Danganronpa 3

Was he her father?

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Junko literally loves him so much that she won't kill him and wants him to destroy despair.

She basically killed herself to become a stepping stone to hope that destroys the despair. She is literally 100% waifu material.

First for Hajime

No. Most evidence points Chihiro still.

It was Chihiro, and this episode was fucking bullshit.
I refuse to accept it.


Hope is a myth. Despair is a joke. We are all pawns, controlled by something greater: Memes.


Wish her a goodnight sleep.

Talentless fucking shit come 'ere

It was Izuru.

Who will be the last seven mirai characters?

The ultimate meme character. Here's a guy that spends an entire murder investigation looking for his stupid earring, totally oblivious to anything going on (which is the case for the entire game). Then later on he kills Nekomaru and tries to lie about it, which would've killed everyone but him if he got away with it. But we're supposed to pretend he's noble in the end because he gives a speech after getting caught, and Sonia acts like he didn't just try to kill everyone.

Mukuro has had one mention of Naegi this whole series and it was "Should we kill him?"
What is even happening?


She's a Daddy's Girl. The gross kind.


But who is her mother?

>hit so hard he became the most important character in the series
Is Hajime our boy?

So... let me understand

Side: Hope is a connection between the two animes, it will be a chapter or an apart anime?

Meh, I guess that makes her less of a shitty character.

As long as we don't have a name I'll believe it's Izuru because Chihiro didn't even meet her.

Damn right, time to post more Hajimemes


Well that was fucking boring. 23 fucking minutes of shit we already knew, just animated. Only new thing was the confirmation that Izuru was acting of his own accord.

This just cements that Despair Arc was a fucking shit.

5/10 series

>its a sequel character becomes MC of entire series episode

7 other Miayabots.

Honestly, the empty spaces could just be to separate Monaca from everyone else

Wouldn't it make more sense if Chihiro made the AI and Izuru uploaded a mod for it alongside Junko's AI?

Xth for sluts

I'd do female nagito, fill her up with hope

I never thought about it that way.
>That feel when you get punched but you only produce tears and not talent.
Necking myself as I type lads.

post proofs

Every time.

Is this a Gundam hate thread?

>his biggest feat is putting a USB into a supercomputer

Even Chisa admitted it was a waste of time


Nobody knows man. It could just as well be the next Future episode.
I'm leaning toward new series/OVA though.

What evidence?
That she said he was apparently pretty manly in front of a laptop?
Izuru uses 'boku' like a manchild. At this point the retconning really is possible.

Izuru being able to make a perfectly functional Junko AI but only being able to make a semi-functional Chiaki AI who has the bulletpoints down but nothing else makes sense, as he had a lot more info on one than the other.

>his biggest feat is causing an entire game to take place


I remember him admitting he did it about 75% of the way through the trial.

>Your face when Hope is actually the first episode of ANOTHER SEASON


>Izuru being able to make a perfectly functional Junko AI
Junko made the Junko AI

Baby gangsta

Yep, he completely accepted his guilt, until Nagito opened his big mouth and made him relent and go back to defending himself.


That was Junko's doing, without her, he's nothing.


The Junko AI only thinks that.

>Junko would have never bothered if Hajime didn't turn into ultimate everything

Izuru made the Junko AI. From this episode you could clearly see that all the shit in DR2 was his plan and that Junko didn't even know what he was thinking about.

Junko sucks at computers. Izuru did it for her, it's the only explanation.

Can't help but feel conflicted over disliking Chisa now. On one hand she's just a genki teacher who loves her students, but on the other, ultimate despair slut. This mind hack stuff is such bullshit

is Izuru the worst Danganronpa character? He's such a mary sue ex machina character.

The games make it as clear as water.
Chihiro, Miaya, Matsuda and Chiaki were all friends, they created AI Chiaki to help everyone reform themselves in the Neo World Program.
The anime fucked everything up like the piece of shit it is.


What's the deal with Mukuro calling Naegi a loser and asking Junko if she wants her to kill him? Does this confirm they retconned her crush on him?

>inb4 some fag mentions IF and it's non-canonness
Even in DR1's Free-Time Events, they hint at her having a crush on him.

Junko, Mikan and Chiaki are all worse.

The only problem with AI Chiaki being made by Chihiro is that having a Chiaki AI to counter a Junko AI is pretty central to Izuru's plan and leaving building one of the AIs to someone else is the kind of incompetence that you wouldn't expect from the Ultimate Everything.


make it related

No not even Junko AI believes that. She's quite aware the real Junko was bad with computers. Pretty sure she had a line about how real Junko's idea of fixing a computer was putting it in the microwave.

>ultimate despair slut.
But that's Mikan

Junko in 2-6 literally says she made it. Izuru wouldnt have put his own AI into kurokuma and shirokuma.


>kibou hen is just an alternate universe anime where despair doesn't exist and everyone is alive

Hello Cred Forums, do you hate ... boats?

>you will never have a threesome of HOPE and DESPAIR with Chiaki and Junko and fill them up with FUTURE

>Even in DR1's Free-Time Events, they hint at her having a crush on him.
That's because she was acting like Junko.

They spend 2 years in the bunker-school.

I would probably lose my fucking mind.

>the next day Kodaka is killed by ISIS



>At the end Naegi hooks up with Pikachu, resulting in eternal butthurt from every shipper ever



"It's done?"

"Yes. I'll handle the rest. Here, that's your name as of today. The 13th Branch Head. Best change your face too."

"But the New World Program?"

"Class Rep, the whole world wants your head. Don't worry, the AI can handle it. I'll be in the simulation too. Move now, quickly."

"I hope we meet again my friend."


>DR thread without guns

wrong thread but feel free to use it



I'll take the HOPE, you can keep the trash.


Izuru only helped in the creation of the Neo World Program, he talked to Chihiro and the others.
If only the anime would've explained that, it wasn't so fucking hard.


There's not enough MEMES ITT
I want to be controlled by the MEMES

Stop right there, twisted form of myself, drop the gun

ayy english subs yet?


>Junko in 2-6
Which is the AI, which was programmed by Izuru.
All of the DR2 shit was supposed to look like a plan of Junko's. Izuru was supposed to also be a remnant that listened to her. So that his motive wasn't completely exposed, he made her say it was Junko behind everything again and that Izuru was also a remnant.

