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Hey what's up my dudes.
So here's a fun thing I've thought about. I tried to recreate the 'Sono chi no sadame,Joo Joo!' line from the first JoJo opening.

Gotta say, I'm pretty proud of myself. It actually sounds exactly like the original song lyric.

Listen to my masterpiece here if you want :

Feel free to try the same. Although my voice is going to be pretty hard to beat.

you wouldn't even guess that I have throat cancer,rite?

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bretty gud op

so a few threads ago some user posted arcadefags johhny model. i went into it and edited it. what do you guys think about it?


Is JoJo the biggest meme ever conceived?


Have a Catman

>'Sudden Battle' from new Diamond Unbreakable OST in audiosurf

Gappy makes me happy

We getting the new OP tomorrow or next week? I'm pretty hyped.

next week

Who is the chubbiest?

Was someone murdering you while you recorded this, OP?


Your mom
Get. HYPE!

well dp change style each time to fit the change of style of the manga , so they will obviously change style for vento aureo , now the question is : how will it look ?

>if he just completely stopped existing altogether in one moment
this is flat out completely untrue of how Kira's bombs work. it may be how Kira describes his own bombs, but in the scenes where people exploding are clearly depicted as the focal point of the panel (both shigechi and the random dude later), it's clear that it's not "stop existing in one moment," given that we see their bodies undergoing the process of explosion (in shigechi's case) and bits of their tattered flesh while/after they explode (in the stranger's case)

Posted this in the last thread

What if Araki had decided to name stands after movies instead?

How would you fix the endings of all the parts?

I'll start: Part 1 Actually show Dio brought a coffin for both him and wang chan

Part 2 Have joseph actually fight and find a weakness in UB Kars to exploit, not just 'stone amplified power'

Part 3 Have more buildup to SAMU STANDO and make jotaro slice dio in half instead of blowing up his leg

Part 4 Wouldn't change at all

Part 5 Have diavolo get arrow after SCR and make King Crimson Requiem, then have Giorno fight and trick him somehow and then GER + shitstomp

Part 6 Wouldn't change, maybe have some scenes with josuke or giorno

Part 7 Not have HP and diego die to Valentine, have original diego kill HP and have OG Diego in High Voltage

most people are guessing next week due to the fact that in Japan, seasons/"cours" of television work on 13 episode schedules, and they typically wait until the start of a new cour before introducing new OPs and EDs

week after next week.

Part 4 has Rohan running over Kira in an ambulance

Update on the MKWii mods, I've changed the Bob-omb to this innocent coin.

Any other suggestions? What should the Fake Item Box be?

>what is Jorge Joestar?

i'm surprised, this seems like the type of list that should include "explain the flashback guy in part 4"

Why must you post this in each new thread?

Post YFW 1:52

I think he's saying that nijimura wouldn't be able to regen quick enough and just phrased it badly.

It'd be awful

Instead of the occasional reference jojo gets on Cred Forums we'd have the worst board on this site, Cred Forums including jojo in its faggotry. Its bad enough animeonlies on Cred Forums shitpost about jojo

Well they did a good job with Part IV IMO, so I believe my expectations won't be shattered.

How do I get good?
I get worse the more I play.
I keep on using specials accidentally and getting punished for it, I can't chain anything and the only reason why I can beat the story mode is because AI doesn't know how to block Checkmate or Road Roller Da


I'm talking about just endings, user, and I'm not retarded enough to want that anyway

The know the answer.

>nijimura wouldn't be able to regen quick enough
if this is the case, surely a solid DORARARARA could've gotten the job done. his arm didn't seem to regenerate faster than Josuke punched it away

who are you playing as? DIO?
be sure to learn that "basic combo" they have listed. even if it seems complex, it's really not that bad, but those sorts of strings are vital to your success

Part 4 is Kira's BITES ZA DUSTO somehow blows Josuke back to the point in his childhood when he was sick and he saves himself

Josuke proceeds to Crazy Diamond a broken medallion of his or something with pieces left in the modern day to travel back

I still don't know what's so special about this image to be post in every thread.

>I'm not retarded enough to want that anyway
it was inevitable i guess

Perfect Joshuu and THICC

>Josuke proceeds to Crazy Diamond a broken medallion of his or something with pieces left in the modern day to travel back
Absolute bullshit. I fucking love it.

>Gappy wearing fucking Chucks instead of actual sneakers

Yeah, but those are freeze frames. They're gone in a couple of seconds tops from the explosion starting to being a wisp of dust. Nijimura's regeneration is because of DIO's vampire cells overtaking his body, but even if he was an actual vampire himself there's no way he could possibly regenerate fast enough to outpace himself being erased.

Josuke when he was really angry wasn't able to kill rohan after a solid dorara. I doubt he could punch so hard or fast that he could completely annihilate all of nijimura before he could regen

Please no

>he saves himself
Why couldn't the stranger just be a good samaritan and not Josuke?

People with shitty music taste aren't allowed to post in JoJo threads.

>to improve the pacing, certain plot points, visuals, etc
Or fuck them up. I didn't shitpost about it but holy shit did I ever want.

Why the fuck did they butcher the safe scene and then immediately butcher the landlord scene? They could've just cut the ED for fuck sake, just like with Cinderella, safe scene had such tension, you could see how nervous he was deciding what he will do and payoff this was greater, now it's just a shadow of itself, same with landlord and his friendly appearance when he walked in that was cut, now he just teleported into the house could've at least leave the door open. Why the fuck, guys?

General purpose discussion point, though nothing'll probably come of it:While it's basically non-canon just because a lullaby in 1800s Britain would probably not say 'singularity point', if memory serves, the novel based on a restored DIO's diary implies Erina dragged Dio into the coffin when he seemed to be dead even after linking with Jonathan's body, and then let the coffin sink back to the ocean, with him in it, after she was rescued. Just as bullshit, but eh.
This is basically the entire plot of Part 4, really

Because the retarded JoJo fanbase actually believes this was supposed to happen and the story would be better with this happening

I don't think this is within your ability. But make it Dragon's Dream, the fake item blocks are "unlucky"

They did that in the VA Video Game

Giorny makes me horny

I'm hoping it's this week but I keep hearing they'll release it next week
And then there's that thing with the last episode not showing the OP at all, so there must be a new OP coming really soon

I'm just hoping it's this week, Chase playing with RPS Kid would be awkward

The point of the stranger was to show the rugged but gold heart of Morioh. Wanting him to be a time traveling Josuke defeats the theme of the part, much like how people thinking diavolo didn't deserve his death loops didn't understand part 5.

This doesn't even make sense. Why would BtD do that? Araki may like asspulls but he does like some level of consistency

alright lets see : it make more sense for kira to go do his landlord trick than go to the safe , because he knew that he wouldnt be able to open the safe anyway , i think it make kira seem more smart here

>Daft Punk.
Flibbedy floo, here's your (you).

>Part 4 Wouldn't change at all

>and then let the coffin sink back to the ocean
Why would it sink if it floated with her on it?

Maybe make it look like a normal item box but with Echoes SFX plastered all over it. I assume you're going to be swapping the character models with ASB/EoH models as well, anything to show for that yet?

All right, autist, what would you change, let's hear it

Besides which, that would just smash him about which he could recover from. Keicho said he'd tried all sorts of ways of putting him out of his misery but nothing worked, even their stands. But being completely obliterated would put an end to him for good.

Which is the best in terms of being an anime:


BT, easily. I'm not sure how they made that turd of a part better, but they did it.

You mean Not so ugly Joshu and Butter face Karera

Y'see, that's why I noted it's also as bullshit as the magical secret compartment/extra coffin that's never explained beforehand, yes.

>the novel based on a restored DIO's diary
>Over Heaven
We don't talk about that kind of disgraceful trash around these parts

DiU so far honestly, the music and voice acting is making it absolutely fucking wonderful.

