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ITT: The First Pravda episode just happened

Now let's wait for translated or raw content we will be grateful to receive

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Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

I'm literally in love with Momo Kawashima!

Taeko is happy that someone tried to get last for her

>3 years later
>You find a love letter in your mailbox
>Saki had been writing a word per day for the past 3 years
>Scrunch it up and throw it in the bin, well past that phase
>Return to your girlfriend, Yuuki for morning sex

She's the best duck and the one I'd love to fuck

>10 years later Saki starts crying

I want to embarrass my future children by acting lovey-dovey in public with their mother.

Let me fix that for you:

>Give Saki a peck on the cheek
>She gives no respose
>You feel awkward and avoid her all night
>The next day Saki grabs your sleeve to get your attention.
>She beckons you to lower her so that your eyes are level
>She gives you a peck on the lips
>You blush
>Saki smiles at you, hugs you and whispers into your ear "I love you."


I respect your opinion but the duck I'd most like to fuck is Noriko

>Saki wakes up
>She adds one more word to her love letter with tears in her eyes
>She lays back down, hating herself for not being direct
>She closes her eyes, wondering what to write next

I want to embaress my wife on live TV by telling the world how I love to hold hands with her in public.

Little Army anime adaptation when? I want my Da-dang animated and kicking ass.


>Ooarai tanks advancing
>duck team explodes
>where did that come from miho asks, too late
>a flash
>an explosion
>the panzer 4 is knocked out
>the Hetzer is destroyed
>the leadership is gone panic ensues
>tanks flee in all directions
>lilliburlero is heard in the distance
>a matilda is seen as the tiger is knocked out
>she lets the others escape so that she can ravage them another day
>she strikes a victory pose
>girl i left behind me plays as rosehip finally manages to catch up

Looking forward to season 2?

I still want to photobomb Saorifag and Momofag's double date.

I will switch your tea out for Arizona iced tea and you won't even notice you fraud!


Shinobu is the best duck.

do you think Darjeeling's pantsu smells like the tea?

Saki agrees with you
Pic unrelated

Explain this image to my

Si many fags on Cred Forums

Lol, I'm not even an Oreofag. And I like Nishi.

would suck

You will see my face (which will look very silly) in every photo you all take together. There's nothing you can do to stop me.

Yeh and I'm not one of them

he's starting to result obnoxious

I'll Photoshop your silly face out of the photos, no dramas.

You are an absolute monster. I had no idea Darjeelingfags were this ruthless.

I'd like to do butt stuff with Saori.

You see this. What do you do?

>Wanting to fuck a little boy
>Not a fag


>ITT: The First Pravda episode just happened
you'll never watch Yukari and Erwin singing Yuki no Shingun for the first time again

I'm blushing


First of all it's not gay if it's a feminine penis, second of all it's irrelevant anyway because she's a cute, sexy girl

Sabaton is shit

Free her. I want Season 2 damn it.

Get her out of those cuffs and ask her if she's ok, once she's given me her answer I take her to a hospital.

rape her. what the fuck are you guys saying.

You are not my wife! Give those blushes back!

Why is Alice so lewd?

>all it takes is one bullet and you can live there

What if they met?


Stop the bullying

Why is Alice so comfy?

Because she was molested when she was younger.

:happy hgn sound:



What's her age again?


Damn, she set herself up for one hell of a confession.



I love Carpaccio

I want to make our children 3/4 italian and 1/4 jap

Yep, I wonder how she'd react if the guy said "It's you Pepperoni, you are the one I like."

>she brushes it off as a joke and says you're a good friend

RIP that guy

I want to eskimo kiss Saori while holding her hands.

Damn user, this is a blue board

"But it's not a joke Pepperoni, I love you, please go out with me."

