Kyoani and makoto shinkai made more money than this shitfest

>kyoani and makoto shinkai made more money than this shitfest
>we waited 100 billion years for Google image search backgrounds

Where were you when SHAFT died?

>100 billion years
>age is 14 billion years old
Something doesn't add up here.

It's called kino, you wouldn't understand.

>trying to pair that garbage with a shinkai film

Don't get ahead of yourselves 2nd place fags, the one thing your studio does well with it's animation and visuals got completely BTFO and in top of sales

Why is Cred Forums pretending to like Shinkai all of a sudden?

Butthurt shaftfags


I used to be a deluded SHAFT fan and praised Monogatari the best thing since sliced bread. Then I turned 18.

I don't really care about sales and quite enjoyed the first part.
Only thing I'm salty about is the three-movie-split.

Why is a very tiny man walking on the railroad tracks?
Seriously, look at his height compared to the width of the tracks. He is tiny.

Araragi is supposed to be a manlet twink but they also got the perspective all fucked up

why the past tense?

SHAFT made two huge mistakes with Kizumonogatari's adaptation. First, they removed all of Araragi's inner narration. Second, they split the book into three fucking movies when it could have been done in one or two at most. The huge gaps between the movies make for horrendous pacing.

>movie adaptation of a shitty harem self-insert male power fantasy otaku-pandering vampire fiction LN
>plus SHAFT's usual quality aka Powerpoint presentations
>comparing it to movies that are actually trying to tell a story instead of something the author probably wrote in highschool when vampires were all the rage and actually fucking animated

Monogotaricucks never learn

The hobbit mistake

>implying the length was the only mistake made in The Hobbit

>First, they removed all of Araragi's inner narration
That's an improvement. Inner narration in ln trash is generally bad and monogatari is no exception.

Cred Forums when something spells everything out with expository dialouge
>show don't tell this writing is shit!
Cred Forums when something uses show don't tell
>this adaptation sucks they changed the source material!

The inner monologue was handled the same way it was handled in the rest of the monogatari series.

I'm okay with one hour movies, it's almost the same as a 3 hour movie.
But I don't like waiting.

Have you ever seen a train at ground level (not on platforms)?

You might be OK with it because you're a non paying pirate but the nips were outraged on twitter after Kizu pt1 ended. And pt2 flopped directly because of that.
I mean Koe no Katachi is going to outsell the whole trilogy by the looks of it.

I watched kizu 1 recently. There's a lot of dead air, the movie is like 50 minutes long but if you remove all the fluff it can definitely fit in 40 minutes. They probably stretched it out just so it could be shown on theaters. I think it would've worked Bette's as an OVA.

>The inner monologue was handled the same way it was handled in the rest of the monogatari series.

Flat out lie, arraragi is far far more talkative to himself in the tv series

My thoughts exactly, this should've been done as a set of OVAs but they wanted to jew some tickets sales out of the fans.

But why would a lack of narration destroy the movie for people who already read the LNs?

Because people who already read the LNs don't remember everything and don't want to do a read-by-play with the book.

I mean, wouldn't it be like Akira, where you read the source material for the story and watch the movie for the anima-Wait.
Okay, I can see there may be a difference to Akira.

It don't, i can see for those normalfags who went to watch the film without knowing shit about the series would see Arraragi as some boring silent fucker.

It's funny how the movies cut out a lot of content from the LN by doing this and yet, they still need to squeeze 3 unnecessary splits.

Kizu was really really bad. I was sorely dissappointed.

>>we waited 100 billion years for Google image search backgrounds
You all had it coming.

Is this like an experiment about trying to post the same nonsense until it becomes the accepted truth?

>movie flops according to official numbers
Aniplex must be butthurt getting outdone by Shochikou and Toho back to back.

I wonder if they can possibly fuck up those Heavens Feel movies too.

Watching Cred Forumss slow flip flop on the Monogatari series over the years has been an experience. Cred Forums used to be all fucking over this franchise as the absolute pinnacle of anime.

Primarily newfags. I think most people understand that Shinkai is a hack.

Again, butthurt shaftards are the only reason anyone is talking about that normie pablum.

It was neat at first but became repetitive. That's why people call Shinbo the Japanese Tim Burton.

Nobody calls him that though. And Shinbo didn't direct any Monogatari.

Lurk more.

At this point I only feel bad for the mother of that Polish troll.

Being so dedicated in that entire anti-Shaft thing for yeara can only mean he is a mess in real life.

tbf kizu is cliche. shinkai's movie had more publicity and ads, plus it has larger demographic cover than koe no katachi and kizu

I thought that was because he likes using the same styles and people over and over again in everyone of his shows?

