Back in the 90's they only emphasized on breasts

Back in the 90's they only emphasized on breasts.
Who started asses?





Tits have always been more desired in Japan for obvious reason, stuff like Bleach and Gantz is nothing but mega milk titty monsters. What would you call an ass anime?

They emphasized them selvs boyo!! Mostly due to fashion , have you seen what chicks were these days have you ever gone to wallmart boyo? You leave there like you just went to the strip club!!!!! Blue balls and all its really to much for this old (24) year old to Handle sontimes....


Because normalfags only care about breasts.
It's not a matter of taste, it's a matte of focus. We think (and talk) a lot more about ideal female body size than average men do. We have a much greater understanding of the possibilities of the female body.
Breasts aren't just big or small. I mean, that's obvious. We know all the nuances of difference between actual flatchest and a mere A. But we also know SHAPES. It's a completely different dimension of knowledge. Amateurs just put half-spheres somewhere on the torso of a girl and call it a day. Half-spheres! I mean, do you see this? For normalfags, every girl has breasts like this.
But that's just breasts. We have studied the entire female body in a manner that a normalfag wouldn't.
So when you see a woman with an average body and boring large breasts, you'll know whom to blame for it. If you see a cute loli with a nice ass and subtly budding breasts, you'll know whom to thank.

Why are pedos so pretentious?


>We have a much greater understanding of the possibilities of the female body.
Kill la Kill yourself.

And yet you posted a woman whose most memorable scene is a shot of her tighs.

>actually believes anyone here thinks more about women than other men


>liking Naga

These are all adult women, ass is for pedos and niggers.

>ass is for pedos



It comes and goes. The 80s were about asses.

Learn to read meta data, faggot.

There are plenty of flat lolis.

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Girls peak in youth.