Is isekai the worst genre in anime?

Is isekai the worst genre in anime?

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better than high school shit

Depends. Most issekai animes are really horrible, but every once and then there's stuff like Re:Zero which dares to deconstruct the genre and present to the viewer a sophisticated and exquisite piece of entertainment.

actually most Isekai anime are pretty good

It's just that most shitty Isekai series Cred Forums talks about are webnovels, fortunately the worst of them do not have anime.


Battle academies are a lot worse.

Harem is worse.


Besides Zero no Tsukaima and No Game no Life (and maybe Overlord, I liked it but I never watched the anime) what Isekai anime are bad?

keep in mind they have to be Isekai AND anime.

>guys, I just discovered this new genre everyone's talking about

Literally every isekai that has come out for a couple of years now has been terrible.
>Log Horizon

>Battle academies are a lot worse.
Came here to post this.

SAO isn't an Isekai



>not terrible
fuck off back to /r/anime

The people who like it are from Reddit, I agree.

Mecha > Magical Girl > Sentai > Healing > SOL > Sports > Battle Shonen >etc > Isekai > Otomeshit/Harem

If you like ReZero, go back to >>>/reddit/

>You will never be as cool as these contrarian anons
Fuck, if only I tried to fit in

But Grimgar was good you shitfaced mong.

>waaaah my buddy died imma whine about it for 9 episodes
Go be "realistic" somewhere else, pussy.

It's the second worst. First worst is harem.
Re:Zero shouldn't be put on that high of a pedestal. It's not trash but it's very average. People just think it's amazing because it's a decent show in a terrible genre.


>Re:Zero [...] very average
Completely wrong. Re:Zero is one of the greatest animes ever made, literally and unironically. It exceeds in pretty much every department, be it art, animation, story, etc. It's closer to a art piece than a commercial product.

Is this as bad as it looks?

I liked Escaflowne

I bet you're an Emilia apologist.

The worst genre is fanservice shit with a forced plot. A masterful example is Masou Gakuen HxH. Holy fuck was that bad.

>Dude just wants to go to school
>Gets forcibly recruited by his sister as a leader for a military force consisting of three girls
>Have to molest them to make them stronger
>Have to damn near sex them to make them much stronger
>Oh right, there's enemies. BETTER BE LEWD!
>One gets aroused from public indecency
>One gets aroused from anal play and shame
>One gets aroused from pretty much anything
>Enemy defeated with minimal effort.
>Dude isn't even turned on by any of this. It's just a military procedure to him.
>The only exception was the loli in the badass dragon suit who just enjoyed head pats
>The enemies are giant robots, but who gives a shit. TITS HERE.
>The real enemy was a lesbian with blue lipstick and mind control powers. You know she's evil because she has ugly lipstick.

Every episode is a poorly written plot that leads up to a minute or two of low quality fanservice, then an instant victory as if there was no threat to begin with. I mean, the plot was so bad that it should've just been a low budget hentai. Even then, random porn on the internet has a better plot, as well as better eye candy.

Isekai series have nothing on fanservice shows that try to force a bad plot. When a story is this bad, it should just focus on the tits and ass alone. The story was ENTIRELY pointless, and only served as a distraction.

Ecchi and harem are the worst genres.

No, the worst genre is "hypeshit".
Gurren Lagann, No Game No Life, One Punch Man, JoJo, and so on.

You're incredibly wrong on multiple levels and the fact that you believe this to be true is a clear example of why Isekai is such a trash genre. Fans are so accustomed to scraping the bottom of the barrel that they consider an average series to be a masterpiece. It's really quite sad.

Its like playing make believe on the playground

It's a good way to waste some time. It's not well written, but it's definitely a good read when you're taking a shit.

It's also a very bad guide for a drinking game.

>Take a shot every time the MC wins
>wake up in the ER from alcohol poisoning

Is the art as bad as the cover? It looks 2000s Deviantart tier

>no you
Come back when you graduate kindergarten, buddy. Maybe then you will have the mental capacity to not only make positive contributions to the conversation, but also to appreciate Re:Zero for the masterpiece it is.

