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Wanted: Dead and Never Alive.

Ep 25 preview tomorrow

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I... don't like how Ley looks.

These two will be happy again.

Rem and Subaru can suffer.

Subarufags Unite

I wonder if Ley will get any fanart, cause Regulus immediately got some as soon as his design was revealed.

Except only Subaru is the one that's suffering. and Ferris could burn in hell for all I care. I just want Crusch to have her memories back.

Subaru Kuun~ Subaru Kuuuun~!

He's bishounen AF user!

I only need 100 votes to be satisfied

Ley isn't as popular or bishie fujo potential as Regulus so he's doomed to only appearing in group fanart.
That said in that image right there he just looks like an albino Pariston.


>knew Rem for a week
>likes elf more anyway


>knew Crusch 10+ years
>canonically loves her

Subaru is pretending.

No one likes Ley because he's short and ugly
Sad but true

Rem AU Novel scans where?
Vol 10 Cover where?

I want Otto to give me the dick.

Dead thread. Keep it in one place.

Is there anything on the other Archbishops?

You've got that right user


That thread will get deleted

But they are both the people that picked those two when at their wits end (and having a mental breakdown). And Subaru says that he loves both equally.

These Redditors wont stop making Re:Zero threads!

>A random user made a 230 page summary.
>Roughtly 1/6th of the entirety of Arc 4.
I want to get fucked by him tonight.

Arc 5

I really wonder why Regulus isn't dressed in black.
When I first read the WN chapter, I noticed how him and Echidna, who both represents greed, has white hair and wears black.

Filter if you're so triggered by it tumblr.

Subaru is by far the best character of the series.

What if he only wears black for serious situations?

does subaru actually kill anyone on his own with unseen hand?

He almost chokes Ram to death in Arc 6.

You don't need to dress the part to be a sin.

Also design changes happens and so on. White honestly fits his hair + attitude more honestly.

But he was wearing black in the Rem gets eaten chapter.

No, but I believe. Our dark lord will pop his cherry someday.


>uses it to beat Garfiel in a figh in arc 4
>Crush's Regulus's heart
>Almost choken Ram to death in arc 6 under the effect of the witch miasma that made everyone violent.

>knew Rem for a week
Arc 3 is a month after arc 2 which that whole are was 5 days x 4 which is a bit more than half a month. Give me an example of how Crusch and Ferris are closer than Subaru is.

Praise me

Original source:

He crushed Greed's heart.

Report in


What do they say user? I can't read moonrunes.


The fact that they have known each other for over 10 years already proves that they are closer.

Also, Fourier and Ferris were Crusch's first friends.

The savior we need.

Would he waifu her?

Funny enough, Rem is hope.


Fucking veganfags go to hell

This fucking cover was so misleading.

I fucking love him.

That's... Relatively weak as an example.

Hey, I didn't write it. Get mad at the author.

Is there an archbishop of envy?



Is Subaru the best Harem lead of the year?

Satella is still alive, so no i imagine.

What are the chances of Subaru becoming a dark memelord?

It helps that his harem is also superb as well.

But those are the boys

I mean you could've talked about how Crusch saved Ferris from the broken household that he was in, introducing him into society where he could actually interact with people rather than just being trappd in a basement somewhere.

Does anyone remember who was the artist for these? I can't seem to find him.

Sorry, I'm not good with arguments


So did Felix kill Fourier if he's that into Crusch?

And the boys are better than the girls.

>No pic of Crusch armless.
What a waste

From Left to Right:
Echidna, Minerva, Daphne, Typhon, Carmilla, Sekmeth.

No, they even called each other brothers. He was just as important to him as Crusch.

No. Fourier died from an unknown disease.

50% sure its this guy:

>Reinhard in the harem

The artist's artwork of FemSubaru are always really good. But it's a shame that the artist is a Reinhardfag.

No cause she's ugly.

Someone didn't see the signs...

Wise magical negro getting cucked by Toyota was one of the funniest things ever.

Well, they don't look like a obvious bishop like Betelgeuse.

Holy shit, that guys really like to do Re:zero fanart huh?


I thought that Subaru could be a girl's name too.

This one comes before this though

Subaru's a bishie, she'd also be bishie. And he doesn't even care for look, she smells like the witch and therefore desirable for them. Either way Regulus would waifu her badly.

What signs?

The monkey boy with daggers stuck to his arms looks suspicious as fuck though.



That exact scene.

You did well user

It could. Also nice dubs.


What the fuck is wrong with Ley's head? And why the fuck does Regulus look like the protag from that baby making game.

Blame the author for that one then.

Surprisingly enough, the author's nickname is "veggie" when going to his favorite family restaurant.

Because its the same illustrator and he's describe like a normal Harem MC?

Exactly. Reinhard was not allowed to be around Subaru. So that means he's not a part of the harem.

This one was created before the other 3 so its pretty much standalone I guess?

>no otto
>no furrybro
is wilheim suppose to be foxy grandpa or the old flintstone, or both?

I know its the same guy. Obviously I could tell. And if Regulus is supposed to look like a normal harem MC than where is he black hair, dull dark eyes, and unassuming outfit?

Foxy grandpa, since I assume the other should be Rom.

Regulus looks handsome as fuck I thought he was supposed to be normal looking.

Also Ley actually looks not dangerous at all. Hard to belive that he took on Betty, Otto and Felis by himself till his buddy showed up.

>Ep 25 preview tomorrow
Wait, what?

I think?


Please stop using mistranslations

Ley looks like he has that mosquito birth defect.


Fuck I meant Felt.

Oh yeah, I forgot about him

Apparently they're saying episode 25 preview will be put on the Kadowaka channel tomorrow.

if it's going to be just the missing preview, or something else we don't know.

Was she raped?

I think its more along the lines of that to their POV he looks so bland, generic, and normal while to us he looks bishounen and somewhat babyfaced like most Harem MC's

>Ep 25 preview tomorrow

>the artist is a Reinhardfag
>implying they exist

What is the dead count so far in the series?
Elsa x2, thugs
Curse of the dog, Rem, Ram, Suicide
Puck x3, Julius

I'm a Reinfag, got a problem?

You're correct I think, so 11 deaths so far

What the fuck? I thought this was supposed to be a happy ending.

I'd that blue oni maid.

if you think this story is a happy one, you have not been paying attention.

Ley looks like a troll. You know, children toy shit you see on tv.

I'd Ram the Rem.

Why would I? Reinhard barely even shows up and isn't even on Subaru's list of friends.

Arc 1:
1:Sliced by Elsa.
2.Sliced by Elsa.
3.Stabbed by thug.

Arc 2:
5.Maced by Rem.
6.Wind bladed by Ram.
7.Suicided by jumping off the cliff.

Arc 3:
8.Froze by Puck's magic.
9.Froze by Puck.
10.Froze by Puck.
11.Forced suicide - After possessing on to Subaru, Betelgeuse forced Subaru to take Wilhelm's sword and stab his throat. (In LN this death is skipped, the event of 11 and 12 is combined and rearranged)
12.After Betelgeuse possessing Subaru, Felis killed him with magic.
13.Suicided by stabbing a knife to his throat after knowing what happened to Rem.

Arc 4
14.Sliced by Elsa.
15.Eaten by Big Rabbits.
16.Eaten by Big Rabbits.
17.Suicided by stabbing a knife to his throat.
18.Eaten by Big Rabbits.

Arc 5
19.Affected by Wrath’s authority. When the boy fell from the tower and crashed to the ground, everyone including Subaru died in the same way.
20.Affected by Wrath’s authority. Subaru’s emotion was chained with the boy’s. Due to Sirius’s speech, the fear among the two was amplified and shared infinitely until Subaru became mad to death.
21.Affected by Wrath’s authority. When Reinhard chopped Sirius in half, all the people including Subaru died in the same way.

