Danberu nan kiro moteru?

Are you guys ready for another chapter of cute girls lifting cute weights? This week, we add a tomboy friend! Fuck this manga is my jam

She's starting to leave humanity behind...

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They really want to watch Terminator!? Oh man, my heart...



Oh there's a lot to see in this image


Long-time, tomboy friend also has a stern older sister?




Tomboy indeed


...oh good Lord


>It's a plank episode
Oh sweet fucking jesus


Final page of Chapter 5! Unlike another user around here, I don't have a clue how to get the "phone application" extra page, sorry

Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?
How Much Can You Lift? or What Weight Is Popular?
Do You Even Lift, Bro?


Fit tomboy friend is just oblivious to her accidental nudity I'm going crazy. Gyaru has it hard with those massive torpedoes pulling her down.

Previous kind anons have translated this series when it began a month or two ago, previous kind typesetting gentleman has done an excellent job putting those words to print and uploading it. While the original urasunday site only has the 1st two chapters and the current one, you can find the other chapters here


To introduce any newcomer to the series, I'll post translated chapters 1 and 2...maybe more!




>Cute girls working out and leaving humanity behind.
I thought it was meme. Only 5 chapters and she's already done it. She'll be unstoppable at the rate she's going.


For girls too have that kind of abs they really need to have a low bodyfat percentage. They'll probably lose their menstruation if they're like that.

She really is the "golden egg"...

...and cute while doing it!


All the more reason to love a hyper-fit tomboy. The only glove you need are boxing mitts ;)

What's she thinking about?








Her hair really likes to emote







Thanks for the dump so far, Cred Forumsnon.


You're very welcome ~











Machojou is very excited for weights



Oh, let's do Squats&Oats chapter, too


So daintily licking that popsicle...

Also, this line gets me everytime. I love it.







That's a big bubble butt I tell you what




And the chapter ends with a refreshing PROTEIN SHAKE HOW MANY SCOOOOOOOOOPS EAT BIG TO GET BIG


Oh let's do some stretching, too, I guess. OP posting can't seem to get it off page 8, but c'est la vie












Jesus Christ my penis

That's all I got! Can't seem to keep this thread off page 9 as the OP, apparently, but hopefully it's generated a little interest! Maybe translator user is around, maybe typesetter friend will do his thing!

Little girls, big weights, lots of lewd

I mean, you can't go wrong with bulking Gyaru, Machojou, Tomboy Childhood friend and lewd on top of lewd.


Thanks for the dump, OP.

More interest means more fun

The only muscles that will ever be developed from reading this manga are the eyes, the penis, and whichever hand is used to stroke the penis.

Not complaining though.

I'm uploading the chapters ripped from the app including the extra pages, they also get released a week earlier than urasunday:

Next week you can find ch6 with its extra page there.

I did not know that! Nice!

Also, Machojou appears!

Muh dick


There better be some yuri navel licking in the future.

She done did it.

Good lord.

Never know~


You know what they say:

Good manga, didn't finish the dump but I enjoyed the first two chapters. Thanks OP.




What chapter are we on? I think I missed one because I was swamped with work.

It's up to chapter 5 so far. OP dumped all the previous chapters in this thread so if you missed one, it should be here.

These threads' chapters are on batoto, too. We're just waiting on a translator for this chapter, now.



I wonder how far Hibiki will go? I hope all the way, and hopefully doesn't settle on her only boxing.

She's going to achieve all her goals and then only the gym will satisfy her.

You know, just do planks at home when listening to music or watching tv shows.

When we get to the inevitable crossfit chapter are they just going to shit talk it for the whole chapter or will the girls find some actual use out of it.


Holy shit how much oxygen does this girl have in her muscles?

>cute girls lifting cute weights
>brown skin
this isn't even fair, my dick never stood a chance

100 push ups
100 sit ups
100 squats
And 10km running

I'm inclined to agree

Busy but I'll be back later to do this.



I actually use those pages to remind me to do this stretching every day.

>"How much you bench" the manga


I need a stretch routine anyway, that's as good as any.

Stretch that penis every day for maximum elasticity.

Every dick needs a good stretching

Typesetter here. As always I'll wait for the translator user and the QC user to finish their job to start working on this. Thanks to all of you for making and keeping the thread up

Remember, this is great for warmup, but on cool down static-stretches are the better choice. Just don't push yourself too far.

That always FUCKING annoyed me in Hisory's Strongest Disciple Kenichi is when his masters forced him to be able to do the splits in, like, 20 minutes. They were just snapping his hamstrings, dislocating his hips etc. Not that ANY of their training was good (it was not Spartan, it was plain lethal).


Translation plox

The road to muscles!

>Perpetuating the spot training myth

I still can't believe America is so stupid and has actual lunk alarms, so that they can make fun of people who actually train. What the fuck.

It's not talking about "spot reduction" or fat. In fact, I don't think anything BUT muscle training tips have come from this manga yet despite our Gyaru specifically NOT wanting to get buff and only lose fat.

All that page (and ALL previous pages highlighting specific zones on the body) is highlighting what muscle group is predominantly being trained. It's saying, "when you bench press, you mostly work your pecs and tris" and "if you do a plank, you're really working your abs for a long time, it's not explosive power." What do you think dumbbell curls mostly train when you perform them?

Let me perpetuate another myth: you know what you're talking about.

