Danganronpa 3

Only a couple hours left until next episode.

The mastermind will be revealed and their motivations explained. Are you ready?

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It was me and i did it because it was meant to be my retirement party but i double booked the venue for a killing game, sorry my bad boys

>I'm cumming soon

Save her!

Will there be any boats in todays episode?

Who will die this episode?


Nobody dies.



Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


Can always hope

Yeah Naegi and Hajime's hopes are with Asahina and Mikan now.

I need to see these two together Kodaka, I want to hear Kirigiri call her senpei.

Fight me Tincan-kun.
I'll be a better protagonist than you could ever been

Who else hyped for Chizuru confirmation?

I need to see Junko taunt Kirigiri for being a fucking idiot and brag about how he gutted Chiaki like a pig

Who's junko?

Get rid if your backpack you autist

I want Kirigiri and Sakakura back. Fuck this shit.



It's less likely than Tengami

Joker with tits.

Will he bring in Monaka and have him talk about his role in the game?

But what does this mean?

Who are ready for our guy Animeman being the star of an episode?

I want to watch Mahiru have sex with other men!

Who was watching?

>Izuru tapped that ass

Lucky man

>It was anime all along

his role is over in despair

Worst villian, cheater who twist the rules to her liking,mary sue who gets everything go her way.
Truly the worst.

People pee themselves when they die.

2 hours to go.
Any HOPE here?


Is there any point in watching this episode? We all know it's going to have the Reserve Course mass suicide, Class 77 running away with Izuru, and the school shutting down to shelter Class 78. What else could possibly be there?

Shes saving herself for the perfect man.

Delusionfags are the worst.

Cry harder you buttblasted Chiakifag

*crappy joker with tits

She's actually innocent all along, Tengan just brainwashed her.
You can't Dangan Refute this.

Man, I am so hopeful right now, like fuck maaaan

I wonder how many times they fucked

>people still use my edit

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will have a happy ending!

I can't believe I breathe the same air as these people.

Chiaki is nothing like Joker though

Side: Hope next week right after Future?

I believe. She's not quite done yet. She's supposed to be important again this episode.

I want to throw this person into a pool

How many hours until new ep?

When is the new episode?

This will be the episode where she killing the kids

Possibly information on what the fuck Tengan's deal is.

Due to their "dating" status, they likely fucked up until DR1. So for about a year before she died. Would be hilarious if he was the one doing things with her corpse

2.5 - 3 hours until raw

You guys want to shoop some stuff into a template while we wait?

Saionji evolved to resists the vile tactics of Bully-kun

With this extra episode it might actually be happening.

Live in about two

Many tanks

If I had photoshop and photoshop skills I'd put DSP somewhere.

I wonder if Izuru got to visit HPA during DR1. I'm sure Junko would let him in for some dick during the night when the others are either asleep, killing each other or whatever locked away from the rest of the school for a while.

Are we allowed to pretend Despair Arc didn't happen after it's done?

There is literally nothing wrong with Despair arc

I posted the wrong thing.

Here's a template.


No, fuck off you autist

I'd still put DSP there.

taima.tv/r/drg (English Chat)
zhanqi.tv/meizhi (Backup Stream)

I know I will.


Stop trying so hard to fit in.

Yes, I am ready.


Well yeah especially with Mukuro gone during this point. With Izuru being SHSL Everything, wouldn't be that hard to sneak in to the school and bang his kohai.

>Chisa that died was the MINDHACC'd 13th Division Head
>Real Chisa is watching in the theater/control room and calling on Tengan's phone

Not much point in calling it, now that it's so obvious, but calling it all the same.

So Kuzuryu killed Sato right? Why is this okay?

>There are people that unironically liked the despair anime

What makes you so sure?

My brain trembles!

> you will never FTE Juzo

Because she killed SHSL Imouto.


What is you HOPE for tonight? What are you hoping?

Sato is ugly

Why are we still watching despair arc even though it's shit,are we being mind hacced?

>you will never give Juzo the ball gag gift

>there are people who would watch a show even though they don't like it

>Chisa killed the 13th Division head
>Chisa kidnapped Aoi and took her place

I wouldn't even be surprised if Junko told her to do this.

But murder is still wrong. A murderer like Kuzuryu shouldn't be allowed to stand alongside the symbols of hope of Hope Peak's Academy.



subs are delayed permanently from now on right?


