Is this show any good Cred Forums ?
I remember watching a few episodes back when I was a kid on TV and liking the drawing style aswell as the atmosphere and era it takes place in but never really bothered cheking it out entirely. And now that I finally got to it it seems like a pretty boring " slice of paranormal life " kind of anime. Does it get better further in the anime?

I hateread this series. Every month I drop it, and every month I come back. The writing is shit, but there are a lot of great side characters (who always get shafted), and the art is fantastic.
Season two a best because Alois a best. His season has been completely retconned though.
I want to stop reading this manga but I can't.
Also, Toboso is incredible at character design.

Personally more of a naruto fan myself, with naruto the gay shit is less obvious and you can just tell everyone you're watching it for the ninja shit. Unlike this.

Anime is shit. Manga is okay and some arcs are really good.

Season one goes original content like halfway through, season two is completely made up. Season three and the ovas are all adaptations of the manga

The first two seasons are ok but manga is better. Book of Circus and Book of Murder are great. I'm excited for the new movie cus it's based on the Zombie Titanic arc.

I love the character design and outfits in this series. Ciel is so pretty. Grell is my waifu.

I love it. It's not fujoshit or only very slightly, and some arcs are pretty great. Read the manga tho

It's definitely fujoshit. The artist is a massive shotacon and got her start drawing hardcore shota yaoi. Even during this current arc we got a scene where Sebastian rips Ciel's shirt open to expose his arched back, chest thrust forward, and puffy nipples.
That said, it's not as fujoshit as its reputation claims.

>there are a lot of great side characters (who always get shafted), and the art is fantastic
This sums it up. I would say some story lines are much more entertaining than others. The Victorian England setting is fairly nice - the clothing and food have detail rarely seen in manga - and the mysteries have a distinctly gothic tone to them.

>it's not as fujoshit as its reputation claims
What did he mean by this?

There's just subtle gayness there and there but it's pretty tame

>What did he mean by this?
Although it panders to shotacons and fujoshi, it doesn't play out like a romance; there's just a notable amount of lewd framing. There's also a not insubstantial amount of female fanservice.

It's good and I'm the type of guy who mostly just watched sol with cute girls these days. If you can't stomach one really gay but hilarious side character then move on. There is only like 2 episodes of the gay Shota trap shit.

With that being said it actually sounds pretty gay doesn't it? Still one of the best shows I've watched

Oh and to answer your question it starts out boring as fuck, give it 5 or so episodes. I dropped it after two episodes myself but then picked it up later.

The corset scene is the most yaoi it gets. Even if you're straight you might like it.

>the vomit scene

the manga is enjoyable, but forget the anime. the fujoshit pandering makes it unwatchable.
I think I dropped it when the naked dog thing happened or whatever that shit was supposed to be

Pluto (naked dog guy) wasn't in the manga, the second season was all filler.

Everyone put off by the supposed fujoshit misses out on some great girls. Meyrin, Lizzie, Ranmao, goddamn Sieglind

you can make out from the key-art and description that it's shota shit dude

Nina Hopkins has some yuri moments with Meyrin.

Ciel has a canon bride, and 2 side hoes.

Who are his side hoes? He seems pretty uninterested in Sieglinde and Doll is dead iirc.

You're right, but that doesn't go against my point. Toboso uses framing to display her fetishes. SebastianxCiel is, of course, delusion, but Toboso loves shota.

Some of the official art for Kuroshitsuji is pretty suggestive, and Sebaciel is the most popular ship in the fandom. Lots of fans are fujoshi. But I know a handful of male fans (including me) and the plot is really interesting. I wanna see wtf Undertaker is doing with the zombie dolls. The Two Ciel theory is gonna be canon I bet.

Kuroshitsuji ep 1 to 6 and 13 to 15
Book of Circus
Book of Murder
Book of the Atlantic

Real Ciel is already resurrected, I feel certain that when Undertaker told Ciel it wasn't time to wake up yet and fed him that liquid, it was the actual Ciel, a bizarre doll. This past chapter further suggests that Undertaker has real Ciel, too.
Unfortunately, Toboso is a shit writer.

I want to see more of the reapers. I loved the OVA where Grell and William met.

Also, Grell/Madam Red is the best ship.

It is my guilty pleasure.

I like the manga a lot, but waiting for the releases is infuriating, because the plot moves at an absolute snail pace. Feels like the recent chapters would need at least double the pages.

Also Snake best boy.

Waiting for voyage arc.

The last chapter with the idol training was fucking great.

I enjoy it quite a bit. I just wish Toboso would make Alois canon

Best. I want him to be happy.

Sieglinde was pretty fucking cute. Admittedly, not quite as cute post-character development, but still cute.

She actually likes him a lot, apparently he gets a lot of valentines

yeah makes me hopeful at some point, even just a silly side arc that means nothing. just him and ciel meeting in canon is enough for me.

> liking the drawing style aswell as the atmosphere and era it takes place in
Read the manga. The art/costumes/everything related to the period setting is gorgeous in the manga, and it does everything else better than the anime too. The story isn't amazing but it's entertaining enough and the arcs have a lot of variety (so if you get bored by one, you might like the next).

He got more than Ciel this year.

make him canon toboso, you know you want to

I was legitimately angry when Agares wasn't Claude. That character design, that demonic name -- and really, he's not Claude? Toboso is shit. Alois and Claude are the superior duo.

not sure about superior but they are good.

They're superior at least in my heart, because Ciel is an unlikeable shithead. To me, at least, he has zero redeeming qualities. And the Trancy OVA showed that Claude and Alois had a really special dynamic before their lover's quarrel started.

>Ciel is an unlikeable shithead.
his shithead personality makes him quite entertaining to watch.

Such a great series. It only gets better. Can't wait for the Titanic arc movie. People put off by the gay don't know what they are missing, this is top tier characters and top tier victorian fantasy that sacrifices nothing.

>People put off by the gay
it never felt that gay really imo, iirc Sebastian has sex with a couple women for info ciel gets grouped by a girl. yeah a bit here or there but nothing crazy.... at least not till this most recent arc.

Ever notice that whenever we get cute girls introduced in a new arc, they seldom survive? Only the hot guys do, and Irene the opera singer is the exception.

>Curry arc
>hot nurse dies with her BF(?) - but the prince and his butler become friends with Ciel

>Circus arc
>Dolly, Beast, hell everyone dies - but Snake survives

>Titanic arc
>cute girl who befriended Shinigami dies - but Viscount Druitt survives

>Germany GuP arc
>all the tank cuties die - but Wolff and the fatty survive

>but Wolff and the fatty survive
well fatty is actually important. random to-be nazi girls are canon-fodder

He has comical moments, but just gets more and more fucked up with time, and he's never in any danger, so I can't feel bad for him when he's ruining other people's lives. I had hope when he went blind, but that lasted for like five seconds. Ciel is shit, user. He won't even save his waifu. I can't like him.

>He won't even save his waifu.
you don't know that one bit.

>random to-be nazi girls are canon-fodder
Literally. But they were cutes who just wanted to play GuP ;_;

I think if you want it to be gay, it will feel very gay. But it's easy enough to ignore if you don't.

He just celebrated Halloween while she's been gone for weeks. When I said "won't" I mean that he's not in the process of doing it. He'd rather dick around with Utapri and Halloween.
I know it's just Toboso's shit writing, but it's still shit.

This was the first manga I read and I didn't think it was gay until I saw the fanbase. It was an eye opening experience for me.

i want to protect him

He deserves love and happiness.