Danganronpa 3

Finally, at long last, we had definitive proof this episode that Virtual Chiaki and Physical Chiaki are two different people, that Izuru considers her the Super High School Level Hope. It's also confirmed he really liked her because he still has her pin.

What we didn't have proof of, however, was that Chiaki actually died. There was no body or grave shown. She was simply mentioned and alluded to, and Izuru expressing regret that he wasn't able to save her.

The story concludes on Hope Side.

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>Izuru expressing regret that he wasn't able to save her
Izuru was the only way Chiaki was surviving that. If he couldn't save her, who could? Fuck off, retard, she's dead, accept it.

>Kamukura project facilities


>It's also confirmed he really liked her because he still has her pin.
Not necessarily. Seeing Nanami die gave him hope that there's a way to retrieve his memories.

He wouldn't hold onto her pin if it was just about that.

Chiaki is absolutely the worst and poorly written thing about both sides of this anime
First ZTD now this,fucking nips can't close a story out.

You're insane if you think this was anywhere near as bad as ZTD. DR3 wasn't good, but it was miles ahead of that complex shitfest.


he had to find where she was before walking up to her



>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Keep the hope, my friends!

>Chiaki is absolutely the worst and poorly written thing about both sides of this anime
what about mitarai?



>Chiaki is absolutely the worst and poorly written thing about both sides of this anime
That's not how you spell Junko

No. It happened in that scene.

>This will all have a happy ending!





subs when?


Truly,his power knows no bounds

Its amazing how bad both ended up being.

Only rolling 16 will save us

Was this the worst episode of Despair?

What's the better arc, Future or Despair?

Izuru did nothing wrong.

He didn't push Junko off the roof

Are you ready for her return?

Prepare for some despair inducing photos

Maybe because he literally did nothing?

future, of course. you have to be a complete dipshit to think otherwise. however, both arcs are still absolute shit tier. bury this shitty ass storyline already

I they are nudes

Neither did you, faggot.

How are you going to hold that against him now?

Stop with the despair Kodaka you clearly suck at that. Give us good old triumphing hope and be done with that train wreck

> 17
Will better hopeman save us! GIVE US A 16!

Despair would be better off not existing.

24 future episodes with RoD flashbacks would've been amazing.

Episode 4 of despair is the worst episode. Future-arc is miles better, but despair is still passable (but pants-on-head retarded.)

what was she gonna do with that sword?

Munakata literally lost everything.

Nobody else even likes him.

>no new meme this episode
how dull


I think the lack of care for previous works is just bad, the only thing with ZTD is the series is not as stupid as DR

The thing with ZTD's badness is that it's atleast memorable, while DR3 is a lukewarm "despair doesn't need to exist" "this is pretty shit" disappointment

Well at least they explained that they don't have memories of Izuru anymore.


I hope Kodaka doesnt pull this bullshit.

Fuck you, Despair gave us real Chiaki.

That's better than anything Future ever did.

Even though we get confirmation that we are getting an extra episode at last I'm still a bit disappointed by how little we learned in this episode... I guess we finally learned why Izuru brought Junko into the NWP.

We also learned that Naegi's luck is indeed real (in case anyone still doubted it) and actually works in a different way from Komaeda's. We got nothing new on Tengan and Mitarai who should be the focus of the last Future episode.

In other words, you're butthurt that she's gonna live

But that's stupid considering there was no reason for them to meet


tbf ZTD had quite a few neat moments (diana/sigma relationship was pretty cool broseph) and the puzzles were decent, but DR3 kind of started shit and remained shit.

>I'm gonna dance so fucking despairingly it's gonna be great


>"I-Izuru will save her guys!"
Where were you when Chiakifriends got destroyed once and for all?

They should've made it 24 episodes of Future instead.

>Kamukura Izuru is the TRUE ULTIMATE DESPAIR
>didin't actually do anything evil.

Reporting in, brother! Just finished the raw episode, right in time for a new thread!

With that said, the episode was more disappointing than expected. Everything escalated way too fast, the pacing was way off. But then again, I am sure I have missed a lot without subs!

I believe that even if Juzo had told Munakata about Junko's "true nature", it would have already been too late. It probably would only stop the 78's killing game.

This. Despair actually ruined Junko and a lot of the characterization of many characters but ZTD is a hundred times worse.

tough player, aren't you? in that case
dis pair

So is Hope side an entire season or just the final episode of Despair?


He saved her as AI retard

Future and I'll tell you why.

Despair arc tried to create cliffhangers, but none of them lived up to anything. Despair arc also gave us tons and tons of plot devices and plot armor.

Now that isn't a bad part to have plot devices and plot armor, but when they're terribly written it becomes a bother. Which is shown in Despair arc as most of them weren't written that well. Junko conveniently getting anything and everything and the brainwashing thing wasn't top notch writing and the cliffhangers such as normies vs. Gundam/Nidai and Juzo wasn't shown.

Some episodes were "filler" tier and other episode had a calm pacing and then suddenly a different episode had a rushed as hell pacing.

Both Future and Despair suffer from that, but the thing with Future is that the cliffhangers live up to something and the mystery aspect is being kept alive till the very end.

That's also a main reason of why Despair is such a failure as the main reason people watch/play Danganronpa is the mystery part and once that's lacking, you get Despair arc, bad writing and nothing but plot devices and plot armor, which people detest in general when done badly.

That's what happens when you're an unreasonable asshole who only listens to your two henchmen who have already betrayed you.

>Izuru told her to fuck off, Chiaki is still his waifu not her
>Junko just blames everything on him because he dumped her

Yes he would you delusional shipperfag

Come on, user. You know miracles are real.
All you have to do is believe and you can make your own path!


Not just Izuru! Soda and Byakuya will save her too!
You know... 3rd times the charm...

Even the killers in Class 78 deserve to live more than any of the UDs in 77

If they were a better pair Izuru wouldn't have dumped you, you zetsubore.

Future, of course.
Although it should still have been a game.
>The killing game this time around doesn't fit the game format
Change it then

>24 future episodes

can you imagine. bandai could maybe last more than one and a half episodes. he's my favourite newcomer and his death was so sad.

Fuck off chuuni boi you're overrated


Was he this mad from getting cucked?

Not only were they shown to essentially be different people this episode, the AI is dead too.

Future is clearly better and should've been the whole series with prequel bits inbetween

Not the same.

>Chiaki might still be alive
>and the mastermind


Explain the camera.

You're the only moron here. AI Chiaki isn't like real Chiaki, in case her utter robotic speech this episode didn't clue you in.

Junko was always shit



Subs out.
Nubs out.

True, they made her better.

Future would jump miles in quality to me if we got some way to FTE people.
I'd building mode the fuck out of Juzo and Seiko

Just the final episode.

I hope Mitarai will get mad as fuck next week, like in this picture.

We knew that back when Kirigiri's gay uncle said so.

It makes me wonder how the man even had a "faction"


daily reminder

>No body
>Izuru still caring about her
>kibou hen special
>Hagakure's prediction.

Keep wishing mate.

Hahaha. Are there still any Mukurofags left after this episode?

Sorry, but that monologue sealed Junko's utter defeat.


I agree, my friend, had he told Munakata then the only thing that would've changed was Jin being informed! At least we got the Hope part to look forward to. But as you said, it was extremely rushed and the multiple timeskips made it feel like they had to cut it off and just stitched a few last scenes together.

I'm certain we missed a few things without the subs though so all will show in due time. So stay strong, my friend!