TL here. Still out. Will get beck on keyboard soon

In the future, no one can hear people bettering themselves through hard-work and self-sacrifice. In the future, no one is allowed to violate your safe space. The gym is a personal safe space, not YOUR safe space. Don't remind me I'm in a safe space. And you don't have a safe space. Only I do.

As long as it stays outta the archive, there's hundred of images that could be filling this thread, mangione. No worries. Every two weeks we could use a cute girls lifting cute weights thread. And being generally athletic.

>bagel morning
>pizza night
This is fucking brilliant. You make people stay fat forever, and let them feel unthreatened and good about themselves by still going to your gym. Fucking 10/10 marketing, why didn't I think of that.

Snatch chapter when

My computer does not have good icons for webms, thought that was something else. Nvm.

Commando, but yeah that's Arnie.

Come here, like, every month, but just once or twice and don't you FUCKING work out!

I thought they were gonna play Contra 4 or something at first, honestly. I'll take Commando, though.

dis ojou-sama

>Planet Fitness has over 1000 locations in the United States, Canada, and the Dominican Republic



Machojou is Yamato Nadeshiko...but for MUSCLES

If/When a short-haired, tall, rowing girl is brought in for an ergometer lesson or something, I'm gonna die of dehydration.

It's pretty loud


A lot of snatches have been shown so far, actually.


Actually, some oly lifts would be awesome to see later. Machio will teach them soon.

Wait, Seven Commandos (like Seven Samurai)?

I don't know what you're reading but maybe Arnie is answering the call to protect a poor village?

The movie cases are apparently Seven Commandos and its many sequels. On closer inspection they also said Seven Commandos the first time and I missed it.

>tfw you will never live in fitgyaru's universe

I's still suggesting visually that planks will get you a sixpack, which is blatantly untrue

People who drop weights and grunt like they're getting reamed are annoying fuckers

But the tank top and water jug thing is dumb

Man don't talk to me about I's

Maybe I'm a wuss but it still hurts after all these years

...visually, it's just pointing at her stomach. Go figure that working out your abs makes them stronger.

You honestly sound really bitter that you don't have a visible core because your bodyfat percentage is too high. This is a sexy learning manga, not your real life. Have you seen trainer Machio? Does any of that look realistic and not over-the-top, exaggerated and otherwise for dramatic effect in some way? It's almost like the artist, while showing proper form for a "plank" is drawing, from different angles, both the "how to" and the "how not to" as well as the "when" and even the possible "results" if you keep doing 'em.

>spot training
Yer just mad you didn't get visible abs from all those crunches you did last Sunday and were told it's 'cause you eat 5 meals a day paired with 3 cans of soda each. As another user pointed out, in order for the females depicted in this series to have the kind of abs shown, they'd need to be BOTH using testosterone injections for muscle development as well as extreme weightloss in body-fat percentage to the point where they literally cannot menstruate. It's a manga, dude. Do planks, they're tough on your back and abs.

Hey, don't hydrate yourself with gallon jugs of water! In fact, THAT'S NOT ALLOWED! You have to buy our Planet Fitness® Caffeinated Soda Energy Formula®® at our in-house vending machine!! It's the only thing we allow you to drink at Planet Fitness®®®

Be sure to buy one for now and another for when you get home!

And don't be buff. That makes people who aren't buff feel bad about their bodies, how dare you.

Nah, it's totally suggesting ab exercises give you abs

huh weird

her diet must be nothing but pizza lol XD got nice abs tho for a boxing gym athlete XDXDXD artist is a jerk for making me think id get a 6pack if i did a plankton for 10 minutes whattajerk >:(

Anyone still here?

Just have the tab open to see if it gets too far on its way to page 10

those ab lines are hideous

Pretty much this and dumping some art every now and then.

i like this

Right I should get started


I won't post any proofread treatments until yer all done. No pressure on ya. If the thread is still alive before I go to bed, I'll do it then. Still alive for tomorrow after bed, I'll do it then. It gets posted but this gets archived, I'll just make a new thread tomorrow or somethin'. It's Thusday, maybe a weekend thread of cute girls lifting cute weights with their cute stereotypes will be good for this mo/a/ board.

This text is extremely small. Just saying

Well this is slightly bigger
If it helps. Also, as someone who cannot read Japanese, the fact you do it at all is both


that you would do this for free just 'cause you like it

Chapter 5: Planks

"Hibiki, so the thing I was talking about is coming today!"
"Wow! But of cooourse"

" 'The Seven Commandos 4: The great escape of anger'!!"

"The fourth part of the action saga about a resourceful former mercenary that got thrown into the past as he faces an evil organization!!!! It was privately screened in Japan but now we can finally see it!!!!"
"Whoaaaaa!!! I'm getting so fired up!!!! We're so setting up a viewing appreciation party at your place!!!!!"

"Those two are talking about cult movies again"
They get so fired up I can't follow...
"Those two have an extreme movie enthusiasm there"




>The Seven Commandos 4: The great escape of anger!!
Wow, it's Commando + Seven Samurai + The Great Escape + Fist of Fury

I wanna watch movies with this author

>tumblr dyke haircut
Die in a fire forever.

Yeah, not a fan of the haircut when it's a part of the grrrr presentation.

I wanna watch movies with the gyaru and childhood friend tomboy

senpai will notice me if i have muscles!

If you're talking about gyaru, she isn't worried about senpais. She just wants to fuck boys at the beach who want her indulgent body that's on full display. Figures losing weight and getting toned helps with that.


