Blonde: Check

>Blonde: Check
>Twin tails: Check
>Tsundere: Check
>DFC: .....


>implying they didn't make it better
Rin is best girl.

Congratulations user, you have shit taste


Tits disagree

Cow lovers are the ones with shit taste

Kill yourself pedophile

>kill yourself for having superior and more natural taste
Not him, but "???"

>liking DFC makes you a pedo


Reminder that Hane is best bakuon and a miracle of the universe.

Normally I'd agree but there's something about a loli's head on a fantastic body that makes me diamonds

>he thinks flat is superior
You should go for guys, user. No bust at all

>he thinks fat is superior
You should go to tumblr, landwhale apologist.

RIP Eririfag.


I love Suzuki!

>having tits=fat
So, you're just gay?

Go back and hug your twigs

Are those wings hairclips?

Oink, oink!
Go back to your mother.

Left or right?

Nice argument senpai

Why not both?

Left but right is good too.

how old are the girls in this anyway? at what age you can drive a bike in japan?

Caress a flatboard.

Go back fapping to your fat mother's underwear.

she is drawn so terribly in that pic


16 I think, and they say in the show you can start your driving lessons before your birthday.

If I didn't care for the first few episodes, so I bother with the rest of the show? I want to like it but it's pretty eh for me.

I'm watching it right now and I think it's pretty funny. It doesn't change much, so if you didn't like the first few don't bother anymore.

Stig-chan pushes it over the "it's just moeshit" boundary to "I am enjoying this"

user, don't take this personally, but Rin is going to make you her bitch now.

Ah who am I kidding? You're going to personally take it up the ass.


Premium Gasoline and 10W30.

rin is the only reason i picked this up


>Blonde: Check
>Twin tails: Check
>Tsundere: Check
>Tits: Check
>Not a Suzuki: ...

frizzy reminds me of my ball sack

Mangafags, do you prefer the manga or the anime?


Pretty much this.
It was a fun and enjoyable show, and I'm glad I watched it, but it's not exactly the most memorable or noteworthy show out there. I'd recommend it I suppose, but only after a lot of other shows.

Feeling obligated to make her chest a boring plain of nothing whenever you have a girl with blonde twintails and a cute face is a real waste.


But not when it's done to Suzuki's extent.
She becomes a walking pair of tits at that size and not a thing more.

She's got a great ass too though.

Yeah, but it's dwarfed by her breasts so doesn't really matter.

best eyebrows

Bullshit. That's full blown feminist logic.

She's a fun character.

Suzuki is cute.

>feminist logic
Um, no. When a character is made to be nothing more but huge tits, then it becomes nothing more than huge tits.
Rin's size is a perfect indicitaion what it needs for this to happen.


>the difference in the size of their asses
Oh god give me strength.

user everyone has different tastes but you are being full autistic about yours

That's feminism's "sexual objectification is a wide spread problem" stupidity: In their heads (and yours), a heavy presence of sex appeal means that the writers are viewing her as nothing more than a sex toy. Less than a character.

That's simply not true in this case.


It is true, as she indeed is nothing more than the "lol unrealistically huge boobs oh yeah baby sex bomb breasts" of the show.
Not a character.

No, it's not. She's just as much of a character as any of the other girls.

She's Yui 2.0

>fag buttblasted that some character has big tits
Flatshitters are the worst.

the manga is better and closer to what the series is going for

Highlights are cynical humor and banter-based humor

Liking big tits is more natural. You're a broken individual fag boy. Go slap your dick on a plank of wood and get splinters in your urethra.

Manga, definitely.

Anime cut too much/messed up some jokes. Also upped the fanservice.

>she gets a figure
>she's not in her signature outfit

If you're someone who only sees tits, I guess.

She has plenty of character, though.

Yeah, sure.
>"Look, she's saying that she- BOING BOING"
Big != battleship size udders from hell which is unnatural to love and only happens in anime.

But blonde twintails tsunplank is the worst character archetype

That sounds like a personal problem, m8.You're more obsessed with tits than you want to admit.

By this logic, Armstrong from FMA is nothing but muscles because there are jokes about his hyper-masculine physique. See how stupid that sounds?

A "character" who's nothing but tits is exactly that: a "character" that's nothing but tits. There are no attempts to give them any sort of value in regards to jokes, character development, or anything that isn't jacking off to her tits. The fact that you're supposed to jack off to her tits doesn't mean that the jokes and character development are not there, which is a common fallacy that feminists attempt to get away with when discussing this topic.

If the presence of tits means that YOU are incapable of seeing anything beyond tits when a character with huge tits appears, that's your problem, not the fault of the writers or the artists.


The thing is, Rin is really nothing else but one occuring joke to thinly veil the huge amount of boob service.
No character development, no lines of worth.
She likes Suzuki and she has balloon tits, end of story.

Gigantic ass: Check

>has a traumatic past with her dad
>constantly butts heads with the jew
>has anger and pride issues that always get her into trouble
>bullied by the whole world
>nice girl underneath the Suzuki autism

Look, no one is gonna say any of these characters are deep but come on man.