We all know that in the end I win and you lose




>people are actually mad at Chiaki being the mastermind

It's so much better than
>it was the shady old offscreen man the whole time!

Why would he push his waifu off the roof?

Anime adaptations have led me to despair!

>What's the better arc, Future or Despair?

How? Class 77th was Literally brainwashed

I think Munakata knew and just chose to look the other way.

He's just as culpable.

>autistic antishipperfag

>Chiaki being the mastermind
This is stupid. You are stupid.

>20 minutes to deal with the mastermind
>20 minutes to solve everything and give the series a conclusion
How the fuck are they gonna do it?


>waifubait is actually an AI
>waifubait is actually a human bean
>waifubait is actually the mastermind

How many times do we have to revive this SHITTY MARY SUE

>Explain the camera.
What does a camera zooming in on her have anything to do with her surviving?

No. They killed and weren't brainwashed.

Despair should have ended right after Hajime signed up for the program.

How is it stupid? It's going to be Junko as well

Right here. You're barking up the wrong tree if you think I got a problem with my waifu getting spanked.

Doesn't even have a delicious immortal brown waifu to fall back on.

What was munakata thinking here?

Why have that there?
Who did it?

Overrated NIGGER

Was here drinking my coffee. I want to see how Chiakifags will damage control and come up with even more retarded theories on why she survived.

You doubt my devotion?


Her AI was made by Alter Ego u subhuman stagnated sludge of waste and Alter Ego doesn't exist yet.
>How did Alter Ego know of her?
Ask the hackadaka.

same way how they dealt with side:despair's actual premise (showing how the 77th class fell into despair) in less than 3 minutes, but took up 11 episodes of completely inane shit - by being complete fucking hacks.

Because they have 2 episode left, it's confirmed the last episode is on Thursday: HOPE SIDE.

>We also learned that Naegi's luck is indeed real (in case anyone still doubted it) and actually works in a different way from Komaeda's
Other than retards not getting what the short story was about, we already knew this.

>Peko and Fuyuhiko

Love both.

No, The old man is better.


Putting it into perspective this way makes it hilarious

Hajimeme and Hopelet will both do this during the finale

And he sure gave her a nice pair of hope-filled tits.

No, he didn't make the AI. This episode confirmed it.

>people can't clean up a body
>reaching this much

Chiakifags surpassing Kirigirifags on the autism

can you read, dipshit?

I wish I could pay money to undo watching this show.

If Chiaki lives, I'll eat a DS game cart.

Since there's misleading twitter going around

Future episode 12 (Finale) on Monday 9/26 23:00 JST
"Special Broadcast" Hope on Thursday 9/29 23:30 JST

I love you Nanashi
Please marry me

Aside from the villain actually not having COMPLEX MOTIVES it's every bit just as shit. Just fucking reflect on it

>Despair arc
>Fucks up Junkos legacy completely by making her method of choice a MIND HACC video
>N E V E R does what anyone expected and fleshes out class 77,spends more time on the anime originals
>Real Chiaki who is just absolute cringe to watch as she becomes the majorly favored leader of the class just because some lady told the loner SHSL Gamer there's a multiplayer function and also crushes so hard on Hinata just because "muh first friend"
>Skips over SO MUCH SHIT you can feel the eventual spin off a mile away,most majorly of which is Chisas time in the Reserve course

>Mirai arc
>Pisses away loads of episodes on literally insane original characters
>Kills over half of them off unceremoniously
>Toys around with the idea of killing off characters from previous series just for dramatic effect good luck explaining that fake toy knife murder fucking Kodhacka
>Legitimately made it so that one character who is probably the most well versed in it all went completely against her values just so that things weren't solved to easily



Why did Izuru make AI Chiaki so bored


What about them?

>mary sue
Stay mad retard Junkofag.

Better stream it bub

Whatever, give me your lunch money

As do I. They're different characters but both are great.

AI Chiaki was made with Usami you mongloid go play DR2 again


Though I think this anime is shit, I'm glad they finally showed just how fucked up things went in the world.




Why didnt they show a grave then or her body getting disposed?

But also Despair

>autistic antishipperfag

How the fuck would it be better? Hints against Tengan have been scattered throughout almost every single Future episode while Chiaki being the mastermind would be a last minute ebin tweest with a single camera moving for 1 second as the only real tangible piece of evidence.

But the fake toy knife was explained. Monaka was being a snot nosed kid.

say that to my face and not online

He sure was mad at Junko.

It's strange why Junko said in this episode again that despair is only chaos.

If that's the case why did she brainwash people into hailing her like a God and obeying everything she said? Why could RoD be organized and all just love Junko without any doubt?

Isn't that the same shit as hope that unified people and made things very predictable anyway? And her final plan was to make everyone Junko, how the fuck was that unpredictable if everyone just had the same SHSL analyst ability.

So Junko wasn't all about her so called "despair principle". She just wanted more power to control the world like your average villain?

Subs when?

>this 'Chiaki is alive" meme again

They still killed in their own respective killing game though so they aren't any better than the 78th kids. They just had the luxury of being in a simulation.

At this point though the 78th kids are just completely shat on, I just wanted them to have some kind of good note but Kodaka seems 100% ready to go with all of them being pointless except Sayaka. What's the point of AE captives if you're not even going to show them.

Is camera the new cure W?

Kirigirifags are taking a beating this week with Juzo confirming her death and Sayaka confirming her cuckoldry

>last minute ebin twist
>implying his dying message isn't to Mitarai talking about Chiaki

Did Izuru say more lines this episode than he has the entire rest of the show?

16 and subs will be out in the next half hour.

smelly BO sweat.

Despair must be quite boring for him.

It's OK user. It's tough having to cope with your loss

>despair is only chaos
>makes up plans to directly influence despair into achieving specific goals
>the ultimate ultimate is too retarded to call her out on this idiocy

"Why does she keep doing this, I don't want to"

Did you miss that the class 78 kill too?
And the reasons were shittier.

>Not pushing junko over the rooftop
Why is izuru so useless?

So what about that DR0?

says Despair is bad writing
wants junko to despair all 15 students of 77class one by one even though that contradicts junko at her core
She's the ultimate analysis a being that can know everything about you just by looking
She's always bored cause of it and clings to the unpredictable of despair
She gets bored of her own personailty and always tries new things to change it
Could she despair them one by one Yes she could using her ultimate analysis to pick at their faults but that would take too much time. She'd get too bored after like 5 th person.
she already planned for the tragedy a year before she was in Hp so she wanted it to happen sooner then later
She bumps into ryota she uses her analysis to figure out how she can use him he has a useful talent that makes things easy for her
She can despair them all at once
Why would she spent time on Despairing people who she referred to as chumps in DR2

>only real tangible piece of evidence
Izuru still holding on to the pin while talking about hope and despair is evidence that Chiaki's role isn't done yet. It has nothing to do with SDR2, because he didn't make the AI.

I heard him say kibou and zetsubou a lot

they all killed for retarded reasons when they weren't brainwashed

Killed nagito and then tried to get away with it, his "M-Muh protecting everyone else" shit was just a cop out. No difference from Leon in DR1..

>Peko and Fuyuhiko
Straight up murder someone for saying some nasty things about accurately calling them out for murder in the past.

Same as Teruteru, killed and tried to get away with it. Nevermind that there was no way Junko would've actually let them starve to death when that would ruin her entire plan of trapping the FF members from 78 there.

oh fuck it's you isn't it?

The user I talked to before?

