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Izuru did nothing.

>DR0 doesn't matter at all



>Punched Naegi in order to defend his bro
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag because he knew that he was the traitor all along
>Had a misunderstanding with the Gozuboys
>Saved Hinata from getting killed by HPA
>The master of chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was because he was a merciful hero, and not just to flex his muscles and check dat ass (because he only want's Munakata's ass)
>Went full ham on the evil old man mastermind and crew to save the FF
>Roundhouse kicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet in order to stop the second coming of Junko Enoshima
>Unable to stop some mentally deranged kid from blowing up half the school because he was too busy being a hero
>Had a misunderstanding with the donut but spared her
>Survived 2 missile barrages by an evil robot bent on destroying all hope
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, becoming the undisputed best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his love no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Was not seduced by Ruruka's sweets because he was so loyal to Munakata
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality
>saves the manlet when he's in need, cutting of his hand to be the savior he truely is! Saving everyone with the power of determination
>Single handedly stopped the killing game, physically and literally


Let's hope, my friend!

There was already a thread up.

I'm always ready for more HOPE

post all the cute mukuro comics


>Side Hope
>Hopeman won't appear.

I only got this one, sorry bud.

He was literally there though


>3 more days of dangan shitposting
Kill me

>Kibou husbando and kibou waifu
Yes please. Though I wouldn't count on it.

I have hope that my prayers will be answered.

Miaya soon!

Reporting in, brother!

Only one week left, I don't even know what to look forward to in the conclusion.

DR0 was completely retconned out of existence.

So uh, did this new episode get you excited for Side: Hope?

>3 more days
Nigga we have whole week left of this shit.
Have some HOPE man.

Does this count?

>3 more days
>Not 7

>tfw you get cucked by a manlet version of yourself

A week, you mean.

Post cute despair Chisa!

Chisa's taunting and Juzo's suffering made me despair.

any news on fan subs desu

i wonder what those sweat smells like

I believe it was actually just skipped, brother!

The episode? No, but I am hoping for a good conclusion anyways!

Future. Never cared much for Despair, had hope for it when we finally got real Mukuro but looks like she was pretending in DR1 to at least have a nice side.

Can someone translate the Zetsubou Ep 11 talk, please. I need to know about Juzo being the true heroine.

>Implying Juzo didn't screw himself.

Just a bit.

where can i watch the fucking episode online


No, just skipped.


Well Mukuro never got that smile but at least I can fap to this


I've got this one

She could

Cred Forums, who do you waifufag for?


it was off screen same lke the DR2 events, junko has even the zero clothes on and mentioned Matsuda


I keep expecting him to walk up, grab her by the hair and make her suck his dick.


Komaeda confirmed for sucking Hinata's dick in Hope Arc

*fucks you gently*

who is this

I'm a Juzoboy, but it's not in a husbando context.

Holy shit yes

Get out of here with your retarded Mary Sue shit.


Is Celes the worst, most useless girl in any DR cast?


Is Hope Arc in the final timeslot of Future or Despair?

It's me!

You mean the cutest, most beautiful girl in any DR cast.

Same, user.


Bow before Junko's greatness you fag

The same could be said of the anime.

Should I begin playing DR2 when this anime ends or just start playing it not giving a fuck about what's going to happen in the next episode?

celes is perfect

You should have played it already



Akane exists.

>watching DR3 without having played DR2

you should just kill yourself at this point desu


True ending for DR3:Hope leaked.

Is the non-subbed episode itself uploaded somewhere?

Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday, the monitors with knives in them from DR1...
It's obvious at this point.

Junko is back.
The only debate is whose body she's using (Kirijunko, Chiakizuru, zombie, etc).

Why is her method so radically different for the Final Killing Game?

We don't know.


Once a Mikanfag, always a Mikanfag

> Hinata sleeping while on fire

This is a great picture when you realize even the locations are correct.

Outside the survivors and the real mastermind, every important plot point has already been explained in the Despair arc anyway.

lurk more fag

Reminder that this a thing she did.

Follow her example.


animerush dot tv

Being Juzo is suffering.

Once you go Mikan you can't go back!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cause your too dumb to actually caught that it happened off screen Junko's uniform this episode and the fact that she was holding a knife (that was probably the one she killed matsuda with) and talking about dead trustees means that it happened off screen

>spoon feeding

The brainwashing thing is the most retarded plot device ever.

Who will they team up against?

I can't spread despair that way

I just want to know how they ended on that island or school trip

Google "Nyaa" faggot.

So is Nagito actually Naegi's long lost cousin or some shit?

Its a VR

Thank you! Have a cute Nanami.

Oh, right. Virtual reality.

You could say her Despair is complex

>get my good friend into danganronpa
>he tells me Mukuro is his favorite character
What do?

We must carry the despair she gifted us with to the rest of the world.
That is our despair.

Reminder that Juzo died an eternal cuck after fucking the entire world over because he was a little bitch.

We know you follow his example.


Jesus Christ Despair Arc is the best thing ever.

Hinanami happy ending!

Just do it. It's what Junko would have wanted.

Jk. Don't do it.

>doesnt get that it goes with junko's character

Unfriend him for liking that filthy smelly fat whore

>Kodaka actually planned the story

>spoon feeding Cred Forumsfags



guess i'll start playing the game when i get home

>it's just Kodaka laughing at us for 30 minutes straight

>Why is her method so radically different for the Final Killing Game?
Because she's fucking dead so the whole thing has to be automated


Shake his hand
Be proud you have friends with good taste

>those huge jugs


Are you ready for it?


Not an argument, dumb greenleling autist.

Your friend has excellent taste.

>Liking an ugly. smelly, flat-chested degenerate
Kill him.

You can always spread Hope

What did they mean by this?

Impossible because she's dead and he likely knocked up Junko.

I love how autistic they made Chiaki AI look like.
Good job Daddyzuru.

Become blackened.

ANOTHER guy thinking he is cool for spoiling dr2 with a shitty anime. Seriously is not cool, is just silly and sad for spoiling the best of the games.

>tfw Junko will never stalk you

Nice tits though

She lured them there with the proposition of letting them fuck her.

Yes my friend.

They gave Monokuma so few speaking roles because they wanted Nobuyo to be able to voice him without strain. (That didn't work, obviously, so we're left with weird voice)

>kirigirifags have been quiet

what happened today?

>that super robotic voice she had
I like they redid it, she kind of had that voice in the game too but they made it even more pronounced in this scene.

What do you even want to do? Tell him she's actually a siscon and an autistic bitch?

Not just look, sound like. She's definitely a different character from real Chiaki.

I'd like a threesome with them.

Will the third game go out on steam the same day it goes out for PS4/Vita?

Just a few seconds and she was already better than real Chiaki.

you got spoiled of the big twist already

izuru is a big boob lover for sure.

We've come to terms with her death.


No Juzo died like a champ. A boxing champ if you will. Har har har.

Your twatty despairwhore on the other hand was spoonfed her success by Izuru and killed herself when she tried to do anything alone.

Bow and scrape to Kamakura-san for being considerate enough not to smash her head like a particularly offensive bug.

Izuru is a titsman afterall.

what did i do wrong? i just wanted to get things clear

What do you want me to say?

Chihiro programmed AI Chiaki and Izuru brought in AI Junko

Her saying Desu every five secs .....

I'm ESL and bad at translating, sorry for all the mistakes, but if you mean today's Aftertalk part (I haven't listened to today's actual Danganradio yet), Ogata calls him "true heroine" multiple times. The guest, producer(?)/animator(?)/someone of the staff, says he isn't sure if Juzo should be called heroine but he says that Juzo was developed by the whole staff and became one of their most loved characters. He is happy that lately more people have started like Juzo. Ogata says that after Mirai episode 11, she has seen "KODAKA THANK YOU" tweets instead of the usual "KODAKAAAA" because of him.

Why was she so obsessed with the manlet

She lives you hopeless blue.


what big twist

SDR2 is a fucking awesome game, and you've spoiled yourself for 0 reason. I don't get you idiots following along even though you've not played 2 because you want to be 'involved' in these threads. You can't be, you don't have the attachment to 2 to make it worthwhile.

>Hmm, how big were her tits again... shit she was on the ground face first so I didn't actually get a good look... hmm guess I'll just make them a bit bigger.


Because he's the one who gave her despair in the first place.


No word on her status and Naezano plugs appearing in anime has chilled their mood

>Juzo was developed by the whole staff and became one of their most loved characters. He is happy that lately more people have started like Juzo. Ogata says that after Mirai episode 11, she has seen "KODAKA THANK YOU" tweets instead of the usual "KODAKAAAA" because of him.

