Shokugeki no Soma

We all know Souma's gonna win his match but what about the others? I'm just waiting for Megumi's expulsion desu.

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someone needs to make a yuri doujin of that chick and megumi

If Megumi's expelled here it's because Erina was made to act as the examiner in a twist

Nope. Megumi will "tie" with the first seat. Since they are total opposites. He cares about the ingredients while she cares for the customer.

dump the omake.

sorry for my shitty redraw

I don't understand how this won't result in a whole bunch of them being expelled unless they all win which is bullshit, or even if they lose they won't get expelled which is then what is even the point?

Nikumi is cute when she's shy.


Is there hope for Megumi to show her cooking skills?


Meat Ikumi is shit at all times.



Don't bully the busty 15 year old

They might get expelled and Azami will get ejected at the end of the arc, undoing it.

Megumi is slightly more immune than the others since she has already been "expelled" in the training camp, although it was revoked soon after.

If anyone does fail, it will most likely be one of the characters that weren't in Erina's lectures and a few members of Polar Star Dorm.


Just expel half of PSD, they're nothing at this point and can barely even be called main cast



They're all 16 except for someone like Mehgloomy having a late birthday.

that's all

special thanks to royal-sama for the translation

Damn, I wanted to get ripped like that. Wonder how many years it would take from being sort of skinnyfat.

reminder best girl in these pages is doujima
second best is hinako

3 years at least.

The ex-Elite 10s who were demoted are actually helping Souma and friends for their matches. It's in the chapter where Isshiki calls the 3rd year guy and Kuga when the first years left for Hokkaido

As long as you don't fuck up after getting your beginner gains you'll be able to get there in 2.5 to 3 years.

Might as well start now, and learn to cook while I'm at it.

Why is she obsessed by Megumi so much? Is she a lesbo pedo?

Do it, user-kun! We believe in you!


I honestly do enjoy working out, but I've stopped a few times because my schedule keeps changing and it gets me lazy.
Maybe I should just stop bitching and eat my oats.

Megumin has boobs, no prepubescent girl has boobs

You can achieve his body doing bodyweight exercises and cutting tho.

Why did Megumi and Erina even agree to pose for this in the first place?
Also, why do they bother telling us their blood types? Who gives a fuck?

It's a shame they've been sidelines. I prefer Souma with their group rather than the top 8.

Really? I think he's way better around Hisako, Alice and Takumi at the very least.


But theres only 3 and Erina. Thats 4 like 4 peopel they can help. Much more rebels then that, and some of them are much worse than e10 hard to imagine even with help they can beat the higher e10 bunch,

That covers only a little more than a thong. Lewd.

Given the fact that the Academy is blatantly going out of their way to try to get these students expelled by sabotaging them and making them take unreasonable tests that nobody else has to do, couldn't they try and lawyer up? It's not like they're poor or anything.

I really want a prequel issue that's the adventures of Joichiro and Gin.

is shit hair-kun on the left also in the manga?

Could a school actually profit from expelling so many students? I guess every year the reminiscing students pay more for their tuition.

The academy's literally founded on unreasonable tests, this is probably nothing new and if you lawyer up against someone with infinite money you are probably going to lose

>Could a school actually profit from expelling so many students?
Azami only wants to expel a dozen students.
He's nothing compared to Sanzaemon, whose stated policy was that 90% of the students had to be expelled.

Just having Tootsuki on your resume, period is a major boost whether you're expelled or not

Honestly, most students are probably a lot better off under Azami.

That's not what he was asking though. He's asking how Totsuki academy could possibly remain profitable when they keep expelling so many students and have such ridiculously high expenses.

Pretty much, that's why they somehow felt the need to make him a child abuser to justify why he can't actually just take over.

>blood type.
Compatibily, personality and stuff. Nips believe in that shit.

Those expelled students still paid.

It probably doesn't actually make a profit, but it's good for the Tootsuki conglomerate's rep to produce such amazing chefs and you'll get talented people like Gin who might want to work for your other businesses like the Resort.

W-what's Soma's blood type then

fura fura
hmm hm hm hmmm~

highly compatible with erina

And then they gave him one of the dumbest evil plans in all of Manga.
How exactly will he force profitable restaurants to close? How will he force restaurants to serve only what he wants? How do he or any of his cronies expect to make a profit themselves when most people can't afford gourmet restaurants?

