Danganronpa 3

Oh no

Not me

I never lost control

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Oh, and get ur subs


More like Perished Nanami.





this, seed the thing you fuckers

>All those leechers
Jesus fucking christ

Meme magic.

Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday, the monitors with knives in them from DR1...
It's obvious at this point.

Junko is back.
The only debate is whose body she's using (Kirijunko, Chiakizuru, zombie, etc).

Why is her method so radically different for the Final Killing Game?

We don't know.

She didn't even lose an eye.


>needing streams


i gotchu famalam


Stop crying like a little bitch, of course people will seed. Wait 5 seconds you cocktickling fucknuggets.

>tfw 1h40 mins left
Just make a fucking stream.



Izuru: "But you..all this...is a wake-up call to what I really believe...what I really am."
Junko: "What are you saying?"
Hajime: "I'm saying Hajime is back!"

>Be at work
>Slacking but still can't afford to download

How did you download it so fast

bless you user


Do not spoonfeed, by the way.


Suddenly it becomes 15 minutes left.



>Rolls 16 twice
>Uploads subs before Funimation
>Subs are always better than official translations



>downloading from a toaster
>mfw already done after ~2mins


He really said that?




I want Naegi to kill him by accident with his luck.


Truly a God among men.


What the absolute fuck.

What could you mean?

Why didn't Hajim just not become Izuru?

>tfw 40 kb/s

>Bad Danganronpa Is Writing

If he didnt, he would have died in the apocalypse as his waifu would die forever and not get saved by his replacement Izuru.


Munakatana for your soul.

Why didn't Frodude just ride a bird to mount doom?

Not gonna spoonfeed faggot

>Kamukura going full meme man on us

I love This Thread

Atleast Chapter 0 is still canon

Why didn't Mitarai just say no?

Is this the last Despair episode?

>Izuru says memes

why did'nt agent smith just become the first cop that trinity attacked?



Yes because next Thursday is HOPE

We KIBOU-HEN next week at this time.

>I love This Thread

do you? or has my anime brainwashed you into thinking you love this thread?

>Kibou Hen
He's going to fucking bring back Kirigiri and Nanami isn't he?

The memes, Hinata!
Despair of the soul!

>Izuru getting hit by the waifubait hard.

He granted her her wish didnt he?

>You've lost your waifu

Is there a non-shit sub group doing this?

Not only he held her hairpin he even made a USB that look like it.
He's going full waifurevenge mode.

>he even made a USB that look like it.

are you deaf? that's literally what Junko says and it fits the definition given by Izuru perfectly


>Continued into the hope side



Izuru literally says

Somebody's angry/salty/bitter.

Since when were you under the impression you were making anime, Mitarai-kun?

>Mukuro suggests killing Naegi

I dont think she ever liked him.

>make a shit anime
>he knows people will still watch it and buy the BDs
>I am one of those people
So this..................... Is the power...............................of mindhack......................................................,,.............whoa..................


>subs translate the actual word
>complain about it

Hope, Despair or Ambiguous ending?

do you mean you didnt rike it?

Look up what memes actually are. It's not just about funny cats. Kibou and Hope in this series qualify as memes.


>torrent and seed
>video displays no subtitles


Why is he so perfect bros?

They literally say memes

Tikitikiti, UYUII~

He's so cute, strong, and innocent, I want to bully him.

Even people who like danganronpa acknowledged your not supposed to take it seriously.
You're a fucking idiot user.

Wow that whole episode was basically just obligatory closing of the gap between the anime and DR1. Nothing interesting or unexpected happened at all.

Actually, nothing that matters happened in the entire anime other than Ryota and his brainwashing. Everything else was stuff that was genuinely better left unseen.

I didn't think Hajimeme could be more of a meme, how wrong I was.

This guy is right although Cred Forums would NEVER admit it

Zetsubou got the bad end
Mirai will get a neutral end
Kibou will get weedman's good end

Ends with Kaede waking up in her cell

Smile at Despair in the Name of Hope

Dangaronpa 2 the anination whoul be a good or bad idea ?

I think that's just the top half of the hair clip.

So wait did Izuru make the Chiaki AI? It really seems implied that he did, or at least made sure it would be created.

filtered. fuck off.

>Still no air guitar

Is he "our boy?"

So Despair Arc is over?

Please give me the happy ending of the DR2 cast all waking up from their comas and loving happily ever after in Future Arc.

So really though, this means this is the end of the Despair episodes? Like nothing will air next Thursday?

Doesn't it look a bit bigger?

You could even say it was Tsumaranai

Nope, that was chihiro.
A bad idea. Hell, DR3 anime should've just been a 24 episode version of future arc.

Class 77 was a mistake

Bad, I think it could work if they just released each chapters as OVA.

Next thursday is the finale of Danganronpa Hope's Peak with SIDE HOPE.

Retarded amphibian poster.

I guess.

The Hope episode airs next Thursday. It's the end of the anime.

Fuck you, if the DR1 cast stays dead so does the DR2 cast



I didn't even realize there was an episode 12 until coming to this thread, for some reason when I saw Hope side my mind registered it as Future side.

>we never got this scene

The DR1 cast was fucking shit, though.

>no body
>Izuru talking about fulfilling her wishes
It's happening.

Are you sayin Kodaka was actually Kubo all along?

So we will see Hajime Izuru in the grand finale since it seems like it has been leading up to it? Can't wait to see how Kodaka fucks it up.

Chihiro made her and Alter Ego modified her

Now why they both decided on Chiaki as the model for the AI is beyond me.

Yukizome doesn't know Hajime is Izuru?

Open the two images together and you'll see the differences.

We've already seen it you fucking retard.
Naegi walks in, Izuru turns himself in.
Fuck off already, it's not worth it when we know all the details.

>we still never really got to see the Ultiamte Despairs actually going out and spreading despair, just a few still images and snippets.

In order for Despair side to not be a waste, Chiaki is going to have to matter isn't she?

Was Despair Arc the most unnecessary thing ever?

Chiaki wasnt turned into izuru 2.0 for hinata to come and redeem in future arc, therefore kirigiri is likely staying dead too.

Game over, fucking game over, happy ending aint happening.

as if i needed more reasons to believe this series is heavily inspired by metal gear

>They check Ryota's phone
>"return to the conference room"
>a recorded message from Tengan plays
>"Heh, get fucked youngins!"
>Chiakizuru busts through the screen

Nope. Ryota is actually pretty superflous because the techniques he made aren't even his but just ones he studied up and implimented.

They could've literally just said Junko used brainwashing videos through subliminal techniques and it would have still made sense cause she's mofo Junko.

Yeah, I misheard it earlier and thought he was talking about not saving her. Glad that hope is there.

>Let the butthurt over memes begin
That's literally what it says. Get a dictionary.

She already did matter user. She's dead now.

A perfect man wouldn't have let his waifu die in front of his eyes not just once, but twice.

Izuru...saved her didnt he? Shit.

>no boat fight
>no Juzo normalfag fight
>no Nidai Gundam normalfag fight
>no Peko Mukuro fight

this is NOT OKAY

>anime is almost over
>end of the Hope's Peak Academy arc
>tfw we'll have no new Danganronpa shit until V3 gets localized in late 2018

kill yourself senpai

I'm actually pretty mad about that.

I really wanted to see full body of all the Despairs, some of them had some pretty fucking neat designs

13th Branch Head or Chiakizuru, take your pick

>even made her AI
It sure is happening.




make me, you pink haired psycho bitch

>mind hack anime
>despair memes

Holy fuck those tits

She matters within Despair arc, but as of yet has no relevance to Future.

But user that would be haaaaaaard

I genuinely prefer Despair Arc to Future
>finally get to see student council killing, Nagito's got a gun, Chiaki's execution, more about Izuru, reserve course mass suicide other cool shit
>meanwhile in Mirai absolutely nothing happens for 90% of the anime's running time

Kill yourselves.

Hol up
So we actually have an hour episode on monday after all?

wait what happened this ep?
>77 became evil, 78 locked themselves in, nothing new
>"oh yeah better delete everyone's memories and my own so DR2 makes sense"
so did anything happen except for the hint that hizuru might not be all despair and chiakers might come back?

AI Chiaki isn't the same character, though.

No episode of the Despairs going out and earning their red eyes by spreading despair on their first mission together.

No he's not.

Fuck, she looks so much cuter with the hoodie and without the school uniform.

what if I told you both of those posts were by one person?

