Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

Episode 12 is out.

SCfags rejoice.

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What happened? I'm dying to know, but I won't be able to watch it till Monday.

Big news.

What did Dadacha make these poor boys do?

It's kinda sad that we're so dead after the final episode.

Just give it some time.

Still downloading it, my internet decided to become a turtle.

S3 neither confirmed nor denied

Art remains pure till the end.

Such a glorious episode.

Why does blue cuck himself?

These scary psychos would tear Sugitabro's dick off.

Such foul language from a heir of the throne of love!

The fuck was this scene? I mean I loved everything about it but what?

Sell their voices and faces to old faceless aliens.

This makes as much sense as Guillotine Gorilla.

It was a birth of a legendary hero.
Also, Shoebill best alien.

Baby don't hurt me.
Sorry, I couldn't stop myself.

Blue word is law. Therefore, Green/Art is OTP.
He's to lazy to fuck Green himself and he gets a nice bonus of watching Art also. What's not to love?

He looks better than the Sleeping Beauty waking up.

If you would not do that, I would do it myself.
Thank you for saving me from soiling myself.

I liked the episode, but was kinda disappointed with it. I was hoping the twins would stay assholes, even just a bit.

I've been wating for this moment.

It's not what I hoped for, but okay.

My biggest kek of the entire episode.
Stay golden, Art.

How could you expect anything else?

And I'll purify myself with the love I get from this episode.

Hope is a strange thing, user, and I also never learn.

His new sexy transformation was for naught.

Did the SC get a henshin upgrade?

He only transformed to get Green all randy. Then just sat and watched to get himself all randy.
Kinshirou, more like Kinkyshirou.

If you make this your wallpaper, you can imagine that they're inviting you in.

No butt wings for them, sadly.

There is nowhere to sit tho.
Inb4 'just sit on somebody's dick'

And I'll post the said butt wings.

I was a bit sad we didn't see much of their post-redemption personalities. But if you squint, you can see that they are struggling to repress their natural passive-aggressiveness.

When I saw that, I immediately thought about those Red/Butlerfags we have on hand here, and I hope you guys were happy, because I am happy for you.

Me too. Red talking them out off being assholes just doesn't sit well with me. It shouldn't have been this easy.

Final episode was underwhelming
Can't explain why.

But this kinda made it worth it.

This looks somewhat inspiring.

Me too, user, me too.

>Luna (?) has a slightly raised brow
>Sol (?) almost has a facial tick from repressing anger
I can smell the reluctance and delicious angry interactions in the future.

Cuties. Even more so than the SC.

Will we ever see it?

Indeed, it does.

In our dreams, user. In our dreams.
Also, doujins.[/spoilers]

Did you watch the episode? It wasn't Red, it was all Gora

I liked these faggots more than I thought I would.

They were pretty great. I liked their songs.

"The student council doesn't sing"

Right you are, Art.

I am willing to fight you to death to defend the honour of the SC.

This calls for an OVA which ends with Gora hugging them all and everyone's happy.

In s3 but only in one episode, then they'll leave on an international idol tour to promote their new CD, and they'll only come back for the finale.


Red's talking was pretty dominant to me.

Thank goodness, I was worried

Yes, we're very happy. They're cute.

What did we do to deserve such an amazing last episode?

Look at that hand
they went all out on the incestuous vibe


I love alien technology.

I can see it now. I now have hope that they are still true to their asshole selves.

I didn't like that either. Goddamnit Yumoto

Yeah but the twins didn't give a shit about him. But when Gora woke up and said he reminded them they started crying and shit

Love does not ask if you are deserving of it.

Will the SC fags be happy then?

I hated this scene, why weren't the boueibu's likes hitting them?

Gora dealt the final blow.

>all their attacks are actually in their heads only
Wake up, America.

I can't believe I've been baited with the "important news after the break" only to say he's alive twice now.

I was hoping a bit that Yumoto would get a dark outfit transformation.

Would you a mindbroken Yumoto?

Alien placebo effect

I don't know, I also noticed that, maybe they didn't get enough to get the giant hands that actually attack.

>implying they weren't simply acting so Gora won't hate them for being assholes

>Important news troll.

I enjoyed S2 a lot more for some reason even with the annoying brothers san.

Just seeing the screencap makes me wanna cry

They want Butler to be relevant, for crying out loud.

Where have I seen this scene before?
Fucking Avatar or what?

That's even better, them pretending to be all nice in front of Gora and then going to their house to be all autistic and mad


Then wouldn't love shower and true love fountain be actually... oh my god...

The more I look at it, the more it looks like those old Dutch paintings where everyone's staring directly at you.

>jellied eels
Where the hell were they?

>twins shitting on Boueibu's most uplifting and lovely song
I will never get the chance to actually like them, won't I?

Jellied eels are apparently English dish. England confirmed.

Doesn't everyone looks like Putin on those paintings though?

It's our fault for allowing Englishmen into the kitchen.

Madoka Magica, when Sayaka becomes a witch.
You're welcome.

>he almost murdered twins with love
Damn, that was pretty dark.

