Are you fags ready for an irl zero requiem?

Are you fags ready for an irl zero requiem?

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This is it. Cred Forums is now dead

Probably shopped.

If a mod gets it we're pretty much dead.

This is what all those idiotic meta threads lead to.

I was just about to make a thread about this.

How worse can things really become?


>some SJW normalfag mod take over
>rapeape could take over
>swaglord could take over

Its fucking over. This site is dead.

I wonder which boards are on the chopping block

Please stop bullying Hiroshima Nagaski

Looks like Cred Forums is officially now dead boys



How much do you think he'd sell it for? I've got, like, five bucks in my paypal. Is that enough?

Sorry for what?

We on suicide watch now!

We can always move to the 8th chan if mods turn this into a shithole.

Hiro if you see this, please stay. You'll understand more about us eventually.


Does this count as a meta thread?

>Can't check the janitor board to see if it's real

For now I'll call it fake and gay


Fuck off, shill you were doing this when Moot was leaving too. Nobody will go to your shitty site.

>Going to 8

I'd rather die.

This is what you guys wanted no? That meta general right now is your fault.


No, this is obviously a code geass thread.

No atter how bad they fuck up Cred Forums, it will still be better than 8+chan

Cred Forums has been dead since at least 2010. The Cred Forums of today is nothing more than a pathetic mockery of its former self. This place finally getting shutdown would be a godsend.

Also the OP pic is a ruse.

The only problem with hiro is that he actually seems to try

8gag is the worst option for alternatives.

we r legion xDDDD

No we weren't

His greatest and only weakness: he loved too much

Kill yourself

But he doesn't, at all. He does the complete opposite, only proudly displaying his ineptitude.

This is a copy pasta with 2009 replaced with 2010, which was itself a pasta with 2008 replaced with 2009, which itself was a pasta of 2007 replaced with 2008.

Stop spamming your fake statements.


Try what? He can't express properly he's a fucking retarded gook who wanted to remove yotsuba from the 404 page because he wanted to put some garbage youtube video.

He is the reason why we have to deal with this garbage 24/7 meta general on Cred Forums.

All he did since replacing moot is adding useless garbage board.

Let Hox take over.

he tries to do stuff, changes, not like moot that only a couple times a year started some troll shit

quads of sadness


Damn son


The added boards have largely been pretty good, though.



Fuck off, Cred Forums.

Is the triple f alive?

fucking christ
what a completely stupid waste of oxygen

>Hiro gets kill
>m00t comes back and sells Cred Forums to google

Great shop but the favicon for the /j/ board is pink, not blue.

that is horrible please stop

>nobody notices that it's on boards.Cred instead of sys.Cred
>nobody notices that it doesn't have the /j/ specific theme
>nobody notices that the backlink numbers are out of order

why is everyone except me such an idiot


really made me think

Well, if you can count that as alive...

>moot cant handle it
>hands it to a mod
>hiroshima buys the site 5 minutes after discovering it
>cant handle it
>gives it to a mod
Man what is with this site?






I'll give you the backlinks but why do you expect people who aren't jannies to know the other two?

That's not how timezones work

8shit is Cred Forums, actually.



8gag is quite literally Cred Forums's worst and most aggressively unfunny users concentrated into an unholy amalgamation of reddit and imageboards.

I saved an image earlier, and it came out with an incorrect name.

Also I read in another thread that some proxies were no longer range banned.

he's probably apologizing for that.

>gook moot could only handle for a year what regular moot did for 12


All you had to do.


Daily reminder that Cred Forums died when moot stepped down.

If I was rich I buy Cred Forums and keep sjw off of Cred Forums .

>Handing it to a mod
Well It was nice posting with you guys.

>biggest complaint Hiro receives are about the mods
>hes handing the site to the mods

and here I thought shit would go down before Cred Forums would. Well guess if Cred Forums really is doomed I'm getting back a lot of free time.

You can do better user-kun

They're the same crossboarders.

Moot's gonna buy it again guys, don't worry

Are you people retarded?

Pic related


It's fake and gay you retards the date and day doesnt match.

this real?

why is he saying sorry on twitter then


Good night sweet loli.



An aussie hacked the site and posted images of /j/ a couple of years ago.

For the 404 bs.

Because he disrespected yotsuba and he feels sorry.

Except the real /j/ board looks like this

>apple shit

Someday Cred Forums is really going to die, and I won't be ready.

