Gappy makes me happy

Is part 5 the worst JoJo?

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It has best boy

Giorny makes me horny

Parts 1,2,3 and 6 are all worse


5th for minion


He's Jotaro but without autistic one liners, so he's better

>that voice
Hold the fuck on. Is RPS Kid a girl?

Jotaro could arguably be worse but that's it.
Even if you don't like Jonathan because of how simple his motivations are you have to agree they make sense and he stays true to them.
Now Joseph and Jolyne are in no way worst than Giorno, don't be delusional.

>he's Jotaro but less entertaining


Jolyne is one of the best JoJos. She went through character growth before it was cool.


Jolyne > Joseph > Johnny > Josuke > Jotaro > Giorno > Jonathan
prove me wrong

lf they don't fly l'm dropping the anime

>no pastebin


No that's Shinbou. Here is a translation of what is said for the teaser:

Shinobu: My husband is making my heart all aflutter..! But we never really talk, so I have no idea what to do... Alright! I've made up my mind! I'm going to talk to him! D-Dear, um... Let's play rock paper scissors!

Kira: ..For what reason?


Sorry quoted the wrong person

You're not wrong l'm just more right than you
Jolyne > Josuke > Jonathan > Jotaro > Johnny > Joseph > Giorno

nah,he's kinda bland tho. Get ready as he slowly disappears into the background like a secondary character

Jolyne > Josuke > Jonathan > Jotaro > Giorno > Joseph > Johnny

I just really hate Johnny. He's a giant asshole and has zero likable traits of a main character.


ma nigga

I really like Johnny - he is one of the most interesting JoJos and is more an anti-hero and is definitely not a good person.

>has zero likable traits of a main character
Oh yea what about that time when he killed his brother? Oh wait

>Gappy on the list when his part isn't finished yet
opinion instantly discarded

>you know Doppio's name kind of sounds like doppelganger maybe I should check into th--it's Italian for double

Bravo, Araki. You got me again.

Regarding the end of SO, would it be completely off to assume that they "retconned" the OG-verse, rather than jump into a completely new one? Just seems that way when Pucci talks about how the cycle hasn't been completed, and after he dies, the Joestars go back to looking like themselves rather than the Pucci-verse goofballs?

Dunno why, but that just soothes my autism more than if they're in an entirely from the ground up new universe. But with it being so vague, I suppose there's no real knowing for certain.

Is Gappy as retarded as he looks? I haven't reached that part yet.

>People hate Jotaro
I get hating his part 3 personality, but he has the best fashion, is a great mentor, has good taste in careers, had a good wife (at least a good taste in women), wants to protect his relatives by willing to die for them and he reads.

Why is Josuke so moe

He isn't that good in his own part but becomes a great character in part 6.

It's just the same universe, the only major difference is that Pucci's influence no longer exists.


Besides, it's Shinobu talking about how exciting the RPS game is and then asking Kira if he'd like to play. Kira asks why she'd even want to play.

It is though, the only change is that Pucci was replaced or never existed so the alternates of the people he killed got different fates. 1-5 happened the same.

>Can punch through teeth as hard as diamond
>Can't punch through a gay priest when the fate of the universe hangs in the balance
Jotaro sucks.

I'm honestly surprised by how good Purple Haze Feedback is. Like, it basically feels like a mini-story that slots nicely into the end of the things.

Really, my main compliant is that Giorno can basically do everything. His powers are all over the fucking place. Josuke, for instance, was the team's healer who could fight in a pinch...But Giorno can do EVERYTHING.

Not at all. l used to hate Gappy before l started reading Jojolion, now he has the potential to be one of my favorites.

l don't think people really consider old Joseph or older Joseph when ranking him, so it's only fair to do the same with Jotaro.
The thing is, he can be a cool character (l think he's an amazing secondary character in DiU), but he is an awful protagonist.

>Can win 17 grand slams
>Can't get to the finals when the fate of his reputation hangs in the balance
Federer sucks.

Very close, here's correct JoJos ranking:

Joseph > Jolyne > Johnny > Gappy > Josuke > Jonathan > Jotaro > Giorno

Hey look I found an actual general


Yo, for the Mario Kart mod, I'm changing the Bomb to something Killer Queen blows up. What should the object be?
It cant be a coin because its too small.

People are too harsh on Johnny as a person. Sure, he's pretty determined and will kill in pursuit of his goal, but I can't think of a single thing that he did that Giorno didn't. The only difference is that Giorno was motivated by self-righteousness, he decided from the start that he was going to take control of the gang and it didn't matter how many people had to die to get there. And unsurprisingly, the civilian and enemy casualties in part 5 were the largest in the series by far.

Giorno killed every single enemy he went up against other than Buccellati, whereas plenty of Johnny's enemies were left alive. The Boom Boom boys, Pork Pie Hat Kid, Wekapipo, Magenta Magenta, even Axl Ro. His goal was always just to get past them and he didn't insist on killing them when he didn't have to. Hell, a notable moment was him begging Sandman to stop fighting him, he clearly didn't want to kill the guy. He also showed sympathy towards Lucy Steel, being horrified when Gyro suggested sending her into danger, and ultimately put his friendship with Gyro before the corpse-parts, even though it was a hard decision for him to make.

Johnny isn't a hero in shining armor or a monstrous asshole. He's a human being, which means he's inclined to consider the needs of himself and his loved ones above all else, and doesn't have any delusions about making the world a better place. It's also worth noting that many of his actions seem motivated by genuine trauma and mental illness rather than simple determination or what have you, he was depressive at some points and manic at others.

Star Finger could have fixed a lot of problems

Stop shilling your empty thread


Door handle
Or it could just be Jotaro's favorite fruit

>he wouldn't succ joseph's old dick

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I am completely out of patience dealing with gorillions of untagged jojo torrents, someone please just point me towards subbed uncensored stardust crusaders

Joseph is my favorite JoJo and I'm considering him at all ages. Along with Polnareff he carries the entire autistic stardust crew and doesn't lose his charisma even after turning into an old fart.

johnny a best

l didn't say that

Reminder that Joseph got pounded by Avdol and cheated on his wife.

best ass

If you're that desperate, the one on gogoanime.

Why does Josuke wear a breastfeeding shirt?
Nyo ho ho/10

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Nah, door handle is too small too. Maybe something schoolbag sized

People HATE Johnny?
I'm surprised, honestly.

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A couple of people hate him, yeah. And that's fair enough, can't win them all. But plenty of people seem to appreciate him well enough but over-emphasize his negative traits, going on about how he's the baby-eating scum of the Earth even if they like him as a character.

>calling people gay
>in a jojo thread


This. Johnny is one of the most believable protagonists I've ever seen.
But on the other hand this lack of exaggerated traits makes him less memorizable.

I'm straight, I have many girlfriends and they all tell me that my penis is very big and good.

I didn't know your hands could speak,user

I dunno, I found him memorable enough and great to read about. But he's definitely a character that you can't accurately summarize with just a few words, it's much easier to describe Joseph or Josuke or whoever.

Jolyne and Gappy are some other more complex JoJos too, come to think of it. Araki got better at writing multifaceted characters as he went on.

My magnum opus, you fucking faggots
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You can literally see them flying in the preview, are you blind?

And also watched through the keyhole at his bathing mother and had nazi buddies. Joseph took everything he could from his life. YOLO.

