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Only one person can save this series.

If Yugi is the king of games, how can I be the king of memes?

Episode 124: 蘇る幻影騎士団 - Yomigaeru Fantomu Naitsu
(The Revived Phantom Knights)
While searching for Yuzu, who was captured by Serena, Yuya runs into Ruri. While Yuto is rejoiced that Ruri is safe, Ruri suddenly initiates a Duel!

Episode 125: 烈火の竜 - Rekka no Ryū
(The Blazing Dragon)
As Yuya and Yuto try to save Ruri, Serena appears before them. As according to the Doctor’s plan, the Parasite Monsters drive Yuya and Yuto into a corner. Then, something abnormal happens to Yuya!

Episode 126: 悪魔が生まれた日 – Akuma ga Umareta Hi
(The Day the Devil was Born)
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges Yuri to a Duel. While a fierce battle between Yuri and Yugo unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manage to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?
Manga raw:

Remember to put this in the OP



>EGAO is the cancer that's killing this show.


>His dub name Declan is likely come from René Descartes, a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. A theorem named after Descartes (Descartes' theorem) also involves connection with circles, connecting him with his Japanese name's meaning.
>This is still in the wikia

It seems like you posted the wrong picture.
Here, fixed for you.

Why is Yuya dueling Ruri

Didn't Shun unbrainwash her?

>wanting that faggot in the show
Kill yourself

She still has a bug latched onto her brain, unless Shun ripped it out its here to stay. It's not like she was hypnotized or something.

>Why do people keep playing this game again?
Because the last time Yu-Gi-Oh tried to adf in a romantic subplot it was discarded because of sex cults.

No, Shun's duel with Ruri was pretty much pointless. He would have lost if Ruri's subconscious didn't kick in.

Shun may be a bird, but he isn't a brain surgeon.

>there's a yugioh thread on /his/
which one of you fuckers did this

Asuka, pls.

Face it, dude. No one likes this faggot. I'd rather see Fossils return then him.

>Rin completely trashes Yugo without any mercy and even destorys her life's work
> Her only moment of clarity before the brain washing took hold was when she ate an attack from Crystal Wing.

>Ruri's subconscious manages to force herself to lose to her abusive brother and even that wasn't enough to free her.

The real question is if she was still brain bugged why didn't she attack Shun again once his guard was down? She just let him take a nap on the ground and left.

Does Karen get to return too? Karen vs Kaito? Karen vs Dennis? Karen vs BB?

>She just let him take a nap on the ground and left.

Rin did the exact same thing

Rip Serena.

There's a difference between letting a hobo take a nap and fleeing the scene of a homicide,user.

Why is Arc-V Academia so fucking boring compared to GX's?
>no wacky side characters everywhere
>not living nearby an active volcano
>no abandoned dorm housing the embodiment of darkness
>no official endorsement from KaibaCorp®
>no one actually has fun dueling unless the loser is getting murdered afterwards
>no space saurus-don

Because Arc-V is shit

Do we have 124 subs yet?

I just want to see my waifu die.

Does this look like the face of someone chillin' out with the crew in the schoolyard? Finding trouble and never working too hard?

We have paintball.

Shouldn't we get the cast list for 125 by now?

Episode hasn't even aired.

Pretty sure we get them on Saturday.

Because EGAO is the Law in Arc-V. Good thing Chronos wasn't involved in this, plus his archetype gets pretty decent cards.

who is more delicious between yuya and yuri?

I meant 123 my bad.

Must you make me choose?

Good to know. I have a feeling every bracelet girl will be voiced due to HITOTSUNI.

>Crow gets like 6 new extra deck monsters (1 still left unprinted)
Why the fuck is this allowed?

Stop trying to push this, retard. We don't need all that info in the OP and we definitely don't need the previous thread linked.

Raw encoding problem. Also I think Mono subbed the 360p quality ones.

>Ruri's subconscious manages to force herself to lose to her abusive brother and even that wasn't enough to free her.

I found it funny since we all joked about Shun being a siscon like the other brothers from previous series when in reality he barely ever once mentioned Ruri nor made any flashbacks of the kind of character she had until she's recently brainwashed. The only recent flashback of Ruri showed how much of an asshole Shun is and arguably still since he barely learned anything either.

Alright. I'll check it out. Thanks.

4 actually


>4 actually
Sohaya, Raikiri, Onimaru, Chidori, the one LV9 he used against Gong, and 2 or 3 ABF low levels

So it's even worse, he egot 7~8 ED monsters.
I forgot about Red Wyvern and technically Red Rising, though

It's weird how Jack's deck is now stronger than Yusei's partner up with him in the next tag force game and you won;'t have to worry as much anymore Yusei's deck has become completely unplayable now thanks to Level eater getting banned.

No one here plays OCG
Dark Synchro is completely playable in the TCG

>asuka will never follow judai around the world

feels bad desu

Is it wrong to have liked the last episode after all that bullshit garbage Harambe nonsense?
I thought it was a good change and it at least showed that not everyone from Academia is total shit.