All of those listed were variations to her Suzuki faggotry.
If we have to add another trait, it would be being a stupid bimbo, but that goes pretty natural with big breasts and being blond.

>it is true
>not a character

Your opinion. It is shit though.

>rin has big boobs
>hane is retarded
>onsa is a jew with a dick
>that rich girl want to be an delinquent
>chisame is a womanlet
>raimu is 50 years old
These characters are shit.

it's almost like brand-faggots are obnoxious cunts of fandoms



ITT: anally devastated landwhale trying to make us feel bad for liking Rin.

Rin just called, she left a message. "Stay mad 3DPD."

Why does her autism gets me so hard?

>implying Rin is not the mascot for landwhales

Nothing warms my heart and hardens my bone like a busty Blonde.
Preferably kind of stupid too

Mother complex much?


But my mom has Brown hair

>Big tits
Truly great character design.


>"Man can't wait to look up some Bakuon doujins"
>*checks sad panda*
>only 1 doujin

29 soon fellow autists. It's the Chisame intro chapter, and honestly it's not a whole lot different from the anime so don't expect much here. Expect faster releases too, probably. It seems we caught two solid candidates for typesetting, if they can stick around longer than the first 6 it might actually happen.

What good news

Thanks for everything!

>likes blonde hair and big boobs
>You have a mother complex

Wew women are salty as hell these days. Must suck to know you're getting beaten out by fictional women.

>Blonde , tsundere , oppai loli

>someone hits the nail on the head
>call him a woman
Is this a new meme?

We had two busty blonde twintails that season and it was glorious.

The other one also had the bonus of drills.

Blondes are pretty rare. Why would you assume liking them meant the person had a mother complex?

I prefer Onsa

Are you saying you hit the nail on the head by your own admission and opinion?

Sorry, but you're wrong. Liking blonde hair and big breasts does not, in fact, mean you have a mother complex. I know it hurts to be wrong but it happens sometimes.

>I prefer dicks

Honestly, "the thing that men want the most from girls is a second mother" isn't too far off. Particularly, they want all of the nurturing and feminine energy parts that make home a comfortable place to be without the authority that a parent has over a child.

However, what people making this observation with a misandrist agenda tend to like to pass up is that "the thing that girls want the most from men is a second father" is also pretty damn true. Maybe even more so than the reverse, since the protection and stability that they seek from men is in line with the point behind granting someone authority over you.

tl;dr: That poster is probably not entirely wrong, but it also has very little to do with blonde hair, and it's not much of an insult.

It's not evident just because of liking blondes and big breasts, but because liking this kind of designs

Duly noted.

People in this thread prefer that shitty Suzukiphile instead of this beautiful, loving retard.

>Liking sexy women means you have a mother complex
You're more retarded then Freud

>liking worse Yui with stupid eyebrows more

Are you telling me I (or all poster ITT) should feel bad for liking women with large breasts?

>German Aryan girl threatening Anne Frank.png

Senpai has nice tits too.

If anything, now you have even more reason to like them because you know you're triggering some landwhale on the internet.
Small tits may be great indeed, but huge tits are fucking amazing. I'm glad I can enjoy them all.

You're right, OP. She totally needs to have a flat chest and a complex about said flat chest.

They're all cute.

Except Frizzy.

Actually, flat anime girls are shit, because they always have a complex about it, so they are even less of a character than big breasted bimbos.
Actually, I don't think there are more than 3 or 4 girls with small breasts that are not complete shit in the entirety of anime.
Let's face it: anime industry is the most obsessed and partial to large breasts in any kind of media. Obviously, big breasted characters will be the only ones we can take seriously. It is certainly not a media for the small breast lovers or DFC fags.

Chisame has the best faces.

Chisame is the perfect example of a small girl being as shitty as can be because of

The best everything else too.

She has the worst mole.


I'm thankful for the people who still care enough to do the work

>tfw she never got to make another appearance because of an autistic sperge in Gust's ranks



is this an anime about motorcycles?



>Implying the reason I like Onsa isn't because jew




Prove it.

What about those designs implies anything about mothers?

>Blonde: Trash
>Twin tails: Trash
>Tsundere: Trash
>DFC: .....Trash

How can someone who isn't fat or obnoxious be a mascot for landwhales?

>"I might have a little bit of chub, but who cares! See, men love big breasts, that's the most important thing! Boing, boing!"


Nah, I don't see it

One of the staff had a breakdown over the idea of drawing an older Lionela. That's why she didn't appear in Totori or Meruru.

Why? Afraid to draw even bigger breasts on her?

Same reason they turned Rorona into a loli in Meruru.

Rin is the realest person in the show, she even has her parents INTERACT with OTHER PEOPLE.


Because you could probably trick her into fucking you.

Look for the artist, he did his own doujins.

holy shit he did

I love my flat chested, twintailed, blonde tsunderes as much as the next guy, but you've got to be a faggot if you can't appreciate Rin's top tier body.


YFW you realize you'll never get to make your own OC's for porn and then insert them into your later published works.

I'm part of the Team Twintails so both