Four seasons

>four seasons
>now a movie

How do we stop Prisma Illya?

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Why contain it?

The power of loli kissing is strong.

Re: Zero would already have S3 if Ram and Rem made out.

Create more loli shows to drown it out.

>wanting to stop it
This movie will be the pinnacle.

>gaijin scum from Cred Forums doing anything

Hopefully SL won't fuck it up.

That's because the otaku killed anime.

6 Seasons and a movie.

I'm hyped.

I'm more interested in the next loli kissing OVA.

I mean, why stop at kissing?

It will be worse than a standard episode of ufoUBW.

At this point the Fate series became the spin-off of the franchise.

This is a thing? Oh wow

Best magical girl series.

How much loli yuri was in 3rei? Heard there was next to none as compared to the previous seasons.

They had leglock. Good enough.

as much as the previous season in the manga.
The anime removed all the panty shots and some lewd in 3REI. There is also the special chapters.


The whole season Illya and Miyu were thinking about each other. Also that Illya and Kuro scene. Pretty gay.

How does this thing keep getting new stuffs when the BD and Manga sales are mediocre at best?

Because FATE

Because it's Fate.

Fate has been printing money for a decade now
Helps that they are expanding their audience with lewd lolis

Woah, they thought about each other. So gay, dude.

Make Shirou the MC.

Those screencaps of Emiya doing cool shit are literally the only reason I picked this series up. There's nothing else that's good about this series. I can look up the fanservice without having to sit through all of it.

Stop being a retard.

(You) first.

Out of here normie.


1st the manga do sell a lot(even better than HF manga)
2nd Prillya's really strong at merchandises, BD sales doesn't really make or break any anime, especially nowadays(more people wanted digital copies or watch it on net) which the industry is slowly shifting to.
3rd Kadokawa holds the rights to it, why not compete with Aniplex Heaven's Feel with their own?
4th Many nips fans like the current arc, why not try to make an income of it?
5th Opinions on 2chan doesn't really have much weight to make or break any anime, then wonder what power Cred Forums holds over ithe same thing?

Don't be ignorant forever, a simple google search will net you the same results and common sense too

Let TM collect all the money for Tsukihime remake

>Tsukihime remake


I'd take Melty HD as well. I'm not picky.

>mfw I didn't fall for the hype
I'm glad I dropped this after the first episode

French Bread said they would wait for the remake to make a new MB. They want to have up to date designs I guess.

Huh, neat I guess

I just want them to make a TM Brawler. Further throw all the powerlevel faggotry out the window.

>tfw Illya already surpassed Turkey Handle

>3rd Kadokawa holds the rights to it, why not compete with Aniplex Heaven's Feel with their own?
>Fate compete with fate

well fgo is kinda that

>magical girl spin-off gets heaven's feel anime before the original series does
Just a movie but still.

It's simple
We, uh
Kill the onii-chan


This is your teacher for tonight.

The subject is mana transfer.

Illya's VA:

I want extra credit assignments.

I'm going to put my what in a what?

p0n0s in the vag00

Explain Further

This is literally and unironically the best thing to come out of the Fate franchise.

Based Kadowaki Mai.
>tfw she rolled Illya and I didn't

Everyone knows this deepdown, some are just tsundere about it.

So they're doing a movie to cover Shirou's backstory in Miyu's world while we wait for the Manga to actually advance?

She looks 100x hotter and prettier than the old hags if she was their age. I fucking love Miyu and Illya.

Would Illya be a short stacked busty beauty, that causes spaghetti drop from any male in a 10km radius, like her mom or even better?

She'd look like Iri, so a tall, willowy beauty with a massive chest.

Iri is pretty small though. She's short and curvy.

Is this why we haven't gotten Heaven's Feel yet?


Yeah probably. Also the arc doesn't work too well in a season, with Illya pretty much having no screentime. Better to have it either as a movie or OVA's, where they then chose movie.

I would assume movie is probably either a year from now, meaning next season would be at least 2 years away, hopefully giving Hiroyama enough time to get the manga quite a bit ahead again.

Probably depends how soon he plans to end it though, if he can conclude it in 20-25 chapters then I guess it would be very possible to have a final anime season after the movie. But of course we have no way of knowing that yet, we don't even know what way the story is going to go yet until we get the next chapter.

One thing I'm almost certain of at this point though is that we will get more than just the movie, I can't see them doing 4 whole seasons and a movie then just ending it in the middle of the story. If they wanted to end they almost certainly would have done so after herz and it's original ending.

Really? I didn't think she was that small.

What is Prisma Illya anyway? I only just finished Fate/Stay Night, so I don't know much about the Fate series beyond that.

She's 158 cm I believe.

I appreciate Hiroyama taking a more Fate-like direction with 3rei but I really do want to go back to my SOL gay shit.
I have a feeling that he's ending it after 3rei though.

season 5 when?

I wish there were some good pictures of that.

It's a magical girl spin off set in an alternate continuity where Kiritsugu actually did things right and Illya grows up as a normal girl. You should read Ataraxia beforehand (Prillya has a decent amount of references to it), then get to the spin offs.

This is correct, which is pretty pathetic.

Sorry Kuro-sensei, but I don't understand. Could we have a demonstration?

Guess it can't be helped. The assistant Illya will help out with the demonstration.