>all these girls will be in the Souma bowl

In terms of (if some actually)having a chance:
Shit < Boxer < Better than Alice < Winner of Chicken Dinner

The managaka's art is not this good when he was still a hentai artist.

such a shame.

There is no Souma bowl

Then again that's still preferable to "if I win I will lock my daughter that I have a history of abusing in a dark room away from reasonable human beings for the rest of her life and have her taste test a whole bunch of mass produced gourmet food for me" so I think I'm ok with it no matter how retarded it gets

>those delts
>bodyweight exercises

Maybe if you're doing weighted handstand pushups for reps, which you're not, and no one is.
A six month beginners program and then a BB split with roids will get you there in 2 or 3 years.

Who's Megumi fightning?

Only boys we know their blood type is Souma being B and Takumi is A.

Source: Giganigga.

manny pacquiao

TFW Souma gang all suffer frm Stockholm syndrom and can't just accept Azami is the nicer guy.

Come to think of it, how the fuck did Azami regain custody of Erina?
Senzaemon was her legal guardian, him no longer being the principal doesn't change that one bit.

>Erina's blood type AB

>Souma's blood type B

Best match for type B blood: type AB

Well that's not even trying to be subtle anymore

He'll literally shove his daughter in a dungeon dude

Tootsuki is like it's own literal kingdom with it's own weird laws, that and Senzaemon might not have actually taken away Azami's custody rights since doing so might require a public admission of what happened, and that would be a huge stain on the school, his reputation, and Erina's life before she was even older than 6

Damn this delicious meat....

She has a little meat on her hips which is fine by me.

When taking every member of both group into account I prefer the dynamic Souma has with Polar Star because they're more like his friends.

I agree he's better with the three characters you mentioned individually. But as group the top 8 they feel like they're only around each other because they are the top 8, not because they're friends or anything.

I don't think they are trying to be subtle anymore.

i'm glad hayama is a momfag, otherwise he'd get paired with one of the girls

Yeah, I mean, Souma is arguably the strongest of the rebels, and he's facing the NINTH seat. What chance do the rest of them have?

Hayama and Mikumi will give birth to the perfect brown baby.

Alice and Ryou will be fine, everyone else will luck out and get the toqueman and Isshiki backing them up.

Anyone who is not those though, yeah they're probably kill

i feel OP waiting for an "explosion" goes to show how shit this series is and how terrible you all should feel for liking this garbage

Will shit + shit do the effect of getting a god tier baby?

I feel you're a piece of shit and should stop posting

They ain't shit, bruh. Honestly I'd prefer Nikumi and Soma but curry + meat is a good combo too.

>Megumi NTRs the first seat from Rindou

I personally enjoy Souma's interactions with E10 members the most.
Souma and Eishi had an amazing clash of personalities.
Kuga already feels like Souma's best friend despite them being together for like 3 chapters.
Wish there were more interactions with Rindou.

Come to think of it Souma hasn't had interactions with any E10 member that weren't great.

Although that's partly on Souma being as good as he is more than anything else.

Can't wait for the rematch against Eizan. Next time he'll put some actual effort into it instead of being all "I used chicken to make chicken stock! I'm a culinary genius!"

>Souma is arguably the strongest of the rebels
Are Kuga, Isshiki and Megishima considered rebels? It's pretty weird, they were thrown away from E10, but then Central does nothing with them and allows them to walk around free, doing whatever they want. Why won't Azami just expel them?

I wish there was more Rindou too, user-chin.

There won't be another one, Eizan's been beaten and Souma's moved on to challenging higher seats. He's been defanged now.

I just enjoy him with Rindou and Kuga, and honestly those two can go well with anyone.

They're not actively opposing Central the same way the first years. Isshiki specifically avoided getting involved in defending the Dorm since he knew it would only cause trouble.

i need more gigahira in my life


I see there's another upstanding motherfucker of fine taste in this thread besides me, nice to meet you.

Except oppai lolis.

High five, bruh.

As much as I like meat you shitty dumb shippers are the worse.