Arc 6
22.Headshot by Shaula’s needle
23.Shot by Shaula’s needle
24.Burnt by Gabaou
25.Eaten by Petrasche

Do you count that arc 3 death as Julius, Betelgeuse, or Suicide?

"Who's Rem?"


> Sirius vs Reinhardt
10/10 ending. I can imagine Reinhardt acting like a little bitch afterwards from killing Sirius.

Haha. Everyone he knew and couldn't even care for were killed literally by his own hand. He definitely cried himself to sleep that night. More than usual.


Generally speaking, BL harems are of a finer quality than hetshit harems.

This got nuked in the other thread that was obviously getting nuked:
>New Clairas translation!

>[Subaru : Good. Then, I will give you the coolest proposal ever. Turn your knife, stab your own stomach, and move it either way. You and I are both happy from seeing your own guts. It's hara-kiri challenge. How's that?]
>[Meili : Ahahahahahaha! That's splendid! Elsa, let's try it! Elsa, you really like guts. It must be funny!]
>[Elsa : Unfortunately, when I became like this, I already tried and bored from doing it.]

>spbro's translation doesn't have dialog anywhere near that:

Which one is correct?
does he die like them ?

He at least gets support from killing White Whale + Betelgeuse right?

>BL harems
What makes them "finer" exactly? Different archetypes or?

I really don't get it. Are people excited in anticipation of a preview for an episode they've already watched? Why is the preview even airing a week after the episode was broadcast?

>it's just Subaru wishing Emilia a happy birthday.

Just watched episode 18.



>Ep 25 preview tomorrow
Wait, what? Didn't Re:Zero already ended?
Please explain.


Are there any illustrations of Subaru commiting suicide when he found about Rem?

I though puck also kills subaru a couple of times in arc 4

How is that possible? Emilia is not taller than Subaru.

How would each of the characters feel if they know of Subaru's memories?

>that image

Fuck off and kill yourself you cancerous Cred Forumsermin.

Don't worry user.
He falls for her later.

Wait for it

IDFK, maybe Subaru is sitting down?

>Killed a Garm
>Assist killed boss Garm
>Killed Emilia
>Assist kills the whale
>Killed Betelguese

Subaru's K/D is terrible, who left friendly fire on.

>Ep 25 preview tomorrow
Ep 25 has already aired though?

>Emilia now comforts Subaru


>[Subaru: How can I stay composed in a situation like that! That beloved…! The person I fell…! A girl important to me…! That girl got injured and lost consciousness, it’s a given that I would lose control!]

That's what I'm hoping for in Arc 6. Literally the best way possible for everyone to learn of Subaru's deaths. Having Ram find a book with Subaru's name and getting sucked into his book would be just great.

Yeah, that's why we are expecting some surprises.

>[Subaru: No-problem. I’ve calmed down now, Emilia-tan — I, am, alright]

>To Emilia’s worried call, Subaru lightheartedly retorted. Only his eyes weren’t looking at her. Rather, he couldn’t see her at all.

Well she isn't doing a very good job.

But then how would she be right behind him?

He's back at it again boys

S2 announced with it.

Was Subaru holding her hand in the anime?

I don't think that scene was in the WN.

That line was her talking at the meeting.

Are they floating horizontally in the air above Rem's bed? The perspective is confusing af.

I regressed into /r9k/ by the sheer bullshit.

Good. Fucking retarded idiot. after a speech like that i would have fallen for her myself and kiss her feet. and if somehow i won't i won't tell her "lel i love Emilia (^:"

Fucking fuck the last time i was that mad was XYZ 38.


I wouldn't mind for 10+ chapters dedicated on this idea, like the main cast's reaction on Subaru's deaths.

99% chance it won't be, don't get hyped

You're mistaken.

Did Honda really suggest polygamy to Emilia?

There's no way this won't be addressed with the way its set up. If Subaru counts as deceased, then its all over. Even if its an IF chapter I fucking NEED to see someone reading Subaru's book.

>25.Eaten by Petrasche

No matter what form Subaru may take, Subaru will always be a best.

>“Saying it’s because I’m a good kid, it feels like my rating went down.. No, I’m not being manly. Ahh, I’ll say it cleanly. Um, so… actually Rem also said that she loved me, so since Emilia-tan also likes me… uh, you’ll both be mine, uh how should I put it..?”
>Entrusting himself to the momentum he made a two-timing declaration.

One step at a time.

Worst part is that in the anime at least it looks like rem is friendzoned as fuck, and he goes full emt, while in the wn he says he loves them both as much and is foreshadowed that he loves rem more, or at least is more obsesed with her (probably because of his failure)
I feel like they cutted subaru romantic feelings for rem just to make emilia the clear heroine, they were obsesed trying to make her the heroine and we lost 10 min in chapter 24 that could be put in chapter 25 and show a little of the archbishops and end in subaru suicide, but the series were just a big promotion of the novels so...
Now that I remember, tappei said that he wanted to see all the story animated, I wonder how he feels

Forgot to add



“–Who is Rem?”

Are you really this retarded, user?


Everyone went insane for a bit. It's also half the reason why he tried to strangle Ram to death the other half was she triggered him by saying that his feelings for Rem aren't even genuine.

Subaru and Ram got into an argument, causing him to strangle her once he knocked him off of Patrasche with his Unseen Hand. After she knocked him away with her Wing Magic, Anastasia tried to calm them down, though the situation quickly escalated into an all out fight between them, resulting in his victory. However, a crazed Patrasche, who had already killed Ram, attacked him, killing him by crushing his head with her jaw.

He was getting there, but then she got married to Greed-kun instead. His polygamy prospects were crushed by the setting's resident master polygamist.

I forgot

As if Greed could ever put a hand on Dark Lord himself. Oh wait you were talking about the Half Elf. Never mind, do continue.

I agree.

>or at least is more obsesed with her

Not true. He is more obessed with Emilia since he did this.

>Natsuki Subaru made this decision in order to protect his own fragile soul, but at the same time it was a decision that distanced himself from people that could have (possibly) helped him find a way to save Rem.

But the fact that he goes and

>Punched Puck
>Tried to kill Roswaal
>Practically made a death threat to Otto
>Strangled Ram
>Was ready to beat the shit out of Carmilla

Does these things whenever someone badmouths Rem and their relationship does say something.

Doujins when.

There was a heated debate with how episode 25 should have ended between Tappei and the directors. The directors won.

There's actually going to air something tomorrow? What's it going to be?

>punched puck
That is high level foreshadow, cant wait for arc 10

>Natsuki Subaru made this decision in order to protect his own fragile soul, but at the same time it was a decision that distanced himself from people that could have (possibly) helped him find a way to save Rem.

You do realize he's talking about the Witches here right? It's referring to him denying Echidna's contract. Accepting it leads to a bad end, Tappei even wrote a side story about it.

I don't even get why he fell for Emilia that hard. I mean yes she looks cute and pretty and she saved him one timeline

Subaru must secure this man for his harem immediately.


It was nothing like that, they discussed where would be the best place to end the anime at. There was no "fight" between Tappei and the directors.

Tappei himself said he was pretty satisfied with most of the decision making they did.

I know, but even then. In the Echidna AU Emilia still technically won as Subaru didn't want to sacrifice Emilia in order to save Rem.

He does, actually.
Otto's a bro.

post aldebaran/rem page

He cares about both of then, and he doesn't want to throw anyone he cares about under the bus to achieve the goal of helping Emilia and saving Rem.

Stop looking at it at such a straight way.

Ah well, my bad then. You make a good point.



Thank you amigo

>Capella makes people who look at her forget to even breath

She looks bullyable, and acts like she'd be good for bullying, but that ability just makes that impossible.

He's probably refering to Roswall at the end

Al is so back and forth. Arc 7 can't come soon enough.

I kinda doubt the explanation is THAT simple.

There's more going on with Al than meets the eye.

You know what would be really great to see? Granddaughter antics between Wilhelm and femSubaru...

But he did though. Otto is a top tier bro.