The art is alright. Cover art looks bad, but the actual pages are fine. What's deviantart bad is the story.

Harems pretty bad.
>we will never have a harem revolving around a grizzled soldier
Be more realistic Nippon. Women want abs and strength. Not HE WAS NICE TO ME XD

for me it was the josei


Oh, so it was stealth bait. You got me.
While that would be an interesting twist, haremfags would hate it because they couldn't properly project onto the MC. The only good harem is "I'm the Main Character of a Harem Manga, but I'm Gay So Every Day Is Hell for Me" and that's specifically because it shows how shit harem is.

Only re;zero and konosuba are shit.

This is the best you'll get.
And the million other female WN protags that lust after muscled, dandy old men.

>you can fuck now
Alright. Time to shed my wizard-hood!

If it doesn't already exist, though I'm pretty sure it does, then you will one day see a magical academy battle harem reincarnation isekai with MMO mechanics.

no, it's much better than moeshit SoL
cute girls doing cute things with light yuri overtones is the worst

>tripfag is a vegan

ReZero also fits in then.

Eh. Not a fan of older men/younger women but looks cool. Theres not much out there for this stuff anyways.

I'd say harem, isekai and moe SoL are the triumvirate of trash genres. Ironically, I'd say that moe SoL is actually the stronger of the three simply because you might occasionally get examples that are just straight up comedies (Azumanga, Nichijou). Harem and isekai are always routinely trash and the only good ones are average at best. Regardless, they all have shit fans who routinely have the worst tastes imaginable.

Finally a sane person

I thought everybody on Cred Forums wanted to self-insert as little girls.

Isekai shouldn't even be a genre. You can isekai anything from battle harem to SOL to psychological. Isekai is just annoying for me especially if they suddenly drop RPG mechanics everywhere but other than that I don't care. Re:shitpost was decent enough.

Man, Re:Zero gets so much unwarranted hate and love for being so average with lackluster plot spikes. Can't we just not pull Re:Zero into any kind of discussion?

We're in the transition period between seasons. Now is the only time where anons can still really shitpost a last time about some shows and reach maximum amount of replies before nobody really gives a shit anymore.

>mfw finished first arc of twelve kingdoms
The best.

Reading the UchiMusume WNs right now, and that shit is weaponized sugar. Nearly died half a dozen times so far from the hnngh.

>Being exciting is now a genre
Is this what happens when you dine entirely on SoL shows?

finished pic related today.

Best harem ive ever seen. is there any chances for s2? i heard the author takes his time releasing animes.

Yukine best grill

>NGNL is considered the same genre as TTGL
nigga NGNL is isekai as fuck, except instead of 1 Gary Stu MC we got 2

Shows that have nothing to offer beyond "OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT WHOOOAAA" moments are hypeshit.

I have to admit, when I started it I expected to dislike it, but it grew on me. Even the MC who is overpowered as shit—there is just something about how he Nopes the fuck out of situations in a non-chalant way that makes being OP and the harem elements actually funny.

It's not the Isekai setup that's bad, it's that studios choose to adapt lazily written light novels derived from embarrassingly bad web novels that should never have gone beyond the fanfic stage.

On the subject of /m/ isekai, apparently Tomino's doing a fantasy mecha project, most likely another Byston Well/Dunbine series.

>nothing to offer beyond
Wouldn't you have to be already invested in the characters and the situations they find themselves in in order to go "WHOOOAAA" at those moments though?

That's the producers choosing. Studios just do that stuff because they're hired to do it and have no other project to work on.

yeah thats one of maybe 3 mc's in a harem that i liked.
Unfortunately the ending is rather anticlimatic. The fight i mean. Him to marry the whole school is a different matter.

I admit I fapped to one scene, but your post is 100% truth.

