What if someone would bring him back to life and he would train for 6 months?

What if someone would bring him back to life and he would train for 6 months?

He learns a dick move and DBS and the DB franchise is finally over.

>train for 6 months in the HBTC

He has been brought back to life though.
As Oob.

Uub is not canon anymore

It's just too early for him to make his appearance. He was introduced at the end of the original manga.

They did just that in GT, with Uub. The guy was still pathetic, since he's human now.

Uub could be as strong as SSJ Blue Goku but humans are too lazy to train.

Why won't humans just kill themselves - pathetic pieces of shit.

Well, why don't you?

Too lazy.

I'm namekian

He was mentioned in Super

Still filthy ningen.

I ask the same question every day, user. Ningen must die.

he is alive but he dos not train.

Goku found a new toy. He doesn't need to train Uub anymore.
It's the ultimate NTR, after he got reincarnated for precisely this purpose.


Then Gohan would job again.

I don't think a demon can have a god form so he is irrelevant.

What about Satanic form?

It's pointless for him to make an appearance now that Buu is weakshit compared to the top fighters and any saiyan can become impossibly stronger than him just by holding hands with five other saiyans.

Buu was inherently stronger than Friezer.

And Buu hasn't trained a day in his life - just imagine what would happen if he trained for 4 months like Frieza or even for 6 months like OP said - he would kick the shit out of SSJ Blue

Just have him absorb people.

Wasn't Buu once stronger than Beerus? If Whiz trained Buu then he could become stronger than Beerus.

It's Uub now.

>tfw Uub already died once

What if Future Zamasu was what Buu once was?

I feel worse about Satan dying. He was the only human that didn't die on Z.

>what if everyone just fucking fused together with potara earings, wished for immortality and took a fuck load of senzu beans to the hyperbolic time chamber?

you shouldn't play what ifs

What if I do anyway?

Buu's power is inherently magic based. He couldn't become stronger through physical training.

Reminder he only became stronger by absorbing others.

What if Cell used a time machine to Namekian fuse with his past self infinite times?


No, he got weaker by absorbing others.

More destructive power =/= stronger.

Mystic Buu was far more of a threat than kid buu ever was.

What was oring of Buu anyway? He wasn't really created by Bibidi, right?

This is a setting where a demon king turned out to be a space alien, you tell me.