Or Ley

I meant to say Camilla, not Capella.

You know what would be evengreater though? Shipping antics between Reinhard and femSubaru.

That's Carmilla.

GOD allu.

Fuck off Reinfag, Wilhelm deserves this more than that shit.

That makes no sense, Roswaal is famous and he saw Roswaal in the castle meeting.

Pictured: Reinhard's attempts at trying to be a part of the plot.

Why am I completely okay with this

Me too.

Let the lower class argue about which character is best girl/boy ad ignore them. We have our man.

I have a confession to make... I dislike Al and his design.

He had to cling onto something, Emilia just so happened to be that something.

How the hell?

Wilhelm deserves nothing.

He needs more armor to be honest.

Really? I think the jarringly random iron helmet works great

He deserves his wife.

I personally like my sun praisers in iron clads. But to each of their own.

Reinhardfags unite.

Does Ram know that Roswal has been possessing his own children for generations? If so, would she be okay with bearing his child even though he would most likely want to possess that child as well?

And he got her.

Then Rein took him away from her for the second time.

Is there an english translation of the novel and Whats the difference between the novel and the web thingie?

Not Reinhard's fault Wilhelm was too pussy to finish a fight with his own wife.

Not that this looks bad but this scene worked better in the anime.

Not really. Random red eyes for no reason other than dramatics is dumb.

web novel to the light novel is like one punch man webcomic to the murata published comic.

...I think

I think not really.

Also i think he only possessed his grandchildren

But he wasn't though. Hienkel distracted him causing Wilhelm to be injured. Wilhelm still wanted to finish the fight but Reinhardt interrupted him.

I can agree with this as well.

Now don't be mean.

>[Meili : It's that Oni-chan! Even Petra-chan is here, long time no see!]

>[Subaru : You're talking like normal. Don't you understand this situation?]

>[Meili : I know and I'm working~. I will be scolded by mama if I don't do this right. By the way, Elsa is really acting as she pleases.]

>[Elsa : Being the reserve is boring. It's wrong to put me on that position in the first place. It would be better to be killed by me than being eaten by the beasts. Your choice?]

>[Subaru : Good. Then, I will give you the coolest proposal ever. Turn your knife, stab your own stomach, and move it either way. You and I are both happy from seeing your own guts. It's hara-kiri challenge. How's that?]

>[Meili : Ahahahahahaha! That's splendid! Elsa, let's try it! Elsa, you really like guts. It must be funny!]

>[Elsa : Unfortunately, when I became like this, I already tried and bored from doing it.]

Christ Elsa.

He killed Greed with it.

I hope Elsa joins the harem eventually.

Elsa gets burned alive by Subaru user.

So Reinhard was still in the right.

Mama huh? I always had my hunch that she was a daughter of a bishop considering she gives off an aura similar to that of a Witch Miasma.

Did he actually marry Emilia or did he just use his power on her? I'm not sure if he's actually married to all those women or if he just calls anyone affected by his power "wife."

That sense of justice will kill Subaru one day.

No sign of her remains, though.

True, but considering she's a kind of persudo vampire her remains would have been ashes.


He's been killed for less.

The Truth.

She just used mist form to get away!

>Ever since they exchanged this promise, Subaru had decided once in for all that: in this world, in this universe, the only person Natsuki Subaru could hope to show his weak side to was Rem, and only in front of Rem.

>Even if she knew about Subaru’s weakness, if he could just combine it with Rem’s faith that she would give in response to his efforts to be strong in front of her, Subaru could live on without hiding the truth that he was weak. He could not show it in front of Emilia; he could not show it in front of Beatrice; he could not show it in front of anyone else. Subaru could only show this weak side of him-the side of him that believed he had to be strong no matter what-to Rem and only Rem.

What a wonderful time to be alive

That line was said when they talking at the meeting you moron. They were just sitting next to eachother then.

Mama is apparently the leader of the mercenary crops they work for.

Has anyone here bought the Japanese novels?

She was already a husk before her body got turned into ash from the fire.

She was long dead.

Subaru would make for an even better Catboi. This is the end of the line Ferrisfags.

>[Subaru: Reveal yourself, you fraud. ——–Don’t you dare fuck with me with the FACE OF MY REM! Don’t you dare fuck with me with the VOICE OF MY REMMMM!]

Jesus christ Subaru you need to calm down. You don't need to be so triggered

No lies here.

I wonder if Meili is going to get taken away and forced back into the mercenary corps again. I wanna see Subaru trying to save one of his daughterus.

I mean, he has every right to be.


Damn son you don't need to be so mean. I stand corrected.

Because he likes her personality for fuck sakes. Emilia is the type person who appeals to him.

I felt really bad for Betelgeuse at the last bit of the episode. BMT!!! BMT!!!


Subaru stopped Regulus from using ZA WARUDO. Regulus was killed by Reinhard, if anyone. Regulus' name isn't "Greed", this is not FMA.

When I talked about this scene and others for months no one don't give a fuck about it and all called me a "Remfag who spreading fake spoilers because MUH SPFAGGOT didn't prove it"

I don't even know how the "Remfags are liars" meme spread in the first place.

But anyways just leave it be. We don't need to have people flinging shit again anyhow.

I have a hunch its that shitty tripfag. Sure he says his TLs are not biased but he never brings up stuff like this. And whenever someone says somethinh he downplays it.

That white haired dude looks like a typical NTR bait character and the other one like your typical snot nosed brat that everyone just wants to fuck off and die.

Spoil me LN fags. Who are they?

>rem getting horny

How about you go to the wiki and find out yourself.

I cried. Twas too beautiful.

Actually Regulus is a giant.
Ley is around Rem's height.

at least now we see the truth user, and spfag not translating anymore? not a problem with all of the wonderful translators translating things minus the whole drama that spfaggot likes to do.

White dude is autism personified and the strongest Archbishop

The troll is a little shit who fucks up Rem and Crusch.


Man anyone miss this? That was fucking great. I'm surprised no-one got

Probably. I hope he never returns. Don't give a shit he didn't finish that Beako TL. People will eventually cover it. Chicken seems to be enjoying the story so far so if nothing goes wrong he'll inch his way out of Arc 4 faster than Jewpress releasing vol.4 of the LN.

What, he didn't show up at the finale?

Is funny how everyone talks about reinaldo quads but no one talks about paco gettings trips one quatrillion times

What is Reinhards plan with representing Felt to get elected?

Nice try faggot, but no one gonna fall for that bullshit.

Paco is moot and satan, no surprises

Because it was more impressive to see. Reinfag did it 6 fucking times on at least quads.

Felt is the rightful heir to the throne and the one that will seal the deal with dragon

Who fucking knows. Felt herself doesn't want to run for King, and even has plans that go against the good of the Kingdom. Which is something Reinhard, a hero, should be against. That, plus the fact that he murders Subaru over twenty times cause Subaru got Felt to drop out of the election (which Reinhard is forcing her to go through), makes me think that Reinhard wants the throne for himself, or has plans with the dragon.

Didnt pacoand reinaldo became friends after the anime ended

Felt is a member of the royal family yes, but that doesn't mean she'd be great for the throne. In fact, she'd be horrible as a King and detrimental to the country she'll have to run.

Dunno user.

Who knows better you or God's chosen child blessed by the universe?

Who are all the archbishops that have been introduced so far?


Well I'm not a crybaby that ran away and left a country in peril cause some dude I wanted to befriend told me to go away, so I'm not gonna go with Reinhard, Mr. Plot Black Hole.

Nah they are natural enemies, they just both hated the anime ending
The conversation ended with paco literally killing the thread, it was pretty epic

looks at that shit eating grin holy shit I wanna punch his face

Yeah goodtimes, I need to make a screencap when everyone changed character names coping those two and trying to get dubs (teresita, guillermo, julio, remedios, estela, enchilada)
The reinhard shitstorm was a great thread, paco appearing and btfoing him into oblivion was great too, then the thread I talked about and spfag geting btfo, we need screencap of those threads

I want that hat.

