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Dagashi Kashi is the kind of show you only need to watch 3 to 5 episodes (to get familiar with the characters) to be able to really enjoy fapping to all the porn that is being made of it.
Watching more than that seems like a waste of time.

This is the best thing ever.
Dumping my caps

Well, I'm halfway in and I think my autism will make me complete it.

I'm not even a BDSMfag but this is gold.

>not watching all episodes of a show
>not watching eps 5-8 which usually have wacky hijinks or fanservice


How can be Hotaru so stupdly sexual?


I think because it comes as natural. As if she is only interracting with MC with no ulterior move other than making him a salesclerk.

Dagashi Kashi NTR VN when?



Still, give it a shot. Elaborate.

Hotaru is pure.

>best ass
>best tits
I kind of feel bad for -- what's her name. The other girl.

They should make a well drawn NTR VN of this series where Hotaru acts like a whore and sleeps with people to sell candy while Kokonut secretly watches and wanks like the beta fag he is.

I actually like the manga though.

I wish more of these sorts of chapters were adapted.

Anime is garbage that cut out all the comedy that made the manga great and add fanservice to it that was not in the manga.

No wonder anime flopped when nips like the manga. Studio FEEL is awful with comedy.

I liked it up until childhood friend lost

Piercings + coffee > Obese garbage food

And I don't even drink coffee.

So you only liked the first chapter?

Me too. Hotaru in pyjamas and in bikini would look awesome in anime.

I got occasional chuckles out of it though.
I should definitely read the manga after anime.

any feet shots?


Oh lord, I wish we at least got to see this.

I figured dagashi bitch would fck off at the end desu

This series needed more Hotaru butt.

There is never enough.
Post more please.


Disgusting. Stockings > anything else.

W-woah, picked up.

More bikini here as well.

Here, have some more Hotaru butt.


This anime should be an high budget hentai series like Bible Black or Stringendo.

>hentai character designs
>show about candy

why was this allowed?

Did she lose already?

I was hoping the anime would have some kind of closure and was wondering up to where the manga is now...


Here, have some more butt and thighs.

>secret base

What is Kotoyama trying to tell us here?


The manga is up to 112 chapters right now. Here's a summary of what happened in chapters 106-110:

>Chapter 106 has Kokonotsu looking at a fireworks poster and talking with either Saya or Tou on the phone. Hotaru comes by and buys a popsicle. Out of the blue, he asks her if she wants to watch the fireworks with him and she responds "Just the two of us?" Kokonotsu drops his spaghetti.

>In 107, Kokonotsu keeps her comment in mind as they're riding his bike to the site. They're running late so Hotaru jumps off and sits on a bench. She says something about how she's been wanting to talk to him in private for awhile. The fireworks explode and they see a show. Hotaru gives her winning popsicle stick to him for safekeeping; it's the first time she's won anything and she says she's forgetful. She also does this while holding onto his shoulders.

>108 has Kokonotsu moping around missing Hotaru. She remains on his mind. The last pages talk about how summer has gone and winter has come around.

>109 shows us how Shikada Dagashi is in a state of disrepair as his father talks to him about something, which leaves him looking like his soul left his body. Kokonotsu still has Hotaru on his mind as this goes on. At the end of the chapter, it looks like You accidentally broke his toe stubbing it on the door as he ran out.

>110 shows Kokonotsu moving his shit out of his house and Tou and Saya helping him fix up Shikada Dagashi. As far as I know, he's moving out. The end of the chapter has them see a convenience store has opened up across the street. Konbenis are the reason why small dagashiya like theirs have gone by the wayside.

I want hirame sensei draw more Hotaru doujin again goddamnit.

Too bad the hentai is never gonna happen like Princess Lover.


I'd go for more doujins from Pochi-Goya too.


>watching/posting HorribleSubs
>a year after the show

I took that screenshot the day it aired, not gonna rename it just because it triggers your autism.

It's about the shitty quality, not the name.

I'm not gonna torrent raws to re-take the screenshot either.

Well, you can kill, rape, steal and post HorribleSubs all you want, but know that you're being a cancer.

I want to smell Hotaru's stockings!

tl note: mune means chest

he's moved on to better things, like lovecraftian horrors

Hotaru's eyes are fucking 10/10 perfect. Why don't we see them more often in animu?


On one hand, I'd want to see him do an /ss/ doujin with Hotaru, but on the other hand, I don't want to see her cheating on Kokonotsu.

>You will never restrain hotaru and tease her until she begs for your fun sized snickers bar.