Nah izuru didnt, he definitely believes shes dead.

We never got an answer to who was watching the corpse last week so its possible tengan salvaged her and turned her into another izuru. Unlikely but its a possibility that hasnt been shot down yet, though i thought they would reveal it in this episode not in future.

why can't we see through his wet white shirt

List of people who LITERALLY did NOTHING wrong:

Fucking Kodaka, what the fuck kind of ending is this, holy shit, this anime only served to hurt the series more.

Honestly both arcs feel half baked and needed to be longer.

Will the Hajimeme shitposting ever fucking end

Future is flatout stupid, that's why adults shouldn't have killing games.

>falseflag king
Anything can happen in Future.

The only thing holding him back is a lack of a love interest. Think of all the amazing hope he could accomplish if he only found someone to love him.

I thought Sakura couldn't remove the wall plates, but she was shown putting them on bare-handed to begin with. Or was it just against the rules to mess with them? It's been too long.

It's a fucking prequel, no shit a lot of it is going to be stuff that was mentioned in later games but which we finally get to see in action for the first time

Reserve Course riots were pretty fun to watch

Literally did nothing

>see student council killing
Only thing worth showing
>Nagito's got a gun
who gives a fuck
>Chiaki's execution
>bring back a character just to kill them off for muh symbolism
>more about Izuru
more about ruining his character
>reserve course mass suicide
It was better left as an ominous happening that would instill despair into those who heard about it

>dissemination through memes
We mgs2 now

No, literally nothing happened

He looks like a fag

And pretty much every single one was shown in mirai 1

post rare Izurmimus

But that was before we found out about Side: Hope.

Hopefully this faggot gets what he deserves in the next episode.

>Good despair designs tier
>More or less the same tier
Teru teru
>Fuck you tier

We've been MGS since the beginning

Remember that sakura was the traitor in DR1, and yes it was against the rules.

>Despair being a meme that spreads all over the world was predicted
Can't wait for the hope side

despair arc is so fucking stupid



too easy

>Think of all the amazing hope he could accomplish if he only found someone to love him.

Think of all the amazing hope any of us could accomplish if only someone loved us.

That's what I thought too until they revealed one episode kibou hen.

Okay, I thought that might be the case, thanks for confirming.

This shows that Izuru was never despair like Junko seemed to imply but was actually just kinda there because even that early ue already said fuck it and wanted to battle hope and despair or just bring back his waifu.

If anything, it makes less sense on why the guy is with the class 77 considering he gave no two shits about them. I'm guessing he needed all of them alive to do the NWP shit which would explain why the UD were able to get so much shit done.

They're more relevant than the DR2 fodders though

So AI's father was Izuru?

Aside from AI's. The only MGS thing was Mukuro basically being a teenage girl naked snake.

>All that sperging about Komaeda meeting Izuru got dashed.
Wow it's almost as though trying to bitch and whine about plot holes before the very end of a prequel makes you like an attention hungry fag.
Congrats, now I can laugh at you for being retarded.

Izuru deleted his memories?
Why? It's not like he had any to begin with.

I think you got that switched around.

Yes which is why the AI Chiaki existed you retarded secondary


That makes all the virtual sex she had with the Hajime avatar extra nasty.

To explain how Izuru and Komaeda can meet each other for the first time again on the boat.

Reminder that this is a thing that happened.

Nagito is literally Ocelot down to wearing his enemies' arm as his own and following their motives as a twisted version of his own.

No zetsubou hen was very similar to MGSV. both were 95% filler

every time i see that gif i think of this song


77 may not have got a lot of screen time, but at least they actually had lines.

yeah it does give it another episode to explain things but we already know tengan is the mastermind and that theres a 16th participant, i see no real reason they didnt show tengan just tossing chiaki into some tube to make her another izuru. I feel like that would of made the wait for the next future episode alot more fun than if they reveal it next episode.

I guess next episode is gonna be them getting taunted by a recording of tengan calling them all faggots before revealing chiaki was there the whole time and her NG code was being found. Kirigiri shows up at some point that ep and then it ends with izuru + survivors breaking into the building.

No. It's still Chihiro until proven otherwise.

What does it mean?

Hopeman NO

I can't decide if he needs a hug or a punch.

Try a different buzzword, friend.

>class 77 speak about how they're going to spread joy
Are they brainwashed to think what they're doing is good? Were they being ironic?
Why did komaeda still mention being despair when the rest of them spoke about spreading goodness?

I really don't know why I keep sticking around these fucking threads
>retarded theories
>the same JUZOBOYS copypasta with barely any variety
>random people calling others secondaries
>refusal to link people the stream because muh spoonfeed
Yes, I'm a crossboarder but man, I really can't tell which is worse


Of course that we still dont get despair forms of the whole class. At this point im starting to get used to that idea. One more episode and i can finally put it behind me.

>lying despair disease
Did everybody forget about this outside of the fujo context it had for 2-3? He's terrified and angry about being turned to despair but he can't help himself.

See above.

He's so fucking smart

>and chiakers might come back?
Literally nothing suggests this
They explicitly explain that izuru created AI chiaki and AI junko to test both against each other. Nothing about bringing real chiaki back to life

Then if he wakes up and find a weird hairpin in his pocket what will he think?
Also after DR2 did he get all his memories back?

Ugh. I was actually totally fine with the brainwashing, expect the fact that it got Nagito. Totally unnecessary.

The memes, Junko

NWP erased the memories of 77th class and everything related to enoshima junko, nanami, HPA and izuru.
You need play DR2...

Nah I think I have it just fine

Dating Celes!

>Both advertised as showing the fall of a person/people into villainy
>Both extremely disappointing in that regard

>Both end with meme talk

I genuinely feel bad for Munakata, all his friends are shitheads.

Also the Chiaki wank is too real.
>Was alive and part of class 77
>Given more importance than the rest of them, literally stated to be the reason they stayed together as a class
>was the only one who never fell to despair, didn't have to be subjected to retarded brainwash video
>Her death is literally what changes the entire class 77 into despairs because her character is somehow that important despite never really doing anything except thinking about Hajime

Despair arc was a mistake.


QUICK, post your best despair meme

>One more episode
It's already over.

>Well now that I'm despair what do I do... guess I'll visit this Towa City place I always wanted to check it out.
>What the fuck is this green pickle haired gremlin jesus christ

Stop spouting common sense here. It's poisonous and we want to keep our delusional theories thank you.

Why did it took such a big time skip? I mean in the last seconds it skipped all of DR1 and the previous events from them going into the simulation, I'm not asking to show DR1 again but they're obviously hiding Izuru's plan which will probably tie everything together.

Despair disease was just a computer thing, not a real life virus

Izuru makes a better Chiaki than the actual Chiaki

Since when?


He probably had the strongest will out of any of the students, but he still had to fall to it since he was up against super animation. If he had some sort of SHSL force of will powers he might be able to get past it, but no normal person could fully withstand that.

Nagito getting brainwashed completely ruins his character for me. I just wanted him to be batshit crazy and help them so they could be a stepping stone toward hope not be brainwashed into it.

With the whole series i mean. Im bitter that i probably wont get my closure with what happens to them other than...1 min of they woke up but that doesnt matter.

Might as well fuck her for despair or something

Well dont forget izuru wanted to defeat junko as well so Dr2 was also a means to an end with that. he really was testing out whether despair or hope was actually stronger, if despair was he'd of accepted him being brainwashed and being a part of junko's back up plan but the case he was hoping for was her plan being defeated by hope as it'd be more interesting from his perspective.

He already was bored with life until despair came along and threw logic out the window, it made it seem like the strongest emotional force, so whats more interesting than seeing it potentially defeated. Izuru is still an antagonist in the wrong but he was generally hoping for the outcome 2 had.

Now all we need is for Chiaki and Nagito to talk right before DR1 starts and for Chiaki to call Nagito her best friend.

Then the MGS5 references will be complete

Hell, just look at what that got him

Based on this finale, how shit will future side's be then?

no he didn't

>that scene

>chiaki and chihiro literally never met
>izuru says he wants to test hope against despair, with the visuals showing the simulated chiaki

what do you want exactly, user?

I'd rather fuck the lucker desu

>refusal to link people the stream because muh spoonfeed
Cred Forums in general hates spoonfeeding

I think both of them are pretty shitty, only one episode left from each to redeem them and there better be a huge twist in both.