> DIU come out when time resets become trend in anime

DiU > BT > PB > SDC

She dragged him upstairs. And it doesn't matter anyways, the outcome is still the same the, scene is just better if you build it up, it's not like he actually tried to guess the combination and then gave up and went to him.


this , you can mention all the novels you like , but that one is forbidden

Is it really that bad? I was checking out all the different light novels and that one seemed kind of interesting

BT is just so fucking bad that not even adaptations save it, PB was done pretty well, for how bad the pace was SDC was pretty enjoyable and seeing the crew interact was fun, but DiU's really nailed a lot of things. Storyboarding is still an issue but honestly I can ignore it

DiU if it wasn't for Kira's VA and Alien queen


Personally DIU but BT is great. DIU is probably the best adaption we could have gotten (not perfect by any means though). I mean can you imagine if they gave DIU SDC pacing.

Ah, I literally only partook in joining the discussions last thread, though I've lurked for a month or two, but most of the recent threads have been more over Joshuu wanting to suck his mother's tits, the cringiest of porn, and Arcadefag, so I am uncertain of the Local Customs. Forgive this Humble Faggot for my breaching-

I like this idea.

As for the character models, not yet. First I'm going to sort out all the items. Custom characters are quite the step up.

I did see that one user was going to put Jotaro on the Dolphin Dasher, but I havent heard back from him

it feel better to me personally , mostly because of kira whole personality of wanting a quiet life and being a minutious killer and being able to come up with a plan within seconds , for exemple once he was discovered by josuke , he immediatly cut his hand to rush to Cinderella , he made up that escape plan in seconds on the spot , so i dont feel it out of place that here he would do the same

> BT is just so fucking bad that not even adaptations save it
Shit meme.

I'd much rather talk about Jorge Joestar (which is arguably worse because it incorporates Over Heaven as canon) than to have to repeteadly discuss that god-awful book.
Over Heaven is trash and anyone who takes it as a credible source deserves nothing short of public execution

Over Heaven is a complete utter fucking disgrace to Dio's character. Even Tumblr fujos don't misinterpret the character as horribly as Over Heaven does.
It's like the author tried to understand the character but at the same time felt like it was his duty to "fix" JoJo by tacking in horrible cliches and headcanons into Dio.
You can read it if you want but I despise it and wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I personally wish that book had never been made.

>Implying Kira's new VA isn't better than his one in the game
The "Dame dame dame dame dame" line alone sold me that he's the better voice actor honestly.

>two clicks in fruity loops
>untz untz around the world
>untz untz around the world
>untz untz around the world

Why was Joshuu able to switch the Milagro Man curse?
From what I've got, the curse is successfully switched only if you take the money willingly, like Joshuu did the first time. The bartenders/whatever didn't get the curse because they gave him back the money as soon as they realized they were cursed bills.
Why did that guy got back his curse when Joshuu put the money in his juice or whatever that was?

But daft punk is shitty, user

Joshuu makes ME happy

Do you have anything ingame to show yet? MiH is the Gold Mushroom right?

Once more, I apologize for bringing it up in the first place, then, completely my bad.

How to make a single character pucci work?

let me give you a tier of the novels :
>Purple Haze Feedback
>4th Another day
>Golden Heart , Golden ring
>Genesis of Universe
>Jorge Joestar
>Over Heaven

They made the longest music video ever though, that's gotta count for something. Look it up, it's called Tron: Legacy

It's okay user, you did nothing wrong

Who the fuck spends $800 on pants?

It's successfully switched when you harm the money somehow. NKC made it so that the guy ripped the bill by opening the bottle.

Sudden Battle is the best part of the DiU OST to date. Pity the main theme didn't top Stardust Crusaders.

Fuck of arcadefag.

Not yet, I going to wait a bit. If you want to try out my files for yourself, I can give you the link.

I was going to use MiH for the Bullit Bill, but if anyone has any other suggestions, I'm welcome

stop reposting this donut

I never realized that Jotaro wears fucking flares. I'd wear them too if they looked like this and not as ridiculous as they do in real life

Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency being a single season was probably for the best, if they were separated they wouldn't have worked nearly as well as they did. It serves as a good prologue to the JoJo series and setting up the characters and world

Stardust Crusaders is great, but horribly paced with too many multi-parter Stand episodes for minor villains nobody really cares about. Characters like N'Doul get a pass, but Anubis and Alessi were fucking horse shit. It was almost too faithful

Diamond is Unbreakable is the best so far, the shorter episode count and swap in arcs is doing wonders for its pacing and might even be better than the manga. It helps the story of Morioh is pretty self-contained in general so it flows by well. Other changes like fixing the art style for some characters like bishie Josuke and a shorter Tamami and Hazamada off the bat instead of them just randomly shrinking down to Koichi size makes for better continuity

Let's just hope it stays that way for the remaining 14 episodes

It really is.

Joseph's wacky XD character shtick wears off super fast and I have no clue how anyone thinks he's a good jojo, Caesar is a godawful character, Lisa Lisa is a godawful character, Stroheim is kind of fun but asspulled his way out of death and the Nazis are portrayed weirdly (first murdering prisoners and then heroes), the plot was trash and full of holes, a bunch of random forgettable characters are introduced, and the Pillar Men are the worst villains in the series. There's no character interaction, interesting side stories, and there is exactly one interesting and cool fight in the entire part. The rest are asspulls like Kars or stupid like Wired Beck.

I had read BT prior, but I didn't start watching the anime until this year, and for all the complaints I hear about bad pacing in SDC BT is worse. They have one episode after Caesar's death devoted to fighting Wired Beck and setting up the stage for the Wham fight - why? They have an episode of after Joseph kills Esidisi the first time but before they reach Switzerland - why? Throw in shitty dubstep, really fucking bad VAs, and the knowledge SDC with stands and actually interesting battles and crew interaction was ahead and I can safely say BT was a bad part and adaptation.

Oh, and Bloody Stream was shit too, and the adaptation did not deserve to keep using Roundabout as an ED.

You desereve nothing



>barely noticeable ost for meh movie which could be saved by synthwave if it was made a few years later
What a waste.

in and around the lake

Whatever you say, my man.

Preview for tomorrow's episode: Rohan vs. Discount Narancia.

Shinobu: I've suddenly fallen in love with my own husband, but we've never really talked to each other so I don't know what to do! Here goes, I'm just gonna start a conversation! H-Honey, um... let's play rock, paper, scissors!

Kosaku: Why?


Considering Beach Boy exists, has noone actually made a bait image involving Pesci yet? I've been expecting to see something like that for a while now.

Battle Tendency's anime made the part way more entertaining than it was in the manga. David really played up how fucking stupid everything is in part 2 and it gained a lot from it.

Stardust Crusaders had its pacing trashed in the anime. It wasn't a total dumpster fire or anything, but we really didn't need shit like Oingo and Hol Horse to be a 2-parter.

DiU's pacing is a lot better, but the quality of the episodes yo-yos like a motherfucker. Red Hot Chili Peppers part 2 and The Lock were incredibly well done, for example, while episodes like Surface blew chunks. They've also been messing with
some of the character moments I loved, like Okuyasu in Atom Heart Father. I'm probably overly critical of the part 4 anime because of how fond I am of the manga, which wasn't the case with the first 3 parts.

I can't believe that the fucking lock has been my favourite episode so far. They managed to turn a pretty bland fight into a rollercoaster ride with just good directing. Shigechi's death was a lot more chilling in the anime, too.


I hope my boy Mikitaka doesn't get the QUALITY treatment



YFW tomorrow after credit title card say :

I don't understand this at all. According to the wiki, Yagiyama is Bruno's alternate universe counterpart.