>Chiaki is the meaning of life

It's not impressive; those things are tiny.
I knew someone that accidentally swallowed one while they were half asleep.

Are you guys really surprised that the most popular character in the franchise is still alive?

She's a shit villain user, don't try to think about it

She's literally whatever the plot wants her to be at the time

No, there's a lot more to it than just that. It's the presence of Izuru 2.0 in the Final Killing Game. It's more about trying to figure out WHO that could be.

No, moron. Cure W is something that was in the corner of the screen, the camera was a full scene that commanded your attention.

>mu-muh bogeyman

kodaka here
fuck you
it's complex

She wants to cause despair
What she doesn't care about is proving that despair is the ultimate feeling, or making the world better than despair, or proving that despair is greater than hope.
She gets sexual pleasure from despair, and causing the apocalypse was a means to that end.

it says that junko brainwashed the students one by one in the fucking main game you colossal lobotomite. you literally showed the whole board to not bother with 4/5 of your post in your second sentence. congratulations, ultimate retard.

It happened off screen.

Guess im gonna ruin the world all because I loved anime then.


Probably timeskipped over between episodes 10 and 11 of despair.

>it's okay if it's shitty it fits the character

>DR2 only poll

Is the September update available for download anywhere?

>Has the better Hope
>Has the better Luck

That's a lot of writing for one long apologist shitpost

I don't think she's a Godslayer.

Someone pointed this out on 2ch. If Naegi's luck is the one thing Junko can't analyze, shouldn't she be all over him instead of trying to kill him in this episode?

So obvious they were fucking around

Would you push your waifu off the roof? Didn't think so

Hopeman > Chiaki
Deal with it.

I want Cred Forums to fucking leave.

Wasn't the camera just Junko recording the whole thing?

Dumb ass were did they get that info from a FF file whose head of information in the FF answer Chisa
She faked it

That's not what the website tells us.

Nagito you know you're gonna be jacking it in the corner when Hajimeme and Chiakizuru fight

I never said the 78th kids didn't kill, just saying the 77th kids also killed people in their killing game.

Then again at this point Kodaka will just say Junko turned on the brainwashing monitors whenever anyone was alone with someone else just so he can say everyone was a saint and totally not bad writing.

>isn't mentally ill and traumatized
haha get fucked nagito

I really wanted Chiaki AI to get more screen time.

It's shit. It's shoehorning her in any form as the plot goes on, just don't think about it as the character is badly written.

Gundam only killed a robot because he was gonna die starving,Teruteru was worried for his sick mother and Fuyuhiko is a yakuza that wanted revenge.
Meanwhile, Yamada killed someone for being a idiot,celes for money,Sayaka tried to kill leon and blame Neagi in the first chance,Leon was mad,Mondo killed someone and then Killed Chihiro chihiro for no reason, Kirigiri almost gets Neagi killed,Asahina tried to kill everybody, Toko is a serial killer and Junko and Mukuro are part of class 78th too.

Of course

Futility is a good source of despair.

Whoops you're right. In the middle of that I actually forgot that yes she was the perp behind that a nd w ent with the flow of what I remembered.

disregard the spoiler text.

chisa had nothing to do with the neo world program. are you actually this retarded?

chiaki is a miracle of the universe

the very embodiment of "you can be whatever the fuck you want to be as long as you put your mind into it"

Yes it is.

>inb4 Nagito knew how everything was going to go from the very beginning and just used his god tier good luck to make thing better again.

I tried as fast as I can, MBTI user. Pretty sure that I choose some retarded options.

No. I suggest you rewatch the scene. The cameras went off, the screens went to static, everybody left her to die. Then it went back on.


You fucking muh camera retards do know that cameras sometimes have autofocus right?

School mode got reffrerenced.

>Teruteru was worried for his sick mother
That is just as retarded of an explanation as Leon killing Sayaka in self defense

Naegi is still alive yes.
As is Komaeda, and Hinata
Shame about the 4th and 5th most popular characters though.

Chiaki is Jesus

But Hopeman loves Chiaki's hope.

Why does it matter? They don't have time to cover everything. Be happy that those flowers in Mirai episode 3 may have been for her

>Hurr durr toy knife

Are all people complaining, speedwatchers? That would explain a lot

leon never wanted to kill sayaka, go read the canon dr manga adaptation by spike.

>Go to the bathroom and destroy the door to kill her
>Self defense

>Spend half the anime on a shitty waifubait character that should never have been real in the first place
>Rushed the actual good stuff that could have made the anime good (Twilight Syndrome, The Most Awful Incident, DR Zero...).
>Give Class 77 shit tier one dimensional personalities with zero deep that can only suck Chiaki's dick
>Put animu MIND HACKU as the reason they killed everyone and they became despair instead of the actual foreshadowed reasons as to why they did so

Just HOW do you fuck up THIS badly when you have half the job done in SDR2 with the implications of the character's misfortune? Just how?

Holy shit, that didn't even click when I watched it.

Kodaka should play the games

Was Fedora man gay for Kirigiri dad?


But Hopeman considered Chiaki his original HOPE.

What makes Naegi's luck so different that Junko can't analyze it like Komaeda's?

she attacked him first bruv

That's how he himself explained it, it's no different than Teru being "I did it all to protect everyone from having to become the killer and to see my mom" bullshit

And you fags were saying Naegi's luck was shit.

Chiaki was a fucking mistake

>she's going to be the mastermind too

They leave her body rotting in the dungeon

I'm honestly starting to feel sorry for them. Sayaka destroying them this much after being gone for so long is absolutely tragic

Kizakura is a girl

Can anyone defeat Mukuro Ikusaba? I am not talking about untouchable on the battlefield Fenrir Mukuro, I am not talking about Ultimate Soldier Mukuro, hell I am not even talking about Despair Sister Mukuro, nope I am not even talking about Junko(Mukuro Ikusaba), I am not even talking about Super Highschool Level Ultimate Despair Soldier Mukuro Ikusaba, shit not even talking about Super Highschool Level Ultimate Despair Soldier Mukuro Ikusaba who has just killed all of the Madarai brothers, damn not even Super Highschool Level Ultimate Despair Soldier Mukuro Ikusaba singing a song while a mutual killing game is taking place, fuck not even Super Highschool Level Ultimate Despair Soldier Mukuro called by Junko to wreck shit, hell in a hand basket not even talking about Super Highschool Level Ultimate Despair Soldier Mukuro Ikusaba able to defeat Ultimate Swordswoman Peko Pekoyama who is using a cold steel sword with only a knife or two, no I am talking about Super Highschool Level Ultimate Despair Soldier Mukuro Ikusaba who has just fallen in love with Makoto Naegi determined to protect him from all the world's dangers while carrying him on her back while feeding off his Super Highschool Level Ultimate Luck and HOPE Mukuro Ikusaba.

The dungeon that is literally
right in the Kamukura labs?

Also Weedman is a conman that tried to sell manlet's organs
Tell me how class 78 deserve better.

She says it comes in waves, unlike Komaeda's.
2ch says Naegi's luck is strong at avoiding instant death.

mukuro was the older sister?

shouldn't it be twintails

So like I'm a Junkofag, but she is hideously inconsistent is the instances she is supposed to be congruent and her motivation makes less and less sense as the things she does continue to grow.
At this point the LULZ would make more sense.
I luv the LULZ so I cheer 4 her bullshit.

But Naegi has the power of friendship luck. While Nagito has god tier luck.
But thanks to Nagito's god tier luck resolved everything.