I'm only watching to see Junko pull off more crazy shit

How could anyone think this gentle old man is evil? Hohoho

You think Sato had SATOGIRLS-tier antics in the reserve course like her brother?

There's one way for Gekko to come back. She was working on new cures for Despair right, it's part of her branch.

If by some unbelievable bullshit Chisa is still alive, perhaps they'll use one of Gekko's newly researched cures on her.

Yes, subs for rest of the show are delayed

Too late. She's already in space watching Animator's anime

If it's for the sake of hope, even destroying a life is not off-limits. Satou received the honor of becoming a stepping stone for a brighter future.

>new cures
Just brainwash them.

Too bad Monaca gave her head a little twist-a-doodle

>well Junko that was ok I guess, I'm going now, Souda needs a pilot for his new mecha
>wait hold on, don't you wanna stay here with me and watch the despair from thr control room?
>I'd rather watch from the tv when something exciting happens
>so you're watching it? What do you think?
>you rehashed Chiaki's death, that was lazy of you
>y-y-you don't mean that? You're just joking
>Izuru doesn't joke, you disappoint me Junko


She's dead. Monaca twisted her fucking neck.

Are we only here to suffer?

It was a hologram

Ok fags,is your problem to have a shit taste



Too much "hope"(waifus) will feel weird not like any kind of Ultimate Hope we've seen from past endings. The mustard seed of Hope you treasure and motivates you while in the depth of despair. Where everyone with their tiny bits of Hope will come together and sprout wonderful things from the combining hopes. Sure despair will continue to strikes at times but it'll only keep them motivated as they strive to a hopeful future. Building up hope and gathering more to their cause. I'd rather see the world improving then characters thought to be dead comming back. A real worldwide/nationwide community come together to fight despair. Showing the many smiles on the citizens faces as time goes on. Makoto and Komaru eating together as a family, perhaps Aoi can tag along too with some doughnuts. No red sky, the sound of bustling streets full of people conversing and rebuilding their communities

But why are you here?

How many hours does it usually take for [hope] to show up?

Not entirely.

>draw a cute girl
>kill it almost instantly
Why is this allowed?

Do you think he could make an erotic animation?

I'm watching it for Hopeman.



It isn't ok and the Rod's won't get off scott free

Junko of course




This shouldn't be allowed. What pisses me off the most is that Komaru almost forgave her instantly after she flew off to space. Like, I get that she's not the mastermind behind the Final Killing Game, but she murdered a (cute) Future Foundation member, you know? She shouldn't be forgiven that easily.

kek you were so close lad

Because is the last episode

Mitarai-kun denwa

You are so fucking bad at this

Can you turn the power back on please, I wanna keep watching your anime



Thank you. Someone better make a post when this shit starts.

If weedman says so, it must be true.
Here's to be Hopeful

She's a Naegi, after all. Got that top compassion

Kirigiri is alive, right?

Fuck i was so hype about this

Subs are usually supposed to be out at 4pm or something but from what I remember hope subs come out around a few hours afterwards.
Usually by 9pm but always before midnight from what I remember.

So you just stuck around until the last episode even though you think the show is shit?
You don't need to lie to us, user. You love it, we get it.

Did Mitarai have a forbidden action or not?

She's killed a little more than just a mute.


Too bad.

You get mindhack video instead.

Our boy is going to get Tengan inside his Ryouta this episode


>Still no edits yet

not fucking cool man

If there was someone who just watched the 3 anime and nothing else, they would think the Dangan Ronpa series is all about mind control.


At least it'll be over soon. We will be able to turn the page


Nope. Just mindhack video.

Someone wake chiaki up! Its almost time!

wake up cunt or I'll kill you instead.


>Chiaki's death will be confirmed today
>chiakifags will get BTFO


i don't want this
tengan please keep your shriveled hope out of this boy

Why do people even like the Junker? She became a worse villain as time went on.

Just one time. After cumming in Junko so hard after their first time he felt sex was boring and give up on that.

>Asshole, don't talk to Munakata like that!

How's my japanese doing, anons?

top kek you motherfucker

someone screencap everyone's predictions

Is there really going to be a Side:Hope?

So who is our real boy since Juzo forfeited his our boy status by being a faggot?
Anyone infected with despair need not apply

Shes in a deep sleep right now

Not well, apparently. Double-check your particles there, feller.