Reminder than even in THAT Erwin was the best girl

Smug to the end


is this TK's work?

post she holding hands with Saemonza

>Saori chooses to mate with you
>Feel your body fail under her massive frame
>Just as you are sure your pelvis is going to shatter you feel a release and she stops
>In a gutteral whalesong she communicates that you've impregnated her
>It is time to become one with her to nourish her child
>She lays on top of you and falls asleep
>Feel yourself melting into her fat folds as they envelop you
>There is nothing but silence now.

Well THAT Doujin is made by TK.

Speaking of which, how long until TK makes a Hai-Furi Doujin?

do you like TK's work?

>It's so shit that even TK refuse to touch it.

yes please, I can't wait

naval warfare is brutal as fuck

does TK do more edgy war stuff?

Muh dick please continue

no mercy

Does TK even still alive?

I want Momo and I to share winter gloves in our off hands and hold hands with our ungloved hands.

Nope (Although I do have a morbid fascination with them.), considering that TK made Doujins based on GuP, Strike Witches, KanColle, it would make sense for TK to make a Doujin based on Hai-Furi.

anyone got the smug Wilhelmina reaction pic?

Well his latest tweet is from 5 days ago, then yes, he is still alive.

just remembered how Yukari died, it still gets me

>ywn give Katyusha upsies.

I needed to watch it again to get it. she had her belly open, shit

also poor Saori and Mako

>still not a single one of these for any Pravda

Student councils demise will always hurt to look at. Their vain attempt to get out emphasized by the fact that we just see it quietly happen from a distance. No dramatic closeups.

>a literal no-name got one.


>Erwin holding hands the day before dying
>Miho feeling bad her whole life for nothing



Guys help, I think I broke my Yuuki.

She's my favorite rapist

shimada genes

>Have you tried turning her on and off?

Doujin artists you wanna see do porn of GuP that hasn't yet.

Tamagoro doing a Saunders doujin with Saori and Yuuki.

She can control my dragon if you know what I mean.

>knowing artist names
>not straight forward fapping to anything without sense even bald Sodoko

But user, she's always turned on.

Pov vanilla lovey dovey date with Yukari or upskirt voyeurism with every girl in the cast drawn by Isao Sugimoto.

>garupans and shitty creepypasta
But why?


Feels bad man


Don't tell me you saved a fucking thumbnail?

Takayaki, god of vanilla.

Original resolution famalamadingdong


go on

My life for Duce

It's the only Sodotank i have.

Vanilla Hetero Katyusha.

>doesnt remember artists by name

It's highly recommended to hide the fact you're new to anime.



I'm slowly turning into something I hate

I want her to sexually dominate me

Which one?

Anything by ShindoL

So any reason why the Miho x Erika pair gained so much popularity? How popular is it compared to Maho x Erika?

Erica as long as she doesn't kick my balls.

I want Hartmann to crush my balls!

The tank

Loli lieks corm.

The tank, please.


Heidimarie or Minna. Probably Heidimarie.

Would ShindoL doujin on the student council be the most depressing?

far right, forgot her name

the Tiger

Momofag if you're still ITT , have you ever thought about writing a short story? Id love to read it.

im not familiar with that, i just found it funny in the one where yukari is alone it says that erika ran away, so i posted the previous picture as context

Hanna-Justina Marseille?

How the fuck do I even know this? I've never seen Strike Witches.....
It's just got good porn on the 'booru's.

Good idea, fanfiction is exactly what we need.

Even if he just Pastebinned it, I just want romance shit with Garupans. Like the Saorifag one.

And then what, user, then what?

Are you a nullfag?

I'm no good at that kind of stuff.

If I did, it'd turn out horribly cliche and disjointed. Even on a simple love story.


I want to invite her to my house and have dinner with my family

Its like you don't even love Momo, your head should be filled with cute love stories by now.

There are no words he can use to express his love for his wife, somple as that. Please do not bully him for it, he has a pure heart.

I'm a Yukarifag and I've got tons of stories in my head but not the writing ability to put it on paper.
My favorites are working at Tank Club and falling in love, studying hairdressing at the Akiyama barbershop and practicing on their daughter and building models together a comfy winter night with our feet rubbing against eachother under the kotatsu.