Gundham killed to save everyone else. It's not like they knew Junko wasn't actually gonna kill them.

How did our man Mitarai would redeem himself in the next episode?

the despair arc was shit, i regret watching it since it ruined characters for me

Im still confused why is it DR3 where is DR2?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I loved the DR the animation id love to watch the sequel

Not a good reason.

>Gundam killed to save everyone else
>And then tried to get away with it, killing everyone

Not to mention the Chiakizuru theory is still completely reliant on Tengan so in a way he would still be the mastermind anyway.

>killed to save everyone else
>obviously gives it his all to get everyone executed


By killing himself

That doesn't change the fact that he is so much better character than her.

>Can anyone defeat Mukuro Ikusaba?

>junko and izuru litterally talking about memes this episode
Where are the fucking subs so I can prove it?

He either finally admits he fucked up and takes responsibility like Juzo did, or he reveals he's actually behind this shit. But the later seems really unlikely judging by that phonecall.

Be the Mastermind.

>being this delusional

Just give it up

.....GET OUT.

>He actually was despair
And wasn't even brainwashed.

That was his low key self-loathing turning into full blown hatred

>despair and hope are a myth
>we're all a slave to the memes

Offer everyone his boipucci.

Sayaka wanted to leave because the one thing she poured her life into was at risk of being taken away from her. This lead to Leon nearly getting killed and he defended himself and probably didn't want to die so he killed her first.

Mondo's thing was a fluke in both cases. He didn't even directly kill his brother, his brother just saved him and then put a big weight on his shoulders by pretty much putting all his hopes and dreams on Mondo. So when all those hopes and dreams were at risk of being destroyed in Chapter 2 Mondo literally snapped. He even says several times in the trial that he doesn't even remember what happened.

As for the rest, I can't defend them because Chapter 3 and on was when everyone actually started to get stupid with their reasoning.

Gundam just wanted to not die starving. He wouldn't have killed anybody if it wasn't for Monokuma bullshit.
That's a better motive than everbody in DR1.

No need for subs, they literally say ミーム.

by doing nothing
he's innocent as fuck, never did anything

It's been a hard week. They barely got around to cleaning up the student council.

When Kizakura held his phone to check on the news all I could think was "Wait, already?!". To me, everything from the brainwashes to the mass suicide seemed to place over a span of a single day, even though they didn't.

And in the end, sadly, we got no Ryouko/Matsuda other than a short cameo to confirm canon (I guess!).

Oh well, overall it was still enjoyable, so yes, I shall look forward to side: Hope for now, brother!

Munakata was so sure it was Junko that even after Juzo himself told him she was clear, he still held onto some doubts. Chisa was the one who consequentially convinced him to stop investigating for good. So yes, he chose to trust his friends despite of (seemingly) no agreeing with them.

And I can't really blame him for that!

>there's a giant statue of Sakura in the lobby
>challenges Nidai to battle instead of ambushing him
>he even fucking explains why he tried to hide his involvement in the murder once you finger him

Meh. He probably just wanted to give a good fight since he is a chuuni. This is as well incredibly convenient to make an antagonist both a serious threat and his redeeming endearing

any chance of there being a jammer in the building and that's the reason why mitarai only received the message after the power got cut?

wouldn't make sense why komaru was able to speak with makoto and asahina, though

Teruteru's was a mistake really and he didn't go to such an extent to hide evidence like Leon.
Peko and Fuyuhiko... a talk went wrong because Peko had to score a homerun.
Gundam and Mechamaru did sacrifice themselves to save the others.

>>Pisses away loads of episodes on literally insane original characters
>>Kills over half of them off unceremoniously
These and your Despair arc points I fully agree with
>>Toys around with the idea of killing off characters from previous series just for dramatic effect
This one I sorta agree with, I'd fully agree if Kyouko does rise from her grave
>>Legitimately made it so that one character who is probably the most well versed in it all went completely against her values just so that things weren't solved to easily
Mostly disagree with this one. True, Kyouko could have told them about the monitors, but with the impending sleep time near, she might have been afraid of the mastermind fucking with them.
And not investigating the secret room isn't just a point no one brought up before knowing where the power room was, it isn't even the first time Kyouko refuses to open something Monokuma labeled as relevant. See the envelopes from DR1.
As far as she was concerned, opening that door might have had some sort of trap on it

It's because Komaeda's luck is predictable as fuck. Komaeda himself says it in episode 4 of Despair "In the end everything went exactly as I wanted. Just like always"

Naegi's is literally random shit that ends up favoring him in ways nobody could see coming, even Naegi himself.

>pointing out a fact

You got that right.

Those are good motives for you? But for some reason Teruteru's mother and Fuyuhiko snapping for her dead sister are bad?

What was the knife for anyway?

Love Mukuro but Despair was worst. Episode 3 in my opinion was the shittest one. Future had the worst episode from both with the Despair Girls episode being a complete waste of time.

>Teruteru's was a mistake really and he didn't go to such an extent to hide evidence like Leon.

> Same as Teruteru, killed and tried to get away with it.
It was justified because alternative to murder here is just to starve to death together, which wouldn't be better. Trying ot get away was kind of a dick move that was kind of excepted from the chuuni dark sorcerer like Gundham.
> there was no way Junko would've actually let them starve to death
They never knew about that, IIRC.

Wow, what the fuck. They just left that shit as it was? It's been days, if not weeks.
I thought they were trying to cover it up.

Who will they team up against?

How BTFO is Despair going to be when Naegi does this with Hajimeme

>特報!ダンガンロンパ3-The End of 希望ヶ峰学園-希望編制作決定!

Finale is on Thursday.

was munakata actually expecting gekkogahara to be a fake robot or something

no reaction at all after he cut her in half

Didn't his phone have a black screen during the game?

His NG code was probably turning it on (and his phone being the only communication to the outside world - Monaca hacking not included)

Because Despair is bad writing.
Do you really need the list of factors that the series never explains on Junko's plans?
How easy it would have been, on several points, to expose her and how it only doesn't happen due to sheer stupidity?

>This lead to Leon nearly getting killed and he defended himself and probably didn't want to die so he killed her first.
For the last time, Leon wasn't self defense.
He literally chase her to the bathroom and broke the door to kill her.

>Trying to explain bad writing
Is literally because Naegi has plot armor and Komaeda doesn't, plain and simple.

It was just a joke, user. He wouldn't really sell an organs of friend, he played a little prank on Naegi. Thats all.

Subs delayed again lmao

Because the slut tried to stab him

Well, the trial wouldn't be very playable if Gundam just outright said he did it and passed out all the evidence of him doing so.

Enough to give them back their waifus.

My sides.

where the fuck have you been

Zetsubou is one hell of a drug

Why are hope's peak students blue?

Yes. But that wasn't as bad as what Leon did. He cleaned the room getting rid of hair and burned his clothes that were covered in blood.

It really hurts having my delusions utterly destroyed. I didn't want to hear Mukuro call Makoto ochikobore.

Also,Peko real motive was make Fuyuhiko win and left the game.

I never said it was bad, just saying not all the DR1 motives are as dumb as a lot of people make it out to be. But I will agree that Chapter 3's was bad and Chapter 4's was unnecessary.

for being this adamant, you sure know nothing. go read the DR manga adaptation (canon and published by spike) which shows the truth behind leon's 'murder'

Remember when people thought Chisa would be relevant?