The anime staff are also Juzoboys. Get in here, my friends!

Juzo utterly disappeared in Future Arc for two episodes, twice.

Compliment him on his great taste

It's alright, user. Thank you very much!

It's milking the waifubait for betafags, that's all. Kodaka wants money.

She can't analyze him. Naegi is literally the Anti-Junko.

Did Ai Chiaki know about the real ones Dungeon Run Death


She was trying to determine if the manlet was really the heroine and a reverse trap in disguise

Sayaka happened again today and BTFO them again thank goodness.

And most of them are starting to come to terms with their waifu's death



Someone post a webma of Naegi LUCC

Remind me what's the point in living?

Is it Venice she is burning down?

I guess she has her memories

She ran in her own execution.

Hopelet wasn't tsumaranai compared to everyone else.

kirijunko is the only path

I'm here, what's the problem?


His luck cancels out her Mary Sue skill

Possibly the first gay character I've seen whose gayness doesn't spread like a cancer to devour everything else about him so that the creators can make a statement.

Sasuga Kodaka.

You could say I knew this all along, my friends! God bless the spirit and the comradery our boy brings along!

>more focus on Kisakura promise with Jin


So when exactly are the subs supposed to arrive?

>the """""super"""""" """""""""detective"""""""""" doesn't think to cut off her hand to remove her bracelet
THE single biggest plot hole LITERALLY in the entire DR universe

Really digging all the Mukubros ITT

reminder that juzo is a komaeda

But this was before that even happend.


Does your friend know she's dead...

In 10 hours. Get busy fag.

>what is blood loss


Shit wrong user.
But does your friend know that she is dead.

>Koichi's promise with Jin referenced again
>Chiaki's body not shown even in a flashback, Izuru holding her pin

It's happening.

She is a pitful and autistic girl but I love her anyway

I thought it was always removal of the bracelet would cause it to trigger??

And then die bleeding?
And before you said Jozu, Kirigiri isn't near as strong as Juzo.

Juzo is amazing because he's a stupid punchy asshole but has the purest love.

I just downloaded raw and surprisingly understand like 80% of it.

Years of anime actually help I guess.

She also doesn't speak up about the monitors when she first notices the victims are next to them.

Is it going to happen?

Juzo look so gay in this picture, is it the legs?

Didnt say anything about removing your hand

Wish she could've found real happiness

I want Chiaki to be alive.

Izuru used to be a cool motherfucker without even trying, now he has been turned into a "why am I crying" shit.

I think that's the point

Where the fuck is Togami and Weedman?

>Possibly the first gay character I've seen whose gayness doesn't spread like a cancer to devour everything else about him so that the creators can make a statement.
He wasn't gay as much as he was Munakatasexual really.

Stop shitposting

It's the pose.
And proximity with Hopeman just makes everything that much more gay.

It's Mukuro day!

Good for you Mukuro! You may enjoy as many thrusts from your sis' heels into your ass as you like today!

It's because he literally dindu nuffin. Biggest loser of the anime is Izuru.

The one and only time we got a really good look at him was in 2-6. He whined about the talentless, and when Hajime confronted him, he still considered himself Hajime and cried about how everybody tricked him.

>she has seen "KODAKA THANK YOU" tweets instead of the usual "KODAKAAAA" because of him.

Died under collapsed building.

Even they need a break from getting blown the fuck out every day.

Junko did 911.

Just finished the episode. What's the deal with side hope? sequel? I thought it was just an ending line meant for SDR2

Where to watch the raw?

why does everyone obsessed with DR0 have major ESL problems? or is it just this one retard

>delusional deadfaggot

I'm really glad they made Zetsubou-hen even though it's a piece of shit. If not for Zetsubou-hen, Mirai-hen probably would have ended up being 24 episodes spread out over half a year, and I don't think I could endure that.


Is this cute?


It's the final episode.

Where you probably download every anime.

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, Chisapals, and Juzoboys that this will have a happy ending!

nice lucky trips


>we would be just ending the class 76 bullshit by this point
Jeez it's almost horrifying to think of.

I do too but I think that the tragic and incomplete storyline is part of her charm

She was a tool for Junko in life and in death

Eh, that scene where Junko reveals his love to the crowd couldn't be coded any harder as a gay outing. That's why I'm certain he's Gay rather than bi, personally.


So the VAs something something is just a ruse?


I haven't played DR2 because I like following stories in chronological order. Don't like my way of doing things? Well then. Not that it really matters. I don't care if I spoiled some details of the game as long as it still makes sense.

You're all mad because when you were playing it you had no clue of what was going on, while I'll be casually playing it with no stress holding me down.

So there you have it. Who ended up losing now?

man i love the tropical theme of DR2 it always gives me chills

Still dead

>downloading anime
>when you could stream for free and save space on your HD

shake my head brah, shake my head.

Is it just me or was this whole anime completely unnecessary?
It probobly would have been better as an SOL.

In the afterlife with Kirigiri and Chiaki

Is THIS cute?

Spotted the retard.

Serious question: Can Komaeda outsmart Junko?

>So there you have it. Who ended up losing now?
You, A mistery novel is less enjoyable when you know what is going to happen.

Juzo only did what he did out of unrequited love and an attempt at redemption.

If he hadn't fucked up so bad, none of this would have happened.

The world would not have ended and been thrown into despair. best girl accomplished what she set out to do, unlike your 'boy'.

She's coming!

Keep hope!

>duplicate file already exists here
>exactly the post I was responding to

glad we think alike

Is this bait

He's as smart as Hajime and Chiaki but more lucky.

No, it was just an assumption by people who like to jump to conclusions. There was nothing official about the special being centered on VAs.


You can't rewatch or screencap or gifcap when you are watching a stream faggot.

It was Despair Chisa saying this.
Mystery solved.

No, user. I'm happy it happened.

Even if Despair side was pretty pointless.

true but still

Fuck you. I'm glad you're dead, fucking bitch.

So? Can he do it?

So I'm guessing the last Future episode will be focused on Mitarai and Tengan? I was expecting them to do that today but since we have an extra episode now...

>because you don't know the plot of a videogame

>follows stories in chronological order
>skipped 2 to watch 3

how autistic are you

Junko wanted that death senpai, everything was so boring to her, that the act of having her plans foiled so completely made her wet til the end.

I wouldn't expect a dumb Juzobitch to understand the complex motives of the girl who utterly controlled him. Just sit there quietly, like your husbando did.

>people liked Chisa and hated Juzo in the beginning
>people like Juzo and hate Chisa

Juzo is the definition of gap moe.

It's very cute.

Thanks for the clarification.

For the MBTI anons
The ones I miss are the ones I still cannot type

INTJ - Kirigiri, Izuru
INTP - Togami, Chiaki, Tengan
ENTJ - Junko, Monokuma
ENTP - Sonia, Hifumi, Fedoraman
INFJ - Shirokuma, Sakura, Gundham
INFP - Toko, Mikan
ENFJ - Naegi, Usami, Nagito, Chisa, Monaca
ENFP - Weedman, Ibuki
ISTJ - Hajimeme, Ishimaru, Peko
ISFJ - Cumaru, Ryota, Chihiro, Hiyoko
ESTJ - Kuzuryu, Mondo, Nidai
ESFJ - Asahina, Candyslut, Gentle
ISTP - Celes
ISFP - Izayoi, Mukuro
ESTP - Teruteru, Akane, Leon
ESFP - Souda, Sayaka

I have some doubts yet, but that's it

>1 TB HDD costs 50$
Place is hardly an issue. I could understand that 10 years ago but seriously the improvement of technology makes downloading extra fast (and you don't have to go to sites that have shitty bandwith) and space storage barely an issue


I want to put a baby in Hiyoko

No mistaking it. I thought the same.

despair arc is before the game


Next week

Only if it's the pre-growth spurt version. I would throw the tall one in a body of water.

I need those subs,now.

And it spoil almost everything from the game.

Not much to talk about for DR1fags. DR2fags got a little but really, this episode was kind of weak for all of us.

>Not loving both

Despair arc is before DR1 as well.
Did you watch despair arc before playing/watching DR1, user?

wow you weebs get mad over the simplest thing

We got confirmation that Chiaki is the other SHSL Hope.

How Akane is Thinking Type? She literally skips a thinking at every opportunity.

[HOPE] where?

Be glad it isn't Junko, you'd have to disown him right then and there

Brainwashing is such an ass backwards explanation to things and is incredibly lazy and I'm incredibly upset that they used that premise in both the Future and Despair side.