"The foreshadowing was on the spot to the very last moment!!! This is a god's film!!!!"
"And TO BE CONTINUED...? So yeah!!!! There's definitely a continuation coming!!!!!!!"

"Thinking about it, the last film ended on a dream end, didn't it!?"
"Wait wait! Don't rush the conclusion"
"We're gonna re watch it all from the first film and examine them carefully"

This girl's name is Uehara Ayaka.
"We're staying up today"
We ended up in the same class in high school and we've been meeting up since

Our movie tastes overlapped a lot and we hit it off right away
"Recommended movie? Have you seen 'El Potton'?"
"Your choice....!! That's some serious movie enthusiasm!!"

"Speaking of which, this is the first time I came over to Ayaka's house"
"I always hang out in the movie theater with her..."
"There we go"

Eita, porra!!
The monster is getting out of the jail!!

"Okay.... what order should we watch this in?"
"We can watch it in either release order or chronological, which goes 3->4->1->2........"

"Wait a minute"
"If we try watching it in chronological, we need to watch the spin off before 3"
"But that spin off is non-canonical right?"

"The possibility ending being connected to the beginning of the 3rd movie is way too unlikely. The scriptwriter was a different person. So I leave out the spin off too"

"Hmm.... I'm relieved we have the same opinion"
"I thought you'd accept the spin off..."

"Sorry Ayaka, help me out a bit"

"Wh, what the hell Aneki!?"
"Oh, you're watching movies again"

"But my friend's here now!?"
"Then why don't you bring her along to observe?"
"I'll increase your job wage so come on"

"And I finally got fired up..."

"Sorry Hibiki!"
"I gotta help my family out. Wait for me for a bit"
"No. I don't mind..."

"....... huh?"
"Speaking of which........? What family work dor you have, Ayaka?"

"Hm? .......oh. I see. You still didn't know about it"

"Okay then. Wanna come observe? We're just going behind the house"

"Hey hey! Rotate them faster!!!!!"

This was not the business I expected.......

hory shitto

"I see. Sakura-san, you didn't know about our household business"
"Oh yeah..."

"Our dad's a former pro boxer. So he opened a gym after he retired"

"He also forcefully got us into boxing. So When our dad' not there, we get called on to guide them like this"
"I, I see"

.... oh yeah, Ayaka said that she sometimes helps out with the family business
*Refer to chapter 1
I didn't think it'd be this hardcore.....

"In any case, they're really fired up... are there really a lot of powerful athletes?"
"Hmm? Do you think?"

"A number of world champions have enrolled though"
"No. That'd normally be the cream of the crop..."

"Whoa there!!! This ain't the time for slacking off, you dick cheeses!!" [TN: She uses a slang form of 'smegma']
"Okay! Nee-san!!!"
"And she's a fucking Spartan..."
This ain't some sports manga here

"Maan, I'm tired..."

"Ayaka, so you're a boxer. Is that why you like action movies?"

"Ahh no no. Movies are just a hobby"
"My dad forced me to get into boxing"

"But this isn't something to look down on, dammit..."
"You're saying that while making some steps there. You've completely taken it in down to an everyday level there"


Can you translate any part of the gym's name written in the 2nd panel (I know some of it is obscured)?

Not him, but what's visible says "Glory Boxing"

What said. Judging from the obscured characters it's 'Glory Boxing Gym' or 'Kouei Boxing Gym' if you're leaving the first word in Romanji

"Ayaka... your, abs are awesome"
"Hm? You think?"

"I don't really do much training for it though..."
"You don't do any sort of muscle training?"

"I guess so... If I wanna train my abs..."
"A 'dragon flag' might be a nice idea"

Ayaka Initiation: Dragon Flag [TN: I called them leg raises personally]
1) Lie down on the floor
Grab onto a pole or something -->
- You're not stretching both your legs, but you're just making it bend a little bit..
- Don't increase your recoil and strength. Use your abs and try to slowly raise them.
2) Slowly bring your body up
While your shoulders are touching the ground --->

3) Slowly return to the previous posture.
- Before you lower your legs, put strength in your abs and lock them in. Then slowly bring them down.
Be conscious about trying to get your legs in a straight line from your back


>Ayaka Initiation: Dragon Flag [TN: I called them leg raises personally]
I think Leg raises is when you lift your legs but not your hips.

I'm pretty sure I did it that way too. Maybe I was just using the wrong term.

Dragon flags are a real thing. In fact, she's not really on the ground demonstrating them, she's several feet off the ground, holding on to a pole. On the ground like this is easier (not easy, just easier).

You translated it correctly. It's a real technique. Anything like "Human Flag" or "Dragon Flag" are body holding/plank techniques. Very much in-line with this chapter.

"You can do 3 sets of 10 to start off with, right?"
"I can't even do one!!"
I'm just a normal person here

"Huuh? Is a dragon flag that difficult?"
"It's standard ab work at our gym, right?"
"I thought being able to do this was normal"
"So there are people who can't do this"
"You guys are just way too numb!!!! Every boxer should not take advantage of this!"

"O...kay... is there any other kind of training?"
"Something more approachable please"

"Oh okay"

"Then how about some 'planks'?"
" 'planks'?"

It's in Katakana, I know. I've just been using the wrong term for a while.

>Refrain from doing deadlifts
>all those machines
This is one of those "gyms" where people go to jog for 20 minutes on a treadmill, drink a 600 calorie smoothie, and brag to their friends that they "work out" the six other days of the week, right?

