say this was a nice touch.

At least part of that is the games don't have to match lip flaps. The VAs are just as mediocre (and invariably recording alone), but they can speak freely there.

I was wondering, do the Japanese consider him that? Or does he look foreign/like an immigrant to them?

>it was all mitarai's completed anime

It's pretty obvious she'll be the Monokuma maid and will sexually service Izuru while Junko gets off on the despair of NTR

No, let the despair in Mikan, you know you want it

You should never presume someone's ethnicity in animu unless it's blatantly obvious.

Tanned Japanese people do exist.

That's my job to be posting that, you imposter!

>implying it won't be a despair threesome with mukuro begging to get in on the action

There's no shock when mindhack is involved.
"Can you believe this character did this terrible thing after being mindwashed and having her personality rewritten?"
Yeah, I can.

>yfw the final episode of future doesn't resolve anything and only reveals the mastermind at the very end
>yfw the special 'recap' episode of Despair is a 'recap' of the mastermind's plan up to this point that ends with their defeat

They could aways show the UD wrecking shit. Maybe also Mitarai actually getting and trying to do something before ruining everything like he always does.

If I hear even one or two voices in a dub that I don't like, providing those are important characters, I can't bring myself to hear any more of it. I also tend to drop if it the majority of side characters sound bad, and this is true more often than not.

There are many dubs that people agree are "good", that I can't sit through because of this. Pic related.

What if it's the "Chisa is Junko from DR1" theory coming true?

That doesn't sound bad at all and is probably quite close to what is going to happen.

Come on now, theres plenty of wet panties for everyone

Why did monaca showed tengan's message to naegi?

>Why did Monaca show Tengan's message to Naegi?

Then it would shock me that the show finally did something interesting. Maybe that's what Ogata meant.

That's why I'm asking.

How tanned is "too" tanned?

>he wants a meme theory to come true

I am ready for the memes

"Is there anyone with the RoD still capable of that?"
Then he gets suprised and says "No Maybe.."

Who could that be?Nagito?

>shitloads of scenes from all across the series shown but with new context explaining their importance
>reveal of the TWWEEEEEEEEEEST and defeat of the villain
>survivors get bailed out by Togami and Weedman and walk into the sunset


Because Monaca personally wanted to fuck with Naegi's head

But the beautiful part about Tengen/Junko/Togami/Nagito's plan is that they could take advantage of this and have Naegi get all gung ho and further down the path they want him to go on.

He's obviously taking about Monaca, you doof.

When it starts stealing your bike

He was talking about Monaca

Poor Soda


Wouldn't be surprised if Komaeda was feeding him info. Shit he's probably the one who gave Togami personal info on Monaca since Komaeda would know her most.

Togami likes covering his bases on FF and UD.

You can't feed people info while you're a human vegetable in a matrix bed with a gross woman's hand.
If he did anything, he had to have done it before DR2.

It's obviously Monaca,but if he was collaborating with with the mastermind, why he be surprised if it's monaca unless monaca wasn't part of their plan?

>implying he hasn't woken up since the game ended


Please don't fall for this "Togami is helping the mastermind" bullshit


Don't be mad that there's more to that theory than to your Chiakizuru garbage

This is what I'm trying to show.It's bullshit
It's the same as Chiakizuru/KiriJunko/AoiChisa

Wow these people are crossing their arms.
Mastermind confirmed

Junkofags are about to get completely BTFO this episode

>junkos reproductive organs were transplanted into nagito
It all makes sense now!

I want him to be that one asshole who's really smart and is also a dude that hits on women and is infuriating because he's also hot

What the fuck I don't believe in that garbage theory.

You know what's sad, people are actually starting to believe the AoiChisa theory, mostly cause it'd explain the double brainwashing.

Because he doesn't want Monaca to fuck things up for him with her crazy nature. Togami just wants to take control and lead FF aka the world in his way not destroy everything like Monaca would probably go for.

Well why don't you tell who you think is the mastermind,Kirigiri.

I can't wait to see Junko tomorrow.