>you will never fuck Hotaru's breast pussy

I never realized how much fetish I have for someone who paints their fingernails until I have seen this show.

but I still consider Coffee best girl.



I want to lick Hotaru's armpits.

They both have beautiful armpits.


I do too but the director had a huge boner for Saya so of course he skipped a lot of Hotaru chapters

He didn't just skip Hotaru chapters, he also added Saya in spots where she wasn't originally and had her steal some lines too.

it will be make her getting btfo in s2 that much sweeter


>hirame sensei

Hirame-lǎoshī, she's Taiwanese. Show more respect to our Queen.

not trying

>doujins where Hotaru fuck with kokonatsu dad

for you maybe, ntr fag


kokonuts never had a chance to begin with.

I wanna feed Hotaru my dagashi


Oh wait, wrong board.


What do you think they smell or taste like?

Not him but pfft. Candy obviously.

His dick

>never ever

i want to stick my dick in her eyes

those hands

When I get my hands on that candy ass...


Pochi has down terrible things to me.

I am a bruised and beaten man because of him.

this would have fucking destroyed me



This is what a best girl looks like.

You know that, I know that but this thread has plenty of others with terrible bad taste

>This is what shit looks like.

We should hold them down and pour boiling coffee on their eyes.


Mang, I drink buckets of coffee daily and I'm an undeniable Sayafag.
Actually, today I felt quite anxious during my afternoon reading because of her.
One sentence and /crack!/ my chest's weigh is too much to bear.

I hope you drink low calorie coffees user
I'd hate for that crack in your chest to be an impending heart attack


Of course he didn't.

You literally Yujiro, by thew way thanks Feel for cutting this scene

I haven't seen this yet and asthtetically I like Saya more but god damn if Hotaru isn't a 100% grade A certified semen demon.

This is what I did...

Reminder that she is 27-28 years old

The thought that her biological clock is ticking just makes it hotter.

Did thismake it to the anime? I feel like they cut a lot of You and Hotaru to give to so Saya. Hell I think even Tou got fucked over, and Kokonatsu was way boring

That was chapter 14 and it was skipped. Here's a list of the rest that were skipped as well (about 68 chapters or so were around at the time of production):

>13, 14, 17, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26, 30, 31, 33-38, 40, 41, 44, 46, 47, 52, 56, 57, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 66 and 67. 31 chapters skipped.

>I feel like they cut a lot of You and Hotaru to give to so Saya.

They did. Most of the funny You chapters like the one you posted were never adapted. They skipped the final festival chapter with Hotaru eating candied apples with Kokonotsu. Saya also took Kokonotsu's place during the Watapachi episode (the one where Hotaru is suffering from a mouth ulcer). She was also added to the pool episode and hid in the box with them even though in the original manga she wasn't there for either event. Meanwhile, most of the Saya-centric chapters were adapted. I think only one of them wasn't.

In short, Saya stole scenes and lines from the other characters.

Yeah she kinda ruined it for me.

I guess she ruined it for nips too. A lot of people that read the manga think it's funny but I've seen people talking about the anime and they think it wasn't very good.

Shame really, but still publicity is publicity I guess

I knew what I was getting (or atleast what I thought) when the show was called Dagashi Kashi but holy fuck was this show boring, it's literally candy commercial with little bit of slice of life, why spend half an episode telling the viewer the history of dagashi when they're probably going to forget?

Wasted potential but atleast booru exists.

Something else that pissed me off was episode 10. It was mostly an original episode that briefly showed some dagashi from chapters they skipped, and the one chapter it did actually adapt, they only partly adapted (the American Cola chapter).

Hotaru a best.

I binge watched the season. What do I do with my life now????? :(

Read the manga or doujins.

Reminder that it's just a meme.


>topping from the bottom
Fucking anime bitches mang

>japs getting NTR'd by foreigners

I cried when I first read it. My faith in God had been restored after years of abuse and neglect had convinced me the universe was apathetic and indifferent. But in what apathetic and indifferent universe could such joy and wonder exist?




WHAT IF all that candy stuff is actually

a metaphor




>That three part doujin that ends with the marriage proposal after baby-making sex

This series was only good because of the top tier porn that came out of it.

>three part doujin that ends with the marriage proposal after baby-making sex
>top tier

mah nigga

finally, someone who understands

>the Internet, something near-instantaneously connecting half of mankind with eachother
>is used by OP to tell that a certain character sexually arouses him a lot

Humans...are so very fascinating.

Will Tejina-senpai become the next Hotaru?