>still shipping Judai x Asuka
Judai is now married to a hermaphrodite duel monster spirit and Johan.

It's not wrong to like an episode. It's also not wrong to dislike an episode. What's wrong is if ou say its shit or the best episode and claim it's a fact.
Good for you for enjoying an episode many others hated.

No, it's not wrong but mainly sad that these kinds of main events(especially with Yuri) took the writers too damn long to do and should have been worked on much sooner than later.

It's never wrong to like Yuri.

>at least showed that not everyone from Academia is total shit.
If anything it cemented everyone is either irredemably evil or complete fucking idiots

I just don't get what's wrong with it.
Asuka was a shit one dimensional character in GX who jobbed to everyone and died to Super Poly. (Well, the creation of it.)
Here, she's a shit one dimensional character who jobbed to Yuri and died to Super Poly. It's pretty faithful. We also got to see the plot move forward, saw barely any Yuya, got a fun duel with Yuri, and the episode looked pretty decent, especially with the effects. The main villains got a bit of characterization too.

The only problem was that Reiji had to become a walking stick.

Last episode wasn't bad desu
A useless bitch got carded by our guy

Yuri's shilling was funny.

I never understood the whole Harambe thing. Was that based on something recent?

It was a decent episode, comparing it to the past episodes, of course. Can't wait for 125 and 126.


By all means, it was a hell of a lot better than the "filler" that fully destroyed this series credibility. All that's left is to wait how the ratings fair for the episode.

>Judai hetfags in the year 2016


After seeing the amount of backlash this episode received, it's not fairing too good.

Yeah and Yusei and Aki and Jack and Carly married while Crow started dating Sherry. Not all our delusions can come to pass user.

Press F to pay respect.

Some bracelet bullshit will save them, it always does.

Nobody wanted Crow with Sherry. I don't even know where that pairing came from. It's like the epitome of pairing the spares.


Bracelet-kun won't work unless Yugo or Yuri shows up at the same time as Yuzu, who is currently locked up.

Based on the fact we're getting a Yuto and Ruri episode, I'm getting the feeling the writers will want to force in a Yuri and Serena episode at some point in the future so they might not kill her too much.

Ruri's probably fucked after this episode though.

A Yuri vs Serena duel isn't going to happen. They don't even know each other, which means no flashback or emotional memories, making the duel feel pointless.

>Nobody wanted Crow with Sherry.
There are a few people that shipped them. Might have come from that one time they interacted.

How about they duel TOGETHER?

It was actually /dng/.

Which was a case of pairing the spares. Jack and Yusei had girls who liked them. People put Crow and Sherry together because they were left over.They had no chemistry and barely talked. Those shippers just wanted all 3 of the main guys to have girls. If it wasn't Sherry they'd pair Crow up with any other semi important girl.

But user it's a crack ship. No one ships it seriously. Besides, their fictional characters from a card battle franchise. Who cares if no chemistry in the show, that's what fanfiction for to get all the autistic delusions so other autistic delusional people can read. That's what AO3 exists for.

>that one time they interacted
Literally all it takes for people to form a ship and run with it.

Post cards you recently bought.

Pic related for my Dark Magician deck.

>They had no chemistry
Neither did Yusei x Aki nor Judai x Asuka.


I use the shit out of this card for random otks that dont really make sense

But those had affection. Even if it was one sided. Crow and Sherry barely interacted and Sherry wanted Yusei's dick.

Sherry never got those Junk genes so she went for BLACKWINGS genes.



Nobody got anybody at the end of 5Ds.

Who's the dumbest protagonist? Is it Yuya or Yuma?

Yuma, how is that even a question?


Still screenshots are one thing, actually watching it in motion can be painful

Won't stop me from believing Jack got his qt nerd waifu.

Looks like Ebina drew the VJump cover this time around according to his twitter.

Astral > Atem

>Jack got his

He didn't want her

It was pretty damn great, then again, I love Yuri and I like Ancient Gears while I never gave a shit about Asuka here or in GX.

Fuck you! He wouldn't ditch the woman he was willing to die with so she wouldn't have to die alone. I refuse to believe that last episode exists.

The second half of 5ds doesn't exist.

I want more Reira !

Is that a penis?

When will we get a sonic the hedgehog game set in 5Ds?

i like k-on!

Look. I wanted them to get together too. Hell, if it was up to me Yusei and Aki would not only be together but Yusei would have given Sherry what she wanted too. If it was up to me Judai would visit Asuka in America randomly and they'd get together. If it was up to me Yugi would have kissed Anzu before she left. But if we're just disregarding canon we can say anything. Our personal canons are nice but we can't project them to everyone else.

>Yugo challange's Yuri
Is the promised time finally happening?
Maybe we'll finally see Predator Plant support.

>we can't project them to everyone else.
I know user but old habbits die hard...

so why the hell are there no subs?

Problems with HD RAW.

Does it have to be in hd? I'm cool with just standard.

meant for

I can't find the monosubs for 123? Can someone link me if those exist? Google has failed me.

At least include a new OP and ED notice under 125.