The more Angelica, the better.

I want to cuddle with Illya.

Help me Cred Forums! I can't decide which Prisma I'd rather dump my seed into - Illya, Kuro or Miyu. They're all so cute in different ways.

Kuro. She needs to get mana somehow anyway and that way Miyu and Illya can do it together instead.

Who's this titi monster? Why they have done with the almighty Gilgamesh?

I want to bully Miyu

I want to kiss Illya's tummy

I want to XXXX Kuro

it just shows how illya is japans second favorite fate girl. If the anime had a loli saber in the cast and have her known as saber japan would collapse in on itself and fund this for another 10 seasons. as she is their favorite fate girl and one of their all time favorite girls

>We will never see loli saber wearing miyu's lion pajamas

I didn't catch that?

Kick? Love? Drug?

that is exactly what this world is missing.

Imo, just give it seasons of cute specials full of pantsu and butt shots

I hope they don't fuck up UBW vs Angelica fight in the movie.


Nice ass.

The funny thing is that the movie will likely have zero loli kissing.

>How do we stop Prisma Illya?
You don't, you let it run it's course.... Prisma Illya will soon be forgotten.

Yeah, I am not so sure how willing the production is willing to push the bar on that with a theatrical release, the rule on that for content (if it is anything like the US) are much stricter.
If they are smart, this is a PG thing to direct others to the series.

First post best post

Not even that. The part of the manga the movie is set to adapt has no loli kissing. Ilya and Kuro don't even appear.

They really don't need to push anything, the bit they're adapting is a mostly serious flashback from Shirou's POV.

There's like, one page of lewd.

That won't stop them. They're going to sneak a kiss in the post-credits.

Fucking cap this shit.

Why is her hand coming out of her thorax?

Fuck Winter UBW, I just want pic related adapted perfectly.

I know the lines were already said by the end of Zwei Herz, but still.

They'll probably make an appearance but trying to force a kiss will probably be a jarring tone shift. It's not likely.

Nah it's fine. Everyone one knows that you can do whatever the fuck you want after credits.

If they're gonna do anything after the credits it'll be them closing shit with this page

I disagree, but I welcome the spin off very much.

It's a doll with Gil's card installed.

Definitely. I think they might extend the ending of the flashback just a little bit, though, so the movie doesn't just cut to the credits from Shirou lying defeated on the ground or something. Maybe they'll toss him in the cell first.

They're not crazy on enough to put lewd loli kissing on the SILVER SCREEN. The reactions to it would be absolutely wack.
Oh god I hope they do it now. That might actually be a fucking world's first if cinema houses across the country had animated eleven year old girls tonguing each other.

That is true, but doesn't that catch you as something that was done on purpose?


It's possible, but it was also consistent with everything we knew about Miyu from the beginning.

>everyone flips shit over it
>suddenly everyone goes to see it to see what this loli kissing is all about
>Prisma Illya confirmed for having another 10 seasons with two spinoffs

Angelica is best doll and easily best girl.

Holy shit guys! Fate is finally on Steam!

What kind of devilry is this?

The Unlimited Blade Works movie, and only the Unlimited Blade Works movie, is on Steam.

Why? Steam is for Video Games. If the VN was on there I'd understand, hell I'd even buy it. But the fucking movie? You don't watch movies on Steam.

YOU DON'T, user!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!

>hell I'd even buy it

by deviating from what attracted people to it in the first place: a cute, light action break from shitfest that is fate

they're doing a fine job of it by making everything melodramatic and violent

Just the other day Steam started putting up anime for rent or buy.

UBW 2010 was placed up there along with titles like Grave of the Fireflies, and Ninja Scroll.

Is there a release date? Spoonfeed me please

>what attracted people to it in the first plac
Speak for yourself.

I was interested in it for the juxtaposition of Fate and magical girls.

Miyu is my favorite. Especially Ojou-Miyu. I love it when she acts spoiled.

is that a horn or the tip of a sword on her forehead

Not yet given as of this time, but I guess the perfect time to air it is during 2017-2018 winter, or 2018 summer for it to have more time for SL to produce it.

A gem fragment in her forehead.

The manga is doing fine, I suppose stuff like figures too, and the Prisma Illya event on Grand Order delivered a nice revenue.

So, in the big picture, people like Prisma Illya and they're willing to put money on it.

It's more like Kadokawa trying to compete with Aniplex.

I bet Kadokawa is tired of Aniplex taking every single hit away from them.

fuck you then, mouthbreathing tryhard faggot


twintail ahoge is obviously perfection

>using ann ever

broken knife. Part of Thor's legend is it got jammed there in a fight and he just kinda... left it

>Thor and his servant Thjalfi challenge the giant (Hrungnir), who hurls his whetstone weapon at Thor. Smashed to smithereens by Thor's hammer Mjölnir, fragments of the whetstone fall down to earth - and "thence... come all the flint-rocks" - while one shard sinks deep into the god's forehead.

Rin looks like she's about to throw up.

>Reason the flashback arc characters were scheduled to take longer than they needed to take, chapter length was cut in half, and was artificially lengthened was probably due to Prisma author helping to set up the Prisma movie, anime, and writing Prisma event in FGO.

Did that really need to be greentext?

She's been noticeably wanting to cry ever since she heard about Sakura, but she's trying to contain it.

