What are some objectivist animes?

What are some objectivist animes?

Boku no pico 100% serious here.


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>What are some [Ayn Rand] animes?

Mahouka is the obvious one not just due to Onii-sama's speech on how it is the right of the strong to dominate, own the businesses, and rule others. But the characters also believe in that approach regarding the rest of the population.

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Stirner was wrong, spooks are good


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Nisio Isin show are actually really good examples of animu that emphasizes individualism over collectivism. The Monogatari theme of saving yourself instead of waiting to be saved, and Shichika learning to reject the state in Katanagatari.

Mawaru Penguindrum has some interesting views on individuality.

But it's also heavy on sacrifice, so it doesn't really count.

What about Utena?

>What are some [meme] [meme].
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>Mawaru Penguindrum
>interesting views on individuality
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Bioshock, really good anime


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