Wonder how different a direction the show could have went if it wasn't for that. Can't help but feel that there were a whole buch of things originally planned but dropped, most tellingly the introduced characters that proceeded to do absolutely nothing (biggest offender being Sly)

>sex cults

Even with the sex cults I'm sure there could have been better ways of rewriting the show to fit the characters that were already established in the beginning without changing their personalities. Ono and Yoshida just didn't have enough creativity to deal with the executive meddling.

I think they dropped Arc-V.

No they haven't, we just haven't had good raws for a few episodes is all.

Character direction? Who knows. Likely it would have been the same with Aki doing nothing and Yusei sucking up the spotlight with his kizuna. But the second half would probably have been Yliaster like they had been foreshadowing even with Yoshida. Everyone knows that.

What's the point of Yugo vs Yuri when we saw Rin hand Yugo his fucking shit?

oh boy

Carly's original voice actor turned out to be part of some weird sex cult. Long story short that and them changing the plot to shill crow and Blacwings were what fucked 5D's

There's a reason we haven't had good raws for a couple episodes

Yugo has beef with Yuri for kidnapping Rin and feels Yuri might know where she is.

That's about it.

Remember this guy at the end of the Dark Signer arc? I think they had more planned for him, and obviously they were planning to pull a Bakura with Divine.

I don't blame them

Mono and TLC-kun loved to speculate about the Dragons and Bracelet girls and what we got instead was Harambe

But Yugo already found Rin. All he has now is that he can blame Yuri for what happened to her but Yuri doesn't really give a shit. Yugo losing to Rin and Yuri being revealed to be so boring kills all excitement for this episode. Yuri didn't even get upset when he was at 100LP. He sucks.


So like the Super Free thing, but with far more disastrous effects for the show in question

They subbed 122 in shitty quality. They can't find HD raws.


That screenshot last thread was bullshit. But yeah, they're having a hard time looking for HD raws.

I couldn't give a rat's ass about YuGiOh but she's really cute.

I don't know why they didn't just bullshit him into being Placido instead of leaving it as a loose end, the skin and hair color are close enough for it to have worked.

>Super Free thing

>June 9, 2003, one student of Waseda University in Tokyo was arrested as being the leader of 13 other students who were part of an elitist rape gang who raped an estimated 500 women, though officially only three charges were laid. Later still, some 12 more women came forward alleging they had also been raped by members of the Super Free.

>Established in 1982 as a social club, it was incorporated as Super Free Yūgen Gaisha (Limited) (有限会社スーパーフリー). Super Free was a highly successful inter-university rave event club, to the point that it was incorporated, and had five branches throughout Japan (including the University of Tokyo and Keio University—the three most prestigious universities in Japan), 30+ employees and an actual office in the party district of Roppongi in Tokyo.

>Attended by up to 2,000 people, the club members would scan the crowd for potential victims (plural), try and make friends with them and ply them with copious amounts of alcohol—a special cocktail called 'spiritus' manufactured by Super Free.

>Once the victims were long drunk and incapable of offering up much resistance, the club members would lure them to an abandoned room and then rape her... one club member after another.

>Members of the club began to assume they would rape women whenever they organized a party and would even hold meetings to discuss rape tactics, including who would serve as lookouts, and allocating roles among members to separate targets from friends.

What in the ACTUAL hell? That sounds like a H-manga Oyster would write. That wasn't supposedly to be real.

And as far as I could tell, no the Sex Cult was completely consensual. Ultra Kinky/Borderline Mind Control, but consensual.

She dead soon nigga.

They actually made a jav of this. I didn't realize the resemblance until now.

I probably should have explained that better. The Super Free thing is that, evidently, the Strike Freedom was originally going to be called the Super Freedom, but due to Super Free, it became Strike instead. I know the two events aren't really similar enough to compare, but still.

Strike Freedom sounds better than Super Freedom in English, but I bet Super Freedom sounds cooler to Japanese audience members.

Also do you think ATEM would approve of the Ruri bracelets?

They both sound about equal, all things considered. Maybe, though probably not flashy enough.

Atem is such a bro.

thx user

yugo will save sora from yuri and seem like yuri need absorb yugo

True, but that's not gonna stop hysteric GX fans from shitting on the episode.

EGAO ga soko ni aru kagiri


Kyukyoku no Puraido kakete


I miss Yuya and Reiji making beautiful music together.

What a bunch of faggots


>Yuya a faggot
user pls. Yuya and Yuzu are seconds from fucking and Reiji is keikakusexual.

Donna toki mo shinjiteru

Jibun no ashita wo

I'm pretty sure he's just talking about Synchron's, which are pretty much unplayable thanks to Level Eater getting banned

>You'll never have Atem as your wingman

Why live?


Is the main set coming out this month?

You sure about that?

Delete this

What does being CEO of LDS entail? What does Reiji do in his everyday life when not keikakuing about lancers?

Bite my ass.

With pleasure Kingu!

Sore wa do kanna?

>making music together is gay
No offense, but you sound socially autistic.

You sound like a faggot.