>Implying Joseph didn't pound Avdol


Add «BD» to your search requests

Did someone say 「BEST ASS」?

Wait for the dub to come out and buy it.

Wrong image,user


Got you covered, senpai

It's the most misunderstood one. But I still couldn't get through it.

anyone who actually ranks joseph in their top 3 is too far gone.

I know right.Everyone knows that the best 3 jojos are Jonathan, Giorno and Jotaro.

is this /jojo/ in real life?

Yeah, see. About that Giorno... GiorFUCKno. Goldilocks is a flatbread pile of ass.

>I wonder how much one of those ties cost on amazon

Don't worry, it's from aliexpress.


Why is Jotaro so perfect?

Does any one have the tusk act 4 phone wall paper?

best husbando

27 - Yoshikage Kira's New Life 2 / I Am An Alien 1-3 (4)
28 - I Am An Alien 4-6 / Highway Star 1 (3.5)
29 - Highway Star 1-6 (5.5)
30 - Highway Star 7-8 / The Cat Who Loved Kira 1-2 (4)
31 - The Cat Who Loved Kira 3-6 (4)
32 - The Man on the Tower 1-6 (6)
33 - Enigma Boy 1-6 (6)
34 - My Dad Is Not My Dad 1-2 / Cheap Trick 1-3 (5)
35 - Cheap Trick 4-6 / Another One Bites the Dust 1 (4)
36 - Another One Bites the Dust 2-6 (5)
37 - Another One Bites the Dust 7-10 / Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 1-2 (6)
38 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 3-8 (6)
39 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 9 / I'll Jog Your Memory / The Guardian Angel of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (4)

I always thought of him wearing diapers seeing that ass being that big along with being a paraplegic

What about smaller versions of the round fat nerd which KQ blew up

wait in what episode did he do that spin ? i dont remember him doing it

It was harvest 1

I'm 20 chapters into part 8 and Gappy seems like some kind of savant. He's able to judge distance super precisely based on sight alone, and sometimes when he speaks in overly complex ways that are seemingly unnecessary.

I think it was Harvest part 1 or 2

It's just autism, bro, don't worry about him.

The speech thing is just a quirk of the scans you're reading. They give character traits to characters that weren't in the original text. Gappy still does his super precise measurement shit and acts like an autist but the overly complex speech stuff was just made up by translators.

>speaks in overly complex ways that are seemingly unnecessary.
You were reading bad translations. Everyone spoke really strangely in those and a lot of lines were made up or completely wrong.

To be honest HWMN doesn't seem to be capable of making people talk like human beings either though.

whaaattt doooo youuu meaaaann ?

Shigechi will be a playable character.

Fuck it, it'll just be Killer Queen

You're fishing in the wrong hole my friend.

I get what Kewl and HWMN are going for in making the translations as close to the original text as possible so that we can get the closest experience possible to actually reading the manga but there are a couple of conversations between characters where I really think it would have been better to take a tiny bit of liberty and slightly change the phrasing of some lines to flow better, even if the the original meaning in Japanese is muddied a bit. It's a slippery slope and they're fine for the most part but a couple of lines really need it.

>He is Jotaro but he isn't a meme robot

How does one computer on horse though?

Don't make me post my Part 5 episode list. I'm saving it for the day the VA anime is announced.

I don't even mean keeping the drawls. A lot of conversations are really awkward and lines don't flow into each other well.

I mean, look at Josefumi's death speech. "Image of happiness"? That translation that user here did flowed a lot better than the one we got from Kewl later.

>splitfag is at it again
David btfo you over and over, why bother?

Gio did nothing wrong. Stop hatin' on a gangstar.

I'm late to a party, but while Giorno is clearly 100% boring as fuck at the start, such as just directly going 'Cause you'll be my ALLY', he gets better. Willingly drinking piss but cheating, letting himself be poisoned by Purple Haze, healing Mista and making it look like he's fucking him on a bench, the list goes on.

I am a meme. Also although my list is bullshit just because Highway Star gets two episodes doesn't mean that every chapter adapted in that episode is a Highway Star chapter. Doesn't change the list being bullshit but I doubt we're getting all of I Am An Alien in a single episode.

>healing Mista and making it look like he's fucking him on a bench
?? how is this a flaw

I think he's saying he started out boring but the stuff he's listing is what made him end up NOT boring.

>narancia died believing giorno and mista were a thing

>this thread
>jojo threads in general


What would you like to discuss?

Yes, pretty much. The tale of Gangstars takes a while to get into, but Part 5 picks up eventually, the fish hook torture scene and that time everyone beats up a random passerby stick out 'specially as examples of when it can have fun with itself.

I agree fully. I don't get why so many people think it's boring unless they're just speeding through it to get to 7 or 8, which is pretty fucking stupid and a surefire way to end up disliking not only the Parts you rushed through but whichever one you got overhyped on.

I usually would, but I'm taking a break from /jojo/ for now man.

Probably a good idea.


Was SBR not doing well in WSJ? Or did Araki want to change to Ultra jump

What is this shit? There isn't a card with a D in a 52 card deck! The whole point of using cards as an artistic framing device is to suggest some kind of hierarchy!

Artist user: "Hur dur, I made this look nice with an overused art cliché, hur dur. I made a connection between the letter J in JoJo names and the letter J in the Jack card! I don't even care that I for some reason put GioGio as the joker when it should be Joseph! "
He didn't even do the cliché right. So much missed potential, he could have had Dio sticking his finger trough his own head, paying homage to the clasic "king sticking a sword through his own head design" while also referencing a very memorable jojo moment.

This artist who I do not know of and refuse to reverse image search to identify has disappointed me, and I will now lower my expectations for him in case I recognize his/her/it's style again, so that I do not feel as disappointed next time.

Yes, precisely. This is the best moment, just because they actually are in life-threatening danger, but unlike the SC team, who would just keep to themselves and hurry through, they instead decide to kick the ass of every random person that gets too close.

They did do exactly that in SDC, though. ZZ.


I think it was partly choice. He wanted to write more 'mature' for want of a better word stories, and it kind of shows in 5 and 6. Part of the reason 6 didn't do so well in WSJ was that it was getting closer and closer to something you'd find in a seinen magazine. Jolyne wasn't moe enough, the themes with Jotaro being a shitty dad and the overall step up in brutality were a major put off for a lot of readers (remember that WSJ is aimed at 11-14 year olds) who don't give a shit about character drama or any of that shit. Most of the popularity for Parts 6 onwards are from older fans, and Araki was deadset to keep writing stories of that nature so he moved to Ultra Jump. Probably forced his way there by continuing to write things that didn't appeal to WSJ's core audience. So it wasn't doing anywhere near as well as it was before because of the direction Araki was taking it in so he was moved to a magazine that was actually intended for the kind of stuff he wanted to write.

The real question is, why is his first name Vinegar?

"Looking back at my manga, I thought that young people might not be willing to accept it if I was drawing the manga simply for my own benefit. After all, young people (who are constantly in a state of growth) have no need for a manga that doesn’t grow.” He went on to say “I’d like to make the size of the panels on my manuscript bigger. I almost wish I could have a manuscript paper 2 meters long (LOL).”

