Why doesn't this board like One Piece? I don't even watch that much anime...

Why doesn't this board like One Piece? I don't even watch that much anime, but I think that it's a great story regardless. I'm currently in the Dressrosa tournament arc.

I watched it until the end of the restaurant arc, and it just feels like a less interesting version of dragon ball

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Because it's boring as fuck. I've read everything up until Sabo appeared and it still didn't change. Still boring as fuck.

I think what catches my eye the most is that it successfully recaptured the adventure element of the Dragonball series. They're bravely sailing the ocean not knowing what dangers are ahead of them.

I enjoyed the hell outta the manga, but I could care less for the anime. It's just so slow; whole episodes pass by with nothing happening. It's the same reason I can't watch later episodes of DBZ


You didn't find the Trafalgar Law & Luffy alliance the least bit intriguing?

This board isn't one perdón, a lot of anons like one piece.
That said, I could never stand the artstyle and the while nakama deal, also the fanbase is straight out autist


I'm talking for myself, not the board.

Almost everything except the Foxy arc pre-time skip was excellent.

The later part of Fishman Island Punk Hazard and Dressrosa sucked for me. Zoe and the events that unfolded afterwards spiked my interest a bit, since I can smell something big happening soon. The whole Sanji thing is pretty interesting.

I never visit the threads for it, or anything I like (with some exceptions), since these are almost always shit.

Do you think Luffy will become a Yanko?

Probably not, judging by his personality. Becoming one of the Yonko might have some benefits, but Luffy prefers doing everything the hard way, since it's all about the adventure.

Or he may end up being forced to become one,who knows?

OP here, my one complaint about the series is that Luffy has conquerors Haki and he never uses it. While he was fighting in Dressrosa I was wondering why he didn't just knock everybody out with 1 blow.

because luffy's not a dick.

Because its popular in the west and they need to act like special snowflakes

It work on "normal" people not jobber

There are often threads for the manga

I.... i'm going for the bait!

If you actually checked the catalogue, you'd realise there's pretty much a one piece thread everyday, in contrary to naruto or bleach.
If you look at all the other threads, you can see why the rest of Cred Forums hates one piece.
It's not a generic shapeless moeblob fanservice fest, which is obviously a crime.

Like all battle shounen it turns to shit after the timeskip

also pretty sure Cred Forums likes One Piece more than most battle shounen (that's not saying much though).

Fuck off, newfag.

Personally, it's just the same formula repeated over and over again, even more so than the generic shonen archetype. It's so fucking obvious what's going to happen.
A) There's a problem.
B) They need to travel to somewhere whacky.
C) They'll meet someone whacky that they think is the enemy
D) Turns out, they were being forced/ not really working for the enemy
E) They meet the enemy boss. Impossibly strong
F) Luffy fights with the enemy boss and is seemingly about to lose.
G) Luffy miraculously wins.
H) They move on
rinse and repeat.

Git gud

>Why doesn't this board like One Piece?
pillow hugger manga elitists that hate anything that popular.

I dislike the art style and the concept doesn't appeal to me.
>I don't even watch that much anime
Oh it's a bait thread.

Where are the fucking mods?

I feel exactly the same way. I just wish One Piece could again give me the magic I felt during Water 7. Nothing else in the manga ever came close.

Only works on weaklings.

Because it's literally the same arc repeated over and over, the only interesting parts are after the end of every arc because is when Oda finally decides to continue the main plot instead of keep making retarded and repetitive fillers.

I watch a lot of anime and still love One Piece, though the Dressrosa arc took some commitment to get through. I actually feel like they should apologize for the pacing of that shit show.

Now that they're on Zou, it's definitely picking the pace back up. The animation seems to have improved as well.

>Hating on Foxy arc

>Now that they're on Zou

Overrated generic shonen, surely not that bad but it doesn't deserve all the praise it gets

>Watching the anime

A lot of people here don't like Shonen at all. But among the Shonen fans, it definitely isnt the most derided manga. Some people love it, some people think it's middle of the road, but fewer people outright hate One Piece.

tl;dr fucking lurk more before you post.