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>tfw I've had so much to do today and got no more energy left for anki

Do you relate to this guy?

Is there a way to reselect a word after you select it?

Like if you went to write 退治 but selected 胎児 by accident, is there a way to change it without having to delete and retype it?

Should have done anki first

Even Japanese people relate to him.
So yes.

Not after you hit enter.

>tfw you speak jap to a jap and the jap says your jap is very jap-like. Feels 気持ちいぃ~ man.

Is there anywhere I can watch his skits? With subs, preferably.


You ask this every thread but I think it's not possible.

>Again count: 257 (48.8% correct)

After you hit enter, hit ctrl+backspace.

Also with some programs you can select the kanji, right click, and reconvert it.

This works.

>tfw you realise they were just being polite and your Japanese is shit

Holy shit finally

Thank you so much

I knew there was a way to do it


How do I convert what I typed to vertical text in a browser? Like what I did by hand below?


Japanese reads much better this way.

Bit of an update:
The 基本 BASIC page of the DoJG grammar reference linked on the djt site has now had the Notes added as text.
For reference:

That leaves the Intermediate and Advance pages to do. Might have then done before the it's time to eat 年越し蕎麦、but I doubt it.


What are the controls for Baldr Sky? Can't be arsed to read the walls of small non hookable shit on the screen tbqh

No, I get the お上手ですね schpiel all the time. But only a few times have I gotten
or whatever it was.

Time for your listening practice, can you figure out this bad boy?

Hint, reading it reduces your cool guy points:
FX = 外国為替市場

Good work user.

You can't really. You'd have to make an HTML page and code the vertical text yourself (idk shit about this, but it's possible). It wouldn't align correctly on other sites.

In Office/Word programs you just find the "Text direction" option and change it.


What sound effect is ザパー? I can't find reference of it anywhere

Say it out loud.

Don't ask for less weight. Ask for broader shoulders.


>How do I convert what I typed to vertical text in a browser?
Here you go, this technically meets your specification.


Also that room is in some serious need of posters

Awesome window though

Anyway to do that without cancerous javascript?

Here is documentation on such: w3.org/TR/css-writing-modes-3/#vertical-intro

Wow, that's nice thanks.


>more than 5 onaholes


Useful word:

When you date a cute asian girl and then find out she's half korean?



No. When someone is a ハーフ, but not a cool white-looking ハーフ.

But nip-looking ハーフ are better.

So Eliot Rodgers?

Oh, like the one ハーフ that one the miss Japan contest?

What am I if I look white to Asians and Asian to other people?




>cool white-looking

im ハーフゲイ

>that thing
>white-looking haafu


Can someone help me understand this line?

It's a manga small talk, like those lines who are there just to fill space in the background, so context is pretty much inexistent.

My question is the particle に there. I've read somewhere that it CAN mean "and" between names, and from this dialogue I'm wondering if this is that case.
So it's "today has 3 magazine interviews, 1 recording and a CM shooting." (I have no clue what CM means).
Or is it "today has 1 recording and a CM shooting for the 3 magazine interviews."? (this is what I'd think it is from my meh grammar, but it doesn't seem to make much sense)


>my countenance when have to speak Japanese on the phone tomorrow
>my countenance when haven't practised in seven years
>my countenance when I will never have a good job


何? 痛いけど痛い所分らない?


に as in like "on top of"
CM means commercial


In this case it expresses 累増 as per

This guy puts it well in English.

Oh, so it CAN really mean "and".
I'd say "on top of" is just another fancy way of saying "and", but I think that's the first time I've seen it.
Many thanks!

What is the DJT verdict on NHK News Web Easy?

It's boring

yeah i refuse to read anything unless it has underage girls in it

Woah now don't be too rash
Underage boys dressed as girls is fine too


I guess if you don't like news in general.

If you want to read something easy and possibly learn something new about Japan, it's decent.


>I guess if you don't like news in general.

I like news, NHK easy just covers kind of more boring stories, I guess maybe because it's aimed at kids, and it's written in a ridiculously boring way (obviously since it's easy)

It's good for beginners anyway

I really like the "color all city, company and given names" button, really useful. Wish there was a way to disable furigana though.

Go ahead and read it if you have extra time in a day but if you have extra time every day just do more anki or grammar (until you can tolerate reading real/compelling content of course)


Three rare kanjis from one episode of FMA

Get um while they're hot



I think.


Hey, lads
Turns out my HelloTalk strategy worked out. A japanese guy started talking to me and we managed to get the conversation going (it wasn't really interesting, but probably just enough for practice's sake)
A few minutes ago, before going to sleep, he asked if we could have a Skype call tomorrow and wouldn't take no as an answer. I'm shy and awkward as fuck, what should I do?