Rin always has to put on that kind of face at times, don't let her emotions seep through until she's alone. That's kind of how she was for the majority of HF.

>not liking memearrows

>sakura's still getting worm'ed in prisma

Why stop it?

Post high tier idealism

Why does Julian have such a complex about his daddy anyway?

He makes him into a doll, and then tries to become him later.

Please don't misuse the quoting feature.

It surprises me that Luvia's the only one to notice that Rin's not quite herself.


So she does knows about Sakura. I hope they explain what happened to the Matou and Tohsaka families on Illya's world before ending the manga, did Kiritsugu just killed everyone? Is Sakura still getting the worm?

>implying Luvia isn't always paying special attention to Rin

Probably not, but only her pointed it out.

Oh fuck, it's /fgog/'s cancerous Medbfag.

Ilyafags literally have no reason to complain at all now

Fate is fucking gay. Sakura hf route illya best girl. Illya hf route no illya but semen demon Sakura. Fuck this shit I have so much to complain about.

Are you okay?
When the movie won't even be about Illya? Sure.

>got black hair as a Tohsaka
>got purple hair after becoming Matou and subjected to worm rape
You tell me




>Ilyaverse Shirou still gets adopted by Kiritsugu despite the Grail War never happening
>Miyuverse Shirou still gets adopted by Kiritsugu despite the fact that he never even lived in Fuyuki
Don't think about it too hard.

Based on what she and Shinji have told us it's not likely that Miyuverse Sakura got RAPED by worms even if she did inherit the Matou magecraft

Figures. Figures have insanely high profit margins and I guarantee you they're selling a fuckload of them.

Angelica got a criminally little amount of fan art.

I want her to firmly grasp my sword

I want to be excited for this after the great flashback arc, but after how horrendously bad 11 and 12 were, I've given up on Prisma.

SL will never make this look good.

Hopefully she won't look like shit this time.

incredible how far the power of yuri and lewd can go, this shit is just fanservice (good fanservice mind you) but still fanservice shit.

Genderbend Gil was already popular. That said, need more of Angelica for sure.

Stop? we should pray for more ova's


FemGil is fun but I like Angelica partly because of her obvious superiority. If anything, getting both, Angelica and FemGil would be best.

nigga you have shit taste

Dude's just cursed with never having real parents.

Angelica is already perfect in every way.

We don't need more than that. She makes my dick diamonds, and Shirou will obviously bang her now that every other love interest in dead in his world.

ShirouxAngelica is my OTP now.

Whatever the case, its basically confirmed Zouken is dead in both world-lines at this point. So Sakura is living a normal girl life regardless.

Reason Rin didn't freak out when she saw Sakura's hair change color as kids when she saw her again, is because that honestly is a normal thing that happens when you take on another family's magecraft and they have to adapt you to take it on. It doesn't necessarily mean abuse or rape. Discoloration like that can be normal.

Its just that the Matou method was messed up and too brutal, it was too damn warped. However there can be situations where Sakura is purple without it having been rape, if by some miracle the Matou practiced their magecraft differently in some world-line. I can't say how likely that would be however.

But I want Angelica for myself. The case is still out on Sakura though. She could still live if she uninstalled Lancelot.

Really? What was any better about it? Animation was still shit, nothing interesting happened, writer once again relied entirely on scenes from F/SN for ideas, etc.

Or did you love it because it had moetrash at the end?

>How do we stop Prisma Illya?
To stop her from running away, get her in a leglock.

The later desu
Prisma Illya exists for the lolis

What are you doing on Cred Forums?

>he watches this shit not for the cups
What a fucking faggot.

animation and art were both pretty damn good

but of course a zero secondary would think this way, seeing how scum like you enjoy EDGY shit better


>Sakura a villain
>Sakura thoughtlessly tries to kill her husbando, easily manipulated by obviously fake husbando
>In flashback she tries to be useful but is promptly made to look like an utter fool
>She loses the Shiroubowl to Miyu

I think Prisma's creator hates Sakura.

>you enjoy EDGY shit better
Nope. I just think fanservice is fucking stupid, and a plot matters more than lolis blushing. Moefags are a little pathetic. You're supposed to be grown men, but you jump to cute little girls and value them drinking tea over an actual storyline.

Fuck off Cred Forums.

>says the faggot slobbering all over a shounen cock

>implying the three cups finally being happy together isn't the actual storyline

Watching the wrong show.


I think he did a better job with Sakura than HF did.

But F/SN isn't shounen, you fucking secondary. inb4
>Hurr yes it is
Fact: F/SN is seinen. Not that any of that even matters, because target age demographic has nothing to do with quality in the first place. See: Pixar

And power level fightan shit is somehow more mature? Please crawl back to /vg/.

does anyone know the source of this, i couldn't find it on niconico

Is FemGil canon now?

There's all sorts of PLOT in the Fate Prisma Illya series.

Well he made her not look like the passive-aggressive cunt she can be sometimes, so that's definitely a plus. I just found it amusing how she basically loses on every single front, like he has something against her.

>he doesn't even know what shounen means
My sides.

I hear you.
I couldn't care less about the ecchi and loli and otaku pandering or whatever.

>Only payed attention to F/SN's fight scenes and SFX
Sasuga Prismafag.

