Naruto Shippuden - The Final Battle

So are you ready for 1 hour of Sakuga today Cred Forums?

I really hope they don't blow it like Naruto vs Pain.

Is the show finally ending?

And going by the previous one it should look good

It's happening next week you dolt. Naruto isn't airing today due to TVTokyo having some special program in conjunction with this week's public holiday.

Fuck me sideways.

Abort thread then.

>hope they don't blow it like Naruto vs Pain.


I still prefer this artsy shit than JoJo powerpoint and stills.

isnt the final ep supposed to be 1h of movie quality with ALL of the talent animating it?

This is excellent animation though.

Remember when Naruto was about magical ninjas and not fucking wizards?

I stopped reading Naruto when Jiraiya died and Naruto discovered sage mode, what do I need to know about the finale?

Is it worth going back and watching the past few episodes before this one airs?

Ninja in Japanese folklore do control beasts and shit though, go watch Sampei Shirato' Sasuke, lots of ninja with magical powers.

>Remember when Naruto was about magical ninjas and not fucking wizards?

You mean chapter 1(ONE) page 1(one) when we're told the kyubi can create tsunamis and reshape the land by swinging one tail? And that the 4th Hokage fought it and sealed it?

So never?

Hiroyuki Yamashita directing, storyboarding, and animation supervision for the double episode next week. Yamashita should bring on a lot of great animation talent, it's a safe bet to say that Norio Matsumoto and Naoki Kobayashi will be the animation stars.

Then Toshiyuki Tsuru filling the same roles for the episode after, but with Hiroto Tanaka as co-animation supervisor. Expect great layouts and direction for this one.

Only the few well-made episodes.

it really isn't. Just because it has a lot of frames doesnt mean it's good. It's jumpy and every frame is a stretched abomination you should only see as an inbetween.

The episode had some good animated sequences but that particular shot is not one of them.

Naruto and Sasuke fight it out cause Sasuke doesn't like how Nardo verse; Kages/villages is currently functioning.

This meme again omg XD


Literally the first shot is a giant magical fox making havoc around and two seconds later magical frog.

Reminder that Orochimaru got away with everything.

It was hinted 100 chapters before quite a few times but it will be explained by Sasuke in the finale.

So you don't really need to know much. Just watch the previous episode

>Norio Matsumoto
>Naoki Kobayashi
Mondo cool

The fight in the game was dope as hell, they have a lot to live up to in my opinion.

This was my only gripe with the fight, I thought there would be way more taijutsu.

It was basically

>Naruto transforms
>Sasuke transforms into mecha
>Naruto transforms into super mecha
>Sasuke transforms into super mecha
>Sasuke transforms into ultra mecha
>Naruto transforms into Ultra Mecha

They barely traded blows.

Never liked Naruto storytelling but I always found the japanese art inspired monsters and spirits very interesting.

It really is freat though because they arent afraid to try new shit to convey actions instead of copy pasta every fucking fight

I doubt it was better than the manga though

Hiroyuki Yamashita episodes never had particularly controversial cuts of animation or animators with a polarizing style.

>They barely traded blows.

?? They beat the living shit out of each other when they ran out of chakra.

I think it was, it had these mid-fight cuts to every previous fight they had that forces the player to reevaluate how they play because each previous fight had the characters with different movesets. Hell the fight transitions all the way back to an academy spar where they doul only throw these little child-like punches.

I meant more along the lines of how they barely used a fraction of possible techniques.

Naruto didnt use any Rasenshurikens or Rikudo Abilities.

Sasuke didn't use his Rinnegan at all, all he did was susanoo.

Sasuke can literally steals souls and change his body into a cyborg

In the end we got nothing.

>Naruto didnt use any Rasenshurikens or Rikudo Abilities.

But he did

>Sasuke didn't use his Rinnegan at all, all he did was susanoo.

But he did, he teleported behind Naruto like a million times and sucked his chakra with the rinnegan. Not to mention the 9 Chibaku Tensei

>Sasuke can literally steals souls and change his body into a cyborg
Kurama says that he's inexperienced with it since he got it a few hours before the fight, he only knows the some of the gimmicks + Amenotejikara

>In the end we got nothing.
Everything you said didn't happen happened in the fight.

Did you even read it?


Sasuke used the rinnegan all the goddamn time, it was the only reason he was able to keep up with Naruto, he even sucked the Chakra out of the bijuus to power up his Mech and Naruto used everything he had too.

It was always about ninja wizards.

I always feel people who say this are European and American Westerners.

While I do agree with you, somewhere down the line we passed Harry Potter.

How is that related to anything you google?

It's cancer, I sincerely hope you get cancer and die. Will you faggots stop with this stupid meme already ? A lot of anime have fluid fights without them looking like they were drawn by an autistic kid high on PCP.

so two weeks in a row...thats fucking bullshit screw them hollidays and anime special that takes the place of other anime