By the way, I also managed to build up some courage and message a japanese qt girl, but I'm still waiting for her to reply, since it's still 6am there

>A japanese guy started talking to me and we managed to get the conversation going

I wish some japanese guys would talk to me, pretty unbearable having a list full of generic normie bitches, I was honestly tempted to change my sex on their to female

Is HelloTalk only for JapEng language exchange?

I could converse with some nips in my native language, but I feel stupid speaking proper German, and if I use my dialect they won't understand anything.

I know what you mean, senpai. Girls on HelloTalk tend to receive too much attention and ignore most of the messages they receive.
Anyway, I'm not sure you'd want to be in my place kek. This japanese guy called me handsome like three or four times and I'm starting to think he might be unironically gay

It's for any language as far as I'm aware

>Is HelloTalk only for JapEng language exchange?
No. But you'll be hard pressed to find japs who are learning german. Maybe though.

Don't worry, they won't understand Hochdeutsch either so it doesn't matter

I find a lot of them on lang-8, mostly Germanistic students.

There are hundreds of languages available. You should definitely check it out.



Trying it right now, there's a lot of Japanese people learning German.
But I have no idea where to start.

Today I did Anki for 39 minutes and then I read a visual novel for 3 hours and 20 minutes.


What VN?

It's called
"Tell people on the internet how much time I spent studying Japanese today"

Pretty immersive

Fuck that's a lot of work. Looking forward to the intermediate book getting the same treatment.

Man I can't handle VNs at all

By the time the ero parts come up the characters been developed too much and it just feels weird doing anything sexual to them

Read nukige then, they're pretty good practice as well

What do you mean?
Sex is the natural conclusion of a well-developed relationship
If anything it should feel weird having sex with randoms
Also what VN?

In many VNs sex scenes seem out of place and just shoved in to meet the ero quota, but there are some VNs where they fit nicely and feel natural.

Anyone able to figure out what the last kanji on the left here is?


Yeah, I guess it's not all VNs, just ones like this where the characters are all pure and daughter-like, can't handle it

Guess I should have been more careful in choosing it, no going back now though

Looks a lot like 考 but 考い isn't a word.

The polls have spoken. We will be singing Asterisk for the Bleach Cred Forums sings. We will be switching to the TV size version in the interest of actually getting something decent. Depending on interest at the end of the project I would be very happy to mix D-Technolife and Ranbu no Melody since those were the runners up and there was at least some interest.

Poll results: strawpoll.me/11081857/r
Email: [email protected]
Lyrics: pastebin.com/9pd3sSC9
Video: youtube.com/watch?v=4WjVYNt0j-A
Deadline: 9/25/16

Please submit in mp3 or wav.

Yeah that VN is better for feel-good feels and feel-bad feels than lewd. There are better nukige if that's what you're after.


Yeah, that's what I thought too. I thought it might be some weird old-fashioned/formal conjugation, but it still wouldn't make any sense if that were it.

Google says 人を愛すな、成らばは無い

I think I prefer shit without any ero in to be fair, I don't usually read VNs so I didn't really look much into what I was picking, but I'll keep it in mind for the next thing I pick up

I've had problems with certain words for more abstract social concepts that seem to have multiple english meanings (and is not clear what the main use case is meant to be), and differentiating their usage from words that seem to mean almost the same thing. I don't know that J -> E dictionaries have a solution for this problem. At what point do I just start using J -> J dictionaries?

That's the chapter I'm trying to read, so I guess that has to be it. Not entirely sure what it means in that context though.

Hey famalam how do I learn moonspeak?

Looks really nice. Its a good time to reread up on the basics.

Actually I got it, never mind. Thanks.

There are eroless VNs, but they tend to be story-heavy and hard to read.

You can't.

So what does it mean?

You're probably better off going for a boy-girl relationship VN so the development and the sex feels more natural.

Just skip the ero parts then. There are plenty of plot heavy VNs that basically just put in an ero scene just for the sake of having an ero scene. You can skip them without losing any story.

True, would miss out on all that precious ero vocab though

I am become 出来ない
the destroyer of weebs

>Mfw 2 hours of anki straight

another word with a funky reading press r

I just had 麻痺 so I had an idea what it could be

dude 麻 lmao

Listen to it with rikaisama.


I don't understand. Those people have never even had marijuana, had they?

Maybe they tried it abroad? Apparently, japs love to travel to Thailand and Cambodia

I'm lucky if I get it done in 3 hours.

hahaha what the fuck

JALUP seems like a good source but I dont want to spend any money to read よつばと! with ふりがな

>wot do



>paid resources

Why is rikai saying "no seventy four" wtf.