You can't say she completely lost out to Miyu when MiyuShirou actually entertained the fantasy of running off and marrying her.

And I'm pretty sure that part of the next arc will be trying to save Sakura and free her soul from Ainsworth domination.

Artist name please.

Sakuralot's armor looks so cool, I like it more than Angelica's.

Did you even read the post you're replying to? It doesn't say what you think it says.

Shounen literally means "boy", and in terms of marketing in Japan shounen means younger-end teenage boys as the target audience in anime and manga. Seinen, whichs means youth, targets an older youth male audience. What am I missing?

>Artist name please.
Found it.

The fact that you're retarded.


What are you talking about? Shounen and Seinen are demographics. Just like Shoujo and Josei.

Learn to fucking read, nobody said anything about genres or demographics.

Wrong, seinen manga is targeted at children who think they're mature.

Come on man, at least put effort into your bait.

Could the shitposters just leave? The thread was going great before you came along.

I don't think that is what was being reffered to at all. FSN is actually pornographic, and as a result marketed towards people 18+. While I am sure that the audience that FSN is marketed towards is made up of those who are mentally children, that is besides the point. Saying that FSN is shounen is just wrong.


Don't be an idiot, every anime is targeted towards those who are mentally children.

If you were a healthy adult (aka non-anime fan), you wouldn't even be in this board.

I don't think that I ever implied otherwise

What does it say?

How do you reconcile.
>I can look up the fanservice without having to sit through all of it.
>I couldn't care less about the ecchi and loli and otaku pandering or whatever.
It's like you read the first part of the post and then just stopped.

There's a decent part of the FSN fanbase who hates the porn part of its, though, and only got into the series because of all the fights and cool stuff and blood and whoooooaaaaa

And there are people who watched Evangelion for the waifus, what's your point?

That doesn't mean that it is a shounen series, though I agree with you that there are some morons (GIRUGAMESH), the entire series isn't marketed as a shounen franchise at all. I would start to buy your bullshit if 99% of the Fate spin offs were serialized in shounen magazines (For LNs and manga), but they aren't. You could make that case for Extra I guess as it isn't 17+/18+, but Fate overall isn't marketed towards the same crowd that Naruto is, regardless of who actually does like the series.

The HF manga which adapts the VN 1:1 so far is serialized in a seinen magazine. That pretty much ends the discussion of "is F/SN shounen or seinen" to anyone who isn't a retard.

Even the sex?

2 nukes was not enough.

Nah, it's probably Realta Nua. Hasn't reached those scenes yet though so who knows

Yeah, they should have dropped them on your house instead.

That vampire shit is the worst replacement thing in all of Realta. The Dragon's stupid but fine, the Crest Transfer makes sense, but the Vampire shit?

I didn't read realta nua, what was the dragon thing?

Replaced the threesome in the hut.

I figured but what did they replace it with.

A magical dragon inside Saber.

How is it bad? It fits with the Blood Fort bounded field and it fits with the HA background story.


Don't fucking remind me that I never rolled Illya.

Fuck. Me.

There is still hope since there was no Miyu servant or a Magical Girl Mashu.

>or a Magical Girl Mashu.
Just give her one of the Kaleidostick CEs.

The poster said he/she only reads it for Emiya being a badass and doesn't really care for that other pandering fluff.

I'm just saying I agree.
Reading comprehension is hard for you, eh?

>more people wanted digital copies
They sell the BD version digitally in japan?

Still same user here
Actually the trend is transitioning to streaming and digital copies (Steam is starting to do so), since it both cost less to both parties(the distributor and the Buyer) it's still in infant stage, if I say, but it actually remove any singular dependence on BD sales as the sole factor in an anime's success, making Anime distribution easier too.

Wish they try to set their sights to international market too, but looks like it does happen, but with only Live actions and Normalfag Animated Movies(Ghibli, Kimi no nawa).

I'm going to miss these threads. See you in a year girls.

At least the manga is finally out of the flashback.

I am the boner my swrod

I'm just frustrated that 3 season later, they still haven't been able to top this from S1.
Let's hope the movie will fare better.

What the hell, Cred Forums?

You don't. Give me more Illya

is it still in hiatus?

Sakuralot makes my dick happy too.
>tfw she'll never go JETS while riding your dick

As I recall it should continue on November issue

We still get threads occasionally, had that during the last year at least. If nothing else we get threads every month when new chapters come out. The love for the prisma girls won't die out that easily.

Can't wait for his death and delicious Miyu tears.

we're still getting the lewd gay specials

ETA? I want them NOW

one per month, first one sometime next week I believe.

Also hoping for another OVA with volume 8 of the manga sometime next year.

I really like this image.

And then hot pasionate sex with Illya.

Guys, let me just propose something here.
30 seconds of 60 fps finger intertwining between Illya and Miyu.

I want tongue intertwining.

Far too lewd.

In slo mo. SL actually can pull it off.

They already have a good platform for selling and delivering media that generally does a good job of not fucking over businesses or consumers. You may as well apply it to movies and get more money.

Where are my UBW hats?

The third Kara no Kyoukai movie had a pretty explicit rape scene and it was released in theaters.

He said he can just look up the fanservice part which is precisely the part you don't like. Seriously you did it again, it's like you read he first part of the post and then stopped there.

