Black Lagoon thread?

Who is the strongest woman?

Madame flora easily

Eda without a doubt

Roberta, you don't even need to ask

only when garcia is in danger though

She took down the whole fucking city solo.


Against my dick?
All of them.

>she will never tuck you in

Think of your favorite girl (or boy), do you think you could help her in her job, and would you?

when she's maid, yes
when she's castro's juggernaut, nah

looks like everyone is here for the gang bang


>wanting to be near any of them

They've all proven to be batshit insane and beyond saving. There is no way in fuck I'd go near any of them. Rock is a nutcase for even being in the same room as them, let alone interacting with them.

You're boring.

I mean Roberta is probably the best when she isn't in murder mode, given how she seems to just be someone who wants to live a quiet life and get away from her past. The others though are all knee deep in shit and don't want to get out of it. In no particular order:

>Chinese chick with baggage out the ass who constantly gets "rip and tear" moments
>Russian chick who looks like bacon and has basically no sense of compassion
>corrupt "nun"
>another Chink but even crazier with knives and a machete
>Colombian that is relatively normal now but is fully capable of becoming a Terminator

Actually, I guess you could say Jane was really normal too.

Pft, Revy as proven by Rock is controllable.
All you have to do is not to piss her off too much, Rock can drive her right up to the edge then bring her back down.

Ballalaika is like any other army commander, mission comes first, nothing wrong with that.

Machete slut is just doing her job, she doesnt go around killing innocents for fun or anything, she is a hired assassin, kills the targets given to her.

Now the nun is simply CIA, they are morally grey from blinding patriotism to begin with so what can you expect.

I want Sawyer to spit in my mouth.

user-kun I...I....

I don't think she'd actually be that shy in bed, I'm thinking she'd probably be reasonably dominant/kinky once it got to that point.

It's always the quiet ones.

So is Black Lagoon still on eternal hiatus that puts Hunter x Hunter and Berserk to shame?

No, it's just approaching 4 years for this one gap.

It has nothing on Berserk.

In terms of influence, Balalaika. Nobody steps to Hotel Moscow.
In terms of physical strength, Roberta by a wide margin. She's a freak of nature.

>she pins your arms to the bed
>grins at you
>leans forward for a kiss
>then tears open your shirt
>opens your fly
>spits in your mouth
>silently mouths the words "take me, hard"

New volume coming next year.

user-kun, we just one had one of these the past 4 days, where were you?

Just like Berserk then.

Try again in a week or 2.