Scenes that have made you cry

>Scenes that have made you cry.

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This one was a little too close to home that week, and it was very unexpected.

Its so fucking cheesy but this made me really sad when I was younger.

I've only cried once during a scene from a visual medium and it wasn't anime.

Like a little bitch.

>he cried at all

>Lisa Lisa, you're cigarette's backwards
I remember the last five minutes of this episode absolutely tore me to shit

I don't even know why, it's not even that sad compared to some of the stuff in this thread, but it made me bawl like a little bitch.

>he has never been overloaded with emotions
Don't worry, you'll get there.
Like a little bitch


Every time





Holy shit me too. I didn't watch Non Non Biyori to feel but it the bastard took me by suprise

I have no originality




I'd rather they offed her right from the beginning like in the novels, then I wouldn't have grown attached to her ;_;

He was a real human bean.

The final scene of Speak like a Child hit hard for some reason. Something about everything Faye had lost, her innocence, her friends and her memories.

I never thought idol anime would hit me in the feels so hard.

This so much.

The whole transition where she says "see you tomorrow" and runs off only to cut to free fall was a serious WTF moment for me.



The end of Plastic Memories for some reason. It's not like it was a big surprise and there are other anime that, by all logic, should have made me cry instead.

I don't care if the ending was an asspull, Karin deserved a happy ending

this shit hit too close to home



The entire thing was sort of retarded, but that episode fucked me up.

Why would he just throw her away like that? I still don't understand after all these years.




>Karin deserved a happy ending
The future isn't looking too good. The vertex are only temporarily down, the Taisha are finally going to reveal the situation to the general populace, and they're going to mass produce Heroes, but the mass production will mean losing protection. So there's going to be a lot of dead heroes. All they did in the end was let humanity live longer.

delete this



Postponed the rest of the series for a little less than a month, famalam.


This scene hit me much harder.

Too many moments to name in the last few episodes. This was just one of them.

At least Karin and Gin accomplished something


Choked me up a little.

>not knowing the novel spoilers and that she'd be right back
I was actually angry during this scene because of that. They oversold it.

This didn't get me, but when ED 1 came on a little later that episode I sure got close.

Cried like a bitch.



this episode of shiki ruined me.

Dat Music

Other-ways i've been emotionally dead for last 10 years, can't even cry at funerals


Is that anohana? i dont remember

>Other-ways i've been emotionally dead for last 10 years, can't even cry at funerals


Quite the opposite. I was really lonely during my childhood and mostly had my cat. When it died I had complete breakdown and cried all I could like a little bitch. Nothings left to cry anymore

I was busy being angry at the way the plot was unfolding, and this line fucking blindsided me and destroyed me.

I wasn't being serious.



As expected of kyoani. The best episode is the original done by them.

This is the most recent one. I started bawling like a wounded animal and kept crying for hours.
In my defense i have to say that my family was being completely destroyed at the time, so I guess it was just an excuse to let everything out


>crying over babby's first atheist philosophy

Every single time. I'm a sucker for returning home scenes.

Every time I see this image, I think it's the scene from Planetes where Hachimaki gets hold of Ai's will. Same background floor colour, same paper colour, very much tear worthy.


Such a massive 'fuck you'.


It was weird but at least it was SOMETHING.
They went away and lived as jelly butterfly people in the woods.

Thank god they never made a sequel that would take a shit and then some on the original.


Definitely got me like a bitch.

Came here to post this

Fuck wanted to post this why is COACHI so based

A manly ending... But why didn't he go to the hospital?


can i have the source please?

Made me tear up a little. Last two episodes of Gunbuster really punch you in the gut.

AO is genuinely more offensive than the manga ending and non-canon 51st episode.

Who approved of this? I want to know who believed this worked as a sequel.

Kamisama no Memochou

>As long as the Earth, Moon and Sun exist, everything will be alright.

It gets me every time. Yui's voice makes me believe her. Everything after Shinji leaves instrumentality is a tear fest for me.

Especially when this starts playing.

None, I'm a grown man

This scene with Mai flashback, waiting for Yuuichi to come back. Kyoani and Key is great combo.

Thanks user i love you (no homo).

But can they top this?

Did anyone save that Re:Zero / Nuclear webm that was doing the rounds after Ep 15? I remember the ending itself making me sad, but I actually teared up to that webm. I shouldve saved it...