I think I can kinda grasp how some people hate Junko now despite Junko was always like that in the games.
Not taking anything seriously was supposed to be a big part of her shit and the games.

So all those "despair shitting the whole world" was better remain vaguely explained so they could always shrug it off as a self-deprecating joke. And the audience would still be entertained without the need to take it too literally.

Then they decided to explain shit in detail for the anime and that's where things went retarded. They couldn't make ironic jokes like in games anymore because not everyone was in complete control that they had to swallow Monokuma's shit. How the hell would everyone just fall for her shit? Animation team didn't have resource for all that so they had to make plot devices just to make sense.

The anime was all about Junko still being Junko at the cost of everyone else in the world reduced to literal dumb fucks. That's the main reason why it sucked.

I want Teruteru to jam his daikon inside Hiyoko.

More like 90 bucks for 3 TB.

the biggest plot point of 2 is that they were in a simulation the whole time and they were all actually murderers. Its spoiled in the first scene of the anime. you fucked up.

Man, I am sick of DR3 making Chiaki the centre of the goddamn universe.


Guess I should move her to ESFP then

Uh, delete this?!

>implying you could outbully big hiyoko

Big Bang Saionji

I'm a Mukurofag, but she's a murderer which I didn't want to admit, she's a huge masochist which I didn't want to know, she didn't give a shit about Naegi and called him ochikobore, which I really didn't want to know or hear and all of that clearly shows that IF is nothing but fanfiction. My delusions can't keep up with the truths. How do I survive?

Reporting in!
I miss our boy already. Also, that copypasta picture makes me sad everytime. He looks so miserable yet so peaceful.

It's just tragic irony.

Have some more cute.


I want to make her feel inadequate and make her cry

No. The January release is Japanese only and the eventual English releases with be Playstation first, since they'll need time to port the game to PC.

>deuteragonist in Zetsubou-hen's first half to Chisa and tritagonist to Chisa and Junko in Zetsubou-hen's second half
>has not shown up in Future at all bar the possibility she's Chiakizuru
What are you even talking about?

>No option for my waifu
>Can only sign one, meaning I can't be both a Juzoboy and a waifufag
It's shit

And then kiss her and say you were just joking right?

Two more episodes, friends.

I'm sure it'll be a happy ending. Every waifu will come back to life, and everybody will have their romance. Nobody died and everybody is hope.

The end!

She's already carrying my baby.

>Juzo only did what he did out of unrequited love and an attempt at redemption.
No he did it because he is a selfless hero!

>best girl accomplished what she set out to do, unlike your 'boy'.
Who cares? When your goal is retarded, you don't get to brag for achieving it.

>Junko wanted that death senpai, everything was so boring to her, that the act of having her plans foiled so completely made her wet til the end.
So she was a dumbass? Exactly my point.

M-muh despair so good I'm coming!

No it's my baby

It's weird to think that Juzo and Munakata went from ordinary people to people who killed so casually.

Why is she so best Cred Forums ?

Put more effort into your false flagging

>>deuteragonist in Zetsubou-hen's first half to Chisa and tritagonist to Chisa and Junko in Zetsubou-hen's second half
Not even that.
She had 1 minute of screentime per episode after EP2.

Wrong, it's mine. She's also married to me, sorry.

Keade is NOT the real MC, her ahoge is shit.

I'm sick of it too, because she wasn't even supposed to exist. Wasn't that meant to be a powerful point in DR2?

>The anime was all about Junko still being Junko at the cost of everyone else in the world reduced to literal dumb fucks. That's the main reason why it sucked.
This guy knows his stuff.

That would be an issue if the mystery element of DR was any good.

Exactly. She's an important character, but she doesn't have that much screentime and I fail to see why people get so worked up about her.

Just turn your brain off. Forget about her character in IF and enjoy the fanservice like every other Mukurofag in this thread.

No one would want to go near an ass so dumb, ugly and smelly

How about you post Cumaru ahoge?

I impregnated your(my) wife.

>Won't get actual proper footage of the full on despairs doing shit

Man those revealed despair designs were a total cock tease, only used for that profile picture at the start of Future. I'm an unapologetic DR2 fag, I absolutely loved that game, and the highlight of the anime was seeing that montage at the start with snake wielding Gundam, full on crazy bandage cocooning Mikan, and Hiyoko/Ibuki propaganda team. You have no idea how much hearing about that being included in the preview anime showing event excited me.

SHSLs are never ordinary!


>Both Akane's and Aoi's mini sprites have boobs, while all ofthe other girls fit their covers neatly
It's the little things.

Her ahoge looks like Komaru's and you're forgetting that cap-kun is hidden ahoge.

What is this faggotry?

>those fucking hands

Funny you guys say that.
Explain why she accepts MY flowers and gifts then ?

They aren't even the same character.

>We got confirmation that Chiaki is the other SHSL Hope.
she is not fuck off chiakicuck. naegi is the only one



Female ahoges go by different rules you FUCKING NERD

>people are still on denial about Kaede

Why are you so triggered over female MC?

Kaede is MC, cap kid is Chiaki/Kirigiri, Robot is bait who dies first.

What's the next step ?

This is the ultimate Dangan Ronpa fan item. They were innocent all along!
Its not their fault, they're only evil because of a brainwashing video, no footage of them killing people.
Aren't you glad?

That makes it even worse.

She's just being nice.

this scene just confirmed that Junko is the mastermind again for DR3

Munakata went insane, Juzo is a boxer used to violence, would do anything to be useful to Kyosuke and panics when thinks that he could let him down once more

That's the exact reason it confused the fuck out of me when everyone including Komaeda in 77th considered her the hope of the whole class. I fail to see how she was that important given how little screen time she had in anime besides "hinata-kun".

Why did Narukami go to Hope's Peak?

I agree with most things here, except Candyslut having feelings and not being cold hearted bitch.

finding pieces of DR3 in other games. Bravo Kodaka

BDSM Junko has a double ahoge.

His time at Yasoinaba was up.

I missed the live thread, what happened.

They want self insert MC and the fact that some people got hyped for him due to the earlier misleading promo.

Izuru thinks otherwise.
And Naegi fell into despair and his title was one given to him by Kyoko and not real like Izuru.

Junko is canonically interested in Naegi confirmed

Ruruka does have feelings.

Because she did do stuff with them, a lot of things, things that you can see in the ED and are mentioned in the show.

Nothing happened. 2ch agrees.

literally nothing

Some aren't in denial, they're just hoping she dies early so Hopebot takes over as MC, which is pretty much the opposite of what I'm expecting.

This is Hiyoko being nice.
The Hiyoko that accepted my gift was in love, clearly !

>People still confusing the kill yourself video with the despair video


Nothing. No new information besides we get to see one more episode as finale.

This. Out of the two sisters, how could he like the smelly one more?

Not much.

kirifags got BTFO again by sayaka

Of course she accepts them. Sucker.

>not liking that sweet sweet BO

You know what I mean. They weren't killers.

Mirai-hen killers:
Izayoi, indirectly got Kizakura killed while trying to kill Kirigiri
Indirectly killed Bandai
Gekkobot, Tengan, caused Sakakura's delayed death


Same shit, they kill themselves out of despair because they had despair eyes.
Why don't you try to prove the other two points wrong?

>Akatsuki Blitzkampf crossover art
I never thought I'd see this

> He want to hang out with Junko
Might as well just commit suicide to save time.

And you're forgetting that Junko 2.0 has two of them

>FF Ishimaru never
It hurts

I will never unsee Hopebot as an unholy gattai'd version of Naegi and Komaeda.

How about we try something different?
Let's imagine what sort of crime the victims and non-culpirits could pull if things went different?

Why was did he react like this when he heard Tengan was a despair?


Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, a 4 letter personality code based on Jung studies.

E/I = Extrovert/Introvert
S/N = Sensible(more focused on the real world and practical)/Intuitive(more focused on ideas and theorical)
F/T = Feeling/Thinking(which one you tend to use more to make decisions and arguments)
J/P = Judging/Perceive(J keeps shit closed and draws conclusions, P keeps shit open and never really decide on something)

>Despairingly Stinky, Filthy and gross
Those are 3 D's too many

> Mitarai
> Killed everyone with stupid anime

> she did do stuff with them, a lot of things, things that you can see in the ED and are mentioned in the show.

So same as everyone else in that class. What made her the special one to be considered the hope of the class? No one in the class gave a fuck about Hajime so her relationship with him shouldn't matter.

Izuru is INTP. He is literally a bystander, an observer, who is bored because he cannot find anything complex enough to entertain him.