>first trips then dubs

man Im trying anki but its not very intuitive. Memrise is cool for Jap 1 but I dont think having timed things for Jap 2 is very intuitive at all for learners. I just wanna read よつばと! with ふりがな fo free senpai with a vocab list perhaps

>I just wanna read よつばと! with ふりがな fo free senpai with a vocab list perhaps
Literally just read the guide, it has the exact thing you're looking for. And Yotsubato already has furigana, no matter how you read it. Follow the Anki startup guide, read Tae Kim, do about 1000 words from Core and you'll be ready to read Yotsubato.

doing anki right now



Bite that bullet, it'll be worth it.

hahahahahahah what the fuck


why is the te-form so random? because I haven't learned it in context? all I know is that verbs and be changed in te-form but... nothing telling me what it does...

read Timbo 'The Conjugator' Kimbo, the ultimate WWF heavyweight champion
it connects things like 'and' and other shit

thank you jesus

Both Tae Kim and the basic DOJG got that pretty well covered.


TKG doesn't make sense to me but I'll go find it in DOJG. Thanks.



Why is it legal to intermix hiragana with katakana?

the same way its legal to mix your face with the public eye


when writing a sick burn its gotta have a tinge of humor mixed in otherwise it just comes off as mean

for example you could write "the same way its legal im gay"


If you were 四宮.
If you were (四宮), don't depend on others! Use them!
If you were (四宮), don't receive other's gift! Steal all of theirs!
If you were (四宮), don't love others! That's all.



For someone between n2 and n3 level would reading harry potter be a doable challenge or too difficult perhaps?

Is it me or core10k (the extra 4k that aren't in core6k that is) is really easy?

I do 50 new cards a day but here it doesn't really feel like it, my retention for core10k cards is probably 100% even on the next day, I almost feel like doing 100 new cards a day now.

Do you know that mean?

I gave up on core shit a long time ago: thousands of simple words you already know.

Better to just collect words and make your own deck

Oh I am mining words, but they're all sitting at the end of the deck for now, right after core10k.

>Do you know that mean?
are you looking for an explanation or

or the meme's mean


Is there some gamified way to learn grammar?

Tae Kim seems far too lightweight to actually teach me something that'll stick. And Genki is a fucking chore that is boring as fuck.

Wanikani helped me greatly with retaining kanji because of how gamified it is. I need something similar with grammar if there is such a thing.

Flyable Heart


I know I should read but I don't want to. I want to play games but I don't want to be looking up every 4th word without copy and paste or rikachan. How do I stop being a piece of shit?

Go to anidb, make an account and start watching anime. As you finish watching anime add them as watched on anidb and try to hit the 10000 hours watched mark

Post fun listening/reading practice.

you dont really have to know japanese to play most games so why sweat it just press some buttons and have a good time

Force yourself to do something worse.

No really this helps. If you have a deadline for something that you find worse than japanese. You'll start studying japanese simply to procrastinate on that other deadline.

For example I made the most progress a month before Christmas and having to have dinner with the family of my girlfriend. The fear and hardship in not wanting to do any of that stuff gave me the motivation to hardcore study japanese.

Just Fucking Read

Enter the game.


sad as fuck natsu is over irl

Genuine question. Is it possible to learn Japanese Grammar simply by forcing yourself to read Japanese before even having read the grammar rules?

yes, but obviously inefficient
the best way is doing what everyone suggests and just read tae kim as fast as possible and start reading

I never read any grammar guides and just watched anime. Worked fine

Doesn't these jokes ever get stale?

when i was born they handed my mom my birth certificate and my n1 certificate and then they hung me upside down and cut off half of my dick

Watching anime works

Maybe if you were some expert philologist you could theoretically do it, but it would be pretty boring and pointless.

Are there any good smartphone apps that aren't just pure flashcards like Anki? Looking for ones that let you draw the kanji and other things.

You got skyped.

if you only read and thats your only means of input and on top of that you have no output you arent gonna do jack shit but waste your time and be possibly clinically insane

Even after Tae Kim you'll be looking up plenty of grammar rules it doesn't cover as you come across them while reading. No reason you couldn't do this for all grammar.

>expert philologist
I must be one since I learnt Japanese from watching subbed anime

hey djt is there a way to learn japanese without doing anything

like i just want to wake up and know japanese

i know some of you have done it so let me in on the secret please *dogezas*


All you have to do is watch anime for a few years


Get unplugged from the matrix then have tank install the japanese language for you.



