Precure Thread

Precure Thread

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Is there anything this girl can't do?

Marry Towa.


Marry me you mean.

Kirara is my wife.


"mai waifu"

Is Kirara currently the mod popular Cure among /pc/?

I hate that guy. He put himself in most of his kig photos when he's not what we want to see.

I feel like Haruyama's mahos just don't get the responses his art for previous seasons did. I guess no one cares anymore.

Mirai is the cutest girl in the whole world!

Kirara was made for big friends.

What is his best work?




What's your favorite precure picture?


Kirara is my grand princess!


Shes just so goddamn hot holy shit. She needs to get everything done to her.


MiraRiko is a miracle of the Precureverse


You're a miracle of my universe.

More like the biggest mistake

Blond haired Nagisa is best Nagisa.

Why Nagisa is so sexual?

She just is.


Mana da best.

We're all going to die.

Can I go first?

>you will never watch precure 2090

A lot of Kirara today. It's nice.

Because tomboy and /fit/.



I don't get it.



It means Towa sucks and I agree, give back Twilight-sama.


Wow, you're awesome, Kirara. Get at it.







who Haru here?




Damn I like these two's interaction. Shame we never got much aside from that beach teatime talk.


Minami and Kirara talked to each other plenty. There's a lot less for some other cures.

It was a little less interesting when it was just Haruka, you just got the feeling that they were talking to each other so that we could overhear how special she was or something, but that beach talk was something special. We got to see an awkward side of Kirara and a curt side of Minamin when both were otherwise so poised most of the time. I'm glad they poked around in these side relationships on GoPri, a lot of other seasons would've been a lot better for having even just a handful of episodes like that, where they might look like focus episodes, but are really about one relationship in particular.



Precure needs to die so it can come back as an edgy, dramatic, sexy magical girl for big friends in 2022.

I don't want that though.

The Buki one that comes on every night

I don't want to live that long.

from all precures based on original art not doujin or fan art who has the biggest tits?

Why is this even a question.


Haru's design > Cure Flora's design by a million miles.

It's one of those cases where the two clearly should have switched eye colors and hairstyles.

His waifu must be Mr. Saito

I guess for this lovely cat, fashion and looks are much more important that a little bit more protection on the battlefield. And in this case, I can definitely agree with her on that. To be honest though, I'd agree with that line of thought in all cases.

weeb-sama-tachi onegai. It's something to do with Falsetto wanting Ellen to put on some pants but she wants him to take his skirt off?


>fashion and looks are much more important
Not only lovely cats, women are like this.
Those creatures are stupid enough to voluntarily deform their feet bones just to walk on high heels.



How I wish the character design in the anime was consistent to this one (or the one in the opening credits) in all its episodes.

What does this say? I have those clear files in the back.

Are you kidding? Gopri is one of the more consistent seasons even if it still has quality. Just look at maho, they can't stay on model for one episode and even in merchandise they look completely different.

t. goprick

Which insert song was better, Cred Forums? Try to judge the songs themselves, rather than the fights they played in.



Courage, of course.

The hacha one

what does waku waku even mean?


Those are just Mirai's baby sounds.

I think Milk is my new favorite fairy.

The opposite feeling of what Maho gives you.

I thought Milk was cute for a while and then she turned out to be an actual bitch.

She's just a bratty babby.

No, she went right back to being a bitch in gogo when she got powers and could actually do something.

Wow dude, spoilers.

I wish they would bring back these shorts.

Can't handle the banter?





i cant stop hearing waku waku on my head help




Just come in already.


Fuck off.

Where courage is born, by a light year

There are these things called dictionaries, they're super useful.

Seek professional help

I want to commit a crime.

I love her because of that. She is probably only one fairy that is calculatively mean to MC (don't count the fairy-ed general, of course).
You mean Candy. Milk outright try to NTR Nozomi. She got some sort of histrionic trait.

I don't watch this chinese cartoon, but fapping to nudes of Kirara is very fun!
Why is she so fun?

Fuck off

Did you stub your little lefty toe, kiddo?

shes boring in show

You have good taste. Rin a waifu tier.

Nobody likes Rin, don't disturb the balance of nature.

It's weird. Karen on her own is my least favorite Yes5, and I'm a total hetfag whom yuri generally does nothing for, but Karen x Milk makes me hnnnngggg.

Karen is my second favorite after Nozomi. Those cold looks she likes shooting are the best.

For me it's Rin > Nozomi > Urara > Komachi > Karen

Funny that my favorite two Yes5s both have VAs who usually voice dudes.

Rin needs a fan.