Toko and Mikan are both ISPP. You guesses the important part, IxFP, but S wins over N because they really cannot see the bigger picture at any point.

Togami, INTP, what? No.

Sakura and Gundham are not INFJ. Shirokuma does not have enough of a personality to sort, but if anything she'd be ESFJ.

Tengan couldn't lie, he is not Despair.

That doesn't mean he's not an asshole though

Innocent. Prove otherwise.

They probably drank from the same cup.

He was probably the one that told him about the brainwash.

i want to fuck sex drugged seiko so badly it would be the wildest sex ever

>Robot is bait who dies first.

His robot armor and weapons will make especially surprising when he dies.

Honestly I'm surprised people think he might be MC(even after they revealed Kaede). From the beginning, his position in the adverts, his likeness to Naegi, his ostensible cyborg abilities all just scream first victim to me.

If any character bio has him talking about hope then the screams will get louder.

She was the one who organized all of those events in the first place, they wouldn't have happened otherwise.

It wasn't a literal question, fag

>Oh my God I've been tricked! Again!

Fuck, I really should stop typing from bed.

Nothing much. The Reserve Course sudoku-ed.

He didn't lie that he was A despair.
He just didn't say he was THE despair.

Reminder that Mitarai will finally do something in the finale of Future.

I doubt any pelvis would survive

>at the end of P4 he has to leave due to (?) reason
>he ended up at hopes peak to further his studies
>his great performance in studies and sports as well as team leader with MAX stats leads him to student council
>he changes his name to avoid troubles for being accomplice to adachi.

Tengan and Mitarai appeared to have a close relationship. So his reaction isn't that surprising.

How would the bracelet know if Tengan lied though?

Junko underestimated Manlet's luck and got rekt.

Also Mukuro LITERALLY asks Junko should she kill him for her.

IF is nothing than fanfiction.


Does this prove everyone into MBTI is autistic?

I feel like only Fukawa, Togami, Sayaka, Saionji, Hagakure, Sonia and Kuzuryu could be a killers.


Junko got dumped by Izuru so she moved to Naegi, truly the Ultimate Slut.

So this confirms once and for all Mukuro's crush on Naegi was non canon

such a shame her design and death was wasted we should burn kodaka at the stake for this


Ogata confirmed this.
The question is what he will do.
He probably has Yoi's gun.

Robot is not dying first. Kodaka is not going to use the same trick three times in a row. The fact that everyone is expecting him to die first is exactly why he is not going to die.

Literally matrix

Naegi's true love was Sayaka no matter what.

I thought the air purifier was invented by the Ultimate Physicist.

They're just memers. Don't take them seriously

I'm most annoyed about animator. It feels like he's there literally just because he played such a huge part in Junko's plan overall, he's really boring as a character and hasn't done anything really. So far he hasn't justified his existence and continued survival in future at all. They redeemed Aoi as a character by making her actually be useful, then had animator sit in a corner doing jack shit.

>that concern from Mukuro
Makoto you faggot give her the manlet dick

DR0 said that she has a crush. It is hinted in her FTE too.

Stop getting gifs from tumbler and learn to use webm.
Actually just stop posting.

just put Mitarai out of his misery...


Seriously, I can't stop seeing him as Persona

Everyone on Cred Forums is more or less autistic.

Hopebot is going to be the ally this time around. The character who has amnesia is going to act as the overall brains and antagonist. Kaede will have a real talent that isn't luck.

We know

She literally then goes on to say he's shit

No it didn't

Chapter 1 - Teruteru kills Togami (Who is the Ultimate Imposter)
Chapter 2 - Peko Kills Mahiru
Chapter 3 - Mikan kills Hiyoko and Ibuki
Chapter 4 - Gundham kills Nekomaru
Chapter 5 - Komaeda tricks Chaiki into killing him. Chiaki is of course the Traitor, and an AI.
Chapter 6 - Countdown releases AI Junko who is ultimately beaten by Monomi. Naegi, real Togami and Kirigiri are there too.

Kaede simply does not fit with the rest of the cast.

My take is that Kaede was brought in JUST so she can die.

Kodaka wanted to do protagonist switcheroo in the past.

Kaede's talent is Ultimate Assassin. She hides it the whole game by saying she's the Ultimate Composer. Her goal is to kill everyone by getting them to guess wrong during the last class trial.

So we're gonna see the boat that left Jabberwock Island on Monday, right?

> Genocider
> Introvert
Bitch is like slightly behind Junko in being obnoxious and bothering people.

>No it didn't
Yes, There is a part of Junko making fun of her for liking the manlet.

I'll wait for the subs to come out mmkay

Unless it's full of Hope.

If that's the case, we'll see it in a week.

Next thing he calls him trash and asks Junko should she kill him.

Mukuro is pure shit.

>So all those "despair shitting the whole world" was better remain vaguely explained so they could always shrug it off as a self-deprecating joke.
YES. She even has the line about how it doesn't matter how she wiped their memories clean in DR1. Could extend that to the tragedy.
>The anime was all about Junko still being Junko at the cost of everyone else in the world reduced to literal dumb fucks. That's the main reason why it sucked.
Best Despair arc review I've ever seen


I'm sure they will never explain that bit

Despair eyes are white with black swirls

"KIll yourself" eyes are red

Whole picture looks pretty wrong to me
>not ENFJ
Heck, he is precisely what an ENFJ is, word by word

Not him but dude not cool.

>Kaede simply does not fit with the rest of the cast.
Wow you mean like every DR protagonist ever???

Which was IF the fanfic

OK just letting you know about your girl's crush being confirmed non canon

Hope arc will make it alright

unless he worked for Towa group.. Apparently not

Suddenly Cred Forums speaks Japanese, nobody mentioned that after the episode


>Which was IF the fanfic
No, It was DR0.

SoL series about Munakata and his posse never ever

Despair Arc, Another Episode, and Chapter 4/5 of SDR2 seem to say no.

After watching this anime and playing the new game, there will always be the doubt of "wait, maybe this guy was being brainwashed and that's why he did this".

I'm definitely pirating V3 instead of buying it.

There was a Mukurofag talking about how devastated he was to hear that before.

She literally asks Junko if she should kill him and he's basically garbage.

Naekusaba has been literally blown to bits at this point.


Nice joke

Only read the chapter 1 bit
I already knew fake Togami was killed, so nothing was lost

Stop complaining, you ungrateful fuck.

She never said that in DR0. It was only IF where she teased Mukuro for having a crush on Naegi

This is like 4th chart and people really only agree on... Let's check. Kirigiri as INTG, Junko as ENFP, Ishimaru as ISTJ andn Persona as ENTH, The fucking random guess would be as viable as your autistic attempts, people.

>Hope gives us quality subs better than anything Funi can do themselves in 5 hours
>People still trying to rush it

I'm legit impressed how good the subs are for how quick they come out. You need patience friend.

Hopebot being a robot makes him too formidable, so he'll likely get scrapped at some point.

Kaede's talent is most likely music related based on her musical notes hair pins.

Umm I think there's a crime scene in my pants please inspect it

I actually just wanted to post that webm
thanks for the (you)

He's trolling, Togami doesn't get killed in the first chapter. Here's a picture of him in the class trial as proof.

was Junko really trying to kill Naegi or was this a legitimate accident?

I really do hope so.

She was really trying to kill him

Don't you have a thesis to write?

Why would the students give so much fuck about her in the first place? They were a bunch of students that didn't care about going to school at all because they had talents.

It would make more sense if Chisa was the hope of the class. Or maybe they should show more events emphasizing only Chiaki's leadership/charisma in class. The only thing the show emphasized was her relationship with Hajime.

So given they didn't give Chiaki much screentime I still consider the whole "she was the hope of our class" shit was shoehorned in anime to make her relationship with everyone seem more dramatic thus rationalize the RoD.

Do you even need to ask.


I see, okay then. Here, have another.

They are all guesses desu, typing others, especially fictional characters, is pretty hard, but some personalities like Kirigiri's INTJ and Naegi's ENFJ are pretty obvious

Then you're an idiot who can't infer things.

Mukuro calls Makoto 落ちこぼれ. Take that as you will.

AAAAAAND now for faggots who didn't play DR1 and still hang around here.
Chapter 1 - Leon kills Sayaka. Mukuro who pretends to be Junko is killed by Monokuma.
Chapter 2 - Mondo kills Chihiro
Chapter 3 - Hifumi kills Ishimaru - Celes kills Hifumi
Chapter 4 - Sakura is the traitor, commits suicide, Monokuma executes Alter Ego
Chapter 5 - Mukuro's dead body is set up by Monokuma as an excuse to get Kirigiri executed. Two outcomes - either Kirigiri gets executed, or Naegi is to be executed but survives thanks to the Alter Ego.
Chapter 6 - Junko is the mastermind.