>united under one idea

Just because he said he's sorry doesn't mean you should believe this specific doomsday scenario

Is this it. Are we finally free?

>suicide rates skyrocket
>the rest of the internet becomes a battleground of all the low quality shit that has been held back in Cred Forums, Cred Forums and Cred Forums

Even though it's never going to happen, I want Cred Forums to die so it can be rebuilt.

How about this, retard, someone saw the tweet and decided to fool people by creating a fake post.

>handing your imageboard to a person who knows absolutely nothing about its culture and how it works

Great plan, moot.

Cred Forums wouldn't die even if you killed it.
because Cred Forums is in all of us





What do you think his endgame is? I say he'll take down google from the inside.

I can't be the only one who actually want this place to die right? Look at Cred Forums right now its just not fun anymore.

>streamfags and no one call them out
>blogging about 3DPD
>people hating and getting triggered by loli
>casual plebs

Just let me be free from this hell.

can one punch man beat Cred Forums?

Anyone knows what's up with J-list ads being gone?

>Assuming everyone now on the site was here two years ago
>Assuming everyone who was here two years ago gives one shit about moderator drama until it gets this bad

I sure as shit didn't care until /qst/ was a thing.

lel now now give based aussie some credit he did more then that



>Assuming everyone now on the site was here two years ago
Not him but that's one of the biggest problems that this website has had to deal with for many many years now: Newfags and their inability to lurk.

>thursday Sep 21
>boards.Cred Forums instead of sys.Cred Forums

Dumb Cred Forumsedditor.

one day he'll be found dead in a closet of an auto-erotic asphyxiation session gone wrong and WE'LL ALL BE SORRY, DAMN IT

So if Cred Forums were to die today, where would we go?


Could anything even hold us?

No, don't ever go to that shithole, it's terrible.

What this about?

Where would I go if Cred Forums wasn't around, to discuss the kinds of things we discus here?

I've been on this site - and this site alone - more or less, for so many years, that I don't know if there are any other options at all.

maybe you could develop a healthy lifestyle with active hobbies to match

It looks like someone posted a picture of moot at SXSW with a Bane reference
I hope that answers your question

Serious question
Where will you guys go if the site dies for good.

take over reddit

I have to wonder what did he think he was getting into

I can't see anything major happening one way or the other. Nothing really changed when Moot left at least nothing major.

Hey, I made that thread.


It's finally time to leave the computer and get a life

I'd rather kill myself.

I'll probably kill myself regardless.

Meguca and archives while the wounds heal.

Is 2ch posting fun?
Anyone that know jap can shed some light

We will scatter to the four winds. No one could possibly agree on a single site.

I'd stay on reddit

reddit is for actual discussion
Cred Forums is just my playground


How about /bun/

Cred Forums > 420board /h/ > garbage > nothingness > 8cuck


Please let it be hox or Kino. Hell just have it Cred Forums doesn't change. Also why the fuck is /qa/ still alive? I assume the place is like /q/ back in the day, but less bitching about Cred Forums?

why is this thread even alive

None of us will be

There is music on Cred Forums. Kum soccer tod on Cred Forums pls.

So do we just go to meguca or something if shit goes down?


Even Reddit is better than 8cuck


Cred Forums is literally nintendogaf, jesus

t sonyfag

This should be a thing .


You're talking about sekrit club? The board is dead

Fuck off back to Cred Forums.

The same reason and are alive. The mods realize that there's no saving this shithole and that it's better to let it burn.

does Cred Forums still do this shit?

That doujin is fucking amazing.


Fuck off back to /jp/.

I've only been there a few times and I don't remember it being a secret club.

i thought filthy gaijin were range banned?

>Cred Forums is over
Oh no, not my 4chin!... On the other hand I would finally start watching anime again, and play games, and get a dog, I always wanted a dog.

>nobody has mentioned the place I'm planning on heading to as a fallback once Cred Forums dies

S-Surely it is just because all the posters of actual merit, such as myself, are too discrete to bring it up and ruin it by inviting the scrubs.

Thats 2chan
2ch even has a filthy gaijin board

Today is the 127th anniversary of Nintendo so they put the 8 bit SMB theme.



>mentioning facebook on Cred Forums

what did i do

Discord is shit.