>grown men don't cry

the jp2 theme song reminds me of a song, especially a part of the vocal melody, someone know what i mean?


did not expect it at all

I'm with you on that one, user.


It's actually nihilism or absurdism, you fucking faggot. If you're going to talk shit about someone's feels&opinions, try not to sound like a complete underaged retard.

I teared up a bit at her yelling for her brother.


Nazuka Kaori best performance here. She was awesome. You can feel all the sadness in Nunnaly voice while everyone is cheering for "Zero", it's fucking disturbing.

What's an AO?
Surely you must be mistaking this for another series.

God dammit, this show should've ended at S1. S2 completely fucked up everything and made all the progress and character building of S1 pointless.

Have you seen the lite version/seasons? Is it worth watching?

This fucking last episode.

I fucking knew I couldn't be the only one, I was tearing up like a lil pussy at that shit, I felt so god damn bad for her

You two are my niggas



But it makes the last bit of Koyomimonogatari that much sweeter.

Every time. Not crying, just hopeful.
Sometimes, I wonder if the user who called me Mr. Cynical from years back is still around.


Fuck you user.

Fuck you


This scene had me crying for two reasons, the emotions of the scene; and the utter guilt washing over me for the fact I didn't like Azusa when she was first introduced and took time to warm to her. I felt like such a scumbag. I'm so sorry Azunyan

Watching it with some Eva music almost makes me cry.

Posting Isla is cheating. It's impossible to watch that last episode without ending up in tears. You know it's coming and yet you still break down into tears.

I still can't watch episode 20 without crying like a bitch.

Even though it was the happiest ending Eva could have got, it still made me cry.


The ending to Assassination Classroom ALMOST did it. The evolving OP was a contributor too


that fucking music

>First gift from papa
>There are only 2 places you should cry
>What was mama like?
>And then mama... then... Nagisa...
That fucking episode fucked me up, and I wasn't prepared for what happened later

More YuYuYu W H E N

Lordy this still makes me cry like a bitch.

I picked up this series expecting pure shonen/comedy. Was not prepared at all for the end

>expecting pure shonen/comedy
>from Maeda

Whats the name of it?

Wait, Brad Bird from Pixar worked on the Simpsons??

>angel beats


Angel Beats

***** perfectly captures Karin's desperation and resolve in that moment; I can't even listen to it anymore without being on the brink of tears.

I cried during the train scene. Anything that involves an imouto being sick hits me in every wrong directions.

The chair scene is one of the funniest things ever and possibly the only good thing other than the sad bits.

Source? Seems super familiar.


Did you see her resolve user? Did you see how hard she fought?
She was a true hero, right?
>all those threads making fun of her being useless

It's Rahxephon. Come on man.


still can't make it through this song without serious feels.

I've watched so many shows man. I can't remember every title.

No bully.

Came here to post this


Kill yourselves

This got me

>Voucher has already expired.

Also what did she mean by this?




He was just so damn likeable


Parasyte had so many great moments. I feel like it's criminally underrated.

That's because everyone read the superior manga.

Is this Grimmaa-san? My favourite chatacter along with Lunge

Pfff. What a joke. Men should be strong, not pussies.

If anything it's overrated, newfag.

>tfw even how "meh" Diebuster is the ending gets me

Waiting for Godot.

It got an anime long after its run was finished, that doesn't happen to underrated manga.

This destroyed me. The tears were shaking deep

The translation note is especially beautiful. Masterpiece.

this one

>163 replies
>nobody fucking posted the Muv-Luv one
This board is dead.

Is that Ange? Her death was actually a heart-warming one. It's not like she had anything left to achieve in her life anyway.
Triela and Claes (not her death but the standoff scene) were way more painful to read.

>no Saikano
>but muh gunbuster feels
God you guys fucking suck. Neo Cred Forums is real.


You pick Gunbuster to point out neo Cred Forums? It's classic.
If you want to complain about something, try the Yuuki Yuuna circlejerkers.

Pretty sure she used it already


The stuff with Aiko was sad, but the scenes with his father were fucking depressing. It took me weeks to finish this shit.
Inb4 >Punpun
Fuck off.

throughout the show's golden age.