Concerning his reasoning for shifting from Weekly Shonen Jump to Ultra Jump, Araki stated “I wanted to draw a manga with both dynamic expression and subtle depictions of the characters’ psychology. Also, I was influenced by the proliferation of stories with a grand scale like the American TV series “24” and “The Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy. I wanted to tell a larger story that wasn’t a repetition of the compact Kishōtenketsu (introduction, development, twist, conclusion) composition of weekly serialization.” Furthermore, the interviewer noted that since moving from Weekly Shonen Jump to the more adult-oriented Ultra Jump, the manga has delved into delicate ethics issues such as depicting homosexuality, domestic violence, and rape. On this subject Araki responded “Now that I’m over 40, I feel like I need to start depicting ethical issues in my manga… I felt like my manga would be stifled if I limited my audience exclusively to younger readers.”

Wasn't that only exclusively Polnareff being a dick at first (before they realized it was A Enemy) and everyone else telling him he deserves it as soon as the car goes back ahead of them? Meanwhile, here, half the team decides to join in kicking a random guy in the kidneys.

He's essentially Joseph x's 10

Wait.. so at the beggining of SBR, jojo was still being published in WSJ?
I thought he changed right after finishing part 6...

The part where the joestars start harassing randoms in a bar thinking one of them are the driver.

First 23 chapters were in WSJ. The first chapter in UJ was 'Interlude' and then the second was the beginning of the Tusk arc.

There's a D in the French 52 card deck. D for Dame instead of Queen

Why is there a fuckin gypsy in me JoJo thread?

Well if anyone really is tired of shitposting I have a proposal for a discussion:

It always bothered me what stands could have been even with a Potential level of only D, it's only seen with Tusk it went down from 'A' to 'E' at part 4 showing that it had reached full max potential. I don't know why but I think this "Act" or stand growth is very interesting. Now what I want to get you anons opinion on is how do you think stands who canonically are at 'A' to 'D' potential could have possibly advanced, whether through Acts or other means.

List of Stands at 'A' potential:
-Red Hot Chili Pepper
-Echoes Act 3
-Killer Queen
-Sheer Heart Attack
-Another One Bites The Dust
-Heaven's Door
-Achtung Baby
-Gold Experience
-Chariot Requiem (Why?)
-Beach Boy
-Notorious B.I.G.
-Green Day
-Stone Free
-Weather Report (it doesn't say but it could be Heavy Weather it's is full potential, or it could be another "stand" like BtD or SHA)
-Made in Heaven
-Soft & Wet
-Nut King Call

'B' potential:
-The World (both)
-Ebony Devil
-Death 13
-Love Deluxe
-Sex Pistols
-Purple Haze
-Foo Fighters
-Diver Down
-Goo Goo Dolls
-Ball Breaker
-Scary Monsters
-In a Silent Way
-Cream Starter
-Tubular Bells

'C' potential:
-Star Platinum: The World
-Silver Chariot
-The Fool
-Crazy Diamond
-The Hand
-Bad Company
-Pearl Jam
-Ratt (both)
-Boy II Man
-Earth Wind and Fire
-Highway Star
-Stray Cat
-Moody Blues
-Spice Girl
-Little Feet
-The Grateful Dead
-Manhattan Transfer
-Highway to Hell (I don't even know what to do with this stand it's like a worse Lovers)
-Marilyn Manson
-Yo-Yo Ma
-Tomb of the Boom
-Boku no Rhythm wo Kiitekure
-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap with Love Train
-20th Century Boy
-Ticket to Ride
-Paisley Park

'D' potential:
-Hierophant Green
-Magician's Red
-Dark Blue Moon
-Yellow Temperance
-Hanged Man
-Wheel of Fortune
-High Priestess
-Sticky Fingers
-Oh! Lonesome Me
-Catch the Rainbow

-Those with "?" as Development potential
-or "NONE"
-or "N/A"
-Baby Face is "Depending on maturity" (ew)

Oh damn, you're right. That still was comparatively less violent if only because they were only grabbing them to interrogate, and they all pull their punches the second they realize the car is already leaving. Still, I forgot there even was that tiny break during fortune, whoops.

>I don't know why but I think this "Act" or stand growth is very interesting
>he fixed his copypasta to take out the Requiem shitposting because he didn't want to derail the thread

too late faggot. Act 4 doesn't parallel any type of notable character growth, and SBRfags are just delusional assholes who like feeling superior by talking about how they read SBR when it was coming out

>jotaro gets his stand and does sweet fuck all in 2 months
>Polnareff trains with Silver Chariot for a decade
>they're equally developed


DP could give him some anime original scenes like they have done it with Okuyasu.



or they could just give him the same scenes he has in the manga and people will realize that GioGio shitting was always a meme

The real question is, why were you browsing through there in the first place?


Why are you on /mlp/?

I guess that could make sense with it being Dio, and France IS the largest market for manga outside Japan so there is a decent likelihood that the artist is French... but fuck it! I don't want to belive that! My standards for those stinky Polnareffags are higher that this tripe fannart.



>that girl behind him

Because I havn't been on /mlp/ for 3 years and this was the first thread I saw (I don't watch Mlp anymore, pls no bulli)

Are Jotaro and Josuke even real names? Did Araki have to make up fitting names for his own toungue?

>tfw I'm actually 1/8 gipsy

Why do fat people cosplay?

No dignity

There's a fuckload of "suke"s in anime.

why is his hair flaming donuts


Araki picked a random italian-sounding word. We're lucky we don't have Mozzarella Diavolo, Ravioli Diavolo or Fellatio Diavolo

That was the first big cringe I've had in a while. Thanks a lot,user

hearty kek

I'm propably wrong but i get the distinct feeling Araki just added "Jo" to two common endings.


>Fellatio Diavolo
My fucking sides

'taro' and 'suke' are pretty common suffixes for male names in Japanese. Take a word and add either of those and it becomes a legitimate name. They'd be like the equivalent of 'John' or 'Josh' in English. Very simple names.

He probably chose "taro", "suke", and "riin" for their meanings.

>Cred Forums
>Cred Forums
>Cred Forums
Is there another board with offtopic JoJo threads I should know about?

/tg/, sometimes

>Part 4's another story though, as I had to come up with so many Japanese names. From the very beginning, I had already decided on the name Josuke (Also read as JoJo), but deciding the family name gave me a hard time. (東方 Jojo of the east side). By the way, for Kujo, I looked into the dictionary and found ku meant sky and figured that sounded nice.

He made up the names out of common sufixes and the word "Jo".


am i the only one that find it weird they choosed white hair for ken ? i mean is dp trying to make this last part the white hair vilains arc ?


>white hair for ken

What if Enigma fucker magically has orange hair now instead?

at little yes , but it was always one of the alternative colors for him , so BOY II MAN might be pink

Oh god, I would actually prefer orange on Teru over yellow, that kind of blonde makes me physically ill.

ah, forgot his name was Ken

Why are these toys so handsome?

It does though, it parallels Johnny understanding the meaning of Gyro's final words and actions, and being thankful about the roundabout path they took, i.e. all the adventures they had together, to get to the point where he understands the spin because if they'd taken the direct route (Gyro straight up telling him what to do) he wouldn't be able to.

Then he uses the spin to make the horse's legs kick, just like the spin caused his legs to kick right at the very beginning.