I can feel it in my bones, this episode is going to be COMPLEX

I wanted this shit

Munakata crying over Sakakura, not Chisa

superior version.

tengan will show up and everyone will scream


and then it wasn't him just another fucking junko

Are you retarded?
Chiaki died last week, you moron.




Tell that to the Chiakifags saying Izuru saved her.

And 3 crashed her into the ground. Turns out she isn't charismatic at all, she just borrowed the help of her sister and some fag's anime skills. Depending on what they reveal about Tengan, it might drive her stock down even more.

Sakakura wants Munakata inside his テメェ.

When is it coming?


Did you know that creepy song was actually the monokuma lesson played backwards?

What's the story behind this complex motives shit? I see this in ace attorney threads as well.

it's the last despair arc episode.


Chiakifags? Yeah, don't lump us in with those few individuals who just come up with ridiculous theories just for the sake of shitposting.

It's a meme from the third Zero Escape game.


Zero time dilemma

Zero Time Dilemma meme (is the third game of Zero Escape saga)


The villain of Zero Time Dilemna has a really simple plan that that he goes about performing in an obtuse way and keeps insisting his motives are complex.

Thats the meme.

Reminder if we don't see Chiaki getting buried today she's the mastermind.

Why does she need to be the mastermind? Are you telling me that Izuru was the mastermind of the First Killing Game?

She won't get buried She'll get cut up and cooked by Hanamura and feed to the rest of the 77 class.

Looks like I'll have to check Zero escape out then. Is it good?

It's difficult to boil the reason down to one post


It's complex.

It's a ZTD meme.
The whole serie was wrapped up in a last minute plot twist and (in the most disappointing way possible, worst than Brainwashing anime). In the final confrontation with the mastermind he just explained that his motives were complex over and over.
It is. You can emulate the first quite easily.

So...does Mukuro die today?

I didn't make it up. I only reposted something I've seen get posted in 2ch threads.

What the fuck?
Are you serious?

The real question is how to emulate second one, or I can just skip straight to Complex shit?

Fuck off secondary.

I wouldn't say causing his own birth and getting sent back in time, in addition to causing a deadly virus outbreak, counts as a "really simple" plan.
Besides, that's not what "complex motives" means, anyway. It simply means that he had more than one goal in mind.

The fuck're you spazzing out for? I'm HOPING we see some of the DR1 cast and if we do, depending on how much we'll see Junko's betrayal.

Fucking autist overreacting like that, suck a dick.

I'm curious to what we're going to see today. Hints to Tengan being the mastermind? Class 77 performing despair shit and being brought to Jabberwock Island? Class 78 locking themselves in and losing their memories?

You won't understand.

I'd wait. They're working on porting ZE1/ZE2 to the PC.

ZE1 is getting a total revamp, fully voiced, hq art, etc.

You don't know what that means, stop using it.

We have too much to go through for that. At most we might see Jin's execution.

No faggot. Would you tell someone to skip danganropa 2 to watch 3? Just watch a YouTube video or buy a pstv

Nah. A good part of the appeal is to be absolutely disappointed in ZTD.
Try to find a second hand 2DS they should be quite cheap. Heard about a steam port soon but don't know any info.
And VLR is worth it. You can bicker with if it's the best or not but it's worth playing

Play it on 3DS or wait until they port it on PC (which may take a few years). Or watch it on YouTube. It's not recommended to skip it.

>Fucking autist overreacting like that, suck a dick.

Then I don't know. Is is don't talk about Munakata, asshole?

So junko is an alien snail from space?

Will it also let me control the text speed?

The second one is a piece of shit. Don't play it.
There's no story, all the characters are assholes, and the puzzles are awful. The puzzles in #1 made sense for the room you were in, in #2 it's all "match colored tiles" and other random shit from 101 Puzzles for Kids.

Yes, you figured it out. Junko is a snail

Probably more about Tengan and Mitarai. I can't see Despair arc even reaching DR0.


Or asshole, Munakata never said that/would never say that?

I just recognize words and shit, I can't into sentence structure

The third won´t make sense without playing the second, also the second is much better game than the third.

>Being this salty about the AB game with Alice

Much closer! That was the essence of the correction I wanted you to make. Just add in the ごとき bit and you're golden.

is wrong. Drop that line of thinking.

