Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 12

Dump Murenase! Shiiton Gakuen Chapter 12

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Trophy for best onahole.





>Lanka is a scent pervert








Too cute







Thanks for posting



The impala is one sexy beasy.

Wolves don't wag their tails do they? That's a dog thing.


That tower bridge though.

I see an error in this translation, best gyaru is clearly sidetail.

Wolves are just big dogs, also Lanka is just a dog anyway.

That lion was baller as fuck.

Those last pages always make laugh too, thanks Rapeman.

Actually, best gaoru is emohair, on King's left arm.

She's great too, I was just going by the one page.

I always have a weakness for track and field girls in manga.

Will MC get another harem?

>Actually, best gaoru is emohair, on King's left arm.

I don´t know what it is about girls with one eye covered by their hair, but... they make me drool like an animal.

Sad that probably none of the gaorus will appear again. But maybe Lion bro will join MC's group now that he lost his harem

Why'd the dump stop, lad?

I can see King reappearing in the eventual mating season chapter, having finally captured his prey.

I hate this lion already, tch.

They probably didn't like the sad end.


>wants to fuck at the first date
Damn he's baller as fuck

Manliest of Man.

>lions breed year round, much like humans
>the lion girls are represented by gyarus

Hitomi is secret gyaru?

How can it be sad when it has Jin realizing that Lanka is the perfect size for taking advantage of?

So does that mean that if it was her mating season she'd be dtf?

>Jin grows long hair (By accident/drug/whatever)
>Gyaru lions now chase after him

They were fun at first, provocative because he got the right to do so. Now it just plain /trump/ shilling though.

>Mating season chapter

I don't think my body is ready

Not his fault Trump trigger liberals, and butthurt is the only reason he put them there.

There have only been four trump pages out of 12 chapters and 10 omake chapters by my count, with space in between, cry more.

To be fair, it's other anons making it now due to him running out of ideas.

>Get a loyal gyaru harem
>Trade off is living the dream for 2 years,constant rivals and reduced sperm count thanks to the black mane overheating them faster than regular ones
Though choice

Okay CTR

I don't know, I think Rapeman is legitimately Cred Forums.
A lot of Cred Forums is

>Jin manages to avoid everyone
>Locks self in a room thinking he's safe
>Caught by surprise sloth

He's gonna pat her head so hard.

I still thing mating season will be handled by having those caught up in it leave school on a sort of sick day excuse.

But Lanka will show up at Jin's house anyways and demand satisfaction.

>implying he's not going get doused by every animal pheromone by accident

>Ch. 12
>Someone still bothering to dump


Well whoever has been making them has been doing a bretty gud job with the one's I have used.

I've been doing legit Cred Forums since my first releases in 2013 it's hardly a secret.

Feel like a good gyaru nukige after this chapter. Too bad I played most of the decent ones already.

>Wolves breed only once a year, during the winter months.
Poor Jin.

You're doing God's work, Rapeman

Thanks Rapeman.

I think Trump's going to win. Not that it matters much, when both the president candidates are lousy candidates. The economy is probably going to shit because of the probably rate hike in December, it would've gone to shit yesterday but they didn't dare hike rates before the election. If they get a scapegoat like Trump to blame the bad economy for (like they did Nixon), then both the Democrats and Republicans should be happy.

I'm not even a Burger though so the U.S. economy doesn't affect me as much as a native there, I'm just hoping his victory will start a tsunami to douse the PC bullshit worldwide, and possibly drive a bunch of leftcucks to an hero.


That was a really good artist CG set.

>Implying this isn't a story regarding Lanka taking everyone into her harem


Romance chapter when. I need some romantic moment between Jin and Awoo.

I look forward to when the big economic Ponzi scheme bursts.“zimbabwe-isation”-global-capital-markets
That's going to be swell.

King will be a club member too now that he has no pride to be in r-right ;_;


The pace things are going it will probably happen soon but Lanka will screw up something and everything will go back to status quo.

I miss his anti-muslim trolling.

Lots of third world fags were triggered as fuck.

That it was.

Will Lanka lick the king too?

She'll have to lick everyone in the world anyway if she wants to be The Boss

Holy shit, this so much.

I wan't more anti-muslim butthurt.

What do you think the Trumps are for?

thanks for the dump user, I didn't know this was out

I kinda hope he gets to fuck her now

I can't tell, is the lion king supposed to be fat or just really broad?