I have 0.1% hope.

>Gets tricked into working for Junko
>Years later gets tricked into working for another mastermind
Holy shit someone kill him


I think he means 3 more days of shitposting because that's what happens to these threads after a despair episode.As in, he's counting down to Future 12 when things will cool down here.

I will miss Akane's big, soft locks
I really want to squeeze them

Play the games before watching the conclusion to the Mikan kills Ibuki and Hiyoko series Peko kills Mahiru you idiot.

I still think his real talent is SHSL bad luck. So unlike Komaeda which has cancer to balance his luck, Naegi has a harem to balance his bad luck.

Sadly...his bad luck means all of the harem members die.

Are you dumb? What do you think?

When you think about it Hina and Naegi are pretty much made for each other

>trust their friends
>never ill intent
>a bit simple
>cherish life for little things

To be fair, while there's generally enough to infer a lot of things about her, the m that's the one exception, and showing, rather than telling, would've helped a lot in this case, especially as the vidya tournament scene was as forced as it was.

Introvert doesn't mean shy or repressed. Extrovert doesn't mean sociable.

Good point though.

No, he is not?

>They have tremendous charisma by which many are drawn into their nurturant tutelage and/or grand schemes.
No grand schemes. No tutelage. No obvious charisma. He mainly attracts people by being there for them, being dependable (and smart) and listening.

>Many ENFJs have tremendous power to manipulate others with their phenomenal interpersonal skills and unique salesmanship.
Haha, no. This is something he has to dig pretty deep for during the class trials, and one misstep costs him all trust usually.


Other things fit, mainly the descriptions related to the FJ part which he clearly is.

In the ISFJ description,

>ISFJs are characterized above all by their desire to serve others, their "need to be needed."

>ISFJs are often unappreciated, at work, home, and play. Ironically, because they prove over and over that they can be relied on for their loyalty and unstinting, high-quality work, those around them often take them for granted--even take advantage of them. Admittedly, the problem is sometimes aggravated by the ISFJs themselves; for instance, they are notoriously bad at delegating ("If you want it done right, do it yourself").

Stopping here. The entire article basically describes Naegi, and there's no point to copy-pasting it all.

Inferior functions of the ISFJ are Ne and Ti. The reverse type is ENTP, which is what he mostly 'develops' towards during the trials themselves.

>cool down
This is nothing but the calm before the storm, things about about to be revealed and explained before HOPE.

Anybody who wasn't delusional knew this. They were likely walking off together to go bang somewhere in the school

His bad luck is the sort that's good luck in hindsight. It's like a guardian devil.

Then you are just a delusional shit-eating fanboy who take any criticism against your franchise personally.

I can't believe there's not only people who haven't played DR2 hanging around these threads, but also 1.

So something like an outcast?

B-but I made the original chart years ago

Clearly I'm the most autistic!

That's probably not real, and was just written by the island mode writers. Same with the plane crash.

Since he had his memories reset in DR2, that means both of them had to happen before he entered Kibougamine gakuen. But no mention of either in the anime.

And then you got somebody like Gundham who is constantly pretended to be retarded, or could even be retarded. Who the fuck knows.

Even if not, his death was beautiful
Would like a translation

>bad event is countered with another bad event
He truly is SHSL Bad Luck.

What were the dreams from Class 77th? I could tell the easier ones like Mikan and Mahiru, but I can't quite get Soda's. Something about the atmosphere...?

MBTI aside, I think he's just being a chuuni. Like everything he says has an actual meaning, but he loves to make it sound edgy and dark

>That's probably not real, and was just written by the island mode writers. Same with the plane crash.

No, they're mentioned in Despair episode 4, in his student profile text.

So she calls him a bunch of squiggly runes

Imma wait for the sub

Don't worry, I am responsible for the original anime characters power level chart so you aren't SHLS Autist Chart Maker by any means.

I remember when fan translation came out for the PSP and I had never heard of the game before, so I thought I'd just play a little bit during a study break.

I ended taking a week off from studying for my boards to finish the game because I got so hooked. Good times.

Also can mean student that can't keep up, dropout, leftovers, worthless etc.


2fags are the worst. They played 2 and they think they've got everything and don't have to play anything else to discuss shit here.

Same reason why so many people are butthurt about despair arc being shit when the whole cast of DR2 was just bunch of useless chumps anyway.

DR1 cast was the only thing matters in the plotline.

Guess we'll have to wait for the sub to be sure

His cancer is confirmed in Despair arc.

It means dunce or school idiot.

As I said earlier, he's not an INTP, just a very selective ENTJ. He asserts himself in social situations, commands others and is too at ease when socialising to be an introvert and he's too reluctant to go along with things that don't fit within his plans, closed off to new information and prone to making decisive judgements about that information to be a perceiver.

This is a meme. People try to slot her into ENTJ because that's the "I'm an evil mastermind" MBTI, but even Hitler was an INFJ. Nothing Junko does is motivated by objectivity or logic. She has no particular interest in objective fields like science or mathematics. She is motivated solely by her feelings and boredom and relates to the world based on those feelings. Likewise, she's far too willing to simply go with the flow of situations and adapt her philsophy/approach based on changing circumstances to be a Judger over a Perceiver. She's an ENFP.

>Sonia, Fedora
While you could make a case for Fedora being an intuitive and not a sensor (I tend not to label people as intuitives unless they show an intuitive mindset based more in abstract thinking and etc), Sonia is not a Thinker or a Perceiver. When you consider how she interacts with the world around her, Sonia primarily reaches out with her feelings and emotions. There's never been an instance where she appeared to favour objective thinking over subjective thinking. Likewise, she has a very firm and unflinching approach to new information and the world -- she organises information she takes in and passes judgement on them rather than simply allowing that information to go in. She's an ENFJ. I think Fedora is an ESTP.

Again, I don't like to assume intuitiveness unless it's shown and Sakura at no point shows that she uses intuition over sensing. She's very grounded in reality. She's pragmatic, deals with the facts rather than the bottom line and trusts experience over symbolism/abstract thinking. She's an ISFJ.


No. It's canon.

I'm willing to argue my case.
And Naegi is not an ENFJ.

That's like, the definition of ExFP types. All P types display sillyness to some degree (IxTP least so, ExFP most so).


I'll go with outcast.

The rocketship?

>DR1 cast was the only thing matters in the plotline.
If you are talking about Makoto and Kiri then yes.

> relying on descriptions
I bet they vary from one autistic site to another.

What's there to wait for? She literally insults him and even asks Junko if she should kill him.

>Same with the plane crash.


it would be something else

It was.

Yes, but it's definitely a negative word.

It was a different plane crash.

I only played the game but how does this anime work?

I heard Despair is a prequel to DR2. Does that make Mirai the sequel to DR1? How does this Hope arc tie into it? Does it connect DR1 and DR2 or does it take place after events of DR2?

That's impressive.

Different plane crash.

I'm calling Cred Forums untrustworthy obviously.


DR3 is a sequel to SDR2.

I don't think that gives people leeway to be cunts, especially to people who are, for instance, actively going through 2. Then again, given the board culture, it's pointless to even say that anyway since you're encouraged to be like that on here.

Different crash. His profile says he was in one when in elementary school.

Play the teo games.
Despair is a prequel of DR1 ,Future is a sequel to DR2.

Despair arc -> DR1 -> DR2 -> Future arc.
We don't know where Hope fits in the timeline yet. Watch Future 1 -> Despair 1 -> Future 2 and so on.

Izuru said he's already done on the boat

>Forgetting about Junko

Sayaka was talking to Naegi casually instead of using keigo. That was the only good part in this episode.

I was actually hesitating between that and INTJ. I decided on INTJ because of his actions. He closed himself away in a library, he did not share plans, he could not take control of the group, and the part where he messed up a crime scene points more towards a dominant Introverted Intuition. A genuine ENTJ would act like Twogami.

The other guy brought up the descriptions first. That site is my personal favorite because they have a breakdown by function, and I mostly rely on the functions.

If Mukuro offered to kill Naegi, what's up with That's a Japanese artist

>shoe doesn't even fly off

This anime has a severe lack of "the little things"

What's the absolutely most fucked way to go through the Danganronpa installments in?

Not him, but even if it was true, this is their first meeting isn't it? I don't expect her to want the hope right away.