>Izuru's plan
was literally "have AI versions of my girlfriends fight each other, whichever one entertains me more wins"

That's pretty much how I feel about every character who was brainwashed. It's super disappointing.

So Izuru put in the Chiaki virus and the Junko virus in the NWP to see who would win?

>They explicitly explain that izuru created AI chiaki and AI junko
No they didnt. AI Junko literally explains Junko created AI Junko and all evidence points to AI Chiaki being a CHihiro/NWP thing.


>1 hour episode on monday
>kibou hen on thursday
There's still a chance it'll all work out

I don't think explicitly is the right way to describe that friend.

This anime was a mistake.

doest this mean that monokuma is basicaly alternate universe pepe?
does this make junko the ultimate frog poster?

No? It was Junko peeling back parts of the NWP protecting them from the Despair brainwashing.

can't agree more to be honest

The NWP could have made Chiaki. Thus technically making it Chihiro.

Kill yourself

All evidence pointed to there being no additional classmates in DR2, yet here we are with mitarai


Oh I understand that. My problem was the fact he was in that situation anyway. They dragged him along with everyone else simply so he would be in the room with everyone else when the video played.

Hello Cred Forums, do you like ... boats? hehehehehehe

>Izuru had no way of figuring out that they had a Chiaki AI
What, do you want rewritten FTEs for AI Chiakers saying her father was an edgelord who Hajime kind of reminded her of?

>Juzo in a nutshell

>I was just pretending to be retarded.

Wait so there's no reason for Izuru to put the Junko's AI into the simulation is there?

Is side hope just an episode or an entire fucking 12 episode arc?

Reminder that this trio's relationship is pure NTR.

Hell there's even an old man involved. It's practically writes it's own mind break/NTR doujins

no only junko

>Chapter 5 of DR2 is named Smile at Hope in the Name of Depair.
>Chiaki dies
>Episode 10 is named Smile at Despair in the Name of Hope


t. headcanon

It takes the place of the 12th Despair episode.

Spotted the retard.

>All evidence pointed to there being no additional classmates in DR2
They never said there wasnt though. It's super strongly implied Chihiro had a hand in creating AI Chiaki.


Juzo's life is pure suffering.

Probably has to do with all that "checking which isn't boring, hope or despair"
Meaning DR2 has now been reduced to a talent contest between Junko and Chiaki who is later subbed by Naegi

wait was an hour episode confirmed?

Yeah there was. It was so he could pit despair and hope against eachother, and see who would win.

I thought he was just curious to see which would prevail in a certain setting, hope or despair.

Even though he think's despair is completely unnecessary, he's still somewhat interested in it because of it's unpredictability?

No. You can fucking see the swirly eyes in Ibuki.


So he created both the Junko AI and Chiaki AI and is 100% at fault for 80% of his class being put in a coma they'll never wake up from?


>Chiaki dies

and so was Mitarai himself

I love it.

american detected

I'm completely convinced Despair would have been better without Mitarai and Chiaki.

All the retarded disappointing plot contrivances stem from those two.

>his class
He didn't even know these fuckers aside from one encounter with Nagito and Chiaki.

Such is the life of a

Depends if Kibou Hen is a continuation of Mirai Hen or not

Why does he has to do this in a simulation when it already happened in the real world? Am I retarded???

>his class
He killed some batshit crazy kids, Izuru is a hero honestly

>you will never have a threesome of HOPE and DESPAIR with Chiaki and Junko and fill them with your FUTURE

I want a sitcom about Chisa trying to hide being a despair from Munakata while Juzo tries to hide being gay from Munakata

non-brainwashed komaeda does swirly eyes sometimes
Junko has swirly eyes sometimes too. Are you suggesting she brainwashed herself?

So, uh... how much salt we looking at if Nanami is alive at the end?

Need mukuro webm for research

The USA is not the only shithole first-world country.

He doesn't care about those shitters. The only one he liked from that class is dead

I dont think this last episode was bad, i just wish they would of spent more time explaining tengan's motives. Like the episode didnt need to focus on him entirely but they could of done more than what they did. I honestly want to know if hes the one who salvaged chiaki or not.

Wouldn't that mean FF put an AI they got from an anonymous source as an observer of the NWP?

Of course I'll come. Just lead the way

Who doesn't like NTR

It was kind of one-sided in the real world, and he didn't get a hope boner until Chiaki's final moments.

>yfw Kibou is an alternate universe where Despair never happened like Dangan Island.



You'll have to wait until Future for that.

hour episode on monday
wait what? I thought user's shot the hour long thing down.

Toko has shit taste as per usual

Ok yeah they're not his class and at the time he started it he didn't give a shit about them.

But now that he's out of the simulation and has gotten his memories back as Hajime, remembers everything from the simulation, and has still retained his Izuru powers he should want to kill himself for being at fault for everybody that died in the simulation.


It can't even be salt, probably just flat-out anger at whatever bullshit kohacka uses. No time to be angry at anons, too busy trying to strangle Kohacka.

So are these guys going to the killing game or is all of Hope-1 going to be about them?

HOLY SHIT ON A SCALE OF 1 TO 10 I WAS 1000000% right all along

>cant predict him
>won't kill him
>wants him to rid the world of all despair


Do you feel the despair?

I watched the subs and I felt like I gained nothing.



They did.

That was a surprisingly restrained episode actually. I dunno if that's a good thing or not, most of the series being restrained leading up to a wacky bullshit ending would've been better than wacky bullshit series leading up to a restrained ending I think?

The Side Hope episode could be nutty though, I suppose.

We're getting salt if her and Kirigiri are alive, we're getting salt if they're both dead, we're getting salt if one is alive and the other dead.

Just enjoy the salt.

You say that like the Future Foundation isn't totally incompetent.

The most competent was Togami and he got crushed by a building because his team triggered an obvious trap.

Does Munakata hide his latent insanity from them?

Maybe. It would be a totally different anime without those two.

I think Mirai will have a self-contained ending, while Kibou might be a branching timeline.

I think the only mistake with the real Chiaki was that they wanted us to infer a lot of things about her, and thus didn't show scenes that would've easily built her up as a reasonable character, like more early meetings with Hajime, or more moments with the class besides just that one tournament. They also relied on telling rather than showing, which is even more stupid.

I don't think it's even a question of them not having enough time to do it. The pacing was absolutely atrocious. They had more than enough time.

Not much, if they actually made her izuru then thats honestly kind of an interesting way to end this. Ill only be salty if they bring her back alive as her original persona right from the get go in future. If shes tengan's trump card as a hope monster then im cool with it

No way hope would've won in that setting. Junko held literally all the cards and despair had the upperhand from the beginning.

On the island, everything was set to 0 so there was a more even ground outside of the confusion of being on the island and the distrust between Usami and the class.

Post memes

She says why she won't kill him. Can't you take off the shipperfag glasses for one moment?

Did you know:
Memes ended the world
Despair, in itself, is a meme

In spite of the pasta there really was someone who could even remotely control our boy juzo


>tfw you'll never dick the chuuni out of Celes

It's the finale to everything.

Of course

He was the mastermind, yes. But we already know that from DR2. That's why the climax of the game was Hajime defeating Izuru.

>SHSL Luck
>SHSL Analyst
>SHSL Hope
>SHSL Animator
Are there any more bullshit skills that allow Kohacku to justify bullshit plot?

hey guys i think Cred Forums just got sold

yeah i think thats unfortunate, i just wish they didnt so they could of shown tengan in his natural asshole habitat like we saw in episode 5, I actually really love his real personality especially compared to how cartoony junko was and how nothing izuru was. Tengan was a complete douchebag who managed to always find a way to really piss off those around him, and unlike junko tengan actually was good at manipulation.


Well, what he did wrong was keeping his mouth shut about the method used to create the most dangerous people in the world, I guess it's more about what he didn't do

Their hijinks caused his latent insanity

It's bait, you're supposed to ignore it.

She clearly likes Izuru more than anyone in the series. I think that's been made clear.

There is no fucking way Kodaka & co. are unaware of the MGS similarities now. Not after this and that scene of Revoler Nagito falling in love with Izuru after being defeated in a mexican standoff with him. They're doing this shit on purpose.

Cred Forums becoming the despair meme factory when?
Let's destroy the world through memes.

They actually say explicitly she can't do it.
Well, to be fair, sometimes putting it is easier than taking out

>No retcons
I actually liked this episode desu

Kazoo Tenga

Izuru did all of SDR2 for shit and giggles basically?