Aaah here it is.
No idol show is complete without some garbage CGI dancing. I feel at ease now.

Oh shit, they actually went there. Nice.

Ow, that's our national joke.

So what is this stain then?

That guy kinda looks like Blue

Does Blue look like Putin?
Can we have a photomanip?

Wait, so what was up with Gora's dubbing? That part didn't make sense if the version they twins saw on the TV was different

I was thinking of stuff like this one.

Remember, he chops wood so he doesn't chop people.

Because Blue is like an old man.

They still kinda look like a bunch of Putins.

What was he doing chopping wood as a young kid? I thought he kind of turned mad when CIDE stopped but turns out he was mad all along

Blue is more like Medvedev, this guy is always lazing around too.

See this >tfw fake dub was actually right all along

>the monsters were dubbed to be helpful to Earthlings
>the show is still called Can I Destroy Earth?

I think it was just Zundar and Dadacha adding fuel to the flames. Or they really hate Gora this much.

Yes, that didn't make any sense.
The whole episode didn't make sense.

The ones in that painting don't look like Putins to me, but they would pass off as Battle Lovers if they were a company of 5.

The one in yellow can be the wombat

The one on the far right looks so upset he might pass as either one of the twins or Art.

With that expression, he'd be the combination of them all.

They just really wanted to say 'dickcheese' so badly.

They make it look like Gorar was trying to destroy Earth.


Why would you post a completely true and not manipulated at all picture of Vladimir Putin in this thread?
You would probably go to jail for that in Russia.

Laputa Castle in the Sky nod

Life in a Russian jail is probably better than free life where I live anyway


Why our president isn't actually looking like this.

He does, but not as much as Sol.

Oooh maybe that's it. Since he became so popular they released a version with him as a villain which would make him even more likable
>pay us money and watch your favorite earthling try to destroy Earth
Makes a lot of sense

Well, if you like cold climate, then you will love life in Gulag then.

One is an ungrateful, emotionally unstable, creepy piece of shit.
And the second is Putin.

It wouldn't be the first time.

>Gora waking up in an actual mess and still prioritizing making the twins feel good about themselves
Why can't he just raw me

Delete this post rn. Sol went through a lot

I wanted Yumoto's attack to actually attack the twins.
And for Luna to be protecting Sol, just because he's the older.

I really wanted them to rely more on their own brotherly love, and make that mirror Yumoto and Gora.

I see Aki with scissors and all I can think about is Desu's sister.

He and Luna sold themselves to some filthy furries.
Now I want a doujin.
>tfw you'll never see Luna being penetrated by a gorilla

>QUALITY half the season
>then this episode
Literally all the budget went into this episode

I thought they were making fun of westerns' dubs

Does it mean Haru is Desu?

Is Luna considered the best twin universally?

Can you imagine them all being together liking Luna more and shitting on Sol constantly?
I want this, I love Salty Sol

That was definitely the point.

this episode had a lot of QUALITY also

Guys, what I am going to do on Thursdays now?

Definitely not spend them talking to the 15 of us

Whoa, there is like 17 of us, don't be rude.

>Counting Lelouch

For the future.

>new boueibu song is called 'Boys go straight'
>guys sing the old one instead
I'm glad thst nothing with the word 'straight' in it is even remotely near this show.

I didn't like this, are writers not having fun with the show anymore?

Anyone feel like blue-backroung this?

>those are the realities we weathered to get to this shithole on the outskirts of Japan!

Was this the important news?

Number Five is Tales of.

Yup, so important.

Jellied Eels implies East London specifically. It's a cockney thing.

What did he mean by this?

>Is Luna considered the best twin universally?

This explain why their place looked like a garbage inside.

That they only got popular because of Blue's thirst for cock

That he wants to see them have make-up sex.

>Green and Art tell them to 'not call it like that'
>guys correct the 'quarrel' part but not the 'lovers' part
Why we couldn't have more of this shit in this season.

He wants a threesome, as always.

Have you got salty twin version?

I prefer Sol, personally. His VA was more expressive, Luna was just playing the cheap slut card all along, and that becomes boring fast.

Also Sol was so arrogant and rough in the first episodes, then he ended thanking fans in a super happy girly voice. That's cool.

I didn't pay attention to that. Nice.

>Butler looking so angry after people embarrass Art
He gon murder dem all one day, just you wait.
Or is he jealous of the 'lovers' part?

It isn't as good, though. Luna's inviting half-smile is just too alluring.

I like them both, but prefer Aki, and that seems to be predominant

They also didn't really explained why, how, when, who decided to make the twins idols.
How did Dadacha know the twins loved Gora?
Why Dadacha? What happened to the dad?

Too each his own, I actually love Sol's defiant face.

Maybe dad worked for television? And basically sold his kids to Dadacha.

He's got more toned abs though

Why would he be jealous, Green would hop into his bed gladly. And probably bring Art with him.

How did they manage to make such a satisfying finale? I love this show.