>DiU's pacing is a lot better, but the quality of the episodes yo-yos like a motherfucker. Red Hot Chili Peppers part 2 and The Lock were incredibly well done, for example, while episodes like Surface blew chunks. They've also been messing with
>some of the character moments I loved, like Okuyasu in Atom Heart Father. I'm probably overly critical of the part 4 anime because of how fond I am of the manga, which wasn't the case with the first 3 parts.

Are you me?

one for pesci
and one for pork pie hat kid



Their names both have alliterations. They're both guys. They both have black hair.

I can't wait to see AnimeOnly pepole react to one of the most bizzare charcters in JoJo

>Shinobu: H-Honey, um... let's play rock, paper, scissors!
>Kosaku: Why?



>Kira never got to be a quiet father

I don't even remember why the curse was such a bad thing to begin with. Wasn't people discovering your money was cursed and not wanting to serve you the problem? That didn't seem like a huge deal if Joshu moved somewhere else, where nobody knew of the urban legend.

I did like how it gave us a look into Joshu's psyche at the end. He may be a pathetic NEET with no talents or skills, but he's more self aware than he lets on and it goes a little way in explaining why he's such a huge faggot to everybody but Hato.


>where nobody knew of the urban legend.
The guy implied that Milagro man was some Illuminati-tier shit that everyone knew about and impossible to avoid without passing it on someone else.


>part 5 is the major turning point in Ataki's style towards feminine.
>Giorno's original name is mentioned as being a girl's name in canon

What did Araki mean by this?

I don't have it on hand right now, but I hope everyone knows of that disgusting Ringo sprite.


Gee, I sure hope not.

>wanting a man who attacks mostly kids, innocent women, and helpless people in general to ever lead a happy life
>not thinking that once he took out josuke, rohan and the rest that he would have immediately killed shinobu and hayato
Fucking shippingshits I swear, its like you people are always in a teletubbies mindset

Isn't Giovanna the feminine version of Giovanni? He also wanted Giorno's name to rhyme, so that's why he gave him a girl's name.

I've really got to revisit that arc. I don't know if the curse was just really poorly explained or if I'm retarded. At least we got some sweet Joshu action out of it. Hope we get a little more before he hijacks the plot from Josuke.

>ranking 4 of the 6 novels that don't have translations
how's the wiki treating you friend?

>Implying i didnt read them in japanese

I thought Kira's long-term goal was just avoiding confrontation with his pursuers for the rest of his life? Killing Rohan and the others with Bites the Dust is the first time I remember him plotting against them, and even then it seemed like them setting of BtD was a fluke that he just rolled with.

I think it's implied the curse is universal. After all, the milagro man stand is a remote control type that can operate after death, so it can probably keep its curse on joshuu forever

I kinda doubt the whole 'everybody knows, no one says' thing because why wouldn't joshuu, who's presumably been around quite a bit and at least knows les feuilles, know it, but eh.

>yfw when it says RPS Kid is Coming! Part 2

Let's be honest - Surface in the Manga kinda sucked

It was pretty confusing


Insert 'ok but stray cat totally proved he loved Shinobu u dummy!!!'

I wouldn't mind more scenes of Kira trying and mostly failing to adjust to married life, myself, but I wouldn't want him to get off free.

No user it's gonna be awesome, I read that they're going to start off like I'm An Alien, with Josuke and Okuyasu finding him in the field or whatever, but then they're going to go straight into Superfly and circling back to do Rohan's house fire after Highway Star. It's better that way because then it establishes that Mikitaka is friends with the gang and down to participate in their shenanigans instead of making Josuke look like an asshole who takes advantage of people, which is what Araki did.

I never said I wanted Diavolo to have a happy ending, Kira could've been a changed man had he gotten over his hand boner

He was this close too considering what he scored with

No, he didn't want to fight them, but he wanted them dead. Its shown in the Thats Not My Dad arc he just can't resist his killer instincts anymore, and also the fact that he just sort of takes yoshihiro as a flying photo normally probably indicates he knew of atom heart father and was waiting for his dad to kill off josuke and friends.

Kira also new fate would give him some boon cause thats the point of the character, he just didn't know it'd be in the form of BtD.

They are just memesters, user. Why are taking it so seriously?

>immediately killed shinobu and hayato
Nah, that would attract a lot of attention, he would have to kill all of their relatives, landlord, her friends if they start to ask questions, relatives of her friends and on and on and on, until he would have to leave the town. He would definitely bare with his new life and would figure out the way to satisfy his fetishes he already did it with that nice couple.

>salty Cinderella fag is still doing salty arguments


There's no way there wasn't a male alterantive that also sounded like Giorno to him and got the job done in rhyming. Haruno (or whatever it was) sounds like a very specific choice.

Just give it up already. The Part 4 anime is the first to be 100% superior to its manga incarnation What do you guys think of this guy's points?

I Am An Alien! having a lower budget wouldn't be a bad thing, honestly. Saving it for Highway Star makes more sense.

i was thinking you were that Cinderellafag from the thread before who is salty as fuck that Cinderella happened before quiet life

I'm really just speaking more to the sentiment that kira did nothing wrong and should have stayed with shinobu to satisfy a stupid ship, and plus, this isn't really serious discussion.

>would've killed all those others
Well, he def would have killed Hayato or just kept BtD on him for the rest of his life. He probably would have offed Shinobu and made it look like a disapppearance, though, so he could go back to his hand fantasies around the house.

>Josuke look like an asshole who takes advantage of people, which is what Araki did.
To be fair Mikitaka WANTED to be useful to them, I don't think DP will change that.

>the first to be 100% superior to its manga incarnation
My friend, you need to consider what you're saying. DiU is a good anime, I don't disagree, but part 4 is actually a good manga to begin with, unlike parts 1-3 which are borderline unreadable manga

Araki most likely went "Giorno Giovanna sounds cool. Oh, the last name is a girl's name? Whatever".

What do you think is going to happen to Gappy at the end of JJL? Happily ever after married to Yasuho with baby [Jolyne] on the way? Will Holly accept him as a son? Will Joshu quit being such a fucboi?

Why the fuck did you link this nobody?

I'll just wait for that shitbag at Mother's Basement to make an in-depth analysis of the Part 4 OPs when the anime is done

He didn't and he wouldn't user, why would a single woman make him adjust a habit he's had for over a decade?

He probably didn't even like shinobu, anyway, one could interpret stray cat as him just protecting his identity again

I get the themes behind Chase, but the bit with everyone dancing in the first DiU OP gave me everything I could ever want in life.

Fuck off Rohan, Pink Dark Boy sucked.

Video just showed up on the related ones, this one has more views and goes a SHIT ton more in-depth though.
>Tfw will have to wait like 4 more months for Mother's Basement to do a What's In An OP for all of part 4
Chase is my favorite OP honestly but I just can't not-like CNBT, it's fucking so funky and feel-good. I want it to be the credits theme for part 4 on the last episode, with the ending going through all the characters doing their signature poses.

I have no idea. On the one hand, Josuke and Joshu's relationship really seems like there'll be some Jonathan and DIO-tier shit at some point, but then again Joubin and Kaato seem pretty evil.

Seeing as Kira and Josefumi got absolutely fucked, I wouldn't be surprised if Josuke and Holly didn't have good endings, either.

wow there dude , Pink Dark Boy is awesome , its like you never read the arc when PDB have to go fight stand in atlantis , that was amazing

>was waiting for his dad to kill off josuke and friends.
I totally forgot about that part, thanks for clearing it up.

Josuke blowing up Yoshihiro by guiding Kira over the phone is probably my favourite non-stand tactic from part 3-8. Mista's stupid grass snowboard and Weather Report's Put Back Man are the only things that come close.

I hope Josuke dies. A happy ending after two pretty bittersweet endings now wouldn't sit nicely. I do hope he and Yasuho fuck, though.