I never said I didn't like it nor did I disagree with any part of his post.

I'm not sure what your problem is.

You literally said you couldn't care less about the parts he said he could look up.

The second half of this episode is the part of Prisma I've enjoyed the most in a long time, so great to see the girls just being cute and happy again.

I had a fucking stupid grin plastered on my face the entire time. The Miyu bullying was the best part.

>same reactions
Are they siblings or something.

Just because I don't care doesn't mean I hate them, famalan.

Your reading comprehension is seriously god awful.

Sakura is good at hiding her pain, so we don't know that. Magi may alter the bodies of their kids, but Sakura's story is meant to stand out because even if they do alter them, they use precautions and safeguards usually, because fucking up your scion means your line gets fucked. Sakura's fortitude and potential meant that even when Zouken did everything wrong he could possibly do, she still has potential when she should normally be dead or worthless. So we don't know what state Ilya verse Sakura is really in. Even Miyuverse Sakura *seemed* like the normal cheery face FSN Sakura always has.

Rin says herself in HF and basically admits in asking Shirou in that scene in UBW if an adopted child is happy, that she has a feeling things are wrong, but is too conservative to rules to act. That was the main sting that caused strife in HF.

That they have a panel where Rin looks like that should say she either is hiding something, or Hiroyama is rushing hard, but given his assistant made that really hard hitting allegorical picture between Miyuverse Sakura and Shirou with one of FSN Sakura's signature lines, and that one panel of Shirou imagining a wedding ring on Sakura, he either has big plans or a huge ruse.

Yeah same. I was really worried about how this episode would turn out but it was just perfect. Even the first half was good but was definitely the second half that stood out.

Glad you enjoyed it user!
Because it's the last time you'll ever see it animated!

Don't know about that, we have no idea what will happen after the flashback, I assume the story will get a happy ending eventually.

As for it getting animated, I think there is a pretty good chance of that happening now that they have already gone this far with it. And if nothing else, we at least have all the specials as well as a possible OVA.

Pandas are an endangered species Kuro. Maybe we should try to fix that.

Want to buy a fig. Afraid of getting arrested or charged with cp. Anyone else get a fig that lives in Canada?

Buy from an online shop, or ask them to import for you.

I have some shitty prize figures for $40, but after seeing that user get arrested over a loli onahole, I wouldn't dare try getting riskier.

>that user get arrested over a loli onahole

Is it the naked fig? Even so I doubt they can count that as cp.

Pretty sure you won't have any trouble with figures, at least not unless it's one of those completely nude ones, and even then it's very unlikely.

I do feel sorry for you people in Canada though. I got 4 Illya doujins on the way to me and the only thing I worry about is having to pay ridiculous import taxes if they get picked out.

Thinking about picking this up
So this show is an alternate universe?
Is it parodying itself or does it have a legit serious tone?

It tries to have a serious tone but usually comes off as a parody anyways.

It is a lot more lighthearted, especially first few seasons, but it does have it's more serious moments.

If you don't like cute girls you probably won't enjoy it though, as they are still the main part of the show. If you only care about shirou and such just quickly read through the manga until you get to the later parts of 3rei.

Alright, thanks!

Alternate universe, it's light-hearted for the most part and the comedy comes from magical girl SoL antics rather than parodying Fate.

Will Emiya play during his fight against the servants or will it be used during the Angelica fight?

I want to penetrate Kuro's armpits.

why is Miyu so perfect?

I want a Miyu.

Get in line.

Sakura by canon, has rank E luck, they even make fun of it in the idol April Fool's event where she worked harder as an idol than anyone else, but Rin ends up making the firm go bust.

Even Nasu indulges in the memes about her poor luck in life, it's just a thing people do. I think Takeuchi just recently made him aware that memeing about her being dark as he does has a negative effect because it paints her only a certain way, but that is how he shows his affection for characters it seems. Like memeing about the Ilya route. Or Rin being poor with tech. And other people have the same sense of aesthetic, Hiroyama especially. Task Ohna, the guy who makes the Matou household look like a TM version of the Addams family in his doujins, got the job of doing the HF manga.

So no, it's not hate, it's just the TM is crazy sometimes.

Considering Miyu literally brother-zoned Shirou, she doesn't have any competition if she manages to live.

>spoiled and adorable as fuck Miyu
>Kuro and Illya bathing
>cute Illya
>unsexy Kuro
>Miyu bullying

This season was worth it.

Early spoilers for this months chapter of 3rei.



>Angelica is Julian's big sis

I now understand why they share the ahoge.

Why is she crying?

She's telling to Illya that if it's true she's going to save the world, please, PLEASE also save my brother.

Don't forget tanaka fisting illya and kuro

>Most retweeted tweet of the Prisma official twitter (since their creation)
>Most liked tweet from Prisma illya official twitter (same)

Probably more people will watch the movies than the TV series.

The movie is going to be mainstream.

lolifags btfo

Hitting the cinema together with HF?

Fuck off shitposter.

1st HF movie should come out early 2017 while 3rei is probably late 2017. Maybe with the 2nd movie? Most things happens in the 3rd movie for HF.

something something complete insult to the fate franchise

So Julian kept his entire family as dolls?

Is it just me or she looks pretty off model here?

They already fucking did that, and it made them even MORE money.