VLR is the best one you homo

Possibly some DR0 cameos like Ryoko (who doesn't actually need that much explaining, she's just a cute ditzy girl) with the majority of the focus on what's happening elsewhere with Tengan and whoever he's using.

Oh okay, so if you HAVE played DR1, then you're saying you think they're going to fast forward from where we are in the timeline to the first game, to explain something we spent an entire case on? Great! So you're not a secondary. You're just retarded.

I'm probably more angry about old Junpei than her.

Oh, and this.

drop it

My photoshop skills suck

Imagine 4 years of build up and hype to the final chapter that would answer every mystery and it being answered with "My motives are complex" and that the antagonist had the power of mind control.

Oh and the writer saying that a heavily speculated upon ending from the previous game was not canon.

OKAY LAST-SECOND PREDICTIONS. I've been transcribing the dialogue from the Future Arc, and I'm at episode 7 right now. This is what I got for Tengan. pastebin.com/C9dHcDZD

If you want to go over his lines/scenes a second time, and speculate. Interested in other characters you wanna see?

>Tengan: Naegi aside, I’m certain the idea of confining anyone in this room will be meaningless.


It looks like he has those frilly renaissance era shirt

Kyle is the mastermind

Thanks, teach. So - "An asshole like you shouldn't talk about Munakata"?

Too bad that transcript you spent so much time on is worthless since it's in english.

Also, you could have just extracted the subtitle file to get the text. Are you an idiot?

Who ?
I'm still mad about the metafiction

Oh man, I thought this was a re-translation.


Damn i will miss the fuckin chat

People forget that the issue with Tengan is his word play.

Munakata suspected Tengan was behind everything cause the people who are capable of this are severely limited BECAUSE the building was personally constructed by Munakata who also controls it, so only he knows it's secrets.

Tengan NEVER denied his involvement in Mirai's murder game.
All he said was that he's not an RoD.
Remember, he can't lie.

You know it starts in a hour and not in 30 minutes, right?

Episode in 50 minutes, user.

I thought there was still an hour left until showtime.

No can do pal.

Mukuro is best girl

I said I'd repost it later, I mean for people who want to get in earlier.

How long until stream? I need to make an ultimately despairing breakfast.

i like how Juzo is now Persona's legit waifu instead of that PoS Chisa.

>Remember, he can't lie.
Satan is right, but why would be give himself the real NG and not the false one?

Chisa gets extreme

Read the thread you fucktard

Little less than an hour.

Backup stream incase the other goes down

> not being victorian era

>he can't lie
Or he can, because he's the mastermind and therefore his bracelet is meaningless.

Or, he used the monitors to mindhack himself into believing what he's saying is true. Anything goes, there's really no point in speculating with mindhack in the mix.

I love Juzo


Semantics are very loose about that.
Do you consider avoiding telling the truth a lie (by omission) ?

Just about! Adjusting for implications, it becomes something like "The likes of you has no right to talk about Munakata" or something to that effect (that doesn't flow very well, but you get the idea). Good job!

If you want to see the line in action, go to about 11:30 in episode 8 of Future. It's the scene where Kizakura is shittalking Sakakura to goad him into charging him and stepping on the spear trap.

How to stay awake? Im tired

Fuck off cancer

Because, he loves backtalk and outright fake-truths. For instance, assuming he's the old man in Worst Day Ever, he directly lied to Naegi about the power of luck and baited him into following him knowing he had a kind nature, just to test out his talent.

Kodaka is played with us at this point.

Who are the mask people anyway?


I'd suggest going to sleep if you're tired. Just check the archive for reactions after you wake up and watch the ep.



Will the Reserve course mass suicide today?

>The anime influenced the past games

This was obvious since DR2, only retarded people thought otherwise

The Reserve Course students before the Tragedy, and the UDs around the world during it.

In retrospect it's pretty obvious he gave himself that bangle specifically so he could mindfuck Munakata into killing everyone.

It's one thing to trust the random claims of the old fart, it's a completely different story when his forbidden action prevents him from lying.

yes Chisa helps with it

>Too bad that transcript you spent so much time on is worthless since it's in english.
Hey, I don't know Japanese, and it's not like the 5,423,111 DR speculation threads we've been having wasn't 100% based on the English subtitles so I don't see your problem nor do I see the purpose of linking Japanese text to an English-speaking community.

