Do you sometimes watch anime with your imouto?

Do you sometimes watch anime with your imouto?

My imouto is four years old, so not yet.

What going on on this shot?

what he is doing?

Imouto maintenance.

Retard sister put popsicle in her vag00

yes, we watched a gits movie a few weeks ago
my imouto is 25

what's the best action to do in that situation?

Why would someone do that? It's not like people can eat things that way.


we are both in our late twenties, however

Clean it up with your dick.

She was hot.

have you ever tried it tho?

Shit, I really couldn't maintain my boner once she did that, she's just too far down the retard line that it's just sad.

what sort of animes do you watch with her?

She is not actually retarded, just pretending so she can get some onii-chan dick

Prime age for indoctrination.

Watch the 4th ep and they explain she is literally retarded.

Is your imouto hot?

inb4 south park

every single macross
shokugeki no soma

we finished watching tokyo ravens yesterday and also watched Re Zero while it was airing

My imouto is an Onoderafag and just mentioning Chitoge is enough to trigger her.

I don't have an imouto but I once showed anime to my onee-chan

she didn't like it

We used to watch/play Naruto together

I watched deathnote with her about a year and a half ago. She refuses to watch anything else with me though. For some reason she hates anime.

Go watch Yosuga no Sora together.

you need to kill her
Onoderafags are just as bad as Rukiafags

D-does she sit on your lap!?

And post results.

i doubt she'd like that

i doubt i'd like that


>be imouto 17 years ago
>ask onii-chan what sex is
>says "hugging"
>hug onii-chan, call it "sex"

I'm trying to repress these memories...

You'll never know until you try.

itt: blogshit

Is it wrong to be turned on with that story?

Nah, skinny little thing. No tits or ass, still gets acne every now and then

I guess not. I'd never tell this to anyone in my life though, so being user makes me feel better about confessing it.

I never mention it to him and hope he's forgotten it too. It's just really awkward after you become and adult and realize you were a horny 6 year old and projected it onto your step-brother.

This. Why does every sister thread devolve into blogshit?


A couple years back my youngest sister wanted to watch Inferno Cop with me while we were on vacation. She actually loved it.

Also, my oldest younger sister wanted to watch Nia Under 7 with me back when I bought the DVDs. She was a fan of the ED.

I prefer watching anime with my otouto. Just the other day he asked if he could rewatch Tsuritama with me.


Because the premise of the thread was a request for blogshit. Did you not know what you were getting into?

She sits on your lap, right? Right???




I'm an only child. It had it's perks but it also got lonely sometimes too.

Saged for blog shit.

NBR is as low as you can go

I know that feeling
>Only child
>Raised by single mother
>Learned horrible eating habits
>Mother poisoned me against my father
At least i'm white I guess

I hope you guys are females otherwise you're a man so start acting like one by not using excuses for a shitty upbringing


2 brothers, 0 sisters. Incest is gross though, it's only acceptable in fantasy.

>Being told to be a man by someone on a board where people discuss what they would do if they were a little girl


My little bro and I watch anime together. He found out I'm a fudanshi lmao.

what shitshow is this? I may have to download some episodes for educational purporses.

>Everyone is gay so it's ok being a faggot tralala~

I'm past age 21 and I proudly read shounen and play with a 3DS in public as long as you got power nobody will give you lip

It's very different when others try to justify their actions and pretty pathetic might I add (lol)

Another fudanshi, I thought I was the only one on Cred Forums

>past 16 playing a children's toy in public

Cmon man really?

>implying being a man means ignoring your feelings rather than recognising and dealing with them

redpill pls go

My Imouto is thirty, has kids and is fucking tired of no.

I'm in the military

Everyone around is worse than a child so it's ok

I wear 2D waifu shirts and makes people upset more if you got a big chest after working out

My imouto is more into kino so if we watch anything it's usually because she was impressed with the craft. Seasonal shit that Cred Forums watches is right out.

>I wear 2D waifu shirts and makes people upset more if you got a big chest after working out

>my imouto is a pretentious hipster garbage
You failed as a brother.

>Incest is gross though
No it isn't.
Would you massage your sister's shoulders? Then why won't you massage her vagina?

You're just brainwashed by the society.

Title is literally my little sister is a fucking retard.

Well I only watch a couple shows a season and I view people happily watching a dozen or so to be literally retarded. I guess we aren't too different.

>saging with a picture

>ancient memeing
Sage was only ignored on a few of the porn boards. The fact it was ignored was made evident because the email field would stay blank when you tried to sage with an image.

take good care of her you filthy weeb

It never occurred to me to take mine in for maintenance.
How often should this procedure be performed?

Dependable older brother she deserves

Aka dick.

Give her lots of hugs and headpats