Its all a test planned by Izuru. And he had to make it look credible as if "Ultimate Despair" was behind it.

>izuru says junko and him will meet again
>they never actually do, since it was hinata that met junko again
>izuru/hinata heading towards FF HQ right now

junko's alive confirmed

It's actually something he would do, I also noticed the writers got a hopeboner for Komanami.


Is there a source for the middle picture?

Pretty much



That skirt is practically showing off her ass.

The characters were all useless. Nobody could do anything against the brainwashing meme. Literally forced despair.

It's disappointing but I guess that since she stuttered there that means she wasn't sure of herself?

Doctor Gekkogahara. Turn off mu despair inhibitors.

>This is a story about hope that ends in despair. So isn't it a bad ending, you ask? Hmm I don't know about that
>11 episodes later
>I mean can you really call it a bad end if the villain got everything she desired?
Bravo Kodaka, your wit knows no rival

They met again when she was an AI

It's better to drop it. I mean looking looking up a fucking class roster obviously require a SHSL talent and the fact Alter-Ego doesn't exist and can't copy paste his basic AI function programs into another model just cannot be realistic. Obviously Izuru did everything

Mukuro's crush from IF got retconned hard

>they created AI Chiaki to help everyone reform themselves in the Neo World Program.
Bullshit, both Matsuda and Chiaki were dead by the time the despair apocalypse took place, and Chihiro locked himself up and forgot everything about what was happening right after it happened.
AI Chiaki couldn't have been created by the good guys (unless Chihiro just coded the alter ego for everyone he met, including Chiaki, which is possible, but unlikely) And even if she were, it's unlikely someone like Chihiro would know Chiaki's personality intimately enough to make a near perfect copy. Izuru on the other hand, has shown in chapter 0 he could get a good idea of someone's character just by exchanging a few lines with that person.

You'll never take me alive coppa!

Is there anyone that can stop Junko Enoshima?

I really wish. Too bad we can only hope.

What are they going to do for the end of Mirai-hen?

I can't imagine one 22 minute episode is enough to wrap it up. We still don't even know anything about Tengan's master plan and why, the 16th participant, Togami's fate, Mitarai's rationale, etc. etc. Junko hasn't even shown her face and we know she's involved in some way.

The Kibou-hen episode seems like it's intended to be mostly fanservice about post-DR. Unless Mirai-hen's Monday episode is 44 minutes, there's no fucking way the finale is going to be even vaguely coherent.

Miaya's on her way to the next episode!


>yfw despair ride is over

>Designing an AI daughter after a girl you want to bang
Hajime what the FUCK

then lets die together

>Komaeda and Hinata finally in the same panel
>HinaNami pandering anyway
Fujos are literally on suicide watch


Let's not forget the "Isn't he a loser". She barely knew him desu.


>HinataChiaki is actually incest

That long pause between the answer and question

And you wouldnt?


Hope Arc airs on thursday

Future Arc 12 airs this monday

Spread this around so people can shut up about it

>yfw somehow junko is alive and is the mastermind

That would mean her DR1 FTE was retconned as well which is dumb

Well I guess if anything Kodaka can just say that they got closer and she started having doubts while they were in the bunker school


5 survivors/Nagito/Junko

Is dead

See Izuru helped, he didn't created himself that would've been stupid.

I'd be upset if it wasn't Junko.

Or maybe, Chiaki IA is made by Alter Ego.
Alter ego is some kind of super machine learning IA. He doesn't really need Chihiro to evolve. With enough data (class 77 memories?), he would totally be able to build a more or less acurate representation of Chiaki.

Must ... Resist

I literally burst out laughing when the Metal Gear started

>""Izuru made the Nanami ai""

>not posting memes

>he could get a good idea of someone's character just by exchanging a few lines with that person.
He does have SHSL analytic skills.


Yeah, I guess she just didn't got to know him properly yet, still disappointing though

So homosexuality and memes destroyed the world? Sounds about right.

>Munakata going full Raiden
Are we MGR yet?

Only with the AI.


How despairing!



>not being able to understand spanish subs

Monokuma's Gloomy Sunday, the monitors with knives in them from DR1...
It's obvious at this point.
Junko is back.
Junko literally all but confirmed to be the mastermind/16th person
She said she'd need a high spec brain, BUT WHOSE??? (Kirijunko, Chiakizuru, zombie, etc).
Why is her method so radically different for the Final Killing Game?
We don't know.

I need more images like these. thanks bye

>Junko acknowledging Makoto's ability to cause despair
>Mukuro actually asking Junko with some slight hesitation in killing someone instead of unflinching obedience.
This is pretty much the closest thing to a love confession out of any of the despair sisters you're gonna get.

Why make an episode where nothing happens?

Why not use the time to show the current mastermind setting everything up in the past?

How in the hell is the next episode going to wrap this entire series up in 20 minutes?

But that was obvious.


>hope arc airs next thursday
Where's the actual proof that it won't be 1-hour long, jackass? Twitters, websites, whatever.

I guess that does make sense.
It isn't known when exactly did Chihiro create Alter Ego, but it should've been before this episode happened.

That subtle reference to matsuda


>Both Junko & Izuru acknowledge that meme magic is real

Okay its decided anybody who hates either of these two characters are a fucking traitor to Cred Forums and should kill themselves like the normies you are.

>DR1 = MGS1
>DR2 = MGS2
>DR3 = MGR

>implying incest stops HinaNami from being pandered to
See you in Kibou

Are you both fucking retarded or memeing?

Oh so that's what those test posts from earlier were

Memes confirmed an actual force

Will we get a 1 hour ep on monday?

Unless it's a surprise 44 minute episode, or Kibou-hen is just the finale of Mirai-hen, we're going to get a ridiculously rushed finale.


Junko is really hot.

Go back to sleep, Miayabot

>Izuru helped in the creation of the Neo World Program
Okay, let's just ignore Izuru was never shown to interact with any student that wasn't in the 77th class except for Junko.
I'm not saying that's impossible, but you have no basis for that statement so everything you say is still coming out of your ass.

The DNA of the soul.

MGR + MGSV for DR3


We Ace Attorney now?

