This is what sports anime look like in 2016


And what do we say? thank you kyoanus.

>thank you kyoanus.
All-out is Kyoanus?

That looks like a manga to me.

They started all this.

Look up the next season's chart

All out seems like it's more sports-focused than character-focused though, like a lot of "fujobait" series.

I wouldn't say so. Prince of Tennis and Kuroshit no Basuke are kinda llike that.

Fujos ruin good things with their cancerous behavior.

>They started all this.
No, they fucking didn't. Sports anime have always been fujo paradises, and the baiting with designs was in full swing once PoT came out.

It was never this blatant though, until freejob.

> 'have always been'
> anime industry started in 2001
> The earliest year I've watched from.

And Watch some Major, Ippo, Ping Pong, Chihafu... seriously.

What do fujos do that straight guys don't?


Can't wait for all the child-bearing hips.

> child-bearing
How does it feel knowing that degenerates like you die alone and childless?

When's fucking Haikyuu is what I wanna know

No, sports series have always been popular with girls. It goes all the way back to Slam Dunk and Initial D, which were massively popular with girls for years past the endings. You've only just crawled out from under your rock and noticed it.

Sports anime have never been this submissive to the fujo codes. You just need to watch as much pre-200 sports anime to understand the extent of your delusion.

And Something good being popular with girls doesn't mean it was designed for fujoshits.

Although, If you're just baiting out of your arse to get recommendations, i'm not spoonfeeding you.

Next month is 12 eps of Namek. Prepare yourself.

Underage, please. The magazines have always known that sports series have sizeable female fanbases and that there's money to squeeze out of them. You'd have to be a sheltered idiot to think otherwise.

>12 eps
I read it was 10.

10 would actually be better, 2 eps per set.

As long as it's all about the game with less """""humor""""" it should be a decent season. They really went overboard with the hyperness in the earlier seasons, it was so annoying.

>didn't read the manga

I've got some news for you, baby. . .


I just caught up with s2 weeks ago. Is the HQ manga better? I liked the games near the end of both seasons, but the SoL/comedy parts were a bit too cringey for my taste.

So, you've moved from :
> Sports anime have always been fujo paradises

To a truism as banal as
> A business wants to make money and expand its market by not ignoring half of the population.

I'm glad that I made you moderate you uninformed historical perspective on that subject, and, hopefully, you'll watch more next time before you speak of something you're not familiar with.

You're still not getting recommendations though.

>the props will be fujo b8 and not fat not smelly

we're fine

Not even Slam Dunk- it goes as far as Captain Tsubasa doujins.

>have always been
Yes, have always been. Or at least since doujinshi culture really took off in the 80s. PoT was a separate point.

>And Watch some Major, Ippo, Ping Pong, Chihafu... seriously.
What are you even saying? I never claimed every sports anime was fujobait (though Major has a good fujo base), and Ping Pong is post-Free, anyway.

Shame on you, user. This post made me think an adaptation was announced.

Anime when?

Dragon Ball is a fujoshi show too because, by your logic, it has a lot of fujo doujins.

If you can't make a difference between a popular series having as a fraction of its fanbase fujoshits fantasizing about its male characters, and a series designed specifically to appeal to them first, by including all the tropes they look for in designs and script, you'll conflate Captain Tsubasa and Free for sure.

Yeah, the lack of self-awareness of fujo haters is always hilarious.

Still waiting on my bowling, cricket, polo, and backgammon anime.

As long as I pop a boner, my life is full.