>Writefags are watching

Please do a Nonna or Shiho one. Please, like mother/son stuff.

Yes and no. Most of his stuff doesn't do it for me, but he's got an orphaned Hanna pic and a few others that are nice.
Actually, I've currently got a request for an edit on that pic over in /d/, come to think of it.

I want to be Shiho's son and be her special little boy

I love my mommy Shiho so much, she takes care of me and supports me

Hana wants to be hardcore, but her mom won't let her.

I'm in love with canon Momo. My own made up stories about her wouldn't do her any justice and wouldn't sit right with me.

I wish I could draw. I would draw Yukari day dreaming and fapping with her tank shell dildos. We go into her daydream and she is having sex with male humanized tanks. Mous would be a cute shota with a huge dick.

>you will never be the Nishizumi father
>you will never raise Maho and Miho to be two fathercon with Shiho's support

Hardcore Hana

Momo is pretty cute, sort of like an angry puppy. You just kinda want to pat her head and say "there there" while she rages.

>You will never be kept in the nishizumi household as their breeding stud.
>Weeks of orgasm denial between passionate nights of leglocking mating presses on their most dangerous days.
>Providing protein supplements during their pregnancies.

Exactly. But she has a very mushy side too. I love the angry serious front she has and how she easily let's it slip that's now what she's all about.

what a boring idea




Not* what she's all about.

The photos Anzu shows Miho before the Pravda match are perfect examples if I had them on me.

I want Anchovy to step on me!

Thank you Sawreehfag. You are my greatest ally.

What did you get her, anons?

You didn't forget, right?

A nice model recreation of her daring feats!


I'm going to make Duce a nice homemmade Lasagne.

Nonna and Shiho walk into their son's room. "Ah" the son said. "What are you doing here". Nonna and Shiho, who are married by the way, grab their son's dick. Sucking it hard but with love. Their son cums buckets inside their mouths. They start snowballing each other with the cum. The son cries and plees them to stop and explain why this is happening. Unemotionally Nonna slaps him with a vodka bottle and tells him to shut up. The son quiets down as Nonna and Shiho ride him nonstop until morning without a condom but with a hand in his ass each time to grab his prostrate. That is so he can cum extra. Once it's all over Shiho says "That should be enough, we're definitely pregnant now." to which Nonna replies "yes. Thank you Shiho, we will now lactate enough to feed Katyusha throughout winter".

Son dies from dehydration. The end.

Writefags, can someone do a story for my waifu and best Garupan?

You want a story of Hana and Kay?





Why is it so hard to settle on one girl to waifu up?

Yes, but focus on Hana. Or have it involve a qt guy that does it with both of them.

If I didn't focus on Momo from early on I would have had a tough time. There are many great girls.

There was a banker. He was ready to go home until Hana and Kay came out of nowhere and put him at gunpoint. They demanded money and he gave it them. However Hana wanted more fun. He ripped off the pants of the banker and told Kay to film it. She wants to blackmail him for further money in the future. She rode on top of him as Kay schlicks herself. Hana cums and the moment the banker starts to cum Hana shoots him in the head. Kay says "Hana you stupid idiot we were suppose to blackmail him." Hana replies with "Oops. My bad. This is more hot though isn't it?"

The money was used for Hana to turn into a ganguro.

What a terrible story, i hope you learned your lesson Hanafag.



Hanafag, I'm so sorry.

Tbh this was not the best story.
Out of curiosity, am I thought of as the Hanafag on /ak/? Are there others?

You are the only one, though i do like Hana.