It looks like he has a penchant for working on sad animated movies (Plague Dogs, Fox and the Hound...).
Maybe he had a hand in this one too:


Every fucking time.
every time

God dammit


It's his shouting that really gets me


This entire half of the episode hit me surprisingly hard

No. It's because Gainax is normie pleb-tier trash that appeals to morons.

They are just sleeping

Never watched shows about cars before, but this one got me.

It may not matter, but it happened. Not only was it awful, but it was totally redundant. No better than filler than ended with "IT WAS ALL JUST A DREAM"

And that's what upsets me the most, they don't reunite as a family on their own terms, they have to erase it all. It was all fucking pointless, so we essentially still haven't gotten a real sequel to the series.




That's how I cried

Legend of the Galactic Heroes:
When Yang died & when the Kaiser died.
I literally just finished it and in the process of tears. I've never been so touched by a show before


And I'm out. Such a nice way for a studio to die.

I always believed in her

She was a true yuusha de aru

Also Episode 9 personally fucked me up

>Complain about Gunbuster and Yuuki Yuuna
>posts fucking Saikano
the truly sad thing here is your taste

Who the hell is moot?

Some faggot.

the founder of 9gag

The Disappearance of Hiroshima Nagasaki got me pretty good.

Was fine with the whole build up to it, up to this point. Where all she wanted was a pat on the head.

>TFW wife always gets me to pat her head from time to time.

this scene literally broke me.

what is this?

Every singe character in th show dying was ridiculous but i still cried like a bitch when toboe and the old fuck got shot and died together as the snow buried them both

nasty wolf slut

Enlighten me with your superior taste, user. Please, go right ahead.

It was cliche yet oh so heavy

I still can't believe they killed off such good characters.

dele tthis

>fuck off
no u

thats a good joke
I wish Sora no Woto had gotten a sequel. The worldbuilding was excellently done.




best character
best death

Not just sad, but the range of emotion in the last 5 mins of the epsoide had me
> Damn he died
> oh fuck he's alive
> Holy fucking hype
> oh shit he's actually dead now

not fair

I hate to admit it

I gotta admit, this made me audibly kek

This scene...

Bye Bye Yesterday is so underrated
Lerche greatly improved the OPs compared to S1

As an /o/tist I agree. Until this part you really don't appreciate how much he cares about the car

i feel like im forgetting something

all3 volumes

Cried when the dad left in Punpun.

Cried again when he was old and we found out what the mother did to the father.

If you're capable of crying, you're no man

When I broke both my legs I found the ability to cry again


when I broke both my legs I also could cry again.
Not at sad things or pain or any such nonsense, of course, but the partial facial paralysis that came as a result of the surgeries to fix my face hindered my ability to blink, and so occasionally a tear or two comes out on its own

I cry at anime a lot and I cry at even things that most people wouldn't. So I have a bunch of mediocre things that have set me off before.

I cried a bunch at Barakamon. The villagers coming to help him move in made me cry. I cried a lot at Amaama to Inazuma. I just cry a lot at anime. I cry at happy moments as much as sad moments.

The worst feeling is when something so happy happens on screen and you just know you'll never feel anything as wonderful in your own life, or things that hit too close to home.



just dumping stuff that I cried at.

Physical injuries don't count



tears of joy

There was a lot of times I cried at this. Especially with scenes with her brother in.


I feel like I may be one of the only people who cried at this particular scene

I cried at the radio dog story. That shit hit really hard



I cried a lot at Sket Dance also, especially during the past arcs. And even more specifically, Switch's.
Great scene. Did you hear that it's coming back in 2017?
Honestly I thought I was the only one who'd cry at the Megumi scene.

the kyoko story really gave me feels

homura's is really what lays the feels on thick for me. kyoko's is sad, but homura gets a whole ep dedicated to how many times she fails to save her (girl)friend

The music didnt help either

>The worst feeling is when something so happy happens on screen and you just know you'll never feel anything as wonderful in your own life
I can one-up that
When i was taking antidepressants and antipsychotics, i had the best god damn dream of my life. I don't even remember what the shit i dreamt of, only the feeling. It was the single fucking happiest moment of my life. Then i saw the ceiling and realization hit me like a fucking brick. Tried to smother myself with a pillow afterwards
It's like they say, better to not have it than have it and lose it

Go ahead and call me a normie, but this is literally the only Chinese cartoon I watched enough to care about anything.