You have Alphapolis to thank for being the biggest offender of that:

No one of the more played out of late

im sick of it

Thanks for the correction, though it doesn't really matter who the perpetrator is. Isekai stuff can be as fun as any story, it's more that light novels that I usually see adapted are simply bad works of fiction. Then again, I guess I should put the main blame on the audience who supports even the drivel, as long as the illustration artist of the novel is good and the author throws "lore" at the wall in copious amounts, until something sticks and theorycraft junkies can discuss powerlevels and world setup th their hearts content, even is the story itself is a bad paint-by-the-numbers job.

You could just say every Aniplex original pretty much ever as an example of MAL appeal style Hypeshit. Make sure every episode ends on a dumb cliffhanger and/or a fake out death for a main character and to talk some major shit about how it's the next ultimate genre show and team up of industry talents in magazine interviews only for it to actively work as black marks on everyone involved's resume by the time all is said and done.

Why is all their webmanga is uploaded in shit resolution. Kumo's resolution is great.

Oh hi again were you asking for another adaptation of some Japan only niconico or web thing that has x number of page hits over 500,000? We like doing these and finding ways to try and monetize them since it means we get to pay people less cause they're classified as amateurs and just looking for a big break.

But most Isekais are harem anyway.

The food diary of an evil overlord

>Be more realistic Nippon. Women want abs and strength. Not HE WAS NICE TO ME XD
The entire 5 girls want a poor man's dick is so awful.
I mean come on, really?

How bad is SAO?
Ive never watched it because I keep hearing its shit but I want to watch it to give my own opinion.
Is it atleast "turn your brain off bro" fun or just Gary Stu and co.

Fuck them. But only because they keep deleting the works which they picked up from narou, or rather make the authors delete it.

A genre can't be inherently bad or good. It's largely a matter of opinion about whether or not any genre in question is enjoyable.

Is it currently overdone? Extensively.
Is it generally done lazily? Also yes.

Doesn't make the genre bad. You could do interesting things with a person who was living in X world and then is suddenly jerked into Y world, but all too often it's just used as an excuse to not try. Not the fault of the genre it's self; by it is very easy to just use isekai as an excuse to not have to give the character a proper background, which is why lazy and unimaginative writers gravitate to it. Where they good writers the other world would serve as some sort of metaphor for the hardships the character was pacing back on earth, and/or serve as the indirect source of his original hardships; not in the sense that it teaches them to be brave or whatever, but actually addressing/standing-in as more easily addressable/identifiable versions of those problems.

Basically this.

Overall I don't like Isekai, but I enjoyed Drifters.

that show sucked, I just want fanservice and they won't give them to me, it kept on going about plot and incomprehensible mechanics that nobody cares

>>Oh right, there's enemies. BETTER BE LEWD!
would have been good if it was actually like this, but it's hardly even 10% of the show

>go to another world, they said
>you'll change everything for the better, they said
>you'll have fun, they said

That's what wayback machine is for I guess. Or Google cache.

Are they really making them delete all of them now? I thought most of them were still there, but maybe they have a newer policy?

Because they want you to buy it for good quality I guess? Also, the art for them is competent but really low budget if you haven't noticed. It's all contract work with no real love put into the effort.

Is there such a thing as an isekai with an ensemble cast like Drrr or Baccarin?

Re Zero

What if we did a reverse-isekai?
A peasant from some medieval fantasyland gets reincarnated into our world, and he magically acquires all the money and success that regular isekai protags get

there is something worse already.

demon lord from annother world working in a mc donalds.

Really gotta finish that. I got to episode 10 and just never went further with it.

it's really good, if bleak as shit.

Yeah, I remember it as being pretty emotionally exhausting.

no it's actually worse

nowadays everything is a genre

>Is it currently overdone? Extensively.
not really the number of shows in the genre can still be counted on fingers

Harem is worse.

I'm surprised anyone gave you a serious reply.

>i heard the author takes his time releasing animes.
More like the studio takes their time giving him work.
The new season of Tenchi coming out is the first in 10 years.

I know. I feel genuinely bad for getting baited that hard.

Re:Zero is literally the new SAO, absolute garbage.

clearly you didn't actually watch ttgl then