It seems like Himika takes care of all the publicity and integration of different schools, so Reiji probably creates the courses, designs and prints cards for his students, and runs the main facility.

>no offense

>creates courses
How autistic would it be if I started writing lesson plans following the LDS curricula?

Sonic level autistic


Depends on how in depth and how far you actually go. I always had a headcanon that these kinds of things (like here and in GX) also spends a lot of time on memorizing cards and combos related to it to rationalize why any schooling was created for duel monsters. In a world so serious about card games, there would be a ton more archetypes and playstyles out there that actually see use.

>this much autism

I'm sorry. I just can't suspend my disbelief far enough for card game schooling without having to trick myself

Will the symbology of the Akaba Family be explored or explained?

Thanks for keeping my feet on the ground.

I'm just here for parasite mind control shenanigans now.

>tfw I just beat D/D/D with Ancient Gear twice

Why the fuck did Dark synchro get murdered when it barely tops while ABCs get nothing despite being the most dominant deck.

>implying Yuri is evil
You already know that they're going the
>he's actually a good, but lonely, boy ;(((

Crystrons are

Konami wants people to BUY CRYSTONS

>I'm strong but everyone is scared of me and avoids me
>look at all the other strong duelists, they're so popular
>fuck this world REEEE I'll card every single one of you

One of DDD biggest weakness is how high of a skill ceiling it has. If you're playing against someone who doesn't know the deck inside and out you can beat them easily, otherwise they're way better than Ancient Gears.

Maybe he would've had better luck if he wasn't raised by an Akaba


The second guy knew his deck in and out. He would have dropped a Crystal Wing/Number 38/Siegfried field on me if I hadn't won the RPS and set Solemn Warning on my first turn.
I know D/D/Ds are better than Ancient Gears, you don't really need to tell me.


Why is Reiji a shitty leader for his team he barely corporates?

How autistic would it be if I remade ARC-V entirely to fit what most viewers wanted out of the anime but never got? I say autistic because I'd also add a Ritual Dimension.

ps...I'm the fake (but good) spoilers user

Stop making me want to fap to femdom porn before bed! I'll take you on with this

He gets it from his dad.
>sits and does nothing as his troops desert en masse

It would be more effort than what the writers have been putting in, I know that much

>Leo didn't realize this whole time Yuri is carding people of his own will and not because of his orders, Leo only gave Yuri the chance to be able to card everyone
Let's leave that aside for now

If Leo was so shocked by that, did he even know anything about the 'hunting games' that many his own soldiers reveled in as they carded Heartland?

In other words, the Akaba's are to blame for getting a Demon released and the only thing that can stop it is EGAO Messiah(Yuya) who's a portion of the Demon Duelist.

Ima yuki no tsubasa de JUST FLY AWAY!

He probably figured they would all be like Barret and do it for the greater good/noble cause instead them all literally being a bunch of psycho's who enjoy it and the people who do find it messed are carded by said psycho's without question.

I mean, Leo could have actually sent someone to quickly fetch Yugo and lock him away if he's so concerned, but I guess hitotsu nii or the demon duelist isn't such a big deal after all!

Yeah, but him being totally ignorant about it all these years, when these kinds of things would come up the grapevine, seems kind of silly.


I just realised, who the hell is going to stop Demon Duelist if the MC is the main villain?

Inner Yuya is going to EGAO him.

So you're saying that HIITOTSU NII's keikaku is to have Reiji keikaku to use HIITOTSU NII's keikaku against Leo's keikaku to use bracelet-kun's keikaku?

>TFW Yuri's next duel after Yugo is against Gongenzaka and Sawatari in a handicap duel making it so Gon has his own graveyard.

>implying that EGAO isn't enough to stop a demon itself or the father of EGAO Messiah.

Either he separates into his own entity or Yuya has a duel/confrontation in his own headspace.

Shame that retrain is so shit


Makes sense, back when Reiji barely cared about sacrificing no-names and duelists back in Standard during a tournament creating a penalty that caused more harmed than good for his side.

Screen cap this.

This is pretty much what you get when the writers build up the main villain having a kick-ass pain for years only to find out even he doesn't fully understand what's going on.

Nah. She is fun to play with and doesn't aspire to be competitive. If you are looking for a competitive or meta deck look somewhere else.

>penalty causing more harm than good
But it allowed him to create an OTK loop to complete wreck Roger
It was completely worth it for that huge fucking KEIKAU DOORI moment

We need the o'brien of this series.
>Inb4 fucking BB

Which was ironic how the only person who got to abuse it was himself.

It's going to be Kachidoki. He'll also pull out a magic artifact he just happened to pick up on his way there

That was the only reason I started paying attention to these threads.

I don't even watch the show. I quit after 5D's

>Arc-V having a character as based as O'Brien

Not happening. If Yuya does turn evil a fan favorite is going to get killed stopping him. RIP Shun.

In theory, it makes sense. The problem is that people like Obelisk Force always enter the duel together while the lancers always hesitate and get bitten because of it.


>implying Shun is relevant enough
Kaito will die

That actually is the only way I see Kaito dying. But Yuya is already incredibly unpopular, can he really take that type of hit?

