Why is she so perfect?

Why is she so perfect?

Come back with a proper scan instead of a screenshot of your phone's screen

Sunao is surely the end game and future wife

I'm sorry, but that is classified information.

>He doesn't know the greatest ecchi manga of all time


Fuck this, Google used to find all sauce and now they censored it, those fucking political correct shits.

Filthy phone poster.

So many best girl in that series.


>doesn't even bathe with her tsugumomo

>He doesn't know

Fiery red head. Wish she had long hair though.

I had just found the sauce for myself just using info posted ITT and you niggers have to spoonfeed retards anyway. God fucking damn it.

If only mods actually gave bans for saucefagging and spoonfeedding instead of infinite warnings.

How does it affect you if someone asks for a source to an image?

>muh spoonfeed meme
get a life

okay so we cant have tsugumomo thread, we must have SPOONFEEDER REEEEEEEEEEE thread instead
great lets all complain about /r/ and lurk more and mods plz coz thats valuable contribution

What a slut

Get a brain.

Nice contribution, faggot.

Get some self awareness you autistic failure of a man.

>thinking Cred Forums biggest problem is spoonfeeding
average Cred Forumsutist nerd

How is it implied that's Cred Forums biggest problem, you memetexting twit?

Don't post on Cred Forums if you are not from Cred Forums, filthy crossboarder.

Stupid anonymous is stupid.

Read the rules before posting again.

>You will never have a sleepy personal meatpillow

cry me a river faggot

>Oh sweet, Tsugumomo thre-

Cancer that is killing Cred Forums, anyone?

I hope that with the anime there will be more fanart and doujins

Right now the Manga is more fappable than the poorly drawn shit on the booru

>shittiest Tsugumomo thread
>post anime announcement

>asking for source in a non-intrusive way once other methods are exhausted is "cancer"

Janitor just had a brainfart and deleted randomly

how come this isn't deleted?

No, he deleted all posts from one guy. Which means the saucefag and the streamfag spoonfeeder is the same retard. As per usual.

It's not "non-intrusive". You intrude the moment you post, and the hymen breaks.
>once other methods are exhausted
Yeah sure man. Here's another method you people will never exhaust: Lurk more.

>once other methods are exhausted
There's this exquisite method called lurking, but faggots can't even wait for the thread to get going and need to ask. A few posts in it the sauce would've become obvious.
Not to mention /r/ exists, someone even linked an /r/ thread for this here.
Yes, enabling idiots is cancer and in this case also breaking the rules. The fact I have to explain all this to you means you need to lurk more.

Do you even read the post he quote?

>Tripfag doesn't know the boardrules

Color me surprised

That's one sexy pillow.

>can give sauce if someone asks and have a good thread

>act like an absolute autist if people ask for sauce and have a shit thread

Hmm, what should we do in the future?

Which chapter is this

If you have to ask, you need to lurk more.

There is a thing called reverse image search, and there also lot of options below it if it doesnt work, and many more if you looked for it, and you didnt even have to, you could have just waited and got it anyway.
You're a fucking brainless tumor who needs mama to give everything to him.
Fuck off out of and try to get some intelligence (I doubt you could), and never post here again

You forgot the
>don't be a /h/ tier sauce begging faggot, have a good thread

The only reason to feed the source to people is if the thread is for a new/unknown series, and that's only because the thread will probably die if you don't. Otherwise people can just pick shit up from their own searches and context clues.

You are a fucking retard of the highest caliber.
Sometimes google image search doesn't work, in some countries it doesn't work (Cred Forums is more than murrica) and sometimes images are simply cropped.
Look at Cred Forums. If people ask for source, someone always gives it and the thread goes on as ususal.
It literally takes 2 posts that also bump the thread.
Only an absolute fucking elitist faggot would get asshurt about giving the source to an image.

It's tsugumomo chapter 63
>inb4 kys fgt for spoonfeeding

>Best girls
>Best ecchi
>Best art
can't read because I'm afraid of the mangaka killing best girls off


No, fuck off. The last thing any board needs is to be like Cred Forums. You have the resources the find the source. Use them or be justly called a retard. It's that simple.

Source still gets given even if you get really angry about it afterwards, so you're the retard.

You dont even have the mental capacity to read a whole post?
There are other things if google didnt work.
This place would be done if newfags like you posted whatever shit comes out of their mouth

>>inb4 kys fgt
Don't be obnoxious.

>Look at Cred Forums.

We should just delete this thread and start over with a new Tsugumomo one

The OP is also a screenshot from a phone
It was doomed from the start

If you start a new one now, the first reply will an ironic >sauce?

I can see that already.

Wait for a while first.

It's newfags/crossboarders/casuals who also all happen to be saucefags and spoonfeeders

Don't forget dubfags. Checked.

There is no guarantee the resources will work every time, especially if an image is cropped. You just don't know how all those search engines work and are biased from your own experience.

Cred Forums is absolute trash, but it doesn't change the fact that the only time people strictly adhered to the no spoon feeding rules even more than half the time was when Google actually worked for 90% of the world. But keep acting like you got standards on a mongolian cave painting board because you are willing to spend 10 minutes per search just for a chance, I'm sure it's no problem for someone who has to manually light a fire by rubbing sticks together every time he wants to cook telling people in the north pole to do the same and suck it up.

Why are you trying so hard to justify being retarded? Just stop being retarded.

Stop being new. Stop being retarded.

>especially if an image is cropped.
There's a way to get a full image you know.

Uwah, ths guy is hopeless. Just kill yourself my man.

It triggers me