I also kind of hope Holy and Joshuu die, the first being a really tragic scene and the latter being Joshuu finally redeeming himself.

Regardless of whether he actually likes Shinobu or not, the fact he managed to prove himself a better husband than the original Kosaku shows he's at least good at keeping up masks. It wouldn't be an instant change, it'd be something he'd have to work on himself if he truly felt like it

Needless to say, literally everything that happens to him is his own fault when he's been the child of luck his whole life

I think Josuke and Norisuke will be the main deaths of Part 8. Norisuke to me is very likely and i can see Josuke dying

Araki killed off Marco offscreen (something I actually really liked), so I have no doubts that he wouldn't object to killing her.

If Joubin ends up being the (or one of the) big bads, I don't see Joshuu being on Gappy's side.

>White Haired Ken

get ready For PINK (DARK) BOY II MAN

Norisuke dying to save his family would make sense and be tragic.

>Holy was healed thanks to the rokakaka , however she would later die of a cold

>Joubin forcing Joshu to root for Josuke in the beetle battles was symbolism for Joshu supporting Josuke against Joubin when the latter turns evil


Just fucking kill the whole Higashikata family and have Dosuke knock up Yasuho with twins using his double-balls to continue the lineage

He's ready to die

Norisuke is my favorite character in Part 8 but if there is anyone who is more likely to die besides Josuke and Jobin its him

its so weird that araki let him live during the fight with Damo , i trully believed he was gonna die because of blood lost

All I know is that I'll cry like a bitch once JoJolion ends. I love all the characters, even that smug asshole Joubin.

Is he the Asgore of JoJo?


>Tfw grown to like Chase so much that it's my 2nd favorite OP
I'm genuinely worried for the next OP, I can't imagine it being better visually than Chase or the song having the same effect that fits the tone Chase did for it's cour.

It would be amazing if Joubin knew that he was on the 'wrong' side but felt he had to do it, and forced Joshu to support Josuke in order to keep Joshu from joining with the bad guys.

I think Kaato or Jobin will be the one that kills Norisuke

Boy if u dont. He might be
He has had alot of death flags point to him

I kind of hope we get a scene where josuke realizes if he uses the rokkaka on holy something really bad will happen, and he ends up abandoning her after a lot of frustration and emotion

This. I would love it if joubin became the main villain and norisuke felt conflicted as all hell, already seeing some of that now

Speaking of which, how do you guys think King Crimson will appear in part 8? Do you think it'll be in part 8 at all? Thoughts?

Most of those bitches are straight up fat, don't sugar coat it. Joshuu looks cute but even then, 3DPD newfag.

I think Kaato is the mastermind and Jobin is the Dragon. My guess is Kaato wanted the Fruit for some reason but her primary motive is revenge

Going off of Part 6 and Part 7's ending I have no fucking idea what shenanigans will take place this time

>the fact he managed to prove himself a better husband than the original Kosaku shows he's at least good at keeping up masks
no it doesn't, it shows that the real kawajiri was a chickenshit crappy husband and that kira is a shitty identity thief who didn't do any research whatsoever into the personality of the guy whose life he stole. all the things he did for shinobu were things he was already doing for himself while living alone anyways, it's not like he was deliberately trying to be a good husband

If it combines the funkiness of CNBT and the outright epicness of Chase and includes resets in the OP when Bites the Dust activates like DIO freezing time in Sono Chi no Kioku it'll probably be the Elder God Tier of OPs

Whatever Joubin is doing, it's so he can protect his wife and son. Unless Araki does some stupid shit and gives Mitsuba King Crimson to force Joubin into getting the Rokaka so she doesn't have to die.

i'm rereading the manga, and i think it's better to have cinderella before quiet life personally. like it means shigechi gets to be around longer rather than ebing introduced and then immediately dying

>Josuke trades Kira's balls in exchange for Holly being cured

>Funky yet fucking epic
>Bite the Dust in the OP
>God-tier mix of the bleak visuals for whenever Kira's referenced in the OP with more colorful, stylish shots for the rest of the crew
>Literally a perfect blend of Chase and CNBT
I don't think I'd be able to handle it, easily would be the best OP we've had.

>king crimson
So the dio counterpart gets a The World that stops time for 5 seconds.

The kira counterpart gets Killer Queen that blows shit up with bubbles.

If araki decides to keep working in patterns, then I'm at a loss. Diavolo would not be a higashikata, but KC is a 'King' stand. I'm guessing part 9. Ability wise, it'd be fun to see some more just working in proper translations

I agree - I think Jobin will be more a sympethtic and is only following Kaato's orders to protect those closest to him. I think Kaato's stand will be very unique once properly revealed

>third OP has all the characters in the poses they were in when they were blown up by BtD, but not actually being blown up
>final episode shows them being blown up for a split second like how End of the World showed how DIO killed each member of SC

>hey guys i know we've been trying to do something different with our DiU OPs, but what if we just took that thing we did for SDC and then recycled it! wouldn't that be creative and interesting?

I think the best part of Part 8 is how fucking unpredictable and nuts it is. I don't think I've seen anyone in these threads correctly predict the story so far, and the mystery inspires a lot more great discussion and theories than the other parts.

Even people here who dislike SBR & JJL have to admit that the "reset' made the story way more fresh. Parts 3-6 were a bit predictable at times because of the overabundance on exposition.

I can easily see Joshu's frustration over being a loser turning his respect for his brother into envy over his charisma and business savvy. Mind you, Joshu's relationship with Norisuke, Jobin and Josuke all sort of fit that mold, so he really could go either way.

I just want the latest chapter to come out so I can see where the fuck the plot is going. It's really picked up since Joubin was introduced, and even moreso since Damo and Kaato were first shown.

But it's not the same thing, and it's a VERY interesting idea to begin with. Not only would something like this be unique to the JoJo series but holy fuck it works well.

Well, it wasn't DP who did all those, some other studio.

does anyone in JoJo die of blood loss? it is literally impossible, the only example I can think is Doppio, and he was a lost case either way because of Buccellati's zombie body

I'm not even sure how Doppio managed to die to that since he survived Metallica.

I'm not huge on Chase, but the the transition from Echos Act 3 to Cinderella to Atom Heart Father to the ghost alley was great and accompanies the song well.

I think establishing the villain's power is the perfect reoccurring element the series can use and benefit from

Kars becomes the ultimate life form in Bloody Stream, DIO stops time in Sono Chi no Kioku, Kira can Bite Dust in the new OP

It's not like it's recycling if it's an entirely new ability

Whether the song's brilliant or not, it's really hard to deny that the song matches the OP bloody well. Everything flows really nicely and the artistic, stylish shots and crisp animation genuinely rival the CGI OPs.

>Kars becomes the ultimate life form in Bloody Stream

He was always there though, nothing was ever added or changed.


>King Crimson skips the last five second of VA's OP
>MiH speeds it up
>D4C plays Part 1's OP instead

Satan pls control yourself....

I'll be surprised if there is a Bite the Dust in the OP either tomorrow or next week.

It should be SDC where it's hinted at, but actually happens in the last couple of episodes.


They will definitely go OPless on RPS kid, there is just too much.

DIO was always there in Sono Chi no Kioku. It's just after his ability was established we could see him in the OP

Kira is always in the OP as well but Bites the Dust hasn't been established yet. Just his primary bomb and I believe Sheer Heart Attack to some degree

People who want to be /fa/ as fuck

So will stand proud play when Rohan and rps kid fly above the city
>D4C plays part 1's op
I didn't know I wanted this

Same reason why Giorno is said by Koichi to have a serene, calm atmosphere to him and Giorno is sparkly and charismatic: it's a parallel to DIO.

Remember Avdol saying "His alabaster skin, those cold eyes, that strange sensuality that you wouldn't expect from a man".