I want to see some progress in Jin's attempt to seduce the other human. Lanka x Jin misunderstandings are all fine and dandy but seeing him fail at his attempts or be misunderstood is an untapped source of humour


Both. As the King he's waited on hand and foot but to remain king he has to crush all his rivals with moderate ease

Im a sucker for harems, so I hoped that jin would beat the lion using his extensive animal weakness knowledge, then have the pride follow him around all the time, making him get pissed at them.

>Fat lazy lion memes

Fucking hyenaposters.

If that happened Lanka's pack would rival her sisters but on top of that Jin lacks the other traits that make the lion a king

Muslims are much funnier when triggered than liberals.The butthurt is too much for them.

He seemed anything but lazy when battling and when stalking to Impala to initiate a conversation

I dunno, I don't think the author'll want too many guys to be part of the core cast

My initial idea was that lanka trips, pull down jins pants in front of the pride, and its revealed that jin has a massive bush of pubic hair, so amazing that that it rivals the kings mane.

Fucking HA.

This, the get so angry they literally explode

>Jin lacks the other traits that make the lion a king

I want to mate with lanka.

I found it oddly funny when he made her cry because he mocked the rest of the cooking club for trying to use curry to help animals appreciate cooking, but didn't realize it had been her idea

>High levels of testosterone result in baldness

My blessing and my curse.

I want lewds of the monkey just to see how fucking hairy she actually is.

she is canine after all.

Lanka is very mateable.

Too small.

>Lanka will screw up something
I doubt that, I'm betting it's going to be Jin who screw things up.
Too bad, she belongs to Jin. Find your own loli wolf girl.

I'm sure she'll forgive and accept your shortcomings, user.

Hero we need!
Thanks Rapeman.

Well she's a feline.

>Falling for the yappy dog

Talk about screwing the pooch.

> not wanting Lanka to welcome your penis to the pack

>it's a dogfood bowl on top of the trophy


Damn, son.

so animals that mate all year round don't ever have to come to school?

These lion gyarus are perfect.

>Zebras are nerds, but dedicated to their friendship even if it means death
>Lion gave up his manliness to protect the girl he loved
>T.Rex is a teacher

Why are the male side characters so god damn good? This isn't a normal thing in harem comedies.

Sloth is best girl

Jin is finally realizing it's ok to fuck the dog

This chapter reminded me of that old sanbun kyoden one-shot where a male lion's pride gets NTR'd when he's killed sending his females into heat and making them quickly forget him as their new lion king dicks them.

Lion bro will get his waifu right?

>Zebras are nerds, but dedicated to their friendship even if it means death
Those are donkeys you dumb sloth poster. Only the striped female donkey is a zebra.

Zebras are donkeys, therefore donkeys are zebras

Lionesses seem remarkably indifferent to their king seeking to add an impala to his harem

Zebras aren't nerds. Donkeys are. We've never interacted with a proper Zebra herd only a female one and some donkeys

Next breeding season.
They'll fuck like there's no tomorrow.

Also, I never thought the gyarus would be such bros, I mean, they knew their pack would go to hell but they still supported the lion bro.

It seems any strong male with a big black mane will do. Mohawk mane might end up taking over

Amongst lions it's one male to a harem of females, adding in a new girl means nothing to them.

I hope so, if he doesn't get her then he'll be left alone with no pack, unless Lanka took him in to the cooking club.

Well shit, looks like I made an ass of myself there.

Still, the donkeys are great characters.

Nah, he's too weak.

>I made an ass of myself



Can someone post the rest of this? I didn't manage to save them before.

I only have winter Lanka

Check the archives. He puts them on megaupload I think.



will they double-team Chloe when mating season comes?

I have gensokyo portal lanka.

Am I the only one that thought of Doubutsu no Kuni this chapter?

Only other manga I've read with the whole lion pride stealing thing

Also, I do hope King sticks around and becomes Jin's bro

Does women find baldness attractive?

>many guys
you said that like if there is 2 or more males in the club.

>Jin have a gigant bush down there.

>Next breeding season.

Does wolfs have a breeding season or they can procreate all year?

I think author has forgetten about it and it will go full Lanka x Jin now, unless the human girl decide to act herself or some other animal actually catch Jin attention for a while, sending Lanka and Human female into desesperation.

I need the first/second panel lanka clean.



Only if you have a great skull shape.

I just noticed that the trophy is a pet dish.

Thanks user.


Well Jin is safe, unless Author decide to make this haremshit and the others girls tried to rape him in their respective seasons.