That would be awesome, I also like the idea of malachite Highway Star.

nah teru is staying white haired since we saw him in the background when kira escaped , so we will most likely get enigma with its colorisation colors wich are perfect

>the real steel ball run was the friends we made along the way
>oh shit waddup do what if i shoot a nail while i ride a horse
quality character growth. my favorite part was when he reconciled his traumatic childhood relationship with his father and that character growth led to the development of tusk act 5

Teru will have white hair tho

i agree highway star malachite look gorgeous

>army green Ratt
yes plz

oh hey... just zipping by...

I can't wait to see how they do the effects in this arc.

>unzips dick

They better get the guy who did Echoes on it

close enough ?

Gappy makes me happy

i think its the détails of the faces that make them so great

yeah it was awesome, much better than the bright copper in the colored manga

Mario Kart mod?


he modded MK Wii to replace the red shells with SHA

either Door Handle or maybe Wallet? or Aya's body

heres a close up of it

but how happy can he get?

do you think they will CG highway star when he seperate itself into thousand of foots ?

i'd love a translucent Highway Star but i'm expecting it to get the same matte, low value periwinkle that it had in the colored manga since that's a fight/scene they know people will keep their eyes glued to

Ah, I was mostly-joking since I haven't been paying too much attention to the anime lately, but good to know he's getting the only colours that actually look good for his design.

I've actually replaced the Blue Shell with Sheer Heart Attack, and the Green and Red shells with Steel Balls.

As for the bomb, I'll just use Killer Queen in her squat pose

>oldest son deals on black market and tries to kill entire family
>oldest daughter is a slut
>youngest son is a creepy otaku
>youngest daughter is blind and wants to fuck the boy you adopted
>said adopted boy brings in trouble to your entire family just by existing
>grandchild from oldest son is probably going to die soon
>Ex wife who murdered a kid gets out of prison to ruin your life

Norisuke did not deserve this

Every part is shit but not Part 7 ~

The worst no, but has both the protagonist and the big bad the more boring of the entire franchise. Plus too abuse of deus ex-machina.

But has a good supporting cast (Bruno above all), a great set and some interesting powers.

Why not use a regular old Mario coin? Give it a pink glow too maybe.

Jolyne>Gappy>Joseph(counting his older selves as well)>Jotaro(counting part 4, he's a shithead in 3)>Josuke>Jonathan>Johnny>Giorno
for me

delet dis

>oldest daughter is a slut
Take that back.

HEY! Hato is not a slut, she is a pure girl who looks past physical appearance and cares about what you say to her.

>letting Damo ride you multiple times
No she a slut cute picture though. Saved

I'll be upset if he's dealt a terrible fate

>reconciled his traumatic childhood relationship with his father
>character growth
You honestly think that moment where Johnny sees his dad while fighting Diego is him reconciling with his father ?
So you trivialize Johnny's actual character development and complain that he didn't get another ACT when he saw his father ?

At least he's training hamon breathing

They had sex twice and he was her first boyfriend.

user, you're an absolute genius. I could kiss you

>King Nothing Gains hamon based abilities
>Instead of Zoom punch it just 200+ Puzzle piece Punch


Seriously? I must have missed it

It's gonna happen treasure fruit dad while you can

He is doing some breathing yoga shit in last chapter

>You honestly think that moment where Johnny sees his dad while fighting Diego is him reconciling with his father ?
yes definitely, that's the whole point of the riding boots.
i'm not trivializing Johnny's growth, i'm calling it like i see it. everyone is so keen to say "Tusk's Acts work because they parallel all of Johnny's character growth," yet completely gloss over the fact that the character growth points which correspond to Tusk evolving to a new act aren't even the points where Johnny grows most as a character. it would be like if Koichi saved Yukako's life with Act 1, but then got Act 2 during the Rohan fight


>having regular sex with someone with whom you're in a monogamous relationship makes you a slut
Cred Forums never change

Hey man, I would fuck Killer Queen, but I wouldn't want to to be gay.

This isn't going to happen and fuck you guys for making me want it

sry bud but Freddy Mercury is pretty much the epitome of flamboyant homosexuality. only supergays are allowed to fuck Killer Queen

Well part of it was just the technique itself, as Gyro explained about knights and piercing armour and whatnot, but it was also the fact he thought to use the spin to have the horse kick him up - that was his roundabout path. It's about how he now has the strength to go his own way, even a strange and unusual route. He's become the man he wanted to be. At the start, when he was crippled, he just wanted a cure for his condition but that eventually became the desire to prove his value as a man after being discarded by everyone, with finding the corpse parts being the test his heart had decided on.

In that moment, when he realised he could defeat Valentine, he became the man who could collect the corpse parts, and thus fulfilled his own desire. After he defeats Valentine once and for all, he's suddenly able to stand again - partly because of the spin and the power of Jesus but also because he's regained his own strength to live. His father later showing up and reconciling his relationship is just a confirmation of the man he's already grown into.

Well think of it this way, King Nothing might get in the spotlight sooner or later again when they have to fight for the Higashikata Fruit Crown.

Freddy Mercury was bi

the real question is who isn't

Oh no! When you are a watermelon blimp I cannot fix you Rohan!?!

>His father later showing up and reconciling his relationship is just a confirmation of the man he's already grown into.
this is a well-argued point, nice work user

Could a cripple even feel it when they are getting fucked


Superior Joestar Genes user

which proves he's a zeppeli, thus dooming him


But Johnny's father being there at the end has very little to do with Johnny's actual character growth. In fact, everything that happens after Johnny beats Valentine is just a punctuation to close Johnny's character arc.

Think about why High Voltage happens and what happens during it. The things that happen in High Voltage, after the Valentine fight, are related to the things we saw Johnny obsess over in the beginning of SBR: he rejoins the race and has a chance of winning it, he has the chance to settle the score with Diego, and his father comes back with the boots to apologize to him in front of everyone. But Johnny doesn't care. He barely reacts to his father having come back when we would expect him to at least cry or something. And after High Voltage happens, despite having lost the race and lost to Diego, he seems...happy. He seems content remembering his journey.

It's the same reason why we get that "he would later die of a cold" moment. It's the punctuation that both Johnny and Gyro finally found what they were truly looking for: they found the answers to their life's problems. Gyro's quest wasn't about Marco, it was about proving to himself that he didn't have to be like his father and he could reach the True Man's World (and he did). Johnny's quest wasn't about winning the race and proving himself before his dad, it was about finally making himself useful for something and regaining his legs (and he did).

Johnny doesn't care about his father anymore. He, and the viewers, have already grown past the tragic backstory of Johnny Joestar. His father showing up is just punctuation for what Johnny has accomplished, not something that is actually supposed to change his character.



Dunno why you fags are so grossed out by this, JoJo is essentially the MLP of anime

>mlp of anime

>It's an X is the Y of Z thread again

Vento Aureo is the Dark Souls of JoJo, prove me wrong
pro tip: you can't

>oldest daughter is a slut
And also retarded. She thinks that Hawaii is part of Japan.

>tight nit fanbase of autists
>spread their memes into everything
>nothing is sacred to either of them
>both get personally insulted when you criticize anything
It really is the MLP of anime

You can say that about alot of fucking animes and shows user, still doesnt make X is the Y of Z thing true.

>And also retarded. She thinks that Hawaii is part of Japan.
let's not jump to conclusions. in Earth-SBR, the president of the United States of Valentine surely took different actions than the president of Earth-1's USA. Pearl Harbor could have played out very differently, or not at all

Kira is a Cooper of Jojo, come at me.