It's a gym for people who don't actually want to exercise.

[Going from top left of 'Planks' the going clockwise]
-Aim for 30 seconds to a minute
Put strength in your abs
1) Assume the basic posture
Elbows at a right angle
After that all you do is keep your posture
Don't raise your chin.

Be careful not to raise or lower your back!
Endeavor to keep your body in a straight line.

You can watch some TV

And listen to some music while doing this.
But, don't relax your abs.

Start with 30 seconds a day!
Continue doing it everyday, and try to obtain the ideal abs.

Planet Fitness is the mega version of that, yes. They're funded by weak people's insecurities. Luckily for them, there's lots of weak and insecure people so there are quite a number of those gyms. They helped make CrossFit a bigger thing, too.

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I don't think my dick is going to survive.

"Wha!? This is way more difficult than it seems!!!!"
"Planks aren't even much of a burden to your back"

"Oh okay then!"

"Why don't you take the opportunity to hit that sandbag over there?"

"If you're gonna burn some fat, you gotta do some aerobic exercises"
"Hey hey, don't go too far"

"Look, I'll teach you so just try it"

"S sure..."

"Okay then..."
"Just a bit..."


Welcome to the ride brother

That last panel did not need translation, but whatever

"Huh!? Fuck!!!"
"Did I break it!!?"


"For now, let's head out for the world!"
"Why the 'for now'!?"
Hibiki's surprising talent came to light.

For professionals

The seven commandos 4
The great escape of fury [TN: I changed the title]

"So you showed up, bandits"

"Okay! Counter with a bench press!!!"

"What's with this movie?"
"Right? It looks interesting, right?"
I'll lend you the DVD
Dah dah dah dah dah

I'm done. If you're there QC user, all yours.

Also, I'm very sure there will be a fight over who can obtain the power of the uber-gyaru in the future. This will be fun.

Many thanks translator user!

dont judge other people but fuck anyone who actually trains or likes to be properly hydrated or has a good breathing technique

It's just one franchise that has a bad reputation among the /fit/ community.

Thank you based translator.

Yup, right here. Once again, I want to thank you (maybe most of all) for lending your translations. The very fact you can read it at all let's us actually enjoy it as a manga and not just lewd art and inferences. An accurate translation makes a HUGE difference in how a manga will fare, and your work is phenomenal.

I'll post my proofreads right now, but I'll remind you that I feel guilty altering anything you translate, really. You are a much, much, much more important cog in this machine. And typesetter Rakuen friendo. I'm just a second pair of eyes and this board has at least 31 other pairs.

Thank you so much!!

I don't give a shit. I just do it as accurately as I can then what sounds wrong can just be rephrased. As long as it's not an insane jump, it's fine.

Also Planet Fitness is a fucking joke. They can go die in muscle hell somewhere.

Does muscle hell have cute muscle devil girls?

No. They have fat tumblturds sucking on diet sodas running on treadmills with lunk alarms.

That's in muscle purgatory my friend.

The cute devil girls at least

Page 1
Chapter 5: Planks

Hibiki, so, the* thing* I was talkin' about is coming today!
No way! You mean-----


Part four of the action saga about a retired mercenary hero, thrown into the past and faces off against an evil organisation!!!! It was privately screened in Japan but now it's finally out!!!!
Whoooaaa!!! I'm so pumped!!!!! We're so settin' up a big party at your place!!!!!

Those two, they're talking about cult movies again. [It's kinda obnoxious...]
They're die hard fans to the extreme.

QC Note: kinda just throwing in some action movie nods (you, too, dude ). Also, dropping some "---g" iendings for apostrophes just to sound more informal for our teen-aged gyaru and friend.

Page 2

Chapter Cover

Page 3

The cliffhanger, man, I was holding my breath the whole time!!! This is a masterpiece!!!
An TO BE CONTINUED...? Obviously!!! There's definitely more coming!!!!!!

Wait a sec, didn't the last movie have a dream-end!?
Wait, wait! Don't rush the ending.
We gotta re-watch them all starting with the first and pay close attention.

[This girl's name is Uehara Ayaka]
We're staying up all night
[We met on the first day of high school in class and hang out ever since]

[Our taste in movies overlapped a ton so we basically became best friends-----]
Favorite movie? Have you seen "El Potton"?
(Your favorite...! She's really knows movies!!)
[QC Note: I have no clue what "El Potton" might be a reference to, if at all. Sorry on that front.]
[QC Note: Also, "a masterpiece" is just as good...but I like "God's film" for the absurd dialogue. Friends can talk like that to each other. "A masterpiece" just fits the cult-film nerd theme.]

Page 3

The cliffhanger, man, I was holding my breath the whole time!!! This is a masterpiece!!!
And TO BE CONTINUED...? Obviously!!! There's definitely more coming!!!!!!

Wait a sec, didn't the last movie have a dream-end!?
Wait, wait! Don't rush the ending.
We gotta re-watch them all starting with the first and pay close attention.

[This girl's name is Uehara Ayaka]
We're stayin' up all night!
[We met on the first day of high school in class and hang out ever since]

[Our taste in movies overlapped a ton so we basically became best friends-----]
Favorite movie? Have you seen "El Potton"?
(Your favorite...! She's really knows movies!!)

[QC Note: I have no clue what "El Potton" might be a reference to, if at all. Sorry on that front.]
[QC Note: Also, "a masterpiece" is just as good...but I like "God's film" for the absurd dialogue. Friends can talk like that to each other. "A masterpiece" just fits the cult-film nerd theme.]