There is, actually. It's a bit of a wordplay in Japanese.
Haruno Shiobana is written like this: 汐華 初流乃.
The usual reading of the first kanji of Giorno’s name (初) is usually “ha”, but it can also be read as “sho”. Haruno Shiobana then becomes Shoruno Shiobana.
Shoruno Shiobana –> Joruno Jobaana
Or if we write it in katakana:
ショルノ シオバナ –> ジョルノ ジョバァーナ
In Japanese, both sounds are incredibly similar. Hence Koichi’s realization that Haruno was in fact Giorno: he just read the kanji of his name with their secondary pronounciation.
It actually does rhyme.

It'll most likely be an alternate OP where all the characters have different designs, and Roundabout playing when Alt Diego shows up

Alright, guys, who would win the following fights?

>Pesci vs Porkie Pie Hat Kid

>RPS Kid vs Pocoloco

>Ghiaccio vs Avdol

>Enyaba vs Sports Max

>Diavolo vs Johnny, tusk act 4

>Axl Ro vs Kobayashi (the lock)

>jos4ke vs melone

>okuyasu vs D an G (yoyo ma)

>illuso vs j geil

>formaggio vs guess

>rohan vs Ungaro

>daiya vs miu miu

>milagro man vs miraschon

>foo fighters vs Ndoul and aqua necklace

>johngalli A vs stray cat

>hayato vs smokey

>stroheim of OG verse versus stroheim of SBR verse

>kenzo vs wamuu

>giorno vs ultimate being kars (just regular GE)

>diavolo versus valentine

>blackmore versus weather report (not snail mode)

>daiya versus donatello versace

>prosciutto vs alessi

>risotto vs mariah

>okuyasu, vanilla ice, kira, and fugo vs notorious big

>yotsuyu vs magent magent

>emporio versus shizuka joestar

>koichi versus sandman (act 3)

>pucci vs lang wrangler (made in heaven)

I mean that nothing was changed with him, like they could've get rid of lines distortion on the scene where he became god and just show his clear smug face with some amazing shading, that would be cool, also because we never see his clear model aside from cliff bit. All pillar man are either shadow figures, distorted or just far way that would've been great.

Oh fuck that one hit me hard..
my face hurts

>not wanting roundabout t
o be the part 7 Ed

That sounds neat too

You guys are deluding yourselves if you think anything cool is going to happen to the OP in the last couple episodes.

I sincerely hope there actually is a bit of padding in Venti Oreo to flesh out some of the characters more with little interactions and back-and-forths to one-another

Even before the shitty scans a lot of the Part is spent basically straight up fighting and getting from place to place without really getting to connect with the characters. After the gang gets Trish, all personality is relegated to backstory or single-character fights. Giorno pretty much phases out from the main role up until Green Day and Abbachio's death just came out of nowhere. Fugo also never really added anything of worth

It really does feel like Stardust Crusaders 2 though

It makes sense honestly, by having Kiras new life part 2 its 7 chapters long

Why wouldn't anything cool happen? Every OP has had sound effects in the last episode, and EotW had time stopping and other things.

Who let the anime only get to this poll?

Why is Joseph winning by such a large margin

Vote Giorno

Do Diavolo and Doppio have seperate sex drives? If so, does Diavolo have to switch which personality is in control just to get his rocks off, then let Doppio do the same?
The alternative is that Diavolo masturbating also stimulates Doppio, which seems lewd.

>RPS Kid vs Pocoloco
Hey Ya! would just give Pocoloco enough luck to win all the games.

>when your daughter goes to jail for the 27th time

Because the guys who worked on the parts 1-3 ops are not working on the 4 ops

I don't like joseph, but fuck off

>hayato vs smokey
>emporio vs shizuka
Kek what

Make it shorter next time tho

I hope they fuck with the ED this time. We've had it for so long that anime-onlys are probably really attached to it at this point, and Bites the Dust could easily leap out of Josuke's eye or Rohan's eye given the way the camera pulls into both of their faces.

Hey Ya! will whisper what should Pocoloco choose next

Due to the need to maintain secrecy, down to the point noone even knew the identity of the Boss's 'advisor' (Doppio), I don't think they'd willingly fuck anyone anymore.

So? David still directed the OPs, didn't they?

Do you know what a commission is?

If your alternate personality starts masturbating without your consent is it considered rape?

Hot Pants and Gyro both die from internal hemorrhaging, which is sort of similar.

Hot Pants doesn't die though

More people will vote Joseph to spite you.

Or was that your plan all along?

Either way piss off

Do you really believe that David was capable of coming up with such amazing OPs by themselves?

But they still have to beat off, right? That's not something you can just go without forever.

Sports Max
Diavolo (unless Act 4 pulled some asspull like also being able to change its actions during erased time)
Axl Ro
J Geil
Miu Miu
Milagro Man
Johngalli A (assuming we're talking just Stray Cat and not Stray Kira)
OG Stronheim
Vanilla Ice
Draw - Timer Out

Joseph is fine and I think Giorno is ok but fuck off
In the scene where he steals the money from the landlord his shirt changes colour in between shots

>D4C plays Part 1's OP instead
>Not Valentine trying to hide in the OP, only for Tusk Act 4 to rip the OP apart to beat the shit out of him and start the episode early

>Josuke (Part 8)

Its considered a favor. Diavolo needs to unwind from time to time.

Unless I remember wrong Gyro gets shot to death no?

What if pocoloco lost a game due to ken cheating and ken got half of hey ya's mouth?


Yes? CNBT and Chase have great visuals -- oh wait, you're intentionally being stupid. Nevermind.

Not him but I do, after the Chase that is, fucking crammed with references and foreshadowing, and now I love the song now.

It can't even get Buccellati's name right. A buccellati is a type of fig pastry, which is fitting in with the characters in part 5 largely being named after food. The wiki is fan-made and thus entirely fallible.

He dies from the small cut Love Train moved from his skin to his heart. Valentine just unloads his six-shooter into Gyro as insurance.

Really makes you think

I guess it's only a 'possibly'? Doppio retains no memory of what he does when he's in Diavolo Mode, and Diavolo himself makes careful notice to avoid giving any signs of what he's done with Doppio. So you'd probably just have Diavolo panickedly, thoroughly cleaning up each and every orgasm.

There's also the fact that on the same page it says that Araki hasn't confirmed whether or not the Ireneverse is the same as the SBRverse, and then quote him basically saying that.

Post kings and queens

It's his actual name
Gappy is just a meme one someone came up with to make things easier

Hell fucking yes, Chase's visuals are honestly top-3 material, they outdid themselves. The 3rd OP better be better though, if it has the perfect blend of funk from CNBT and epicness of Chase it'll be top-tier.

>yfw you realize I Am An Alien will air on the last day of September

You guys do know that pocolocos stand doesn't grant luck right? All it does is cheer him on

This is confirmed by Araki in jojovellier

P o e t r y

>It's his actual name

I don't think it's too far off, Bruno is Brown, Buccellati is pasty = Sugar. One of the song in Sticky Fingers. Considering other things that Araki does with songs, it's quite possible.

>It's his actual name
it's Yasuho's dog's name if that's what you mean

No, his name is Josefumi "Kira Yoshikage" Kujo

so his stand is useless huh, what a twist

Part 3: Polnareff helping Jotaro more vs Dio.

Part 5: Fugo returns only to die like a scrub instead of Narancia.

Part 6: Kill Hermes, Emporio, and bring back Giorno and Josuke and even Joseph who got back into his Part 3 shape thanks to Tonio.

All Joestar Group vs Pucci.

Araki's Poetry is something I aspire to achieve myself

Thanks for the link, I'm practicing and getting better, especially thanks to the crouch-dash attack.

what do you think luck is, other than the courage to take the path to victory and make it your own?