This is a pretty good response to your point here , but I would like to add that they'll almost certainly be targeted now that they've made it known they're helping the rebels, Kuga especially. I actually question if what he's doing isn't grounds for expulsion now.

It was made pretty clear that Eizan wasn't taking the challenge seriously. He didn't use his specialty, he made no preparations and he didn't even think of what he was going to make until like halfway through since he was relying on crooked judges.
Plus, it was hyped that if he spent more time polishing his skills than he does doing business, he'd be much higher ranked. After this humiliation, he's going to get serious and try and get stronger.

This is just a little painful at this point self insert-kun

How many months are left in the school year?
All of the third years on the Elite 10 will be gone soon.

Souma will outpace him on growth just like Curry. He'll probably get redeemed but that's about it, once you lose to the shonen protag it's really hard to become a threat again, that's partially why they've held Erina back from directly competing for so long.

They are in late November. And school year starts on March I think?

>I actually question if what he's doing isn't grounds for expulsion now.
"save Kuga from expulsion" arc soon?

Eizan will probably end up doing a Shokugeki against someone else, he'll be a jobber to hype Souma's next opponent basically.

>Eizan loses to Giganigga


>He'll probably get redeemed but that's about it
I want him to turn on Azami not for moral reasons, but because he realizes that closing all non-gourmet restaurants in Japan will lose him a lot of money.

Gignig would be instantly and permanently placed in my top 5.

>Erina, Kuga, Momo: virgins
>Eishi: virgin until Rindou feel like raping him
>Nene: permavigin
>Eizan, Isshiki, Sword, Megishima, Rindou: definitely not virgins
How accurate it is?

Rindou is pure.

Giganigga is brilliant and while he's underused the times where he is are gold.

I think Tsukuda knows that so I'm looking forward to the next time he pitches in.

Pure slut.


Mini Carl as the 2nd year transfer student when

Will Subaru get a new specialty other than stalking and copying?

We'll, shit. I don't even hate Curryfag enough to pair him with Meat.

Yea, the entire concept of the manga (school that routinely expells students) would be retarded in real life. I just roll with it.

The overall plot of this series will always be dumb but the individual arcs and character moments are great

thread song

Of course Soma's gang hate Azami, They are the only people to benefit under the own regime. They won Fall elections, so they are gonna be the top of their year, everyone else would be retarded not to go with the chance of actually graduating from this prestigious cooking school.

I'm waiting for how Soma is somehow gonna bullshit the rest of the scrubs on how competition improves you even when you get BTFO by cooking magic

This is perfect

Reminder that Souma has nowhere near the talent everyone else around him does and gets there by busting his ass and throwing everything he has into it

He's also about to completely decimate magic nose thanks to it

Well really we have Soma, who is the poster child for ideally what the academy was going for and his father's intentions

Competition and facing strong opponents improve you
Then we have the people who are literally gifted and will always be in the top 10% like five of them have super food powers.
Then we have the people who have come to the conclusion(which the academy also fosters) that I need a specialty to succeed and being the best at least in my field will get me as far as possible.

Finally we have Megumi who is a representative of the other 90% no talents no specialties and honestly no chance. However when she meets Soma and becomes enveloped by these specialists she begins to blossom. Out of anyone Megumi should have been the person to go to Central, she would have a guaranteed chance at making it to graduation. However because of the old way she actually is at a level far beyond where she could reach if she just kept following given recipes and constantly getting E grades. So really this idea of competition and surrounding yourself with monsters elevates your skill

Yeah, I think the actual answer is going to be "students don't need to be fucking expelled, let's encourage that competition between people same as always, keep the E10 system and let's keep rolling".

Except then that removes the risk of expulsion...which is never going to happen anyways?

Really I don't think I care if the expulsion's around as a threat, I want Souma to reach the top and the chance that he won't make it is probably enough motivation to create tension for me as a reader.

It's just part of Megumi's gag where people automatically loves her.

To be fair Souma's got a lot of that too.

People kind of default to being positive towards him even when they probably shouldn't -- like the PSDs after he'd use them as stepping stones.

But how can it be a gag if I fucking hate Memegoomee

He's serving people his entire life so he knows how to be friendly and rub people the right way like the little cunning jew he was raised into.