It didn't said that you colossal retard

nah, no reaction because the writing is just shit


>>Give Class 77 shit tier one dimensional personalities with zero deep that can only suck Chiaki's dick
Hell, this pisses me off the most.
They became a complete hivemind


that's how they're feeling

We have known this since monday

steel spears could.

She was literally being set up to be relevant, so was Monaka, so was Mitarai, so was Munakata.

It's kind of amazing that Leon missed his name written in blood. Given Leon's character, it would be in character for him to fuck the body so you'd expect him to notice the writing during that time.

She's relevant for leading chiaki to her death :^)

Zombie Tengan.
Venom Junko
Pick one.

Maybe, But he really is con man that tried to steal money a lot of times in UDH.

The DR Manga isn't canon.

you sure, faggot?

He tried to choose better option than 100% fatality rate, but he wasn't doing direct sacrifice. So it is a kind of gray zone. Clearly let's starve together was the most retarded move here, but few people got a balls to push the trigger and get out.

>find everything boring
>get emotional over a girl because you played games a couple of times together after school

Woah, what a shit character

Not written by kodaka.
IF was published by spike that dosen't make it canon


>Class 77 gets anime dedicated to them
>They get almost no screen time
>Meanwhile Class 78 survivors get endless spin offs
It's like pottery


They are, Mondo getting mad and killing chihiro for that shit is not a good motive.

>Junko afraid of Naegi after her victory
Totally not MC wankery
>HOPE side
Please tell me this doesnt mean another anime and the reason why Future/Despair have been full of memes is just because the main plot is in HOPE

The sudden timeskips were really weird to me, even with the timeskips it seemed like it went incredibly fast. As for the DR0 cameo, yup, that was definitely somewhat disappointing.

Likewise, my friend. I can't wait to see the last two episodes as I've got a lot of hope in its ending being great!

Yes Mukuro is the older twin
and same diff

If you had a gamer gf you get to fuck whenever you want and she got taken away from you, you'd cry too.

Was Tengan relevant at all during the entire episode?


> There's a giant statue of Sakura in the lobby
Why Monokuma put it there? He had control over anything in virtual reality.

>he's innocent as fuck, never did anything
Haha, what? No.
He accepted a shady agreement with Junko to continue making his anime.
He didn't try to run away and just followed her orders.
Didn't try to take responsibility later and just runs away.


If they were green they would die


Thank you for this screenshot. It really denies all of this anime in one paragraph.

> HOPE side just becomes a retelling of DanganRonpa 1.

The game literally shoes all the knife cuts in Sayaka's bed.
He was really trying to kill her.


Teruteru had a sheet to cover him so there was no need to burn clothes. He also established an alibi unlike Leon.

Both their efforts at going undetected were equally involved. He even got Nagito to help him and was pushing for Nagito's execution

No, Tengan only appeared in his boring form.

Probably the knife that she killed matusda with so they showed it as fan service

I'm retarded. How DOES Naegi's luck work exactly?

not written by kodaka = not canon, same how DR togami is offcial but is not canon

Junko was always like that in the games. Not taking anything seriously was supposed to be a big part of her shit and the games.

So all those "despair shitting the whole world" was better remain unexplained/unclear so they could always shrug it off as a joke or satire. And the audience would still like it without the need to take it literally.
Then they decided to explain shit in detail for the anime and that's where things went retarded. They couldn't make it ironic like in games anymore because not everyone was in complete control that they had to swallow Monokuma's shit. How the hell would everyone fall for her shit? Animation team didn't have resource for all that so they had to make plot devices just to make sense.

The anime was all about Junko still being Junko at the cost of everyone else in the world reduced to literal dumb fucks. That's why it shouldn't have happened. Don't explain in detail if you can't.

And then keeps being his friend

everything is shit up until it isn't.

in memory of her canceled game.

>he even fucking explains why he tried to hide his involvement in the murder once you finger him
What was his reason for hiding it? I don't remember.

And Peko getting mad and killing Mahiru for that shit isn't a good motive either, but it happened.

Because his luck is actually SHIT.
He's not ultimate good luck, he's ultimate bad luck.
His luck is so fucking bad, it affect every plan that Junko or any mastermind uses, making it ended up failing.

Dude, just read Naegi worst day ever.

Plot armor or not, it makes sense in context and the "asspull" actually makes sense.

Don't be so mad, man.


Did you miss the part where he concluded that everyone was a despair or what?

You are afraid of what you don't understand. It's normal.

Wonder how the inevitable remix of the series' main theme will sound when it happens.

Not to mention he wanted to brainwash people as well, just not for despair.

Hey, class 78 had many angels who did nothing wrong.
Ishimaru went down trusting an anonymous message despite having fought someone in the class previously.
Chihiro did nothing wrong, neither did Naegi.
Sakura was being blackmailed.
Other than those, yeah, several attempted and succeeded at murder, but these are angels

Where's the part where it says it was written by Kodaka?
because they tried to hide it and play it off as canon for sales.

>Didn't try to take responsibility later and just runs away.
he didn't do anything! he was about to get his life and anime back on the track, he was a good boy!

>>Junko afraid of Naegi after her victory
If by afraid you mean extremely aroused at the unpredictability yeah

And they were brainwashed.


She did, as the head of FF information.

>being disguised as more delusions

So this is what Munakata meant about despair being disguised as hope.

They are Yakuza raised to be like that,Mondo is just a deliquent that is like that for who know why
Fuyuhiko and Peko actually had reasons to be mad at Mahiru, Mondo didn't.
Peko real motive was saving Fuyuhiko from the game.


doesn't refute my point. simply means that junko herself would have brainwashed the class, which isn't contradicted by the screenshot i posted. your view (and the way the anime wrote it), however, directly contradicts the canon material.

They shat on Izuru's character hard.

What's funny about this is that their only argument is that because it says 'Written by Spike Chunsoft' in the scanlation it's canon. The scanlation is a mistranslation, it doesn't say 'Written by' it says 'Original Work by'. Same for Touya Hajime, he wasn't credited as artist, he was credited as 'Manga by', which means he both wrote and drew it. Spike chunsoft just blessed it.

Brainwashing can happen multiple ways, exploiting insecurities being one of them.

Next episode for sure!

Are you just getting that now you filthy secondary?

Retard, this screenshot is saying how she came to control them through their despair, not how she turned them into despair

Only the survivors.
The rest doesn't get shit.

When does that happen

>Don't call it brainwashing. That's gross.

Junko > Mukuro > Mitarai > Monaca > Kemuri > Masaru > Kotoko > Shingetsu > Touko > Fyuhiko > Peko > Munakata > Ruruka > Komaeda > Celes > Sayaka > Hifumi > Leon > Mondo > Juzo > Hajime > Mikan > Gundham > Sakura > Haiji > Byakuya > Tengan > Asahina > Chisa > Akane > Mahiru > Kirigiri > Izayoi > Hagakure > Saionji > Ishimaru > Imposter > Kizakura > Souda > Nidai > Chiaki > Sonia > Komaru > Ibuki > Gozu > Bandai > Seiko > Gekkogahara > Chihiro > Naegi

He was just being hopeful, he was the only one who brought it up

And mindhack =\= brainwash

In this case it was directly implied as something only Junko could do

giving up is for losers. Personally, I'm not sure if he'd say "yep, alright, it was me" if they said someone else was the killer, since it kinda contradicts the message, but if he really wanted to survive, I doubt he'd challenge the biggest dude on the block.

"Junko recruited the Ultimate Despairs one by one [...]"

you might want to go catch up on those pre-school english lessons. go back to plebbit you secondary cuck.