Dr.Pavel, I'm Yugi's Deck.

This is why shows like 5D's are so cancerous.

Arc-V Kaito dying would only be a benefit. Finally get to stop seeing those ugly Ciphers

There's a reason I quit after 5D's

>I don't even watch the show.

At least you fetish shitposters finally admit it.

If only Shun let Kaito die back at the moon tower...

Kaito is more popular than Yuya. Yuya killing him would get even more hate piled on top of the hate he already gets. Yuri got a shitload of hate for killing Asuka. Kaito is like a billion times more popular than Asuka.

Absolute rock bottom is only like 2 little steps away, anyway. How much lower could it go? All I care about is not having to see the same ciphers again.

Just move on to the next series already.
I'm assuming the card game us still too much of a cash cow for it to just end.

Still better than card speculah autism, because you just know that the characters will draw whatever cards are plot convenient.

Still have to wait until spring, user. And December/January for first images of the next series.

Who cares if they get hate? Kaito needs to die.

>All I care about is not having to see the same ciphers again.
Let's not forget also stealing Shun's Ruri rescue.

I swear these legacy characters are a no-win in every situation.

>Who cares if they get hate?

The people in charge of the show.


>Yusei and Aki

I'm on episode 86, when's this show going to go to shit? Or has it already gone to shit and I'm just too much of a pleb to tell?

It's too late by now. The show already set some records when it comes to angering their native audience, and if their bosses are paying the least bit attention, the people in charge of the next series won't be them.

>stealing Shun's Ruri

in 14 episodes


You don't realize how bad Synchro was until you finish it and realize that fuck all happened for 50 episodes. And then it gets worse.

So instead they bring Yoshida back?

52, 65, 82, 92, 100, 108, 112, or 118, take your pick.

Nobody really knows.

Yoshida hasn't done anything related to anime in years. Even when he was on Yugioh he worked on other anime.

I guess it's possible, but he could also be retired from it for all we know. Could be someone completely new, or they simply shift one of the regular scriptwriters to the series composer position.

Only Rua and Ruka are canon

YGO is top 5 in sales and overall profits for TV Tokyo anime so it's making money despite bad ratings and reception.

That was a while back when DSOD buzz was still peaking.

new amazoness WHEN?





So the joke is that Crow is given obligation chocolates right?

Ruka a CUTE!!


It's a crime she didn't get any tits.

I'm glad they didn't give her an Aki/Sherry-tier rack. Also rank the Dark MCs.

Yugi (because Takahashi) > Judai > >Yuya (potential) > Yuma > Yusei


Judai > Yuya > Yugi > Yuma > Yusei

Technically only Astral went evil


>Kotori has more curves
She didn't really grew up into a semen demon, desu

Kotori is pretty hot for her age. I'm not a pedo, I swear.

why is that guy a floating head

He was walking in the background and left the focus.

>click first link on google for ep 123
>press to play vid
>opens a pop-up in a new tab that opens a dialogue box that says to add an extension to close the tab
>voice starts telling me to add extension
>starts forcing tab into full screen
>have to use task manager to kill chrome to get out

Guess that'll teach me to enjoy YGO, or to use google to find eps

Rio a best.


RIP in pizza

>kotori is the main girl instead of anna


Kuwabara hated Anna and loved Kotori. It's as simple as that.

Kotori is hotter than Anna. I wish she'd got to duel alongside Yuma.

It'd just be an Allen & Sayaka tier duel. Kotori was useless but she at least didn't use up that much duel time I guess, besides that sports tournament episode.


Neither boobs nor twintails. What a kick in the nuts

Who is the best character and why is it Sawatari?

Here's the English version ripped from some shitty streaming site. It's watchable, at least.

How long will the "but you take damage meme" go on?

Because he's Yuya without plot armor.


I hope the new predator plants shake the game with a new way to make fusion summoning easier and more reliable.

They just need a fusion card like Metalfoes Fusion

Starve Venom isn't good enough for a single fusion card to make them good.

It's okay. Kotori is the lewdest girl in the lewdest YGO series. Prove me wrong.



If they get more fusions and an upgrade for starve venom then at least it might prove useful. Also by more fusion I was including Chimera Raflessia. Assuming they wake up and print more.

I don't watch card games, but god damn, that's a cute smile.



Would things have been better if he had returned instead of Asuka along with Edo?

Nope we needed him more. If you catch my drift.

>retrained version of The World that gives the first turn skip for free and you tribute 3 monsters to stop your opponent's turn and stop them from being able to activate card effects on your turn

It would've made infinitely more sense for Ryo to be working against Academia from INSIDE their ranks and using both Fusions and Xyz monsters. The problem is that there are no more CyDra cards to be made, the same way there's no need to make more Arcana Force cards.

No, because the writing is shit.

This is why Hitotsu Nii is the true Keikaku master, suck on that Bracelet-kun.


Why best Ruri have to be so useless

No. Ryo as an Academia defector with Nova and Infinity would have been the shit.