Page 4
'Kay.....so what order do we watch 'em in?
We can do release-order or chronological, which goes 3->4->2->1......

Wait a sec.
If we're gonna try chronological, we need to watch the spin-off before 3.
We can't do that, it's not canon. The spin-off just doesn't work.

The probability of the spin-off's ending being connected to 3's beginning is too unlikely. The scriptwriter was a different person, so if we're serious you gotta leave out the spin-off, too.

Hmm......I'm relieved you know the lore.
I kinda tested ya on the spin-off...
Sorry Ayaka, come help out a bit.

Wh, what the Hell Aneki!?
Oh. You're watching those movies again.

Page 5
But, my friend's here now!?
Then why don't you bring her along to watch?
I'll give you extra allowance, so hurry up.

And I was so fired up to start...

Sorry Hibiki!
I gotta help my family out. Just wait here a bit.
No. I don't mind...

She just said.......? What work does your family do, Ayaka?
Hn? Ah, right. I guess I never talk about so you don't know.

Alright. Wanna come check it out? We're just heading behind the house.

Page 6

This wasn't the kind of business I expected.....
[QC Note: it looks like that's a specific boxing word other than "rotate them" or just "jabs" she wants done faster. If anyone knows of a command for a specific boxing punch while at the mitts that should "rotate" faster, by all means share. I just threw in a simple, short term indicative of the family business we're about to be shown.]

Page 7
Sakura-san, I take it you didn't know about our family's business.
Oh, yeah...

Our dad's a former pro-boxer, so he decided to open a gym after he retired.
[TLs' Note: Building is called "Glory Boxing" or "Glory Boxing Gym" with "gym" cut-off]

He really pushed us into boxing, too, so when our dad's not here, it's our job to train these guys.
I, I see.

......I guess I forgot but, Ayaka, she says that she helps out the family business.
*Refer to Chapter 1
I never thought it was this hardcore.....

By any chance, since they look strong...is there anyone famous from here?
Hnn? You think so?

We have had a few world champions train here, I guess.
No. That's what you'd call "cream of the crop"...

Maybe "faster rotations".

Page 8
HEY!!! You aren't here to slack-off, you dick-cheeses!!
And she's a fucking Spartan...
This ain't some sports manga, here

Haah, I'm beat...

So you're a boxer, Ayaka. Is that why you like action movies?

Ah, no way uh uh, movies are my real hobby.
My dad's the one who forced boxing on me.

I can't let you look down on boxing, though, dammit...
You say that as you move using pro-level steps. You've totally taken to this, like it's just an everyday thing.


Yeah I figure there's a boxing training term for what's going on. Maybe someone who boxes or who's memorized all of Hajime no Ippo knows.


...is nice, commanding and short. Also, just vague enough to confuse what's really happening but obvious enough to see "it's fucking boxing." Easier on the typesetter, too.

Page 9
Ayaka......your abs, they're incredible.
Hm? You think so?

I don't really do anything to train them, though...
You don't do any sort of muscle training?

I guess---...If I wanna train my core...
"Dragon Flags" would be a good one.

1) Lie down on your back
--->Grab on to a pole or something
*You don't have to keep your legs super tense, they can bend a little
*Don't jerk yourself up by bouncing. Use your abs to slowly raise them.
2) Slowly pull your body up.
--->Keep your shoulders on the ground.

3) Slowly return to the starting position.
*Before lowering, tense up your core and lock in that position. Then slowly lower them.
Be sure you remember to keep your back straight and your legs in-line

Page 10
You can do 3 sets of 10 to start with, right?
I can't even do 1!!
I'm a normal person here

Huh? Is a dragon flag that tough?
It's standard practice out our gym, right?
I thought it was normal for people to do them.
So there are people who can't do them.
You guys are just freaks!!!!! Even boxers shouldn't be training like this!

O....kay...what other kind of exercise?
Something more basic, please.

Ah, alright.

Then how do "Planks" sound?

Page 11
>[Going from top left of 'Planks', then going clockwise]
*Aim for 30 seconds to 1 minute
--->Tighten your core
1) Lock-in the basic position

That's about it. Just hold that pose!
--->Don't raise your chin

Be careful not to arch your back or bend your legs!
The goal is to keep your entire body in a straight line.

You could watch t.v.

Maybe listen to some music during this.
However, don't ever relax your core.

Start with 30 seconds a day!
Continue every day, you might just get your ideal result.

Page 12
Whaat!? This is way more difficult that is seems!!!
Planks aren't too hard on your back.

Ah, I got it!

Why don't you take this chance to hit that sandbag over there?

If you're gonna burn some fat here, you gotta do some aerobic exercise.
Hey hey, let's not push it.

Look, I'll teach you so just give it a shot.
S, sure...

Okay then...
Just a bit...

Page 13
Page 14
Huh!? Fuck!!!
Did I break it!!?


In the meantime, let's grab the world title!
Why "in the meantime"!?
[Hibiki's surprising talent comes to light]
[QC Note: So, as a personal note, I don't like seeing Hibiki scream "Fuck." The expletive is great, that's fine, but maybe I'm too puritanical that our earnest gyaru is screaming fuck and fucking like it's nothing. Something about the naivete of this manga in how it's always introducing new, but basic concepts to the readers makes me feel gyaru is not quite so explicit without being overtly angry. I dunno. TL wrote it as "fuck" and not "shit" or "damn" or "whoa" or something, so "fuck" it is. Didn't know if other people felt the same or if I'm just odd.]