Josefumi "Kira "Josephmi "Josuke "Gappy" Higashikata" Kujo" Yoshikage" Kujo

He's no longer Josefumi tho
hes a wierd frankenstein monster hybrid of Kira and Jose
And Yasuho uses it to refer him

His name is Josuke. He still calls himself that.

Also Kira is the surname, not Yoshikage.

It does clue him in on stuff he wouldn't have otherwise noticed, like the dead cow in the reeds at the first leg of SBR.

not him but Josuke as we know him is a new person. They called him Kira first because they thought he was him but ultimately he was a new individual and he accepted the name Yasuno gave him ( which was based on a dog sure), so he's Josuke.

>All Joestar Group vs Pucci
That'd be a really generic way to end part 6 though, it's the fact the entire part 6 gang got fucking destroyed by Pucci and the way Emporio brings it all back is why the ending is so effective and brilliant. It's like a callback to part 1's bleak, sad ending.

He literally says his name is Jousuke in the latest chapter

Teru is getting the QUALITY, since he is the worst villain in JoJo Part 4 aside from Hazamada.

Kukira Joshikage


>Bring back Joseph
>Joseph fights Pucci in a hospital bed

Aside from a slightly more useful Polnareff, the other two ideas are pretty bad.

part 2 ending was hype as hell. I fail to see the problem. Cars was even left thinking Joseph planned all that shit.

>Joseph runs Pucci over in a hospital bed

But it makes sense from a story standpoint of Pucci wanting to DELETE the Joestar bloodline, Emporio defeating Pucci is like Sakura defeating Kaguya level of bad.

He only means that he's now sure who the other person was besides Kira. Right in the very first page of the very next chapter he says "My name is Higashikata Josuke".

it's funny to think back on how much people debated whether it was josefumi's body or kira's body that was the base for josuke


>part 2 ending was hype as hell.
It was stupid as fuck, but so was the entire part. I'd say the ending to every part is good in its own way, I don't think I'd change anything about them.

Narancia didnt really deserve to die, he got the most development in the manga next to Bruno.

It wasn't though, that was the whole point of Jolyne's sacrifice, she saved Emporio to push him out of the mess he'd been brought into, and with her sacrifice almost looking completely in vain Emporio brought it back with the spirit of Weather Report, literally bringing the vengeance of the Joestars AND WR himself, it was fucking brilliant. Also the ending scene with Emporio and Irene is one of the absolute saddest moments in the series.

Part 6 should have ended with Pucci finding Dio's sons, and then all of them get run over by Rohan in the exact same ambulance truck.

Part 5 final fight was a clusterfuck but an entertaining one, it really looked like Diavolo was gonna do what Pucci did in Part 6.

One thing i didnt like about the final fight of Part 5 is that Trish and Mista never became a couple.

It was always obvious that the answer would be that it doesn't matter. Kira and Josefumi are dead.

The problem was it was a gigantic asspull. There was nothing to previously indicate the stone amplified hamon, and the fact that sunlight karate was so poorly defined that it caused the volcano to just erupt, AND a bunch of coincedences that led to kars' defeat. Maybe to an animeonly who was hyped over the shitty reuse of sono chi no sadame it was good.

Joseph was supposed to be the intelligent Jojo, and every jojo ever has used some intelligence to beat the main villain. It was just straight up luck for Joseph, that's not satisfying at all.

Emporio defeating Pucci was amazing. Jolyne sacrificing herself to save Emporio, combined with Weather Report's disc giving him the power to kill Pucci, let's Emporio kick Pucci's ass on all three of their behalves in the most shocking way possible.

Is he like some other serial killer? Because he acts like one. I don't believe for a seconds that he got his stand recently, it seems like he had it for a long time, I don't think he belongs to the DiU, it's like he slipped there from Part 5 or 3.

The fight itself is top tier, so fuck you

Fucking THIS. Araki is such a hack.

>There was nothing to previously indicate the stone amplified hamon
Not true.

>One thing i didnt like about the final fight of Part 5 is that Trish and Mista never became a couple.
It makes sense. Trish didn't want anything to do with the gang, and being in a relationship with someone high up in a gang would only put her into danger, something she also didn't want.

Every character that gets development is supposed to die, though.

But using the WR disc on himself made no sense whatsoever, that was probably the biggest asspull in the history of Manga.

Not even Mashima or Kubo would come up with that.

It's only hype because it's asking you to swallow all the bullshit, in comparison to other endings it's probably one of the dumbest things ever written but it's the only real way to get rid of Kars so it works for what it does

Is it me or do the Part 5 deaths not hit me as hard as others? They just feel too sudden and only really exist to force Giorno into the spotlight

Final fight of VA was actually pretty well done, I just wish there was an explicit battle between Giorno and Diavolo before the arrow.

Trish and Mista is probably implied, kinda sad it never was brought up in PHF.

Why would they become a couple? Trish barely even interacted with him, or with anyone other than Bruno for that matter.

There's no asspull bigger than part 2's ending my friend. None. Closest is the same type of stand bullshit in part 3.

>They just feel too sudden
I think that was intentional, King Crimson was really fucking powerful. I liked all the deaths, but Abbacchio's was placed a bit weirdly and him finding Diavolo's face didn't really do anything.

Caesar and Kakyoin barely got development, freaking Stroheim got more development than them, thats sad.

>But using the WR disc on himself made no sense whatsoever,
How? Emporio always had the disc, and the disc accepted him at that time.


>But using the WR disc on himself made no sense whatsoever

Emporio was holding onto Weather Report's disc. He put the disc in his head in the same manner other characters put discs in their heads so he could use Weather Report's Weather Report.

She got a bit of the Joestar Sex Drive and its high impregnation potency

Giorno and Trish are probably only friends though, he just needed an heir

And people without development also must die too sometimes, yeah. Look: Most of the Execution Squadron even though the personalities were there.

Abbacchio death is gonna be miles better in the anime(DP made Shigeshis death sad).

>You can't go back

Hey there big boy.


>What are you doing?
>Thingken of muda

Stop please. I already have Moody Blues.

One thing about VA's criticisms that I never understood is how people say the deaths were too rushed, or that the characters werent developed.

Even with the bad scanlations, every single main character bar Fugo and probably giorno develops in their own way. Abbachio has his 'always follow orders' mentality changed after Illuso, Trish becomes an unlikable bitch to a reliable partner, narancia begins to feel he can identify with trish, etc. Even with the fast paced fights there's a lot of development and interaction that sneaks through

After reading the new coloured translations up to Doppio, I'm actually thinking 5 might be in my top 3 parts, honestly

This is the KANCERYOIN of bad luck.

If you don't reply : ''Rerro Rerro Rerro'' to this post your mother will die in her sleep tonight


: ''Rerro Rerro Rerro'' to this post your mother will die in her sleep tonight

Rerro Rerro Rerro

reminder that if you dont like anasui you are reddit

>Rerro Rerro Rerro'
Rerro Rerro Rerro'

Rerro rerro rerro

Most part 5 shitters have really weak arguments against the part, thus why saying "Part 5 is shit!" is a meme.
Rerro Rerro Rerro

fuck off with the reddit meme

Nice try criminal scum, Emeralds render this shitty meme, useless.



>SHA without nose
Just one fucking step from perfect.

Anasui is okay, but I always would have preferred F.F.