How did you get into >>>/j/?

sure as fuck hope you don't mean the POS that is rizon #Cred Forums

srsly moot is retarded for never setting up a legit irc server


Why did Moot keep Cred Forums? All it's ever been was a massive bandwidth hog that attracts normalfags, he says it was keeping the shit out, but I swear it brought more shit in. Cred Forums should have stayed a tight knit small community of nerdy anime lovers that runs on donations and J-list adds.

Why did we let this happen
All the 3DPD boards too, just why.


Anonymity, you newfag.

Yeah, it was an Cred Forums literal autist who "hacked" Cred Forums just to get the IP and location of a tripfag.

Supposedly there's supposed to be an announcement on friday by some guy named lowfax/lowtax.

We'll see.

This isn't fair, I turned 18 on 2012, couldn't have posted before.

It is really disgusting, if you post a anime reaction image during an unrelated discussion often some autist or two will shit talk you and tell you to go back to a weeb board. Generally these autists are countered by the majority who tell them this is a chinese cartoon website but I don't know how much longer that will last.

But if you're being serious, then shut up.

See, this is the reddit mentality. When the REALLY retarded redditcancer thinks that his shitty website is used by everyone here and that Cred Forums is "just for shitposting trashl lel xD" and dumps his retardaton here.
Inb4 hurr I'm not reddit, then fuck off where else you came from or LURK MORE

Thats the Something Awful head admin

>believing some random tweet

Cred Forums dumb as always

To be with my waifu.


Well shit

I can only hope it's fake. In these days, you can never know though.

Average cancerous redditor on Cred Forums.

>Why did Moot keep Cred Forums?
It served as a lightning rod for the shit that didn't belong on other boards, of course nowadays the line between normalfags and hobbyists is pretty blurred.

see the difference here is that you're mad and im not so you lose no matter what

>SA continues to exist
I'm surprised every time

>Cred Forums pass is now required to post

Just wanted to add my thoughts.
You're a faggot, there's dozens of smaller imageboards with actual fucking communities. redditchan is a disgrace to all imageboards.

Why would lowtax want to admin ANOTHER dead gay irrelevant forum

>reddit is for actual discussion
>upboat system and heavy moderation

Reddit is literally built in a fashion that doesn't allow real discussion, just echochambers. Very few of its fringe subsections are any good.

This is the end? I love you Cred Forums.

I want moot to come back, surely his job at Google isn't as fulfilling.

It's his fetish

>moot uses SA
>leaves to make Cred Forums
>moot leaves Cred Forums
>owned by SA
like pottery

Cred Forums can't die. I dont have anywhere else to go.

Is it because the place is slow as sin and only for a certain demographic?

>moot created Cred Forums to get away from SA
>10+ years later SA now take over Cred Forums

RIP loli if thats what it is.

This was moot's first idea implemented over at Google, by the way and its garnering tons of support from the Youtube community.

Enjoy your ragecomics and epic jokes, I guess

I wish.

just like youtube.

you can change theme, you know.

He clearly didn't see his role at Cred Forums to be fulfilling at the end either since he sold this site to hiroshima.

how do you know was his idea?



holy shit

If Cred Forums dies, I either have to die with it or find a completely new way to live my life that doesn't leave me access to a computer
I'll probably join the navy or some shit of anything happens
Don't go, guys

What's the sauce? The interview he gave recently?

that guy waving the red flag at the start of the video is moot

>level 1
>become an hero

Still it's almost funny that he's still out trying to create "communities". Hasn't he had enough. Hasn't he seen what he's already created?


>235k dislikes
Looks like the youtube folk don't like to do it for free.

Not any more ;^)

there's no way the creator of fucking Cred Forums would think something like YouTube:1984 would be a good idea to grow a community.

>235,895 dislikes
>tons of support
I was there when Cred Forums raided it last night.

>I'll probably join the navy or some shit of anything happens
This won't stop you from using the internet. I spoke with a lot of army guys here.

/j/ defaults to Yotsuba A stupid.

It's ogre ;_;

I don't know about other boards, but Cred Forums seems to have an obsession with the concept of the end of Cred Forums that borders on fetishistic. Every single time there's an event that could be even remotely construed as meaning something bad for the site as a whole, we have at least one thread to bump limit full of "THIS IS IT, Cred Forums IS OVER", "WHERE WILL YOU GO WHEN IT DIES" etc. etc. And then nothing happens, and we do the same thing in a couple months. We've had this same damn conversation a dozen times a year for years, guys. When will you learn to cool it.