Needs a BEST AWOO edit.

Would do myself but phoneposting.

Are we ever going to get a bird girl? I will like a raven for a reason.

These are nice and all, but where are the non-Lanka ones?

Only mammal students and dino teachers allowed.

It's only been mammals and cretaceous period animals so far, who knows.

But can you handle her?

I only made Lanka one's

the donkeys are kinda part of the club

>a literal pair of asses

Going by how the animal is, how could you characterized a raven or crow? they have being show they can use some rudimentary tools sometimes, understand things like water displacement, in nature they hide food from other crows, to the point that sometimes they lure other crows to false hidding spot to keep the real ones safe, and even are able to remember human faces to the point of attacking one if they are know to mistreat them (a experiment with a mask on a universty)

>those 2 dont count, they use them (mainly Jin) when they need them, and they just tolerate their presence, is not like they are really part of the club.

>nasty intelligent little shits
Exactly why you're going to get a baka raven.

Sorry didnt mean to greentext.

But we already have Lanka, we don't need another dumb character


inst Lanka enough? for the dumb character

Human=normal fake love interest
cat= bitch
sloth= cute
Jin=mean one

How can you pack so much falsehood in a mere one post anonymous fampai

>Koala = normal

t. scat fetishist

outside of the scat thing, does she have anything special going on for her?

Big boobs

Grip strength.

Where's the Lanka collection guy? We need a crop of Lanka with her tongue out where she isn't in a deformed style.

What kind of bed does Lanka sleep in?

Everytime I see this I want to see a cock cumming on her face but I lack photoshop skill.

That she's a cutie patootie shortstack

>cat= bitch

You take that back.

Possibly the only one other than the human girl who has a genuine interest in cooking.

I hope they play up the cooking angle at some point I want to see stuff like each club member's special twist on a dish or the girls making valentines chocolate with a heart broken Lanka who can't join in.

>Jin inst nowhere the day they make chocolate
>Everybody starts making some
>they finish
>each chocolate has a twist
>Lanka taste all of them
>Jins appears at the same moment Lanka faints.
>he explains that dogs cant eat chocolate.

This manga is actually kind of fun

Is nothing great our revolutionary, but is fun.

>tfw anime
>a director no one has ever heard before
>its haremshit.

More like cutie pooie shortstack

shortstack who has a strong grip on your cock and loves scat

I didn't like it much at first, especially the protagonist, but both grew on me pretty quick. It's really better than it has any right to be.

More like poopy patotie.

>especially the protagonist

Many said the same, also with Konosuba. Whats wrong with a protagonist that isnt a spinless guys and wont take the shit of the girls just because is the nice thing to do.

I didn't like the protagonist because he seemed unnecessarily cruel. But it wasn't as bad as he first appeared to be so I like him now. There's a line between not taking shit and just being a dick because teh author has some kind of chip on his shoulder about women. Some manga protagonists are the latter, and they're pretty fucking awful. Konosuba's guy and Jin are both great though.

>gets enough publicity for doujins
>it's all scat doujin with the koala

>we'll never get a doujin of Jin being unable to help himself with scruffy Miyubi in the bath

i really hope not, but im a fucking retard to expect anything else

Miyubi looked better with her scruffy hair than with her moss jew beanie.

Scat doujins for Koala
Emotionless sex for Sloth
Rape for human girl
gangbang for cat
Netorare for Lanka
Yaoi bestiliality for Jin
Rape threesome for zebra

I also miss her messy hair, shame it wont comeback and we got a generic moe with a cap of moss.

So im not the only one who hate this thing.
Except hat, Miyubi is a cute! CUTE!


This should not be so cute

Ravens are intelligent, mischevious but extremely dedicated to its friends and family.

Alpha as fuck

Sound like the perfect friend for Jin

A animal that will prove to Jin that animals arent that stupid and actually have conversation he enjoys with

Jin partner when dealing with other animals, just for fun from her side

Proud memeber of the club.

Don't forget

>eats carrion

That would be jap's birdbrain mtmt all over again.
So, she may be smart, but constantly forgets things.

>Only a single male lion
B-but it's supposed to be 2 males in a pride

I think vultures are better for that

ravens while being able to eat carrion, they also eat other stuff, Vultures are more into carrion, but it could be a nice and weird chapter

>Raven girl's birthday
>Lanka ask her if she wants to eat something special
>everybody thinks stuff like fruits, insects or bread
>Ask for carrion
>"is hard to find carrion these days"

Any place to find fan art of this.
No succes at danboory, maybe pixiv.

that's because it's a new series that isn't really "popular"

try looking on twitter

That only bitch there is Lanka

I approve of pretty much all of these

maybe we should ask on drawfag thread to draw something for us?