>only really exist to force Giorno into the spotlight
unlike Josuke's grandpa or Zeppeli's death or Ceasar's death or Lisa Lisa's death or Iggy's death or Kakyoin's death or Joseph's (seeming) death or Gyro's death?

spoiler: the plot of stories is generally written in order to help the protagonist develop

Having just read through it myself, the characterization just feels a little flat. I think that's mostly due to the fact it's almost nothing but fights

Mista is decent, but Sex Pistols is probably the most entertaining part of their whole team. Trish is probably the most developed character in the whole gang and she only really has one fight. Narancia got a little too much focus and Abbachio kind of felt bland

Also the main protagonist doesn't really act like one so when he wins in the end it comes off as unsatisfying like how Obi-Wan killed Maul in Phantom Menace

It's still entertaining as fuck, but compared to previous parts it leaves a lot to be desired

it's very obvious that these are just reskinned DIO sprites. not necessarily a bad thing


>Protagonist develop
>Joseph, Jotaro, Josuke developing in their parts

Most JoJos don't actually develop that much when you look at them. When they do, it's because they show up in later parts as wiser mentors

Giorno is a passive protagonist that got shoved into the spotlight because the only remaining characters were Mista and Trish

>Implying they didn't

Will we get a new op tommorow?

Interesting fact: After playing that really awful 'ultimate' MUGEN JoJo pack, for some ungodly reason, about seven characters share that stupid Joseph kick. Jonathan even does a double version of it.

The Aja was already said to be an amplifier, the Ripple makes eveything do weird shit, especially with fluids, Kars has hundreads of times stronger of a ripple.

What is the problem here?



>Giorno is a passive protagonist
this and "VA has too many fights/is too Stand of the Week" are my favorite part 5 memes

Anasui made SO entertaining, without him SO was mostly boring and worse than Part 1.


this is neat, but the transparency on the eyes is fucked up

its the disk loading

And Trish probably one of the most hax villains in JoJo verse.

Notorious Big is that hax I can see it defeating Pucci(he is the perfect counter for him).

The issue was just how Joseph won. Kars should've died after falling but putting on the mask to become the Ultimate Life Form was a total asspull to avoid an anticlimax. So how to stop him? Araki threw them onto a rising platform just far enough into the sky to throw Kars into space where he wouldn't be on Earth. It comes off as stupid as fuck when you try to pass it off as good story-telling, but Part 2 revolves around camp over being a well-written story so it's still entertaining in its own way

Nigga I've been reading through the goddamn part the last few days and taking my sweet ass time to indulge in the artwork and story. Giorno stops being relevant when Bruno leaves the gang and returns to the spotlight for the 7 page Muda

>Joseph Joestar vs Magent Magent

I don't think anyone means they don't have any inklings of development, but it's noticeably bare compared to other parts.

I mean sure, Trish is an unlikable bitch at first, but we don't actually see her going through a change. The trait just disappears all of a sudden and once it's gone it leaves her character with nothing. As for Narancia identifying with her that's seriously just a single line after which that idea isn't explored any further ever again.


Wait is Fem Nero going to be playable?

>left hand salute
Did Stroheim always do this?

Calling something a meme doesn't make it false.

its a just a gag.

No one is gonna be playable. It's just a bunch of sprites.

Joshu marries Yasuho and their daughter becomes protagonist of Part 9.

>Giorno stops being relevant when Bruno leaves the gang and returns to the spotlight for the 7 page Muda
what? Giorno is relevant both during Talking Head/Clash and during BIG, Metallica doesn't feature the gang because it's from Doppio's POV, and then it's Green Day/Oasis, followed by flashback and climax

that's like saying Gappy stops being relevant from Beetle Battle all the way to Love Love Deluxe

I'm getting sick of thicc

You kidding? The first is a Narancia fight through-and-through while the latter is Trish's fight. Even then there were many fights before that were focused on the other members and how Giorno inspires them to be better, like it matters since most of the characters die. Giorno's biggest fights were at the beginning with Koichi and Black Sabbath or at the end with Diavolo

Giorno is there to play medic for most of the Part in general

The old arcadefag quit. im the new one. don't expect to hear from me until i release the demo. since i don't want to spam the threads.

>Next weekend is October 1st
>Still no news, trailer or premiere date for JoJo on Toonami

I haven't kept up with Toonami since they had Space Dandy do they usually wait till the very last second to give out info like that?


You're going to make a 2d fighter with custom sprited characters all on your own? I see you've got the title typed in so that's half the work done already, huh?

>overweight/obesity statistics for the United States apply to all countries
plz learn to read data

No. this is my going to make a demo with sprites from mugen project. then if people like it im going to recruit some spriters who can do spriters professionally

Are you back in MUGEN, or in a better engine that's not 12FPS?

rerro rerro rerro

It's just a meme



Honestly if it wasn't for the absolutely fucked up facial proportions she'd be an 8/10 in my books

I made a potential Vento Aureo in 22 episodes list, any thoughts?

Body is great face not so much.

Would still smash.

different engine.



no such thing

pretty cute IMO and she likes JJL so we have shit to talk about
would marry


>too thicc
fucking irish

Are you sure about that?

So fucking good


Now that's what I'm talking about sempai

''Rerro Rerro Rerro'' to this post your mother will die in her sleep tonight




But that doesn't seem too terrible

>Concerning his reasoning for shifting from Weekly Shonen Jump to Ultra Jump, Araki stated “I wanted to draw a manga with both dynamic expression and subtle depictions of the characters’ psychology. Also, I was influenced by the proliferation of stories with a grand scale like the American TV series “24” and “The Lord of the Rings” movie trilogy. I wanted to tell a larger story that wasn’t a repetition of the compact Kishōtenketsu (introduction, development, twist, conclusion) composition of weekly serialization.” Furthermore, the interviewer noted that since moving from Weekly Shonen Jump to the more adult-oriented Ultra Jump, the manga has delved into delicate ethics issues such as depicting homosexuality, domestic violence, and rape. On this subject Araki responded “Now that I’m over 40, I feel like I need to start depicting ethical issues in my manga… I felt like my manga would be stifled if I limited my audience exclusively to younger readers.”

>homosexuality, domestic violence, and rape

what were these?

mad man.

funny valentine
joshuu dindu nuffin, it was a misunderstanding

Literally Steel Ball Run


I'm a regular editor on the wiki and yeah that's stupid as fuck.
Bucciarati is the way Japanese spell Bruno's name. That's why we changed it. The fandom has simply been spelling Bruno's name wrong for years.

>Johnny standing

Yeah, but I like your picture far better.


>Bucciarati is the way Japanese spell Bruno's name
no it's not, ブローノ・ブチャラティ is the way the Japanese spell Bruno's name

They're moeblobs so it's easier on the eyes. At least what you posted before wasn't disgusting Tumblr mutants. It looked pretty accurate to Araki

>mfw joni josuta and jairo zepeli


Bucharati isn't too far off.


Rerro Rerro Rerro

I should not have laughed as hard as I did

i feel like female jonathan would be moe to a certain extent

What you know about TRUE moe?

This has never been funny.

is it funny because johnny also has a shit fetish?

But funny is right there

FemJon is my waifu. 195CM of giant woman with a fluffy chest to rest my head in and thick legs to keep herself standing tall. Probably has a huge appetite too

Giorno really should've been a girl


Funny is making me funny if you know what I'm sayin.

We're basing ourseves on JOJOVELLER, and follow the spelling and in the artbook, it's speeled Bucciarati. The wiki didn't pull the spelling out of its ass this time.
btw the names never had to make sense.

You merely adopted the moe
I was born in it
molded by it

Fuck you Moewagon, I'm Jonathan's waifu

You've heard about Funny Voreletentine, but have you guys heard of Vorenilla Ice



Rolling around at the speed of sound

I'd just make Part 1 longer. Give Johnathan more time to shine and more fights. Let Zeppeli live longer, and give Speedwagon something to do.

For part 2, I'd mention Arrows. Just say some were found at a archeology dig site with stone masks.

For part 6, Josuke and Giorno show up. Maybe have Giorno die early just so he doesn't JUST Pucci's SHIT UP.

>there is more series discussion going on in the mlp thread than here


This picture is retarded as fuck but I lose sides every time for some reason.