Maybe Dadacha wanted to form and idol group and thought that they twins that had appeared on CIDE would be a good duo so he decided to research what he could do to convince them

>looking at Utena like 'Et tu, Brute?'
I don't think I've ever seen him this pissed.

And Blue would join in without any problem, too.


That's cool because Dadacha is the greatest parent alive.

But this finale left so many questions unanswered.
very different from S1 finale.

Food implies London, but from what we saw from the place it was either Oxford or Cambridge. Somewhere in Bongland for sure.

>no graduation
Season 3 pretty much confirmed

This made me laugh a little
>Kin-chan senpai

Rest of the club would probably tag along, and just eat popcorn while watching and shouting words of encouragement.
Need me some freaks like that.

>there's still people who prefer Zundar over Dadacha

Isn't Blue and Green's duo about graduation?

I like both. I was glad he came back for the finale but I didn't mind Dadacha replacing him for most of the season.

Zundar's the only true overlord, but Dadacha is okay.

Woah, boueibu is trending

Red is too good for us.

It could be about pretty much anything

I feel an overwhelming amount of love after this episode.

It's not over until the third years graduate.


Reminder that one of the characters is named Salty Sol.

Sol in my language means salt

>Just watching
I bet he'd want to join in after 10 seconds.
He'd make the other four get real tired.

So Art/Green is canon now?

I feel happiness and love

>They put a division in the bath specifically for the Beppus.

I wanted to see the Apes that got turned into a monster among the concert crowd.

It always was.

Nah, it was there before, they were putting dead senei there.

Isn't that the part where they have colder water in Japanese baths?

He's just extra salty like that.

>Art and Green touching each other's feet

yeah, you were right.

just amazing


Boueibu comic anthologhy is a true gift from god.

Denial is one of the stages of grief. You are going to be fine.

Nice catch. So couple confirmed? Cause that's what all the couples do under the table when they think nobody is watching when they're out with other people

I'm still catching up. Watched episode 9 just now. Did everybody else also feel much less enthusiastic about this season than the first?

Several episodes felt pretty weak, with some downright awful parts. I only really liked episodes 3, 7 and 8 so far.

Is this the same user, that once wrote that Art and Green have a foot fetish? Just so you know, after seeing this I consider you my god.

It's good and I've been reading it but I hate their faces

Imagine getting in that bath and coming out covered in Utena's hair.

Yeah but it didn't help the OP wasn't nearly as good.

Yes, it's me. The same user.
>tfw you'll never have your foot touch Art's

He wears it in a ponytail to not give that satisfaction to anyone

>the two pink sluts didn't interact this episode
The only disappointing part

This season's last episodes felt particularly rushed. We were getting one episode monsters like in first season and then we moved onto the real plot without a proper transition. I think that was the weakest thing in the show.

The best part is that when you emerge you don't know if those short pink hairs are Utena's pubes or Wombat's fur.

>implying Utena didn't have his pubes laser removed
>Implying it's not Pink's pubes that he forgot to shave like the poor-ass commoner he is

Help me remember guys, where is this from?
If I remember I'll post it later.

The song itself is actually great, I like it more than the first one.
But I never skipped the OP last season and I did for this one.

Both sound pleasant in their own way

This is probably an Utena reference, to be honest.

They did

It's not, I have never watched Utena

I really need to watch Utena. But watching such an old anime is kind of boring with no threads to shitpost about it. The only forums on the internet still discussing Utena are actually filled with mature people having reasonable discussion.

>you will never have Green gently stroke your feet with his own while he looks at you like you've just farted out a rainbow
Why live.

Which Boeibu has the hairiest pubes of all?

I'm still watching it and, to be honest, some parts are as absurd as Boueibu. It's awesome.

Sugitabro. Didn't you watch Episode 4?

>Blue asks about living abroad, Art gets all snappy and doesn't want to say anything
>Green asks about baths, Art in gentle voice tells about some silly shit
This pleases me.

Utena. And he braids it when he's bored.

Yeah, I was so dissapointed when Pink didn't talk to Wombat at all.

It's trending because they're all tweeting about how much they're crying. Beautiful. This is love

If they were sitting next to each other they could have been holding hands

Blue, and if he could grow facial hair he'd probably be too lazy to cut that too.

That's too lewd, leave that kinda shit to /y/

Nanami is a walking absurd-magnet.
And when I think about it, those two shows are pretty similar. Amazing.

Red's speech about importance of loving what you do hit me hard, because I've been thinking about it a lot lately.
I'm still going to do not what I like, but what gives me more money, because I'm a filthy Jew at heart.And I don't have a cool An-chan to feed me riceballs too.

I thought Utena was allegorical, that the show didn't make any straightforward sense. I haven't watched it, just what I've been told. If so I can hardly see how it can be similar to Binan, sure the show is silly as hell but the story makes perfect sense if you accept the space tv shows made by talking animal aliens.

Now we just need to bring the penis size discussion back and it will be like the old times.

By the way, do twins share penis size?

Maybe you like making money then? It's what yellow does and it's just fine.

Haru is probably bigger than Aki.
Moon the Jealousy.