He did not give a shit about 77 class.
He did not give a shit about "revenge".
He did not give a shit about Hajime.

He just wanted to see who is stronger, Junko AI or Hajime/Chiaki AI.

Now that he knows he will tsumaranai as usual but respect Hope.

Jin and Kizakura were great. I wish I could FTE them.

> source: a shitty hiroyuki post saying "I'm sorry"

fuck off

Any skill that isn't physical can be bullshitted into mindhacking or whatever else you need
Seiko: could make medicine for fucking anything
Ruruka: fucking mind control candy
Vash: made a fucking FIRE SWORD

etc etc etc


>didn't show the RoD actually spreading despair, just three still frames
I'm so fucking mad

>Let's destroy the world through memes.
We've done a pretty good job over the years

>the main villain of the game was responsible for the poor fate of most the cast

how did you ever figure that one out

Honestly, it seems like it didn't really do that much to him. He was already batshit insane. And between DR1 and SDR2 all he did was fuck around as a servant for kids.

>Ultimate Despair X Ultimate Hope
Why don't we see more doujins of this?!

Whenever Naegi examines these, he always begins with:

"A surveillance camera?"

>No DR0 scenes

tsu ma ra na i

it is

dicks out for naegi and hinata saying sore wa chigau yo at the same time and also their ahoges and fingers pointing in the same direction

Yeah but we didn't know that he created the Chiaki AI. And we thought he did it to resurrect Junko not as a retarded ass Hope vs Despair experiment.

but she kills the people she loves the most

Yeah sorry lad, she has never once looked at Izuru with bedroom eyes like this

Did somebody say KAZUO

Say Aaaaaaaaah!

They sure hang out together a lot.

No, he's Hajime again. Something he couldnt predict happened and that's what happened. Him caring about shit now like the future

So, do we have an official confirmation that Makoto's luck is superior to Nagito's?

Still nothing on a massive scale. We need to go BIGGER. I'll give credit to Cred Forums if Trump is elected in November. But the rest of the boards can not fall behind.

Mitarai is shit, he would be an understandable character if he did what the did out of self preservation but instead he did it to save some random assholes he never met.

inb4 we get an
>SHSL Insanity
or something absurd like that in V3

So Tengen is going to reveal that by causing the world to go into despair and saving it with hope will create the The Biggest, Most Greatest, Most Hopeful Event in Human History?

>main villain

pick one and only one

Not really, its always been know that naegi and sayaka were close before junko brainwashed them, we have no clue of what naegi+kirigiri's interactions were like beforehand, just accept that he loves both cause thats how it is.

hes still gonna wind up with kirigiri in the end anyway,

we already know that since forever

Would you say it's...



He's going to snap and access his meta-anime powers to break DR3.

"It's done?"

"Yes. I'll handle the rest. Here, that's your name as of today. The 13th Branch Head. Best change your face too."

"But the New World Program?"

"Class Rep, the whole world wants your head. Don't worry, the AI can handle it. I'll be in the simulation too. Move now, quickly."

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

"We'll meet again, my friend."


Kirijunko, actually.

> Thanks for believing in hope until the very end, Naegi-kun...upupupu

And yet Naegi gave her the biggest orgasm in her entire life at the end of DR1.

>juzo hides his homosexuality in the closet
>chisa hides dead children in the closet

Junko affection ranking


its already been confirmed to be the final episode of both shows, basically DR2 cast really wont arrive on the island till the very last fucking episode.

She loves him so much she doesnt want to kill him. She needs him to give her the final despair - the despair of ridding the world of despair.

Its just like Cred Forums said, she wants the despair of being hope.

Wasn't the DR2 simulation Naegi's idea?

What are your hopes for Side:Hope?

And Muhkatana can't open the door to either.

So we might not see Hajimeme again until Hope-1?

I want to rape Mukuro with my boot.

Izuru wanted something to happen that he couldn't predict.

And he did not predict that Hajime would go SSJ and obliterate both Manlet and Junko.

Izuru is now mix of Izuru and Hajime which he probably finds super interestimg.

yes, don't bother with selfinsert hajimefags

> I'll betray you before you betray me.

Holy fuck is Ruruka the worst character in the series so far? What was the fucking point of that bitch and who in their sane mind would appoint her to a commanding position?

>we thought he did it to resurrect Junko
Should be obvious that wasn't his plan. At the end of DR:AE, he says he's going to use her as she used him. I figured this just meant he was doing it because he was bored but I guess maybe there's more to it.


b-but what's wrong with souda

Why doesn't the animefag just animate some hope shit that brainwashes everyone in to normal civilians?

Well there's no denying that it's going to be dumb and nonsensical
so with that it mind, I want it to be the dumbest and most nonsensical bullshit I've ever seen

He probably found out about it and used the AI to do his Hope v Despair test

>Only factor that keeps despair and hope in balance is l u c c

Really dissapointed they just didnt get the chiaki being izuru 2.0 twist out of the way, its pretty blatantly obvious after everything tengan said as well as is dying message + extra person on the survivor count that this is what its leading up to. In the unlikely event that its not chiaki theres still pretty obviously going to be an izuru or izuru like character as the hidden 16th in the next ep of future.

>who in their sane mind would appoint her to a commanding position
They were just handing out positions to former Hope's Peak students. It's not like you need actual qualifications when you have TALENT.

So will Mitarai phone with the Tengan call be like the ones from the Reserve Course, a Monokuma Theatre suicide trigger?

Wait nevermind I remember that Izuru put the virus in. But didn't they say the people who died in the simulation might wake up?

Im not the only one that laughed out loud when Makoto dodged the wrench, was I?

someone make a gif or webm of that ridiculously cute junko shiver please


>its pretty blatantly obvious
The entire theory is based on grasping straws that are barely there


But what happens about Chihiro being her father?

>I want it to be the dumbest and most nonsensical bullshit I've ever seen
Would much rather have this than something boring like Despair 11.

definition of hope varies
his was on the extreme end

Mukuro confirmed for cunt.
"He's just a loser lmao"
Get jobbed on whore.

happy endingu without more haccs and of course HOPE

Matsuda BTFO and forgotten forever.

It just goes to show the only thing he has going for him is his stupid fucking luck


>this is too dumb
>this isn't dumb enough
there's no pleasing you people

Mukurofags got BTFO yet again, Kodaka hates their guts.

I really regret not capping some of the bullshit these people came up with
This Chiakizuru shit is so insane and came out of fucking nowhere

be honest, did some of you not play dr2?

It's like the last time one user was convinced that AI chiaki was retroactively ruined by DR3 Chiaki without realizing that they were 2 completely separate characters


It really isnt, the chiaki part is just filling in the blanks but the izuru 2.0 thing is pretty much confirmed since tengan said he wont let the project be wasted. Chiaki is just the most logical character to be selected cause shes assumed deceased and the only character prominent enough in the series to have enough impact in the reveal of who the new izuru is.

its not set in stone ill give you that, but it doesnt take a rocket scientist to tell this was tengan's big trump card and potential reason behind all this.

>No, he's Hajime again.


He's Izuru with hajime VR memories.

The NWP can't undo all the physical testing on Hajime he suffered for several months.

Real Hajime wouldn't be saying this, even in the game he says he will live as Hajime basically telling you he's still Izuru at the core.

So in the end, is Hajimezuru the only one that still got his waifu by his side?

He immortalized his waifu in the 2D realm, I guess, so yeah sure.

Why would you make a half dead person undergo brain lobotomy? I assume Hinata being fit and healthy as fuck was one of the prerequisites to undergo a strainous operation.
Chiaki being half dead and on the weaker physical side, makes her a shitty candidate out of a highschool full of super talents.

Boring episode. We barely saw them acting as despair and too much time was wasted on the reserve course going amok

Because Ryouta, as in his existence itself, is a mistake

B-b....but IF! She loves Naegi!

How much does he hate himself right now?

I don't even know where it even came from in the first place.

Izuru and Hajime are still the same at the core. I'm going to take what Hajime says at the epilogue of DR2 over just 1 "tsumaranai" in an ending stinger.

And I bet you he's going to have all his memories of real Chiaki.

Hajime's memories were always in Izuru's brain. They are back out there now. What Hajime is going have trouble doing is showing emotion and junk.

Have we had a single theory that isn't retarded and came out of nowhere
>they're all in an anime
>Naegi being Junko
It's all fucking stupid

Yep, and she showed her love by asking Junko why weren't they killing him.

