Would you fug a moth?

Would you fug a moth?


Sounds itchy

Oh god no, all that glittery shit.

That particular one, yes

can it be a loli moth?

The new anthology mantis is 500x better a doujin

Rapemoth pls go

Link it than

What about this one?


Do I have a choice?

>hfw somebody forgot to lock the wardrobe and there's a delicious sweater vest inside.


I need an answer for this.

>sits out the entire game
>gets all the credit

why do they do this?



CHAPTER 4 WHEN??????!?!?!?

>Those eyes
I've seen enough horror to know where this is going

...are those eyes open or closed?



moth girl a cute


Her name is Kaiko. Get it right you mongs

This doujin wasn't even good


Kaiko very cute!

This particular moth is top tier waifu material, however I find the insectoid thorax on her back to be the feature of hers that I have the most qualms about.

This is marriage material. I'd have at least five fluffy children with her.

Moth is love
Moth is life


She is 3fluff5me

Multiple times

Send her here then, it's cold here in the autumn and we can keep eachother warm.

So does she control time or is she just mindfucking everyone?

I need some clarity dammit, whens the non-h serialized version going to start?

Would you a loli moth?