He justified using brainwashing with hope. He reaped what he sought.
I really hope Kodaka will write Mitarai's character resolution well.

>Totally not MC wankery
Can't helped it.
Everyone wants the manlet, even Junko.

>He accepted a shady agreement with Junko to continue making his anime.

>Implying you wouldn't go to the ends of the earth to save your qt 3.14 Gamer GF if you were a filthy normie who was batting way above your average

There wasn't even a "character" for them to shit on.

Izuru hasn't been much more than a cardboard cutout of Hinata with a wig that says "Boring" when you pull the string coming out of its ass.

>mindhack =/= brainwash
Explain further.

I never noticed just how many characters we have by now.

This episode confirmed that Junko being attracted to Naegi is canon

More despair sisters + hopelet threesomes doujins when

>Tengan that low
You and I both know that's a lie, my boy.

And he disarmed her and was able to get himself out of danger. The retard could have just left the room and ended there but he didn't and went to get a screwdriver just so he can break open the door and kill her

It's laughably how anyone can claim self defense at this point

new pic mukurobros

>Mikan below that many people

He tries, but Munakata finally opens his eyes and starts dating the ultimate bro



I think you mean aroused, seeing that hope and lucc is just too good

>Chiaki that far down
But why?

source? i like that guys work


Wasn't he also played Russian Roullete with 1/6 chance to suicide and without Komaeda cheats.

Okay but, if this episode showed the 78th class easily putting the screws to the windows on with just wrenches (and in Sakura's case, hands), why were they just immediately set on these things being impossible to remove in DR1? You could say that Junko got rid of any wrenches bigger than the ones in the tool kit, but Sakura would still be strong enough.


Their waifus in AI form?

I'm listening to Danganradio aftertalk for Zetsubou episode 11, it's amusing how Ogata keeps calling Sakakura "the true heroine".

At least worst Nanami is dead.

>Mukuro not on top

Now that we know Junko has no real charisma and relies on convenience, that makes Mukuro the biggest psychopath in the series

just let it go

I'm really trying to figure out how funimation is fucking up so hard. I mean the episodes are airing on time, is the production team running the master copy to the broadcaster mere minutes before airing? because what the fuck

Mahiru died because Peko and Baby Gangsta thought she had helped kill his sister when she had nothing to do with it and didn't want her dead
poor girl

How would he know the brainwash is literal?
He didn't know of the despair video in DR3 even and was locked up thinking Junko was innocent.
The world didn't know the RoDs were brainwashed and the proceedings, Ryouta apparently never told anyone, he'd have to trust the data available that said the brainwashing was gradual

You're proving his point, you colossal dip.


Damn Despair, you turned her into a robot.

What the fuck Mitarai did wrong?

He's been part of a biker gang since elementary school, he was also raised to be like that. Mondo didn't have any reason to be mad at Chihiro, no, but he did have a whole gang he was still leading and one that would fall apart if word got out that he was leading it based on a lie, which would then lead to him not keeping his brother's promise and losing everything he had. Wanting to leave the game to make sure his brother's ambitions didn't die and the closest thing he had to a family didn't fall apart were not that bad of a motive.

As much as I like Seiko, I think she should be higher.
She just went along Ruruka's bullshit and should have talked back to her.

When she's pulling the wrench from the wall.

Reminder Junko is main villain again in Future Its just the matter of whose body, she'll be in or how she shows up

(Kirijunko, Chiakizuru, naejunko and so on are all viable options at this point)

Welcome to the Kodocka's wild ride its about to get complex

> he wanted to brainwash people as well, just not for despair.
So what? Naegi literally brainwashed 15 people and nobody lost they crap and went mad screaming how he should kill yourself about it.

junko is the brains and mukuro is the brawn

they're both psychopaths

Why are Mikan and Hinata that high? Hinata did nothing, and each time Mikan did it was just Despair Mikan, which should be separate, like Izuru.

>Junko afraid of Naegi after her victory
You mean aroused right?

You can't give up, user. Not before it's truly over.

She then provided him a special hidden room under the school so he can make anime.

Where does that say they were brainwashed?

Are you trying to claim foreshadowing?

Because one sentence of """"""""foreshadowing"""""""""" isn't a stronger case than the entire backstory of the game foreshadowing manipulation


>Was this the worst episode of Despair?
Second worst after episode 10.

>What's the better arc, Future or Despair?
Future, Kodaka decided to fuck up Despair Arc giving anime Nanami too much focus and turning her into Ultimate Martyr Maru Sue.

Junko was supposed to be charismatic demon that swayed people to do her bidding trough persuasion.
That's why she feels insulted, changing to sad mood, and calls brainwashing disgusting.
Also read these two posts.

Pic of Munakatana struggling to princess carry Juzo when

>More Junko
If that's real then Kodaka's signing the death of Danganronpa as a series.

>Junko has no real charisma and relies on convenience
Needed her sister for anything that requires muscle
Needed anime boy for brainwashing skills
Needed Matsuda for memory erasing technology

There's really nothing left for her.

Recruiting them =/= making them fall into despair so hard that they become UD

She recruited them one by one after they became UD

juzo survived the munakatana because it was heated up

high temperatures = rapid cauterization

>With Izuru
>Kyaaaaa senpai

>With Naegi
>Wait, what is this feeling
Yes, my OTP.

Munakata is a retard.

No, it was her being a joke again.

I feel like a lot of this is wrong, but some stand outs to me are

>Chihiro as a Thinker

I could maybe buy him as an intuitive, but he's definitely not a Thinker. He's far too emotionally sensitive/available, motivated by feelings and able to relate to others. His being a programmer doesn't make him a thinker, especially in a fictional setting where being a thinker/feeler doesn't necessarily correlate with profession/habits.

>Celes an an Extrovert

Definitely not. Her being an Intuitive is flimsy judging buy her very particular habits and routines, focus on her physical appearances and possessions and etc, but her being an extrovert is very difficult to believe. She definitely doesn't get energy from socialising and is a very private, guarded and emotionally unavailable person.

>Souda as a Thinker

Guy's definitely a Feeler. He's extremely emotionally expressive and sensitive, relates to the world based on how he feels and how others feel and places a lot of importance on socialisation.

>Komaeda as an Introvert

This is a common misjudgement, since the misconception is that Extroverts can't be quiet or reserved, but Nagito is an extreme extrovert -- his energy is derived from socialisation, he motivates himself based on others and how his actions influence/affect them and he's totally at ease in social situations regardless of who he's interacting with. ENFPs are the most introverted extroverts.

>Mahiru as a Thinker

She's very motivated by feelings and her reasons for bossing people around are based on wanting what's best for them and trying to make them healthier rather than creating order/asserting dominance like Saionji.

>Mukuro as a Thinker and a Perceiver

Everything Mukuro does she does because of her love for Junko -- she's very sensitive to Junko's needs and wants and bases her actions around catering to her. She also clearly prefers judging rather than perceiving information

All in all, I feel like this chart's pretty inaccurate.

You also forgot Izuru to be threatening.

>Wanting to leave the game to make sure his brother's ambitions didn't die and the closest thing he had to a family didn't fall apart were not that bad of a motive.
What a shame that it wasn't his motive, He just kill chihiro for getting mad, He didn't even try to hide the evidence.

..they can't be UD without junko having recruited them. UD was literally initially the organization of junko and mukuro. did you even play the motherfucking games?

And starting a whole new universe/reboot in V3.
Danganronpa will live user.

