One Piece

Show me a character that has suffered more than Sanji.

You Can't.

>mfw Duval is secretely the fifth brother


Happy suffering is best suffering.

>Being alone is considered suffering

He lead a happy life as a pirate and gets to keep living with with greatest pirates of all time.

I do agree that he is by far worst strawhat.

I hope this is just a lazy attempt to start a one piece thread. Otherwise stop posting immediately and watch more anime/read more manga, retard.

I like how Sanji is reading the Norland book in the chapter.

Oda always finds a way to add onto the deepest lore in the most subtle way.

Let me guess, you were going to post Wolfwood unironically, but decided against it.

11eyes had a loli. she was raped by the crusaders until she was broken and sick. Then they beat her up because she was obviously at fault that all rapists became sick.
when they threw her out like garbage and she tried to kill herself some troll forced immortality on her.

Sanji had it easy.

So is Sanji a modified clone or an actual human? I don't get it.

enhanced human

there's already a thread, you cancer

You are confusing "Ow the Edge" with philosophical suffering and mental anguish.

Try again.

>tfw next chapter, Reiju gives Sanji a book so he can pass the time
>it's about devil fruits
>Sanji discovers the invisibility fruit
>he actually wanted that power not because he would be able to peep on girls, but because he just didn't want anyone from his family to see him anymore

Touma from Index. No one has suffered like him. Not Gatts, Shinji, or anyone from one piece.

I wanted to write something but

Just get the fuck out

>entire chapter that revolves around sanji
>you link me to a thread that hardly mentions sanji

Methinks you can't tell the difference between a chapter thread and a general.

Maybe Sanji is the only real one, and the rest are modified clones.

Sanji had a hard life.

Nico Robin

Gonna be the saddest backstory in the series.

All of them were conceived as normal humans but Sanji was the only one who didn't take on the experimental enhancements, they had a real biological mother, the whole point the chapter was getting across is Sanji had to work for his strength while his family didn't

Thee is nothing wrong with having more than one thread unless there are 20 threads scattered around the catalog. The 24/7 containment general mentality is one of the cancers of this board.

>mommy's cheery pies tasted like shit, and she said the age where men dream is over ZEHAHAHA

I will say this, Kidd is going to be a huge character, Law's story was nice and all, but I am expecting the worst stuff from him

Will Sanji get his behelit next week?

>was bullied by his bros
>spent a day or two without food
>spent another month fasting
Boo fucking hoo, even Luffy suffered more than him.

Will this arc be Enies Lobby tier?




>being alone, surrounded by your dead companions in a cold and foggy piece of sea for 50 fucking years is somehow better than being bullied for a few years
Also he's best strawhat after Robin.

So how is Sanji going to prevent zeff from dying? Just completely outclass the entire germa 66 crew once sanji sees luffy + others comig for him and tell them that if they ever come across sanji and his friends ever again then the straw hat crew is going to hunt them down? Fight their threat with a threat of his own? Does that even work?

Big Mom or whoever is in charge after her ends up an ally by the end of the saga

Either they'll be won over by the end, wiped out, or they won't have the freedom to do as they please under Big Mam.

Enhanced human whos enhancements never matured/developed properly like his siblings, leading him to have the physical condition of a regular human.

normal fetuses grown in a normal mother but their DNA was modified, except it didn't do anything on sanji

>Everyone think Zeff is dead
>Sanji feels sorry thinking it's his fault
>Zeff suddenly reappears on Raftel
>"yes, I am One Piece"
>manga ends

>hes in one piece
>when hes already missing a leg making him in at least 2 pieces


I haven't read the last 2 chapters and today I just realized Ichiji Niji Sanji Yonji ...

His name is Sanji since 1997 just for this moment

>the leg is One Piece
>sanji's black leg is the Black Piece

>If you suffer too much then it doesn't count cause it's forced

I haven't even watched or read the series that user posted, but that kinda shit happens to people in real life in 3rd world countries, are you saying their short lives of suffering only counts as "Ow the Edge"? Yeah sure they won't get beaten up in case the rapists all get AIDS, but that's cause they usually die from other sick shit before that point.

It's pretty clear that you just want to win some epeen argument on Cred Forums while shit posting. No one with more than 2 digit brain cells could possibly think One Piece trumps all other manga let alone fiction in suffering. So here's your (You).

Nah his original name was supposed to be Naruto

Literal retards going back and forth.

who hurt you user?

Torafaruga D. Wateru Ro