Are you a Spic?

Happiness usually gets me crying moreso than sadness.

>thats a good joke
No shit.

>Great scene. Did you hear that it's coming back in 2017?

You, I like you.

I remember crying at this scene as well.
That's terrible, user. I can kind of relate, although I'm sure most here could.
Yup, I agree.
Unless this is a troll.

Is it a depressing show?

I came here to post this.

I know its just a seasonal anime and the board its pretty sensitive about it i must admit this scene was pretty sad

The whole fucking thing's a god damn rollercoaster

I've cried a bunch of times to sports shows too, because the characters are always so driven. I cried at DAYS this season, especially when MC thinks he's lost the cup and Ubukata tells him to cry it off or he'll never feel better. Then he falls asleep on her shoulder. It's a really great part of the episode. I'd like them to get together but it's not that kind of show.

This chapter hurt.

This was such a great way to end, S2 fucking when?

won't forget moot

this and the futurama dog ending got me.

This hit me way too hard. Also the way they had the dewdrops falling on his face was so beautiful.

This shit was a killer too.

The one where Shinji jacks off onto Asuka's cold comatose body. When I orgasmed at the same time as Shinji, I shed a manly tear.

I'm not entirely sure why but this entire episode turned me into a sobbing mess. Nothing else in this series hit me harder than this for some reason.

>Watch a comedy
>Suddenly sad
>it keeps going
>Where's the punchline?
>There's some black humor punchline, right?
>There is no punchline

>People liking him after he allowed Naruto

You people are morons.

Robin laughing like the giant did fucked me up the most.

Initial D is the only show I've ever watched to make me cry over a fucking car.

those and the luck of the fryish

One of my favorite scenes in manga

That was so good!

>the futurama dog


I was a fucking wreck.

>If you're capable of crying, you're no man
I think you mean that if you're not capable of crying, you're no man.

Have the courage to cry faggot.

Just a little.
I felt kind of silly afterwards. I blame the OST.

The final scene in the Love Live movie got me pretty good when I watched it the second time round and realised that if really was the end and once more my life was devoid of meaning.

I love you.

Source is Eden It's an Endless World. It's on my list of manga that i read EVERY year. It's a great read.


Crying is for women. Men provide the shoulder

B-but that's forbidden love!
I'm so hyped for the second season the frogbro really deserves a better life.

not posting jiraiya. Faggot

Wept like a little girl.

>Crying is for women. Men provide the shoulder
It's one thing to be strong for someone else and it's another thing to be strong for yourself.

If you choose not to cry in order to comfort, that's being a man.
If you choose not to cry in order to deny the fact that something affected you, then you're a cowardly faggot.


isn't it just a standard continuation like the other seasons?


This whole fucking scene.

"And I'll always be cheering for you right here. Cheering for you. My only self."


Well yes, I'd assume so but as it happens this is much more than we were going to get. It was going to have finished with the last season.

This is a recent one. Had to take a minute to gather myself.

The lead up to that was fucking masterful. Spread after spread to that.

P l e a s e


The scene in Clannad were Tomoya talks with his grandmother and she says that while he was a failure as a man, he wasn't a failure as a father.

I'm envious of people who can't understand that scene the way people like me can.


are they divorced? what is this?

He had holes in pretty important places

He'd have just died in the hospital away from his love

They all died saving those two kids.

>It was going to have finished with the last season.
what do you mean by this, isn't the manga still ongoing?

They will return someday

>3/4 of this cast never got any backstory at all

Does the manga take care of that or not?


liek if you cry everytiem

man it sure was great watching him try so hard to save the life of someone who we already knew was dead :(

Final was GOAT


I can't remember ever crying at an anime. I'm not trying to be edgy, I just thinking I'm going senile. Besides, things that are overly happy or innocent depress me far more than tearjerking stuff ever could.

Not funposting or anything. This scene - particularly Gai's reaction - really got me when I first saw it.

This hits even harder when you read the Omnibus from front to back on the shitter.
Makes my eyes and excrement runny. :'(

This was the pinnacle of the series. this scene right here did it for me

Holy shit.

Welcome to the N.H.K.

I felt dead inside after this.

the gay carwash scene wasnt a tipoff?


That's the scene where Andre pretends to be able to see the portrait, right? That was soulcrushing.

