Manga with a Serious focus on Transgender Themes

I'm not fucking talking about Magical transformations or anything, i'm talking about series where (preferably) the main character deals with gender dysphoria or coming out.

Inb4 Wandering Son, already saw the anime.

Boku no Pico

well that's about it OP
Japan generally doesn't indulge in retarded shit
At least, not of that caliber.

You are missing out on tons of wandering son if you haven't read the manga by the way. The anime doesn't cover nearly even most of it.

Why would you make an anime with a serious focus on an American meme?

Holy shit, never heard of that sounds cool.

Or not, original you fucking faggot.

>Hero Academia

hey, i didn't ask for anyone's stance on transgender people, i'm looking for chinese comics that's all.

Wandering son and bokura no hentai.

Half and Half (not to be confused with Half & Half)
Bokura no hentai


Actually i'm looking for manga, and it's a Nigerian meme you dip.

literally this

Honestly Wandering Son is the closest you're going to get to a serious treatment of the western idea of transgenderism. Japan as a society still has a long way to go before gender issues like that are taken seriously in the mainstream, so 99% of what you're going to find is fetishized or based on false stereotypes.

Also, Boku no Pico.

Wandering Son

>Inb4 Wandering Son, already saw the anime.
Read the manga.

Ahh. i didn't know about that that was what that board was for. Thank you, i'll repost there.

Okay, i'll just do that.


That's not true.

There's at least one more.

None because Japan doesn't buy into the tranny meme and hopefully never will
Besides it's not like you need tranny anime when there are a shit ton of Western things you can watch that are geared towards your sensibilities

>long way to go
This implies that they should be taking this stupid shit seriously.
Fuck off.

You all know that there have been manga featuring transsexual characters in a serious manner since the 70s, right?