Night fags


Fuck off Junko. Sleep well.

Could there be any specific reason they hid Tengan's height from us?


Who is "they"?

That's basically what you're getting though

I just want to see what happened to the despair group that is all. They keep hyping up jabberwock island in hope and they never did anything with it. If its going to be just hinata without at least the others who woke up im going to be fucking pissed. Was it really that hard to show the battle or what happened with those ships?

will she still be despair?

feels like she had a deeper connection to despair than the other remnants


I don't know I ran out of Truth Bullets

How? She'll be fucking Izuru. If anything Chiakifags are going to get BTFO again


160 cm


Yeah, why she didn't amputate her arm? It's not a gay thing.

Found the junkofag.

Cool so our main trio will be him, Kaede and black cap.

>show the battle
If there's one thing I've always loved about Dangan Ronpa, it's the battles. DR3 anime heard the pleas of fans like you and me.

Cry harder Chiakicuck. Izuru's dick will be used by pic related until DR2.

Fuck no, I want the twintail girl or the witch to be one of the main trio.

Is this tumblr OC? Is he single, and if so, can I make him date my Ronpa OC?

I see your point but i wasnt going that far with it. Just showing us something about that place is enough

Will he surpass Togami on being a dick and be more of a madman than Nagito?

he's a drv3 char lad

I've heard some talk of Kibou-hen. Did I miss anything while I was asleep?

He'll be the Sayaka of V3

Neither will be in the main trio. Twin Tails will die in chapter 1 and witch girl will either die in chapter 3 or may survive.

>his waifu is dead while junko is fucking izuru

What the hell are you talking about?

He will die case 1.

That's Twin Tails and Robo Naegi's role though.

It's something that will air in the final timeslot of Zetsubou-hen. No one knows what it is.
If we're lucky, the anime will conclude there instead of postponing it in Dangan Ronpa 3 The Movie.

And who the hell are you to decide that?


The trailer basically confirmed he wouldn't. Robo Naegi/Twin Tails will die in his place.

>Hopebot in the center

What do they mean by that

The guy who's using common sense

Junkofags have autism,just like her, they just call it despair to look edgy

>common sense
Rivals have always been the same gender as the protagonist in Danganronpa.

Good thing this series doesn't have a record of being deceptive with their trailers.

It means Hopebot is the new Sayaka/Twogami.

Too bad. I likes him too.


Yet Akane was supposed to be the rival early on.

You're spelling Chiakifags wrong


Is anything about its length known? I'm assuming it'll still be a regular episode, but I would also not be surprised if it was 1h long or something.

You're not convincing anyone


Dammit. At least translate it

Who was camera?

>what is Akane

There goes your argument

That actually helps the case of Robo Naegi/Twin Tails being first victim. Blonde boy was missing in one scene of class trial.

Are you still convinced that it's one person?
Ob boy.

>All these tards falling for the Kodaka promo material double triple ruse
Kodaka is not going to do what everyone expects to happen. Neither hopebot nor twintails girl will die in chapter 1, I guarantee it.

But what if Hat-kun is a reverse trap


She didn't end up staying the rival though, did she?


The audience


I though Twogami died on the first case, Am I being trolled?

you do realize this means the sailor boy won't die in case 1 right? he's gone in one scene of the traitor implying he may have died

The fans

It's actually pathetic that you're samefagging just to try to think anybody but you posts that.

You always have the same file name idiot


No but that proves that the devs already thought of that so that "always" is a bit stretching it

DR's trailers lie, user


That screenshot is from the PSN previews for the game.

Spot the secondary

The only retard here is you. One of them is definitely dying first.

It doesn't matter. The point was gender didn't mean shit

What if this is a double ruse and were rused into thinking hes dead but we know better so we assume hes alive, but thats the actual ruse and he actually is dead

Has it been mentioned, in either Despair or Future, Who Mikan meant when in DR2 she said something about some guy persuading her about despair or something?

Sorry, my japanese is nowhere near good enough for that.