SHAFT has no control over what they do or don't.

ANIPLEX makes them do things, if Aniplex said it's 3 movies then it's 3 movies.

It's weird seeing Japan suddenly starting to reward actual effort and people that clearly give a shit again after what feels like years of just throwing even more money and favor overwhelmingly at Aniplex style low effort blatant cash grab stuff. Maybe they've finally hit a breaking point on just how much they're willing to be gouged and put up with obviously shitty product Fate/Grand Order aside (which is a mobage anyway) and because some halfway decent stuff is finally coming out again to remind them what actual effort and giving a shit looks like.

Whatever is happening please keep doing everything you're doing with this particular stretch Japan and you might still have an animation industry to be proud of in the 2020's again yet.

If Kono Sekai reaches 200 or 300Mil in the box office I'll have faith in Japan again.

I'm mostly just interested to see how hard they're going to wing the last movie now. Won't have to wait as long to see what happens now. It was just never the kind of story that needed to be a trilogy in the first place but dumb producers decided that had to be the arbitrary format and so it is.

I wonder if Aniplex is even going to provide VAs for this anymore. The movie flopped so bad and the VAs they used for this are top dollar material. I won't be surprised if Kizu pt3 is a silent movie.
Also there's no way the animation team that did pt1 is coming back in pt3 after the magnitude of flop it made.

You're fucking retarded, they make up production costs with the movie alone.

Then BDs and merch give them even more profit, you do realize this is a 1 hour movie right?

Unlikely that Ufo will fuck up that. Fatefags are still pretty alive because of the shitty mobage.

Dunno man, the director is a Sakurafag so he's definetely going to try but they gave him only 3 movies to wrap up the longest route in the VN.

Even if they're 2 hour movies(which I fucking doubt) it's still pretty impossible, UBW 2014 had like 9 hours runtime and UBW is the shortest route.

>Shinbo didn't direct any Monogatari.

What? He's the main director of EVERY single Monogatari anime series existed.


Yeah but he doesn't actually direct them because he's a lazy narcissist who likes to take credit for other people's work.

Those BD sales are recap movie tier sales. Even the Gundam recap movies make that much. And if you think those measly sales make up for that media blitz Aniplex ordered you're the retarded one. Also those A tier freelancers aren't going to pay themselves.
As for the merch Kodansha is getting those sales so them being big doesn't matter to Aniplex
Oishi directed Bakemono and Kizu. Itamura directed everything else.

He doesn't take credit for it though. He's usually chief director and oversees the work.

Well they definitely can cut off a lot of things in that route. My guess would be about 1.5 hour long for each movie.

But from what I knew Oishi and Itamura were there to assist Shinbo in the directing. Even wiki said the same thing. Did I miss some interviews or something that stated Shinbo was not involved?

Are you new? 5cm/s fucking consumed the board for a while back when it came out in 2007.He is (or was) generally well liked, at least until he started to become more popular. Contrarianism has become incredibly popular on Cred Forums over the years, probably stemming from a desire to remain "counter-culture" to the rest of the western anime/manga fanbase, but that's a discussion for a different time that also doesn't take into account personal taste etc etc blah blah who cares.

Even as a fan though I gotta admit his stuff is kind of samey. I appreciated Children who Chase Lost Voices for the fact that it was pretty different from his usual stuff. When I'm in the mood for something quiet and beautifully melancholic Shinkai hits that itch so fucking good though.

Remember when Aniplex was supposed to make something that would supersede Gundam? Yeah neither do I. Aniplex probably needs to tone down the excessive promotions for things already and really get back to the basics sooner rather than latter though as the same old stealth marketing tactics and hyping don't seem to be working anymore. When people have gotten shit to mediocrity at best out of all the hype and big talk for years now particularly with originals they kind of tend to catch on eventually.

Hopefully Japanese content creators start getting smarter soon enough and go with better anime producers than Aniplex for their adaptations and commercials which at this rate might as well be just about anybody. At this point Aniplex are more infamous for their gouging, cheapness and reliance on benefits than they are for putting out big memorable hits unless you count MAL and Crunchyroll tastes which I sure as hell don't. Hell Aniplex makes Bandai Visual and Kadokawa look like planning and production gods these days never mind how Toho is looking this year.

Toho always wins user. That's the golden rule in Japan. But yeah Aniplex is getting so many flops lately it's kinda funny. But they're still attached to one of the studios with the biggest output these years.