New season of Working featuring the cast from the web mango

>new season of Working featuring the cast from the web mango
>shitty new character designs
>no Poplar

This is going to be shit isn't it?

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the main girl looks cute. oppai plus short hair is a great combo


There's no Inami, so it's already way much better.

Its the two that showed up from the April Fools pv for season 2

The character designs are a real downgrade

I didn't watch the show because I heard the main girl was a cunt but I considered watching it because of Poplar.

And now there's no Poplar. And the cunt girl is front and center.

>They both were web manga
>This is actually original cast, those from Working!! came later
>Wanting more of the same
I think it'll be pretty gud, desu.

No shortstacks? What's the point

Not the same girl. Complete different body type and personality

Nah, those are generic A-1 face.

These look way better.

No Yamada no working


The web manga, while not as funny as the serialized one, still made me laugh quite a bit.
I don't believe it to be shit, but I don't think it will get a second season...

Time to take the portal to Yamada...

I got genuine laughs from the original Working vehicle, and seeing that it's written by the same mangaka I can only have hope it'll turn out good.

I'll miss Inami, though.

What's the point of watching a show about being a wageslave? Is this show made to give a impression for all the NEETs in Japan that work can be fun too?

>but I don't think it will get a second season...
Depends on how much material is out.

why does the animation look so cheap?

Wtf happened to the movie they were going to release?

It's because most people have worked before (except for you, obviously) and can relate to the characters and some of the predicaments they get into.

You mean Lords of Takanashi?

>no Poplar
Indeed, but Hana is an amazing female lead in her own way.
Muranushi is super cute in her creepy way.
Shiho is also really fun with her odd ojousama-yandere antics.

>Depends on how much material is out.
Depends on sales.

The webcomic has been published since 2002, the manga 2004.

So yeah, material is not a problem.

Yamada a best. Inami a best. Popura a shit.

New show will probably be okay.

The webcomic also ended in 2013.

Workplace comedies tend to be relatable. Thats why the Office series' are so popular. But again I doubt you've ever left your room. So its not a show for you

Because its nothing more than a bunch of throw together pv's for 30 second ad buys.

Still want this

Fuck Poplar. She wasn't even much of a character until the last season.


I loved the previous cast, but they're done and I like the look of the new folks.

I still have to finish watching season 3.

Fucking when is the last batch of BDs coming out?

Working has always had Walmart K-On designs.

Take that back