I don't know, the having to say goodbye to all your friends that you have spent lots of time with got me just as much as him dying


Every time.

Anyone have the music that plays during this scene? That alone is enough to get me to tear up.

Off topic but how devastating would it have been to their economy if the whole class kept their bounty money?

No, but the game will!

The scene in Space Brothers when Mutta gets called out to the park and is accepted in JAXA.


What was it, 10 billion yen each? Since I assume they would still use Koro Sensei's teachings, they probably wouldn't piss it away non stop. So it would probably be a benefit, since it'd be like giving 20 some people a personal stimulus package

>All these newfags


It heals my soul.


I'm sorry, user.

>I choo-choo-choose you

I don't even

it's okay


I hate it when that happens.

cried like a little bitch when this happened


Lol, most overrated sad scene ever.

This was way more sad.


Is this suppose to be taken seriously cause it seems like a joke.

beito desu,senpai

muh nig

The scene was probably meant to be serious, but it was fucking awful.

It makes me want to laugh every time I watch it.

I can't ever listen to that song ever again.

The entire toradora Christmas episode is a gut punch, but this scene always fucking gets me. To this day i can't hear Lost My Pieces without wanting to tear up.



It's a really recent example but i watched Boku no hero academia without ever reading the manga and this scene hit me like a truck. The "you looked like you needed help" always gets me.

These, this, and some others. It's weird how many anime/manga make me cry, but not a lot of other media. Some movies.

Any instance where the character turns off every instinct they have and only have one thing in their minds : "There's something i must protect"

I used to think nips were pretty much broken people incapable of real subtlety in art, but this show changed my mind. Brilliant shit.

Mumen Rider's last stand in One Punch Man got me.


I can't even look at a screenshot of this scene without my eyes watering a bit.

>I know you don't want to be alone. It's okay.
>I'll be here with you, Sayaka
Right when she pulls out her hairpin and gets in the praying stance is when the tears always start.

Kill yourself.



I was already spoiled by internet to see it coming

mild weeping


Speaking of space bros, that whole episode where he saves the other astronaut in a gorge on the moon.

makes me cry like a little bitch

>Crying to Luluco

It was already expected. The tension it built make me burst tears at the end

This was way more affecting in my opinion. The sister isn't particularly developed, relying on the fact that most of us can intrinsically understand a familial relationship.

The real meat and potatoes of Penguindrum is between Ringo and Shouma in the first half, and Shouma and Kanba in the second.


I've watched Clannad After story six times I still cry at this part

No it's about a Neet loli detective.

Actually, Shiina, Yusa, Takamatsu and TK have been fleshed out in the manga.

Shiina was an assassin. Her origin time period is confusing, but it might be a proof that the afterlife is anachronistic.
Yusa was a deranged girl who hated males when she was alive. Her change of personality was a "foreshadowing" to the abilities of Angel Player.
Takamatsu had a friend who wanted to do something related to a sports festival. Shiina almost disappeared during the sports festival because what she wanted was to see a festival fire since when she was alive.
TK is speculated by the SSS to be a savant.

Translations are ongoing, by the way.


and S2 never


I hear the MC and the Neet loli end up together in the novels.

The entire series is shit i even too bored to give a tear

This sealed the deal for Rock being the best character in the entire series in my eyes

nigga didn't even stand a chance, everything he had, everything he could do was because he fucking earned it. No bullshit bloodline gimmicks, no "I made friends with a murderous demon living inside of me" power ups

in a world full of superhumans, he punched shit and that was it

Nobody has ever seen this, but i'll say it anyway:
Gulliver boy, that one scene where the mc passes the water bubble to the girl, and gets dragged off by the underwater current.

checked, but man the part when he runs out of oxygen while all alone....

Oh fuck. My hard drive died and I lost all my K-ON.
What are the best groups for the two seasons and the movie?
I don't know if I trust nyaa seeders with Chihiro S1, Elysium S2, Coalguys Movie.

Memories of Emanon

There were two seasons (four cours).

The sequel promised was both offensive to every theme set in the original, is redundant in that it may as well have been a dream, and creates resent in that if it were executed well it could have done EXACTLY what the fucking original did by having the family GET OVER the loss of their daughter.

I would have greatly enjoyed that as a sequel because, as it stands, Renton was portrayed as a love-powered God at the end of episode 50, so humanizing him would not be the worst thing. Making him another Dewey was going to far though.