>she was acting like junko

Mukuro did the worst imitation of her. How did she fuck that up so bad when she was around her so much?

Kibou-hen is the finale to Mirai-hen.

You know we wuz kings and shit man we trying to go to space and shit with the pyramids

People on twitter looking at their DVR and channel guides, showing a 30 minute timeslot.

Anyone else think Miaya's personality was like Monomi's?

There are pictures of them all outside together though.

Look up the fucking definition and stop being retarded. Fact is, we're full on MGS now, boys.

>yfw Commie decides to sub the series because of that

What would a threesome with the two of them be like?


How do I find a girl like Nanami irl?

Any new v3 info?

maybe junk-o fucked her memory up too?

Munakata never got to experience despair sex ;_;

too busy getting abused and liking it to pay attention


Does anyone care that the writers completely neglected/destroyed Mukuro's character, ignoring every bit of canon?

Monaca could have made a Miayabot for every day of the week. You don't know the girl and her needs.

I can buy her using Monomi to talk because of her alleged shyness, but I don't think her personality was quite like either appearance of Monomi.

To be fair she wasnt playing Junko, she was playing "Junko pretending not to be an insane fucking psycho with a convoluted fetish"


Wait, wasn't the point of him saying he wanted to test hope vs despair, then showing him in the game, supposed to mean that he had a part in setting it up?

When someone finally gets around to asking Naegi why he did what he did his explanation is going to focus around Izuru.

Go outside. You can find them at conventions and art schools.

Reminder that KiriJunko can still happen because we have 2 full episodes left.

It's the only way she'd still be alive. Come on meme magic.

It has the normal timeslot.

Can't blame her, look at them smiles man.
The thirst is real.

I guess I can trust you there, but an actual picture would help calm me and the other autists truly.

I don't understand how people are saying that Junko will be the mastermind in Mirai. She has no physical body and her AI was destroyed in DR2. Also, Kirijunko is probably one of the dumbest things I've ever heard and even shit like Chiakizuru is more substantial in that it has at least some merit with consideration of the recent developments.


Find a hopeful NEET girl who isn't ugly.

do they fucking copy and paste togami? but with diffrent cloths like all images are of him like that

That was kind of hot

>Expected to have a Naekusaba moment at least
>One-sided Naenoshima confirmed instead.




Until the 29th.

What character? IF isn't canon, so you can crawl back to your hole already, Corpsefag. You're ship and you're waifu are officially fucked.

>Izuru marries human Chiaki and decides to call their first daughter Chiaki

Would they become the ultimate oyakodon?

>RoD and SHSL Despairs weren't shown taking Junko's body parts and attaching it to themselves at then of the episodes
Fuck this show

There are two doujins about that, go search it

If you fuck someone in the NWP, are you still a virgin?

>you will never cuddle with AI and real Chiaki, one on either side of your arm


don't click this Nagitofags

Maybe Izuru heard about the NWP, went to Fujisaki when he was working on it, and went "Could you model the AI in the program after this girl here? She passed away recently and I think it would be a good tribute to her. Here's a ton of details on her, even audio recordings of her voice"

God, I gotta work to make this shit fit.Real Chiaki makes the AI thing so damn confusing.

I could bet 5 dollars that this will be relevant again some time soon

>The world ended because of a despair meme

Playing this on the background:


Chiaki smokes her e-cigar and rides into the sunset

Felt like rape.

I can guarantee you that they will all be either fat or extremely annoying, if not both.

That shit's gross and was only there for shock value.

I hope it gets retconned.

What? Isn't it canon that Mukuro was in love with Naegi during their school year? This scene completely ignores that and makes her think nothing of him.

this user gets it

Because its the finale of Hope's Peak story and would be retarded to have anyone but Junko as the mastermind.

Holy shit that Mario freaked me out.

>muh non-canon book

Solidus Nanami when?

this basically sums up Danganronpa

Dunno if you can marry a pin cushion, but whatever.

I don't see why it would? I suppose it could, but the only thing we know for sure is that Izuru predicted this would happen. The NWP is an answer to the despair brainwashing after all, he probably expected they were going to use it on the 77th class should they be captured. Now whether he personally contributed to the neo world program is too much of a jump for me, but sure why not. There's no evidence for that though.


how do you retcon something that was in SDR2 and UDG?

>AI Junko
>??? Junko

That was only presented in IF, which isn't canon.

What did he mean by this?

>Chiaki smokes her e-cigar

Only AI Chiaki smokes e-cigars, real Chiaki smokes real cigars, idiot.

It's not Chiakizuru per-se, user. If it is her, she's possessed by AI Junko. As says, this is the finale of Hope's Peak. Junko being there is a certainty. It's literally only a question of 'how'.

I don't know how the hell are they're gonna do it (They still didn't use time travel) but she's gonna be.

Ghost Junko

>AI Junko made it up to mess with the RoDs.

I'm so glad it finally showed how Junko behaved in front of her classmates when she spoke to Neagi as this shows she can put on an act when necessary.

Reminder: 2D > 3D

maybe some robot with Junko's personality. Who knows at this point

Besides, if there was going to be a one hour long episode, you'd bet your ass we'd know already. Japanese are incredibly anal about their TV timeslots and would announce something like that weeks in advance.

>implying 16-Animation-Directors-Lerche-kun can pull off a one hour long episode

You can fall in love with losers too you kniw

no, I mean the fact they dismembered their limbs was literally in both of those games

Regardless it was the only interesting thing Mukuro had going for her, now she's just a soulless tool of Junko, boring as hell.

So, you know, perfectly fitting with the rest this anime.

And for the fucking better. Kodaka did something actually right for once.

No, it isn't? It's hinted in the school mode that Mukuro had feelings for Naegi. The photographs in the game also act as a subtle hint with how Mukuro only smiles when Naegi is taking a picture.

You could say that about most things in this arc

>There's no evidence for that though.
The last episode didn't end they way it did on accident. The inference you're supposed to draw is pretty obvious.

Junko switched her brain with Tengan's before he left the Academy. Don't ask why. Also Tengan isn't dead.

>AI Chiaki well fall asleep on you

>marrying a corpse

What is he? Kirigiri?

>trying to falseflag Chiakifriends
Go away.