Chapter 5 Extra
>For Professionals
Bona Fide

The Seven Commandos 4
The Great Escape of Fury

So you're here, bandits.


(What is this movie?)
Right? It looks interesting, right?
I'll lend you the DVD

Action music + fight noises

[QC Note: Final one, but the title doesn't make much sense. Seems like "Professional" means something more like "Cool Kids Club" that Hibiki thinks she's in with her taste in niche cult action schlock, but she wants to invite our Yamato Nadeshiko Machojou friend into by showing his super bench press technique. Tough to say. Any suggestions welcome. TL is accurate, I'm an idiot, you all might have ideas. After all, it's an Extra page and the titles are probably pretty witty in Japanese.]

All done. Suggestions welcome. More pictures of athlete japanese cartoon girls. This thread is alive and ready for Typersetter user, but will also be easily found in archive if he doesn't see it tonight (it is getting late).

Keep the thread going! Introduce people to kegel exercises with our lewd lifting manga!

I think it's more like one of those Jackass disclaimers. Like only professionals do this

For Connoisseurs?

yeah, I like that, too
Seems pretentious enough for the ironic fact it's a dumb movie all cool, no substance

Yeah, that's way better, actually. Use that.


Excellent thread folks, still has half its life ahead of it

Thanks for the read OP + TL

Thanks for your work, translator/QC san.

fit chix for big dix like mine


I want a fit girlfriend now.
But she would have to help me get fit too

>all this dark skin
I cant handle it

one thing i like about fitgirls as a fetish is this urge to lick the sweat of their body
specially the abs part


I shall bump this.

>those fucking thighs

I have only one thing to say about this thread...


>shitpost about cute girls lifting cute weights
>get a manga about cute girls lifting cute weights
Thanks Japan

that's not a fetish, that's completely normal

Your girl can't run down a gazelle?, what a slob

They don't? Oh my! Abs are not muscles, good to know!


Good morning, Cred Forums
Good morning, penis

Meme Magic is real.

While there isn't overt cute girls lifting cute weights before this, there are certainly cute girls being as athletic as fuck before this.

Not that many, and the shitposting was specifically about cute girls lifting cute weights.



That jungle is all over those girls

Hope they got Malaria pills



>Candlesticks in nipples

I don't read the manga, but god damn that girl in the track outfit is lovely.



I want yellow iris eye color.



She's a brand new character we've never seen. And this manga is only 5 chapters. Average about 12 pages long each.

urasunday is kinda more like a webcomic. I think Mob Psycho was/is urasunday???

She's a fucking cheater.

Also thanks for the TL and everything.



>tfw her show was kinda bad but I still love her


This thread is very relevant to my interests.


A lot of more insecure boys who are afraid of rejection and eventual loss.

For anybody to have abs you need a lowbody fat percentaje. The only thing lost for that would be breast size


>The only thing lost for that would be breast size
You sound like you understand how female body fat percentage works or what breast tissue is. Allow me to inform you that it is indeed true for a woman to have such a low bodyfat percentage that they no longer produce an endometrium lining for their uterus and thus do not shed it. It is a very, very low number but is surprisingly common for top-level female athletes (a greater variation is allowed in athletic comparisons due to the stress usually involved as well). In the case of "when abs become visible" it is a lower percentage for women (than men) and in cases where it's a prominent feature of their physique, such as female bodybuilding, contact sports (which have weight classes -> "be as strong as possible while under the weight limit = as little body fat as possible") extremely cardio heavy hobbies...these will often result in the loss of a period or many periods.

Yes, boobs get smaller due to some fat loss but it's not like a woman's boob is just stuffed with lard or belly fat. It's a genetic thing to have lots of breast tissue or minimal amounts. To point, a woman born to have huge breasts will still have pretty big breasts even with visible abs. Not everyone is DFC just 'cause they're cut.

The faces in this hentai killed my boner. Such a waste.

Is it the one with the retarded gomu gomu no blowjob faces?

Yes. I wish I had a picture because it's terrible.

I call bullshit. She wouldn't keep an 88 bust doing a rigorous weightlifting routine.

TP here.

I'll probably start working on it tonight.

Goddammit, user.


I have seen the light

>all these Planet Fitness posts
>You have to go to one because it's the only gym around your area
kill me

Thanks user.

So it's ippo all over again, with some cheese on top?
more sold than ever.

Coolio. Glad you have seen the thread to its goal.

Doesn't mean the thread is dead. It does mean I don't have many annymay fit girls, though.

just stop keep necro-bumping the thread




are more chapter translations to be expected guys? if so, when? i post on /fit/ and got here by a link

Every two weeks?

So ch 6 releases around Oct 5 unless I'm completely mistaken

cool. i'll check if i remember then. if someone posted both ch5 with the translations and ch6 when it comes out on /fit/ it would be great, eggcelent job to anyone who did the translations

Yup. Every other thursday a new chapter is up, a new thread is made, we wait on translations and typsetting. Bato.to has the other chapters.

You can if you want. Cred Forums isn't a scary place anymore. That was, maybe, a decade ago. Hansen isn't knocking on doors and no one will mongle your cock.

kek. not a weeaboo so i gotta ask, is ecchi gay or straight? can't remember

Ecchi means lewd or sexy. Can be straight, gay, lesbo, bi, fucking anything if you find it erotic in some way without showing anything on a Christian image board.


in the description of the manga on bato.to it says ecchi tho, lets hope there are no dicks involved

This thread literally has every single page from all 5 chapters posted in it.