No, the stuff that was on Youtube got nuked after Cred Forums sent Arino a card. You can download them here:

Pick up Himawari, it's easy, has no ero, and the story is golden.

Posted the image so you could have an approximate idea of how much japanese I know, that is, nothing.

There are three expressions that have similar translations:
Could you help me a bit understanding the differences?

Is it actually worth it to add audio files to the cards in your mining deck? It looks like a hassle to do, desu.

Just set up Rikai to do it automatically.
As for the benefit, I recognize words that had audio more often than words without when I do listening practice.

使う is just regular using something
利用する is using something to your advantage in some way
用いる is more seldomly used and I only ever see it in explanations of the language, like "use past tense" or something.


How can Hewbrew be from Japanese if it's 5000 years old.

Thanks, makes sense!

Makes sense, after all Jesus' brother fled to Japan.

I don't know where you got this shit from but the コ is a B

Does explain why japanese have such high IQ if they are one of the lost jewish tribes.

But that says our boy JC got his otouto to take the L while he peaced out to Japan.

Yeah, I noticed after posting that I didn't remember the story quite well enough.

At least make up a less bullshit sounding name, fuck

>make up
What did he mean by this? Are you one of them atheists?


"There were only people lacking in common sense, unfit for employment but, ???

The joke is that the bible even gives the names of Jesus's biological brothers.

James,Joseph,Judas,Simon. They could at least have picked one of those names.

James and Simon died before reaching adulthood. While Judas thought that Jesus was corrupting the jewish faith and was going to far with his megalomania and delusions of grandeur.

BTW I hate that theology was a mandatory subject in my nation.

>BTW I hate that theology was a mandatory subject in my nation.

I can't translate it properly without context, but

perhaps described as fairly lacking in common sense,
was nothing but people who should not be considered contributing members of society, but...
even if they have to fire/discharge someone,
in order to not be the one who is fired,
Is a person that wants to properly attend to their duties.

>below 80% retention in anki today
feels bad man
i guess i don't get to add any bonus cards today

My guess would be Germany. Americans wouldn't tend to refer to America as "my nation", and most other likely countries like France or Australia are secular.

えー本当?笑 てかLINEやってる?



Half joking with America. Tbqh Theology isn't even that bad, and it makes a lot of literature way more intelligible.

Unless they're teaching it as fact, like Creationism crap, it's not really any more of a waste of time than other English literature, I agree. The way religion is generally taught in schools is more of this ethics shit though.

>tfw takes at least twenty minutes to wrap my head around a single sentence
when does it get better, bros?

After you ___________________read more___________________

It gets better when you're willing to guess and move on for hard sentences (of course, this is only okay to do if you are still having trouble with easier sentences, going for N+1 and all)

Do Japanese have a MAL-like website?

I found this anikore.jp/pop_ranking/ but man Japanese websites are always so ugly.


>BTW I hate that theology was a mandatory subject in my nation.
Why? Isn't any worse than learning Greek and Egyptian mythology and you get to understand all the sick references in メガテン


So I finished the kana and know around 500 kanji. When is it time to start learning grammar and vocabulary? Should I first finish the kanji or do I know enough for most words now?

You should have started 499 kanji ago.

>When is it time to start vocabulary?
500 kanji ago
>When is it time to start learning grammar
Studying grammar is for pussies

>finish the kanji
What did he mean by this?

>"read the guide" written on every fucking OP
>g-guys when should I g-grammar?

learning kanji+ grammar should be done in parallel not sequentially.
learn the vocab that can be made from the kanji you already know

>studying kanji separately
>not studying kanji/grammar/vocab simultaneously
>"finish the kanji"
>"is 500 kanji enough"
read the fucking guide

Any specific tool or something to study kana-only vocab?

Also does anyone else keep forgetting and struggling how to read katakana? I have put more than 4x the amount of trying to grasp katakana but it just won't stick. Is this normal?


>Also does anyone else keep forgetting and struggling how to read katakana? I have put more than 4x the amount of trying to grasp katakana but it just won't stick. Is this normal?
Well, katakana is a lot less frequent than hiragana. It'll stick eventually, but if you want you could review it every week or so, shouldn't take more than a few minutes anyway.




Katakana's retarded.

ン ソ シ ツ fucks me up everytime desoo.

And then I fuck up サ with せ

It'll come overtime so I'm not too worried but I do get a bit mad everytime I see them.

>ン ソ シ ツ fucks me up everytime desoo.
someone post that pic

how do you spell out a kanji like phonetically

To be fair 500 Kanji is enough to read most VNs out there. He could pick up Umineko or something and work from there.





Really baka question, sumimasen!!!

Does 大 on its own = big
or does it have to be 大きい ?