We don't write shitty crossover fanfiction or have our own conventions because no one else likes us

>We don't write shitty crossover fanfiction or have our own conventions because no one else likes us
see also: No True Scotsman

No, Kira is the Leland of JoJo

Post moments of absolute pottery in JoJo

>a female character named Pendleton defeats a Dio by forcing him into a kiss

>No true Scotsman is an informal fallacy, an ad hoc attempt to retain an unreasoned assertion.When faced with a counterexample to a universal claim ("no Scotsman would do such a thing"), rather than denying the counterexample or rejecting the original claim, this fallacy modifies the subject of the assertion to exclude the specific case or others like it by rhetoric, without reference to any specific objective rule ("no true Scotsman would do such a thing"; i.e., those who perform that action are not part of our group and thus criticism of that action is not criticism of the group).
He didn't use a no true scotsman

>creepy ugly fat autist that almost killed her entire family
Even though that's a monogamous relationship, riding someone's dick without thinking it over beforehand is still a sluttery.

sounds like every single fandom in existence and you sound like you're to new to have actually experienced mlp fandom before the containment board was put up

what was there to think over? he was a normal boyfriend, it's not like she knew that he was a stand user or an identity thief

it's implied
>shitty crossover fanfiction and terrible fan conventions objectively exist within the jojo fanbase
>user compares these elements of jojo fanbase to another fanbase that shares those elements
>"no, we [the /real/ jojo fanbase] don't do that"

Bisexuality means being straight and gay at the same time so he was gay.

is that what's you're doing user, really thinking it all over before you have sex?

>Bisexuality means being straight and gay

then what does it mean you fucking faggot

>bisexuality means straight and gay at the same time because you fuck the opposite and you fuck the same sex
>asexuality means straight and gay at the same time because you don't fuck the same and you don't fuck the opposite sex


>Jotaro and Jolyne both start their respective parts in a temporary jail cell
>both have to save their father/mother from an non-cureable aillment

Have a Catman

What do you mean by that?

Aida Mitsuo?

>non-cureable aillment
uh, isn't the entire plot of both parts based on the fact that the ailment *is* cureable?

Non curable by conventional medicine

I meant "non-curable through medicine". It's actually pretty funny to think of Jotaro as the damsel in distress of Part 6.

But yeah makes me wonder why she didn't have any boyfriend ever when all it took for Damo was giving her a "I love you" necklace.

Yes, that's why I had it only 3 times.

fucking slut

>makes me wonder why she didn't have any boyfriend ever when all it took for Damo was giving her a "I love you" necklace
Because I am female
I am expected to aspire to marriage
I am expected to make my life choices
Always keeping in mind that
Marriage is the most important
Now marriage can be a source of
Joy and love and mutual support
But why do we teach girls to aspire to marriage
And we don't teach boys the same?


Maybe she just wanted to meet the right guy first? Like in that movie Clueless.

I never thought I'd compare it to JoJo of all things, but whatever.

But it was about 5 years ago, now I'm pure loser.

>Fellatio Diavolo
I've got the question of the century here, listen up.
Who would you rather have, Fellatio Diavolo or Fellatio Doppio?

Fellatio Diavolo is very dominating and likes to think of himself as the "Boss", "King", or "Emporer" of the relationship. He takes his identity very seriously, he hates airports and the NSA, and he enjoys frequenting Cred Forums because it gives him a feeling of anonymity. He makes really good money and is ripped as fuck. Your friends are jealous of your relationship with him, and he is constantly giving you fasion tips. In bed he is a sadist, and likes to use his stand King Crimson when his partner is about to climax, using his power to cut away the time frame in which they achived orgasm, hightening the feeling of emptiness that they feel afterwards.

Fellatio Doppio is a young man who is kind and compassionate, yet submissive and timid. When an important or scary situation rears it's head, he is often initialy flustered or frightened, and it takes him a while to find a way to compose himself and rise to the occasion. Dispite his low pay, he takes work very seriously and sometimes you might wonder if his boss is more important to him than you are. In bed he is clumsy yet thoughtful. He isn't necessarily good at anything sexual, but he can use his stand Epitaph and its power to see 10 seconds into the future to judge when his partner will climax, and then eases off when at the last possible moment. Sometimes this action is meant to be sadistic teasing, but usually he is just trying to elongate the experience as long as possible for his partner's sake. Sometimes he over uses his power and kinda lives 10 seconds in the future, answering your questions before you ask them, which can be very annoying.

Or you can take the harem route like an indecisive faggot and get a shambling, bipolar mess. See picture for reference.

You're making me sweat user. Don't scare me with those words.


>and likes to use his stand King Crimson when his partner is about to climax, using his power to cut away the time frame in which they achived orgasm
This is really terrifying.

does part 5 have colored scans?

Diavolo sounds pretty great tbqh senpai

>Kira gets dragged to hell by hands
>Okuyasu hates spicy food and his brother is killed by Red Hot Chilli Peppers

>tfw the ENEMY STAND gets in your friend's eyes

>Josuke says his grandmother was hit by the same car twice in one day
>Lisa Lisa was stabbed by Kars twice

>Dio's character and backstory is full of references to Les Miserables
>Giorno's character profile states his favorite book is Les Miserables

yes. colored english scans go about 30% of the way through, after that you'll be stuck with black/white english scans, but you can download the colored raws from the pastebin and read them side-by-side

>DIO has a special birthmark on his ear
>Giorno is introduced by doing weird shit with his ear

>DIO has the stand The World
>Alternate Universe Diego has the stand THE WORLD


>Giorno is the son of God (Dio), has life giving powers and defeats the Devil (Diavolo)


>Dio's special three moles birthmark is referred in-universe as a symbol of the devil's luck
>Giorno wears ladybugs (symbols of luck) on his clothes


>Kaato has a card-related stand
>name sounds like how you say card in Japanese

>Joshuu is a screw-up and
>stand involves the powers to screw things

>Caesar was killed by a hunk of rock shaped like a cross†
>Gyro gave his life on a quest for Jesus' corpse

Post funny jojo images

>likes to use his stand King Crimson when his partner is about to climax, using his power to cut away the time frame in which they achived orgasm, hightening the feeling of emptiness that they feel afterwards.
What the fuck user

>Gyro says he refuses to let women ride his horse because he believes the goddess of fortune is already riding with him and a woman would make her jealous and cause his death
>at the end of SBR Lucy becomes a literal goddess of fortune and Gyro lets her ride his horse
>but she's also an ordinary woman and Gyro eventually dies


Never fails to make me laugh.

Which anime looks better? SC or DiU?

SC is ugly as fuck, so DiU.

Part 4 desu

Part 4 at its peaks are fucking gorgeous. Also the episodes are honestly better directed overall.

>Dio ends up triggering Jonathan's heroic resolve when he pushes him too far which causes him to be defeated
>DIO ends up triggering Jotaro's ability to stop time when he pushes him too far which ends up dying
>Pucci ends up triggering Emporio with the Weather Report disc when he pushes him too far and ends up dying


DiU has a tighter aesthetic but it drags somehow, there's too many still or barely moving frames

In your example, DiU.
Generally, SC.
DiU is still the better adaptation by a landslide, it fixed pretty much all the things SC did wrong.

Holy shit Bruno and Polpo sounds amazing in the part 5 fandub.

Aside from the character face artstyles, Part 4 is the better anime so far. Part 3 has the perfect artstyle if you get rid of the tire shoulders though.