I fucking knew everyone was the attacker, called it on episode 2.

Yes, I'm late.

Izuru crying at the hairpin and Nanami saying "anything is possible" in response to Izuru saying Hajime's memories can't be recovered is foreshadowing that old Hajime will come back

>Monaca is Miaya

>Mu-Mu-Mukuro loves him guys it's true love! IF said so!

Nagito's luck is so great that it is almost uncontrollable in terms of where it will guide him
Makoto is more of a right/wrong place at wrong/right time

>too much time was wasted on the reserve course going amok
Only complaint I had with this episode. They did have to confirm that it was happening, could've shortened that and spend time on the others though.

Enough to destroy his fist, god damn.
Still redeemed though. ;_;

>Izuru created AI Chiaki

Waiting for proof that he did.

not enough, billions had to die only because he didn't want munakata to know that he is gay.

>didn't read zero


It's all an Anime and Kirijunko were completely rational
>Chisa in a theater
>"oh I died"
>Junko claming she could enter the mind of anyone in the program, even the FF employees.

I just remember Chiaki is totally Miaya guys they have the same face

Aren't they going to live one more year in the shelter before losing their memories? They just might bond at that time.

I agree that no hints at all makes this a pretty hopeless case though.

Now that I think about it, in the scene where everyone were talking about all the things they were going to do, like purifying air, and not causing war, Nagito mentioned in the same scene being Despair.

Maybe he's insane enough that the brainwashing didn't work correctly and he still craved more sweet HOPE? Maybe his sabotage of Monaca wasn't accidental after all.

This is kind of the combo of future and hope episode

>cast gets yelled at by a recorded message from tengan calling them all retards and not true hope
>chiaki is revealed as izuru 2.0, was there the entire time NG code was being found
> naegi is about to die falling to his death but kirigiri's hand comes out and catches him as a parallel to the opening
> munakata potentially sacrificing himself
> Dr2 cast + togami bust in to save the day
>hinata after 3 fucking tries finally manages to save chiaki and they take her back to the island with the other despair, leaving it ambiguous as to whether she or the rest of the DR2 cast will get their memories back of who they really are
>tengan doing a 1 last fuck you from the grave by flooding the building
>have an actual fucking epilogue of where these characters go from her since we likely wont see them again

This is kind of a combo of what i think will happen and what i want.

DR2 is literally MGS2.

>Lost his 3D waifu
>Revives her in 2D form

If Hajime isn't Cred Forums as fuck, I don't know who is.

>Chiaki being on the weaker physical side


She survived all manner of death traps that would kill an ordinary person.

Apparently her body is pretty tough even though she doesn't need it to be.

Izuru dindu nuffin

So what's the next part of his master plan?

>last time we see juzo is him hating himself
Fuck this

Yes, I'm sure all the characterizations that weren't even shown from 0 matter in this discussion.

Hajime is going to remember the real Chiaki. he has too whether she's alive or not for the sake of more Hinanami. He still suffers from the surgery but that's in the realm of showing feelings and reacting to things differently. It coincides with both DR2's ending and Mirai-6's stinger.

When was it confirmed that Chiaki was made by Chihiro?

After all, if it said "Ultimate Programmer" made her, then it could be Izuru. Izuru does have many talents combined.

Crashing this anime with no survivors.

Izuru IS Hinata though. Hinata's memories are just locked away, and are able to come out again at the end of SDR2. Hinata Hajime is alive again and Kamukura is "gone." If anything they have merged together with Hinata overtaking any control Kamukura would have. Probably the talents would linger I bet inside Hinata.

Implant Junko into a comatose Chiaki so she can reveal that everything has gone according to her plan, including her deaths

Junko was unable to predict Makoto's not Nagito's.
In that case it's Makoto's luck the most complex, right?

Also forgetting about the insane drawbacks Nagito suffers, I care about final results, not silly meteorites, nor broken bathroom doors.


He's a small guy


AI Chiaki was made by the FF, along with Usamai

They probably fugged a few times too.

To be fair, how was anyone supposed to know one girl could cause mass world destruction?

>not understanding the difference between an out of universe scene and a forshadowing.
> not realizing DR2 was literally the end of junko as the mastermind of fucking anything cause her back up plan failed and she genuinly found herself in a despair she couldnt even get off to, dying outright pathetically.

Neither are gonna happen nor had any basis behind them, chiakizuru at least has tengan's being the mastermind to back it up.

What if Munakata fuses with his soul and while awakened goes for the glorious triple sore wa chigau zo with both Naegi and Hajizuru?

But this one is extra retarded, because it was spawned from less than nothing
>>they're all in an anime
There is that scene in the theater. I can see how a complete moron uncapable of taking scenes metaphorically would think this means it's an anime at least
>>Naegi being Junko
We know it is possible in the DRverse for Junko to take other people's bodies at least.
Feels like they are craving for shitty writing, but who am I to judge?
... They have... similar proportions... apparently?
Ok, I am pushing it, but to be fair I always considered this one quite nonsensical too
This one is just plain fucking stupid. Just where did it freaking come from? What propped them to assume that not ONLY was there a second Izuru, not ONLY was that second Izuru Chiaki but that this theory is so plausible some of them act like this is pretty much confirmed
Wasn't one of the prerequisites for making Izuru that the subject be a talentless loser?

>Junko has been shown to sexually abuse all of her female minions
>Chisa's love for Munakata was literally destroyed in her brainwashing

Junko definitely violated Chisa and took her purity, and she only went back to Munakata because Junko told her to.

Not only is Munakata a cuck, but Juzo is a GOD DAMN DOUBLE KEK. The man he wants not only cucked him, but he himself got cucked by Junko.

>last episode was actually good
not fair

>comatose Chiaki

Chiaki is DEAD

nice memes

What anime did you watch?

It's still retarded to pick the person who's on the brink of death and make her undergo a surgery which lasts several hours, especially after she took a cannonball to the face, when you have a highschool full of other talents.
This Chiakizuru theory really came out of nowhere and I'm surprised so many people believe in it.


I really wanted to play Ultra Despair Girls but that Mirai episode made it look like a subpar game that doesn't even matter.

Its going to reveal in the final episode that only 1 eye of hinata's was izuru while the other half is hinata's other eye, both of the personality co-exsist. hes going to remmember both ai chaiki and real chiaki.


The ending is going to be utter disappointment isn't it?

Don't bother with that guy, in his mind Juzo was the only person who had a brain and free will, so no matter who else fucked up, it was all Juzo's fault for not wanting to lose his husbando, even though he died with that same motivation.
If you're willing to literally die for something I think it's a little absurd to be like "Why didn't you just risk it LOL"

How did he lose to Junko in a fight, btw

>made it look like a subpar game that doesn't even matter
Well, that's correct.

We can't say that with certainty until the end of Kibou-hen.

So this is literally a meme anime. Into the trash it goes.

It wouldn't be Danganronpa otherwise, user.

> Hope or despair, which will be hardest to predict?

Clearly FUTURE was better than both, considering he didn't even consider it. It's called Future Arc for a reason, you know.

Rewatch the scene, speedwatcher kun.

Because it is, but Touko and Komaru are cute in it.
If you have any affection for either of them , you'll probably have fun

>Junko says Makoto is too interesting to kill
>tries to kill him on 3 separate occasions

>B-but she loves him
>B-but she didn't want to hurt him
>B-but mah waifu

She doesn't look yandere enough to allow her to consider killing the hopelet, Mukurofags.
Junko would, BTW, because she isn't smelly, stupid, or ugly.

There was no signs that she liked him in DR0

I don't think we watched the same last episode

>Kamukura betting on despair vs hope
>FUTURE wins in the end

So Kamukura got BTFO?

Literally a moldy orange anime by your logic

I don't believe in that theory, I just take exception to the idea that Chiaki is weak physically after she made it through Junko's death dungeon.

Class 77 in the game and class 77 in the anime are just too fucking different. Like throughout watching all of despair arc it felt like I was watching some c-tier spin off, not a canon entry to the series.

Like if you told me the same characters from the game acted this idiotic and weak during the tragedy I would have called you a retard.

What happened to Nagito's insane scheming and brilliance? The gun scene was cool, but that's really all he managed to do before he got D E S P A I R E D? What about the characters who had genuinely noble hearts or at the
very least strong sense of character, like Imposter Nidai Fuyuhiko and Gundham?