You recently started working on the Ooarai carrier. During your first week, you were tending to your duties, when you heard a faint thump in the distance. You approached, curious about the source of the sound, but nothing was the obvious source of the sound. But it was repeating itself, and getting louder. You turn a corner, and recognize the figure standing before you. She was the gunner in the flag tank in the recent Senshadou tournament. She seemed somewhat unremarkable on the stadium screen, but now that you get a closer look, you are stunned by her beauty and grace.
"You must be Izusu Hana. You were great in that tournament, especially that last shot."
Hana blushes, but then leans down towards you, face to face, and lets out a mighty roar. You're nearly blown away as her gigantic maw sends air gushing from her mouth with tremendous force, blowing past her foot long teeth. She smiles at you, and then picks you up in her mouth, and begins violently shaking you. You go limp as your neck snaps with the force. She drops you onto the ground and begins devouring you, piece by piece. You are now one with Hana, and find comfort in the knowledge that you were able to make Hana happy, from one step of the food chain to the one above.

I think it's just you.


That's great and all but where's Kay?

Tfw you are only one who likes best garupan.
I really had my hopes up until the second paragraph, writefag.

Hana's previous meal


The worst gup.




Gayest post for a while, even worse than the pastas or waifuposting

Why is that?




>remove shitty girls
>keep the model
>buy Erika figure
>add it
>create perfection

>>remove shitty girls
>>buy Erika figure
Something doesn't add up

Erikafags are truly the worst.

anyone have the Erwin one?



No girl is shitty! ENOUGH




Lighten up. Here.

Hanafag met Hana. Hana was happy she had a fan. They dated. Hanafag impregnated her. Hana is happy. They name their kid Ohana. She grows up. You cheer on Hana when she reunites in a match with her old teammates. Ohana is in College now. Hana and you are growing old together. Hana dies but no one is there because you are the only Hanafag.

I want to execute Erika for her crimes against humanity with the Mossad and Yukari's help



I want to hide Erika in my house from your dirty Jewish claws

you will never find her in Argentina, fucking kike

People probably liked their dynamic with how Erika was kind of antagonistic to Miho. It makes for a good love-hate relationship. I think that one Rabu Rabu chapter added more fuel to the flame too. And people like to speculate that maybe they were friends before Miho left KMM.

And it seems like it's the most popular Erika ship so I'd say it's more popular than Maho/Erika.



What happened to her feet? Poor girl.

Girls und Fallout when?

>Long-haired Miho


what language is that?

elvish, georgian, thai?

I want to do lewd things with Duce


Looks like hindi, or perhaps arabic.

Cutest boy

Look at her trying her hardest to be sexy. She's too cute.

Maho x Erika and Miho x Yukari are PBJ sandwich tier in terms of shipping. Tastes pretty good, but gets pretty boring.

Miho x Erika just has that extra spice to it thanks to the vague and ever changing nature of how close they were to each other prior to Miho transferring. If Duce is anything to go by, people love when the initially bitchy girl gets their character expanded on and granted redeeming qualities. This propels Miho x Erika straight into gourmet Ice cream Sandwich tier territory.

>i'll never be the Nishizumi and Shimada father at the same time

Would you want one?

>a whole product lineup consisting of mundane things dressed up as DUCE

That's weird.

I'll take 10.


What is your birthday present for Chovy?

>Non-Alcoholic Wine for her parties

She and the girls are still going to be hammered

Forced impregnation.

Consensual impregnation

And after dinner?

Two new Confessions, Bakaroni and Carpaccio


Rearview mirrors

Nothing, I'm taking Sicily from her.

Carpaccio is so creepy, Bakaroni is such a baka.

20 dollars. I'm sure she would be grateful.

Will Maho's autism be cured if I love her enough?

Why would you want that?

I want to save her from the memes the same way Sawreehfag saved his wife from memes.

A homecooked meal.

But her autism is cute, and Saori will always be a seal (because it's cute).

That is an angry tent

But Maho being autistic is cute.

Saoris was misconstrued as an insult about weight.

How was this meme girl saved from memes?

Saori still fat. Autist Maho is such a dumb meme anyways. She is antisocial and quiet because Shiho is a bad mom and KMM are Nazis.

anyone have the Translated St. Gloriana ones

It's there.