And you're "from /fit" but you're scared about the possibility of cocks? Are you 12? Tits or gtfo

i read the 5 chapters but i'd sure like the 5th one with the translations on top of it. and no i don't lick cocks in the locker rooms cause homegym masterrace faggot, kys.

How else can you get your protein if you're not licking cocks, what are you gay or something? You're never gonna make it

>implying i don't recycle my own

Get out of here Jeff

>not taking those test injections right up your asshole

That's the quickest way to get it into your system

Maybe you should inject me with that thick needle~?

I'd inject her if you know what I mean


Fuck I just wish the women were bustier. You'd think the artist would appreciate a thicker body.

Since you are here do you find the advice in the series to be good advice or are there any inaccuracies?

Dense as granite and frustratingly knuckleheaded, but sweet lord that body.

>Fuck I just wish the women were bustier.

Both main girls are pretty nicely stacked. Much larger and it'd enter fetish territory.

Too much meat is bad for you


Who is the jizz wizz?

TS there yet?

Maybe it's nighttime in AMERILAND but here in the good part of the world, called, THE REST OF IT, it's sunny as fuck and you're a dumb retard baby idiot

he DID say this eight hours ago.
If he's anywhere that speaks native english, it's late.

There was no need to be so rude.




Well, It's done.


Fuckin A!

Thanks everyone



Pure Kino




>my jam

You're a huge fag and I hope you die



juuzo boys








I love how her twintails start flying everywhere when she gets excited.

If this stops being a manga about lifting and turns into a boxing manga I'll be more than a little salty

and extra page

Why not both?

Oh, I would've translated とりあえず as "first", not "in the meantime"

Aside from that looks like great stuff, you team.


Thank you, awesome SAVED

Good work reading the thread and taking the better translation for that page. That's dedication and reliability if I ever saw it.

The title for this should be changed to "For Connoisseurs" if you're still here

per this thought process

QC agrees it seems

Eh, I think it's talking about the dudes in the movie, not the dudettes watching the movie?

Japanese doesn't say 'connoisseurs' though. It uses 玄人 which means professionals 'experts'.

i want to know if the poster on her wall are references to anything. I never noticed them before. Also, tomboy's look of astonishment is priceless.

The top one is Seven Commandos again

Then, I leave it as it is?

QC missed a line.
>your favorite...! She's really knows movies!!

It should just be "she"

If we're fixing little things. Great work everyone, love the manga, love you all.

I'm on it.

I think the QC guy was talking like it was talking about the film, not anyone in particular. Like only true fans, true lovers, true professionals with true tastes in the serious world would like this movie. People like muscle fetish ojou who is serious about being macho and basically everything else and Hibiki considers her taste in movies (like this) to be what true taste in movies amounts to.

The word may not be "connoisseurs" in Japanese, but the argument looked like it made a better translation than the literal?

That's up to you I'd say. TL and QC don't seem to be here right now and I doubt many people outside of the couple hundred who've seen this thread care much.

You're awesome at this, holy shit. Also, thank you. TL might bring us the joy but you give us a product. Nice work, 10/10 would lift with

Well I'm going to bed now, if there's still some things to fix I'll do it tomorrow.

Thanks to translator user for his great work translating this series and to QC user as well for his excellent and thoughtful lines.

Thanks user, it makes me glad to see that my work is appreciated.

Thanks for all your hard work TLanon, QCanon, and Typsetteranon. It's good to see these threads last as long as they do for the express purposes of delivering muscle girls to the world.

Are the previous chapter DLs on Rakuen Translations going to get replaced with the higher res pages the user posted?

One last bump.

Thank you TS user you do great work as always.

It's a little weird actually the chapters dumped from the app are higher resolution and sharper but they're compressed natively to ~60kb Webp. The ones from urasunday are lower resolution and a little fuzzier but compressed to ~800kb jpg.
It's sort of a trade off when it's more line art stuff the app dumped images look better imo but when it's more complex I'd say the urasunday would have the edge.
Either way I'm not sure it'd be all that worth it to go back and update everything.

That said it'd be cool if there was a way to combine both sources to reduce the errors somehow since they both seem to come straight from the raw just compressed differently.

To illustrate this just compare the shelf in
You lose a lot of the higher frequency data with the app dumped raws which is evident anywhere the image gets more complex.

I fucking love all of you.

this is a good thread

> I will never live in a world where these movies exist
Fuck even watching it with some cute gyaru or tomboy, I legit want to know what these movies are about. 7 Sam + Commando is a peanut butter/chocolate combination I didn't know I wanted.

Yeah, I had been noticing that, too. I say just leave what what as they are and you can further upload whatever version you like. I personally don't mind the smaller urasunday version, especially when it's the final product but either is fine.

>El Potton
She's referring to "El Topo"



A cult-classic southwest film about an incredibly violent gunfighter who rides around in all black, claiming to be God and looking for enlightenment through killing. It's got fucking BIZARRE characters in it and while spaghetti westerns could be classified as action/drama, this is more like action/surreal.

This author knows his stuff or maybe El Topo is just more popular in Japan?

Excellent thread they aren't real women

Around when he fucked the midget I realized I had made a mistake

I would have appreciated showing Kenichi out of breath, on the edge of passing out, barely able to lift his own arms.