Yes, but Sol's penis is salty and Luna's is melty.

What does "melty penis" even mean?

Lots of precum?
Luna confirmed for being a premature ejaculator.

If someone has non-potato quality pictures of Blue's dakis, I'll be eternally grateful.

Lots of liquid with just a bit of heat.


Why are you justifying my wicked crypto-jewish ways.
But yeah, that's might be it? So, thanks.

>tfw the song is actually about the penis size envy

That's not a problem if he just stays a bottom

>By the way, do twins share penis size?
I've actually googled it and apparently if they are fraternal, then yes, they do.
>tfw you will never have Beppus blindfold you and then make you guess whose dick you are sucking on now

Actually, it must hurt a lot to see that your twin, who was supposed to resemble your appearence in every way, surpasses you in that aspect.

I've never said it is a problem.

You mean if they're identical
Fraternal don't share the same zygote.

That's basically like a chest hair episode in a nutshell.

Sol is the best, his bitchiness and saltiness was hilarious. Luna a boring.

When Yumoto says "senpaizu" is this supposed to be a plural for like you would create in English with s at the end?

Shit, true. Sorry, it's pretty late where I live and I am tired.

Let us remember that Sol's eyebrows are bigger as well.

He has a verbal tic, he ends words with 'ssu' a lot.

Yes, exactly.
That's not a verbal tic. He's using a slightly casual polite form of Japanese.

I finally found you, my niggas.
They are both assholes, but Sol is at least open with it.

When all the senpais hugged Yumoto and told him how important he was I felt something in my heart, can't really say what

That sounds like it'd become my favorite doujin ever.

but for now, it will be my kinky fantasy

>He's using a slightly casual polite form of Japanese.
Lay some DJT trivia on me to convince me to believe you.

>SC still irrelevant
>no Green/Art rabu confession

Ai yo

The punishment, when you guess wrong will be severe.
The award, when you guess right will probably be some more dick.

I can't believe the chest hair was a metaphor.

You want to be in the middle of a big hug too don't you?

Only 1/3 of SC is irrelevant (Butler). And why do you need rabu confession, when you have rabu making with feet in the baths?

っす is a contraction of です. Since です is the polite copula (he's taking to his upperclassmen after all), contracting it conveys a slightly more casual speech style.

>tfw Red was a Desu all along

So, in the end, Red is always in that fine line between respectful and intimate? Cool.

When he's calling his senpais he's not saying "senpaidesu" that makes no sense, he's definitely using it as a plural

What A Twist -
We Will Not Hesitate to Fight You -
Just Another Normal Day -
Cut Out to be a Hero -
Dubs are Literally Evil -
It Will Never Be Explained -
Gonna Miss It -
Lovers' Quarrel -
Love What You Do, Do What You Love -
Anchan died, Dark Scarlet Was Born -
Ultimate Love Attack! -
The Ai in Idol is for Love -
Ultra More-Better Version -
Ultra More-Better Version Ai Edition -
What is an Idol -
Ultra True Love Attack! -
Anchan in Peace -
So Big and Strong -
All's Well That Ends Well -

All the sound webms I have done for the season:


Just extract it with 7z, winrar or whatever else there is. It is a 100mb after extraction.

I had to left my version of episode 10's thread (with (you)s), because I guess it was when the archive died, so it is not on it.

To later save this thread for yourself and add it to the others just press ctrl+s in your browser and save it as an .htm

This show is full of dick metaphors.

I was talking about っす. He is 100% saying 先輩ズ, but that wasn't what I was referring to.

That's Red, see

>"Oh my, you guessed wrong! Well, here's your punishment, filthy boy~
>sweaty face fucking

You're the best

I will treasure this file forever.

I was waiting for you webm bro! thx

Also, I don't know what this means, but boueibu is on 4th place

I would guess wrong on purpose.

I love how he names things.
Anyone recognizes the song played during the fight?

I'm just noticing I missed so many threads, that makes me sad

I think that っす can be a short for 'desu ne' too, meaning he's just adding 'ain't that' left and right.

>It Will Never Be Explained
I'm saltier than salty sol.

It's the amount of follows the official accounts have

You can just end with っすね

Wow, thanks for all your hard work

It's gonna be weird to go back through those threads and read all my old posts.

>seeing a clear opening, Green jumps straight at Red's dick
Sasuga Green.

I can't believe it's over already.

I am expecting a lot of cringe myself.

>Anchan died, Dark Scarlet Was Born
I will miss your file naming skills, user.

>Art is watching from the audience

>reading old threads

the show went from parody, to fujobait, to just fujo

Don't sexualize such a pure scene

But is it improvement or not?

Screenshot some things!

I still hope for S3.

A classic, just for (you)

That would be a nice surprise a year from now. With even more better love making.

The last scene of s1 had two twin stars racing through the galaxy, and we got Galazy Idols.
The last scene of s2 showed Tawarayama's corpse, so... s3 will be about zombies?

It could be a prequel or prequelish characters coming to light.

But where are they going to put wings?