None of them were ever relevant to the plot or acted like actual characters. They just got corralled by the Junko and Chiaki focused writing and convenient plot devices. There's too much of a disconnect between what we know about all these people and what we're shown in the anime. This whole thing was a massive fuck-up in my eyes.

When did she have time for this?

I liked the game, though it went on way too long for how simple it was, becoming incredibly tedious near the end.

The scene at the end where they tell you to break the controller was really good and made going through that last bit worth it for me.

>enjoying the anime even through all the plot holes and such
>start posting in this thread
>suddenly abhor the anime and only continue to watch it just to see how it finishes
you're all remnants of despair and you don't even realize it

Which makes her despair of losing that much more greater.

She does try to kill the things she like, user, Mukuro, Matsuda, Izuru or Makoto are good examples.
If you're a symbol of HOPE, you may survive to return the favour.

To test his luck obviously.

Mukuro was a fucking disappointment in this anime.

Stop giving me hope

Got tired of the guy.
A lot of things can happen, if you don't rekindle the spark in a relationship, it can be fatal.

Someone said Junko mentions Matsuda in the episode, I didn't see her talking about him at all.

Maybe Mukuro and Junko was busy killing Matsuda->Setting up Chiaki punishment? (not likely... probably just SHSL Analysis BS + a lot of reserve course)

If you want to play it then just fucking play it. Don't let other people tell you what to think of the game.

junko is tsundere

Junko's despair is the nanomachines of Danganronpa, it explains everything because it doesn't make any fucking sense.

Izuru now has every talent and the mind and memories of two different people. I think he won the most in the end.

>. I'm going to take what Hajime says at the epilogue of DR2 over just 1 "tsumaranai" in an ending stinger.

Even in the game ending he literally spells it out to you he's not the real hajime, why the fuck would you tell yourself you are going to live as yourself?

And it's not the "boring" that makes it obvious in mirai, hajime would never react to all those fucking fleets so calmly regardless of knowing his abilities, that ain't his personality too.

Then again this fanbase would rather rely on dumbass theories of muh miracles despite all this obvious shit.

Welcome to the family

Mukuro was pretty much entirely in-character in DR3

>Makoto's luck being anything more than being a retard that won the high school lottery

I don't like this. Literally the only two instances we've ever seen of him being lucky is actually getting into Hope's Peak Academy and at the end of this episode when Junko throws the wrench at him.

Chiaki won indirectly so it's a win but not a perfect one

Okay folks, who's the final boss for Mirai-hen?

>Mukuro, Matsuda, Izuru or Makoto
Huh. Most of them have a name starting with "M".

Are you in despair, son?

Was any Danganronpa ending ever anything else?

I'm still enjoying it. Does that make me Hope?

Are you forgetting his execution?

>Alter Ego saving his ass in Chapter 5 when he didn't for Kirigiri in the bad end

I just wish the bad ending would've been the canon one, that despair would've been delicious

Also, UDG was a fun game, I only regret not having been able to play with japanese voices.

When did she have time to fuck off to Towa City to recruit a bunch of kids?

Unlike the game, the anime was mostly them in high school where they weren't in a position to act like that at all, so they just acted like normal high schoolers.

Also in the end Despair chapter wasn't about them, they were side characters. It was just an extremely long build up for Chisa/Juzo/Munakata stuff.


Mukuro is mentally fucked. She's literally spent her entire life being brainwashed by Junko into basically a useful idiot.

Deep down, she wants Naegi. IF is canon enough to make that clear. But she's so utterly, completely wrapped around Junko's fingers that she'll kill someone she has feelings for (even if she's not totally aware of them herself) because Junko wants it, even going so far as to preemptively suggest people to kill.

AI Chiaki and Real Chiaki are not the same. It's made clear at the end of the ep

I couldn't agree more. It's almost as if Kodaka didn't want to be bothered with writing an anime about class 77. He was too worried about his Original Future Arc cast; the SDR2 cast and plot leading upto SDR2 was just background fluff that no one on the staff cared about. Why even write this Despair arc when they gave the fans of the game nothing to enjoy? Why not just have the Future Arc and that is it?

Did Kodaka even write this, or what is some C-tier hacks at Lerche?

>Alter Ego.
>Fighting Munakata
>Rope gets cut when tied
>Got into the ONLY surviving class that didn't get fucked up
>Juzo saves him from suicide
Suck a fat dick.


Before this episode. There was a pretty big time skip, straight to their graduation.

When you see Matsuda watching the window in DR3 it's just before he gets killed by her, so, a few days before?

There's a free Jap language pack on the PSN store.

Actually, I consider these threads to be an important part of the fun of watching the series.

This thread does lack hajimemes, though.

You can't be serious right now

Are you a piratefag? Because they released free Jap audio DLC for UDG.

>got the bad door, causing Leon to go to retarded lengths to kill Sayaka
>Alter Ego saving him
>all those examples of his luck in Future

Makoto's luck kicks in all the time. Right in the first case of DR1 even, his room was the only one with the bunk door which was the key factor in the events of that case

Hell in last week's episode of Future it kicked in too, when gay boxer appears out of nowhere to save him from killing himself like everyone else.

Fix DR3 in one sentence

>ven in the game ending he literally spells it out to you he's not the real hajime,
What does this even mean? Of course he isnt pre Izuru Hajime but he's Hajime.

You're delusional if you think epilogue Hajime and chapter 0 Izuru are the same. Kodaka isnt going to just make it so that "no, Hajime actually killed himself".

I mean, going by the definition of meme laid out in The Selfish Gene, this totally makes sense.

Miaya Gekkogahara, the 7th branch head. Lying hidden somewhere in the building. The one they call Ultimate Therapist. Watch out for her.

Reminder that plot armor != luck.

Guys guys guys, don't expect a conclusion on Monday.

It's called Future Arc. There's three ideologies in these games (Zetsubou, Kibou, and Mirai), and Zetsubou-hen is supposed to be continued in the 'hope side'.

We'll get a Kibou-hen movie.

>his one is just plain fucking stupid. Just where did it freaking come from?
I see where they are coming from because of a combo of foreshadowing on tengan's part and just filling in the blanks from a storytelling perspective.

Basically since tengan is confirmed to be the mastemind his final words take on rally different meanings, the biggest thing is that he stated he refuses to let the izuru project go to waste, in his dying moments he leaves a message to let someone know he things they are hope that cant give up, at this point of the series we are led to believe this is referring to naegi or mitarai but now with the context that tengan is a manipulative old fuck he might of been talking to someone completly else, there just so happens to be an extra number on the survivor count the whole series. Izuru is able to hide his presence entirely. A 2nd izuru tengan was banking on is very likely to of been there this entire time

Now thats the foreshadowing, whypeople say chiaki has more to do with just 2+2. For this twist to work it needs to be a character already established that is MIA during future, chiaki just happens to be pretty much the only character that could work for this twist. There us some possible foreshadowing thats not confirmed yet in the way of the camera turning on and watching chiaki in episode 10, its very possible its tengan watching thinking shes the perfect choice for a new izuru after the last one failed.

There are several instances.
In the first case, for example:
>His door fits the frame wrong, taking away the guilt from him later on
>Weapon he picks for self defense is the one that leaves a mark with used
His luck works in the form of blessings in disguise, bad luck that ends up helping him later on

There were several instances in the game where he displayed luck.

>broken door in case 1
>kirigiri protecting her from junko
>AI Chihiro saving him

Save Chiaki

Juzo being alive was a result of his luck.

24 future episodes

RL Chonki could have easily won if game was at least a little bit fair in the first place.

How shit will DR3 be if Chiaki,Kirigiri and the coma despair fags all somehow survived and woken up?

Kirigiri lives.

His luck is invincibility tier, user, the only way to kill him or disable him is to make him wish for that to happen or brainwash him, and even then, his luck protects him.

SHSL Luck basically is SHSL Plot Armor though, isn't it?

The mindhack video is only in Side:Future.

You know why

That is a fucking stretch.
Juzo being there particularly could be a result of his luck, but Juzo simply being alive isn't.
Otherwise his luck could will literally anyone back to life.

>Guys guys guys, don't expect a conclusion on Monday.

No shit, there's still another episode on Thursday.

Danganronpa Zero OVA series

So did they just retcon DR Zero? The timelines don't seem to match up at all. Didn't Junko become what's her face during the protests/parade?

I'm also confused on the fact that Mukuro didn't really seem to know Makoto even though she protected him.

