Mount and Blade - The Manga

wtf I hate catholics now.

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Keep this shitty meme out of Cred Forums, retard. Fuck off.

why is this allowed?

Because Japan.

That looks like C.C



is that blood between her legs?

have more of this? sauce?



how original

>tfw no actual mount and blade manga

Otome Sensou still does.

I thought I'd check this out as I do enjoy a good historical manga.

>the ancestral home of my father's family

This fucking manga got personal in less than 10 pages. This could be my great great great great great great great great great grandmother getting raped.

Hey guys what's going on in this thread?

>Not Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Manga

Praise be Jan Hus


Hope you like Jan Hus kicking ass.

Probably not since my father's family was Catholic although mostly fallen in my generation.

I suppose I can maybe get behind my Czech heritage on this.

Post feasts

A lot of the Hussites eventually converted to Catholicism. So who knows you might have some Hussite blood in you.

I want to hate him, but with a sexy little body like that, I'd hit it so hard she nearly bleeds to death as well.

Oh didn't know that... Honestly we have a bit more (well a shit ton more) info on my mom's family than my dad's. My dad did a lot of research the last decade or so and able to at least trace my family back to Plzen.

I guess I should be happy to have a manga that my dad's family is connected to otherwise it would have just been my mom's family.

Thank you Japan.

There is hardly any good historical manga and you are reading the wrong shit since you choose such an edgy piece of shit manga.

Cesare is one of the few manga I read so far that actually feels historical.

Like I can tell maybe I am not reading bullshit made up by someone.

You better keep this edgy shit out of my board bro.


I like historical manga about history I actually could give a shit about. Although I'm sure that manga you suggested is fantastic in all respects but it's still about Italians and fuck Italians.

>fuck Italians
What about Romans then?

Read the first 2 chapters, it was boring. Also they killed the blacksmith, he seemed like an interesting(and useful) character.

Same shit from the same boot shaped asshole.. Seriously I could not give a fuck about anything from that particular region and never have.

This kid was a badasss

"Was" being the operative keyword here. Least he went out in a blaze of glory.

Are you Ethiopian or something? Why hate based spaghettiland?

Nice buzzword there mate.

Explain how is this edgy?

Let's compare it to Berserk
>Guts starts with fucking and killing an apostle
>Does edgy shit for an entire volume until we reach his flashback
>Edgier than Edge he was born from his dead mother, his father sold his ass to a negro for a couple coins

This manga: Starts with the protagonist's village being raided and then she gets raped BUT it doesn't show it or anything, it just shows her naked and bleeding, she doesn't act like edgy McGee either. In fact she just wanted to die with her family until she realizes she wants to fight, that's basically the intro of the manga.

So how is this edgy?

Ya gotta remember the person you're replying to is very sheltered in how the real world can be. He/She probably doesn't know that events as depicted in that first chapter actually happened in historical context.

It's best to just let them go back to reading One Piece, Naruto, or whatever kids of his age are reading these days.