Sawashiro Miyuki is in the cast

>Sawashiro Miyuki is in the cast
>Larger-than-life genki tomboy character
>Sawashiro is the irrelevant scientist instead
Why is this allowed?
And don't say it's because she dies in the first episode, if I know anything about mahou shoujo she probably has more screentime in flashbacks than half the supporting cast.
Also Symphogear general until I catch up, I guess.

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Bad choice of words there.

No she doesn't. She barely appears in flashbacks, and is not even seen post season 1.

And fuck you for making a general.

Sorry, I just started it. What did I get wrong?

>Sawashiro is the irrelevant scientist instead
That's fine mate.

Ah, now I get it.
>Using the word general trigger people
>If I just said Symphogear discussion it would've been fine
I'm going to label all my threads generals from now on until you realise exactly what the problem is.

>until YOU realize what the problem is

No, faggot, do you not see how fucking infested we are with generals?

Chris becomes good. Hibiki didn't die, they just faked her death. Season two more people show up, everyone except Dr. Ver eventually becomes good. Dr. Ver shows up later in season 3 and then dies to become a hero. Elfnein is a spy for Carol but doesn't know it. Carol and Elfnein fuse at the end to become good. The dolls wanted to die to activate the apocalypse. Miku becomes a gear user for a short while but then Hibiki cures her at the sacrafice of her own gear, but then steals Maria's cloned gear from then on.


>sawashiro irrelevant
She's the main antagonist of S1

>Sawashiro is the irrelevant scientist instead

The problem, dear retard, isn't 'general infestation'. It's when generals are up 24/7. Considering how there hasn't been a Symphogear thread since literally last week, and none before that as far as the archive goes, the only cancerous thing about this thread is you.
Nice attempt at spoilers, btw.

Sawashiro was lewd though and lewd Sawashiro is always good.

Well, I'm definitely going to find SOMETHING to like in this show, at least.Feels a bit too much like another ad for singing idols/VA's, but with Nana Mizuki singing the ED it can't be too bad.

Nanotechnology zombie Kanade for S4, right?

Also, looks like they may or may not have learned something from Nanoha and her "just friends"relationship with Feito, because this girl is as gay as a flowerfield on May.

They're just good friends.

>Sawashiro is the irrelevant scientist instead

bait of babylon

>Feels a bit too much like another ad for singing idols/VA's

That's exactly what the entire franchise is, they don't even try to hide it. Doesn't stop it from being one heck of an amazing ride.


I take it back, she's the irrelevant lesbian scientist.
Although with Sawashiro Miyuki voicing her that was somewhat implied already.

user stop being retarded and watch the whole show

She is the single most important character in the first season. She could not possibly be more relevant.

I'm doing that as we speak, though.

"Just friends"
They've gotten too lewd for that I'm afraid.

Watch Zesshoushinai again. Miku is clearly hard gay, Hibiki is just oblivious like every harem MC.