Best episode of DiU so far for you?
I'd say RHCP part 2.

I can't remember them all, but Hato = Heart, Daiya = Diamond and Kaato is actually either Club or Spade somehow in Japanese.
Or something like that.

Is Cred Forums doing another one of these soon?

fellatio isn't even an italian word. It's latin.

This, QL part 2 or Echoes.

>There are people in this thread that weren't around for this
We need to do another

Rohan 2 and Quiet Life 2. Rohan 2 has the best fucking scene in the entire anime adaptation, Josuke's Flashback was handled so professionally I genuinely adore it.

Who cares? Italian is the closest non-dead language to latin anyway.



Arcadefag has a demo in the works.

Episode 20 or 22

>Josuke and Joshu's relationship basically parallels Jonathan and DIO's, except Josuke was the adopted one and stole the brother's love interest

>DiU is still the better adaptation by a landslide
DiU is an anime inspired by Part 4
SC was an actual adaptation of Part 3, there's a difference

>wants to protect his relatives by willing to die for them
If he hadn't tried to do that and went straight for Pucci, he and everyone else would still be alive, except MAYBE Jolyne.

RHCP Part 2, Quiet Life Part 2 (I actually felt really really bad for Shigeki) or Sheer Heart Attack Part 2.

is stardust man the worst forced SDC meme

RHCP, Quiet Life or SHA

And few others

What the fuck are you talking about
This is new intro for part 10. what do you think.


No, Kaato is meant to be card. Tsurugi is spade and Mitsuba is club.

the part where SDC actually follows the manga it's supposed to be adapting instead of rewriting it to satisfy the autism of the production staff when it adds literally no net benefit to the quality of the show like DiU does

>guy whose mom is named "Card" and whose sisters are named "Heart" and "Diamond" goes on to marry a woman named "Club" and have a child named "Spade"
in other news, Oedipus is still the only relevant complex

sdc sucked ass. they mained devo in hftf so they spent all their money on him

Makes me want to eat one of Polpo's bananas

>Keicho is searching for a stand that can kill his father
>the only stand that could do the job is Killer Queen
>he was trying to find Kira before anyone else

You sire you're not talking about the oart where SDC anime was horribly oaced and gave most everything 2 epusodes for no reason?

While the DiU manga is longer but with a much better paced and shorter adaption?

still better than arcadefag.

i think you might be confused about what "adaptation" means
DiU is a good anime loosely inspired by the events of Araki's manga, SDC is an adaptation of Araki's manga

i doubt KQ could do any more to destroy papa Niji than The Hand could

>some anons are still salty because they moved Cinderella
Well, actually I am not even surprised considering that Koyamafags are still popping up from time to time.

The "bomb" fucking vaporizes you down to the point that there isn't a shred of evidence of your existence remaining.

arcadefags latter sprites looked ok. but the problem with them is that they weren't hftf style.

Can anyone actually call that a bad move? With how fucking dramatic Quiet Life 2 was, having it followed up by Cinderella would be fucking horrible for the mood.

Ah, thanks

Joshuu makes ME happy

jospeh is okay i guess

the episodes have been good and i'm glad the quality seems to be improving, but at the end of the day, they still felt they were in the right to rewrite the plot of the series they were supposed to be

the bomb is a bomb. it blows you up like a bomb, and the button that shigechi stole from kira's jacket seemed like a "shred of evidence" to me

The Hand literally erases its victims from existence. pretty much the stupid bullshit you're spewing about KQ's extremely normal and generic bombs is actually true about The Hand

if you close your eyes it's a pretty good English cover

Minus one Joseph scene, that's bad.

That's all I can think of.

>With how fucking dramatic Quiet Life 2 was, having it followed up by Cinderella would be fucking horrible for the mood
worked just fine for the mood when it was fucking written originally. if you haven't noticed, /JJBAG/ still creams their fucking panties over part 4 as though it's the best work of fiction in existence

Gappy makes Yasuho happy.

Second episode (Josuke vs Angelo) or Mangaka's House Part 2.

not his

You mean the part where you conveniently forget about the fillers they added in SDC?

despite my fury over the rewriting of the series' plot, i gotta say Cinderella was my favorite ep so far

jojofags are so obnoxious
easily worst

Holy shit is that what he's talking about?
That single episode move?
Fucking Christ.

"loosely", no user. You are the retar about what an adaption means. Changing the order of one arc does not break the "adaption" function.

And keep pretending SDC anime didn't add a ton of fikler that Araki never wrote but still skipped panels like driving through the crowd.

Please go be an idiot somewhere else.

>adding in the bow and picture, which were retroactively confirmed in the canon to have existed in those locations at those times, is the same as rewriting the order of plot events and changing it so that characters are alive during events for which they are canonically dead

i haven't bitched about the added blips of Okuyasu fighting with Josuke or whatever

But it didn't though, Cinderella suddenly happening after a character fucking DIED for good by being horrifically killed by the main villain was a really dumb move by Araki. It's like Shigechi's death never happened, it did nothing but kill the mood Quiet Life was building up. Them switching Quiet Life with Cinderella was a much better idea, it also gave more time to make it feel like Aya wasn't just a last-minute idea thrown in for the whole Kira-Kosaku transformation.

Will we get the new opening tomorrow?

>Changing the order of one arc does not break the "adaption" function.
>guys i'm gonna adapt the bible, but this time, i'm gonna keep jesus alive during paul's arc because i always thought it was poorly paced
>don't worry this is still apparently a faithful adaptation
ok bud

makes sense then

But didn't we see how Quiet Life Part 2 and the beginning of SHA perfectly melded together and putting Cinderella, which was a really rushed episode about a part no one fucking cared about, before SHA would have ruined it ?

Jesus christ I thought everyone could see that it was for the best but I guess not

Metaphorically Speaking:

Dio (The God of JoJo)
Diavolo (The Devil of JoJo)
Pucci (The False Prophet of JoJo -- basically False Jesus)
Giorno (The True Prophet of JoJo - basically True Jesus)

stop this shit.

the sad thing is that it's done well and someone spent hours or even days making this

Chase played in the last one, right?
Normally the ep before the new op has no song.

>a character who is offscreen for the whole arc is still alive during this episode
You could always just, you know, watch them the other way around.

No, last episode didn't have an opening

Because we all know wether Shigechi was alive or dead was relevant to Yukako getting a make over to appeal to Koichi right?

>lol he's not dead!
>I know girl! Let's keep mentioning that, oh wait you don't even know him or care or do anything about him do you?

There was no OP last episode. Hmm, that actually makes me kinda think we will get it this week, although I was expecting it next week.

oh damn, hype then

I really like Weeaboss's dubs:

I'm awed by your autism, user. Good job.

>worked just fine
It didn't. It's a really weird ark if you put everything into consideration.
Everyone acts like nothing happened at all, it's not reflected anywhere, if you were to erase the button talk which what they basically did , ark can be placed almost anywhere because it feels completely fucking disconnected from the events, let's not pretend like a Koichi's dry dick was a purpose of this ark it's completely irrelevant, just a mask, it's just a set up for the SHA, nothing more, nothing less.

so what you're saying is "feel free to completely fuck with the continuity of events and characters who are alive or dead, i don't care because they were gonna die soon anyways"
got it, you guys are just retards

This guy should voice Diavolo in the Part 5 fandub

same i want it to be this week , but i think we will get it during im an alien

hey Weeaboss

Okuyasu even says he doesn't know what happens to the things he erases with his hand, and the brothers assumed that it might just send things somewhere else and, on the chance that they might send their father to some distant place to suffer alone forever, decided not to use the hand on him.