You people are trying too hard to shoehorn characters into types. Not only do people actively change to the point where their type doesn't stay consistent, but we're talking about characters here, not even people. The last thing writers like Kodaka care about when writing characters is the MBTI.

First game you play is Ultra Despair Girls

Nah, once they're in the bunker she should've known him for about a year

> Akane
> Thinking
You are clearly memeing here.

you got the sauce user

Mukurofags that worship fanfic

She actually asked if Junko was going to kill him.

they literally spent a year together already, there are pictures of them in class with him in dr1, how on earth could you think this is their first time meeting

and AE somewhere between DR1 and DR2

>Watch Future 1 -> Despair 1 -> Future 2 and so on.

So you would not recommend watching the Despair arc first and then the future? Do you get more out of switching between episodes of the two series?

Start with Killer Killer, then go to AE, then go to Despair, by then you will probably have lost interest in the franchise and will no longer care about how the world got fucked up like that and will never watch Future or play DR1 or 2

OK then continue on with the denial then

you really don't want it
trust me

DR3 > UDG > DR2 > DR

DR3 Despair>Future>DR2>DR IF instead of 1>DR 0>AE

this mukurohates are the worst

see filename

ISFJ seem to fit his sister

Most people here put Usami and Chisa in ENFJ too because their "charisma" is mostly their own optimism. Grand schemes are always an exaggeration, no one could ever get N types if you take them too literally.
Also he is pretty much everyone "hope"

The manipulative stuff is mostly about this, being able to make everyone follow their morality and ideas by using good feelings.

There again, MBTI always boil down to opinions in the end, especially on fictional characters.
So I guess that's my opinion, Naegi seem to act like not very assertive but HOPEFUL as fuck ENFJ, which is one of their main traits, just like being able to befriend everyone easily and attracting people such as Kirigiri

Well, Despair 1 already has a huge spoiler in the first scene from Future 1.

> The last thing writers like Kodaka care about when writing characters is the MBTI.
Everyone knows that real writers use Enneagram anyway because it is more complex than MBTI.

It's the airing order. Mirai-hen started first, with Zetsubou-hen starting 3 days later, and since Zetsubou-hen 1 spoils the end of Mirai-hen 1, that's the obvious intended order in which they want you to watch.

My mistake. There's been absolutely zero mention from Junko or Mukuro about the 78th class before this, so I forgot.

The directors intention was to have you watch them in release order.

Supposedly yes.
In the end, it's only going to serve to explain 1 twist.
That I think you'd accept just fine if you accepted the chapter 6s from DR1 and DR2

Ah ok that makes more sense.

1. Watch DR3 Future
2. Read DRK
3. Play UDG
4. Watch DR1 anime
5. Read KK
6. Read DR0
7. Watch DR3 Despair
8. Play DR2
9. Play DRV3
10. Play DR1

That was then Sayaka knew her manlet was a god

Well of course. When you've been messing around with each other for about a year you'd have to drop the honorifics

Even that's too simplistic and limiting for good writers. Normally I'd laugh at such a thing since Kodaka's far from a great writer, but he's okay with characters.

I'll trust you user.

dicks out for naegi and hinata saying sore wa chigau yo at the same time and also their ahoges and fingers pointing in the same direction

Are you stupid? They were already classmates for a year with her even interacting with him a little bit in DR0 when she saved him and Ryoko mostly the latter

>that part where Ekoroshia came on
God damn, the despair eyes freak me the fuck out every time.

So now it's asking if she's going to kill him?
And you call it denial when I don't trust Cred Forums

Because she's an IFfag aka irrelevant

Junko's Going down for the 3rd time Team Hope

I gotta tell you that it's not good. You'll be disappointed.

I mean the art itself is good, great even, but one part of the image just completely ruins it.


Gundham is a tricky one. His chuuni behaviour would make you believe that he might be an intuitive, but I think behind it all that he's a sensor. Much like Celes before him, he's actually a very grounded, task-oriented and pragmatic person when he drops the act. He works with what he knows and doesn't seem to use intuition at all. Likewise, he never really tries to organise and pass judgement on information like a Judger would and instead seems to calmly take it all in and adapt to what he sees. He's an ISFP, right down to his working with animals.

Awkward and gentle =/= INFP. Mikan, again, is very pragmatic and grounded in what's happening in the here and now, which is how she forms her opinion of the world. She's a sensor. Likewise, she organises information and makes decisive judgements about it (everyone's bullying her/out to get her, being a nurse in general, etc.) She's an ISFJ.


Like Junko, way too willing to simply let things fall where they fall and adapt himself to the changing circumstances rather than try to push the changing circumstances back into what he's comfortable with. ENFP.

Though she follows Junko's Hop[e/Despair dynamic, she does so out of a sense of kinship and a general dislike for the order of the world. She primarily conducts herself through objectivity and impersonality (her cold manipulation of the other kids is more focused on getting them to fall in line and carry out her orders rather than making them feel her despair like Junko). She's an ENTP.

>Weedman, Ibuki

Both ESFPs. Neither of them show much in the way of intuition over sensing. Weedman's only indication of intuition is his profession, and even then he seems more interested in the here and now, the facts, etc, never the big picture or the abstract.

Motivated primarily by her feelings for Fuyuhiko/cuddly things/classmates. ISFJ.

Far too open towards Toko and others, motivated by social interaction. ESFJ.


> good writers
Uchikoshi used it by textbook in first Zero Escape

>Sayaka gets a meaningless 5 second scene
>Sayakafags come crawling of the woodwork

When does it air?

I like how DR0 got completely skipped over.

>Ahoges pointing in the same direction
Lewd. There will be ladies present.
Next you are telling me they are tangling their ahoges


So Naegi and Izuru vs the Mastermind confirmed

Looks like it will be using the Zetsubou Hen art style

Did I say he's good?


AHHHHHHHHH what the fuck are those tits

The beauty of MBTI is that you naturally gravitate towards them. It's based on dualities, after all:

>This person is logical, but does he impose it on the world, or on himself?
>This person is emotional, but does he focus on himself or on others?
>This person has uncommon ideas, is he picking up odd things, or his own mind generating them?
>This person seems pretty conventional, is it because they play along with traditions and rules, or because adapt to what's around them?

Questions like that.

>no one
Between 25 and 30% of a group is intuitive. So only every third or fourth person. Most aren't.

The charisma comes from the F, not from the N. The "grand schemes" is literally what shows the N.

Being hopeful is not an ENFJ trait. It's not an MBTI trait at all.

Confirming that they had something going before the events of DR1 is far from meaningless. It's about as good as the Sayakafags will get.

You were warned, man.

I'm sorry. Seriously.

Just not buying that excuse. Even if you ship it hard core I can't imagine drawing the exact opposite of what happens

>Chisa's plan was to make Munoukata fall into despair
Whatever her plan was, I hope she hasn't already done it, because anything she's done so far has had really weak results.

Never noticed. Which characters had which personality?

But Hajime doesn't say "sore wa chigau yo", he says "sore wa chigau zo".
If anything, I think they are going to alternate in breaking the masterminds arguments apart as every female in their presence gets hot and bothered about the truth bullet-ahoge action

True, but then you're diving more and more into more modern, scientifically approved psychology as opposed to something as simple as the MBTI.

If only that was as popular and as easily explainable.

I told you
You really didn't want to see it.

>Confirming anything
>Just because they were talking with each other

Munakata did fall into despair, it's just that he was saved by the hopelet

Their waifu is losing to goddamn Donuts later on, just let them have this for now


That's more than you can say about Naegiri pre-DR1, that's for sure. Say what you will about the things that Zetsubou-hen wants you to infer about the characters, but screentime is objectively more valuable than that.

Plus, it's not like Naegiri had to be a thing before then anyway. It doesn't change its near-fully canon status.

>he doesn't use intuition
There are two types of intuition, Ne and Ni. Gundham is using Ne. "Working with what you know" is the description of Si, the opposite of Ni, but not the opposite of Ne. I still think he is ENFP.

He manipulates the world around him to fit his needs. He believes people don't naturally fall into the roles he needs, so he pushes them along. He knows exactly where to push. He logically analyses a situation, and generates fantastic, obscure plans. He is an INFJ.

>Weedman, Ibuki
You're still mixing up the two types of intuition.


If so, that's really unfortunate, because it wasn't a very impressive despair falling.
I guess Chisa can still enjoy the despair of her own incompetence.

we didnt need to see it but a ryouko cameo woulda been nice

I like to think the perceiving functions are different ways for System 1 to manifest, and the judging functions for System 2.