Despair MEMES, user, that's the answer.

>actual ミーム line
I'm fucking done

Same. As a Mukurofag, I'm inclined to agree she did develop a crush on Naegi over the years, but Junko will always be number 1 for her. Always.

Even at the end of IF, that doesn't change.

All original cast. I know that it would've gotten less interest but the DR1 survivors + DR2 cast should never have been brought back for another big dumb story at all.

the fire extinguisher going off

seven more characters in mirai hen. Who will they be?

>Stabbed in the chest
>amputates hand and knows how to tourniquet enough to not bleed out
>doesn't bleed out till after he pulls all the power switches
ya fuck that

You didn't pay attention then.

>Getting saved from death by kyoko multiple times
>Getting saved by Mukuru in Zero
>Getting saved from a death trap by alter ego
>Robot saving him from Juzo
>Kuzo saving him from himself

And I'm sure I'm forgetting plenty more.

His luck is a different kind than Hopeman's, it always makes someone or something appear at the last second to save him

No way, she's a cutie who has never done nothing wrong

I mean, for Makoto it is, but for Nagito, everything always ended according to his plans because of luck.

thats already gonna happen at this rate.

kirigiri and chiaki coming back really doesnt weaken this much, chiaki coming back as izuru might honestly benefit it.

the despairs all waking up would ruin this shit, but doubtful at this point.

more like Plot Device
Plot Armor happens because someone is a main character, so he didnt /have/ to be lucky

Delete everything and start over.

More memes

The 5 DR2 survivors + Hiroko and Kanon

This is the only thing that makes a little sense.

Nah, my SD card or whatever the Vita uses wasn't big enough to keep both the game and the voice pack, and since the Vita is a dead console, I won't spend even one cent into a bigger card.

>best episodes were the 2 first
Really makes you think

It would be if it wasn't for Nagito use of Luck

I was right, I was right about everything.

Chiaki never dies!

5 RoD, Tengan (final form) and Junko


No it wasnt retconed at all, keep in mind there was a month or so time skip between ep 10 and 11 its just not really explicitly stated, we should of gotten some lead up into it i think of someone brainwashing junko but there is ultimately little point in animating something that already exists and can be read whenever someone feels like when this is clearly setting up plot points to resolve DR3


>Hajime saying to himself he's going live on as Hajime

Look how stupid that sounds, he clearly means he wants to live as someone different or else there would be no meaning to say something this retarded.

Could have been before her transfer, but the timeframe for zero is much tighter


Izuru 2.0 or Junko on an insane training regime are the only ways to explain the 16th participants and the mysteries in Future-hen.

nagito's "sore wa chigau yo" is the sexiest thing ever

You know what to do

5 survivors, chiaki, and the final one is a big mystery to me.

though let me throw out something i havent seen people mention, hinata and izuru will count as 2 different people on the website.

Everything is fake, this is just one long, elaborate therapy session for Munakata.

Soon he'll wake up and be completely cured of his inner despair and insecurities.

I like High school Akane's new look.
Her Mane looks pretty good.
I am aware that cannot carry 11 episodes, no.

Wait, do we actually have an hour long episode on Monday?

If so they might actually be able to do something. 22 minutes just isn't fucking enough where we presently are.

Good point, but one can't help but think that they just were lazy and or forgot.

Kodaka wasn't even that invested in it, he surpervised it but didn't write it

>Izuru uses 'boku' which is the sign of a wimp
>AI Chiaki says "apparently my father was pretty manly when he was focusing in front of his laptop"
The retconning is real.


>Touko and Komaru are cute in it.
their growing bond by events and all those book conversations are pretty much the best part of the game.

>I just wish the bad ending would've been the canon one, that despair would've been delicious

Imagine Komaru and Fukawa as the new despair sisters and teaming up with Monaka and her tech to destroy FF and Makoto

Anyone have that screenshot of Chiaki from chapter 2 of SDR2 where she talks about the series declining over time?

This feels incredibly necessary now.

This ruined it for me

No stupid mindhack, 77 Class turns Despair because Junko talks them into it taking advantage of their problems (eg. Ibuki and her band, Souda's cucking problem, etc).

I don't think you understand.

Naegi's "luck" is a reality bending ability. Naegi is going to die in DR1. Alter Ego is literally spawned into existence to stop him from being crushed. Naegi is about to murder himself. Reality rewrites itself so that not only does Juzo not die when he's killed, but also makes him cut off his own arm in order to not fall asleep. If Naegi is about to get killed by a wrench, a piece of paper literally manifests into reality for him to slip on. It's not that he happened to step on the paper, it's that the paper literally existed for him to slip on. There was no one around doing anything that involved loose pieces of paper.

Do you understand? Naegi isn't some lucky kid. NAEGI IS A FUCKING EXISTENCE BENDING WIZARD.

Well no shit, because he's been living as essentially another person for multiple years. So he makes the decision that he is Hajime, the person he's been when he was born and not Kamukura Izuru.

Where did you hear this?

24 episodes each

New thread

Mindhack only used to suicide reserve course

But genocider and touko arent consider two people on the website.

>chiaki coming back really doesnt weaken this much,

Yes it does since she has no involvenmt with the DR2 plot other than her AI, her real self was just a tool for Junko to kick start the DR2 despair cast, it will be awful if they tried to shoehorn her in to doing something else in a single episode especially when she had the most brutal death.

Junko x Naegi ending confirmed.

5 survivors/Nagito/Junko

>Imagine Komaru and Fukawa as the new despair sisters and teaming up with Monaka and her tech to destroy FF and Makoto
1 kabedon from Makoto and Togami and they are back to normal immediately.

Where was this confirmed, cause an hour long future plus the hope episode wrapping everything up would actually be excellent and give us enough time to explain tengan's motives, the chaos that ensues from whatever trap he has planned, kirigiri being alive, as well as setting up the DR2 cast showing up for the final episode.

So Junko did get through to him
He's going full hedonistic prince
>yeah the battle was fine but Chiaki died and still came back, that makes it awkward
>you kow what, I'll follow Teruteru's advice
>Junko, Chiaki, we settle this with mud wrestling

There wasn't a time skip between 10 and 11, at most was after Juzo reported to Munakata in 11 since he's still wet.

But considering Junko states her loved ones are dead in the 77th class despairification, most likely when you see Matsuda watching the parade through the curtains in DR3 is when Junko kills him after. DR Zero probably happened a few days earlier.

I want a DR2 anime so bad after that scene

Dang, I feel for you, brother. Did you try to backup the save and reinstalling the game?

Maybe Izuru heard about the NWP, went to Fujisaki when he was working on it, and went "Could you model the AI in the program after this girl here? She passed away recently and I think it would be a good tribute to her. Here's a ton of details on her, even audio recordings of her voice"

God, I gotta work to make this shit fit.Real Chiaki makes the AI thing so damn confusing.


Junko "created" it, as in she gave the order to someone to create. It wouldn't surprise me if she asked Izuru to do that for her since Ultimate Programmer as well.

What's Kibou-hen about?

All you did was prove my point that he isn't actually hajime and just choosing to live as him.

I cropped up as an idea a few days ago given that Despair side was 11 episodes and what still has to be covered in Future. It's mostly wishful thinking, and may well be redundant with Hope Side.

They would have been better options as despairfags, and Makoto would've had to try harder.

And maybe Monaca would've have become a NEET in space.

>not buying physical

I disagree, i think having chiaki be brought back as tengan's hope toy/trump card would be an interesting plot device for the climax and would really go far to explain alot of things about the future series overall especially since tengan's final words heavily implies hes already gone through with something like this, it being chiaki is just the logical choice in regards to there not being any other prominent character thats MIA.

ok? He's Hajizuru then if you want semantics.

What are these images referencing?

Yep, they didn't.
They did, but they were tricked to do so.

Future Arc if Monaca never killed Miaya.

What exactly will it take for Chiakifags to accept that she's dead? I'm starting to suspect that even if she doesn't appear in the remaining two episodes they'll still insist she's still alive somehow.

Izuru was the only person capable of saving her. He couldn't. He didn't, clearly. Tengen cannot revive the dead, and the whole "Kamakura 2.0" thing is based off of an interpretation of what he said, it was never outright stated. At this point, Chiaki being alive would be nothing short of a complete asspull, because we've seen no talent capable of resurrecting the dead.

She's dead. That's all there is to it. Let it go.

>Implying that would fix nisas coding

Some kind of alternative timeline?
This all kind of sucks.