>more people will watch the movies than the TV series.
It's going to be confusing.

for those who don't know the plot before it.

She looks pretty A-Ok for me. Need proper scan though.

>Is FemGil canon now?
Allow to ask this question again.

Also, who's Gila Gilgamesh, and why do we need for fan arts of her?

It's ad canon as miyu installing saber card and people going "woah special black haired version of arthuria, this must be the new canon for the series. I wonder what world line this arthuria came from"

Angelica isn't femgil any more than miyu is arthuria. She doesn't have the same type of ego as gil either, and what ego she does have is likely influenced by the card in part.

Why don't you just read the manga?

Damn just noticed my Illya doujin's are currently in customs. I am pretty certain that loli is still legal here in Denmark but I can't help but feel a bit worried. And if nothing else it means i'll have to pay something like 50-60 euro's extra in import taxes.

But anons, I've read 3rei. I was referring to the original FemGil. I wondered if Nasu made her canon along with the other BS we can see in FGO.

Is the movie going to be marketed towards more general audiences? Like pg 13?

Prisma Illya is the perfect mix of loli fun and serious stuff from time to time, and I love it for that.

There's literally no lewd at all, so maybe.

Well there're some gore stuffs and that whole scene with Shinji, so it probably won't be pg 13.



>Sakura actually dying in a movie

hahaha weeeew lads

that edition is fucking ass

>How do we stop Prisma Illya?
Make her grow up.

Aoko is cute.

but she dies

this Illya doesn't know she's 18

>this Illya doesn't know she's 18
Because she isn't 18

>Also, who's Gila Gilgamesh, and why do we need for fan arts of her?
Gilga is official loli Gil. Angelica is counterfeit Gil.



Illya will die while saving everyone at the end of Prisma/Illya.


I want to protect Angelica.

there's nothing there stating otherwise

Isn't Waver's mistress also kind of a loli Gil?

It, combined with Iri's statement that the Einzberns are "no more" and Ilya's own flashback to a discussion Iri and Kerry had about the Grail War when she herself was just a baby, all indicate that Ilya is only about 11 years old.

Illya was eight months old when Irisveil sealed her memories and Kiritsugu turned on the Einzberns.
According to Rin, Irisveil, and others, that was about ten years ago (by 2wei).

So, what's happening?

It's okay for elementary school girls to be dressed like that? Where did she even get a swimsuit so slutty for her size?

I've seen suits like that for toddlers. The world is scary place.

>four seasons
I remember watching the first as if it was few months ago.

Angelica is Julian's onee-chan.
Darius is the original head of the Ainsworths and every Ainsworth succeeding him must take on his persona to keep the legend alive.
Angelica begs Illya to save his brother if she's saving the world.

I just want it to end.


I want Old Hag love.



nuke japan just like the good ol' days

She probably asked Iri or Liz to buy it for her.

Rin is not that flat.

They should've given it to SHAFT. Silver Shit can't be trusted after fucking up 3rei.

That isn't really flat.

They'd be too busy with Last Encore.

She's getting flatter by episode, took me a while to realize this was not Miyu.

Really? That's Rin? What the fuck happened? She was always the middle-tier in terms of tits. Not flat, but not a tittymonster. A perfect middle ground.

I'm pretty sure Miyu is more stacked than Rin

She hasn't even hit puberty yet.

All of her bust got absorbed into Luvia's titty vortex.


>She hasn't even hit puberty yet.

TM girls have always had wildly fluctuating breast sizes, even Takeuchi can't keep his own characters straight

She's going to need to suck some of that back out of Luvia's titties.

Rin in particular has trouble staying straight.


She was never straight.

>dem hips

Cups are made to be filled

they're really something

>not KyoAni
Shaft is dead, fag

Luvia's tits between Prisma and the rest of the Nasuverse are actually wildly inconsistent.

She has pretty nice knockers in Hollow and Unlimited Codes and even Case Files (which is like a year before FSN), but they aren't as RIDICULOUSLY HUGE as they are in Prisma.

Growing up in a harsh place makes you develop faster. Shirou got UBW, Miyu got the tits and ass.

I'd say Miyu got the better end of that deal

All that time around Rin must have accelerated her breast growth in response. Like how some birds grow elaborate feathers to attract mates, Luvia's tits grow to attract Rin's attention.

>le studio wars
Fuck off back to with that mentality.

I wonder if it's the Emiya genetics

So, she was running naked around Fuyuki until she managed to steal some clothes?

We've never seen a female Emiya, so that can't be proven.

Miyu has her dress on most likely.

Before the flashback I just assumed those were Shirou's clothes, but now we know she was wearing her dress when Shirou sent her.
She's lucky nobody mistook her for a prostitute.


You have "female Shirou" on F/GO.

Not really, it's canon now with those pics of the craft essences from GO and TOHSAKA that Rin's Finnish genes will come in, just that it will be later in life, while Sakura will just get bigger and curvier with time.

The Tohsaka sisters both end up as busty onee-sans.

Based SL improving Rin's shit design.



Female Shirou and male Rin.

Why can Takeuchi only draw two faces anymore?

>Sakura is good at hiding her pain, so we don't know that.