>Ryo with Infinity
>have him shill a new CyDra Xyz and RUM

>using Super Poly against a literal who
sasuga, ono-san

>Ryo making Yuto tier faces as he searches the RUM directly from his deck

Za Warudo

>tfw we could have gotten The World Over Heaven if Not Dio came back




Damn wish we could've gotten Manjoume's Beetron series monsters printed. Damn they were cool.

Dio would approve

>plays Sayou who uses Za Warudo
>plays Jan Valentine in Hellsing, who's a blonde vampire

Is this guy's whole career a JoJo reference?

Somebody once told me The World is gonna roll me

Who knows? Maybe all the backlash for the way the GX characters are treated will get Konami to make some GX products?

t. degenerate shaddoll player

I didn't know I needed this, but now I do
>Ryo is a commander in the academia army
>Duels Shun to prove fusion is superior to "Primitive xyz"
>Summons Chimeratech Rampage Dragon with Overload Fusion to try to otk
>Shun saves himself with RR Readiness
>Procedes to Rank-up force strix into Revolution falcon and wipes the board
>Ryo is impressed by the power of rank-up and xyz
>Yuri intervenes and proceeds to turn on both Shun and Ryo
>"You couldn't take care of him, so you're useless, and I'm going to card you both"
>Almost kills them both with Starve venom
>Ryo has his turn after Yuri's but top-decks a dead card
>Shun tells him to activate his own set card
>Ryo realizes it's a rank up spell, but trusts Shun and activates it anyways
>Special summons force strix and ranks up into Cyber Dragon Infinity
>Absorbs Starve Venom
>Attacks Yuri directly
>Yuri activates an action magic to save himself
>gets negated by infinity

Good things never happen in this show.

>when you find yourself attracted to the "wet-hair delinquent" Jewzu and your erections won't abate

>Arc-V will never have a Gunpla Eve episode
>Dozens of characters from the various series won't hang out together
>We won't get to see fun cross series duels in the background
>Kaiba won't taunt Shun who lost Ruri in a crowd as Kisara brings him ice cream


>>Kaiba won't taunt Shun who lost Ruri in a crowd as Kisara brings him ice cream
I haven't cringed that hard in a while.

Proto-Yuzu's attitude is kind of like what I thought Ruri's personality would be.

I was very wrong

Just too edgy for Japan.


how is the quality of this

Gundam Build Fighter reference.

Dubs confirm, the show is shit

Check these.

Why are we still having threads for this show?

Because it's airing.

We didn't have a general for zexal though, and it has a far superior second half than arc-v has had.

Nobody cared about Zexal.


Those non-repeated digits don't suit you.

Will Reiji use DDDs in the manga like in the anime?

Zexal was shit.

D'aww she's as cute as a bug's ear
Oh wait

ayo what the fuck is going on with eps 122-123?


Wonder if/when the next Yu-gi-oh airs will the protag be the happy genki type like Judai and Yuma or the more serious type like Atem and Yusei.

I know right? Where are the subs?

What if he had returned?

It's not great, but it's there. Yuuya is moe no matter the resolution.

fuck it, I'll wait another 3 years.

You forgot to post the character, user.

>post yfw It'll be Gon or Sawatari

You forgot to post the character, user.

Considering Cyber Dragons got Xyz support, I think Ryo should've came back instead of Asuka as someone working against Academia.




60% of Asukafags are crazy fan boys who only care about boobs and nothing else.
Oh, and this!

>the good times of FUTURE FIGHTER will never return

Just kill me.



If you were the one who designed the uniforms of The Duel Academy from GX,what would you chose to create?

>Asukafags are crazy fan boys who only care about boobs and nothing else
Is that a bad thing user?

Where can I find the DMC3444 scripts that used to be pastebinned here each week? Does he post them to a forum or something?

I'm planning to aegisub 122 and 123 properly into 720p using The Arc-V Project "raws" as soon as I can.

>Just watch episode 122
Holy shit this is new level of cringe

>liking tits is bad

Well Asuka lost all her character relevance pretty quickly so nothing left but she's 16 with the rocking body of a 25 year old.

u gay?

Symphogearfag here

Why the fuck did you think a show directed by Ono would ever be good?

Some people never learn.

Actually, she's 15 in the beginning of GX.
Most girls develop a body like that at 20 or older, but Asuka grew faster.
The only thing that can make her boobs grow bigger is absorbing someone in them.

>Most girls develop a body like that at 20 or older, but Asuka grew faster.
No they fucking don't, girls stop growing at like, 17

Why profesor looks surprised when Yuri carded Asuka?

So can we expect a DM cameo at this point to complete the fuckery?

No. Nothing unexpected is going to happen.

Cred Forums really don;t care about this.

>he think every burger is sexualy deprived

Her eyes are so sexual.

I would definitely want to find myself in here,except I can't stand the Obelisk Blue's headmaster (getting carded by Yuri sounds much better).

We can't, and it's better that way.

Ono did admit that he himself is not very good with longer running series. Without a doubt he good with exact starts or first half but when you get to the second half it spirals into wrong. The second half of Symphogear GX and the recent majority of problems in Arc-V is proof of that now.