Rin needs a boyfriend.


Yes. Me.

Rin needs a kick in the face.

What does it say?

Rin: Oh dear... I've done it *again*...
Other 4: Again?

>not "oops, I did it again"
Oh user, how can you pass up such opportunities.


What Cures look like they'd listen to Britney?

You mean spats.


that muscular looking Kirara

Spats are too sexual

Kirara looks great with big and small tits. Prove me wrong.



Why would you be so cruel to Rin? What did she ever do to you?

Why is /pc/ so dead today?


I bet it was Maho's fault.

I guess they are, it's a good excuse to see under their skirts.


I haven't been in these threads for almost a year.
What have I missed?



now leave before its too late

Shitty threads, people spamming shitty fetishes, and a really shitty season. So nothing out of the usual.

Precure is dying
You are dying
I am too

I dropped Maho months ago.
Is it still shit?

It got a bit better with Haa-chan.

Maho should have had at least one more cure after Haa in the show. Mirai and Riko were way too boring on their own.

If there's one way to make Maho even worse, it's that. Also Mofurun is a movie cure.

How would that make maho worse? I think it would be at least be more entertaining. I know mofu is a movie cure but he/she is a soulless little shit and barely a character so I don't care.

There's no helping you if you don't like Mofurun. But for starters think about where Haa-chan's screentime would disappear to, considering she's the best part of the show.



Where can I find lossless for HaCha movie's single?

I can't even find proper mp3s for it.

meant for

We have decided to end Precure threads.

Please understand.

no, fuck off

And nothing of value was lost.


Why do the rest of the board get triggered by precure thread. This place is one of the least offensive and slowest "generals" out there.

>least offensive
>constant stream of fuck off, lewd, and shitting on maho

this general almost doesnt exists, no one posts here, we keep at alive?

Most retards/shitposters will get fucked off anywhere, lewd is already all over the catalog and outsiders don't care about maho.

>no one posts here

50 unique posters is quite a bit for 164 posts.

The thread has been up since yesterday. I like slow threads anyways. Less shitposting and it's easy to spot the retards.


>not what we want to see
speak for yourself


The lossless collection only has up until season 9.

Please end us. I'm waiting for it for so long.

Do you really want to see some random dude in your kig photos? I sure don't.

>Today, I will remind them.





This guy looks like a Gormiti.

I like it

fuck off

Cred Forums experts, elite senpai, and little girls gather here.

Delete yugi, ak/gup, /ai/, that daily retard, idolshits, monmusume, muvluv, yuyuyu, cawfee, madoka, shaft, kyoanus, yuruyuri, trigger, front page retards, Mondaymiuna, majiFriday, that Saturday retard, evangelion, ghoul, hxhshonenshits.

Without memeeing (i fucking hate how nowadays people call "meme" to EVERY internet humor/phrase) i can say Maho is a wayy below average season. Or most autists killed themselves.

What about kancolle and joshit. That has to go too.

need update with maho

Nice meme.

full pic pls?

Inside source

There will be no next season of precure and the leader of Toei will announce it on christmas day and then blow his brains out on stream

The cutest GoPri

Are you blind?


Tread softly bub, we're all friends here

Wanting to fug Haruka is such a strange and confusing feeling.

What's confusing about it?

She's ugly.

You're ugly.



The fuck did you say about Harubabu?

best precure ending

Fuck off

What flavor are her eyebrows?

No one?

Nao confirmed for spic

Looks like this lovely cat is trying out a new outfit today. That sleeveless jacket and her showing her midriff really gives this outfit a more punk-like feel. The cat ears though, not so much.

>mfw someone's job was making the smiles dance like whores to this nigger shit

I would like a job like that.

Was that on the second ost?!kt5SxDYS!ao-_5mMOS3CuspDZp3g8qg!k5BSnDBR this only has up to the first one.

That doesn't seem updated as well.

It's in here. I found an mp3 release but I still can't find a lossless one.



Kirara kick!

This will sell worse than Fractale.

A Cure team with early Tsubomi as Pink, early Hime as Blue and early Yayoi as Yellow. How long does Earth last?


The bds never sell that well anyways.







You underestimate little Japanese girls

Why Erika must always do something differently?

You should wave upside down when responding to upside down Bukki.

jeez who cares

Attention whore

Towa is a lucky girl.

Who else is killing themselves once /pc/ finally fades away for good? I can't live on my own.

>Microvawe, Davi, crying Makopi
I was worried from thumbnail.

>jeez who cares
>No capitalization or a fucking period either.

Stop being a kid.



fuck off

Fuck off retard.