Ah fuck
What then?

fake and gay

>I have to say I'm sorry.
Then disappears, why he always do it?

/nen/ for discussion
/ota/ for shitposting
/uboa/ for gaming

After samachan died I don't really have a place purely for anime.

It's been dead on the inside since like 2010.


If this was real, Cred Forums would be fucking ballistic right now.

Hiro did more than moot did on his last 4 years which consisted on him being a passsive agressive bitch to all users

I don't know about that one.

Is it a gaming one?

obvious b8 and confirmed fake

end your life

Become a hermit. A saint of the wild.

Don't forget the obligatory Komm Susser Tod youtube link
These threads are comfy

>people on Cred Forumseddit still think the "/j/" screencap is real

Hiro is a newfag who doesn't even know how this site works.

I don't want to an hero yet, not until I'm alone with no family left

Good fuking riddance.
He hasn't done shit since he came on board except make a few new boards and you guys all fellate him.


When will mods delete this fake meta thread?


hold out for your family, user. I'll shitpost and watch anime with you til the end

Really? It's in the name and yes it's a unique gem for 1 particular game but nonetheless it's great community in general.


All mods were purged.

All exist already


Hehehe, this is getting fun. So, user, any last words?




Thank you, user. Where will you go when it all comes tumbling down?


lel i hope this guy wins

Thank God if that's true.

I couldn't give less of a shit about proxy bans.

Apparently he's running for president.

>tells me my browser is too outdated
>running Firefox
Okay sure.

He's a Cred Forums troll.

Found my vote.

No good. Too modern.
No good. Too different.

look, if you really want to use racial slurs at least learn them first.

>splitting boards into increasingly smaller communities
Best way to make your chan irrelevant. See also

I'm certain he's aware and doesn't care, user.


Cred Forums won't suddenly cease to exist. Even if it's a 100% whored out, commercialized, facebook-friendly version of it's old self, I'll be here shitposting until something comes along where everyone migrates to.
It's either that future promised land or Gensokyo


I already had that bookmarked.
That list doesn't mention a bunch of imageboards that were created in the last 2 years.

Before the site shut down I just want to say I don't feel bad for anything I did until now. I hate you all faggots

Oh look, it's yet another "Cred Forums is finished" episode. Newfaggotry ITT is out of scale.

I've never posted anywhere except on Cred Forums in years.
This kind of crisis can't be happening (again), where would people like me go?

Informative, but it's a shame there's really nowhere besides us with such a large and varied userbase

blasphemy and homosexual


This is reassuring. Then I'll stay too, and shitpost with you until moot comes back from the dead to save us

I know that feel user.

Minus news/information sites and the occasional forum, there's literally nowhere online I go besides Cred Forums. It has, and has had, everything I needed for years.

I'd truly, unironically, be lost without it

Shhhh! Don't ruin the fun, user.

Didn't he found an exploit in the site's code that gave admin acess?
anyway, what a trooper

Fuck you too buddy


You get to choose the next Cred Forums overlord (sadly a mod)
Pick your poison, who will be?

He used the SSL heartbleed bug which had not been fixed by the lazy staff at the time

Says the crossposting shitter.

Oh right, I forgot

I'm sure there are some more I don't know of.

Also /magic/, /tano/, /tea/ etc. but they're in the pastebin.

Make Lelouch a mod then make him an admin.


>I know
>I know I've let you down
>I've been a fool to myself
>I thought that I could live for no one else

>Blogposting on r9k

pretty embarrassing desu

The end.

Jake the tripfag

Just so you know, I'm going to find you have give you the most horrific case of headpats and belly rubs you ever had in your whole motherfuckin' life!!!!

The oldest one.

Cred Forums and Cred Forums as a whole are nostalgic to the point of ending it all

Reminded me of this

Luckychan is dead

What pastebin?

Rodrigo Duterte

>multiple people can't save same picture
Kill yourself you paranoid fuck

This one.

Stop being stupid.

So what do you do if Cred Forums goes?


honestly hiro should hand it over back to moot and moot decides what to do with it.

Thanks, sorry

>Shiternint Aristocuck
>Reliable source ever

I recall him buying fully into the 2ch Hiro data conspiracy, he desperately wants people to post on 8shit because its slower than slow boards here.

but WW2 gave us so many nice slurs, why use "gook"?

What if trump became the admin?