You can't use 大 as a separate word. except if you're speaking chinese.

That said it still means big. But more as an abstract concept instead of "physical bigness" which 大きい is.

大 on its own is not a word

Ookiidoki, sank yu beri machiyo

so if you tell someone you took a dump and thats why you were late to the party and they responded with 大? they are just speaking some other kind of japanese?

That's chinese you trolling nigger.

usualy would be like 大の方 desu

n word やめろ


The correct word here is 逃げる




>Not 猿人

le sjw triggered xd

>implying I'm wrong


yeah you got me good you just gave me severe ptsd gonna blog about this on my tumblr cause that's what le nu-male cucks do

Why not blog about how peaceful chimpouts are?


because im good goy promoting white genocide and death of the occident

Next DJT is going to tell us we should say 外国人 instead of 外人

This is Cred Forums right?

Dempo: im gay
電報: わたしはゲイ

Then go blog about google kangz.

Yes, I think.

i think as long as you just dont use racial slurs and swears in english youll be ok in djt

id say for in japanese too but i dont think anyone itt can post any


Double meaning.

>外国人 instead of 外人
二人のDISTANCE 見つめて



Help me with translation. I fail 2 sentence

Anki keeps buttfucking me with that one.

Standard polite conversation: boku
Tameguchi: ore

If you do anything else you don't know Japanese

I have Big Dick

This sentence
僕は何か選ばれない欠陥があるんだろうね… やはり病弱だから

How to deal with things with multiple common pronunciations:

1) When the word comes up in anki, test if you know both pronunciations
2) Ignore meaning
3) Deal with the rest in reading and separate the two readings through context

Or even just test yourself that you know that it has multiple pronunciations. Anki is best for simple bits of information so when you have cards that are "tricky" in that manner that just means they aren't optimal to learn in anki


みんなで朝までhow high





i dont give a fuck



yea baby






I always use 僕 and there's nothing wrong with that.

If you need a fucking """very masculine""" pronoun to prove you're worth shit then you probably aren't worth shit to begin with. Using 俺 won't make all the ladies fall for you or everyone respect you as you'd like to imagine.

Okay, can someone tell me how long should I practice the kana for ?
Like how long did it take you ?
Also I believe i still don't understand how the whole kana-kanji thing works. I mean what's the difference ? The guide wasnt clear about how it all falls into place when speaking(or reading
) japanese .

ボクを馬鹿にすんなよ 絶対に許せるもんか



The only way you can avoid saying 僕 without sounding like even more of a faggot is if you just never talk in ますです keigo

I've seen a huge increase of posts like recently and I assume it's just someone having fun pretending to be a noob or something by digging old questions from google.


僕は何か選ばれない欠陥があるんだろうね… やはり病弱だから
Translate 2 sentence please.

>projecting this hard
Calm down, man-servant. I just prefer 私.


Boku no piko.





Standart polite conversation with underlings 吾輩
Tameguchi during sexual intercourse 儂




a nation.

Fugg I'm serious, I still don't get how the kanji and stuff works. Like if kanji characters mean something and not just an alphabet ,why do we need vocabulary ?

Try looking at japanese

I don't understand the squiggles, no matter how much I look at them. Also starting practising kana today. I just need to know, are those kanji characters pronounced as a single letter or whole words ? How does that even work ?


Did you actually read the guide? Go read tae kim before asking dumb shit, he explains all that.

Ok this is a troll.

>To be fair 500 Kanji is enough to read most VNs out there

This is a joke right?

>how long should I practice the kana for
What the hell did you just ask

トイレに座りながら使います (深いジョーク) 爆笑

Of course not, you learn exactly 500 kanji and can just skip the rest while reading and still understand everything.

Well, how long should I practise kana for ? Or to rephrase ,how long did it take you to git gud at kana ?

its not just add about 1500 more and then you moderately understand it as opposed to just understand it

Only method of studing japanese.

Don't think. Feel.

It's Zen mind.

How many of these does DJT know?

Fuck almost a million views within 2 weeks.

If japanese children grow up listening to this crap japan will be ruined within 30 years time.

USA is already fucked up beyond saving.
Europe is getting fucked right now by immigration.
Korea is already the hiphop nigger americanized version of Japan.

If we lose japan the earth has no pure places left anymore.

if you dont think then you arent but if you think then you are

you do know this song is actually a big deal about how far japanese rap has come since the days of yung zbr and what followed

i know i find them delicious but they're expensive here single tear

Does every fucking fish species seriously have their own kanji?