Pete - Sloth
Regulus - Greed
Ley, Roy, Louis - Gluttony
Sirius - Wrath
Capella - Lust
I might have the bottom two switched.

I can't speak rune but

>Why are you running?
>Running? Naw man I'm not running. Your running.

Incidentally that's all the confirmed Archbishops

Al could be Pride, or former Pride, with Subaru or Priscilla being possible replacements.

Al may have some sort of authority but we don't know which, doesn't mean he's a bishop, bishops are people initiated into the cult.

That's why there are theories about him being former. We don't know anything confirmed, but Al has a lot of shit going on.

You don't need to have been part of the cult to have an authority though.

Did you forget how Betelgeuse grabbed one from a box, he was safe keeping, and Subaru came into that world with one?

Who says his authority means he's a bishop? People are far more suspicious of his name, which fits the rest of the naming scheme for Bishops, and the fact that he doesn't like using it. Combined with his power, plus his incredible fear/love of Satella is what leads people to thinking he's either Pride or formerly was.

What the fuck are ypu talking about? Nobody demied any of that it was even mentioned in wiki. Why ate you so desparate and autistic as hell?

Actually people have been saying Rem has literally no relevance and Subaru just puts her in a room and does nothing else for a long time, mostly because of spfag and other asshats. They were obviously very wrong even then, but its hard to fix stupid when people have an axe to grind.

>Al could be Pride, or former Pride, with Subaru or Priscilla being possible replacements.
>Subaru as Archbishop
Tappei pls deliver

I'm sure Tappei has a fetish for silver haired elf women which is why he's pushing EMT so hard.

Rem was written to appeal to the wider audience.

>Strangled Ram
Under the effects of witch miasma.

>Tried to kill Roswaal
No, he only tried to strangle him. He did the same when he insulted Emilia.

>Was ready to beat the shit out of Carmilla
She was playing with his feelings.

>Taking what the mad butcher man says to face value

He drew himself being fed by Rem at one point i think. There's too much going on yet to properly know what he's doing.

Suddenly I miss Betelgeuse Romanée Conti Death.

>Q: 銀髪ヒロインがお好きのようですが、エミリアが死ぬシーンを執筆するときの心境をお聞かせください。

>A: 楽しんでます。これで満足か?

To be honest with you he says alot stuff. The guy is a massive troll.

>Silver-haired seems heroine is you like, but please tell us your feelings at the time of writing the Emilia dies scene
>It enjoys. This or satisfaction?

That's Carmilla, not Rem. What are you even talking about?

Is there a picture of this somewhere?

But yeah, dude just says things. Emilia is apparently his favorite type of heroine, he's said he doesn't consider Rem one and was surprised she became popular, but at the same time he sees the Rem Natsuki stuff as a perfect happy family, etc. Guy just says things.

That scene has been in the wiki since forever. I don't understand why you seem to think no one knew of it until now.

Nobody she had no relvance, just she had little relvance which is entirely true. You're basing picking at breadcrumbs that are her screentime compared Emilia, Betty and Roswaal. 90% of the Arc has nothing to do with her, Arc 5 even less. Accept and move on. Jesus Christ.

Stop taking what oyhers said to exyremes.

What are you talking about? I didn't say anything about Carmilla, I was explaining that for months now people having been claiming every single motivating scene Subaru has with Rem in arcs 4, 5, and 6 have all been fabrications by 'muh delusional remfags' when they are not. Rem retains relevance as support and motivation for Subaru even in her unconscious state.

Things like 'Subaru doesn't go to the tower to help Rem, he barely even cares!' and other obvious bullshit that they won't stop fucking repeating.

No he just wrote as a character to perform a specific role and put her away. Like every other author.

>two arms


Except Mitrospeed, and SPfag, and all the little trolls taking their shit as word of god. But yeah, backpedal now that you've been BTFO and we're getting consistent non-shit translations.

Just finished the series. What a terrible ending.

If only they had enough airtime to end at
Not many people were satisfied by the ending.

Also the whole arc with Rem at the beginning makes no sense. She kills him out of jealousy and mistrust? Does she do that with all their guests?

What is the Witch's Scent?
What are the Witch Cultists?
Who is a candidate to Pride?

Again nobody ever said that. Even the wiki she had some minor here and there, nut that is it. She does nothing more can she do anything. The story continues to be Subaru and Emilia with Rem's situation being subplot. You can try to deny it that all you want but it won't change.

I was going to say, why was there no reunion with Rem? If something like that happens that would have made a perfect cliff hanger for a second series.

You better be phoneposting.

Only the ones that smell like witch cultists and start sneaking around at night, or 'leave' to go camp out in the woods outside the mansion.

You are literally pulling things out of your ass, twisting people's words to fuel your own victim complex. No one who has followed these threads since April would even corroborate your claims,

>retains relevance
Yes, but not as much as pretty much every other character. What you're seeing now are literally the only scenes that feature her in Arc 4 and beyond, give or take a few (Garfield kidnapping, the 2 other mansion scenes in Arc 4, and something else).

>and motivation
Only for Arc 6, and for one loop in Arc 4. Rem has nothing to do with the main conflict in Arc 4, much less Arc 5.

>he barely even cares
Said no one, ever. What people were saying is that Rem is not the sole reason he's going to the tower. And that he didn't find out about the tower because he was looking for a cure to Rem, but because someone told him about it being a possible solution to the victims of the authorities of Lust and Gluttony.

The summary never had the dialogues nor the narratives. People were downplaying it saying "it that it was a given because Rem fell into a coma nothing passionate or romantic because he was under Camillia's spell etc etc."

It was not so much about the events. It was more about the context and the implications it gave. Spfaggot like most of the shitposters that downplayed Rem's influence on Subaru would never say shit like this to support it. Instead they will mislead you to thinking Rem was nothing more than a one trick plot device whos only purpose was Arc 3 with no lasting effect.

At this point you either have to be baiting or retarded to not understand why Rem killed Subaru. Not forgive her. UNDERSTAND.


Exactly, nothing was explained. I'm assuming there's going to be a second series, but it was still a terrible ending.

The Absolute Madman

>Again nobody ever said that.
Again, yeah they fucking did. A lot. It was fucking annoying.

>You can try to deny it that all you want but it won't change.
Who's denying anything? She is as relevant to the plot as Emilia is for arcs 1, 2 and 3. She serves as something for Subaru to focus on in addition to the new problems that keep popping up. Why you seem to want to write her off the story so hard is proof of how fucking butthurt you are.

None of those are good explanation. Even when he's been cursed she kills him with no explanation. She only ever tires to question him once and she seems to be acting of her own accord. Puck is perfectly okay with him and seems to be able to tell his intentions.

Because they didn't have enough time most likely.

Except that is literally Carmilla, not Rem. Again, what are you even talking about?

What did she mean here?

Oh, its bait.

Now you're groio people together who have nothing to do with eachother bevause they aren't Rem fanatics. Spbro never even said yhat she had no scenes and she does badically spend her time in a room which he has stated that Subaru bists.

He simply a beatdown all the other infactual infomation Remfags were like how every other but her was irrevelant, or like how Arc 4-5 was about or Emilia didn't get development.

Which was pretty much bullshot for anyone who read the story onward.

And then Puck blames Subaru for killing Emilia, kills Subaru, and then goes on to destroy the world. And then gets one-shot by Reinhard.

Please learn how to fucking type in english.

>and she seems to be acting of her own accord.
She is. That's the thing. The Witch Cult took away her sister's power, she explained this quite clearly. She hates them, a lot. She doesn't talk to Subaru about it because she sees no reason to. Its explained that she comes to conclusions on her own and executes solutions on her own, without input from others, its just how she is. Like how she became such a tryhard to 'make up' for Ram. Ram didn't ask her to do that, she decided it on her own.