I'm going to bed anons. Thread will probably be gone by tomorrow, so I guess this is goodbye. whatever this was it was nice, the shitposting was of the funposting kind and not low quality bait and the threads were made on episode day instead of being autists posting everywhere like so many other series. For once, a regular thread that is not cancer.

I really hope there's a third season.

Here is a mega link with all the webms, plus the threads. I will update the thread archive when this thread is over too, hopefully beyond 500 posts. I wouldn't mind another one too for the end of the season!

Don't forget to add this thread to it!

Expect a big Samurai Flamenco thread dump thread soon. There is some more extra digging for threads I want to do before posting it. It is over 1200 threads at this point. I plan to do it before the end of the month, so if you miss it just search for Samurai Flamenco OPs in the archive next month.

By the way, here is an extra sound webm from season one:
I will add some S1 webms I made before, but they are small in number and soundless so they could be posted.

Cheers, mate.

This were the last posts for the final episode of S1.
We were a 100 anons, and now we're 28.

I still love each and everyone of you.
Like user above me said, these are good threads, you're all good guys.
I'll miss you all, but we'll see each other again, on S3 ;_;

200 posts more, don't be fast to say goodbye!

What are your expectations of S3? Will Jew get his Gotochin/Jetman moment?

Takamatsu better deliver.

Just finished the episode (and also last week's). I didn't find i as funny as Season 1 but I still thought it was great.
Season 3 some time in the future please .

S1 was definitely more random, while S2 was properly planned episode by episode. Can't say for sure if I prefer one over the other, but S1 was I guess funnier, I guess.

29 really. I'm here, but not posting much.

More nendos when.

>art turning bright red when they mentioned season 1
Why is he such a dork?

It's just my sentimental goodbye post, I have nothing else to do, I'll keep shitposting.
Trying to keep the thread alive for the night bros, both of them

I want S3 to give new interactions
Sol/Vesta, like the novel promised me.
Also, I'd kill to see Yumoto/Utena doing something, anything, together.

Be good anons and tell Takamatsu that you loved this season

Even if it's just a 楽しかった or ありがとう!.

>Luna's hips
That should be illegal.

>Gora's hand
So, Luna won the Gora, right?

I wish Gora was my brother.


It's not winning a bowl if the guy is in a coma. It's rape.

I want more pink sluts. Has it sold well this season? I don't keep up with sales numbers much

It's not out yet, is it?

Anyplace they can. Bigger wings, tighter pants, puffier shorts, frillier bows, and more love.

From checking the archives, posted on sept. 2:
>***,283位/***,308位 ○ (***,786 pt) [*,**0予約] 2016/09/21 Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! DVD
>***,610位/***,804位 (***,288 pt) [*,**2予約] 2016/09/21 Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu LOVE! LOVE! BD
It is preorders from 20 days ago, so it is hard to say for sure, but the sales itself could very well turn out to be around the same.

Now that I think about it probably not. Well hopefully it sells at least decently.

It was just released on the 21st. Wait at least a week for sales.

and if you check it out Sol is the one putting the hand in there.
Blue/Sol cuck team

that's the best we can hope for.
I will make my part and order CDs, and probably DVDs if I can save enough

My mistake, Luna is putting the hand there
What a confusing picture.

I'm going to miss my favourite ball of cotton candy, but the Chirstmas card was good enough for me.

Interesting. I never thought about this.

2 people are showing a lot of their legs. One is in the middle. And the last two are not showing them at all.

If Dadacha went back to space, who is taking care of the twins now?

Well, obviously Didn't some user said that the novel text implied the twins were going to live with them?

Lucky little shits. I bet they'll keep being attention whores. I'm so happy for them
>Gora-san, I brought you extra wood to chop!
>Gora-san, I honed your axe for you!
>Gora-san, your shoulders look tense after all that wood-chopping, let me give you a massage!

Thanks a lot for you hard work user. May you always feel AI NO PAAWAA.

Are they cool with sharing with Yumoto now?

They ain't gonna share with Yumoto. They've gotten a completely different kind of relationship.

Yumoto will have to deal with Kin-chan-senpai and the rest of the Student Council if he wants to get laid.

Favorite episode this season?

well, aparently they're still salty

>Two people watched that refreshing scene looking like they had just bitten a lemon: the twin brothers Beppu Akihiko and Beppu Haruhiko, who lived in the concert hall directly across from the Kurotama bath, the VEPP Theatre.
>“We saw something nasty this morning.” Akihiko stared coolly at the view.
>“Tch, damn that Hakone Yumoto!” Haruhiko was quick to get heated.
>“Making Goura-san look out for him!”

Just found this, btw, sharing


Chri-pa is not only my favorite episode of the season, but of the entire series. It was just too good.

Delicious briefs. Just as the CD drama had foretold.

Cuddle drunk Yumoto or the chest hair episode.

The novel isn't set after the show, though; it's set right after the Student Council left to study abroad.

yeah, I just noticed, and i'm incredibly disappointed.

This week's. It had everything.

I saw on twitter that on iTunes it was number one on anime video downloads, can't really tell you how accurate that can be but it sure can't be bad

SC or Twins, Cred Forums?