>Lanka will never ever get NTR doujins

Sloth wouldn't get emotionless sex, it'd be sleeping/unconcious sex.

drawfags can suck my dick

Doesn't realize how lucky he is that wolves form a relationship for life does he? He'll never have to worry about her even thinking about another guy. And he snagged her when they were kids!

It would be extreme sex for the first few seconds

How about the vultures who's diet is almost entirely bone?

I'll give a vulture girl a bone

What this series really needs is a cute pterosaur MILF.



Nope. That's why male cubs are chased away by their own father.

Bet Disney didn't teach you that huh.

These magnificent bastards.

>That's why male cubs are chased away by their own father.
Only when they get too old. Males will form prides with their brothers though, it's even brought up in this chapter.

>Males will form prides with their brothers though, it's even brought up in this chapter.

Only all sausage with no female in sight pride though.

Any male that can attract female or take over another pride will ditch the rest in less than a nanosecond.

Sounds like anons.

A typical pride of lions consists of about six related females, their dependent offspring, and a “coalition” of 2–3 resident males that joined the pride from elsewhere. The pride is a “fission-fusion” society and pridemates are seldom found together, except for mothers that have pooled their offspring into a “crèche.”

Most daughters are recruited into their mothers’ pride although about a third disperse to form new prides; pride size ranges from 1–21 females, and mid-sized prides enjoy the highest reproductive rates, and females in the same pride breed at similar rates. Young males always leave home in search of unrelated mates. Coalition size varies from 1–10 males, and coalitions of 4–10 males consist entirely of males born in the same pride, whereas pairs and trios often include unrelated individuals. Although larger male coalitions enjoy higher per capita reproductive success, reproduction is only equally shared in small coalitions.

Lions are most affectionate to their like-sexed companions. Females spend their lives in their mothers’ pride or with their sisters in a new pride; males may only spend a few years in a given pride but remain with their coalition partners throughout their lives.

eh, she's still a midget with no tits

>High levels of testosterone result in baldness.


You guys think he's gonna hang out with the cooking club on and off until his mane grows back in?


The heart.

And for all we know 6-8 nipples. Besides. Her height just means Jin could pick her up, plant her on his dick, and walk around. And she couldn't do anything. As an animal she'll prefer doggy style so won't even be able to hit him back.


Are you telling me that if you aren't picking her up by the collar or hips then you're getting to second base?

Is 62 in the rars? Don't seem to have it.

Why the female teacher is not a monstergirl?

Sensei genderswaps into a dominatrix jurassic park mode when?


>mine self
>mine harem
>mine whatever
What type of speech is this?

here you go


>What is it?




Some sort of archaic Japanese to Early Modern English, I would think.

i have to admit i do like this manga. Its nice to have a manga where the MC isn't some asexual wimp

I told you I'd shoot.
But you didn't believe me.

You know, more than thinking "I'm gonna impregnate this dumb dog", I would say Jin is more like "maybe she isn't that wrong about forming packs with different animals" in this one.

The love bubbles say otherwise.

Boku no Hajimete wa Bitch Gal

He wants to put puppies in Lanka's belly.


Rapeman truly is our greatest ally

that one crappy fanart someone sent to the author is literally the first and only fanart of the series

that D won't fit in her

I want to put puppies in Lanka's belly!

OH my dick here we go

Nah there's that other crappy fanart with sloth.

Where at?

I dunno. Didn't save it. Check archives?

>Screwing the pooch

Not even once.

>still no female:muscle

This artist clearly isn't much good at varied body types, so I wouldn't hold my breath. Read Do You Even Lift for cute fat Gyarus working out and leaving humanity behind.

I really like the way the artist draws girls' bodies.

It's subtly incredibly erotic.

Look at that tight butt, man.

Where the hell is the guy who said he's gonna make a Jin build in Bloodborne? he never posted anything in vg/bbg/

Jin just needs to come back with Anti-Lion Tools and Equipment.

Why was she drooling?

Maybe Jin wears a big dark wig as a joke to see if the Lion Girls were just bullshitting only to find out the Mane Thing is not a joke at all.

Lion is fat.

He doesn't really walk around on his own two feet.

He gets carried around on a chair most of the time.