It's not translated though

Why are we fat-shaming Saori again?

10/10 would breed with.

Of course it is, everything there is translated.

>play along
The danbooru translator can be very liberal at times

Not fat shaming, just stating the facts.

welp, that took me a long time to realize

Pure love.

不安 isn't "scared" at all either

I like this

Do you think it's ironic that a failed artist like himself has actually gotten more recognition for his work than if he probably was accepted in the first place?

I think it's hilarious.

We need slumber party OVA. Who is with me?

Absolutely. Closest we'll ever get is the the little party they had in OVA 6, though.

Hindi or Thai.

When you can't succeed at originality, just copy paste movie scenes, character designs and be as shocking as possible when it comes to slathering up a happy series with despair and filth.

That said, his Madoka doujins feel really redundant.



The Student Council Office before the Pravda Battle

Anzu: Look, Kawashima's smiling
Momo: Please don't show that kind of thing

Miho: Seems like fun
Anzu: There's still more~

This one is Kawashima sneaking alone to a Cat Cafe

Kawashima going to school while forgetting to wear her skirt

This one's Kawashima when she was taking selfies and uploading it to SNS

Momo: W-why do you have those pictures, president!?

This one is Kawashima, wearing only a coat and going on a night walk.


She's too damn cute. How can you forget to wear a skirt? Perfect bakawife.

>taking selfies like that
I don't think Momo "forgot" anything, user.

She's trying to be super sexy and slightly failing. And evidently extremely embarrassed by it. I don't think she purposely forgot her skirt.

I want a girl to go up to Momo for her birthday and say "Here Momo, I made you another half for your glasses. I assume you can't afford the other half, so we chipped in to get you this." and Momo starts crying as usual.

Thai; Hindi letters would be connected by a line

I would fight that girl's husbando on the spot.

I want to stalk Sawreehfag and Saori, and film their sexual exchanges.

Did she try aiming at the sky?

>Want to fight the girl's husbando for giving Momo an innocent gift on her birthday

The fuck is wrong with you?

No. She's cheering me on while I beat up that girls' husbando.

>Cannot recognize clear as day bullying

>cheering me on while I beat up that girls' husbando
She isn't Miho, user.

If you read that image clockwise starting from upper left it's a classic story of a girl losing to cock

I was okay with you Momofags, but I can see as clear as day that you are just a bully.

You don't have to do that user, not everything has to be recorded. But thanks anyway.

If someone bullies your wife you can't just smile sheepishly and walk away. Even if you get your ass kicked, you fight for her.

Well said, Momofag.

The fight against the bullies never ends!

Also glad to see Saori got over dancing in the angler fish outfit.

t. Boko

But Boko bullies AND gets his ass kicked.

>Give a friend an innocent gift

You're a delusional dickhead.

Boko did nothing wrong.

>Call someone poor
>Give them something they shouldn't be able to without personal details (Lens prescription) thus making it a joke gift
>She's obviously wearing it as a monocle

It's bullying. Enough.

Just in time for Duce's birthday.

I'd give anything for a GuP fighter.

>Call someone poor.

They just assumed she had to pay for tank repairs.

>Give them something they shouldn't be able to without personal details (Lens prescription) thus making it a joke gift

They checked her lens on her monocle, plus they want it to be a surprise.

>She's obviously wearing it as a monocle
How are they suppose to know that, it's a uncommon fashion sense.

Admit it, you overreacted. The rabbits would do something like this.


>The rabbits are on record for talking smack about Momo within earshot in the latest OVA

Rabbits confirmed for Momo bullyers. This is war, user.

I want to rape Miho in front of Maho

Why do you have such a death wish?


Because life is suffering

Where can we find info on the Guppies' birthdays?

I wanna make an anchovy cake for her

Based rabbits.

What's that? British cuisine?

I had no idea that Sawreehfag is a shopkeeper. Interesting!

why is yuuki talking like a slut

Sounds pretty Sawreehfag to me.