21 plus a couple like 河豚 海豚 where I know the two kanji writing but not the single kanji

海豚 is not the same as 鯆 though

like 5
i just look at the left part of the kanji and think "oh ok this is a kind of fish"



I'm pretty sure that I don't even know 80% of them in english let alone japanese.

Japanese was a mistake

Man, I really love this kind of image, even if I'm never gonna learn more than 20 of these
Got any more like that ファム?

You can learn things in Japanese without learning what they mean in English. You don't need to be able to recognize it in a picture, just to be able to go "yep thats a fish, it's read like X" and sometimes it's nice to know whether it tastes good or not.

Just like in English you wouldn't think too hard if you heard "A cypress tree lane" even if you couldn't recognize a cypress tree for the life of you


Same, this is why I don't bother with fish/animal/plant/etc kanji. Just getting the gist of it is enough for me.

this is like remembering how many breads ive eaten

wtf i hate japanese now


鯛 鰯 鰹 鮭 鯖 鮫 and 鯨
I'm not sure I even know the other ones in english.




Are there Anki decks for stuff like this? Not necessarily fish kanji (cool, but not really all that useful), just niche/themed decks.


Well fuck you too.


Honestly makes complete sense (although you should be warned ahead of time)
The kanji are easier because they don't change significantly with number. For example you don't have to worry about the いっぱい にはい type stuff

Google/Wikipedia a specific theme, mine the words.

what is this?




It doesn't, both answers should obviously be acceptable. In earlier lessons they authorized Kanji, them not working here is a miss on their part.



Visualizing Japanese Grammar.



Had a chuckle on some of these too.

I'm gonna translate everything there is to translate guys so no need to learn Japanese anymore.

Sit back and take it easy, no need for all these hardships. I'm sure you'd like to be free of all that shit too after all. Just quit, there's no "できな" meme or anything, it's your life and happiness it's about. Do the right thing and go back having a pleasant every day. You can have it, user.

Please don't use Akarin in your low quality posts

using sluts for shitposts is pretty common tho

moe garbage bitch for a garbage post whats the problem

Bruh we heard you the first time calm down

On top of replying to all posts, Jamal has a daily quota of (You)s he has to reach as well.

you got issues


Today I did two hours of anki and read two chapters of Manhua

how is reading Korean comics related to Japanese?

>two hours of anki

(you) got issues i would have put it the first time but i figured you woulda got the joke

gotta go fast
I thought the entire point of this thread was to get the best hanzi dick

by the way anyone here not a freak who looks at hentai porno all day and is just learning japanese for normal people reasons

I'm a freak who plays JRPGs all day, does that count?

post grids

probably not since normal people learn actually useful languages

as long as its not hentai porno but isnt the genre pretty od at this point how are you still able to play them honestly

>tfw orange


So the (you) still counts even if it's from yourself?

Normal reasons like what?

I like grinding, the soundtracks are usually comfy and there are tons of untranslated titles.

anime and manga or some shit non hentai porno

Is there a good website I can use to translate Japanese?
when I talk to a friend and I don't get a part of the sentence I use google translate but the translation is poor and horrible (or maybe is grammar is) but is there a good website that translates well Japanese sentences?


This one is reddit pasta for sure.

Of course there
Good luck because I think a little you're looking for if I'm sure in no time found

you got issuesって言ったんだろ

doing sex watching japanese netflix jpop rejoining your true race etc

theres definitely a lot of games i dont think i have enough years left in my life to finish the stuff i never got to playing on the ps2 and now were already at the ps4 im never gonna make it i just cant keep up with videogames like i used to though i just spent the last 6 days doing persona 5 and being sad about it

just ask for help itt and make sure not to try to translate first using your own ability just rely on one of the many qualified posters to do it for you

jamal is not the only person who types in lowercase, you know
oh, by "normal people reasons" i thought you meant business, academics, friends, family, stuff like that. yeah i'm learning for manga and eroge/vns, which makes me half normal i guess

Why are you even here? You listen to rap all day, talk like a thug and now look down on our culture, asking who is "normal". Cred Forums isn't a board for niggers like you, get some friends and go somewhere else.

im just fighting back with my own n word shit im not supposed to tell you that but people here arent good at reading between the lines or on them for that matter

Good thing about JRPGs is that they don't require fast reactions, I can see myself playing shit like SMT well into my 50s. How old are you anyway?

>not a freak who looks at hentai porno all day
mate come on now, its not like that at all
i also continue late into the night

Based off the quality of his posting I would guess that he is about 10.