Lads. HARAMBE Pokemon!

Don't forget 5D's. It was like an entirely different show from the dark signers. Ono's biggest issue is for some reason he cannot and will not develop his main characters. Yusei lost every single bit of his personality from the dark signer arc just like Yuya lost everything about himself from standard. It's all Kizuna and Egao to them, If Aki and Yuzu are any indication I can't imagine how bad Symphogear's second half got with it's lead and heroine.

Gorilla =/= Orangutan

Unless BB happens to be a Pokémon.

I wonder what voice would Noro get in the English dub?
I think his name is gonna get changed too.

>Make a New Year’s resolution to crush your opposition with the Pendulum Domination Structure Deck!
>This deck is all about planning and executing the perfect strategy for every duel.
>but be careful! Prolonged reliance on Dark Contracts has an adverse effect on your Life Points, so be sure to have a goal in mind before you sign on the dotted line!
>offering an effectively infinite source of monsters thanks to the power of Pendulum Summoning, the Pendulum
Damn this is chunni.


We're talking about Asuka whose had tits since she was 8.

>Show is about Yuya wanting to make everybody egao
>Blank face throughout his antics with BB
>Yuri pretending not to know what his cards do
>This causes me to egao

Yuri is the true hero of this series

Subs for 122 and 123 are out but in 360p

To be fair,the Obelisk Blue female uniform could make any generic girl look like a porn star.

So how dead is she?

Dead Sexy


How do people sub like this? I've spent an hour listening to audio cues and I'm only three minutes in. I think I'm gonna just wait for Mono.

Food menu updated

>Kaiba's good is Filet Mignon to mirror how that's his favorite food in the manga

>Jou's food is curry to mirror the curry shop he ate at in BC


>image for ants

New desserts

pls dont kill youself, user. Reading the script in another window is more than fine.

>also image for ants


updated drinks

I like how Yuzu is just a wife in the Manga. Should have been like that in the Anime too

Go to bed Shun



>Implying Yuzu is the wife

But I'm a duelist

RIP Standard Yuzu, along with Masumi, Michio, Meiru, Fisherbro, and my hopes and dreams

Yuzu's roll in the manga is very similar to a domesticated housewife, but the key difference I believe between her and Kotori is that Yuzu has a personality and the reason she tags along makes sense.
"If we're going to get out of debt, we need someone famous!" -- Yuya vs. Sawatari
"He took my father, and I need to get him back!" -- Yuya vs. Shun
"If Yuya enters the building by himself, it would be suspicious!" -- Yuya vs. Sora
"Yuya's unconscious, there's nothing I can do to help him, and we need supplies!" -- Yugo vs. Ren

Quite frankly seeing her not give a fuck about him other than as a meal ticket is pretty great, considering Kotori would be holding Yuma's hand and never leave his side; meanwhile, Yuzu leaves to get groceries and then demands he reimburses her for the payment.

Manga Yuya is Macho as fuck. Even Gongenzaka would be scared

>Bracelet-Kun has another fit in two episodes

Go back to the mall yuzu and this time make sure to buy tomatos

>Decent raw for 122 finally up
Finally, wish it was 123 instead though.

anime lovers would also love hentai is for fags like anime lovers

And FubuKING.


hentaiiiiiiii boiii

hentaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii is for faggots



Yuto lost to Jack, but Yugo beats him.

I agree with this. Kaiser has the Cyber Infinity's that Konami coukd shill and Buki woukd have been a working to take down Academia from the inside. Asuka and Edo were terrible choices. Though I did want a Yu-Gi-Oh female character as a legacy character but Asuka was the worst choice.

No, no, Fubuki would have been a terrible choice too. He was practically a non-character in GX.

In all honesty having one of the GX characters be working against Academia is a horrible idea, and on top of that Konami can't shill CyDras since they've already been sold. The two best characters to return from GX would have been Manjoume and Asuka, but using their SoL personalities while leading Academia's forces. Having Sawatari and Gon defeat Manjoume so he becomes a part of their trio while having Yuzu and Sora beat Asuka would have given them time to go from asshole/bitchqueen to comic relief trio / WE HAVE TO GO DEEPER IN THE PLOT trio, giving us better character development and making Arc-V OCs relevant.

>We have to go deeper in the plot
What plot? Only thing that we have going is the demon inside the Yuu boys.

>you will never see Manjoume rally the troops of Academia with cries of MANJOUME THUNDER
>you will never see Sawatari and Manjoume banter back and forth
>you will never see Manjoume do the fusion chant
>you will never see Armed Dragon retrains

>you will never see Armed Dragon retrains

Still best boy.

You could always watch GX again.

Ruri and Serena's well being in the next two episode.


>this thread
>nostalgia, nostalgia, and more nostalgia
What happened?




Dunno. In any case, Asuka's death really set things right.

Why the fuck is Mono taking so long to sub the epsidoes? He already has the 480p rawns

Shoulda ran some burning abyss.