Its not the fact that we know it, its the fact that purple doesn't necessarily mean worms. Because taking on the heir of another families magecraft means body modification and alteration that causes discoloration in the first place. Which is why Rin didn't think it was strange when Sakura's hair changed. Its just that the Matou method was very much warped from how it normally was, but the fact that her hair changed in itself would have been normal.

So you can't connect the dots there straight from A to B. Prisma author considers this a good world for basically everyone, yet its not really Sakura without purple. If you pressed him on it I think he'd create some bullshit reason why its not what you think.

Its Miyuverse that's the hell world for almost everyone, but Ilyaverse is good end world.

Although earlier on that's not really the point I was trying to make. Its just that purple doesn't mean worms. If theoretically a world existed where the Matou magecraft was completely normal, she would still be purple, since becoming the heir does still cause physical differences.

But, will it show Miyu on her full naked glory?

Those are good faces.


That's because Case Files is noncanon shit.

>Calling Case Files non-canon in a Prisma thread
The ironing.

You have convinced me this is the way to go.

Grand Kaleidoscope when?

>Get an official Prisma event in FGO
>No Installs, not even ones from the manga
How horrible.


>the least mahou shoujo part of Prisma Illya is what got a movie
I'll watch the fuck out of it, but oh man.

How many seasons does Prisma need until you're satisfied Cred Forums?

Complete manga adaptation + filler SoL loli kissing season.

We've had enough seasons. Just adapt the rest in movies.

I believe we need a 24 episode special short anime about the cups just fucking around.

Another season for the rest of 3rei. Ten episodes this time.
And another movie for the finale.

Fuck while we're at it put in maybe three more OVAs in there.

Fate/Kaleid Ataraxia

To the end.

What's the chance of them correcting the action scene where Shirou shows his strength?

You mean episode 11? About 80%.

The choreography and shit like definitely won't change but they'll probably fix the look of the animation as well as most of the inbetweens.

I'm unfamiliar with Silver Link's staff. Unless I'm wrong, the Illya and Saber Alter fight was by a freelancer, so do they actually have the in-house animators for a movie about the Miyu's brother flashbacks?

Usually something as highbrow as a movie, especially action heavy ones, will almost always definitely get some great freelance animators get hired to handle it.

To answer your question though, SL doesn't really have any prominent key animators let alone sakuga ones that work there.

Why is Kuro wider than Illya?

She's fitter.

Most of their better ones are probably busy with Brave Witches, and Ange Vierge is probably stealing some animators as well.

What does Kuro's back taste like?

Salty milk chocolate

Mud. Illya's taste like vanilla, by the way.


That tastes horrible though.

I mistook the salt for the sugar. Regretted that quickly.

At least help the poor soul reach enlightenment.

Just different poses

How do cups have sex?


One of them wishes for a penis.



True love finds a way
And a dick

The dick is not strictly necessary though.

this was probably the best move they could have made. a prisma illya movie might actually be tolerable


>posting bait in fate threads

I was talking to you, not your image.

All the more reason you need to go back to

I'll make sure she'll never run out of mana ever again.


Why is every spongebob image attached to a shitpost

Because Spongebob is shitposting in cartoon form.


Her legs look disproportionally small.

Legs don't work like that

>those legs
Why is this allowed?

>animating something
It's between Ufotable and Silver Link.

>this meme again
You have to go back.


I miss Miyu's Installs.

Perspective really works wonders. Illya's legs on the cut out were weird as shit.

She needs to show off more of them. Too bad caster card was destroyed.

>tfw Miyugamesh will never dominate you with her little body
I can't rejoice to this.

I'm just glad SL drew her in Rider's outfit but I bet Hiroyama would have come up with an even lewder outfit for Miyu if she installed that card in the manga.
It's not a meme.

Card install figures of all the girls when? I would love a figure of Angelica installed with Gil card.

Oh wait fuck I'm retarded.
I completely forgot we already had Miyu install Rider way back in 2wei.

Holy shit.


What does that have to do with turning Sakura into a bloodsucker?

The movie will come out on winter 2017/2018. Called it.

Oh they announced it already?

I hope Miyu gets to have fun with all the other Installs from here on out in the manga.

Is Prisma's anime one of the longest running TM franchises now?


So what are these and can I buy them online?

Winter --> Snow ubw.


but in 3rei's world winter is during the summer.

Berserk Ilya when?

Also called it, if it's legit, it also fits with the movie's atmosphere, mood and of course "weather"

oh yeah, so maybe Summer 2017 like all the all the previous season since 2013

but i still think winter is more likely.

Every thing except the sabers and lancer Illya are sold out.

They are also very inconsistent in prisma. Sometimes they are huge as hell, almost cowtits.

>Berserker Illya will never force her mana into Kuro

>except the sabers and lancer Illya are sold out

Nips have good taste, I see.

God damn it do I hate this specific Sakura apologist. Dude get a life.

How likely is it that they redo the entire episode 11 to make it not look like shit?

final boss


They redid the Saber Alter fight in the first season between it premiering on Nico and it getting aired on TV, so I suppose it's possible.

Not the entirety of that episode but definitely some of the more glaringly shit parts.

I'm definitely hyped for the last BD volume for 3rei. Not only does it have a probably fix for Shirou's fight but also the uncensored bath during the finale.

Deen SN was 24 episodes
Zero was 25 episodes
UBW TV was 26+OVA episodes
Prisma is 10+OVA
2wei is 10+OVA
2wei.5 is 10
3rei is 12

Deen also did UBW as a movie.