Fair enough. I'd just prefer it if we had a same gender rival for the series' first female protagonist outing.

Read the post? That's from a trailer, so anything you see in them may be wrong. Twogami was probably shown alive intentionally to mislead.

Geez guys, I even posted a screenshot to give you a clue too.

Or he's simply not gonna die first as the trailer gave out and twin tails or hopebot is the one getting the boot first?


That doesn't mean jack shit, you moron.
Anyone can change file names.
Contain your autism already.

Tsumiki's "that person" is most likely Junko. Or, actually, 3 has taught us that it's just a cartoon that she watched.

>The only retard here is you. One of them is definitely dying first.
You seriously think Kodaka is going to use the exact same trick that absolutely everyone knows about at this point 3 times in a row. A shame these threads won't be around by then because I would like to laugh at you.

I love Real Chiaki smile so much, it's so charming and heartwarming.

It's irrelevant

You mean a kansas city shuffle?

Always seems a bit too definitive when there's literally only been two games. I mean, do you really think that's a hard rule and not just a coincidence, especially when we have evidence the devs considered otherwise at one point? I think Twintails will be the rival personally, but still.

Being brainwashed doesn't confer immunity to someone else brainwashing you, if anything it makes it easier cause someones already fucked up your brains defenses.

You and your phone.

I'm with you user. And with Junko out of the picture somebody gotta fill the role of the strong mean woman.

But it doesnt go sleep mode

Hopebot can't die first he's the protagonist

>haha my autism is getting the best of me so I'll try to act all cool and make it look like I have a point


Needs white hair

Twintails is the new Sayaka.

This paperwork kind of resembles a marriage registration form.
I have ejaculated in my pants

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

She really is a cutie. My favorite DR3 girl, if I had to be honest.

Still not convincing anybody

That's what makes her different from her AI, each of them have her own unique charm points.

Your only point is that it has happened twice so it'll obviously happen again because Kodaka loves being predictable. I bet you also thought Chisa was important simply because she was the first victim.

Her death was the best scene she's had so far

chiaki is a mary sue

Nice damage control.

Is her vagina gross just like her hands?

AI Chiaki is good. Real Chiaki is trash



Hopebot or Twintails will go first. I wonder which one.

Chiaki is just trash overall. AI Chiaki is less trash

>I bet you also thought Chisa was important simply because she was the first victim.

Huh? Twogami and Sayaka seemed important but turned out to be irrelevant so why would he think that? Chisa actually bucked the trend since she ended up being the, in Kodaka's words, protagonist of Zetsubou-hen.

I don't think a single character in the game ever referred to Nanami as "Chiaki".


You're literally phone posting just to pretend your schtick is a meme, pathetic

Fuck off.

Ibuki called her chiakers twice

Why do you hate her so much?

Only because it was an anime format telling two different stories

Kyousuke, it seems my panties are wet.

>Ibuki with Ultimate Imposter
>Akane not with NEKOMARU NIDAI
This image is shit

Ibuki does call Chiaki-chan.

this. i can't see what people like about her. she's so boring.

>It's me!


Not really. It was forced and extremely conventional, far from the wackyness of DR execution but because her character was shit, it had way less impact on me than leon's execution.
Of course listening to a good VA moaning and whimpering for 15 minutes can touch right where it hurts but you could have anyone in that spot and you'd have felt the same.

She's a big boobed gamer girl, that's literally the only reason.

Junkofags are braindamaged by default, ignore them.

AI Chiaki seems pretty flat

Chiakifags are more cancerous than their waifu ironically.

One of the few Junko actions of the anime that I loved. This cancerous bitch ruined the anime

You do realise that's someone else posting that, right?

It's you

She cute, her voice is soothing and great and she has a kind and relaxed personality.
She cares about her friends and is loyal and her love for games is a bonus.

No she didn't.

I don't give a shit. I was just happy to see her suffer before she died like a dog.