I guess AI Junko evolved into a virus and snuck out of NWP via somebody, probably Kirigiri.

>anime character Junko

King Crimson Junko. She can fuck with Despair and it just works.

Chisa is love.
Chisa is life.
Chisa is a miracle of the universe.
Chisa might've done some things wrong, but only out of brainwashing that even HOPElet couldn't resist.
Chisa is alive and undespaired, as confirmed by the theater scene.

This semen demon better be alive next episode.

So was Naegi x Sayaka canonically confirmed this episode?


They still have 1 year on that bunker and something happened there for her to have doubts regarding her "job" so...

>The poison has a Junko Virus

She wasn't like that though. More like:

2Dception > 2D > 3D

Tsumaranai. Your boring memes can spread neither despair, nor hope.




I don't understand why it made it seem like Junko barely knew Makoto and the rest of Class 78 when they should have known each other for a whole year.

Why is he so perfect, bros?

> Tfw we have to wait until Monday to 100% confirm her death.

Why isn't time travel a thing?

Ever since the day I lost Class 77... With my own hands... I... Was already dead. Naegi... You were right. It's not about changing the world. It's about doing our best to leave the world... The way it is. It's about respecting the will of others... And believing in your own.

If you were in my place, perhaps things would have been different.

Go read a fucking dictionary

He never would've liked her anyways. And don't fucking mention IF.

More like Naegi x Junko that is canonically confirmed.

Until Sayaka died yes this shipping was canon and then it became Naegi x Kirigiri until she died recently so the next one will be Naegi x Junko.

Let me guess, Tengan pulled a Mukuro?

That was her in despair, though.

This is good.. isnt it?

>the inference you're supposed to draw is pretty obvious
Well then that must mean either I'm stupid or you're delusional.

She probably didn't spent that much time in class

They have one year in that bunker, I think, much more time for her to get to know how her classmates are and create motives for them

A problem with the pacing user. We hadn't seen the DR1 class until now.

I can't handle the memes

is danganronpa literally MGS?

So are we getting a Future episode next week, or are we just getting the special that will be the end for both?

Yes, trips confirmed that bitch deserves to die.

Would you still love her if she looked like this?

I did not play UDG so I don't know about that.

Oh yeah I forgot about Komaeda's girl arm. I guess he can keep that but retcon all the other stuff like taking Junko's eye or fucking her dead body.

It doesn't even make sense anyway. Junko's body was flattened into sludge at the end of DR1.

They didn't have Chisa sensei forcing them to go to class everyday.
They probably spent more time with Junko bolting the windows than they did all year long.

>there (You) in this thread believes that HOPE episode in an 12+ eps arc instead one special

I think she's gonna need a few more eyepatches to cover up some if those new holes she has now.

>nothing happens confirmed meme spouted by people angry the writers didn't use fucking telepathy to make the episode exactly what they wanted yet again
If you want "something new" (which isn't really the point of Despair as a prequel since all the new conten was related to DR3's cast and we already knew all the important stufff that happened in that time from the games), we get an explanation for Izuru's plan for AI Junko.
Chiaki managed to make Izuru cry, which Izuru couldn't predict because he honestly thought all of Hajime was gone. Chiaki proved otherwise, and she did it while acting with the hope of finding some of Hinata in Izuru. Thus, Izuru's seen that Junko may be full of shit. So, he sets the NWP as the stage for an experiment.
If AI Junko's plan can be stopped and AI Chiaki can lead the remnants to break free from their brainwashing, Hope's more unpredictable than despair. If AI Junko achieves her plan, despair's more unpredictable than hope. It was all a final test for Izuru to decide his side in the conflict


Of course

>yfw Kibou-hen was announced

So this monday is the last moment to confirm if shes alive.

given that this is ending on something called hope arc though, im fully expecting a happy ending.

try again when sober

I would still love her if she looked like that and had Junko's personality.

In fact, I'd probably love her more.

15 Gekkos

Yeah! It was his twin brother Dengan or something. It's Danganronpa crazy twists are expected.

Fuck off, tripfag. Stop spreading despair with your shitty oranewaifu.



Naegi still would.

You can wipe the blood off, its not that big a deal.



> Tfw we get Liquid Komaeda, except with Junko.

It fufills the Junko and fujo quota for the finale.

>preferring Kirigiri over Nanami


Why bots and not real Gekkos?

cause it basically confirms kirigiri is alive.


When we heard about it last night on twitter, the thread became extremely HOPEful.

>its an entire 58 episode season made by Kyo Ani about cute Hopegirls doing cute Hopethings

50% chance that KiriJunko is a thing


But she does look like that now

There are no happy endings in danganronpa. Only bad ends with tiny silver linings.

Yes. That's not too bad and can be covered up.

Also, the rest of the body is fine.

Also, I do it with the lights off anyway.

The blood real isn't the problem. It's that half her face is a bruise.


I think tengan is genuinly dead, he just has izuru 2.0 as his trump card he was always relying on.

I like the idea that the mastermind actually died midway through the series.

Her hands and arms are fucked up already so who cares

Thigh action is too good, bruh. Plus she got kinda stacked herself.

>Junko may be full of shit
She is full of shit. I don't know why its taken 2 games and 2 separate anime series for someone to finally tell her that despair really isn't all that unpredictable.

where's the mukuro's webm?

Despair Makoto makes me feel uneasy for some reason.



That's not the face of the SHSL Hope. That's the face of the SHSL Despair. He didn't even resist. He just started laughing like a maniac and immediately went in for the kill.

Meanwhile, Ruruka tortured herself, Gozu cried and tried to jab his eyes out to stop it, and Seiko tried to make it stop by banging herself against a wall.

Despair girls says hello.

DR3 is clearly setting itself up to provide a happy ending to naegi and hinata, they are just pulling the darkest before the dawn shit, kirigiri will be back next episode and chiaki will show up as tengan's hope toy with hinata finally succeeding at saving her.

There is chance this might seriously happen. Komaeda's insane rambling about how the arm is becoming part of him might be foreshadowing.

I would blow a gasket if it freaking happened.


you find me a sprite of the real Gekko and I'll get back to you on that.

It's all the more laughable considering her whole plan for "unpredictable" despair went off without a hitch

>Remnants of despair (5)
>Asahina gives birth to the hope and despair twins who like exactly like Chiaki and Junko. Symbolizing that in life, for every yin, there is always a yang.