>Art's motivation to take over the world was pure and poetic, even if a bit pathetic
>two salty carbon copies of each other where one is just slightly angrier than the other
>Said carbon copies sold themselves to creepy pedo aliens because of yandere lust

SC anytime

SC, but I'm biased.

Twins, no contest

>got demoted
>wife divorced him
>has to pay alimony and child support

This was cute

This, the christmas party episode was awesome. Fucking lost it during the whole part where the Battle Lovers were trying to transform but couldn't because of the twins
After that, Yumoto raping everybody and when they made the play for the kindergarten kids

Twins all the way

I love these faggots so much, this season was great. Was there any Love Shower compilation this time?
And please let me hope for even more in the future as well.

I want to hug that wombat

I guess that next season twins' henshin outfits will turn white, like it was with the SC.

Christmas, also cuddly Yumoto and volleyball ones. I think I liked this season more.
I rewatched the first episode of S1 recently, and I absolutely love it in comparison to what I felt about it back then. It's kinda different from what we have now, but it isn't better or something, just different, like they were still searching for a unique style.

>like they were still searching for a unique style.
I think the shame. That's why I think season two us better, because they have already found the direction they wanted the show to take and exploited it further

That's a very cute girl to the right.

I have bad news for you, user.
Or maybe good news, if you're into that kinda stuff.

No, Kazutomi-chan is a cute petite girl!

Sure, if you watched Genshiken Nidaime, kek

I feel dirty. When Yumoto dropped his voice like one octave when he was descending into darkness, I actually found it kinda hot.

>no more binan banter
I feel empty

>28 years old
What kid of magic genetics does he have?

I want to know what sunscreen he uses

Japanese blood folded over 1000 times

Same. I felt it was wrong. Yumoto is almost as pure as Yotsuba.

He's not pure anymore after the twins drugged him

Shame on you. I know exactly what you mean

to me Yumoto is the purest even if he had a dragon dildo up his ass and was moaning like a bitch in heat I would still think of him as cute

I woke up and all anons are gone!

Let's hope for a future S3, I want to keep talking with anons about the Binan boys.

If it is what you want to do then do it! Talk!

I loved how they fast-forwarded through the OP.

Remember, anons, the season is over, love is forever.

Beppu twins hatesex doujins never ;_;

It's over. S3 based on Madoka when?

Not only that, but he looks now younger that he did in season 1. Definitely not fair

You sound like you also would like a reluctant Yumoto to slap you

Anons are definitely the best because we accept the true OTP Art/Green.
Everywhere else is Blue/Green crap and I'm too old for shipping wars

I just want to post about qt Art being qt for Green,
And best boy Vesta

I think Art and Green like each other but I hate their interactions, they're always too embarrassed to actually talk to each other. Blue and Green have much better chemistry

I had some very weird Binan-relatedish dreams I can't really remember. I was even figuring out some stuff and posting them in the thread.

but no love

I actually dreamed I was holding hands with Vesta this week.
I feel like I am very deep down the hole.

Same, dude, but I can't remember anything

The only thing I vague remember is figuring out that Binan is longer than SamFlam. There was something else that followed after that, but I don't really make sense of it.

Have you ever seen a purer love?

Is it? or were you having a hopefully prophetic dream?

I want a s3 just to see this beautiful maiden heal his wounds and be happy everyday next to his prince

Are you Jew?

That's what we wanted for season 2 and they sent him away, if there's a season 3 they'll probably do the same again

Help me, I want to see Kinshiro and Atsushi fug

So are we all just gonna act as if Yumoto wasn't about to kill two people and the only thing that stopped him was the rest of the boueibus literally jumping him?

but I want to see Kinshiro and Atsushi fug

Just look for one of these jap porn videos where the girl is all embarrassed and covering her face and produces kitten like noises, it'll be the same experience

good idea

Go to Japan, buy dounjins and scan.
Because all we get here is Blue/Green crap.

When he threw the attack it really didn't hit the Beppus, so they were probably fine all along.

hot, and accurate

Thanks user, I didn't catch that
>Pink insulting Utena
The ship is sailing

Give them some time, they are still on playing footsie level You too, they have years of unresolved sexual tensions they have to work through.
And I think they can talk to each other though? Like this user pointed out

What does it mean?

>When he threw the attack it really didn't hit the Beppus
The attack didn't hit because the rest of the group knocked him over, it was aimed at the Beppus before they intervened

>playing footsie

You are an evil genius. I love you.

I surprisingly didn't catch that, but yeah.
He was in a dark place though.

Even more
The ones showing off more are the ones that pretend to be hoes, but are actually pure on the inside
The covered ones pretend to be pure, but are actually sluts.

Jew is in the middle because he's actually too pure for this world and never has impure thoughts.

I envy your dreams, because when I've dreamt about Boueibu, it was some weird Mad Max mash-up, with Green driving an armoured truck full of stolen Wombats through desert. The other time I've had a nightmare about SC being gone for an entire season. In retrospect, having a nightmare come true wasn't that terrible.