MBTI explains people a bit too perfectly to be just coincidence, although yes I'm biased.

> Neither of them show much in the way of intuition over sensing
Ibuki is clearly intuitive. She is anywhere, but here and now, mostly out of context. Just read any her dialogue.

>putting value into a 5 second on screen conversation

I'm laughing at the faggot who bought by DR0 novels on ebay a week ago.

>it wasn't a very impressive despair falling

He literary became Raiden

His big dreams and motivations for changing/influencing the world with his art as well as his abstract way of talking about them indicates that he's an Intuitive. He also takes in information rather than trying to organise it into what makes him comfortable -- he just lets things happen and changes his approach based on that. INFP.

Derives too much energy from socialisation, too willing to assert herself in social situations. Tends to hide her feelings and communicates primarily in an objective and impersonal way. Values tradition, objective approaches towards the murders. Doesn't deal with others using her feelings. ESTJ

Private, reserved, easily annoyed in social situations, keeps his circle of friends small, kind of a loner. ISTJ.

Her big plans to change the way the FF operates by overthrowing them via a candy revolution smacks of Intuition over Sensing. ENFJ.

Doesn't simply take in information, she organises it and turns it into action/dynamism. She's not particularly open to new information/ways of thinking and trusts past relationships/experiences over symbols. ISFJ, right down to her talent.

Apart from Naegi who she had a previous relationship with, she doesn't really open herself up to others and seems easily exhausted by socialisation. Likewise, she shos a kind of intuition, wanting to cement her own individual personality in the world and quickly seeing the big picture of being trapped in the school rather than dealing with the minute details. She wasn't open to standing back and taking in new information like the Perceiving students (Celes, Fukawa, Hagakure) and quickly made a judgement to commit her plan to get out. INFJ.

Well, not like the anime spoiled anyhting for him besides Ryouko's identity

Enjoy your virus.

Ace is an Achiever (3)
Snake is an Investigator (5)
Santa is an Enthusiast (7)
Clover is a Loyalist (6)
June is a Peacemaker (9)
Junpei is a Challenger (8)
Seven is a Helper (2)
Lotus is an Individualist (4)
Ninth Man is a Reformer (1)


Akane doesn't reach out with her emotions or feelings at all and tends to:

>Hide her true feelings about things
>Approach situations by objective measures (I'm hungry, I want food, fuck you I'm gonna go get it) (Who cares about people molesting me, it puts food on the table) (Gymnastics don't mean anything for me, I just want cash)
>Have difficulties relating with people emotionally and thinking of things subjectively

She's definitely a thinker, regardless of actual intelligence.

As soon as I saw it I knew this would pop up

I bet even Chisa would find how fucked up Raiden became impressive
It'd almost be sweet, if he wasn't killing everyone.
Well, she is a despairslut, so maybe it would have just been plain sweet.

stay angry buttblasted baconfag

So that means sayaka and asahina will be the only ones who fucked the manlet. baconfags on suicide watch

>canon status

It's as canon as naezono or close to it. too bad she died before she can ride the hopestick

I played DR1 back when fan translation was a thing.

Crawl back into your shithole and stay there like the ugly, retarded turd you are.

It only caused him to kill an old man (who might be evil) and a homo (and those aren't real people). Compared to the millions that her students killed.
Other than that, maybe you could say it caused him to feel a little bad or have a tummy ache.

>Kirigirifags are frogposters

Explains their cancerous nature.

Just because he's not necessarily an effective ENTJ in the situation he was in, does not mean Togami isn't an ENTJ. Relying on the functions is all well and good, but you have to remember the letters themselves -- Togami is by no means an introvert. He quickly attempts to seize command of situations, openly expresses his opinions/ beliefs/ideals without hesitation, derives energy from socialisation (gleans a lot of pleasure out of bossing others around, for example, while an INTJ like Kirigiri would rather just keep to themselves instead) and typically maintains a large number of contacts and associates outside of Hope's Peak (where as an INTJ like Kirigiri and Matsuda limit themselves to a small number of people they trust.)

I feel like he's definitely an ENTJ. With functions, you can pretty much match any kind of behaviour to him.

>communicates primarily in an objective and impersonal way.
Saionji? No. She's a bully. She makes every single snide comment personal, an attack. She focuses too much on her feelings. ESFJ.

Fuyuhiko, you have a point. But ESTJs often look like introverts, their main function is wanting to organize the world, but their Si makes them look at established methods (yakuza upbringing) instead of figuring something out that works.

None of what you described is typical of INFJ.

xxFJ is correct. She is not intuitive, because she has no conception of the bigger picture involved. She has no grand thoughts, her Ti was put to use trying to create a murder.

Her strategy in the game was trying to manipulate someone else, because that is the natural tendency of Fe (and another reason why Naegi can't be ENFJ either).

She's ESFJ. Just a more reserved one than Sayonji.

Dumbass nerds trying to categorize character types lol.


>Implying I am a Kirigirifag

Fuck off waifufag, I'm just making fun of your delusions

Togami, doesn't keep to himself? Did we play the same game? Did the localisation translate him differently?

He tries to take control because he perceives everyone as idiots. He doesn't appear to enjoy or be good at doing it. Socialisation tires him out, he is constantly hiding somewhere, subtly. Yet he's bosses people around and plans and takes control because having a main Ni does not dimish the secondary Te, which by the time you're in your late teens is almost as developed as your main function.

He appears to have the most fun doing Ni things too.

Togami has a more developed Te. Kirigiri rarely uses her Te (you could make an argument for being a Fe-defective INFJ), she seems to operate on a Ni+introverted judging continuum.

If Munakata was gay:
*Boxer wouldn't fall to Junko's blackmail
*He wouldn't be fooled by Chisa's breasts

>Did the localisation translate him differently
No, it kept well aligned with the source material.
Naegi such a Basic bitch

Ibuki doesn't show any real intuitive behaviour, though -- when problem solving, she uses what she already knows and not different possibilities and ideas. She has very strong habits/tastes (listening to/playing music, her alt fashion sense, her random -- but repetitively/dedicatedly so -- behaviour) and doesn't like to break them. When reasoning/making decisions, she starts with the facts and works outwards to the big picture (she assumes that the reason Twogami was killed by Peko was because they both wore glasses, for example.) She deals with things using what she knows from her past experiences and not based on symbols and underlying meanings -- she's backwards-thinking (her hang-ups about being cut out by her old band whereas an intuitive would be more focused on starting a new band, for example).

I think it's a closer call with her, but she's definitely an ESFP.

> Did the localisation translate him differently?
Clearly ENTP on basis of being a Jew.

The problem with N is that its description is really exaggerate at times.

For short :
N = Theorical, abstract, absent-minded. That guy who doesn't notice if you look different but easily gets math or anything abstract. They generally struggle at physical work.

S = Practical, concrete, focused. That guy who notices if you grew 1 more hair than usual but if they cannot see something, it will be hard enough to figure out, so they struggle at math, but will build you things faster than any N type.

Also please, daily reminder to not take anything MBTI too literally, we are talking about PERSONALITY after all, there is no way a duality can be exact.

What I just said about N types, she's ENFP

He tries to take control because being in control is what he's comfortable with. He thinks everyone's an idiot due to his xNxJ (which also follows for Kirigiri).

Again, I think it's easy to interpret Togami as an INTJ based on how he interacts with his class, but you have to remember that he truly believes his class is beneath him. Outside of HPA, he has a number of associates, subordinates, co-workers who he regularly and confidently manages/interacts with. Even after leaving HPA, he quickly became a branch head of the FF and tries to assert himself in that position like an Extrovert would.

Kodaka: "I made this the kind of anime that I would want to watch if I were a fan"

I just want more Gundam.

An ENFP has the following functions:

An ESFP has the following:

>she uses what she already knows
>She has very strong habits/tastes, repetitive, doesn't break them
>When reasoning/making decisions, she starts with the facts and works outwards to the big picture
>She deals with things using what she knows from her past experiences and not based on symbols and underlying meanings
You're arguing that she's ESFP by describing a Si she doesn't have.

You mix up the two intuition types, but you're also mixing up the two types of sensing. What you describe is sensing, but focused inwards. Sensing, focused outwards, picks up information 'as-is' and unfiltered, which supports Ni which acts sort of like a cloud - it takes Se input and generates all sort of fun stuff.

The opposite is Ne taking in patterns, ideas, more abstract things and Si fitting them into a mold. You're not realising it, but you're arguing Ibuki is either INFP (Si third) or ESFJ (Si second).