This one still need translation.

Gee I wonder why.

I like how the 正 counters become increasingly untidy.


No one is able to keep up with her.

Sawreehfags official backstory manga when?

So in when the auto club mentions there's rules about the engine but not the motor.

What's the difference? Please feel free to talk down to my no car having pedestrian ass.

The story is the best we'll get.

Someone post it, please.

Where are this ChovyMiho come from?

>So in when the auto club mentions there's rules about the engine but not the motor.
>What's the difference? Please feel free to talk down to my no car having pedestrian ass.
TigerP has both a combustion engine and an electric motor. The hybrid allows superior torque in theory, but WW2 technology doesn't have a sufficiently reliable or powerful electric motor. So real life Tiger-P sucked.

However, Senshado rules only specified that the engine has to be authentic WW2, and didn't say the electric motor had to have WW2 parts. Further, there was an added caveat that demanded that all electrical components had to obey modern safety standards. This means there is a loophole for them to install the biggest and most powerful modern electric motor they could fit in the damn thing, without breaking the rules as written.

They went overboard and the motor blew up in the match, but it worked well enough to get one kill.


Cool. I understand now.

I want a streetlegal tank so badly.


A porn book..!!

Good job Saki!!

Her style(figure) is great right
I'm jealous~

The magazine that Onii-chan bought is the same as this~!!

That person looks like Commander-!!

Stop it~
You shouldn't look~


That sound is

Don't defile the commander!!

It's the Nishizumi police


Missing the 3rd bubble on panel 2.

show me x2
let me seex2

Whichever you want

all german tanks are street legal

Tanks are "street-legal" in the sense that as long as it's properly demilitarized (where required) you can own one as a civilian, get it a number plate and the license to drive a tracked vehicle.

The real problem is that most places will simply forbid you to drive on-road because tonk is heavy and tracks fuck up the bitumen.

I just finished watching the show, I never knew how fun girls and tanks could have ever been

I want to have a fistfight with Piyotan.

You have a tank

I would love to read that

thats what roadpads or tracks are for.
most tanks can add rubber pads to the tracks to give them more grip on roads, it also helps not to fuck up most streets.

i thought street legal in the sense of being equipped with blinkers, lights and so on.

I'm not sure if this is entirely a serious reply.

Thanks Erikafag.

>I thought street legal in the sense of being equipped with blinkers, lights and so on.

That would fall under the "get it a number plate" part of the process. If you don't have everything the local authorities consider mandatory to issue a nummer plate to a vehicle, you won't get one until everything is installed.

It's mising screaming Chovy on top of the hatch

Nigga, please. Arabic letters aren't angular (unless decorative, there's a whole branck of art devoted to writting Arabic shit in fancy ways)
That would use Cyrilic
Nope. Tengwar script uses unly stems and bows

Watching their control panel labeled ESP makes it even funier.

Tiger (P) worked by having a petrol engine moving a dinamo from which the electrical motor drew power - and it also charged a battery from which the motor could also draw power in an emergency. But since *ALL* big WW2 batteries were unsafe as fuck, they took it as excuse to replace it with a (likely industrial-sized) ESP (External Power Supply), of Ankou-God-knows which insane rating - and THAT'S what they activated.

Foreshadowed by this scene in which they're carefully studying the Tiger (P)'s electrical system layout blueprints and the senshado rulebook (top left corner), and crossreferencing them.

And then there's that idiotic British-living-in-Spain fucker that managed to have the police tow away his tank because he used it for grocery shopping (no, really) WITHOUT road tracks (so they stopped him) and WITHOUT proper papers (had it registered under the wrong tax bracket).

Remember, boys and girls, if you manage to have the cops tow away your tank, the towing bill won't be cheap.

Now explain this.

Seems like a popular modification in Senshado these days. What's there to explain?