She clearly had a crush on Shinomiya and fainted at the sight of Dojima's manliness, so she's probably bi.

Even before they actually even spoke to him though, the PSD people were commenting on what he said and basically shrugged and said "well I guess you have to be that arrogant if you want to make it here"

Who is the most foodsexual of them all?

Why is Hinako such a fucking slut
The one she truly loves is still Shinomiya though
I-I don't hate him either

Do you mean foodsexual as in they get turned on by food the most or that they make the sexiest food?

Everything about this part seems rushed
>alright lets go by the book but kinda fuck them over
>uhhh its not working
The E10 don't even seem that special anymore since 3 of them got kicked out and they had shitty "almost" E10s that got BTFO.

Especially in an explusion scenario, the only people who are losing are the extra girls in the dorm, the 2 guys and smoker.

shinomiya is truly best girl and is the only one who deserves to win the Somab Owl

Shinomiya-sempai on both accounts.

6 trials is a lot and if they didn't rush it would drag like hell.

I think the purpose here is to alternate cast interaction with some kind of challenges. Tsukuda wants to show Erina growing closer to the PSDs and Soma after each successive challenge.

Except now after this challenge it'll just be her growing closer to the Umis and Soma unless some major shakeup happens. It seems like it's progressing towards some kind of significant development.

I even doubt one of those irrelevant psds will get axed but I can hope.

I think 2 of the 5 will get axed in this arc, there is no way they can keep doing expulsion shit without consequences. Its also going to make E10s look like weak fucking bitches

Honestly all of them should get kill already then move on the interesting characters there.

I'm pretty sure regardless of the outcome of PSD facing E10 (expulsion or some how pulling out a win)
we are going to end these trails after seeing at least everyone else's battle. I mean what could be a greater challenge to face in these battles than E10?

the only way to make the stakes any higher would be if the final round is a tournament style knockout where two enter and one leaves, which would ensure that at least half of the rebels go home

I hope those 2 guyswhose names I can't be bothered to remember get expelled. You all know who I'm talking about.

Butt bros leave Game or Preservatives leave(only one can stay) Smoke or glasses leave(only one can stay possibly smoke defers to central) surprise elimination of alice or Hisako not sure which would be more emotionally devastating to Erina AND PSD as a whole.

A bigger surprise expulsion would come from Nikumi or the Aldini brothers, especially if Megumi manages to scrape by but Takumi fails.

Alice or Hisako would actually be nice, it would be meaningful and it doesn't necessarily means that we will not be seeing her again since they would not leave Erina.

Do people really want the manga to become that depressing?

we need to cut characters the cast is way too bloated as is, especially with E10 Becoming big players these last two arcs. We have still yet to see Erina cook seriously AT ALL, Alice, Ryou, Hisako, and Erina are now part of Souma's harem, and the last time anyone from PSD was relevant was when helping soma for the finals of the elections and that was one chapter.

>Aldini 2.

We can do without them.

Why remove them at all if they are irrelevant already? They appear like once in 10 chapters for some comedic moments and then disappear again.

Nobody will miss the Buttbros, not even the characters themselves.

>dat butt
>dem feet


Rude. They bonded with Erina more than the other two psd guys.

And Hisako will miss them.



You mean of the part where she enslaves them with her cooking?

Hey, I'll miss them.

The most nothing character has to be Marui, his gimmick got fucking eclipsed by Erina the one time it might've been useful

His glasses really are just for show

I usually remember the buttbros more than Marui.


Was Gamble Fish the only manga to get the glasses side character right?

Where did the "buttbros" nickname even come from?

>only one more episode for the second season

>tfw no third season for SnS
>tfw no third season for Diamond no Ace
>tfw no third season for Baby Steps

Someone called them buttpirates or buttbuddies one time.

Wouldn't they announce a season 3 at the end? It could happen right?

>Dec. 19
I was born in Dec. 18.

Weird feeling.

I would argue yes. It might be another short one like this season, maybe the introduction of the elite ten, Soma challenging Kuga, and maybe dip its toes in to the invasion arc

I share a birthday with Zoey Nixon and she's only a year younger than me.

How's that for a weird feeling.