>Also, you could have just extracted the subtitle file to get the text. Are you an idiot?
I split the lines by character. Unless you know of software that knows how to automatically differentiate lines spoken by different characters, and attribute it to them.

So did he alone carry everyone in the underwater base then

If we do a timeskip past DR0, probably.

>Juzo: If we’d just killed them when he found them, this whole mess never would’ve happened.

Coming from Juzo this is hilarious.

Take advice from Juzo. Cut off your hand.

Is that junko?

Not at all.
A lie is purposely telling something false from how it really is.

>wasn't 100% based on the English subtitles
Sometimes there's speculation based on what was originally said in Japanese, such as what Tengan says.

I hope we get zero ovas

Ghosts exist in this universe, right? Zetsubou Shoujo chapter 5.

Tengan's ghost will be the mastermind in episode 12.

Can i use your hand after

Both of you, drop them guns


>Not storing evidence in your backpack

Juzo tried to kill Junko and couldn't.

Juzo would be more sympathetic if he had reason to underestimate Junko and as she got more and more powerful his cover up becomes more about his culpability from the outset than just trying to stay in the closet. But he tried fighting her while she's surrounded by a zombie despair horde so he's an idiot and a bad person.

Only 1 week until the end of the Hope's Peak series. Then all that will be left is waiting on more for V3.

Does it looks like Sayaka and Junko to you?

I would continue to point out how it's actually brainwashing but I'm not even gonna try anymore.

I've got enough of this japanese shit.

live stream for the episode?

did Old Man Sigma ever fuck Luna?

You may want it, but I'm afraid I'm a bit more qualified for this necessary task of humiiating Saionji again.

And every day, I want to bully Saionji so much. I want to scold her to tears and throw her into pool. I want to take her gummies and eat them in front of her. Then I'll force-feed her with lemon-flavored gummies, palm after palm. I want to call her a stinky and take her panties so she has to going commando for the rest of the trip. I want to mock her inability to put her kimono by herself, so I'll strip her every once in a while, yelling what one day, she'll be glad to be able to dress up herself. Also, I'll take her kitty hairpins, making her long blonde hair cover her private parts. And when I'll give kimono back to her, I'll make sure to put Mr. Ants in every single pleat and Mr. Crab in her panties.

And when finally she snaps and try to bully me by any means possible, I'll spank her in front of everyone until she'll like it. And when she'll come to me, begging for another spanking, I'll mock her again, then spank her as if my life depends on it, laughing on her moans full of pleasure. Mere seconds before her climax, I'll throw her into pool once again, leaving her in her aroused state.

A powerbomb into the pool is more than enough to make her taste the bulying of today.

I want to hear Mahiru say GEEEZ as two guys fill her holes

>He doesn't think episode 12 will end with an announcement for The end of Kibougamine Gakuen: The Movie

Can't wait for RoD Chisa's antics this episode.

A lie by omission is still a lie.

When Hajime asks Nagito why he killed Teogami and Nagito replies that Twogami was a very capable leader, that's a lie by omission because it implies Nagito was answering his question and giving a reason as to why he killed Twogami.

Three month of waiting for V3 and three years of avoiding spoilers...

3 months is more than enough time to learn Chinese. I did it for DR2.

>Mirai was an anime all along.
>Mirai episode 12 will have the FF enter the real murder game ending with Mitarai dying legit.
>Watch the movie for the true end.


Nah, he says he saw her as a daughter in ZTD. Unlike Kyle. Kyle just got retconned harder than the DR2 class' COMPLEX motives.

Also mastermind reveal during this episode sounds about right. Fuck, they might time skip to everyone being on jabberwock and show them getting to the future killing game


Are you retarded?

He does mention Kyle once in ZTD

I don't want to ever learn Japanese because then I'll understand lyrics to Japanese music and I'll realize how it's probably stupid silly shitty schlock

And at the end, the movie was an anime movie all along.

Now that you mention it, it kinda does

Were you joking?


>brainwashing = mindhack video xD!

Fuck off retard.

And at the end, everyone in the movie theater kills themselves.
Not because of mindhack, just because it's shitty

Mikan, Mikan, Mikan


Are we getting The Tragedy today with some UD hijinks?

I can't take it, 30 minutes until shit gets stupid. Or shit gets REALLY stupid.

Are they not the same thing?

And then they use that footage to create a real MINDHACK video.