Memories of Emanon, an essential sci-fi read

Wait what. I dropped the show because of this. Do I go back now?

When Kagura thanks Yukari for the memories is the best part of the anime. It kills me every time I see it.
Probably the only part better than the manga.

>inb4 shonenfag

Really loved the artstyle in this one

>Doing this mission in SRW MX

I knew it was coming and I was still bummed.

>I'll just blame pulling the cord on a long stagnant manga on the political climate
>I'm making a statement
>yeah they'll totally buy that

Only Cred Forums loved moot.
Every other board hated him since god knows when for destroying their respective boards.

Remember when moot left? Only Cred Forums was crying. All the other boards had dance threads and party threads.

Cred Forums was just moot's favorite so it's the only board he tried to take care of carefully, but at what cost really? At the expense of everything else.

I always teary eyed when something is so beautiful, some was such a masterpiece, yet it's coming to an end.

Like when Aria and Spice and Wolf and Keion ended, Sure it wasn't so sad, but the sudden realization that it's ending makes me cry.

Like the feeling of your parents or your favorite pet dying.

This was the first time I legit cried watching Gintama



The story is that Akamatsu ended Negima early in order to retain the rights to the manga in a time where the publishers/magazine it ran in was trying to take it away for themselves or something like that.


i cri evrytiem

It still hurts.

A lot of YKK makes a little sad, this part and the end chapter(s?) when the kids are grown up the most.

I marathoned Usagi Drop on a bus ride during a pretty emotional time. Basically every episode made me tear up at least once, but I had to hold it together because I was in public. Just watching Daikichi love and care for Rin was moving to degree I did not expect. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to have children before, but I am now. I hate to say that it took a Chinese cartoon to activate a basic human desire to reproduce, but it did help.

You should read the manga, it's a lot better.
Every single time...

The scene with Konatas' mom's ghost gets me every single fucking time.


it was hinted at for the entirety of the show like beging to end, you knew what was gonna happen if you even payed attention to the intro thats what makes it masterful is it isn't just sprung on you
When he punches the gate open just gets me every time.

The rebellion ed always does it for me.

this and basically all good moe/SOL anime

That scene hit me so hard.

Man, Space Brothers was pretty fucking great. There were a lot of great scenes. And the soundtrack was great too.

I always tend to tear up and get depressed when they end. It's kinda funny, really.

Why must robot girls die young?

The King dying didn't faze me one bit, but Kite's birth and this hit me in the blind spot


>Translations never

I just want him back

Didn't cry, but I still felt like shit seeing it the first time.

I'm not crying. I'm not crying. I'm DEFINITELY not crying. I'm crying.
The "I failed" scene really hits me everytime

And she's pretty much mentally broken beyond repair at the series end. Even sayaka was able to move on.

god damn it, just watching this makes my eyes water


It wasn't the actual act of Yang's death that made me sad, but the fact that you're constantly reminded that he's gone afterward.

I almost lost it at the scene where Frederica describes how he should've died. Jesus, man.

the last episode of legendary Gambler Tetsuya always gets me, when the old man gets his final hand, and when Tetsuya tricks the kid into missing the train. I cried three times whilst watching the show but the ending always does it for ms

I'm glad my waifu Yuna saved that Christmas.
Fuck everyone who wanted a bad ending.

Someone post the great Wall of Sad.

Nia's death was more infuriating than sad.

I will cry from all sorts of shit nowadays, but pretty much never when someone dies. Anyone else like this?

Still the sadded one piece moment

Ones that made me really tear up are the end of Cowboy Bebop and Angel Beats.

That and occasionally the romance moments in slice of life but for a different reason.

Man, this series was so emotionally exhausting I've dared to rewatch it. I cried like a little girl right at the beginning after they abduct Chise and she reappears. By the time pic related happens I didn't want to live any more.

>I've never dared to rewatch it

It hurts, but it is for the better. ;_;

this one too

The plainest of moments in SOL anime. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.

man that show has so many sad moments. like the part where ray finds out that renton can't be their son because they're on opposite sides. i cried so bad.

it's good the series ended where it did and all we know is R+E got carved into the moon and best boy dominic got together with best girl anemone. thank god they didn't make anything else, ever.

