Which one do you like more

[ ] Traditional magic (Slayers, Fate, Berserk, Lodoss)

[ ] Science!

[ ] Technomagic (Mahouka, Nanoha)

magical girls




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Either Magic or Science work for me. Magitech is an aberration. It just shows you can't do any of the other two properly.

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Traditional - no need to explain and you are free to abuse the power of nakama as much as you want. Likewise, the big boss can make use of corruption and mind control without cheating the plot too much

Science and Technomagic has complete dependence to all sorts of pseudoscience and their asspulls are limited to how much plot devices they can invent before the big boss.
More often than not, they try to make sense of something unimportant instead of using that time screen for the betterment of the characters/plot

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Asspulls are bad regardless of the setting.

That being said, I agree that "free abuse" and "not explaining a shit" is better than bending the rules.

I mean, I prefer rules, but only if you are gonna stick to them, if you are gonna break them just for the sake of plot then just don't add rules at all and go with the "don't explain a shit" thing.

>Shit choices
[] Chuuni magicks

God magic

How about both science and magic, just not mixed together but in their own separate bubbles?

And I know you're gonna say that science will lose big time to magic because of bullshit mechanics that science hopes to understand.

Technomagic used to be fun, but recently traditional magic sounds more interesting.

Nothing in particular. As long as it's interesting. In FT for example, the magic system is shit while in series like Mahouka, Horizon and Berserk it's very interesting.

Just technomagic my shit up

all of them
in the same world
at the same time

when is his movie coming up I miss him
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Pink Houki a shit.


shoo indexfag, the series is on it's deathbed

Technomagic, like in Nanoha.

Though, to be fair, Nanoha treats their magic as a power source most of the time, the spells and such are all pre-written programs, they just draw power from their magic for the spells.

Magical science that casts by traditional means.


>>I mean, I prefer rules, but only if you are gonna stick to them, if you are gonna break them just for the sake of plot then just don't add rules at all and go with the "don't explain a shit" thing.

This. I think technomagic or rules-based magic stories only work if they are very character-focused stories and don't attempt to be high fantasy with very magically powerful big bads that have to be overcome, and all the characters play by more or less the same rules and don't have wildly different magical abilities.

Probably because technomagic is not even technomagic anymore, its just straight sci-fi technology but they call it "magic". Technomagic implies some sort of supernatural element, but lot of shows with technomagic like Bahamut, Hxh, Hundred, if you remove the word "magic" its just plain advanced technology. There is no really supernatural elements whatsoever

Technomagic because it looks cool.

But user, that series were 100000% technomagic, it had MGS powered with magic, powerarmors powered with spirits, dark elves involved genetics and even the dragon was a big ass robo-dragon

The portions with magic, operative procedures, attributes and the likes were pretty interesting.

Indeed, all those series would be pretty much interesting if it included characters like Kanta instead of being struck with snowflake main characters.

In fact, there is a rumour araound that said that Antimagic-academy wasn't "academy" at all. They say the work was rejected and the author was told "set it on an academy, add some girls and we will talk".

I'm aware, it was supposed to be a police drama series with Kurogane. I don't dislike what we got though