What is wrong with this dog?

What is wrong with this dog?

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She's a lesbian bitch.

senpai. how am i suppose to find this thread if you dont include the show's name in the OP?

Filenames are searchable in the catalog for me

Just a bitch.

>You will never thoroughly dick her until she turns straight
Just end my life

She hasn't been spayed.

Spoilers for episode 1 of SB69 season 2.
After Cyan left MIDICITY, things continued to be peaceful. However, due to the appearance of the "Queen of Darkness" who is trying to destroy all music and control the city, the world is faced with its greatest threat yet.

On the other hand, having returned to the real world, Shian "Cyan" Hijirikawa is worrying about the musical activities she's doing at school. However, the moment she thinks back to her fun memories of MIDICITY, her life is put in danger when an unknown evil begins chasing after her.

shit. works for me. sorry about that.


I want to cum inside Rosia without protection.

Aion needs to give his imouto a good spanking.

I stopped at episode 6 of the first season for no reason in particular, does it ever stop being a tease?

I thought the events of season one were just sad delusions of a lonely girl too shy to join the keions. The girls in the light music club she desperately wanted to join all looked like human versions of her imaginary bestial bandmates, how will they explain that?

It's a kids show, of course there isn't any actual hot lesbian action

In the last six episode the dog literally has less than twenty seconds of screentime interacting with the cat.

It's just convergent evolution.

Cat wins the cat.

In all seriousness, Cyan does care for Rosia too. Probably a little bit less than she cares for her bandmates. But only a very little bit.

Lesson to be learned.
Next time when a nekkid catgirl enters the bath to be alone with you so that she can talk out her feelings while fully knowing that you're a raging lesbian, take your fucking chance, dammit.

Perhaps all those keion-senpais in her keion-club actually are her former bestial bandmates from her trip to the magical world of the little music furries.
They just arrived earlier into her world before she even entered highschool, because time travel.

After all, time traveling ninjas are going to be involved

My dick isn't in her.

Unlucky you.