Kirigiri got stacked as fuck and has the best ass in the series.

> Komaeda's insane rambling about how the arm is becoming part of him

When did that happen in the game? I want to see it.

But yeah, Komaeda was all about seeing hope collide with hope. It's literally what happened in Mirai-hen, so he's a plausible suspect.

Post her ass then

There weren't any boats in this episode, so I can relax and like submarines

>tfw Mukurofag and even slight Mukuro/Naegifag
>All the other Mukuro/Naegifag getting all butt blasted by this episode
That stutter was more than I expected, desu
Literally anything outside of IF which I honestly didn't like even as a Mukurofag because it felt too fix-ficcy for me, is pretty deep 'lots of room for interpretation' type subtext and if you think this anime cares about anything anywhere NEAR that deep, when class 77 the supposed focus of this arc got very little development, I really question if you were actually watching this anime.


it's almost as if he's just an ordinary guy who's simply a bit more optimistic and lucky than others.

Remember when this was all just starting, anons? Remember how hyped we were, how hopeful for the future of the anime we were, how we anticipated every new episode? Now look at us. We already are demons. A tale of Hope that ends in memes.

>Mukuro gets NTR'd out of being Junko's sister
Funniest part is I can actually see it happen.

How is that falseflagging?

Dude just stated his opinion.

>Hajime was too distraught to be the ultimate hope
Why didn't they actually show this?
Dosen't one of the game files say something like "merely being around him gave an air of hope"

So do kirigirifags have hope again for her coming back now that hope arc is confirmed, i dont know why you guys gave up in the first place anyway when cure W being there was pretty concrete given it takes a conscious effort and possibly a small amount of money to put that bottle in the scene

my man

So it was Izuru that put AI Chiaki onto the island?

epic meme, moron

>implying he didnt save her when he started crying.


I want to fuck both Toko and Komaru in the ass.

What if they lied about AI Chiaki actually being an AI and there's a physical, living Chiaki in one of those green NWP capsules or whatever?

Her brain was intact.

>implying hope dies that easily

Read the lyrics of Future's ED

especially this line:

Assemble those scattered pieces in an anagram - Are you prepared?

Here it comes: The End!
The End!
Which can be rearranged to write
which means
to perform (a play) to play (a part) to act (a part)

Now consider kyoko's actions in the game

Also if we look at that line then look at the end of the future op we see monokuma split up into two parts Shirokuma or the white despair part with Kyoko and Kurokuma or the black hope part with makato

Logic would dictate that the part with the person thats the despair part would be the one junko is in so it would be kyoko

Yes, she's his daughter

Your autism is frightening


Oh thank god. So we saw her being buried?

I need more gekkos in my life

Wait a second.

> All DR central protagonists have green eyes (including Chisa).
> Kaede has purple eyes.

Kaede confirmed for proantagonist. Seriously, how many bricks would be shat if she was just putting on a facade for the entire game (with some hints that she's not the great person she appears to be), then drops it (from the perspective of the player) in the finale where you have to frame someone else for a murder you committed.

I never lost hope in the first place tho.

Despair blowjob

Fuck you

He didn't

go search for doujins then fucker

Nope, no body shown or aftermath of her corpse show, if anything the theory is no less debunked.

UDG literally had two of those.

Their wills are weak and easy to waver. They do not believe in true hope, so they do not deserve to see her live after they gave up on her. You people are all worthless. How would Kirigiri believe in you if you can't believe in Hope?

I work at Kodaka. Her true talent is Ultimate Assassin. Her clothes are just a red herring.

What doesn't make sense is why he falls so easily and doesn't say "stop, Kyouko wouldn't tell me this shit", but they needed a way for Juzo to come back.


ohh boy here we go again

>When did that happen in the game? I want to see it.
DR2 Chapter 0. It begins after you finish Chapter 5.

He says he can't use the arm but it hasn't rotted yet so it might be becoming part of him. He also says he "took her (Junko's) power." as the explanation for why he harvested the arm.

>so he's a plausible suspect.
Well it would explain why Jabberwock people suddenly left the island. I guess we'll see.

It's pretty strongly implied at this point. Izuru actually qualifies for being unmanly to a point, given he uses 'boku' and is pretty reclusive.

Too bad all the cute Chiaki and Chihiro art is now about as canon as, say, Leon and Teruteru hanging out, but that's the way it is.

We live in a beautiful era.

There will never be enough Gekkos.

Since Naegi was mindhacked, does that mean he's batting for the other team now and is presently in standby mode?

Anyone got the full opening for Future?
I can only find Despair.

You retards do realize junko's role in the end of this saga was her role in despair arc. Shes not coming back in future she already lost and even gave up on despair in her final moments.

the only way junko is going to be shoehorned in isnt her actually appearing, its that tengan is going to be the person related to her that let her into the school in the first place.

Anybody who was retarded to think this was actually going to become a thing literally have no business being alive anymore.

Nope. No body or grave. We just know Izuru wants the Nanami now. We'll see next week!

I guess the stutter shows that she wasn't sure of herself, which is a start

I just hoped the anime could've done something more with her character instead if displaying her as Junko's tool 24/7 but oh well...

>Chisa hugs Munakatana in front of Juzo
>Hinata and Nanami lewdly hold hands in front of Komaeda
For what purpose? Seiji Kishi must have a fetish.

That's pretty much what I saw tooHe's the first person Mukuro's had an opinion of at least. Although, it's odd that she called them nakama or something. Still waiting for subs DL to finish.

Look up Trustrick on nyaa, should be the first result.

"Read DR0" they said
"It will be relevant to the plot" they said

>real kirigiri: I'll always be by your side
>obviously fake kirigiri: why'd you let me die faggot
>naegi believes obviously fake kirigiri

She's coming back. You must be retarded to think otherwise. They will bring her back.

>Junko loves Naegi because he's the only one that can make her feel despair
>Naeonoshima got confirmed

Where's the autistic junkofag? I hope that son of bitch is laughing like an old crazy lady. He deserves it.

I never give up.

>Hinata and Nanami lewdly hold hands
It was a handshake, you fuck. Like what you do when you greet new people.

