The 15 smartest anim and manga chars

1 Johan Liebert
2 Yang Wenli
3 Reinhard von Lohengram
4 Sieg Kircheis
5 Paul Oberstein
6 Pariston Hill
7 Gin Freecs
8 Akagi Shigeru
9 Shinichi Akiyama
10 Shirube
11 Shinichi Kudo
12 L Lawliet
13 Zero Ukai
14 Squealer
15 Light


where's Anokata? should be under Oberstein

What about Kusanagi Motoko ?
She's not legit though

why would she be on this list?

Only autistic teenagers make chart like this.

You forgot the greatest mastermind of them all

Stop fucking reposting this, take it to Facebook or something.

> Sieg Kircheis
> but no Dusty

Didn't you get how smart she is ?
Her abilities are way over human's level.
Also Lelouch


>togashi above the demonic mahjong god
clearly bait

>Griffith in OP image
>Not even on list

Dat body and IQ tho

>12 L
>15 Light

This doesn't make any sense. In the end Light outsmarted L.


used literal gods of death because he was getting slapped around like a bitch

>no Aizen


Griffith is clever but it's much more that the people surrounding him are as stupid as the story demanded it

And? That doesn't matter because he still got outsmarted.

ITT: dumb characters

Real smart character would be Junko Enoshima.

Didn't Junko died in the 1st game?

Top 10
1 Lelouch Lamperouge 718 votes
2 Light Yagami 659
3 Shinichi Kudo 639
4 Seijourou Akashi 503
5 Shiro 366
6 Tsubasa Hanekawa 363
7 Tatsuya Shiba 293
8 Shintarou Midorima 264
9 Shintarou Kisaragi 257
10 L Lawliet 212

Fujoshi screw up a poll again