/r/ edit with superimposed faces

>buy dounjins and scan
You mean, all three of them? Because this is a number of all Green/Art doujins, and they don't even fug in them. Japs have no taste.

>The covered ones
>Blue the cuck and Green the foot fetishist
Yep, sounds about right. Does the covered thing extends to SC?

The whole world can go to shit, but I will know peace knowing how beautiful are their feelings for eachother.

SC all the way. Not only I am a Green/Art fag, but I also want Butler to achieve happiness and Utena is my nigga. And they are funny, while I find twins creepy as fuck.

I hope the artist at least informed you that they weren't going to fuck before buying them

The 3rd season could be just them arguing an I would still be okay with that.

user wtf is that number in the middle?
It's like you wanted to do an 8 and then remembered it was actually a 9

Pixiv previews didn't have a +18, I knew what I was doing.

>Jew being pure

Not until both pinks team up to choke on his dick

Such a pure user then. Still what a disappointment that nobody has sat down and drew them fucking.

>and they don't even fug in them

It's 9, and I think it's my hand rebelling against all years of learning technical drawing or wanking to Green and Art.

But he is still pure. Green, Blue and Pink all made fun of him being a virgin when Yumoto cuddled him and they're their friends so they know him.
On an unrelated note if they all made fun of him it means that they all must have some kind of sexual experience

There is at least one with the fucking, but I have yet to buy it

aw man and here I was hoping for good doujins I'm a bluefag and even I want to see them fucking

and the one on the right looked so promising ;_;

You bet your ass it is.

That's not fucking

>that face on the last panel

Even more tragic.

That being said, I am still willing to scan it, if anyone wants it? Especially if there is someone willing to translate, because my japanese is shit.

I would love it, but there's no point in me telling to scan and ruin your books when I can't translate either.
thx for offering user

>tfw there is probably more pics with Butler and Green fucking than Art and Green
Life if suffering.

The world recognizes that their love is to pure, even calling it fucking is wrong, they would be love-making in the most absolutely true sense of the word.

I want a pic of them doing said lovemaking through a hole in a sheet.

>truck full of stolen Wombats
Nigga, you higher than Butler.

Bonus points, if the sheet with holes was stolen from Blue.

Let's be real, Blue would probably donate it himself.
He wants his ship to sail.

Fuck. I can finally post.

Just wanted to tell all of you faggots that I love you. These threads are the only one's I've followed religiously the entire season.

I loved this season more than S1 both because the show was amazing and because I was able to follow it with you lot.

Bless you all. I'll look around for the SamuMenco thread. Now there's a show I deeply regret not watching with you all.

That's why lewd doujins are great, your japanese might be level potato, and you still get them.

We love you too user

We'll se each other again
remember to buy shit if you can to make it happen

I am genuinely sad the show is over. My home ISP is banned so this is the first time I've been able to post. It's a love miracle that allows me to at least say goodbye to you all!

...That said, what shows will you all follow next season?

I could translate it but I'd feel bad for your books

It's not even going to be a surprise

Yuri on ice,
and if possible that Gakuen Handsome one.

>430 posts
>45 IPs
Fucking samefags.

>Gakuen Handsome
Something tells me that won't get a whole lot of threads.

Meanwhile, I suspect Yuri on Ice will be shitposting central. I'll be there, too, though.

It's okay, user. We love you too.

That's my exact sentiment, about both issues.

I'm expecting a lot of us to be there on the Yuri threads, but they will never ever be as comfy as these threads, precisely because it's going to attract so much shitposting.

>Left Cred Forums for one year
>Come back because Cred Forums is rightfully complaining about the correct elitism of Cred Forums even though the anime this year looks terrible except for Spring 2016

>Binan Koukou Season 2
When was this announced?? Did it upgrade from the Magical grills parody that was Season 1?

I wish the twins had been more sexualized.

Someone actually wrote "楽しかった or ありがとう!" there.

it did, it went full fujo, while maintaining the comedy.

there was no way to do that without making it a hentai, the next step was them rubbing each other naked.


>it went full fujo,
Pls don't tell me someone admits being homo

I can't with you people

Just watch it, faggot. This is not a recommendation thread

Ok, fine, but just so you know, I stopped following this show since Episode whatever had that summer vacation one

I can't into moon. What does it mean?

Tanoshi or arigato.

>people being nice

The problem is they didn't remove "or". It looks silly.

user plz

the issue is this

Holy shit. Well, maybe they wanted to be extra nice?
I want to believe

[Spoiler] ...I'm really just an idiot. But oh well, I'll leave it. I really do need to learn moon. [/Spoiler]

I can't even spoil properly. God, but I am truly worthless.

So when exactly and in which context did the boueibus learn a song and choreography? They kind of sucked but they still knew what they had to do
Get your shit together, maja

they all knew the lyrics as well, maybe they had prep time, maybe alien technology
probably alien technology

>we'll never actually see in the anime Art, Blue and Green hanging out as friends

I only caught up on season two after episode eleven. Did "VEPPer" stand for anything?