> Puck is perfectly okay with him and seems to be able to tell his intentions.
Yes. Puck also doesn't care enough about Subaru to warn him. Neither does Ram, or Roswaal, or Betty. All of them know how Rem will react, and they know what she's up to. Subaru doesn't do anything to earn any of their trust enough to be worth the minimal effort to get Rem to stop, so they just let her do her thing.

That picture, so good.

>A lot.

>It was fucking annoying.
It was probably all you just so you could spam your "I told you so" every thread.

>as Emilia is for arcs 1, 2 and 3
You're the only one who's downplaying here. The whole of Arc 1 was focused on Emilia. Arc 2 also had a good chunk of her. And in Arc 3, even though she was not on screen for a good chunk of it, the entire conflict was based around her fight with Subaru and its repercussions. Rem is not at all active, relevant or central to the plots of Arc 4 and Arc 5.

I'm not butthurt about anything. It's you guy yhat are going around exaggerating shit nobody said and making a big deal things we already as if changed anything of what was said about this arc.

Nobody ever claimed Rem wasn't important to Subaru, only that she isn't important to the narrative.

>Yes. Puck also doesn't care enough about Subaru to warn him. Neither does Ram, or Roswaal, or Betty

Emilia doesn't care? I'm not buying it. Rem is perfectly okay with letting him live and work there for several days, and on one occasion is smitten by him (when they were walking back from the village). The killing is arbitrary plot convenience.

>All of them know how Rem will react
No, they don't. Roswaal was surprised at the result of the 1st loop, and Betty doesn't care for others outside of Puck.

Typing from a tablet, sorry.

It's been explained in a moment in arc 4 that may have happened because she didn't trust Subaru at all, due to his smell, and she was biased towards witch cultists.

Rem made an excuse saying that "it was too late for him, so i put him out of his misery", but Emilia said there was not reason to be so brutal against someone who was only getting a mercy kill.

Basically Rem just wanted to brutalize him for her own reasons.

Ley looks fucking terrible what the fuck is this

>[Puck: The Witch Cult appearing… I suspected it too. But whether I would convey that to Lia is a completely different matter]

>[Subaru: Even if it meant endangering her, and everyone else around her!? I don’t know what you’re thinking, but if things went the way they were Emilia would have —!!]

>[Puck: I see… You did all this to save Lia. This child too… she sacrificed herself to help her. In that case I really need to thank this child…]

>[Subaru: —-!]

>In that instant, disregarding all the world, Subaru threw his punch.

>At the Spirit in front of his eyes, without a trace of hesitation, he swung with all his might. The Spirit, easily avoiding his strike, washed its face with astonishment.

>[Puck: What are you doing, all of a sudden?]

>[Subaru: Don’t you dare touch Rem. Not with your hands, or your words…]

>Surprised himself, his voice broke quietly.

Holy shit, i thought people were bullshiting about Subaru trying to punch Puck.

>Ley uses Rem's personality in Arc 5
>this delusional Remfag will claim it's a Rem scene, and that it makes her relevant to the arc as a whole
I feel sorry for the moderate Remfags who would have to put up with and get dragged down by this cancerous behavior.

Emilia cares, where did I say she didn't? Puck and her are separate things user. She potentially noticed, but either didn't think Rem would actually do anything or didn't think Rem would act so quickly. She gets mad at Roswaal for allowing it when we get to see the events following certain deaths.

Roswaal literally comments on what Rem will do, he's not surprised by shit. He specifically tells Ram they'll have to watch her sister.

And just when I thought the thread was pretty comfy.

No. Please refer to the Arc 4 continuation of Subaru's 1st death at the mansion. Roswaal is shocked that his book was wrong and had to fulfill his contract with Ram.

Literally nobody is using the witches or Ley pretending to be Rem as evidence for Rem doing anything. They are all pointing to Subaru's thoughts and monologues, his oaths, how he reacts to people like
Here, and with Felix, and Crusch, and Ram, and Roswaal.

That has to be a trap, an ugly trap.

He may be shocked, but the other user is right, Roswaal definitely tells Ram to make Rem chill and not do shit to Subaru.

I wonder how Ram could control her nose but Rem could not.

What is Puck hiding?

Is he just doing to because he wants to selfishly protect Emilia by keeping her away from serious information even though she's a candidate for the seat of queen? Or is there something else going on?

No, he's shocked Rem succeeded, not that he didn't know what she was doing. He's shocked everytime Subaru fucks it up, which is a lot. Timelines are probably strewn with Roswaals that become Ram's bitch because of how much Subaru fucks up.

You might as well claim he doesn't know anything about Elsa when he specifically sent her off with her mission and is shocked every time she wins.

I remember that. Shit was like wat. In fairness I'm honna chalk to one or two crazy ass Remfags that time.

Ram can't smell witch love nectar due to not having a horn.

Ram basically doesn't have a nose to control. No horn, no magic scent detecting.



>We don't need to have people flinging shit again anyhow.

Too late, its happening again.

>nobody is using the witches or Ley pretending to be Rem as evidence for Rem doing anything
See , which are all referring to Carmilla's scene.

Puck has bern hidong any Witch related infomation outside Satella for awhile now. It doesn't have anything to do wiyh her candidacy, but his relationship with Echidna.

What do knights in Re-Zero do?

This is more accurate than it needs to be

Cred Forums representing mein fuhrer here

>people have been saying Rem has literally no relevance and Subaru
>Rem has literally no relevance and Subaru

Can, can you read?

>She gets mad at Roswaal for allowing it when we get to see the events following certain deaths.

I've only watched the anime and that's what I'm talking about. Don't bring outside knowledge into it. I'm glad it's addressed though, the author must have felt similarly.

These threads are so comfy now, compared to when the show was running.

Those are all literally me you twat and I already told you I'm not referring to any scenes involving Carmilla or Ley, or even any specific scenes at all. Just that she has moments throughout the arc and continues as a source of strength and motivation for Subaru and isn't just locked in a room somewhere and never brought up again. Jesus you're thick.

100th one here

By the way, is comic user back?

I miss him.

Same. Might have something to do with the "lackluster" ending. Either way, I'm grateful. Less shitposting is always a good thing.

Well don't bring up things that weren't even part of the initial point. I didn't list Emilia because Emilia would in fact care that Rem implodes Subaru's head.

Will be one PV more?
One chapter more?
About what?

Roswaal must have some really good genes to produce such a good looking descendant.

So. Who's going to be your first route in the Death or Kiss game?

>I didn't list Emilia because Emilia would in fact care that Rem implodes Subaru's head.

Which is why I brought her up, it's a kink in your explanation.

Rem is best girl get over you nerds

Can't wait to see what the original gray-haired Roswaal looked like once Arc 4 gets started on.

Is Rem a cuckold? Can women be cuckolds?

We have no idea, apparently it's supposed to just be a PV about episode 25 that they forgot to place.

People are hopeful that there's more to it than that, since it feels weird that they'd bother with that by this point.

No doubt about it.

How so? She was the only one who would care and the only one that was probably unaware of it. Everyone else in the mansion certainly knew what was up, they just didn't feel like stopping or addressing it.

The evidence that she didn't know about is that she never made an attempt to stop it, which she would have if she knew about it.

The evidence that she might have suspected something is that if you read into her reaction at the end of the lap pillow scene where she confirms to Rem that Subaru is a good person. That's pretty minor, so I'm more inclined to think she just knew nothing at all.

So how is Emilia not knowing anything and therefore not being included in a list of people that knew things and did nothing about it a kink in the list?

Then why would you reply to a post specifically talking about Carmilla's scene?

>just puts her in a room and does nothing else for a long time
C-can you read?

>Vol. 9 comes out tomorrow
>along with PV
>Tappei doing something on Sunday the same time that the anime airs
Don't let me down

>inb4 Katangatari-esque PV covering Regulus and Ley's brief encounter with Crusch's group.