Dem Nishizumis

>And then there's that idiotic British-living-in-Spain fucker that managed to have the police tow away his tank because he used it for grocery shopping (no, really) WITHOUT road tracks (so they stopped him) and WITHOUT proper papers (had it registered under the wrong tax bracket).

I was thinking of getting into GuP, but what the hell, there is only one season? Sure there are some extra episodes and a movie, but I expected there to be two seasons seeing as you guys have had a noticable presence on this board for quite a long time.

Well, we were waiting around 3 months for the last two episodes, around a year for an OVA with some shorts in between, and 2 years for the movie.

>one season
>8 OVA's (one is a 30-minute long special)
>film which is the best shit you'll ever watch
Also you have few manga spin-offs and stuff like Yukari's Tank Corner if you're really interested.

There's also a fuckload of manga, and porn, and supposedly more animated content soon

is the mallard team a mallard to show that the three are just uglier yuukis(duck)

>Your dad will never drive you to school in a chaffee

>Your daughter is getting bullied
>You drive her to school in a tank to intimidate her bullies

>not going to the bullies' houses and "accidentally" "bumping" into their parents' cars

>Your daughter isn't the one driving the tank
How do you expect her to get into a good senshado school if you don't train her early?

I'd take her out driving on weekends of course, but if we're intimidating bullies she'd have to be in the commander's position.

>release her
>check if she's ok
>ask who did that
>get popcorn
>watch what Maho, Yukari, Saori, Erika, the Sodoko collective, student council, rabbit team, Shiho, Eclair etc. do to whoever did that.

New PV out,, what does /ak/ think about this?
>tankfu at 00:31

Just imagine your favourite garupan waking up the next day and asking herself what a weird shit she dreamt. Helps alot.

As if Maho would shoot someone from behind.


Everyone knows she is carbon-coated, user.

>Still posting sample
Shamefur dispray, get on your knee.

>no one sees the *pam

Quality over quantity.

I wonder if those tents are portals.

thank you


I want to play ero games with the anteaters.

So you want to play BL/otome games with them?

If they are, I wonder if it's the same girl, or if left is eating right's ass.

Nah, she's just a long girl and there's an underground tunnel in the tents.

I want to doggy fuck pre-natty gains Nekonya

I want to be femdom by post-natty gains Nekonya


Detective Hana CYOA when?

quantity beats quality

see WW2

I want to fuck Assam in the ASS

Anyone want a DUCE birthday stream tonight?

I'm talking about GuP's content here not WW2.


MaChovy is the thinking man's pairing


It's the same

you you rather have 100 episodes or 12?

Of these 100 30 could be good anyway


>Of these 100 30 could be good anyway

>30% Good vs 100% Good

Pick one.

Dorkchovy a cute



Why is Naomi such a predator?


There are legit reasons for egosearching. Being a public figure qualifies. And she's the vice-captain of an high-profile sports team. I also egosearch before aplying for a job, just to check what THEY'll find.
And then there's user who egosearches himself daily to see why all his facebook friend requests et turned down.

She's just looking for more Maho/Erika pics for her collection, user.
For scientific reasons. Really.



Dorkchovi is canon now?

halways has been - it comes from a couple RR strips

Why is everyone gay for Miho?


Deal with it, RWfag

How well can your waifu hold your cucumber between her chest?

Well mine is Katyusha, so, not well at all, but even so I still love her.

She'd put it in nonna's tits

Auguri Duce!

I'd be gay for Miho too, and I have a dick.

Miho is boring, only good for her slutty body




While that's impressive.

I am still in awe on how good that scene and the movie overall is.

that's clearly a bean chariot


It really was fantastic.

I'll stab you for that.


What the hell did you just said?

Boring slut


No, you fool!
Not just "girl"

Now, smug Miho is another thing, shame that she lost all her smug

You are a faggot, and your mother is a slut because your "father" was a faggot

Are you saying that Noriko is not cute?

Fight me faggot

You're a boring faggot

That scene was my favorite.

