Why not both?

Why not both?

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that is not a choice . you can't fall in love with 2 girls . we don't call that love .

Love is feminine bullshit to cuck you into submission.
Wake up.

Why not all three?

Because Asuka is vastly superior in my opinion.

Because evafags are all raging homos who wank over Shinji/Kaoru fapfics, that's why

because i'm in love with a real woman

bratty children and emotionless husks can go fuck themselves

they probably fuck each other rather than themselves

I'll take the rubber ducky over any of them.

That thing is hard.

i agree . i fall in love with rem for 1 episode . i'm not in love with her any more . what happened Cred Forums

>real woman
So you're gay or like to stare at cow assholes, yeah?

Mari is NOT canon

Does someone have the brown version ?

I agree but this image is uncanny. What the fuck is wrong with her legs?

Because they're both inferior to best girl

Fuyutsuki pls go.
Give it up, you lost.

Wouldn't it be a nice twist for 3.0+1.0 if Fuyutsuki is actually the father and Gendo just an angry cuck

>Rei would be a dull and boring relationship yet secure, she would never cheat and is always fine with what you're up to but never excited about it. Sex would be whatever and whenever you wanted it but she would be a dead fish.
>Asuka would be a more exciting relationship but filled with much more stress. You would be forced to do where she wanted and if you didn't she would whine and pout the whole time. She would expect you to have sex frequently and make her cum every time you fucked or she'd go out and cheat then blame it on you.

huh. hadnt noticed that. her legs look like theyre fucking jelly or midget sized

This is why.

Because threads were everyone agrees with eachother are pointless.

Can't have one without another. A Rei thread is destined to be struck by Asuka and vice versa. They can't exist alone.

>choosing either of those cunts

>asuka rei and pen pen

you fucking deviant

Each character has a singular prized possession that represents their greatest desire.


Give it to me.

There's only one girl for Shinji





I agree.

7 wives is real love.

>Love is feminine bullshit to cuck you into submission.
Works the other way too :^)


>not wanting to be inside Yui
Get in the cockpit Shinji.


>bratty children and emotionless husks can go fuck themselves
>they probably fuck each other rather than themselves

I had this horrific image of 2 neckbeards going at it.

Now this picture looks weird to me when they're not brown, dammit.

Not liking flubber women

>hope he doesn't find out what you said


what does asuka have?

The cat ears she wears everywhere even though they are only useful in Evas.


reminder asuka nicely asked to be friends with rei and rei was bitchy about it for no reason.

>Which one should I trust Misato, your lips or your words?

Then in the end, Misato opts to kiss Shinji. She chose lips. Then before she dies she asks Kaji if she did the right thing.

Seems like most of us are here, but that disgusting Mr. Pink individual is slow today.


Here, this will be easier to post

Asuka doesn't play that way

Eureka is better than my wife, I'm just not going to succumb to NTRing myself so I settled for her.

Incredibly well-developed character. Too bad everybody seems to have forgotten this series, which is something that I thought would never happen.




EVA friendship thread!



where does one find 'friends' like that

just look at that smile


This gif always destroys me.

Because there's this.

Why does this faggot exist


To pander people with good taste, user




thanks dood

I like where this is going.

As expected from the Master.

Asuka - Wife
Rei - Mistress

Hikari=Maya=Misato>Asuka>Rei>shit>Ritsuko>the rest


Is Toji the most cucked character in fiction?