Speaking as someone who actually had to lawyer up because of similar bullshit at a military service academy which got me enough to graduate but not enough to commission. There's only so much you can do and most of it isn't overturning their bullshit but injecting your own legal shenanigans. By going through this convoluted process they can still say there was due process, making things fair is irrelevant. (to be fair though getting that lawyer was the best decision I ever made)

He's never been named or mentioned, so not as of this moment.

No it's the fact that it ruined the elite nature of the institution to turn out the best refined to the highest quality, rather than a fucking degree mill with mediocre chefs who can only follow a recipe.

To be fair, the recipes are very good.

Usually schools don't exclusively work through expulsion but just strongly encourage students to drop out. Can be seen especially in specific majors where in some cases only 10% of people who sign up for a major actually graduate with that major because of the difficulty and prestige associated with it.

Those are universities though, this is a High School.

Taking away expulsion can be equated with grade inflation. Upping the bar on a class where the necessary level of mastery of the breadth and depth of a course is reflected in the tests, as you scale up to elite more and more students will fail, leaving only the cream of the crop. For example any reputable STEM degree involves at least a few weeder courses (the real purpose being to teach you how to think not what to think, like in Tootsuki how to cook not what to cook, it's a much higher bar requiring significant effort to accomplish).

rindou a shit

Except they've stated that those who graduate are immediately accepted as leaders in their industry and just attending is a big plus on a resume. Given the level of specialty it has more parallels to university than high school.

The point is to turn out Chefs capable of writing new recipes of that caliber, not mere emulation like an automated machine.

Azami won't outright expel someone for not going along with Central but he'll take away anything else. The only way to expel them would be through Shokugeki, which would need an E10, and even then they could just decline the shokugeki.

It's kind of dumb that the E10 can just decline once they have the seat, it goes against a lot of the foundation of Tootsuki by not allowing the stronger people to move up properly.

>Best hips

Definitely best girl. We are meant to be together

The in-universe reason is that you need to put up something of equal value and most people don't have anything that even approaches the resources you'd get as an E10

I guess you just have to step on someone's toes so much they want you out, then trash them in a Shokugeki.

Why are her feet drawn so badly?

Souma's can be explained. There's nothing special about Megumi, and if you met her, you probably wouldn't even notice her.

To be fair The Second Plate was never announced at the end of the first season either, so it might be some time before we get our thrids.

>Hisako being a little gay again.

Still waiting for this guy to finally do something

Souma's really mad about Azami trying to shut down the PSD, especially after learning he used to live there. It's not really related to how he's running the school.

Of course, then Tsukasa mentioned that places like Yukihira's have no future in their culinary revolution, and at that point Azami is on Souma's shitlist for good.

>Why won't Azami just expel them?
Royal asked Tsukuda in a tweet why Azami doesn't just expel the rebels.

Essentially, he's just an edgelord sadist. If he just gives them the boot, they won't feel enough despair for opposing his vision.

He looks so done with everyone's shit, it surprises me he is doing something along with Isshiki and Kuga.

This picture and his shirt makes it seem like his specialty is ramen but the hat makes me think it's peruvian. It could be chifa or something. Some people have said it could be noodles, which is a pleb food and would explain why he was against Azami/Central.

I think it'd be weird if he got the 3rd seat on Ramen alone but it's possible I suppose

Him being a general noodle master would be much better imo as that would give him much more variety

...explain to me how she has the best hips when Erina's are bigger? Unless you mean personally to you she has the best hips.

That and I can't imagine he was super happy hearing Azami abused a..."friend" (in so much as she counted as one at the time?) of his for 6 months. I feel like that's a good part of why he calls Azami Nakamura-senpai.

I wanna say that if they do anything, it will be one of the butt brothers, Marui (shame, cause I like Marui) or Ryoko. I can see Yoshino fucking some shit up because she has actual cooking and doesn't need to bring fermented ingredients around.

Big blow IMO would be Ibusaki. I really think he has real potential to be a good cook at Totsuki.

>Unless you mean personally to you she has the best hips.
Translations were posted yesterday in another thread, and the mangaka commented that she has the best hips. You can find it in the archive since it just happened yesterday.