Killer Queen's bombs blow you up and burn you into nothingness. You're not sent anywhere, you can't stop it, you're blasted into atomic fragments. Their dad couldn't regenerate from that and would finally be permanently dead.

Rohan 2 and SHA 2 for me

failing to adhere to the canon of when characters are alive and when they die, regardless of how much of an impact it has on any given episode, is inherently bad and objectively makes it a less faithful adaptation. idk what to tell you.

Not at all really, Araki isn't a god who's work has 0 flaws, them making the sequence-switch actually was an improvement to part 4.
Less faithful doesn't make it bad though, adaptations SHOULD improve on what the source material might have screwed up, which is literally what they did. All their changes so far have been perfectly reasonable.

>Stone Free can save Jolyne from the Stone Ocean
>but not the real ocean

It's one episode. Calm down. It doesn't really have any effect on the story, just makes it more straight into SHA from Quiet Life, which makes more sense anyway than just having a random arc in the middle.

He is voicing Blackmore in Part 7 Fan Dub:

He also voiced Johnny/Funny Valentine


>the brothers assumed that it might just send things somewhere else and, on the chance that they might send their father to some distant place to suffer alone forever, decided not to use the hand on him.
>Killer Queen's bombs blow you up and burn you into nothingness
>you can't stop it, you're blasted into atomic fragments
i love the smell of fresh headcanon in the morning, tell me more about how kira's button that shigechi had on his person when he got blown up was able to be recovered after it was "blasted into atomic fragments"

this , its just an arc to introduce the exit door of kira , and the way they acted too casual feel like akira mixed the order he sent the chapters to the editor , they are all supposed to search for kira but yet rohan appear and goes : "hey i wanna do pictures at the mall for my manga !"

Bravo Araki

>Less faithful doesn't make it bad though
i never said it was bad, only that it was a loose and unfaithful adaptation compared to SC

It's you, isn't it?

>It doesn't really have any effect on the story
do DP's dick and balls taste as sweaty as i think they do? you seem to be an expert on deepthroating their cock

>Stones stink
>Stone Free stank

Then that's fine, this is the kind of stuff that should be encouraged more than anything. I'd be 100% perfectly fine if they added more scenes in part 5 and 6 that help reduce the flaws of those parts, such as additional gang interaction scenes, etc.


Wonderful argument

Nope, i am just a fan of his work

>Implying it does
It's literally a resolution to the Koichi/Yukako love plot that is never brought up again for the fucking rest of DiU, its sole purpose is to shoe-horn in an escape route for Kira. Them switching the order around was a move better than what Araki did with the manga.
Saw most of them, his Johnny/FV one's the best.

This - Part 5 needed more gang interaction.I know this won't happen but i would like to see Giorno talk to T

>Joshuu is better than josuke
How does the M A D M A N keep doing it? How does he make a sidekick always cooler than the MC?

Trish about her father post Fugo leaving

whether or not it affects the story isn't the point.

Knowing DP they'll probably milk the fuck out of the gang and add more scenes for their interactions, and they have perfect reasons to do so honestly. With 39 eps they can perfectly fit in part 5 at a great pace and also add extra stuff.

you continuing to call it "loosely" based still makes you wrong. That requires a huge grain of salt compared to the liitle one you're raging about.

SDC anime is also loose for that scene where Jotaro says goodbye to runaway girl remember Mr. blow-everything-out-of-proportion?

Not him, but I'd like to think it's you.

Agreed - DIU sort of suffered because of the amount of stuff they have to put into 39 episodes (Honestly though i far prefer this over having the fights drawn out). VA with 39 Episodes is perfect

>whether or not it affects the story isn't the point.

SDC was a very good adaption but it was also too long,too drawn out and has misplaced budget issues. SDC is a slog to suit through when compared to DIU. DIU in my opinion had a better artstyle and really took advantage of anime as a medium

Shigechi didn't have it you fuckwit, one of his Harvests did and they were nowhere near him when the bomb went off

You don't even know what happened in the manga you're claiming was so unfaithfully adapted

So why was Joshuu able to switch the Milagro Man curse? From what I've got, the curse is successfully switched only if you take the money willingly, like Joshuu did the first time. The bartenders/whatever didn't get the curse because they gave him back the money as soon as they realized they were cursed bills. Why did that guy got back his curse when Joshuu put the money in his juice or whatever that was?

user can you please read the thread before responding? i've explained numerous times that there's a difference between adding filler or additional scenes that don't contradict the canon (the picture or bow in SDC, Okuyasu beating up Josuke during Nijimura Brothers) and flat out rewriting the canon order of events such that characters who should be dead during a given event are still alive
>but Shigechi doesn't even show up in Cinderella!
that doesn't matter. the fact that DP feel they can flat out rewrite canonical events like that is unacceptable on principal, even if it doesn't have a perceptible impact on the plot

correct, the point is that rewriting the canon is not good, regardless of whether it affects the story
i'm glad we're all on the same page now, let me know if you have any further questions!

SDC was faithful as all hell but this led to a lot of boring episodes and fights due to how drawn out they were

>one of his Harvests did and they were nowhere near him when the bomb went off
that's so wild how you know the location of all of shigechi's harvests! can you link to the page where that's shown? i'm really interested, thanks in advance user!

Are you done?
Fucking autists. You act like hot shit but you'll still return every week to shitpost more about how Josuke's left eyebrow wasn't correctly drawn like in the manga or something equally insignificant (like your life). Just stop embarrassing yourself already.

Why isn't it good then? If the canon is genuinely flawed, changing it up with an improvement of switching arcs around is a brilliant idea. So what if it's less faithful? It still keeps the core of part 4 intact, it's literally just an arc switch that makes the flow and mood much better.

>failing to adhere to the canon of when characters are alive and when they die

No one utters name of Shigechi, no one even implies that they are talking about Shigechi, characters just don't give a fuck about him being dead or alive, he ceased to exist. He is just a button at that point and that's awful.

Boy oh boy, when are you going to start calling everyone who disagrees with you DPshills and Davidrones, user.

I would say at max there are only maybe 1-4 really boring episodes in DIU while most of the first half of SDC is boring (there are some good fights but a lot of meh fights)

>2 episode of The Sun
I was funny but "boi"

and i'm telling you that difference doesn't make it "loosely based" when its definitly an adaption.

Sun was one episode m8.

thank god DP staff understood the mistake they did by making SC so long

>prison is made out of stone
>ocean is made out of ocean
>it's stone free not ocean free

Sun was 3 and a half episodes

It was actually 3.

Are you serious? It was 26 episodes long. Stop shitposting.

Agreed i will take fast paced but slightly rushed over slow paced and boring any day. The Stand of the Week fights are so much better in DIU then SC

Okay then, when was Shigechi ever in a position to grab it off Kira's jacket himself? He wasn't, ergo a Harvest must have grabbed it, ergo it wasn't near the explosion, ERGO Killer Queen's bombs do actually completely destroy whoever he uses them on.


and The Hand erases things from existence being powerful enough to erases the space between things.