Anime Kinshiro doesn't care for Blue as pointed out

Beppus Vepping it out.

I wonder how differently things would've turned out if Art learned some people skills.

It just sounds cool when Dadacha says it in his English accent.

Let's hope for a brighter future!

I'm leaving for work now, thread will be dead when I get back, I love you guys, see you again

Love is forever

Love you too, user. Here, have a lewd best boy as farewell gift.

Have a good day, and share some love.

>It's okay if you want to call me En-chan, Kin-chan
Rip Blue, he had a long and fruitful life, too bad he probably got murdered by Art right after he said that.
Is this from comic anthology or what?

See you in the mugen threads.

Don't beat yourself up, your intentions were pure.

>S3 is the only time a girl actually appears in series canon
>She helps kickstart the serious plot

Who needs people skills when you have legs like Art has.

I bet he shaves.

I regret that "Here Comes Honey Bouei-bu" didn't catch on after S1, and that I only know half the cast by nicknames.


Yes, it's from the anthology

I don't care, I admire his skills so much that I would still let him hit it

I just realised something: Is it maybe implied that the twins' dad worked in television and that he obtained the raw footage before it went into editing, and that that's what he showed the twins?

The only boy that doesn't shave at least his legs is probably Blue, since he's an old man. I doubt they shave anything beyond legs though.

I like this idea

I thought they had changed the dialogue in reruns to make Gora less of a likable antagonist.

This is what the twins said and otherwise the whole thing with the alien kid would be a little weird.

How many of the in-universe Beppu Apes are incestfags?

All of them would at least be open to the idea

The chest hair episode made me think that Jew shaves everything

If I was in that universe there would be at least 1.

Every single one?

They are too gorgeous and lewd together to not wish to watch them fuck.

>art's feet are as small as his hands
That's kind of cute.

I think I just found my husbando.


What did Blue see to cause him to make that face?

>I'm underage so I toast with orange juice
He wants to be a bad boy but he just can't. So pure.

Same thing Green is smiling at?

Nah, he stares angrily at his legs till hair burns under scornful gaze. No nasty stray hairs soiling future ruler of our world.

Cute small dick that reminded him of Art?

I like to think that Blue convinces Green to shave him. Or rather Green convinces himself because how he could let Blue run around hairy as yeti.

Nah bro, I bet Pink has a huge dick. He gotta keep all his girlfriends pleased

>Jew and pink making pure eye contact
>blue and green greedily looking at pink's cock like the sluts they are

He's just used to it

If you wouldn't mind taking some pictures, I would appreciate it.

He can tie a know on a cherry stem with his tongue. I'm pretty damn sure he doesn't need a big dick.

>a knot*
A guy who can use his tongue can be better at pleasing a girl than a guy with a big dick. Only gays need big dicks to be pleased, since they need their prostates to be stimulated during anal sex..

The prostate is located like, barely a knuckle deep or a bit further

pick it up or you won't understand shit about S2. The plot gets really intense onwards, reaching its peak in Episode 11 and going full awesome in Episode 12.

Since this is probably the last boueibu thread ever let's get this straight: Pink is a virgin, the girls don't exist. Vesta was a virgin goddess and all the girls that lived in her temples had to be virgins as well, and also his favorite food is cherries and in a lot of official art he appears with them. Pink a virgin.

There are more pics with Red and Blue fucking than Art and Green.

He ain't gonna lose his virginity if he just keeps licking the fruit, though.

I don't want love to be over.

>tfw even the game's artist knows Art is way too gay for Green to properly function

>Pink a virgin.
I think we all knew that when we saw his pajamas

There is more pictures of Red and Wombat fucking than Art and Green!
Ah, this thread have been good.

I don't mind even scanning, but I don't know where should I post it? /y/? Mugen? Because before I scan everything thread is gonna dissapear.

You didn't need to remind me of that doujin, user.
I'm never going to forget that doujin where Red has sex with Wombat and then has sex with Blue and Green.

But only for a time, hopefully.

>over 500
This is it, guys. We could of course have another thread if you want to.

I will later add this one to the thread archive. It will be here!sRE1XIaC!L6VLpCi30rToKqnL_wSVUQ

>tfw you actually own this doujin
I... just like to support small businesses.

Sounds good

You're a best, user. Mugen is fine.

I would not mind another. Or should we go mugen?

Last season we had another thread, why not this one as well?

Those threads are cancer and I have to filter at least half of the posts, make another Boueibu thread if you still want to discuss the show.

You're cancer. These threads are love.

See you guys then in either mugen or new thread. I will probably just post a link.
Also, I found another Gree/Art in my stash, gotta scan it too.

SC uniforms were based on Kaze to Ki no Uta's.

It was fun, here's to hoping for another season and lots of more better love

That is art.

>Poem of Wind and Trees
>Green's element is Wind
Can they just fuck already?

Can we keep it alive though?
I get that we don't want to say goodbye, but I don't think we can keep another thread going

Just remember, that we were part of each other's life and made it a little bit better by being good to one another.
Love Love

I believe in us.

Love is over