Okay so what's the name of this mangu?

Do you even lift, bro?


My favorite director. This manga just got picked the fuck up.

Fit girls are best girls.

You lost me. What am I looking for. Is it a penis? I feel like it's a penis.

I assume he means the rest of the pages?

Xamn that's devious.

It clearly says dumbbell
It clearly asks what
Kilo is likely kilogram (it's literally just the "kilo" 1000 prefix)
Moteru when spelled like that is "be popular" but the kanji is "to hold" or "be in possession of" or "able to hold."

"Dumbbell What Kilo Is Popular?"

So the english translation becomes tricky if not done literally.
"Dumbbells: How Many Kilos Is Popular?"
"Dumbbells: How Many Kilos Can Be Held?"
"How Much Do I Lift To Be Popular?"
"How Much Can I Lift?"
"Is Lifting Popular?"
"What Dumbbell Weight Is Popular?"
"Is It Popular to Hold Kg Dumbbells?"

I like "What Weight is Popular?" since it's a manga about a cute girl who wants to lose weights and seeks help to get her ideal weight...but meets all kinds of people who wanna GET HUGE and LIFT

This is the future.

I think the author just knows his stuff. El Topo's one of those rare movies everyone forgets unless you're really into it.

Rare? That is almost all of them

Is it? Shows how much I know about movies

I doubt anybody knew what El Topo was.

>Around when he fucked the midget
Is she cute?

>That second half of the post

Hahaha found the manlet.

TP here.

I don't think I have the time to do it, so no.

That's cool, what we've got is fine

Didn't user also say 6 is up there?

God bless Jodorowsky. Also, the sequel is being released as a comic.

user said next week Thursday Chapter 6 will be up in the application-based thing. It's always one week ahead of the urasunday official site. Doesn't seem to the same person as OP, so unless that guy posts it it'll be two weeks until chapter 6.

You guys do realize this makes absolutely no sense given how weak her muscles are, right? She could barely bench the bar.

But Machio's clothes exploding off of him is reasonable?

It makes more sense for a strong man to be able to tear off a shirt than it does a weak girl to send a heavyweight punching bag exploding - chain and all.

Look at this This is also a comedy manga

It goes against one of the premises of the manga - train to become strong/muscular.

MC is not very strong, this was well established esp in the first two chapters.

I can't believe I didn't see this thread until now.


Diddys when?


I'm shocked, shocked I tell you, to discover there is fantasy in my Paraguayan Scroll Depiction forum.

Fuck off this is a taiwanese puppet show board.

That's the last one from this chapter, so here's the older ones I did as well.

If you're doing reactions, holy shit, I've seen a few ITT I'd like if they interest you.

This one's my favorite
And this one


I'm so lost, I got that confused with the Andean Wool-Dye forum!

It's actually the opposite. Women have more defined muscles at higher body fat percentage.

I could do a few of those.

>cute girls lifting cute weights is actually a thing
i think today....is the day i die of happiness


On Cred Forums you'll probably succeed with that troll image.

>she has a monster punch
That's sort of hot.


The shitposting was worth it

No really women have like 7% higher essential fat needed. Even the thinnest most athletic woman who isn't malnourished is going to have percentage body fat comparable to a much less defined man. Think about it, it needs to be distributed to their chest and thighs. When women look out of shape, they are way fatter than men who look equally sloppy.

It is. I also especially like the page, Hell the panel, just before this where she's got big eyes of a cute girl afraid the people around her are gonna judge her for her weak attempt at a punch.


Good thing I live near Preble Hall, I guess.

I've saved these two as a maiden in love and another maiden in love with me :;(

Get lifting

Holy shit, a better warning next time, fuck that was loud

How admirable of you.


So does our green-eyed gyaru wear contacts or what?

>just found out my bmi today from my health screening
>skinnyfat mode

Welp, time to do lots of cardio and lifting to scale down to 15%

ayaka a best

Pretty green, right? Seen Machojou's blue peepers?

This one is a bit messy. I think the compression screwed it with it a bit.

I think this is the best face the tomboy close friend has made yet. And I like all the faces.

And how

Holy fuck I just added planks to my secondary workout routine.




These are cute thank you

foh making a thread, dumping a manga you cant even be bothered to translate

kys asap

that's fantastic

No prob.
I realized that my transparency settings were wrong for some of these though, so I'll have to reupload a few.




I hope some better quality raws come along.
Something this cute should not be low res.

In the meantime, it's technically a web comic, there aren't any prints. Who knows? Maybe it'll get popular. Worked for Mob Psycho.

Last one for now, just a better version of I'll do some more next time.

Well shit, just gonna have to bear with it then.

Unironically, I want to pursue the path of everything that image makes fun off. So I can be a fit otaku that enjoys the normal debauchery life, while reading manga, watching anime, going to cons, resorting to buyfaggotry, and everything in between.

Aka this manga.



Boxing chapter, I'm in.

>that filename

I almost never, ever get a chance to post boxing stuff. Thank you.

so should I do planks or not

Do it, doesn't take much time

Also google side planks

I believe in you, user!

They're pretty hard if you're an unfit fuck like me when you start out, but it gets surprisingly easier (like all exercises) once you've been doing them for a while.

fuck off /fit/, stop blogging

We're all in this together bro. Don't be like that.

We're just looking out for you and you for us, bro.

I feel like I've seen this art style before. Anyone know who or the source of this?

Ez6, Ezuroku.

Many thanks, Anonymous.