>categorically dismissing an entire genre of music
>"our culture"
>normies reeee
>14 year old-tier casual racism

Fuck off apologist, go suck his dick while he watches netflix eating popcorn on your face.

im gonna make a reference lets see if anyone can guess it 私は二十一

thats not my real age but i think the ref would be impossible to get if i didnt use that number

christ indeed by the way ive inspired that particular dude to own himself constantly by saying the n word because i tell him not to say the n words its actually one of my favorite things to see lately

>that particular dude
I don't like this Jamal posting but you gotta stop thinking it's always "just one dude", it's been on and on for a year now and I even myself told you to fuck off a few times now.

And you're most likely 21 or so considering your attitude.

youre all the same to me except the 1 or 2 random cool peeps they know who they are

If you wanted to you could just filter every all-lowercase post, but you won't because you feel that you're entitled to muh weeb NEET safe space. Grow the fuck up.

Seriously though man reddit's down the hall and to the hidari

Not all lowercase posters are dicks, apologist-kun

sometimes rikai makes me chuckle like
has all that shit at the top then the next entry is 'fat, fatty' etc

wat game

ぴことちこ ショタアイドルのオシゴト



Shit, my sides were gone after reading the first two characters.

tell me more about post quality

Who is this ピコ栃子? and what kind of last name is piko

Fuck I shouldn't have put that in amazon.

Oh shit, you're reading this too?

I'm only like halfway through the first volume, but 心音 is best girl.

You won't learn Japanese if you don't put in the time.





>playing taiko
>This is a kids game should be easy to read
>come across 石版
>didn't even know what the English meaning was
Guess I underestimated this

>Didn't know what lithography was

Are you an ESL?

I encountered 二律背反 last night and felt like my brain melted trying to read up what it meant

Not even that hard of a concept wikipedia just makes it sound difficult as fuck

I dont have money for japanese text books just yet, so the past month I've been learning mostly through google translate (i mean, process of elimination just to understand terminology) and through hellotalk, which has REALLY helped me figure out particles.

Good for you bud, keep it up.


Am i fucking everything up with this method tho

Go get genki from the guide for free, or use Tae Kim's guide, or the Dictionary of Japanese Grammar.

No, keep going, it'll work out in the long run, 5 years from now you'll be able to read Yotsuba for sure.

She is her, and she isn't her.

pls dont hack my cyberbrain imouto ill feed you i promise

rtk vs kklc lets go


in..the blue corner? wait a minute what moveset is this, you cant just pick top tier and expect to body offline

I mean...i get paid today. So i plan to actually buy genki one at least, maybe tae kim as well.
My current method definitely isnt the most efficient. I can recognize some characters and i can text from memory a bit but if i had to remember how a character looks from scratch I'd be fucked.

Don't get Genki unless you're taking Japanese classes, buy Japanese the Manga Way instead



Why? If you're really, really against pirating, Tae Kim has a free app for your phone, and his entire grammar guide on his site for free.

What? Genki's not designed for self study, the pacing's terrible

jkcc > those

If i pay for a book and have it in my hand I'll be able to study at work and stuff (my phone doesnt have room for anymore apps) and I'll be more motivated to do it in general i think.

>tfw you know the best way to learn Japanese from 0 to N1+ but plan on keeping it to yourself

Who the fuck did this disgusting colouring

Genki is hilarious to read once you're fluent though. It's the adventures of the world's stupidest girl.

Look at this stupid bitch. She's asking the time and there's a big analog clock tower right behind her.

You can't clear up a couple megs for Tae Kim? You can read it on your phone on his website. You're making excuses for not doing the most basic of basic things.

can we at least guess 先輩

Tumblrtale if I had to guess, given the shirt too.

my posts are folded tempered and they do their job

I just looked this guy up and it's the best thing ever

I legitimately want this guy's signature

hmm let's see
- learn the kana with voice recordings for the sounds
- learn something like 100-400 pieces of basic vocabulary while skimming tae kim and making a grammar cheatsheet
- read a simple VN with a voiced protagonist while editing your grammar cheatsheet and learning more words
- mine any verbs or noun kanji you come across and any structures that weren't in your grammar guide

1. Watch anime

Man that was hard

google gives me devil may cry what is he

is it worth your life

A genuine street samurai. A chummer to all.

jus your everydeigh nayborhud lait rail avenger

A guy who saved the life of someone from a nigger

hes a cool white dude who can wield hanzo steel against any petty thug or other troublemaker

he was trained in the mountains by the legendary hiko seijuro and is a master of the hiten mitsuryugi ryu

does that mean hes calm enough to not derail a train out of a fear of being a few seconds late?

no that dudes actually crazy in addition to the above

You may as well try learning Japanese for the next three decades rather than try to /guess/ one of my secrets.
Wrong, /I/ am.
Do you seriously think your bullet can get past my sword skills?