The girls were already rubbing and putting their molted hair on Jin, though.

They are marking their scent on Jin.

A Cooking Club should have Farm Animal Girls, though.

Jin wouldn't need to spend so much money if he had a Cow Girl or a Chicken Girl nearby.

Jin would be conflicted about animal girls if he had to squeeze Fresh Milk from a Cow Girl everyday, even more than when he was helping Sloth Girl make preparations to take a bath.

This is an important thing because Lanka just lacks sex appeal to Jin and Licking and Kissing Jin all the time takes away the impact of kissing for a male like Jin.

Read the author's previous work or check out the raws.

The author drew more fan service in his previous manga than his current work so if you want to check out how lewd this author can get, check out his previous work.

His current work is like hundreds times more tame than his previous work.

Why does Ranka keep calling Jin her husband?

>baka raven
>not bakarasu
Missed opportunity for a pun there user.

pic related

its a metaphor, shes retarded

Seems pretty gay.

I already asked a few times but they just ignored me.

All I asked was to draw Jin holding onto the most iconic of Bloodborne weapons.

*Insert Saitama pic here

fuck that first and second panel gave me diabetes, too fucking cute

It is true that balding is dependent on testosterone. Back in 1960 a Yale doctor called James B. Hamilton studied twenty-one boys who were undergoing castration. Shockingly this was sometimes done to boys diagnosed with behavioural or mental problems. He followed them up, some of them for as long as 18 years, and found that they showed no signs of developing male pattern baldness as they aged.

That's a small sample size.

>Hamilton studied twenty-one boys who were undergoing castration
what why?

>you will never fuck that Impala

>baka raven
Oh god, I don't want nuclear meltdown in the school.
Not true, the first fanart of the series was one of Lanka that the author retweeted.

Here we are, this was retweeted on 18th of May.

Thank you as always, Rapeman.
That's pretty good.

>tfw is the first doujin ever made

and all is done by the black wolf on her sister pack after he rape her into submission and now wanting for more.

That's rape, not NTR. Dumbass.

C'mon, Jin would be a great hunter

I cant wait for a pic where a hunter dressed Jin is fighting a more beast like Lanka.

This sound better for a full monster girl setting that kemonomimi.

>asking science "why"

user stop.

I mean why they were undergoing castration

Re-read the post.

they just wanted to have sex withouth caring for kids?

For science? Maybe it's just chemical castration, those aren't permanant and doesn't cut off anything so that should be fine for experimenting.

>Gyaoru will be in the omake

Be still my dick.

>not sending him the tanned version

This series reminds me a lot of dobutsu no kuni

I wasn't sure if he'd have liked kurogyaru, played it safe.

I wonder what the author thinks of us, sure he's happy that he has foreign fans most likely but I don't think he wanted them from a shithole like this

Ask him.

Well I didn't say the pic was from Cred Forums or Cred Forums or anything, maybe he does know though...


Ask him to come to Cred Forums and see what he thinks of ous, who knows, we may end being better than nips otakus.

Wolves form an alpha pair for life. She's the female alpha. He's the male alpha. Natural packs are usually an extended family with the younger pups sometimes leaving to form their own packs. Unnatural packs are when a wolf habitat is encroached upon by humans or some other force. Those are kept together by the strength of the alpha and there can be physical confrontations of power as well as being much more survival of the fittest rather than a natural packs inclination to be much more social and help the group to survive rather than the individuals.

Now you go and ask that wonderful man if he likes his gyarus fair or dark!

If Lanka is shown popping beast pellets it's all good.

Do you blush in shyness when you rape?

Please no autistic twitter bugging of the author.

His tweets suggest he's a family man with a child, I ain't asking him his gyaru preferences in a public space, nips have that 建前 to protect.

>sleeping/unconcious sex.
This nigga, he has the best taste in this thread.


So dairy cows only produce milk when pregnant. The whole business is a little gruesome honestly.

And yet he writes a manga like this.

Come on now, he has no shame.

Not everyone a smelly basement dweller like you user.
Jobs are jobs.
Got personal reputation outside to protect.

It's still a pretty tame manga, for what it's worth. It's just about a guy and the animal friends he has to deal with, in a sitcom.

As in semi-furry, anthro or demihuman?sauce?

He retweets some insteresting stuff.

As in the pic as attached.
You got the artist name and literally every other detail you could need in the filename try harder faggot.


wtf I love veganism now

Goddamnm why was my first though about a Minutaur girl sucking on her own boobs?