It's stupidity like this what one needs to have a smile. So one can point and laugh while saying, "get a load of this fagot". Domo arigato, Mr. faggoto

Who let loose all those shitposters?

DOWN, boy!
And get yourself new glasses.
I called her cute, in the first place.

None purer.

noriko a boy

Shut up! And visit a optometrist along with the other guy.


Be a hobo and starve or listen to Katyusha.

Easy, be a hobo




I want to make Anchovy a nice home-made lasagne for her birthday.

Italian clay

I want to secretly cum on a plate of spaghetti and serve it to Duce.

>Italy will never again control the Adriatic



They have always been here.

Why is she naked?


i want to make more mihos and mahos

They had been around Gloriana at some point




I want to make little Momos!



And suddenly a second Anchovy Confession pic appears.

Also fuck this 4mb size limit.

I want to cuddle with Shizuka!

We have the Anchovy one, the Yukari one, the Fukuda one, the Sawreefag one, any more cute stories?

I don't think so. The rest are lewd and bully.

>that pic
I wonder what they are looking at. Maho pictures?


No, my dickpics.

>I wonder what they are looking at. Maho pictures?
If there's a better use for computers, I've yet to discover it.

Erika pls

>dat stutter

Be still, thy beating heart

I imagined it as the Uwaaaaaa when she faced the Karl

Have fun with Greece.



Say "like" again!

If you say it then I think I'd love it!


>Say "like" again!!
I don't get it.

Do you have the yukari one?

Don't bother, it's a Jap language thing.


"I like you"

Like that.

What Erika does in her private time is her own business.

>The First Pravda episode just happened
Gee, when was this?

You also got it wrong
Not just "Cute girl" but Cute, sexy girl!!

Shouldn't it be "don't say"?

In jap just like could mean I like you


>people love when the initially bitchy girl
Perrine from SW.
These days I get the impresson that she's the most popular witch.

Jesus, I barely recognised her.

Eye and hair colour is wrong.

The store ran out of the usual wig and lenses.

so is it happening or what?

He really needs to speed up the gif so it syncs with the beats.

I want to do lewd things with Nekota

I'd rather do lewd things to her.

Like holding hands while gazing into those lovely Leiji-esque eyes of hers

The Anteaters are cute 2D but I feel like if they were 3D they would be a bit gross looking

I want Nekonyaa to be my /fit/ instructor and beat me into shape.

Not looking forward to how long the inevitable GuP marathon is going to be after we're finished with season 2.

Probably my favourite events on Cred Forums to be honest

And being breastfeed by Nonna

>Not wanting to fuck her rougly from behind in an alley while she's staring at you in pure lust.

Everything looks gross in 3D.

>Not forcing her to marathon through the full season of Galaxy Express together.
You have one job!

The thought is indeed tempting, but I've always been more of a leglocking/mating press kind of guy. Something more than just a cheap fuck.

Then again, I'll take what I can get.

This is quite beautiful

>Uploader pop9

y-you too

its shit

I dunno.

On one hand, it's the whole NEET angle. At the same time, Nekonya gives off a...for lack of a better term, a "She's all That" vibe. That whole 'nerd girl is actually attractive if properly made up' thing.

This is quite Shit

Darjeeling is my wife!

Yeah ;_;

>Nekonya gives off a...for lack of a better term, a "She's all That" vibe

Gee, really? It ain't like they took one of anime's most classic beauties and mucked it up with inch thick glasses and an abhorrent posture or anything when they designed her.

Oh, wait.

>tfw you got the reference
Cheeky bastard.

You and every other chav

here comes the /vg/ shitposter

black dicks for kay

I'll take Rosehip then.

How can Hana be a detective with tiny arms that can't even reach each other?

I'll take Orange Pekoe


my nubian

Pretty good senpai

Earl Gray is my wife

Rosehip is best brit

Saori became a school teacher I see

I want to get fit with Nekota.

I want to touch her bun

Where's the ass?





Girls don't enjoy anal

You sure about that?


ASSam loves anal.