ITT: We claim our respective waifu

No double nigga claiming allowed.

Yoko belongs to me!!

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Underated waifu


Don't want to share with Moot



lu bu is mine

>waifu's have to be girls


is that dededemons girl?

Of course. Otherwise it's a husbando.



are you retarded by chance user?



Nice choice.

me on the right

Much obliged


Ah shit I'm late. I'll take the alt. version then


As always


She claimed me





>liking a borderline retard



She is a woman after all...



reported for trying to derail the thread




The protagonist of her own show couldn't see her as one.






Bestper claimed

Claiming best spooder

:mine still wasn't claimed

In all seriousness did moot really like this bitch

My waifu.

A giant slut desu


Restia claimed


sorry senpai, should looked up

Claimed and engaged.

Good to see a man of excellent taste.

she's ded mang.

VN didn't have any controversy about it at all.

Neither the anime for reasonable people.

Mine and mine alone.


explain the doll nigga, how's it get fixed?

Goin retro

Nonon is mine

Only the best

My love power just keeps building.
Sometimes I scare myself at how strong I've become.

Don't mind if I do.


Sora was shown to be learning to sew in the start of the series.

More reasonable than concealment of evidence, faking messages and ghosts.


No one has claimed my wife yet

You don't claim your waifu, she claims you.

Only for breeding purposes

I love my emperor!


who is she?

She's a cuck though.

Get on my level.

Best girl Mina reporting.

Best Clannad, best Key Girl, and best KyoAni girl.

best girl coming through


Best angel demon



Why say 'respective'? The word 'our' achieves everything the word 'respective' does. You're redundant.

Also I'm not even checking the thread, because if someone has already 'claimed' my waifu Mio, I'll fucking kill them.

That's why.

Nobody claimed her yet buddy, but congrats on your good taste, Mio a damn cute

We claim our waifu could also imply that everyone has the same grill

Ooooooh. Rin a good one too. We should double date. Our waifus would get along as much as we do.



Taking the semen demon.

Nice ones but I have my hunk.

She sure knows everything

Botan for life

race mixing with Saber!



Pretty sure nobody else on this board has her as a waifu so I'm basically safe.

Good one, she is adorable.

All you're wafus are wonderful and I know your love will reach them!


I get best girl!

pic unrelated


Reminder that having multiple waifus is fine.

that is objectively wrong.

I hope my friendship reaches Kasuga

Let's be friends!

Reminder that his is the part where you die because you're a bad guy

best girl is obviously this one

>tfw I wish I wasn't white so I could make cute half white babies with my waifu

even angry she is beautiful.

Aisha is MINE

You have excellent taste. I'd want her to be my vampire mom.

big girls best girls





I support you Yui
keikaku harem A SHIT

My precious Oni!

I don't ever have to worry about being late to these threads.


>implying Saber would even look at a shitskin like you

My waifu

my waifus not a slut awesome







Only the very best.

The pig?

I lay my claim.

Surprised nobody has claimed her yet.

I rarely feel the need to claim her because I'm the only one.

>a cheap copy of a cheap copy

best waifu

How does it feel only getting half a waifu?


Silly Cred Forumsnon, i'm not talking about you're waifu :^)

You can have Blue outfit. I like Red

Shit, I forgot about how cute she was. At least take care of her, user.

>im not talking about you are waifu

Wat? Besides shes not that small, and you certainly wouldn't call her that to her face





dunno why I'm bothering since you faggots wouldn't even look at her


If I read that as "sleeping cock" how gay does that make me?

Oh Mimi-chan~~~


Best Waifu

claimed god damn it








What would you do if you walked in on you're waifu masturbating and calling out someone else's name?

Ah..whatever. I never really liked her design tho. ;_;

Hard to say
I'd pull out then start fucking until she says my name

She has sisters...

>fucking you're waifu

there sure are some fucked up people

yes I am

Your waifu is unironically a slut

Kill yourself

>all this shit taste
Plebs, all of you. At least best girl can be mine.


I want Haru to be my lovely waifu!


Double Nigga NOT allowed.




Just in time.

shit nigga that's my waifu

Kuro is my 2D waifu. Surprised no one else claimed this semen demon earlier

Also post the name you mouth breathers. Some of us wanna ctrl f instead of looking at every pic.

(Also some of us wanna know the name of the fluid druid ya posted so they can steal her)

Claimed years ago

reverse image search

>he hasn't killed himself for her
Clearly you're not trying hard enough, user.

>killing yourself for her
>not working to improve yourself for her

He wasn't worthy

Rem from Re:Zero

Look how happy she is to be my wife

Made for breeding

this fine maiden

Shana is mine

Criminally underrated.



you mean RAM? there's no REM's in rezero

kill yourself

fuck off




I want to become a great wizard so I can kill the fucking clown in a magic duel and save her.


Best and most heroic yuusha

It says no double claiming user.

She claimed my heart almost 5 years ago.

After season two I will.

ma boi


I can wait until 500 posts and nobody would post her.

Move aside faggots, best raifu claimed

3 years strong bby

My darling


Nanami's mine

>Nobody has claimed her yet

I expected better taste from you guys, famalam-bergini's.

>No double nigga claiming allowed.
But I can always claim her in the next thread

Who is she? Just post her anyway.

No waifu thread is ever complete if somebody didn't post her

I claim Yuno. Best yandere goddess.



How long has your waifu been your waifu for anons?

Married since 2009.

Fuck, I'm late. But you, sir, have an awesome taste.




ma guurrlll

Oh God, I'm so glad.

This peach is mine.

Claiming my masochist waifu.



Since episode 1

>that leg

>seasonal waifu

Nothing wrong with that. It will perhaps become a true waifu if he still sticks with it at the end of Winter.
And if not, then she was just that.