'sup ESL?

>His current work is like hundreds times more tame than his previous work.

I'm okay with this. This manga is pretty fun.

Not him, but I thought that was somekind of "royalty" way of speaking since it was a "lion king" but is just archaic terms, you learn something each day.

It's both really.

Royalty is often portrayed with archaic speech, so yes.

It's both.

Hot damn, Lanka is at perfect dick sucking height.

Too bad dogs can't suck.

>you cant do 69 with her withouth bendig a lot

>Give everything up for a girl you like
>Get turned down
This Lion needs to return and succeed..

Lickjob is fine too.

Ever put peanut butter on your dick and show it to your dog?
Ask Canadians how it feels.



Turn their muzzle into an onahole that's what japan told me in their japanese furry books

>6-8 nipples

Disgusted with myself?
I'm glad I learned to masturbate soon after, my repression was seriously messing me up.

Hearing someone else's affirmation that her and Jin are husband and wife instead of barking it herself delusionally made both pairs of her lips wet and dripping with anticipation of hot marital breeding. I know I must be alone in this, but if I were Jin I would make that puppy howl.

He needs to be killed for being a vermin infested beast.

>you will never run your hand down her front, teasing all of her nipples at once

She's a young dog so you can still teach her all kinds of new tricks.

he will be a one time character, dont expect too much.

Have we had any indication of what season it is currently? If it is near winter, we may hit awoo's and AWOO's mating season....



>Vermin infested beast

But that's Lanka.

>I must be alone in this, but if I were Jin I would make that puppy howl.
Where do you think you are.
I'm pretty sure it's summer, we just had a uniform change and sport festival.

All beasts are.

>quadruple naizuri
She is the perfect woman.

Jin and Human girl killing all the school when?

>tfw no loyal gaoru harem to love and cherish

Manelets. When will they learn?

Koala=Maneater boar
Cat= bloodstarved beast
Zebra=darkbeast paarl
Monkey=Old Hunter

Well, considering most of 2ch are 40+ virgins, I'm not surprised there are a lot of threads about balding.

Wolves only breed once a year but I doubt she'd be unwilling to play around with Jin all year. Technically humans are in heat all year. Lanka would not be, but heat just means she NEEDS to get laid. She'd probably just do all kinds of stuff with him because she WANTS to.

I want a red '64 Impala with those things on it

When will these manelets ever learn?

I won't accept this.

It's fine. He'll just have to try again in June.

>she seems to be in a sport club
>before he even gets a change to get close
>A senpai is already doing her.



>Gaoru returning

One of them is still into King, even with his unimpressive mane.
Calling it.

>she is the one that loves him for who he really is instead of his mane.


I've got a feeling it's just not meant to be with the impala anyway. Doubt she's a fan of a barbed penis. On that not do hyena girls still have a pseudopenis?

>not shipping King x Kurumi

But he would be too big for her.

Small cats and big cats are not meant to get along

Oh but lanka and jin is no issue for some reason

canon futanari?

Lanka is a loli so she's fine.

Well duh, humans can impregnate anything. At least, /tg/ tells me such.

>High school loli

Truly a most magical of realms.
Away, LRD. Loli that will forever remain a loli are truly blessed.

One day the holy loli empire will purge the heretics and their definition of lolis

Sorry I'm not a real artist but I felt like doing it anyways.

I just hope rapeman sees my meme and puts it after the next chapter

>Manga about animals getting along
>There's always that one fag that wants to kill all of the animals

His master is Shun Matsuena so of course he draws lewd stuff user.

The only heretics that's getting purge are oppai loli.
I bet he's a monkey. They're always up to no good.

Nothing wrong with oppai loli. Anyway, I love beetles but it doesn't seem like insects are part of this, sad. I'd like a cute rhino beetle girl with a plump bottom.

Lanka can probably take quite a bit. Her body would be designed to take a knot after all. So she'd probably like cuddling afterwards.

So this is a one person group doing this scanlation? Isn't that too harsh?

Up until the 70's, inmates in state/federal mental institutions in the US were fairly regularly forcibly sterilized for eugenics reasons.

>can't breed with everything
Who print this shit


Animals sure are weird
Here is a guy talking about dominating horses and horse behavior and a mare presents herself to him.

>humans can't mate with gnomes or dwarves

>Elves can't get impregnated by Orcs, Goblins, or Ogres.
Yes. That chart is complete bullshit.

Dragons are slut.