Only if she helps raise Emilia and Subaru's kids, but yes in a more general sense she's pretty much a cuck. She even helps push Subaru more towards Emilia at various points, willing to be wife/mistress #2.

Don't get your hopes up too high either.

It's too early for anything major by this point.

i hope a niconcico special episode announced or showed with the lasts chapters of vol9

>Then why would you reply to a post specifically talking about Carmilla's scene?
Can YOU read? I'm guessing no, because you're the only one bringing up the witch scene as somehow being a Rem scene. In the posts you reply to they are all referring to Subaru's reactions to them as being evidence of the impact Rem has, not that Rem is herself in a scene. Fuck you ESL piece of shit.

>Katangatari-esque PV
Holy fuck White Fox PLEASE

>saw porn of Ricardo
Kind of scarred, tbqh.

Thought that guy was immortal or something

>Sub means below
>below as in not on the same level
>level is accumulated through experience
>experience comes with age
>a more experienced Subal would no longer be Sub, he would just be Al
>Subaru = young Al

I also saw that. I thought about sharing it earlier so that you would all feel my pain.

>How so? She was the only one who would care and the only one that was probably unaware of it. Everyone else in the mansion certainly knew what was up, they just didn't feel like stopping or addressing it.

If you're to the Witch's scent Rem, and Betty are clearly the only people who knew about it. Otherwisw Ram's reports to on Subaru make no sense. Roswaal had gospel which hinted to him about Subaru's power, but not the nature if it.


Only if his authority is active.

His power also has a weak point, which is what Subaru exploited to crush his heart and allow Reinhard to kill him.

Regulus? Not exactly. If you could hit him while his time isn't frozen he would die, but as long as his time is frozen he's basically indestructible. He can also use the power to live a long ass time I guess.

No. Maybe you should actually read your own posts. Let me break it down into bite-sized pieces for you:
1. Here, you imply that Carmilla's scene gave Rem herself relevance:
>>Actually people have been saying Rem has literally no relevance

2. And here you are implying that Rem does not, in fact, stay in her room the whole time (unless moved by an outside party, like Garfield or Frederica), and that she actually "does something" in Arc 4, which in the context of the conversation, would be Carmilla's scene:
>>and Subaru just puts her in a room and does nothing else for a long time

3. And here you confirm your implications:
>>They were obviously very wrong even then

Emilia's birthday is today or tomorrow right?

I don't know why but the whole "Al is Subaru" deal kinda bothers me.


Its an 'ESL tries to speak English' episode.

Should've known, we're done here. Come back when you can actually read.

Wait can Reinhardt not solo Regulus by himself? Or was the spoilers memeing how he was Onii-sama anime jesus and whatever

Tomorrow, same day as Volume 9 comes out.

Quite suspicious.

Why are you both talking like Rem is actually relevant? How can she interact with this Carmilla bitch if she's in a coma?

I hope this is bait, because using English word definitions for something in Japanese makes less sense than Half-Life 3 confirmed pasta.


>Only if she helps raise Emilia and Subaru's kids, but yes in a more general sense she's pretty much a cuck. She even helps push Subaru more towards Emilia at various points, willing to be wife/mistress #2.

If she actively encourages him to be with Emilia then that's pretty cucky. However willing to be a mistress or wife #2 doesn't seem like cuckoldry to me. Polygamy has been normal throughout all of history and biologically it doesn't make sense for women to be cuckolds in that sense. She's also not doing it to demean herself or doing it out of weakness.

He is anime jesus Onii-sama tier, but even anime jesus can't kill something that can literally become the mostly deadly thing alive, that can neither by destroyed and can cut through anything.

What are you even asking here? Rem can smell the scent, as can Betty and Puck. Betty and Puck don't care, but obviously it ticks Rem off. Ram knows her sister extremely well and can tell that Rem is targeting Subaru and Roswaal knows probably due to the gospel.

Roswaal tells Ram to keep an eye on Rem to make sure her sister doesn't do anything hasty, but obviously at some point they didn't care enough to stop her, since she attacks Subaru twice, once with Ram nearby.

Ram also diverted attention away with the whole 'Rem is bothered by your hair' thing, to explain why Rem kept glaring at Subaru. She knows the real reason why Rem is staring and still doesn't bother addressing it.

I think the relevancy the other user is trying to say is as in, she gets no more mentions or she is literally thrown to the side and nobody cares about her anymore, which is not true.

The other user probably thinks he's trying to say that coma Rem is still around and making things happens, which is not true, but she does influence Subaru still, in his mind that is.

I have already proven that I can speak, articulate, understand and comprehend better than you. Maybe you should learn how to follow conversation threads on Cred Forums (maybe you're not used to how this site looks?) and insert proper context into your posts instead of replying blindly without checking the linked posts.

She's not. This other guy is claiming that she is, crying that people didn't believe him when he said that she's relevant to the plot of the arc, and is using the translated scene in as proof of plot relevance or "doing something".

Regulus can't reasonably be beaten by single person, at least not in a decent time frame. Regulus wouldn't be able to beat Reinhart normally either, the kill he gets on him has some circumstances behind it, and eventually Reinhart might be able to just go around and kill all of Regulus' wives and eventually win, but it'd take forever. Supposedly even Pete could take on Regulus if he knew how the power worked.

what the fuck are they going to show the pv there nothing left to show unless revealed that the 25th pv was actual for secret episode for rem

>You will never live in a world where everyone wears size 5 shoes or smaller

I feel like I'm trapped in a dimension populated by hairless sasquatch. I am viscerally disgusted whenever I glimpse my own feet.

Why can't we introduce foot binding to the western world?

This anime was a fucking travesty too, what were they thinking drawing everyone with those repulsively humongous feet?

I would think Reinhard would still win or they would draw. Reinhard's blessing gives him whatever he needs to win, and Regulus must resume time to strike at Reinhard, during which time Reinhard's blessings would kick in. I think the only thing Regulus could do is run.

It seems baffling to me that Reinhard and Regulus's fight is described as occurring in mostly non-stopped time and Reinhard can't take him down.

As a general rule, if a post that was written 95% in greentext ends with the words "fucking confirmed" in all caps, you can safely assume there was a good deal of sarcasm in the text preceding that final phrase.

Because Regulus is time-stopped. I don't think you realize just how fucking OP that ability is.

Fairly sure the idea is that Reinhard can't cut trough him because he pretty much keeps the authority active through most of the fight.

We still have no translations for the segment, so we don't know whare are the restrictions of the power.

But yes, Reinhard would win eventually even without help.

>your feet aren't size 5 or smaller
Just kill yourself, senpai.

Pretty sure the real Onii-sama can beat Regulus easily. And Reinhard could also beat Regulus if he knew about the authority's weakness.

Doubt his entire body is time-stopped, else he would not be able to stand on the ground.

>She's not. This other guy is claiming that she is, crying that people didn't believe him when he said that she's relevant to the plot of the arc, and is using the translated scene in as proof of plot relevance or "doing something".
Nope. For all your claims of being able to follow a thread, I have now said THREE times that I am not referencing that scene or Ley's scenes. Nor have I claimed Rem ever PHYSICALLY does anything. I have said repeatedly that she is a motivator for Subaru, which you and others have denied adamantly for months like a bunch of twats.

In fact the user in the post you are quoting (not me) is ALSO not claiming Rem is physically anywhere, but highlighting that Subaru does in fact fucking care about Rem and she does not get tossed aside never to be mentioned again.

He can time-stop the ground too

I've only seen summaries of it, so I just apply dubstep fart noise. I get that it's OP.

Nope. Its his whole body. That's just your typical anime physics at work.

Well obviously if he knew how it worked he'd win easy, the main problem was information, which was where Subaru came in.

I'm not sure if this is correct or not, but apparently to others there's no visual effect of indication when his power is active.

Might change in drawings i figure.