>35 MINS
>35 MINS
>35 MINS
>35 MINS

>it was all an anime by Mitarai
>last episode, this happens

I said the opposite of that though.

What made Junko mellow out afterwards?

>Unfortunately, I am not one of the Remnants. It’s a logical deduction, but far too simple for you.
>Far too simple
>In other words, the real reasons are complex
Oh shit

The turnaround for most of the games is about 11 months once they're out in Japan. I wish it were a simultaneous release, since it's just not the same when you know who's going to live and die and who the killers are. The only good thing about knowing who's going to die is being able to complete their FTEs before they do, since you know it's coming.

What's more likely

Tengan shenanigans
Junko shenanigans
Class 77 shenanigans
Class 78 locking themselves up

I hope. What else there is to show?

Rewatching that was worth it purely for the fact that it really was obvious how much he loved Munakata the whole time and how insecure he was about it.


I thought Peko did it.

She got bored so she mellowed out

So Junko is the terrorist that Delta wanted to stop? Is that a valid crossover theory?

I could see her doing it in the same way she killed Mahiru, but I don't think Fuyuhiko would ever WANT her to do it.

Please no.

>We'll never have cute, light hearted moments like that.

Has anyone cloned that one DR1 edit with Naegi looking at the cropped Kirigiri porn? You know the one

Take out DR0 and you've basically got the episode.

>We all expect Tengan to be a Delta knock off
>He's literally Hongou, but changed his name to avoid CK detection
>We find out what he was doing during the apocalypse after all

That would make up for everything that's happened so far, both in the ZE series and these animes.

Friends, are you ready for a KAZUO TENGAN episode?!

No. Brainwashing is changing someone's thoughts and opinions through visual and/or sound based patterns and brainwashing can potentially be easily undone.
Mindhacking is flat out fucking mind-controlling somebody by possessing their body.
STRONG difference

He was really complex from the beginning, how we could been so blind? Why we even trusted him at the first place?

Nice Camera brand Camera

If such a crossover were to become canon, I don't know if I'd be really impressed, or think it's one of the biggest hackjobs in games/anime in recent history.



Yeah, putting in the quote was too much. Joke wasn't funny when I did that.


少女's ass is the second finest ass in DR0.

Real Mukuro is gross, I liked IF Mukuro much better.

Chisa is love.
Chisa is life.
Chisa is a miracle of the universe.
Chisa might've done some things wrong, but only out of brainwashing that even HOPElet couldn't resist.
Chisa is alive and undespaired, as confirmed by the theater scene.


Mukuro was always gross, that are talking about?

Kodaka did say this anime was meant to be the ultimate fan item that everyone would love to have.
So far, that hasn't been the case.

What did you like about IF Mukuro that's different than DR3 Mukuro

DR is great for arse lads

insane child murderer who is deader than dead

I assumed she did it behind his back. And it was then obvious to him Peko killed her when she turned up dead.

Because they killed off your favorite characters.

>Why we even trusted him at the first place?
Nobody wanted to doubt based old man

why did komatsuzaki make her ass so red?

Tengan = Delta.

Chisa is Goat

Why does everyone think Monaca is dead, again?
Isn't she just NEETing it up in space?

Already any news on the special episode or the 'Mirai 12 is one hour long' rumour?

It's not uncertain that who really killed her.

No. Those dead characters are in a better place now (not this anime).

I assumed he killed her. He's the one who planned Mahiru's murder, not Peko, Mahiru didn't even kill Natsumi

They're both the same cute person

The DR artist really loves thighs

You cant breath in space

People think she either ran outta food or air and died

I honestly don't know how I would feel about this.

>Forgetful girls sure are wonderful, aren't they? I mean, whatever dirty things they do, they'll soon forget all about them! That is wonderful.

Ready for her Despair antics this episode?

For you

>Naegi didn't hit that

fuck me, I want her to live

Can you mind hack people into Hope instead despair? Would it create the most based event in the human history?

Pretty sure she's in an airtight container


Well then she cant breath at all

Peko killed people before even getting in.

That means in DR2, where everyone else forgets their sins, Peko still has memories of committing murder.


Junko/Ryouko spank fetish confirmed

holy shit those giri's

Probably, but then you'd probably get someone like Nagito

Great. Where is her air supply coming from once she's in space?

>"Mirai 12 is one hour long" rumour
That's full of shit. There's a show immediately after Danganronpa 3 and it's on schedule for next week.