And seeing Chiakiautists like this one go full mental was hilarious


shes gonna be alive this episode. I'm telling you side hope confirms this will actually have a happy ending.

tengan is gonna fucking turn her into his hopetoy and hinata will finally save her after 3 times, the strawberry seed bandai mentioned wasnt referring to junko, it was referring to chiaki.

yes have hope.

>Sakakura, sorry but could you take a look at this for me?
Yeah, sure.

? Hey - can I sign this?
>Yes, it needs two signatures anyway. Thanks.
Got it.


>......Hehe. Don't these forms
>kinda look like marriage registrations?
>(I laughed without realizing it.)

>Heh... Sorry, forget it.


Sounds like a bunch of boring. Lots of characters are kind. Just be true to yourself and say they made an autistic gamer girl to pander to you and you fell for the meme.

You are my 10/10 waifu user

basically this. generic waifubait trash to the max

thanks proving my point


>I'm telling you side hope confirms this will actually have a happy ending.

>retards actually believe this

Typical for Chiakifags and Kirigirifags. Truly the lobotomites of Cred Forums.


They will come back.

ugly gamer bitch is such a slut taking in all those long rods

We got to give them credit because they know they're going to get BTFO in the end,you could say they are HOPING their slut gets to win at the end

Full of despair

Your HOPE better be right this time hopefag.

In fanfics and reruns yeah

This is flattening fetish art, isn't it?

And why Chiaki of all girls?

You keep telling yourself that, buddy.
If you want to be behave like a child and be in full denial because you got upset then be my guest.
You're only making yourself look pathetic.

Everything is boring when you want mindless excitement all the time. It says more about your inability to keep yourself entertained than it does about her, and given DR3's terrible characterization, that's damning.

>New Side:Hope animu.
>Best chars: Kirigiri, Chiaki and Juzo are dead.

Kodaka does it again!

Can't wait until you desperate faggots hype this one up too just to get knocked down again

HOPE that will be when you finally commit suicide

They're a bunch of masochists so they win even when they lose, truly disgusting.


New thread, for when it's needed.

Have you played the games ?

It's OK because it will end with the generic Shonen ending of MC fucking the big boobed sweetheart

Naehina and Hajikan basically confirmed

Kirigirifags and Chiakifags eternally BTFO

I think Juzo's going to stay dead, or at most turned out to have miraculously survived at the very end.
Kirigiri and Chiaki are being brought back in full for maximum pandering though.

He ran away from twitter after killing grosshands and still hasn't come back.

But Chiaki and Kyouko have big boobs, too.

I'm not cynical at all, I love most of the characters. Just not bad characters like Chiaki

They win = they feel good
They lose= they feel good

It's like cheating

Holy shit this makes me so fucking mad

None of them are coming back. The delusions gotta die

It's time to let go, user.

It's nothing compared to Asahina's and Mikan's

And both chicks are dead anyways

Practice what you preach.

You sound like you're fun at parties.

What's this I hear about a Hope episode

But he's not the one in denial here.

Well, at least most of those posts are downvoted. The games are pretty time consuming, so I can understand why they would rather ruin everything for themselves and just read the summaries instead.

I don't WANT them to return. But don't you see how many waifufags are here? Kodaka may have had enough balls to kill them onscreen, but he probably doesn't have enough not to bullshit them back alive.

I'm a Chiakifag even though she was dead from the start, serves you right!
Besides what difference if she's dead or alive if she's not even real, It's all about the heart.
She'll always be alive as long as I remember her.

It's a 30 minute commercial for V3.
>We know this anime was shit, but V3 will be better!
>Hope moves forward!

TV schedule has updated the final "special program" to "Hope Arc"

In the Despair-hen timeslot?

Why don't they have swirly eyed chibis likes their other dangans?

The schedule posted in the earlier thread said it's normal episode's length.

Is Juzo cia?


that's chuuni as fuck


That particular artist is famous for those eyes and that art style.

Jesus christ


Thanks user. Poor Juzo.

How can anyone take this show seriously. Its like babbies first edge for the new generation.
>Had a friend who said he cried at that scene
What is wrong with you niggas?