It is. Presumably the ground he is standing on is also time stopped due to his Authority affecting himself and everything he touches. Obviously that gets a bit degenerate with the 'what is touch really?' type of questions, but its witch magic I ain't gotta explain shit.

God, 0:43 was hype as fuck.

There isn't. Rem and Crusch comment how how he literally does 'nothing' to block attacks. He doesn't move, no magic, no words, just stands there and shit gets wrecked.

Its also worth noting its not time-stop like Dio's. The world doesn't freeze, its internal to him and whatever he's touching. In effect the power is better described as making himself invulnerable and the sharpest thing in existence.

>This tiny as fuck feet

Jesus, senpai,

Each of these pictures saps my will to live. Why must I endure these gargantuan flesh paddles with bloated toes?

It's too much.

Okay, thanks.

He commit suicide after finding out what happened to Rem?

Yes. Checkpoint is close to where he does it though.


You mean how his biases got to him. Don't try to raise that drama queen's personality. He tries to downplay Rem both novel context wise and popularity wise. Seriously keep sucking his cock like the bitch you people are. People like you enabled his ego to grow out of control.

Would you a FemSubaru?

>I have now said THREE times that I am not referencing that scene or Ley's scenes
Then why did you reply to , who was talking about Carmilla's scene?

>Nor have I claimed Rem ever PHYSICALLY does anything
I just explained where you made that claim. Please clarify your prior statement, then.

>she is a motivator for Subaru
Denied literally no one ever. Everyone knows Subaru's "never give up" attitude is Rem's "curse" on him.

>get tossed aside never to be mentioned again
And again, said literally no one, ever. All these scenes you're talking about were in the wikia synopsis a long time ago. There was even one idiotic user who claimed in July or June that this scene "develops Rem's character" (protip: it doesn't).

Then, if he can cut through anything, why doesn't he and the chunk of land he stands on fall through the ground due to gravity? Or is gravity also affected by the time stop? That would mean that he can fly.

So I should have been meme'ing Accelerator all this time and not Dio? Fuck.

>Said no one ever

IS THIS BITCH NIGGA SERIOUS? Either you're a fucking newfag or you must have had some selective vision going on. Literally anti-remfag shitposters EVEN FUCKING ATTENTION WHORE SPFAG SAID IT WASN'T THE CASE.

Yeah probably.


He is literally Accelerator. The way the dragon carriage self-destructed as it crashed into him just standing there is very reminiscent of Accelerator. Though the authority itself is close to Terra's Execution of Light.

No. I've been regularly following these threads since June and you're clearly exaggerating or just fell for low-level bait, just like the people who believe Emilia remains irrelevant and gets no development in arcs 4-5.

People have been saying back then that Rem was a huge pillar for Subaru and people said no. She isn't actively in the story much like how Kamina was after he died. Still didn't mean shit that he was irrelevant up until the second half.

>have said repeatedly that she is a motivator for Subaru

Nobody ever said that, but she is only one of his motivations


>Denied literally no one ever.
SPfag, you with this entire long ass comment chain about Rem having literally no relevance. Want to play a cool quoting game?

>She's not. This other guy is claiming that she is

Here I'll go ahead and prequote your adamant denial for you so you don't try and backpedal this shit.

She does not have to do anything, physically or otherwise to have relevance as a character. Emilia did literally nothing but be targeted for the entire last half of Arc 3 and she still can be considered to have relevance. There being other plots or factors at work in arcs 4, 5 and 6 does not suddenly make Rem 'irrelevant' just because other relevant things are happening that are not related to her.

>low-level bait

On something with no context of the dialogue? Gee I fucking wonder. Doesn't matter really. Spfaggot never helped the case because he was bias with his shit and people enabled it. I wouldn't be surprised if you pull this shit seeing as you feel that there wasn't any rampant shitposting about it.

Seriously fuck off.

What is this revisionist history I'm seeing? You must have taken posts out of context. People were saying that Rem is not his only pillar, and that even though she has had a profound effect on him, that effect is less than what someone like, say, Emilia has had on him.

He didn't try downplay anything other than fags super over playing her to point you said this series existed because of her.

Ha. Ok shitposter. It never happened.

>he didn't downplay anything
>called Rem irrelevant because she wasn't active in Arc 4.
>says that Remfags are animeonly faggots when data shows she has been smashing Emilia in popularity polls ever since


Can you guys shill the fuck out about relevancy? It feels like both sides are working around different meaning of relevancy towards the story, and both are not noticing that.

Just wait for proper translations.

Ignore him, he's trolling.

I'm trying to wrap my head around the fact that this whole twenty-six episode love story began from some witch throwing snowballs at a couple of kids because "no bulli pls". Then this guy goes "muh savior" and thinks that because he was saved from losing a bag of chips and a phone he needs to dedicate the rest of his life to this girl who throws snowballs for a living and has a cat.

Then there's just all this random shit that happens throughout the story and everything works out conveniently for him eventually because he has an infinite amount of chances in his life (like what the fuck? That's just an insult to those actually trying to make a living in the real world) and I'm just saying to myself the whole time, "Whatever, as long as he picks the right girl in the end everything will be fine".

But then this maid girl comes in and goes from hating him to loving him, she attempts to kill all the wolves in the forest for him, she fights to bring down a big ass whale for him, kills herself to save him multiple times, she plays twister with a fucking Satan spawn, gives up her fucking existence for him, I mean what the fuck? Does this guy even realize what's going on around him?

>But I love Emilia. She threw snowballs at them for me.

Really, Subaru? Really? That elven piece of shit saved you a bag of chips and a phone. Nigga, what inherent value does a bag of chips and a phone have in your situation anyway? Do you even get service in an alternate dimension? I would have chucked that shit right into the river, like who the fuck are you gonna call, Obama?

There was no point to this show, not in the beginning and not in the end. How the fuck is the original story even selling in whatever format it's in? It's about a guy who fell in love with a girl who could throw snowballs, like why the fuck did he even have to be thrown into a different dimension, they could have just animated a girl throwing a snowball and some guy liking it and that would be that.

>have relevance as a character
Exactly what relevance are you talking about? Because she is not relevant to the plot (of Arc 4), nor is she active in the story. The arc is not about her, and she does not play an active part on it, hence why she is "irrelevant". This is the same way people say Felt or Reinhard is "irrelevant" to the current arc,

Militant Remfags like you kept pushing that she is "more relevant" and has "better scenes" in arc 4 and up than all other characters, so it's only natural that people would react to this by "downplaying" their (your?) exaggerations.

Only ones trolling in these fucking threads for months are retards like you and your 'remfag' boogeyman.

>He is literally Accelerator. The way the dragon carriage self-destructed as it crashed into him just standing there is very reminiscent of Accelerator. Though the authority itself is close to Terra's Execution of Light.
Kind of funny that Crusch's seiyuu also voiced Index here:

Says the "anti-remfag" spammer who comes into every thread asking for his boogeymen to "apologize" for his delusions.

This is the best worst description of Re: Zero I have seen in awhile.

So apparently some people are saying you can see Betelgeuse's Fingers walking around the city through episodes 1-3.

Did anyone notice that?

Crusch voices Index everywhere. They have the same VA (Iguchi Yuka).

Didn't even start this shit. Seriously, look at this fucking retard

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holy shit, now I understand why people hype him up, what a bastard

What? Do you not see where the ambiguity in "have relevance as a character" lies? That applies to everyone, even someone like Pandora who only appeared once. Meaning, if you even as much as get once scene or mention in the story, you are already "relevant as a character". Relevant to who? Relevant to what? When people say she has "no relevance", they're talking about the plot, not Subaru's feelings (and no, his feelings are not the plot),

Bonus points for pro goalpost shifitng and/or not know what the fuck words are.

>She's irrelevant forever since being put in a coma
>Character motivations, what's that? I mean uhhh... irrelevant to the plot!
>Fixing her and others is a major plot point of arc 6? Uhhhhh.... irrelevant to arc 4's plot!
>What's that? Subplots? I mean... uhhh irrelevant to every scene she's not relevant in! Yeah perfect logic, can't beat that.