As a Chiakifag i don't understand their denial

No one tricked Mitarai into not saying shit about how Junko actually despairs people.

It only happens on digital copies of the game.

Don't actually believe my post, you fool.

It's just my wishful thinking.

>I like despair because it's unpredictable
>Hey, there's this unpredictable element (Makoto) & I don't like it

I think I got brain damage.

>Izuru literally killed a kid
>he did nothing wrong
>stops Nagito from attempting to shoot Junko
>is the sole reason why half the cast are in a coma

>Miaya lived
>FF killing game happened and she gave therapy to everyone, resulting in no killings
Please make it happen

Its the finale of both arcs, which is just a fancy way of saying its future arc episode 13

Why dind't Juzo just tell Munakata that Junko was evil, then when she inevitably leaked his gay pics, lie and say they were merely more tricks of Junko? Munakata might suspect he was gay, but he's undoubtedly believe Juzo was telling the truth, especially considering Junko's track record.

>I don't like it

You done fucked up

Junko wants Naegi's dick

hover over this post

I didn't know that. Not excuses it happening in the first place or will help me in any way now

What actually happens here that's wrong? The webm just loops at the point where it's supposed to load, so wouldn't that just mean someone stopped filming and then looped the video to make it look like it got stuck in a loop?

Would someone please answer about that hour long episode rumor a few user's mentioned, i want to know wether or not i should get me hopes up

ayy huaso, dame mas desprecio

Juzo uses hentai logic

She never said she didn't like it. She even wanted him to stay alive JUST in case hew as unpredictable enough to ruin her plans.

Too afraid of being found out and abandoned to think reasonably

It's hope and/or despair, I ain't gotta explain shit

Where did you get "I don't like it" from. She outright says that if someone like Naegi can foil her plan, that itself would be pretty full on despair. And seeing as she is constantly chasing despair, that would imply she would find it a good think, and would like it.

The save can break, especially at chapter endings. It attempts to load the save and returns you to the main menu instead

>He couldn't.
how come?

No we don't. Side Hope airs during Despair's timeslot. The people telling you it's one hour keep forgetting the timeslot for Future and Despair isn't the same

Because he just stood there, and if he could, he would have saved her.

Right. It's just that that webm itself doesn't show anything as it just loops at the point it would load the save. I suppose if it's a known problem though then it exists. Sloppy really. Did they ever patch it?

No, I simply find it suspicious that her body was never shown and whoever spied on her with the camera wasn't mentioned. People who think otherwise need to be able to explain who the 16th participant is. So far, nobody has actually stepped up to the plate to provide alternative theories.

>Because he just stood there
We dont know that though. They didnt show us the aftermath after she passed out and he cried.

Juzo survived what you just quoted. Nothing is impossible for Izuru after that.

So the reason hopeman didn't remember Izuru is because Junko wiped their memories of him? Seems like they threw that in really quickly in response to criticism that it retconned Chapter 0, but I guess it's better than actually retconning it.

Juzo was barely shown. Chiaki was impaled by numerous spikes. She crawled over and died. Honestly, I'm not saying to just accept it to be mean, it'll be better for you. If you start pining your hopes on something that is really, really small and unlikely you'll only be disappointed.

I recorded me attempting it twice to make it more obvious, but it doesnt show an error when this happens, so i can see how you think it just loops.

It never got patched, NISA is known for abandoning games they break without ever patching them

>Mukuro bothering to ask Junko in the smallest manner of questioning or implication that she wouldn't do it if told
That's as close to a love confession as you will get out of someone Luke her.

>Juzo was barely shown.
That's cause he passed out and should have been dead.

So your explanation is that Junko went on a training regime like Frieza and got the talents to become unnoticed, have super strength, etc?


Hey retard try watching the episode. The reason why she keeps Naegi alive is because it would hilarious and despairing for her if she lost to someone like him.

Can you please explain this?

>making only one save
Your fault senpai.



What's there to explain? It's just a camera. How else do you expect Junko to broadcast her death to the other students?

Very funny.

>Both Junko & Izuru acknowledge that meme magic is real.

Okay its decided anybody who hates either of these two characters are a fucking traitor to Cred Forums and should kill themselves like the normies you are.


You think I'm joking fucktard? Cameras have autofocus.

The camera was off just before that scene, that's the problem. Class 77 left, the screens were static, even Junko said goodbye to her. Then it refocused in on her. We still have no idea who did it.

>Junko likes memes
>She swoons over Munakata the first time she sees him

>ultimate analyst
>can analyze mr perfect, can't analyze some whimpy "lucky" kid
Explain it.
Wow spooky.

There's nothing to fix about DR3. It's my AOTY.

His luck works by creating pythagoras switches that help him without necessarily giving him what he wants through roundabout ways.
If it did precisely what he wanted, that fall would have been a lucky pervert fall.
So she can't see through exactly how it works, since even Naegi doesn't know what his luck will give him

Naegi's power is too lolrandum.

Could have easily just been a stylistic choice. There are plenty of shots like that in anime and in this series, it's not like every single frame and angle is important.

People keep going on about the differences between their luck
the only major difference I can see between them is that Nagito is self-aware about how broken his Talent can be though. Shit doesn't always go as he expects to either, he just assumes that everything happens will either be for the sake of hope or something to overcome for the sake of hope

>stylistic choice
The camera literally went off and back on again. We don't know who did it.

No the lens refocused, static on the monitors doesn't automatically mean the cameras were turned off but the connection was cut.

>he just assumes that everything happens will either be for the sake of hope or something to overcome for the sake of hope

It's exactly like christians.

Whatever, you know what I meant. It re-focused, and we don't know who did it. We only know that it wasn't Junko because you can damn well bet she would have at least made a crack about how tough Nanami was or something, instead of assuming she died.

It is different.
Nagito's is a roller coaster that always gives him precisely what he wants while giving him shit otherwise.
Which is why he plans around the damn thing, the results are predictable to him.
Examples include winning lotteries whenever he wants or having his plans happen without direct intervention or having whoever he wants to make the right draw make it.
Naegi's comes in the form of blessings in disguise that work in mysterious ways. Sometimes it's sorta like a reverse monkey's paw, it gives him shit that ends up being good in the long run.
It doesn't give a shit about what he wants, but it always helps him in the end. See, for example getting a shitty door, tripping, the extinguisher not working, etc.

>bad luck that ends up helping him later on
This is the best explanation of Naegi's luck so far. Would also fit with "Naegi Makoto's worst day ever" thingy by Kodaka. in which he explains he's actually SHSL Bad Luck.

Yeah, even shit like Junko trying to stab him, it's whused to see it as a meta explanation to how unique and weird the cases tend to be and how convenient it was that some specific case-solving detail wasn't ironed out by the culprit.
Then came DR2 with way more bizarre cases while the protagonist isn't even the luckster.
He technically is, actually.

We have as much reason to assume it wasn't Junko as we do have to assume it was someone else. And even from there, it's a hell of a stretch to assume that person could then go there after she died and resurrect her.


I am sleepy, forgive me.
I might have selected some text and overwritten it by accident

Nope, we have plenty of reason to assume it wasn't Junko because we got Junko talking about Nanami this episode.

It's a stretch, but as said, it's really more about putting 2+2 together. We know that the 16th participant pretty much has to be Izuru 2.0, it's only a matter of trying to figure out who it could be. Chiaki is literally the only possible suspect for a potential transformation into it.

We don't have to assume it was anyone, those cameras could have been tracking her automatically.

Why have the scene there in the first place? You don't seem to understand the importance of conserving detail and assume every single thing is a red herring instead of TRYING to piece them together.

It helps us see how their talents helped mold their personalities.

Nagito always both always got what he wanted and suffered extreme ammounts of misfortune without any input or effort from himself.
It makes sense he'd worship HOPE the way he does if it was the thing that made life stop beating him up. It also makes sense why he admires people with talents so badly: they can achieve things with their own hands, while whenever he isn't favored by the hands of fate, bad shit happens to him constantly.

Naegi's optimism could be the result of leading a life where bad shit happens to him constantly, but it always comes back like a boomerang and ends up being a good thing.
So it makes sense that he would be willing to try new things and have an optimistic outlook in life.

It's not a red herring, it's just a quick scene they used to segue from the brainwash courtroom to the deathtrap courtroom instead of a jump cut.

Then you would use a different type of scene instead of the camera refocusing on her.