The mangaka shouldn't say it, but show it.


part of the charm is them not draggin everything the fuck out

this is perfect

Yeah, Souma's refusal to call him Nakiri, while hilarious and passive aggressive, does at least serve as an indicator that Souma just doesn't see him as one.

The translation is right on the pic. The ones posted in this thread are the translated and edited versions.

She looks very nice, user. Thank you.

I want to impregnate Sexhair-senpai!

Ibusaki has the makings of an arc but he's really only half formed right now.

He and Megumi should go evil.

If Erina isn't in next week's chapter then D R O P P E D

She won't. She is busy getting gangraped by those suit guys.

I don't think we're going to see anyone in the cast outside of Souma, Hayama, Kuga, and Doujima until this match is over.

Barring of course, Doujima picking people we know as the other judges.

the art has gotten so bad on this manga.

We all know ___Jun___ is one of the judges right?

Nigga there is like 10 people left in the 3rd grade or some shit.
They even said that what, 90% of the people will drop during the first year, yet noone seems to drop.

I see Etoile is doing a shouta Shinomiya arc atm.

So what is Ryou's style now exactly?

A whole lot of people dropped already though.

random no names dropped.

When do we see Rindou kick someone's shit in

They're setting up Smoke as the final villain you dumbass.

But seriously though I hope he becomes an antagonist.

What music video is this from?

Goodbye my sides

Erina a cute

They were the 90%

I wonder if Erima and the Umis think Souma will lose to Hayama?

On the one hand, he's Souma, on the other hand his record against Pajeet so far is entirely losses.

I imagine they have faith in him, but you aren't wrong about his record.

I'd wager people are more worried about what might be happening to the weaker rebels.

Final animu preview





Azami is a great leader and program developer. The schools should have a standardized education plan. You can't guarantee quality with everyone doing something different. The independent research should still be allowed though, every school has allowance for extracurricular activities. Thats the ONLY bad thing about him.

Are they just gonna use that megumi cutout and move her around in the anime South Park style like in the manga?

So they will also adapt chapter 117? Nice.

Or maybe move out some scenes and still end it with that one page, you know the one.

They obviously weren't going to end it with just Souma and not showing the rest of the cast. But I don't think they'll show the shokugekis from 117.

I'm going to miss this stupid show so much

I was born on Dec 19th

It could get another season, don't lose hope till after the credits!

Dojima best girl.

Ideally, Azami's plan should remain as the basic curriculum with the RS's providing the creative jewels a chance to flex their cooking muscles, with events and competitions between them that don't impact your graduation but still give you a great edge.

I think ultimately Erina will bring around a system that takes the good parts of both her grandfather's and father's ideas while getting rid of the very real problems both have.

His was the best of the lot.

I wish there was a boys' side of this omake.

I also agree that Tootsuki shouldn't produce recipe-copying machines but the fact remains that those absolutely amazing methods and recipes should be kept as foundation. If everyone knows the absolute best as a basis, Tootsuki still keeps its reputation as the greatest chef academy, like, a base graduate would be an awesome asset to any hotel or restaurant.
And then you'd have the genuine stars that the most expensive and wealthy businesses fight tooth and nail to obtain. That is when the jewel chefs themselves don't just start their own business. It's really win/win for everyone, everywhere.

>shouldn't ONLY produce recipe-copying machines.
My bad.

>giganigga's sexy photoshoot never.

Life is hard.

She was made for Sex.

That is not saying much.

What if Azami has both Jun and Erina being mindbroken in a dungeon somewhere?

How is he a nice guy? When he want kill food for the masses and just serve his pretentious desire to cook "refine food" for the rich minority. He's fucking retarded like 2nd-rate Artfags.

Jun reminds me of Poplar, we need doujins of her getting mind broken by the dick.

dick status: muh

It's honestly pretty unbelievable Azami didn't just take Erina away from the group completely.

Does he really think she wants to come back?

There's still a chance of that having happened when she was sent to have normal trials instead of the E10 challenges the rebels have.

just remember that if the curry dish judging was a shokugeki, Soma would have won 3-2 against pajeet

>each shot of a guy has giganigga in the background mimicking their poses, facial expressions and outfits

Gymbro here. 1 year natty and a few cycles. So 2 years max if you're dedicated.

I'm saying his words and the picture do not match.