>Browsing /mlp/
Kill yourself
Delet this

The Zeppelis dying to anybody outside of the main villains was the worst thing about their characters in the first two Parts. It makes them look like fucking scrubs

Nobody cares


Gimme that high resolution, now


>Reading Venti Oreo
>Silver Chariot Requiem is turning shit into mutants

What the fuck is this shit. Everything was fine up until this point, now it's just padding itself out with dumb bullshit

>Getting mad at SIlver Chariot Requiem
Welp, i guess youre not gonna like Heavy weather

>No male Vanilla Ice cosplay exsists

But I wanted real life dong cleavage, not woman with no pants

The whole purpose of SCR is to show the arrow and Requiem's true strength. This is like complaining that dio could stop time back in part 3, or that BtD was padding in 4.

can i just post genderbend jojos???
i really want to.

I already got that from Silver Chariot of all things getting sudden music powers capable of swapping all of the personalities with one-another and keeping everyone away from the arrow

Sudden mutants just seemed out of the blue and not really any relevant

My body is weak yet I shall still post him.
I will never stop.

Sure. JoJos are qts

No, it's not at all like that. The mutants thing bears no relevance and is just there for no reason.

Guys, I need a comprehensive list of all instances of something referencing Jojo. Especially video game references's_Bizarre_Adventure's_Bizarre_Adventure
Use google next time.


Hivemind is real...

sdc ost vs diu ost
which is better?

Favourite part poll? favourite part poll.


DiU is shaping up to show more variety already.


>linking the results

No way in hell is Part V anyones favourite part.

>Putting Jojolion on when its not finished

>part 2 that high up
So how many animeonlyfags are in these threads again.

how does Part 2 have more votes than 7? I'm disappointed

I'm a dumb, sorry

>no way
>has some of the best stands in the series

>stop liking what I don't


as a speed reader faggot, I can list like three references right off the bat that they missed.

Make a new list /jojo/

>Ruler Red
>Moody Man
>Fisher man
Nice meme

>Implying Fishing Rod was good stand, or for that matter, good fight

Shut up you mammone

A random pose in your favorite anime doesn't count. For that matter, neither do a lot of those lists.

Go back, read the mango, and fuck off my board

Superior meme right here boys


He is the only thing that makes me happy anymore.

>part 6 and 1 fags BTFO
Part 8 is still running so it shouldn't even be on there.

>Part 1fags

Those don't exist. Everyone loves Jonathan and he's probably some people's favorite JoJos, but the story is too simple to prefer it over what the rest of the series has to offer

Part 8 is so fucking good though

But it's second best after Stone Ocean. Hyped animeonlys vote for DiU (hurr durr moesuke is mai waifu).

>I can't like something if it's not done

What I've been presented with so far is much more interesting than much of SBR. I'm not going to say that it's better than the final fight, though.

Its just not an accurate representation on the list though, Of course alot of people like it so far but Its not complete and judging it with other complete parts doesnt seen fair.

>but the story is too simple to prefer it over what the rest of the series has to offer
But Phantom Blood has the best plot from all JoJos.

>"explain the flashback guy in part 4"
There's nothing to explain. It's just a random street punk who happened to help Tomoko push her car. Seeing this influenced Josuke to change his hairstyle.

By the time I first saw Not-moe I was already a man!

And I made a woman.out of her!

We performed the lewdest of acts. Holding hands with two Moestars at once.

Araki hasn't ruined any parts with shitty endings so far so I think that rating part 8 while it's still ongoing is okay.

what about part 6, user?

There's absolutely nothing wrong with Part 1, people who claim it to be the worst part are Part V faggots being contrarians

8 already blows 1, 3 and 6 out of the water, so it can stay


How was it shit? It wrapped up 6 nicely and didn't erase anything else. 1-6 still happened.

Which is stupid, because the whole fact that it was just a random act of kindness from one stranger to another is what helps shape Josuke's character.

>Nun Jolyne

>Giorno looks always fantastic in r63 art
>male Jolyne looks always terrible

Never said it was the worst since Part 5 does exist

Just said it's not anybody's true and honest favorite from the fights, the whole story, all the characters or its themes. It's the introduction to JoJo, not the pinnacle

It's a good ending. It also allowed a new universe.

>SBRfags once again prove they can't handle other peoples' opinions

I'm not saying SBR wasn't good but please calm down

How would you update this image for current /jojo/ threads?

Sad/bittersweet endings =/= bad ending, I hate when people try to push this.
Only ending that was kind of lackluster was Part 5 despite it being one of my favorite parts.

Changing Jolyne's name to a reference from Araki's old work confuses a lot of Anons

I legitimaly think it has the best ending of any part

What's wrong with Jolyne? I think he just needs the buns (which I have no idea why they bother taking them off, if they leave Giorno's rings and Josuke's pomp usually), and also to not be drawn like a typical anime bishi, though that's a failing of the artist which ruins the entire picture for me.

more narancia.


>Hyped animeonlys vote for DiU (hurr durr moesuke is mai waifu).
At this point, I honestly think that nobody here actually knows what animeonlies think, and just use them as a strawman to support their argument.

First it's animeonlies hate DiU for it's lack of direction, and now it's animeonlies love DiU.

Animeonlies don't have a hivemind taste, and we need to stop acting like they do.

The first two rows are okay
>Replace "Should I skip" with just "lol where do I begin xDDD"
>Replace casual shit panel rightfully complaining about EoH
>Another trick panel with Narancia
>Replace MAKE OUR OWN STANDS with something else bu idk what

Add the people who take EoH Seriously

Araki forgot?

I dunno, it felt more like he realized how fucking stupid it would be for Josuke to travel back in time. Plus weren't pompadours more stylish to delinquents in the 80s?

This is really the only thing you need to know

You're digging in far too much. Enjoy it.

I can't say much, when an artist puts the buttons on a blouse on the same side that they go through (so if they're undone it would look like they're still on top and visible) because they're lazy it drives me nuts.

Pic unrelated

Was part 5 the love child of part 2 and 3,but it got into the wrong crowd and part 2 was never around , so part 3 influnenced it

That's one of the best moments of SO. Yes, it was sad as fuck but also epic and unexpected. Even though I've seen some spoilers before, that ending still hit me like an ambulance.
Araki can make sad endings, average predictable endings, WTF AYY LMAO endings, but never shitty endings.

New thread

>Plus weren't pompadours more stylish to delinquents in the 80
That's why people make fun of his hair so much. Rohan even says his hair is outdated or out of style, if I remember correctly. Keep in mind it would have been 1987 when he was four years old, at the time of his fever.

>Making Steak for dinner
>Won't be able to finish it
>Will save leftovers to have steak and eggs for JoJo Livestream tomorrow

Who else hype for Janken boy?

hey guys i drew jorno
i hope you all like it cause i worked very hard on it, its him doing his signature pose with his stand GE
constructive criticism is accepted

>Replace 1st for Anikis with "Gappy makes me happy".
>Add more Anti-Part 2 faggotry.
>Replace " Let's make our own stands" with "Let's rate our taste charts"
>Add some "Araki is a hack"


Biker gangs still wore them back in 2004 in Japan so I wouldn't rule it out.

They liked spray painting the word "BEAVER" as graffiti too.

t.Been there and seen it

Rohan is a huge faget.
I actually use a Pompadour.

fuck off

Shit hair, my boy.
Looks more like Plump to me.

What font is this?

Why beaver...?

Pink Dark Boy is a shit manga.

Hell if I know, maybe because they knew what it was slang for.

Probably a gang name.

No clue I just saved it forever ago



>Not liking Part 1

>not liking part 5

New thread

>Over Heaven
>absolute garbage

Honestly, outside of the whole "meh mom was kind of weak desu, now dad, dad knew what he was talking about" i thought it was pretty great

does anyone have that comic?