Because he is.


Despair arc was worth it

>He didn't know of the despair video
No one knew. Because Ryouta's anime is a postnote added by a hack writer.

It's not easy to maintain my hope

We already knew she was always attracted to Ultimate Hopes. I mean Izuru and Naegi should have told us this

He was Anime Goebbels to Despair Hitler.

Well, she is as bad of a character and villain as Danganronpa's writing.

Mukuro is just a soldier, Junko is the one controlling everything

How the fuck he would know that she was gonna destroy the world? He probably didn't even know that his brainwash was that strong.

Doing it like that is retarded though. Dropping the series to basically asspull central will only make the sales of the upcoming game go down. It's an extremely big business gamble if he does it.

My nigga.

Tengami is more likely than any of these retarded theories


At this point you might as well put Gekko all the way at the bottom. She's not showing up, so there's nothing for her to fuck up even theoretically.

One thing I REALLY wanted to see was Togami and Imposter interacting.
Or at least see why he reverted back into Togmi.
Dosen't Junko say the Byakuya conglomerate lost all their funds in DR1?


No more despair means no chance to see more despaired 2 cast. I can't be bothered to download the RAW, did despair Ibuki get some screen time?

Is not like he wanted to cause the tragedy.

She manipulated Mitarai, all alone with her Charisma.

Honestly Mitarai didn't even know his anime was gonna be used like that. SO he isn't fully to blame for what happened.

No, pretty sure it was just Sonia, Akane and Fuyupeko. Interestingly no Soda.

Gekko is not for lewd.

she strung a guitar, then akane stared at a vending machine

Good job kodaka

>hidden room within the school
>Didn't think about it
Mitarai is just stupid or really naive or just thinks of anime.

sounds familiar.


Everything I've seen has him doing fine. He is a swordsman who'd be ripped in his own right.


I agree. Especially about Souda and Komaeda.

Junko had to make them fall utterly into despair first (and like it like she likes it) - aka become UD - before she could recruit them.

That screenshot only truly talks about how she controlled them

He is really Naive, Normal considering how he is a neet with not friends and probably only interected with his mom and imposter for most of his life.
That doesn't change that he is innocent.

She's not impressive because anyone could have "manipulated" that guy, just buy showing him their tits.
Or just asking sternly.

Lewding Gekko makes my hope stronger.

Without hope, I have nothing.


He can be fully blamed for not reporting that shit ASAP, even if he doesnt know that its a world level threat.

i feel pity for all the retards that pull those incredibly retarded theories out of their assies (junkogiri, tengami, naegi is the mastermind) just so they don't have to come to terms with the horrible mess of the writing.

>create brainwashing program instead of legit good anime
>surprised when it's used for something other than what you intended

Don't talk to me or my son ever again.

Fair enough.

My fucking dog could manipulate Mitarai, that's seriously not an achievement.

We have Gundham being sick of this shit.

Same, at least they're entertaining.

>I am a despair, the true self



>That Yu

Well, if suicide montitors, THERE IS NO REAL ATTACKER and NEET IN SPACE are allowed to be real, then why not some retarded bullshit.

I'm pretty sure mindhacking viewers against their will is a reprehensible violation of human rights

But she literally explained in the anime that she wanted despair because it's unpredictable unlike everything else. Same reason as Izuru.

I'm going to miss these. Shame nobody ever translates them.

>they were brothers all along.

As relevant as a turkey sandwich


Same with Juzo actually. Mitarai at least has the excuse of being in a trauma state.



I love how you say the writing is shit just because you don't like the way they made the story go.
It's cute.

Nice one Jack!

>alt universe where he went to hopes peak instead of yasogami

Then make it a movie. That way they pay to be mindhacked.

Juzo is just as shit, wont deny it.

Mitarai knew that shit for a year and Junko let him go scot free, if he had informed just one person he would've stopped it. She didn't even blackmail him or threaten him, he was just a pussy in general.

If there's anything certain in life, is that anons will always overestimate the competency of your average japanese anime writer. Plots aren't always as convoluted or contrived as Cred Forums wants them to be.

I wonder what Cred Forums would think of if Primer was an anime instead of a regular movie

Yes, Because nobody would expect that a model will use your anime to destroy the world.
Makoto also used a brainwashing program to turn people to hope.

you right
now i truly see

It is absolutely detestable how he never told anyone how it was actually done.
Or that he knew that anyone could turn Despair overnight
Even giving him the benefit of the doubt and saying he has been trying to make a counter-video, doesn't change the fact he never told anyone the methods their opponents operate in and how they are trying to combat them the wrong way.
He sure is lucky people had already developed methods to combat brainwashing and someone ELSE came along and decided to use it.
>Threatening is now charisma

>suicide montitor

foreshadowed in DR1


foeshadowed in the ed

Reporting in!

>gets BTFO by Izuru for her sister
>gets BTFO by Sayaka for Naegi

Serves that smelly ugly bitch right

Dropping this here before new threads get made and we flood the board with DR thread spamming again.

>bleeding rainbows

how much gayer can juzo get?

And Juzo knew that from a year too and let it happen for being gay.

2ch has even more speculation than this place does.
They all still agree the anime is shit, though.

>It is absolutely detestable how he never told anyone how it was actually done.
He probably told Tengan. We are probably gonna see it in the next future.

Yeah, but having no threat and having made her shit and her letting you run wild and free is still worse case of douchebaggery than being blackmailed and not saying shit.

The shit writing is exactly why were posting stupid theories, why do you think people call Kodaka a hack

Yeah, it's safe to say that the anime's just bland and downright poor at this point.

I went into the show about halfway through, and I had no real interest in Future when I started. Only wanted to watch Despair.

Despair is a massive disappointment, Future has been surprisingly fun to watch and the constant DR3 threads have only made it better. Despair actively ruins DR2 for me.

Do you think Kodaka will come back to twitter after today's finale, or will he stay in hiding?

Did DR1 hint anything about Hope's Peak being a really sketchy place? Or did that start with DR0/2?



Anything with the Utopia grand scheme kind of thing is shady and will always become a hoist by their own petard. Same counted for Hope's Peak and it started at DR1.

DR1 gave almost no setting.
The retarded shit about the school and the organizations didn't start until DR0 and 2.

Being blackmailed with being gay is not a good reason to not stop the end of the world. Both are shitty reasons.

How the fuck did Junko ever lose?
How the fuck did FF ever recover from that shit?

All Despair has to do is play some anime and win since the general population doesnt seem to be aware of televised mind hack.


Mitarai had no reason. She let him go scot free. He could've told anyone anything at that point and yet nothing happened, he kept it to himself as he hid himself in the subway while being some pussy.

He'll come back.


that's exactly what a gay fag would say, I'm forwarding this post to your mom

Are you ready?

Fucking spics. 10 out of 10, a-fucking-mazing.

Please, he can still come out and not fear for his life
>In the epilogue, Naegi has a tanned daughter who loves swimming waiting for his wife to come back from the pool and Hajime comments how his wife still hasn't gotten back from the hospital
If THIS happened, Kodaka would have to join the victim's protection program

I'm not saying it's not shit writing, I'm just saying anons brought this disappointment upon themselves and will continue to as long as mystery anime continues to be made.

>All Despair has to do is play some anime and win
And the "Junko didn't do that because it would be boring" excuse doesn't hold up here. Because some mob despair or one of the 77's would be more than willing to use it.

