What would Naruto have been like if it was about this guy instead?

What would Naruto have been like if it was about this guy instead?

it would have been a solid 8/10

Many characters from Naruto likely had more interesting offscreen stories than the onscreen ones. Kakashi is one of them.

Naruto would have been named Copy Ninja Kakashi and would have been a shorter series. That said, it would have been a lot more intriguing, as Kakashi is allowed to fail more often and his power cap, though high, is more clearly defined. His personal hangups and dramas are more fleshed out and satisfying, and though it might get dark at points, his interactions with other characters (like Guy) would balance things out.

The only issue I see is that it may just get a bit boring without making changes to his time as Team 7's instructor.

Notice how that Zabuza saga was the only arc anybody thinks is good? And that one was mainly about Kaks? The entire series would have been like that.

Obito is a better protagonist.

Obito is an edgier sasuke with naruto hairstyle. If you want an improved main character you definitely don't want him.

>goes from being above average technical fighter with low powerlevel + gimmick to ninja proto-jesus
Shit was dumb. They already made it too much about him.

Same but instead of Naruto being gay for Sasuke it would have been about Kakashi being gay for Obito

Obitos shitty motivation would've been even shittier. That or its shityness would be more apparent.
Naturally the twist would be the same.

have you forgotten that kakashis best friend and waifu died and then he went on a rampage killing every single enemy ninja?

If would have been less gay. Boku no Pico was less gay than Naruto.

He went to shit after he learned Kamui.
That shit is broken yo.

> Icha Icha imagination scenes during battles, especially the bell test
...I'd watch it.

Much better.

You're saying it as if it's a bad thing
I don't know anyone who kept following naruto post part 1 that wasn't in for it for the gay shit

There's a lot of edge in Narushit. What you described isn't it.

are you sure? have you forgotten how he went and killed all of the enemies ninjas as anbu and then ignored all of his other friends?

Being doesn't make someone edgy. Since when is massive PTSD from your father killing himself, having your best friend dying to protect you, your girl friend dying by your hand in front of you, and your teacher dying shortly after "edgy"? Is it too cool for high school? Is it such a dark shift to his psychological condition? It's one of the most natural reactions in the entire series.

What the fuck isn't considered edgy these days on the internet? Being happy-go-lucky 24/7 no matter what? Either get a grip or more vocabulary.

>Being doesn't make someone edgy.
*being cruel

This not edge.

BUT Sasuke getting all his family killed in front of him, being mindfucked by his brother showing him how he killed his family for 72 hours straight and wanting revenge is edgy.

Nice double standards.

That's not why Sasuke is edgy you god damn idiot. His clan's murder and revenge for them stopped being a motivation for him after Itachi died(the first time). Sasuke hates everyone and everything because Kishimoto is a hack and he had no idea what to do with his character after the time-skip. He has the most random shifts between muh darkness and that deep Uchiha love in order to serve the plot. There's nothing natural or logical about Sasuke's motivations and character after part 1.