Try again, leechers.


ive been learning japanese for three decades but i still dont know the difference between は and が

True Nippongo masters don't "know" the difference between things, they FEEL the difference



I know that feel and i wish i didnt. I am searching for places where those are missing from sentences and i have to fill it in, i suppose anki could fill this role somehow

Personally only bothers me a little when I have to speak or produce Japanese, never when reading and having to comprehend something. I tend to lack confidence in knowing which one would be best.

I assume it'll just get better and better with time, I doubt trying to hammer it down would help much.

oh dang i was just kidding god speed to you dude

Can someone translate this please?

Exhibit movie
Exhibit movie

Your welcome.

You're obviously a faggot yet in my thirst to 出来る i can't help but prostrate to you and beg for your method.

You forgot the numbers 1,2,3 and 4
Do you even Japanese?

That lad seems like a good bloke, i'd love to share a beer with him at a pub.
He can even sit on my lap for buttjolly.





First two are titles from Shaft.
Last two are written in Kana, you can read them yourself if you open a chart.

what if that lad is 420 pounds


He's made of what, neutronium ?










頑張って、我が妹よ! 世界の裏から応援してるぞ!




Fuck using hellotalk is a massive timesink

Lost so much time that I should be spending on anki and reading


I only use it long enough to find some kawaii grills to talk to and move to LINE. Though I haven't used it for a long time now

Just takes me a century to think of what to say and then type it out on the annoying ass phone keyboard

I'm sure it would be a different story if I could use a computer keyboard

The thinking of what to say part I can't really help but what keyboard are you using?
I used to use one where you type like on a computer but eventually I moved to pic related. It's pretty slow at first but you can get really fast with it and can do it one handed without looking that much


just download an android emulator

What's the point of talking to レア充 girls through whatever app?

Is it like to pretend to be social and care about each other just to train your production skills?

Just the default iOS one, it's alright, it just takes me a century to type with an english mobile keyboard let alone a Jap one

Hopefully I can just move onto skype if I end up talking to some people a lot, hard to ask though because everyone assumes you only skype for voice chat and I definitely can't be fucked with that

Just use Line, half of Japan is already using it

Can you use Line on computers? That's sound then, I thought it was mobile only

Yeah LINE is the way to go for that stuff. 90% of Japs you meet will use it and won't really fuss about adding you if you're friendly


Yeah I mainly use it from my PC. Pic related

I'm currently using Tae Kim's guide, and he tells that when you are expressing a sequence of verbs with the te-form, the last verb determines the tense of the sentense.

Like: 食堂に行って、昼ご飯を食べて、昼寝をした。

My question is: If I want to state it negativ is it just "食堂に行って、昼ご飯を食べて、昼寝をしなくて。"?

I would feel pretty slutty, installing an app just to talk to foreign girls in a different language. And you have another app just so you can troll around semi-publicly to find girls who are willing to talk to you on the first app.
Like at some point you've just gotta go outside right?

>annoying ass phone keyboard
Touch screens just aren't good for typing no matter what you do. I understand where you're coming from.

I might have been exaggerating before but I have some really good friends from the apps, even if they may be girls. People who I can meet if they come to my country and I can meet when I'm in Japan.

Also I left my room for like 30 minutes today


>Also I left my room for like 30 minutes today





>First character is literally そり

Well fuck you too Japan

According to this, using a harder to read font improves learning.
What's a hard to read Japanese font?

Is leaving your house to tend to your human-free land something that erode your NEETcred ?

I admit i sometime see people on the road, even girls, but i never talk to them beyond an "hello".
I still belong, right ?

just be who you are dont worry if its good enough for someone else

>Saying hello to random people on the street



Thanks, but that's not a font.

>Like: 食堂に行って、昼ご飯を食べて、昼寝をした。



But i care about you.
You are my kin.
If i lose you, i'm alone in this world without imoutos.

I'm just being polite... I don't even mean it !
Being polite is important, right ? I-it's like training my japanese right ?

That's normal unless you live in a city where people are heartless and have no manners.

Does anyone have a link to Tae Kim Anki exercise deck? I can't find it.

You could use this, but its $40





>That's normal

Oh, did I struck a nerve?

>did I struck

No one?

It was basically this


But in Anki format.

I-I did that o-on purpose, user.

Looks like mnemonic worked.

>What's the point of talking to レア充 girls
None whatsoever, they can't even get the simplest things right.

Quick question: I downloaded the "Making Sense of Japanese" book from the Cornucopia of Resources, but it seems to be missing page 63. Anyone has a mirror?

you make it look so easy, ずるい






Who チンピラ here?

Imouto is