I can see why people dislike him (he's not wacky like Joseph) but I found his smugness and tendency to give rambling speeches pretty endearing

also, I like Dio

but the shit translations really deprive him of any sort of character

I am not saying DIU is perfect (it's not - it has flaws) but as an anime i prefer DIU to SC


Why would you post this, even ironically? Please, learn to love yourself.

Anyone else think the translation that is up to My Name of Doppio is pretty damn good.

Potential is how smart the user uses their stand I believe.

>(he's not wacky like Joseph)
people literally like every single jojo better, it's not a question of wackiness
he just doesn't have much pressence

>implying he's posting it ironically

Osiris wouldn't be D rank then

MAL anime members:
First season - 173,305
SC first season - 108,820
SC second season - 83,043
DIU - 62,276

>he's not wacky like Joseph
This is what endeared Giorno to me.

Getting a serious, but not super autistic Jojo who has an air of confidence about him is all I really wanted after edgelord Jotaro, le wacky xD reddit man Joseph, or goody two shoes Jonathan. Josuke was a much improved Joseph but I did like the more serious nature of Giorno.

Of course, Johnny and Jolyne perfected this, and neither had shit scans, so I like them infinitely more.

Not at all. It's literally how much potential a Stand has to change, grow stronger and develop new abilities.

That was to be expected - actually what do animeonly thing of Part 4 critically.

and suddently when vento aureo happen the number will rises cause of all the fujos

Biggest JoJo dick?

Jojo isn't a great format for anime.

You have parts that completely change out the MC, crew, and villain, stands put off a lot of the Hamon dicksuckers, and normies in general leave just as quickly as they flock to trends, just look at Pokemon Go.

MAL in general lives on trends and fads even more than fucking /r/anime and that says a lot

Why not Jolyne for Queen instead of Dio? Your explanations are waiving aside the fujoshit conspiracy here.

Jonathan, without a doubt

I hate to be autistic, but it's more 'new ways of using your primary ability'.

Hence why GE at a Potential of A can use his ability to generate organs for healing people, and why something like Survivor with an E literally can't do anything other than transmitting signals to people's brains.

>No one utters name of Shigechi, no one even implies that they are talking about Shigechi
why would someone participate in a conversation about a manga they haven't read? /JJBAG/ is truly beyond me sometimes

Jonathan isn't a dick at all.

Yeah, they talk about button, killer's button. That's all, read the rest of my post at least.

That's literally just one scene, never elaborated upon and everyone acts like nothing has happened. Seriously. Josuke and Koichi are having lovey-girl talk and everyone forgets about Shigechi's death and that there's a fucking killer on the loose. It really wasn't well done.

>when was Shigechi ever in a position to grab it off Kira's jacket himself
it's never specified who grabs the button, but you're the one asserting that it was definitely grabbed by a Harvest and then having no canonical proof to back up your claim
i return to my original point, which is that your arguments regarding KQ's ability to completely erase papa Nijimura are purely founded on headcanon

>no one even implies that they're talking about shigechi
>except for that part where they're directly talking about tracking down the guy who murdered shigechi, but whatever that doesn't count

MAL manga members:
Part 1: 25,095
Part 2: 19,944
Part 3: 20,485
Part 4: 22,277
Part 5: 18,465
Part 6: 16,802
Part 7: 17,498
Part 8: 11,971

how many times to i need to restate that changing the canon, whether or not it has a perceptible impact on the story, is inherently bad?


I don't have the panel, but Josuke and Okuyasu in the final fight versus Kira literally shout, "This is for Shigechi!" Hell, in People of Morioh-Cho a bunch of people say Shigechi.

Daily reminder:

If the Nijimuras thought the Hand could kill their father, why didn't they use it on him?

Okuyasu himself said that he DIDN'T KNOW what happened to the things he 'erased'.

Killer Queen's bombs are definitely, for certain that powerful whereas The Hand's ability is unknown.

do you think they will use that style for vento aureo i wouldnt mind it ? it was some guy at DP who made this before part 4 was announced

Did you actually read the chapter? That's the ONLY mention of them searching and tracking down Kira. Then the gang just does stuff they'd do normally instead of, you know, searching for the fucking serial killer? That's the only scene where they 'focus' on what actually happened, the rest of the arc is just another SoL story which really doesn't fit given how Shigechi literally died right before it.
Yeah, sure, mind explaining why changing it is bad? There's nothing wrong if it actually fixes or benefits the original story, in fact, stuff like that should be encouraged.

>something insignificant like how josuke's left eyebrow is drawn
>the same as flat out rewriting the plot
ok user


>do you think they will use that style for vento aureo i wouldnt mind it ?
I don't know, you tell me. I don't think you would?


>mind explaining why changing it is bad?
because in my personal opinion (which, to be clear, is what we're all talking about here), the job of an adaptation is to faithfully recreate the source material to the best of their ability, for better or for worse, and even in cases like these, where you could make the argument that the story is actually made better by the change (which i don't personally think it was, but that's neither here nor there), i still don't approve of people other than the original author taking liberties with the plot

tl;dr i have a different idea of what an adaptation should be/is supposed to be than the rest of /JJBAG/

other ones they did

I think the problem with recreating Araki's style is having a lot of movement and also keeping the details, look what happened in SC.

Shigechi was literally never close enough to get the button. How would he have done it anyway, just torn it straight off with his middle-schooler strength while a serial killer looms over him looking straight at him? A Harvest obviously snipped it off and grabbed it, how is this even debatable.

Killer Queen's bombs blast their victims into nothingness, leaving absolutely no trace at all if they get you full-on. Nijimura couldn't be killed because he'd regenerate from injuries, but if he just completely stopped existing altogether in one moment, he's be dead. That's that. It's one of Araki's ironies and it's obviously intentional.


You're stretching it, Shigechi's death or his character isn't what's being discussed here, they talk about killer and tracking him down, not him, he is irrelevant.

Well and he is mentioned at the end when it said that relatives of Kira's victims will wait forever for them to come home, I was talking specifically Cinderella and how this dialogue is weird.

Sweet senpai, that's your opinion. I believe an adaptation doesn't straight-up NEED to be faithful to be great, if it can make changes that actually really benefit the story then it's perfectly fine. Them taking liberties is a bold step but it's improving on what Araki's already layed down, this is the kind of stuff I want to see for part 5 and 6 which do need additional scenes that aren't in the manga.

They made it better, you autist. Cut it out with this futile losing argument already. The glory of adaptations ~20 years after the source material came out is the ability to improve the pacing, certain plot points, visuals, etc. They didn't just change it for the sake of changing it, they didn't like what they saw and made it better which is what the majority of us agree upon. Nobody cares about your shitty fucking opinion.

To be continued:

What if Araki had decided to name stands after movies instead?

Wow, that's Bump With Shitpost: The Thread.

That's the twist from the Jorge Joestar novel. Jesus' Stand was called The Passion.

well dp change style each time to fit the change of style of the manga , so they will obviously change style for vento aureo , now the question is : what style will they do for it

>implying this thread wasn't shit

>All adaptions need to follow the source material completely

Nigga you can make changes to improve the quality of a product. Part 4 had horrible pacing issues before the anime

I know, but that one was dead for hours before the general moved there and is only alive now because someone kept making posts like whenever it came close to bump limit.

Be salty Jonathan, Joseph and Josuke had added Joestar Birthmarks that weren't there in the original manga and fuck off