>director of a series based around making waifus and killing them as brutally as possible
The quality of the writing is not that much of a reason to hide
He should only hide to avoid being shanked by a buttmad waifufag

Junko just used the brainwashing techniques + snuff film to convert the 77th class to UD

then used the suicide monokuma theather to make the Reserve course kill themselves

then stopped using them because she grew bored of it


Telling it to who? Junko was in HPA and will probably keep and eye on him and nobody outside HPA would believe it,

tengan is dead don't fall for that obvious clif hanger

Why do you think they'd have access to the despair brainwash techniques developed by Junko and Mitarai?

subs when
i'm dying inside

well junko did show up with delta's glass in her first appearance in despair from that point you new it should get complex

>look it up
>it's real

I don't know? Fucking Munakata or via a letter. Hell he ended up with Tengan recruiting him. I'm sure that if he went there and told the old geezer or did some shit during the place going to hell he'd be able to do something. All he had to do was just be there, not even Junko can predict anime man doing something good for once as he was an omega.

Nigga all you need is a DVR and a cellphone.

>And the "Junko didn't do that because it would be boring" excuse doesn't hold up here.
Why not? Junko entire point is that he doesn't want to be bored.
That's why she just didn't kill everybody in DR1 and 2. Why would she want have a 100% change to win?

... why didn't Junko play the suicide video in Naegi's room back in DR1 instead of trying to kill him old school?

You know that's going to happen. It's practically confirmed

And nobody will do shit to Kodaka

>series based around making waifus and killing them as brutally as possible
Truly the bravest man on the planet

They dont need to develop new footage, just use the one Junko has already made.

Why would Mitarai know about Munakata? How would he enter to HPA when Junko is basically controlling it now?
Also, He probably told Tengan about the brainwash, Thats why he knew about everybody suiciding.

>Why not?
Why dont you read the rest of the sentence?
> Because some mob despair or one of the 77's would be more than willing to use it.

Is not the same using it to get minions that using it in the entire world.
That would be to easy and boring to her.

Ouch. If she had it, she definitely would have used it there.

Hell, Kizakura/Jin, literally anyone in there. He's a student at HPA, it's normal to have a principal number and the number or mail of your old teacher. He could've saved it all, really with 1 simple call as all three of them had phones and use it a shitton by looking at the anime.

> misconception is that Extroverts can't be quiet or reserved,
This isn't misconception. This is deliberate choice. I see definitions that based around socialization to be pretty retarded to work with, because concepts like extroversion are more broad in practice. It isn't just about would you prefer to be around people or such things. There are around dozens of the other patterns to be reckoned with. I am not saying that I am right about Komaeda here, he wasn't the one easily categorized person and I am actually agree about Celes. What I am saying that simple filters, being they about motivations or anything else isn't that reliable. I could explain my point of view in the more details, but why that would be out of a place. And, to be honest, I doesn't really remember most of the secondary characters that much.

When you have such a shitty writing that a squad of around 300 anons must discuss and try to make sense of it (which in result will deviate and make these retarded theories) just for the story to make sense (Compared to trying to discern the meaning or symbolism or other hipster shit), and when you have to geniunely have to make mental gymnastic in good faith, something has gone terribly wrong.

Because she actually never intended to kill him :^)

Because Junko prefers a plan that could potentially fail, because if she wins it's proof that despair is superior. There's no fun in winning if you can not lose.

He doesn't seems to have a phone or money to buy one after he run away.
And he can't enter the academy because Junko ,class 77 and the RS student are there

Everyone who sees the video kill themselves, how you would pass it forward if you don't know of it's existence or what it does?

He is a branch leader in the FF
Unless he joined as a leader already and just a short while ago, he had plenty of opportunities to talk to them.
Hell, shouldn't he know something is up just by putting 2 and 2 together and knowing that Chisa told them Junko was 100% innocent back then?

>Because Junko prefers a plan that could potentially fail
She tried to kill Naegi because her plan was about to fail. There's no other explanation for why she tried to murder him in an unfair way in that instance.

Too bad that part of her character was thrown out the window when she made a game that had no chance of failure with Chiaki

Junko could have killed everyone there whenever she wanted with the amount of Monokuma bots and weaponry he had, her goal wa never to kill them but to force them to kill each other to show that Despair>>> Hope

The previous one was way more accurate

Let's be fair, Junko was never consistent, all her plans depended on her mood swings.

All for the sake of despair :^)]/spoiler]

This thread is still up

The tragedy already happen in that point.
And again, Is obvious that he told about it to Tengan.

She tried to murder him as putting an unfair accusation on him, she tried to pass as part of the rules

What? No, she only tried to kill him because he was putting her plan in jeopardy
But she tried to kill Naegi, remember?

A stalemate isn't losing. She just wanted the game to continue by reignited their paranoia.

Even with this view, however, Nagito isn't quiet or reserved in a way that a true introvert like Fukawa or Celes are quiet and reserved. There's no social awkwardness or hesitation or disdain for sociali interaction with Nagito -- just a certain thoughtfulness that belies a deeper person beneath the surface. He still actively reaches out to people and fearlessly speaks his mind in an energetic and engaging way.

While you argue that definitions based around socialisation don't really work, those are the definitions MBTI traditionally work with.

An introvert may be at ease when communicating with their close friends, but they'll be tired out by socialisation eventually and won't seem nearly as at ease around complete stranger or parties, etc, etc. Meanwhile, an Extrovert may seem quiet or socially awkward initially, but will often become extremely charged once comfortable in a situation and will become more energised as they continue to socialise unlike the introvert who'll be less energised and more easily annoyed.

Exactly. Which proves she doesn't give a shit about rules/fairness. If things aren't going her way, she'll break the rules.

The reason she did it personally though was because it was risky. She could have sent a Monokuma bot to kill his ass too.

You do know that the information that the despairs have a video that makes people go insane is a valuable asset EVEN AFTER THE TRAGEDY, right?!
Knowing HOW the enemy does what it does or what methods it has at it's disposal is pretty high up in the list of priorities

>But she tried to kill Naegi, remember?
If she had killed him, she would have then framed Kirigiri for it, and the others would have voted for her. Junko would have given her the bullshit execution, and then the others, from having lost those two pillars, would fall into despair and start killing.

That was the plan.


And again,he probably told Tengan about it considering everything that is happening in Future.

she tried to cheat when she was cornered, yes, but even so she was trying to do in a way that incriminated another person

She did give a shit about the rules she had set up, which is why she accepted Kyoko's offer for the 6th and last class trial when Kyoko called her out on it

Well, I actually can agree, that Nagito is extrovert, going from how pushy he can be about his believe in Hope and his overall proactive position of trying to fuck everyones the shit up.

>post yfw non-moonspeakers find out about the meme line and rage about it

Thinking bac, she didn't really cheat when she tried to get him killed. She didn't use Monokuma and she is technically a participant and a student.
She cheated in the 5th trial for sure, though.

There's nothing to rage about that line.

What meme line? Did Hazime call someone John Cena in the dub?

Anons hate memes in their anime though

"Dissemination through memes"

edited this one for you fampai

Fuck off, memester.

>"Dissemination through memes"
Despair spreads. Except it doesn't. It's just a video. Sorry.


Sorta new thread

Chiaki is the same height as Asahina and Naegi, why does she look taller than the hopelet?

It's basically the Monsoon line from Rising. Brace yourselves for Monsoon photoshops once the subs hit.

That makes Hajime's final confrontation against Junko that much more memetic.

>You wanna know how I got that name?
>What I'm saying is... Hajime is back.