Same but I was thinking ore holstaur

>Elve can't be impregnated by cantaurs

Wolf-on-wolf-sex includes a stable docking it seems.
>During mating the tissues swell up and lock (tie) immediately after penetration of the male's penis inside the female. The locking is completed by circular muscles just inside the female's vagina tightening thus preventing the male from withdrawing. The circular muscles also contract intermittently, which has the effect of stimulating ejaculation of sperm, followed by prostatic fluid, as well as maintaining the swelling of the penis and therefore the tie, for some time. For domestic dogs the tie may last up to half an hour or more, though usually less.[7]

> The locking is completed by circular muscles just inside the female's vagina tightening thus preventing the male from withdrawing.

Something similar can happen during human sex (m&f) due to negative pressure.

The Artist should study under Tsugumomo's Mangaka.

>every murenase thread devolves into knot/dog-sex discussion


He could have just said "Want to join my harem?" and that would have been the end of it. Not like she would have refused. You know, because of the implication.

>Wolves form an alpha pair for life. She's the female alpha. He's the male alpha. Natural packs are usually an extended family with the younger pups sometimes leaving to form their own packs.
MC, Awooo and Awo, Awo, Awo, awo, awo and awo.


>Usually four to six pups are born together.

>manga about dog fucking leads to discussion about dog fucking

>Chapter about MC possibly ending up with a wolf-like girl
>Thread discusses implications.
>Someone asks how the discussion ended up at that topic again.

>Implying they don't know breeding is impossible anyway
>Implying it wouldn't just be a pure, platonic love
Jin doesn't even have a knot-penis so get your filth out of here.

>>Implying they don't know breeding is impossible anyway
We don't know if breeding is impossible in-universe.
>>Implying it wouldn't just be a pure, platonic love
>Jin doesn't even have a knot-penis so get your filth out of here.
He would not necessarily need to.

The Mangaka will not mention that anyway. Even though he could do it (after-timeskip) if he desired, as long as he does not show genitals.

But I doubt he'd want to draw it until their kids are old enough for kinder-garden.

Who wants a Slice-of-life like that anyway.

(I wonder how Masuda Eiji (Jitsu wa watashi wa) would approach this Manga's concept.
Though I wonder if he intends to go until the kids are sent off to kindergarden, on the other hand the kids are already present due to time-travel-shenanigans.)

>>Implying it wouldn't just be a pure, platonic love
As if non-platonic love could be any less pure.

Would be adorable, Jin just come home after work to an entire pack of little Lanka licking him all over.
>Lanka get jealous of her own daughters licking Jin

>manga about dog fucking leads to discussion about dog fucking
What manga are you reading because it certainly isn't this one

Sorry, I think I'm missing something here. What implication?

Holy crap. So if she really wanted him he couldn't get away.

>The only heretics that's getting purge are oppai loli.
They called Galileo a heretic too. Just because we are truly enlightened doesn't mean your plebian tastes are correct.

I wounder if AWOO will record Lanka's first time with Jin?

wait if I'm reading this right the harem is into him because of the black in his mane, yeah?

Then shouldn't they be latching on to Jin?

His mane is literally ALL black

But also tiny.

>Wolf can hear other wolf's howl from miles away
>AWOO would probably hear Lanka's moan during her first time with Jin
Yes please.

>mfw next chapter starts with Jin on a throne looking increasingly annoyed as the harem grooms and fans him

no because his penis doesn't have barbs on it

>no because his penis doesn't have barbs on it

>his penis doesn't have barbs on it

Wait what

Cat dicks have spines on them.

Where did this come from?

He needs to grow a beard if he wants to attract them.


They pop in a lot for the Goblin Slayer and Monster girl threads

Book of Erotic Fantasy.

Close enough

I thought it was from Corruption of Champions because of the background

Nah, this is from an actual, physical rulebook for an actual physical tabletop game.

How does that make you feel?

No, it's an actual PnP book. Not as bad as FATAL but still.

So you don't have to calculate anal-circumference in this one?

>an entire pack of little Lanka
Did you miss i used "awo" and "Awo" to differentiate?

But Awo, Awo, Awo, Awo, Awo and Awo would be lovely too, I agree.

No. It would be involuntary and probably non-perfect since he is not a Wolf.

But humans can suffer from negative pressure preventing "decoupling" in rare cases.

I would calculate Ranka's anal-circumference, if you know what I mean

>>mfw next chapter starts with Jin on a throne looking increasingly annoyed as the harem grooms and fans him
That would be fun.