>hope vs despair was the puzzle he couldn't solve
>"hajime" was the program he made to solve it
>brute forcing the solution indicates island mode is cannon

>not watching a stream
How does it feel to be a cuck?

Thanks, family.

They shook hands you retard

More like Unko Hiroshima amirite lads

Calm down fujo. It lasted like a good two minutes too.

>how boring

Then why is the Mirai-hen killing game Junko based?

Fuck, you win.

>He still doesn't understand where Komaeda stands on the spectrum

It was the only way to know how she deleted memories and what her TRUE talent is.

I like how AI Chiaki is very obviously based on what Izuru knows about her

>Uh she's selfless
>She like games
>I guess she's sleepy because she was falling asleep when i met her

whatever you say, ignore the fact that this episode confirmed she didnt pull any ruse cruises and died in DR1, AI junko probably could of pulled one last bit of fuckery but she lost so hard that she actually started to hate despair in her final moments.

there is literally no way they could bring her back, if they were they would of pulled her and chisa switching places.

>damage control

Hope Arc is the second to last episode, merely a prelude to the final episode: Meme Arc

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are despairingly wet

Poor girl got shafted beyond belief. I still have no idea how she's gotten popular in the threads again, but at least it partially makes up for her total lack of screentime.

Post more cute Gekkos.

The talent thing was explained in the anime as well.

>she was falling asleep when i met her
Pretty funny.

I did watch the live stream though.

You know, if Izuru wanted to pit hope and despair against each other, and hope wins in the end, what would happen? Given how SDR2 ended with hope (or THE FUTURE!) winning in the end, does that mean Izuru will turn back to the side of hope?

Written by Hideo Kojima

Cleaning that hair everyday must be one hell of a hassle

Cred Forums would be so much better if we could somehow kill off all these cancerous shipperfags.

>Oh, and there was that time I was sneaking up on her and she said killing was wrong, I guess she wouldn't like a killing game

>Chiaki AI
Literally who?

>What is mindhack


what? the killing game is drastically different than junko's and far more effective at killing people. Junko's killing game was designed to make the participants fall into despair, tengan's killing game was design to literally kill everyone involved.

What is this?

>Implying he cleans.
He is the SHSL Hope, he can smell all he wants.

All I know is that Izuru is a dumb quadruple nigger. Take that as you will.

Not for SHSL hygiene

She's coming back. Using logic at this point is literally pointless. Time to face the facts and get ready for her return

In hindsight doesn't Zetsobou Hen make Nagito's actions in Chapter 5 understandable?

It wasn't just "KILL DESPAIR", it was "Save Nanami"


I think the worst part about DR3 ending is that the one guy who believes she'll make an appearance will be totally crushed.

I meant Monokuma, the Junko suicide video and the Junko knifes.

How you know?

I dont think he gives two fucks about Nanami

Mukurofags getting BTFO constantly throughout this anime is the only redeemable thing about it

>Too much hope? Time to join it with despair so it won't be boring.
>Too much despair? Time see if hope can do better
And the cycle continues.
God, Izuru is such a fucking ungrateful fuck.

It was stupid as fuck.

He's the ultimate hope tough.

It was a shitty game. Could've shanked everybody while they were sleeping if he just wanted them dead. There has to be something more.

Pick 15 characters from any DanganRonpa you would want to spend a killing game with. Also pick a rival and heroine.


If your excuse for this retarded theory is to literally fall back on saying logic doesnt apply then you are proving how wrong your theory actually is.

at least kirigiri fags and chiakizuru fags have some logic behind their theories based off what characters said and visual cues in episodes, you junkofags are relying entirely on the idea that she has to show up to conclude the saga despite the fact her in despair arc was exactly this

>tengan's killing game

Because he'd said he did

He didn't.

Time to let your fairy tale go user.

Best girl

Delet this

even thou they should Junko in her Dr0 prologue uniform

Even though junko threaten to kill her onee-chan with the same blade she killed matsuda with

If all you want to do it kill everyone, why not just slit their throats while they're unconscious or something?


They can't show Miaya.

She's a the rapist.

If I remember right, he saw her as a representative of Future Foundation and HOPE. It didn't have anything to do with Despair Arc.

He actually did though, the entire point of chapter 5 was to spare nanami

Why, though?

No he fucking isn't Kirigiri is just autistic and memed on him with that title. Thought a Kirigirifag would know.

is this from dr1 anime?

How is it that all tripfags are unsufferable autistic manchildren?

>at least kirigiri fags and chiakizuru fags have some logic

And now that's where you lost what little credibility in anything you had to say. At least (You) tried

I assume blue is rival and pink is heroin?

I thought he didnt knew who was the traitor?

Mukuro's pretty hot. Why does she follow that despairslut?

That's why I said was.

Only three times, now on to someone new.

awww shit

They deserve each other

He's always seen Nanami as a representative of HOPE though.


As long as i have Gekkos i won't give up hope

He fucking did it again

If you want to pretend you're Kaede I also have a template for girls.

Kirigirifags have cure W, chiakizuru fags have tengan's words + chiaki's body not being show after last episode

junkofags have literally nothing, one of them quite literally just said the reaosn it will happen is because logic doesnt make sense.

Because Mukuro is an ugly smelly bitch who clings onto Junko because she has no character

He fucking killed himself to REVEAL the traitor.

of course

He memed him on it and so did like everyone else in the world.

Are all Anons shitposting Australians?



Your autism keeps showing user. Please stop.

he set himself up to die by the traitor's hands and make it so impossible to solve that they were guaranteed to survive the trial. his entire motivation was to protect the traitor whilst killing the rest

Even IF DR3 ends without her appearance, I will keep hoping.

We'll get a game that is just Foundation Mode, where I can FTE Miaya!

That didn't answer my question

Fuck off, Kevin.

>the Future Foundation's NWP relied on an highly complex AI sent to them by an anonymous donor

izuru could even made the entire simulation

>chiakizuru fags have tengan's words + chiaki's body not being show after last episode

you're a fucking retard holy shit

He didnt even know he was saving Nanami you retarded shipperfag. The whole reason he carried out that convoluted plan with the poison was to enable the "traitor" to kill him without knowing who he is.