>forgetting lethal inspection
shame on you.

This is what happens when Photoshop costs money and your internet provider has the balls to crack down if you pirate it

even though season 2 wasn't as good as the first, it 100% redeemed itself in those last 10 minutes. Just that fucking song that plays right afterword, it's so good. so many feelings.

That part was too much for me, i was inconsolable for a long time.

It's existentialism. If you're going to shit on somebody for getting the philosophy wrong, get it right yourself faggot.
>the universe has no predetermined set of meaning, why not we find some onbour own.


It's interesting how in so many tragedy/drama anime, it's usually the girl who dies instead of the guy. I'm sure it just has to do with male self-inserting, but it would be nice to see more drama series in which the guy passes away tragically instead of the girl for a change.

I cry a lot to Gintama, maybe like every other episode. The ends of arcs especially hit me like a truck. I don't know if I'm just a bitch but basically any time any of:

come on, I start tearing up.

Hey wait a minute.
>snk was influenced by muv luv
>first chapter has mikasa saying "see you later, eren"
>your pic related
The fuck is this implying.

>tfw you will never be in a group of friends like that one
>tfw no friends at all

Life hurts.

>Tfw your friends are shit
>Tfw you hate your friends and you're pretty sure they hate you
>Tfw you can't get rid of them because they're the only friends you have


Yes, the influence is obvious as a "mata ne" line is completely unheard of in any manga or anime.

There wasn't really "one" from Muv Luv, assuming you're talking about the original series. Shit was absolutely chock full of emotionally intense moments.

meant to respond to

man that was a recent one, totally forgot about it

But agreed though, its pretty good

Ha. Speaking of snk, pic related.
>our complex god birb is dead
>erwin is kill
>armin is a didan shifter
>"i dont care anymore" by phil collins plays in the background
>zeke's daddy issues
>reiner calling birb useless and then jobbing so fucking hard he can't even save him, and then crying about his death
>levi tearing up when he first saw erwin
>levi carrying erwin and gently placing him in a bed and then finding a vase and a flower and putting it next to him
>mikasa's kekworthy but still sad in hindsight's screams of despair when she thought armin was kill
>eren putting his jacket on armin and hugging him tightly when armin wakes up
These past two chapters have ripped me a new one. ;_;7

It's actually quite amazing. You know going in that both characters don't have long to live, but you get so wrapped up in their daily life and love that when it happens, it fucking crushes you inside

>Literally a "Pokemon Tears revive Ash" reference.
Please, the story of the dog was more touching.

Sure, it's a happy series about a human falling in love and marrying a QT alien girl, but then you find out that the author died, and happy alien romance has come to an end

After going through and relating to these two idiots, my heart almost fucking stopped on this chapter


And he wasn't a pure Happy Go Lucky.
He realized he was living in a world full of super humans and still wanted to be a part of it.
And he worked like hell but got shut-down at every possible milestone
And he still tried.
And then he goes up against this one super-badass in a stadium with all his peers
And he decides he'd rather go out with a bang than fade into the background.
He better have gotten a A++++ Waifu in Boruto

I dont cry over Nazis often but...this mother fucker was the German Spirit made flesh*

Whoops, forgot:
>Levi insulting Armin after saving his life (I don't like Armin very much but that was fucked up)
>wondering why Levi chose Armin
>realize that him saying "Don't flatter yourself. You'll never be anywhere near Erwin." isn't him contradicting his actions
>Levi didn't save Armin, he saved Erwin from becoming a demon and said "screw you" to humanity, fully believing Erwin was too good for humanity and that he has absolutely zero faith in Armin, nor does he care about him at all
>Nonetheless, Levi still feels guilty for placing this burden/"curse" onto Armin, who did literally nothing wrong except fight against Bertl
>Hanji saying how ever since she joined the military she's been having to say nothing but goodbyes
>Moeburrito is kill
>Flocke will soon be kill now that his role is likely over
>Shitkasa and Shitren won't be court martialled for attempting to slaughter Levi, Hanji, and Flocke for their coconut
>Armin, in general, even if I don't like him
>Pussy Destroyer Grisha being a shit father not only to shitren but Zeke
>he never played baseball with Zeke
>he never drove to the nearby ice cream parlor and let him get the biggest dessert they had

After his mentor broke his foot off in Madara's ass, you would think Rock has a lot to live up to. But facing down Gaara when he was dead on his feet kinda cemented him as one of the best characters in this dogshit series

>armin has better abs than you
>a 5'4' 120lb turbo manlet with a canonically 22 inch waist could probably knock you, a 5'9 160 lb lazy fuckwad out with one punch
That alone made me cry.