>assuming he's the old man in Worst Day Ever,
Oh fuck oh fuck
I just realized this and it basically explains every plot hole in that small story
>he knew how to take down the thief
>he knew to report the missing/burned letter


literally who

A world full of Nagito sounds fun.


Exactly. How can you resist Sakura after seeing that. Naegi is messed up in the head.

Keep telling yourself that.

Juzo and Persona 4 were being assholes at the beginning for no reasons (which were eventually explained in recent episodes) and we liked any sort of punishment they got.

Too bad we didn't know much about Tengan either.

>things that never happened outside of fanfics

Nice joke, mate

>out of all the LNs, the only important one was the one nobody read

If that means I get to see Junko interact with Carlos, I'm all for it.

Im ready for this world of hope, are you guys?

One of the dub voice actors.

(I'm not joking)

And only that once. Considering the role that was built up for him, he may as well have been as relevant as the Funyarinpa.
They retconned all of VLR's golden epilogue

It is not appropriate to sleep with your boss.

>tengan's the creepy old man
>chisa's the monokuma maid
>juzo's the security guard
>reusing alpha designs

it's all coming together

That's what happens when you try to resolve an entire series plot with tons of characters in only 24 episodes. Things get glossed over and done in a rushed fashion. Junko couldn't individually corrupt the despairs in that amount of time so it had to be made brainwashing, unless the point of that is that Junko is just a big liar and tries to make herself sound more impressive than she is.

Mukuro's FTEs

>Implying she wasn't already itching for the hope dick in DR1

Yes You don't even know Its going to be amazing IM FUCKING READY

Which would be more fun: Enoshimaland or Komaedaland?

I know you have more arts, please post

>the point of that is that Junko is just a big liar and tries to make herself sound more impressive than she is.
How did you not figure this out from the first game?

Komaedaland for sure.

Hopefully, Komaedaland

I'll have the biggest fucking laugh if it turns out she ain't the Monokuma Maid

Either way, the chance of dying is drastically high

>(I'm not joking)

Sure, mate

It only makes it hotter

>Oh and the writer saying that a heavily speculated upon ending from the previous game was not canon.

stream link please?

>Junko couldn't individually corrupt the despairs in that amount of time so it had to be made brainwashing
Actually, if Kodaka cut back on some of the filler bullshit like Chiaki's snuff segment, she would've had enough time to exploit each person in the class

Chinese Stream too. I can never get the other one to work.


Bottom of the page. Use the 1st or the 3rd if 1st doesn't work.

No, she really wouldn't have. Not to any believable extent.

Cut Chiaki completely and its addition by subtraction for Despair Arc


I feel that the motives are going to be complex.

i want to believe they did have intimate moments from time to time but were just reserved about it.

Second game basically states that it was brainwashing and this:

>unless the point of that is that Junko is just a big liar and tries to make herself sound more impressive than she is

is 100% true

Still would've been more believable than MIND HACK ANIME

Thanks user



>Kirigiri really wanted that dick

I truly hope she's alive. Naegi deserves some pussy.

If you want to know the real way you add episode time to add for corruption of the DR2 despairs it's cut Animator-Kun

Why would she individually corrupt the despairs
Sure she could do it herself she's the ultimate analysis who can tell everything about ya with just a look.
But why would she ?
She gets bored of her own personailty
She'd get bored after the 3rd or forth person
so It was a good thing that she Met Ryota
She can do it all at once and it gets the same result just that she wouldnt be as bored afterwards
Why would she spent that much time on a bunch of characters she said herself were no more then Chumps ?

The public nonchallant gloveless handholding Kyoko did with Naegi in episode 9 makes me think that they did that before

You are too old for this.

All the signs are pointing that she is but It would be a good troll if she's not

This. She literally changed her mind about Chiaki after a few minutes. How could she possibly maintain interest in corrupting class 77 individually?

You Naegirifags sure like to make something out of nothing

He did? If so I feel bad for Kyle. He did nothing wrong and old Akane is an asshole.

Please Kodaka, don't make all the ship teasing for naught

I have a feeling it'll relate to this. Like Junko told her to do something if she died

They could've shortened Mitarai part to one episode and then use six or seven to gradually DESPAIR every member of the class until they all go nuts in the finale

>Kirigiri does it all the time
>Naegi literally never gets the idea because she's always wearing her gloves and it doesn't count

Mukuro's feelings for Naegi are canon, and that's all. Nothing further.