Wait are people seriously still trying to imply junko is coming back after the only real possible theory of her switching places with chisa got shot down?

>Blah blah blah headcanon blah blah
Sasuga autistic tripfag.

Ignore the idiot you're responding to, user, he'll just keep bursting into memes to try and piss you off further. You know how these threads have degenerated, anyone who likes X theory is 'delusional' until proven otherwise (like the suicide video).

Any idea who the artist is on twitter? I know it's a pixiv work, but it's bundled up with some of their other twitter works from what I can tell.

Why are you repeating what you said?

>Character finds out in the third game that another character they knew in the second game is actually their daughter
wow really makes you think

Izuru didn't make the Chiaki AI

So is the point to pick your favorite characters, or try to make a cast that would either be the safest game or the most interesting?

>mfw these australian shitposters don't want to recognize shitty writing.

Explain the 16th person, tengans final words, and the camera focusing on her body after junko left then.

If you say junko actually provide even a single example of foreshadowing/explanation of how a dead girl or a destroyed ai are there.

Sorry, I assumed it was obvious and you were only asking because you're female, but yeah blue would be rival and pink would be heroine. Vice versa for the female template.

Not ugly.
Solved in one bath.
>No character.
That's what I'm asking. What sort of loving sister would enable Junko's unhealthy behavior? Especially when she can easily kick her ass?

The Future Foundation is a bunch of incompetent assholes.

Are you? It's based on something. Are you saying that it isn't?

Why am I saving images of a robot?

Yes, but he didn't know who he/she was. The whole point was to kill everyone because they were RoD, not to protect Nanami.

Kodaka probably just didn't want to kill us by showing us something too cute in Danganronpa of all the things.

You're taking a bait here, no one really cares to seriously argue with you.

Why are you replying to your comment?

>Because he'd said he did
That'd be boring

Either or, doesn't matter to me, I just picked my favorite characters for mine.

Yes but he didn't actually figure out who the traitor is. LOL.

what if tengen was the one that put the virus into the nwp?

we already have mindhaccs

Kill yourself, Kevin.

Because we're all assuming that the real Miaya is waifubait in its purest form.

I don't see anything wrong with this.

calm down, my man.

Dude why do you trip? You are attracting negative attention.

5 survivors plus Hiroko and Kanon, who will travel to the FF building with Komaru and Toko.

She's a siscon like how komaru is a brocon who would do anything for makoto

>what is an heroic title
His talent isn't Hope but Luck. Did you even played the games?

>naming your daughter after herself

>we'll never get any Gekkozuru interactions

tngen's final words have nothing to do with chiaki. you're just pulling shit put of your ass for thus retarded chiakizuru theory.

junko coming back is a definite. i can't believe there are morons here who think she isn't coming back in some form

He's the only person that could. In fact, the post-credit scene confirms that Izuru did incorporate Chiaki AI into the program, in one way or another.

He did.

Yeah, that makes sense.

I really hope they dont pull any twist about tengan being alive, I like the idea that the mastermind was so confident in his plan continuing even after his death to the point where he prepared a shitpost final message to mitarai and the survivors as a final fuck you.


What if the poison was actually a parasite that put the victims to sleep and they awoke with Monokuma's personality?

Where are all these gekkoboys coming from? I thought I was the only one who wanted her back

Manipulated to be a tool for despair ever since young age by Junko

Matsuda also suffered the same fate

it's based on nothing no matter what your autism tells you.

What a waste. Oh well, that's just how some people are I guess.

she didnt show her face she was kuro and shirokuma mostly and when aijunko dropped the act of being them we still didnt see her face

Chiaki was already part of the NWP

You're arguing with a delusional Chiakifag who's replying to his own posts.

Let that sink in.

There's a few of us.

I'm pretty sure the number keeps increasing with each episode, too.

What if the Junkoland plan actually succeeded and every single character in future is Junko?

>What if the poison was actually a parasite
I...what? That's so retarded.

He talked about "protecting the Kamukura project". The wording, more ambiguous in Japanese, does imply the existence of another. Even taking the funisubs as-is, why would he be talking about Hajime when we know that he basically said "so long suckers" and fucked off from HPA? Tengan has to be referring to a different project.

Idiot there's a plausible way for her to come back now thanks to Killer Killer manga.


user, EVERYONE in school mode has feelings for naegi, its a joke mode made top be like a harem novel. Kirigiri freaking implies they bang in the end of their school mode.

Makoto only loved Sayaka.

>inb4 13th branch head was Izuru under a pseudonym and disguise all along.

Matsuda tried to fix her though. He wasn't a Junkoslut even though he loved her too.

So Izuru planned both DR2 and Future Arc as home and away matches for Hope Vs Despair (plus AE in part if you want to include it)?

No more retarded than "muh Kirijunko" or "muh Chiakizuru 2.0"

>Chiaki was already part of the NWP
That Izuru built, or at least put the finishing touches on.


I've been here since the first episode. Seeing if she will ever become relevant was one of the reasons I continued to bother with DR3 on a weekly basis instead of just waiting and then marathoning everything at the end. Sadly it's out of the question now.

>that pic

I liked the original and wish she actually got screentime. Then I fell in love with the robot when she went Berserka Modo.

The number used to be much, much higher before the Monaca reveal. I'm fairly sure she was one of the most popular new characters in fact.

The resurgence is recent and very peculiar. I like it.

Your replying to the guy whose been joking around for multiple threads now, great job user.,

it was confirmed to be Izuru play AE

Doesn't mean shit for Chiaki and can be something completely separate from everything

Don't jump to conclusions just to support a retarded theory that had nothing there to begin with and literally came out of nowhere while likely taking a shit in the toilet

>fucks a famous idol
>Junko calls him a loser

I think she's just jealous fampai.

i created a folder of her since the dr3 released the new characters, i really liked the concept
Fucking Kohacka

The robot's auto mode was probably coded in by Miaya herself, so it's not that much of a surprise.

You need to keep hoping, user. It's not over yet.

The robit was based as fuck. A true hero.

>I'm fairly sure she was one of the most popular new characters in fact.
This is very true as I'm one of them. I was really hyped about Miaya until they revealed she was a bot that was used by Monaka and the real one died offscreen.

Guys, guys. The Mirai-hen ED has some interesting lyrics worth mentioning.