I will always be unable to interpret Togami as INTJ for how much Kirigiri BTFO him about FEELINGS in 1-4.
INTP weakness is generally understanding stuff based on feelings, INTJs aren't exactly good at this, but they can understand them a bit more and value them despite being very logical people as well

> not different possibilities and ideas
She was the one who comes up with bullshit that is killing with gravel, so I wouldn't be so sure, and it isn't the best idea to be far from what you know in fucking murder trials. Kind of moot point here.
> Theorical, abstract, absent-minded.
Well, Ibuki is pretty absent-minded and because she isn't really Thinking Type, her abstract niche is music. It's pretty conceptual, if you remember that it is barely comprehensible for common folk.

Ibuki's not theoretical or abstract though. Her habits, hobbies and way of thinking are all very practical -- there's no focus on the abstracted meaning of those things with her, but, rather, on the concrete value of those things to her in the present (the music helps her express herself, the fashion helps her express herself, her hobbies help her have fun right now in the moment). Just because she's random and wild, doesn't mean she's an intuitive -- ESFPs are primariyl motivated by boredom and a need to be understood/express themselves. That's Ibuki all over. If she were an ENFP, she'd be more concerned with ideals, how she fits in to her image of the future, the hidden meaning behind her interactions, etc. As it stands, she takes most things at face value (I'm having fun now, so it doesn't matter about any of that as opposed to I'm having fun now, but how do I insure I continue to have fun with these people) (I love you guys now, so let's just enjoy our time together as opposed to I love you guys now, so let's work to maintain our relationships into the future) (I love my friendships because they're fun and entertaining vs I love my friendships because they symbolise X)

>Thinking Type
Chiaki is considered INTP and she is pretty absent-minded, it's an N trait, despite some like Kirigiri can show it less

ENxJ does not take everyone for idiots. INxJ does - it's a side-effect of the intuition being so strong that he can't imagine how people can NOT see what he does.

Compare to an INTP not understanding how other people CAN'T read computer code as if it was normal text.

Compare to an ENxP not understanding how other people DON'T want chaos, change, adventure.

Compare to how an ENFJ doesn't understand why people aren't nice to each other.

We got the Hope Side for his last appearance.

>I will always be unable to interpret Togami as INTJ for how much Kirigiri BTFO him about FEELINGS in 1-4.

The misconception is that Thinkers are somehow less capable of having intense feelings or being offended when those feelings are stepped on. It's rather that they just don't reach out to the world primarily with those feelings. I know plenty of INTJ and ENTJs who lunge into autistic shitfits whenever someone hurts their feelings, though they'd never admit that that's why, of course.

Not being able to relate to the world using feelings =/= not having them or being incapable of having them get offended.

Her personality seem to scream Ne to me, since that function makes you say pretty random shit

Ooooh is baby angry? Is baby triggered?
Yes it is! Yes it is!

Absent-mindedness is more of a Ti trait in her case

Fi is pretty good at making people say random shit too, though, and that's the ESFP's dominant function.

>I know plenty of INTJ and ENTJs who lunge into autistic shitfits whenever someone hurts their feelings,
They have a midly developed Fi, and an undeveloped Fi respectively.

INTP have emotional breakdowns. Quick, violent, uncontrolled, cathartic.

ENTJ have emotional meldowns. INTJs just throw a shitfit.

Narcissism and arrogance is meant to be a common trait amongst unhealthy xNTJ. The combination lends itself to thinking they know better than others.

Usually INTJs have great pride in their intellect, so being outwitted makes them furious. So yeah, the way Togami was mad in 1-4 is very accurate for a typical INTJ.

It's not.

The ESFP's dominant function is Se.

ENTJs use people like tools. They recognise the value in them. Their intuitions about them are less important than their role in their plans. (This is also why calling Yamagi Light an INTJ is silly.)

To INTJs, their intuitions about the world and other people are the most important things. Idiots will be avoided, regardless of how useful they are. Their plans will just have to work with other tools.

May I ask what Hope Side actually will be? I've only watched the anime halfways and I only played the main games 1 and 2. Especially 2 because this was by far the best one they made.

An OVA episode. Calling it now.

> Fi is pretty good at making people say random shit
It doesn't even compare to Ne. I remember most of micro patterns by heart. Strong Ne makes you like the ADHD in a way because it heavily relies unto a more strong dopamine system of a brain.

I never said Togami has no feelings, but that he completely ignored them in his logic and simply couldn't consider them, that's not something INTJs would do, that's typical for INTPs though.
I have a 2 INTP friends who completely ignore feelings even of the people they love the most and can easily make people cry just for being right in some very pointless stuff.
I get INTJ and I can easily tell when doing this leads to way worse results than just putting my logic aside a bit or when to ignore the argument.


Yeah, my bad on that one.

But Fi is the auxiliary function and I think it could be argued that Ibuki's behaviour is very focused on her identity as an individual.

And in terms of Se, I would argue Ibuki is very motivated by her sensations and the pursuit of those sensations.

Also, for Togami being an ENTJ, you can recognise the value in people and still view them as being lesser (which, I would add, is something Togami seems prone to).

Same for INTPs but...Well, whatever, fuck me and everyone for taking MBTI seriously, it's getting too obvious it's about very cherrypicked stuff and their subjective interpretation now

I think Togami is an ENTJ and a fairly unhealthy one, though. He has a strong sense of pride and becomes angered when it's infringed upon.

Well, yeah, there's no way to objectively decide a fictional character's MBTI so most of it is up to interpretation and debate.

It's fun to do, though.

If Togami is Ex, why it is always explain them Naegi with him? Real Ex would never miss the opportunity to deliver line. Checkmate.


Ah-ah, again keep in mind the fact that Togami sees the people around him as being beneath him. Tell Them, Naegi could merely be another way of asserting his dominance and superiority over them by not even bothering to finish explaining things to them.

I think Togami is closer to EFJK. Unless you're a retard who's using the old one for reference.


>Also, for Togami being an ENTJ, you can recognise the value in people and still view them as being lesser
I don't think this alone makes him ENTJ, considering that he definitely does not show any traits of an extrovert. He likes to keep his thoughts to himself and prefers being alone most of the time (like the times he was closed in the library, disregarding everyone else's thoughts and opinions). An extrovert person prefers to be with a crowd.

Chiaki and Kirigiri, INTP and INTJ are fundamentally very different. TiNeSiFe vs NiTeFiSe.

Ti analyses things constantly => absent-minded.
Ni constantly generates accurate insights, without much mental involvement => keen-eyed

Ne perceives random things => Chiaki usually talks straight from the left-field, when she does
Te plans things for the world around => mostly visible in how Kirigiri handles cases

Si third in teenagers = nostalgia => Chiaki likes old games a lot
Fi third in teenagers = enjoys over-analysing "soft subjects" like moral and honora => Kirigiri about the role of parents - it's not a function INTJs show off though

Fe last, during an emotional breakdown INTP try to hurt other people
Se last, pushed to the extreme, INTJs enjoy breaking things
Neither is shown in the game.

>Ibuki's behaviour is very focused on her identity as an individual.
That's true for ENFP too.

About the pursuit of sensations, I did consider that actually. I focused more on her picking up really random inputs (Ne).

You are making up explanations why Togami could possibly also be ENTJ, when calling him INTJ makes more sense.

Outwitting an INTP makes them your best friend, not furious.

>In order to defeat HOPE, we must be one step ahead and watch him at all times
>That's fine and all, Junko-chan... but did we have to watch him even when he is in the shower?

I think he shows a lot of extroverted traits, though. He quickly asserts himself on the group, expresses his thoughts without hesitation, seems to enjoy being in positions of power and leadership. The only introverted thing I could think of was his sequestering himself in the library, and that can be explained away by the circumstances of the killing game and by his view of them as inferior.

Fucking kek

There's barely any way to find a real human's MBTI type. The most reliable way is reading all the profiles and picking the one that's accurate for you, but people don't like that.

I just don't see Togami as an introvert at all. There's very little about him that seems to distinguish him as someone who tires from social interaction.

MBTI isn't really an objective standard of measuring human behaviour anyway. I personally just think it's kinda fun to do. It's like astrology -- yeah, it's not objective or particularly accurate, but it's really amusing when it is.

He knows how to deal with people but he does not enjoy being with them. I believe the "enjoy" part is the defining trait between an introvert and an extrovert. That's like saying Sherlock Holmes is an extrovert just because he can deal with people when he is obviously an introvert and would rather avoid most people.

Not only that but INTJs usually enjoy positions of power, as long as they have absolute authority so they can disregard other opinions.