>When people say she has "no relevance", they're talking about the plot, not Subaru's feelings (and no, his feelings are not the plot),
Nope. They deny he does anything for Rem related reasons. Going to the tower? Not for Rem at all. Getting mad at other people? Not because he loves Rem, he's just being arrogant again and is mad someone took a toy away! Subaru needs strength to get through something? Nah, he never thinks or talks about Rem, he just gets EMT to help him!

Keep moving those goalposts faggot.

Well I guess he wins the grail war. Killing him starts the war over and he got Reinhard so he probably wont die any ways.

Technically, this is all a story that happened because Subaru feel in love with Emilia, and his current excursion in arc 6 is happening due to wanting to have a possible chance of finding a cure for Rem in there, or at least that was the selling point.

Not the guy you replied to by the way, but Subaru's feeling are extremely important to the story as well, since he follow through his perspective, and his understanding of current events.

This is the most unfair set-up for a grail war ever.

Why are you talking with him? This guy is baiting or too stupid to understand your point.

Does felt ever come back? Spoil me.

>implying Subaru won't just cease his contract with Reinhard to ally with the cute elf-eared witch.

She fights Ley in Arc 5. Thats it.

Alright, I won't bother watching if they ever make a season 2. Thank you.

Meets with Subaru and other candidates in arc 5, talks, helps fight a bishop and some other things.

dont get your hopes up about this pv

It was foolish of anyone to.

I don't, but it seems really weird that they'd bother.

>But then this maid girl comes in and goes from hating him to loving him, she attempts to kill all the wolves in the forest

I like the fact where skipped that the part where murdered and tortured him user. That is way more than just hating. Rem is fucking lucky that Subaru such a nice guy who lives Emilia as much to endure her Bulls hit instead of either running away or struggling her ass next the time he saw as most would have done.

Meanwhile Emilia was the only who give two fucks for the majority of that arc. You know instead betraying him. IL

From what someone who has some understanding of moon, the PV could also be something along the lines of a summary of all events.

>Bulls hit instead of either running away or struggling her ass next the time he saw as most would
But he did? After he confirmed it was Rem and Ram who killed him he despair-quit the loop. It was only after seeing Rem dead and realizing that Ram and Rem and not bad people did he come back and try again.

Stop twisting people's already.

Hey, the other occupants could be the other witches. Satella would definitely crush Reinhard.

As just he didn't runaway. As leaving the Manor like Betty said and never turning back rather than going to the cliff to kill himself.

Satella ties against Reinhart. I don't think either one of them can kill the other. Satella obviously because she's immortal, which sort of implies that she can't actually hurt Reinhart at all. That one could also boil down to Nasu's favorite character tricks where Reinhart has no problems killing Satella's master, but Satella would probably have issues killing Toyota.

Your english is awful. He did run away, he just stopped running after a certain point. He probably couldn't have escaped the mansion with Rem around in the first place, so he went and hid with Betty. After Rem was dead he ran until he passed out and then decided to not run from the situation.

Nah, see here's how it would go. Satella lures Subaru into a trap and tells Reinhard its either his life or Subaru's. Reinhard lets himself get killed, but his skill revives him. But Subaru is still in danger. So Satella basically does a repeat. Or Stella seduces Subaru and gets him to remove the contract between him and Reinhard. Thus leaving Reinhard to fade away as he has shit mana consumption and won't feast on someone's soul to sustain himself.

This could also work. If Emilia was Satella's master I could see Honda not going to the master kill and getting caught.

I think he didn't pass out, he just couldn't bring himself to jump off the cliff to start over, and ended up stalling for a good while near the cliff.

Does the author just not like her? She was one of the more memorable characters early on.

I'd have to rewatch but I'm pretty sure he took a nap and Betty woke him up.

>Even though he knew it would not happen, somewhere in his heart, in his weakness, he hoped she could just wake up.

>In this state, he no longer had the courage or the will to face Emilia. Being Emilia, perhaps she would understand after all. If she was by his side now, it will only bring her pain. Unless Subaru looked for her, she would give him time to himself, even if she couldn’t stop worrying.

>If Emilia was here, he’d probably cry, if only to comfort that weakness within his heart.

>Though he hated that weakness, he could not cut it from himself., Subaru really hates worrying Emilia. It's not he don't a good of hiding his angish.

In all likelyhood she's the missing princess, so she would have more relevance later. She's also under a fairly tight leash with Reinhard around.

She is being set up as really important, since supposedly she is a lost member of the royalty who survived.

I just worded it wrong, the "stalling" is him sleeping. But he didn't pass out.

She's probably just going to be one of those characters whose backstory is foreshadowing for future shit. She's a member of the royal family, she was raised by a human hating giant that fought in the demihuman war, yada yada yada. Her and Reinhard are definitely getting their due screentime in a future Arc.

Regulus could beat Accelerator. Also people are having massive misconceptions here; Regulus does not die if the heart he sends out is crushed, and his authority still works. However because his heart gets timestopped he can't leave it on a "constant on" mode, he has to turn it on and off. Regulus was killed because Reinhard managed to bury him underground and drown him to death.

Not like he'd have the strength to kill Emilia anyways.

No, she just always a minor character.

>This shit again

Let's forget all the backstory and resolution then. And oh yeah fuck context.

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Its honestly unfortunate she won't stay that way.

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I'm betting it's an announcement for recap movies. 2-3 parters. With the last one having the epilogue.


hold up, subaru took her on and won?

Ypu mean bonus points for pulling shit out your ass and twisting peoples words sure.

But yes give into the delusion that Rem plays some big role in Arc 4 onward when didn't doesn't even habe chapters decidated to her, plays no role in the dealings with the Witches, the situation at the Sanctuary, Emilia, Betty and Garfiel all of the things this arc 95% about whivh shows Subaru being moviated multiple things.

Whatever phone poster. Keep moving that goalpost.

This is a pretty pointless debate.

Look, I like Rem. But here's the thing. Even if Rem was the sole force driving Subaru's every action, she'd be nothing more than a comatose plot device. An inanimate object, a holy grail, not a character.

Is that really what you want? It's nothing to celebrate or argue for.

>An inanimate object, a holy grail, not a character.
>Is that really what you want? It's nothing to celebrate or argue for.

Literally no one is arguing about that. So what are you fags going to throw now? She's a closed book and only Emilia has any story left in her?

Don't make me post questions you faggots don't even have any answers to.

>Literally no one is arguing about that.
Because you're too hyperfocused on someone proving you wrong on a detail that never mattered.

>She's a closed book and only Emilia has any story left in her?
I have no idea what Tappei is planning to write. But I would hope it's Rem as a character with agency, not a plot device.

>Because you're too hyperfocused on someone proving you wrong on a detail that never mattered.

>Detail that never mattered

Surely it matters since majority of the people do give a fuck about her.

>plays no role in the dealings with the Witches
She is literally a bargaining chip in the dealings with the witches. You are fucking retarded.

>Because you're too hyperfocused on someone proving you wrong on a detail that never mattered.
Yes, hyper focused on a 'minor detail that never mattered' like how Subaru actually feels about Rem. That's the entire thing, that's the whole fucking argument. Anti-remfags say she does nothing, has nothing, no impact, no repercussions and will argue to the ends of the fucking earth that that is true.

All the Remfags say in response is just this: She got her last wish. It caused a ripple in Subaru's heart when he found her gone.

Her influence is not gone, as you can see in some of the translated stuff, she's basically Subaru's spine. Subaru without her is a Subaru with a broken back, and handling this is part of how his character grows in the next few arcs.

She's not the be-all end-all and no one in this entire thread has claimed her to be, whereas she has been called utterly irrelevant and pointless numerous times, which is simply not. fucking. true.

Why Subaru tried to kill her?