Can Cred Forums give pic related a more fitting ending?

Can Cred Forums give pic related a more fitting ending?

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8 years later, it is revealed that the village luckily managed to survive and Mitsuha and Taki meet on the train, with seemingly no recollection of the body swapping. Feeling like they know each other somehow, they ask for each other's name.

This would be a good end I think.



If Mitsuha and Taki live in different timelines, then how come Taki's timeline also changed when Mitsuha managed to evacuate the people in her village?

I feel really sorry for anyone who didn't get to watch this in a cinema. Beautiful movie.

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The only thing I really got out of this movie is a strong desire to fap to Mitsuha.

but user, Mitsuha is not meant for sexualization.

What's she for, then?

For pure loving.

isn't it the same timeline, just different year? things can just change suddenly if the past was altered. like how the mitsuha's cell phone notes suddenly mojibake'd and vanished and he forgets everything

Stop posting that because it's already a thing.

But how does Keit-Ai end? I've always wondered it.

Ironically, in classic Shinkai fashion. They never meet except by phone.

Would it be better to fuck Mitsuha in Taki's body or Taki in Mitsuha's body?

That fucking sucks. They must find a way.

Just fuck the one with a pussy.

I wish the Ending was longer showing what actually happend after they asked "whats your name?" at the End.

Mitsuha cannot remember Taki after the comet incident so she was depressed, that guy with the 2 girls comforted her and went under her pants. And took a picture of her with a used condom still inside her, this made her father disown her, she had no where else to go so she went to Tokyo to find a job. While she was living in Tokyo, she was seeing a guy who was well known as a player. When she met Taki again, she lied to him and had to juggle Taki and the other guy.

>Keit-ai number 1 on MAL

I guess it found a way.

Loving all the shitposting.

>implying you live in japan

>tfw I have access to a cinema screen after hours
>tfw I will watch KnNw, Koe no Katachi and Kono Sekai back to back when the BDs drop with Atmos quality
Life is great once.