That's not apple sauce

>he's never had white apple sauce

Watching for the first time. Up to 51, the second duel with Reji and Yuya. Here, have a load of hot opinions:
>Yuya is meh-tier at best. Getting really fucking annoyed by his frequent moodswings, though. Yuto was okay, Yugo is dumb as a brick and I haven't seen enough of Yuri to judge. Gongenzaka is decent and makes me want to play Superheavy Samurai, Shun feels like Crow 2.0, Sora a shit. Neo New Sawatari is okay as well, but needs to finally fucking decide what deck he's playing.
>Thank fuck for carding. Michie and Teppei and all those other scrubs were shit, so I'm glad they're not wasting more screentime.
>Mooks are batshit strong. 3 fucking Obelisks take, what, 7 Lancers to take out? Powerlevels are inconsistent as fuck in general.
>CG is still shit like it was in 5Ds.
Thanks for subscribing to my blog, btw.

>Sora a shit

>Getting really fucking annoyed by his frequent moodswings, though
You'll love him in Synchro, user.

Also, the way you type is pretty obnoxious, like you're compensating for something.

No one cares. We're busy shitting and pissing on the show.
Fuck off.

Seeing one of my favorite characters beating and carding one of my least favorite characters in the whole franchise sure was refreshing.
2ch Asukafags should stfu.

>2ch Asukafags should stfu.
This. Asuka was always an useless slut.


>Seeing one of my favorite
why do people even like Yuri?
before 123 all he did was some (bordering on QUALITY) funny faces and carded literal cannon fodder

Why do you exist?

>Asuka getting carded makes Arc-V Anti GX Fanfiction.

So what does that make Arc-V considering Crow got carded offscreen


The antagonists in general are so lacking, any of them who have some kind of personality (like Jean, Dennis, or Yuri) stand out that much more by comparison. It's like winning because you bothered to show up.

>Crow got carded offscreen

I think user meant to say that he was carded without a full last duel. Like Tsukikage. But the difference between Crow and Asuka is that the former had full duels (and won against) 2 Arc-V characters.

They're mad because Yuri managed to beat up those 5 Academia Students with nostalgic GX decks.


>You'll love him in Synchro, user.
Will I? I heard Synchro was bad and that I should stop watching at 51.


is anyone else excited as fuck to see Yuya finally stop being an Egaofag and do something entertaining for once,

If you think Yuya's moodswings are annoying now, they get even more focus and intensity in Synchro


Shit. At least it has Jack, right?

post hitosu nii to honour the occasion


I thought it was weird how exceptionally ugly those ex-Academia students were (the ones who dueled Yuri). All the other students we've seen look normal.



Jack duels 3 times (2 near the very end) and otherwise sits on his ass not doing or contributing anything. But yes, it has Jack

That Yuri is way too fucking lewd.

That Yuto is pretty lewd too.

That's because Noh.

>mfw Ebina rape faces
I can't contain my boner.

Shirtless when?

If they had normal designs and were just drawn with some QUALITY it'd be one thing (like Yuri that episode), but it's like they were Sam's long lost relatives.

a proof of what ruined da series


Jesus, please don't remind me of him. His nose was fucked up.

Don't forget his swollen eyes, lips, and the tarantula hair



I remember people constantly talking about how ugly this poor sap was. I also remember people hoping that he would take back Tuning Magician, and I remember people hoping Tuning Magician would be changed into a pendulum monster in the real game and have a completely different effect than it did in the anime, instead it's a pseudo pendulum monster with the same shitty anime effect.

He's actually normal looking, but has a perpetually active allergy

nostafagging, in general

Asuka's old monsters sure were useless,but you can't argue that Cyber Blader had a pretty nice rack.

I wish I could be this chunni without being judged by society youtube.com/watch?v=lgNKbB1GR1Q


Quit posting this. And that's not even top-chuuni.


>Lollipop include on Sora's Course
All is right with the world.

>Dan just turns in a circle to become Atem

Daga damage wa ukeru!

Sora's is giving be diabetes from looking at it

i would actually like generals on this board and i would also like info on upcoming episodes since they've taken forever to be uploaded recently.

so eat a shit user.


calling it now, one of them is going to absorb the other

>Marshmallon Toast

That sounds pretty good.

>Can't just let yugi duel Kaiba on his own

This image is the best thing that has come out from this entire shitshow of a series desu.

People have been calling that since Yuri's first appearance.

>Kuribandit gives Yugi 5 Spell and Traps
>Kaiba's hacking theme plays when he starts playing for real

Boy! You sure showed him 20 hours later!

Someone didnt watch OjiMarsh

It's the sweets he ate in Yushow School



>Kaiba Synchro Summoning
>Yugi Xyz Summoning

>very fast Neo New posing at incredible hihg speed.jpg

Why are the dub voices so bad?



i just got here

Because dub

They're pretty okay


I know the Kuriboh is coming, but it's still so fucking hype when he drops it.

>Lullaby of Obedience



she is also DED

You could've put Raging Dragon as 125's pic.


duel arena user here (if anyone remembers). is anyone playing duel links beta?