It's up there. Four years and counting, 42 episodes plus OVAs and a movie.
Prisma's manga has been continuously published since 2007. It's the longest-running single work in the Nasuverse, by far.
Depending on how you're counting franchise/series and adapations, Prisma is the third longest-running series altogether, after Tsukihime/Melty Blood (2000-2011) and main Fate (2004-ongoing).

Don't forget 21 five minute shorts.
Prisma practically has a short anime now as well.

There you go.

I only counted TV and its OVA.

Seiba is undisputed king of TM TV, she'll be unbeatable if she gets her Fate route remake.
Illya's already climbing up to 2nd.
Rin a third.
Wormslut a nil though.

Shouldn't they be huge as hell?

It's Saber. They probably brought along extra inventory.

Lancer leftovers sounds about right though

>she'll be unbeatable if she gets her Fate route remake
She won't, they did an HD remaster of Deen's fate route in 2013.

The last KnK movie was released 6 years after the first one.

>Best girl is getting the high budget quality movies treatment
All is good.

Not like this, sometimes silverlink goes too far. Well, it's really looks like a tits blackhole. Rin is flat, Luvia with cowtits.

It hurts to admit it but I think I've gotten used to Sapphire's new VA.

Is she bathing with Rin again?

Does she ever not bathe with Rin? She can't even change herself without Rin now.

Of course.

Is that Miyu?

No. Too ugly and useless to be Miyu.


Give me Miyugamesh!

Come to think of it, the amount of Gilgamesh fan service we had with Prisma Illya astonishing.

Does she still have worms in the Illyaverse?

She has still her purple hair and massive titties, there's a high chance of infestation unless other magics are involved.

I don't know but she had them.

I didn't think the titties had anything to do with the worms. They're just her Finnish Genes, just like how Luvia has a massive set of chest-pillows.

Reminder that they sat around this table for an entire year.

>Honey I shrunk the kids again
How can they fuck up the perspective that badly? Just the shaft and warm/cold knobs are bigger than their fists and the turn handle being about as long as either one's arm.

3 Tittymonsters, 4 washboards and Shirou.

Actually 4 tittymonsters, Angelica is near.

Rin is too poor to have a bosom!

I'm sure Luvia will buy her Breast Implants so she doesn't have to feel self-conscious about her chest. Also to give Luvia something to hold on to.

This came up in a thread yesterday. Purple hair probably doesn't indicate rape, just that she's adapted to the Matou magecraft, which can be done non-sexually. Mostly because Rin wasn't concerned about Sakura suddenly having purple hair when they finally saw each other again, whenever that would have been.

Also, Miyuverse Zouken seems like much less of an asshole based on what little we've heard about him from Sakura and Shinji. Ilyaverse Zouken might be, but worm rape would clash hard with the tone of Prisma so it will probably never be relevant.

Either that, or Luvia prefers Rin being a washboard. Makes it easier for her to assert superiority by way of asymmetrical docking.

>mfw prisma thread is going on this long

Feels good man

Prisma is forever.

There'll probably a new thread again once the manga raws show up.

How long until that happens?

A few days, a few weeks?

If there was ever going to be a new season of CP again it's going to be such a massive clusterfuck with all the fucking TM material out there.

A massive fucking clusterfuck.

>asymmetrical docking between Rin and Luvia

I did not know I needed this, but I need this.

How would CP do Prisma?

2 days

It's on my calender.

They'd basically just revert to their side-chapter personalities.


They're going to have an episode entirely about clones. Not even talking about Saber, the amount of different versions each of the original cast in Fate has now is absurd.

How could Miyu have SoL fun knowing that she left her world behind to rot?

The fact that they haven't fucked is one of the true great mysteries of the world.

CP didn't do anything with KnK or Zero outside of the final scene.

OVA when?

Nothing strange about that. They both want Shirou's dick and always will.

Illya will comfort her.

>Miyu's face

They really should just have a threesome with him. Boom, everything sorted.

Shirou belongs to his imoutos
But I think Miyu would share with Luvia

It Shirou belongs to his imoutos, then RIn and Luvia are going to have to find comfort elsewhere.

Most likely in each other.

Isn't she the cutest?

Does Sakura meet Miyu? What does she think of her?

If I remremember correctly, those things about Miyuverse Zouken being kind were fake spoilers and all we know is that he died.

Also, Rin was apprehensive about Sakura. What we do know is that Tokiomi knew about the Matou magecraft being what it is, but thought that it was to Sakura's benefit because he naively thought that 1 - he would never turn her into a science project but make her a legit heir, and 2- crazy as it is, he thought four year old Sakura with no training would beat Zouken if he turned out to be a heretic, Sakura's papa was a naive madman, but that is magi in general, so you could see why her interest in magecraft is starkly different from Rin's, who was left in the dark. Rin trusted her dad because of conservative magus values despite apprehensions about Sakura. Why do you think she stalks Sakura, she knows things aren't right but won't act. That is the big thing about Rin.

They never meet. Sakura just knows he has a little sister.

All I want is for Rin and Luvia to fuck each other senseless. Why are there no doujins of this?

The cutest

>*heavy breathing*
every time

I want to flip Illya's switch