God no, it's a lot less detailed than FATAL, then again, I don't think anything will go as far as FATAL.

>Ranka's face when

And the rest of the chapter is Ranka's nee-san trying to murder Jin for cheating on her precious little sister

Ch.1 mentions indirectly that the human mating season is year-around.

It should be okay if they want to join Jin (& Lanka's) Pack because of Jin.

"I expect no less of my little sisters partner."

Even if it makes Ranka cry?

Thank god nothing will go as far as FATAL

Why would it make her cry if her pack gets bigger?

Unless her position was challenged. But then I don't think AWOOO would help her. It's Lanka's pack to deal with.

How Happy would Lanka be if Jin licked her Mouth and Face.


Leglock happy.

Also six inches of hot monkey dick would ruin them.

you are just a bunch of pedos then

Lolis are great no matter what.

>No Lanka anywhere

One job user

that sounds fun

>tfw, he ends enjoy it for a while and Lanka is going crazy since they "stole" Jin from her.

it gets bloody when they do it, no matter if the cat is not virgin.

I know Jin will end falling for Lanka, but I prefer this to remain platonic.


Nice taste.

>living onahole

>negative pressure
The mythical "my hips are moving on their own"?


The chapters aren't too hard to edit since the author doesn't use too many text overlays thankfully, and it's not exactly the most difficult dialogue to TL besides the punshit.

>ruin them



>Ranka when she reads this thread

>implying she wouldn't immediately start looking up human mating habits to use on Jin

This manga is super interesting

>we will never see Lanka's panties

Why do people keep forgetting that Jin has literally one romantic option that isn't bestiality?


Because Hitomi is about as deep as a puddle right now.

>implying she wears any

Besides if anything on her it would be spats

Because Hitomi is his girl of choice, therefore she won't win by law of romcom.

Wrong, Lanka wears bear-print panties.

>wolf wearing bear-print

That's dumb

You're dumb


She's going to wear the wolf-print panties.
You can't really blame Jin on that chapter, it's not like those four eat any fancy cooked food.

And on top of that, they fucking enjoyed their food. You have to commend Jin for not trying to ruin their stomach instead.

>sloth gets wind
I love this shit, Jin is the best character without a doubt.

>his girl of choice, therefore she won't win by law of romcom

I fucking hate that "rule" usually inst that bad because the girl in case is just the bland childhood friend or Yamato Nadeshiko in training, but when that girl get a lot of characterization and developmentm but is doomed because of that.

>Lanka will never give you lickies and make you a pack member
>you'll never spend your days in a cooking club with cute animal girls

I love everthing on that page

Jin treating nicely the girl she likes
the others angry
sloth being sloth.

>literally The Lion King


There's not enough bushy-browed girls in this series.

>cute animal girls

You will need to find a really bunch of autistic girls to convice them to joing a cooking club AND use animal ears headbands.

>admits that they're not his property to give away


>haircut = character development

Goddamnit Japan...

yet the leave him when he lost his hair

How long until it grows back?

>legit Cred Forums

What does that even mean? Sounds buzzwordy.

Aye, he knows what animals enjoy and he's just providing them the stuff that suit their taste.
Never enough. Fox girls when.

You forgot

>fox boy when.


But then they'll just look like actual fox, you furry.

Well you know, you're in a room, filled with gaoru, and their leader wants you part of their harem.

You basically have to say yes... because of the implication.

I really wish he could make a no furry male on this, probably a affeminated guy, he will a trap in the sense of "kemonomimimi=girl" in this universe, but he always present himself as a boy.

I got ya fampai

Lions have sex for like thirty seconds at a time. Granted, they'll have sex about thirty times a day.

prematures ejaculators but at least have the stamina to compensate.

Looks kind of like the same artist who does this series

Different artist.

>no furry male on this

But the joke is that all the males are 100 % furry, and the girls are kemonominmiinrtingiouøokigdrts. That would ruin the joke.

I think this guy counts.


Am I having a stroke or are you?

More cows when?

Will any other animal join to club at this point?

It's a really hard word to write.

Kemono(Beast) + Mimi(Ears) is hard to write?

It sounds like you're going to hurt these lionesses.

>Sloth is the only one who doesnt complain
thats why shes a best of the bestest

I want Lanka-chan to drink my milk

stop that

Jin loves lanka now (like a pet at the very least) he would never slaughter her.

When will Lanka lick mc blood?

Chapter 1 (In the flashback)