God this and the one scene when Fry gets to see his mum in her dreams fucking destroyed me emotionally.

Do you think Neji and the other ninja around the whole village gave Rock Lee more respect after that?
Mother fucker was Jonin status at age 14

After Ninja Christ 1 and 2 fought, I don't think anyone really cared much about the underdog who beat the shit out of a fucking Jinchuriki

The most I have ever cried to any form of media.
Reading the VN before watching the anime made it much more impactful.

The very first VN I ever read, almost the first piece of japanese fiction that I ever read. I was 13, and holy fuck, it tore me apart


why is her blood pink

>i was 13

>First Japanese fiction
>Is an incest VN
Literally how


an online friend introduced me to torrents when i was like 8 or 9
by teaching me how to download a torrent of cool devices
i was too young to even understand it was porn
shit happens, user

>ywn know what it feels like to cry tears of joy

the subaru on emilias lap scene in ep 9 hit me like a train

Yes or no: Is there a happy ending in that game where he fucks his sister and things work out?

I could use a happy incest fix.

The jumping off and the speech hit me so hard


who is she?

This. I might have cried a bit with Oberstein's too.

Also, Gungrave's end.

This one, so much

these and also

>that episode
Jesus Christ.


LMFAO holy shit kek

Wooo this is sad

>He really was worthless and ultimately served no purpose

I don't get it.




Time to pop an adderall im gonna need to focus to sift through all this retarded

This, and when they play "Tenshi ni Fureta yo" in the movie. God damn it.

Oh, and the whole Steins;Gate movie as well.


I cry everytime when this aliem dies in Bocu no pico

Saddest Anime Death Ever

these, damn Ghibli always makes me cry

Best anime Bam Margarita Dies cried so hard

this, every time I hear that song...

Not exactly anime, but

Man i always cry when kuwabara dies

>open thread
>half of this shit is on my backlog ready to be queued up
Damn. I'm in for a feels trip it seems.

Nothing in Anime has made me straight up cry yet but that big argument in S&W always makes me really uncomfortable as if I was actually in the room with them and some of the shit with Ako in Netoge No Yome hit a little close to home ajd made me sad.



The best



I don't know why but the part really hit me hard. Perhaps as a content creator I can relate.

>Crying on amerikek show
Go back to Cred Forums you сuсks

Not either of them but the Frys dog episode really hit me hard. I love dogs and anything sad involving them just fucks me up.

Lockon! Lockon! Lockon!

>that moment when akagi already won but he asks to play the final tile because his brain is too rotten to be able to count

I read it when my grandma started losing it as well. Really rough


It's not really incest, because she's adopted. But it comes up once, and you can ignore it. But yes, there is a golden ending where she lives, but she moves out because she doesn't want to just be his sister, with a pretty heavy implication that they got back together later
But you have to suffer through one of the bad endings to even unlock the golden ending

New chapters FUCKING WHEN?

Fucking her the right way is a flag for the good ending

>491 posts
>none of them this


Same here. Saikano broke me, too. Though it's sad Cred Forums has forgotten or just don't want to bring it up.

why do they look like a sex doll, inanimate?

At this moment, I was no longer capable of looking at the screen anymore.

>At the expense of everything else.
I don't mind. most boards were doomed from the start in becoming a cesspool of dank memes and retards from facebook.
For some weird reason, on Cred Forums the social network subhumans always seemed more weak

That was a good one

Its been forgotten. even stuff like PSG is considerable old for today standards
Time sure flies, pal

I'm probably alone here, but I've watched this show many times by now, and this scene still gets me to this day. The moment Kyouko starts crying, I can't stop myself from tearing up.

They love her so much. ;-;

Seeing Frederica break down after Julian called her admirable was what got to me. The part when she cries into the blanket was touching.


This look extremely painful.

I'm a fucking grown man.
I don't cry.




Not the tears i was expecting.

This killed me inside

i want to die

I don't know why

I just saw the episode on the train on my way to college and just broke into tears.