> Along with an aria that signals the end, a miracle is waving a white flag amid the cheers of your escape, the handcuffs are now upon you. Take a look, you silly pawn, behold this farce of a conviction. A valkyrie acting on her own accord, wearing witness to the contest. Cast your gaze this way, you admirable young men (break it!). It's like a crackdown, push through the crowd and shout out 'my justice is the right way'. The breakthrough of a valkyrie, where loss is the only teacher. Show us the way, you of great talent (fake it!). A meeting all too brilliant, categorization that begins to shift. Nobody knows, only I know. You already know it's already over. Everybody loves despair.

What does it mean?

I'm fairly certain that Miaya had nothing to do with the creation of the robot that was part of the plan to kill and replace her.

If you're sudokuing do you have enough force to stab yourself through the heart? Could someone like Ruruka who had no strength left and fucked herself up first do it? Yes I know the answer is mind haccs.

He wasn't talking about Makoto's feelings, retard


It 'can' be, of course - I repeat this over and over again, but Chiakizuru is really not about Chiaki so much as it is about Izuru 2.0 and who they could be and I am fully aware that I could be off the mark - but does it really make sense to you to have Izuru 2.0 be a random fucking smurf at this point?

>out of nowhere
No, there's been at least one guy who talked about it back in August.

He still killed and covered shit up for her

The NWP was part of the FF

This episode seemed to make that clear. I don't think it's bad in itself, and it meshes pretty well with Izuru's plan in the NWP, but it's definitely a retcon and I'm a little mad that it takes away more from Fujisaki's character as a result.

If anything my hunch is that Miaya was in on Tengan's plan and put the robot into the game instead of herself so she wouldn't be in danger, and she'd remotely control the robot from afar. It didn't work out in the end.

I thought she was just doing her usual "I'm going to leave a chance for me to fail" thing here? She even says exactly that too, I'm surprised shipperfags here are going nuts over that scene and not the stuff with Sayaka.

But Gekkobot being a FF creation would explain how Monokuma was interacting with only her in episode 2. Miaya was most likely involved in the plan and the robot was actually being controlled by her until Monaka took over at some point before Gozu's death.

>everything bad that happened in DR 3 is due to mindhack

That scene basically confirmed one sided Naenoshima once you consider Junko's hard on for shit she can't predict

Shit, now that you mention it, that whole Monokuma sequence was bizarre as fuck considering he's supposed to be a recording.

Kodaka better explain this.

god bless him for meeting her then, i love her sleepiness

How the fuck does SC get enough cash to animate a 36 episode anime that has a high barrier to entry?

How well did DR sell?

>Can't have multiple talents.

Wait a minute.

How long did the first sleeping phase even last? We know Monaca was still in the town, way away from the island, and Gekko could not have actually been there. The game hardly lasted very long, so she must have died before Chisa, but these are some weird circumstances.


More so
>Everything bad that happened in all of DR was because a gay boy didn't want his crush to know he was gay

how do you guys manage to pull this much shipping nonsense out of this

Well they had to be transported to the other building, granted it's right below the main one but that would still take awhile. The only other option is that Monaka was lying about not being involved with the killing game and Monokuma "hacking" Usami into Monomi was actually Monaka taking control.

I don't think he even knows there was a real Nanami at that point, my dude

His motives in Case 5 were fine. Almost none of the DR1 or DR2 characters actually benefit from DR3 in any meaningful way.

Fujisaki was never involved in the actual creation of NWP, so there's that.

Future Foundation literally just made use of his programming projects, including required AI framework.

If Miaya suddenly became shy, unable to talk or be touched, and started riding a robot wheelchair, people would probably find it odd. The original one probably had a wheelchair with a screen in it as well, just not fucking rockets.

Real Miaya probably could talk, but I think she rarely did.

She would definitely make sounds like any living person, though - like sighing or gasping.

Y'know somehow he looks like Daffy Duck here

Yeah, Izuru arguably makes more sense, but Fujisaki was strongly implied in DR2 to have created her. I guess I was too optimistic about getting to see him meet IRL Chiaki and bond over geemu.

To be specic it was "kill all Despair and let the Future Foundation member live on"

The very core of his plan was that he didn't know who the traitor was - but he wanted to save them.

Of course, if he knew it's Chiaki, he'd still want for her to be the only one to live.

How could someone as emotionless as Izuru possibly create the Chiaki AI?

>people would probably find it odd
Would they? Asahina didn't even know her, so it doesn't sound like she interacted very much with other people in the FF prior to Mirai-hen, so I doubt they'd notice that.

He had help from the Ultimate Sperg Miaya, who was probably the basis for Monomi.

The problem is that Izuru's established personality traits also fit AI Chiaki pretty well (we know for sure that he's not really that manly at all from his breakdown in 2-6), and his final monologue in Despair arc all but states he was the one who created her and sent her to the FF.

Did you see her this episode? Her autism makes plenty of sense for Izuru. He could essentially keep playing with her forever and teaching her absolutely everything that he knows about, which might lead to something interesting.

Remember that it was stated she's so shy she speaks through her computer. But what if she's even shyer than that and actually speaks through a robot speaking through a computer?

Wait what, Izuru created Chiaki?

a-at least they'll still have the annual birthday picture or two together
plus they still have some in common so i could still see some art of the two being made on occasion

>also fit AI Chiaki's 'father' pretty well

In retrospect, Alter Ego was a lot more expressive than ChiakAI

I wish Ibuki was a more important character.

Sometimes I feel bad for Munakata, sometimes I think he's a fucking idiot.

At least she's not quite as hyper-irrelevant as Nekomaru. Even his Ultimate Despair role was just "I'll cheer you all on while you actually do shit!"

I don't get it

He's showing the door to fags, as in telling them to get the fuck out.

Do you think DRV3 will have improved minigames? 90% of them suck ass

>lying disease
He was going to do everything himself.

>90% of them sucked ass
The only one that sucks is "Improved" Hangman's Gambit, the other ones are alright

All the rhythm minigames suck and many times make for anti-climatic endings.

Panic Talk Action was awful. I liked Machine Gun Talk Battle a lot more.

I thought he was a bouncer, letting them in as approval.

In any of the other pictures, yeah.