>Everyone in Enoshimaland gets off on murdering people
>Everyone in Komaedaland constantly walk around with guns playing Russian Roulette with one another for fun

Nope. Munakata confirmed that he very well got the idea.

I never said it was something that it wasn't just a headcanon of mine, user

>Touko slipping on soap

live stream where?

t. rectum rekt Sayakshitter

If everyone has good luck does anybody have good luck

You'd be the SHSL Unlucky Student in Nagitoworld

So many arts. It's fantastic they're popular, but it's actually quite the timesink trying to collect 'em all.

scroll up a bit desu

Yes, I know they're one sided. It just makes her more tragic, it's part of the reason I like her

yes probably but if you remember The monokuma maid already wanted to be the successor to junko so that look could just be chisa going Nows my chance if she really is the maid.

Would you accept a Naegiri end where Kyoko can't have children because of the poison rendering her infertile?

>More tragic
>One sided
She has nobody but herself to blame for that

After Junko's death.

I wonder if they're popular enough to be the most popular ship. I don't know if it was an official poll or just Pixiv but KomaHina was number 1 while IshiMondo was number 4.

Mukuro likes Naegi because she has a hope fetish

I wanna Ultimate HOPE Naegi to mindhack people into HOPE with Kirigiri's help. I want them to strap motherfuckers to chairs with their eyelids forced open as Kirigiri hypnotizes them with a picketwatch.

> wanting children from manlet
If anything that makes ending even better.

But Komaedaland means that everyone is on a fine line of wealth and prosperity and the whole town going to ashes in about a second.


>now's my fuckin' chance to become the true Junko successor
>shit I shouldn't have been curious and watched the film
>shit now I really wanna kill myself

Think last despair gonna confirm Chisa = Monomaid?

He's the only one she'd look at. hngh

>we want the naruto/bleach audience

Anything to prevent that kind of copout ending

I can feel my heart racing.

Another End isn't canon, even though it set up a number of things for the next game.

If only he gave her the hope dick so she'd save everyone like in IF

It'd be tragic but at least they'd be together.
Asahina can always lend them her womb, I guess.


As of last future episode, it's also canon that Naegi gives less than zero fucks about her

I know, it's because she is a pitful, insecure, autistic girl who is only good at fighiting and following orders

Makes me wish she could've turned her life around and manage to find the new destiny she spoke of in her FTEs

Naegi's luck would render the poison useless against his HOPEFUL sperm. Kirigiri getting knocked up whether she wants to or not.

Literally no one. Just adding on to people who dont play the games but watch dr3

The kid will get Kirigiri's height genes.

Maybe Chisa's Va said she does something important in it


Move here when it hits bump limit, show's about to start

Fuck, Marry, Kill

What's more likely
Kirigiri alive

Hagakure's the mastermind

2 mins
get in here niggas

Did everyone here play the second game just like all true fans should have done or am I posting with a bunch of plebs

Hope for miracles.

Lmao yeah that was stupid. I guess whoever set up the future game was like Fuck chisa your not the successor


Do you want slight lewds as well, y/n

stream's starting, bbl

they were too cute for this world

There were games of this???

Fuck Chisa, Kill Munakata, Marry Juzo.

Fuck and marry Juzo
Kill Chisa

Fuck Chisa
Kill Munakata
Marry Juzo



>Who's Junko?

New thread is ready, get in

I believe in the Valkyrie.

Fuck Chisa
Marry Juzo
Befriend Munakata


Well, she willingly aided Junko in her plan so of course Naegi won't feel guilty about her death

Despair Chisa
Hope Munakata
Future Juzo


Chisa kills kids, Juzo fucks girls, and Munakata marries a literal who instead of either of them.

Fuck Chisa while choking her for full despair
Marry Juzo, he likes dicks so that cool
Kill Munakata's hope by fucking Chisa

Fuck Chisa
Marry Juzo
Kill Munakata


>dat uniform
we zero now?

Did they just forget about Chiaki?

>Booze man forcing an in detect kiss





Post-credits confirms Izuru is in Mirai episode

>juzo fucks girls

They prepared flowers for her.

Kill Chisa, fuck and marry Juzo

He'll just have to close his eyes and pretend I'm a dude or something.

They deserved so much better. Those men killed for each other.